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The Principle of Submission

I have taught a lot about how wrong it is to submit to the beast of unjust, unearned authority, that instead we must listen to the inner voice through the soul. I have written so much on this that some may figure that one should resist submission of any kind.

This is not the case. This is a principle that has its correct place, and when used correctly, becomes an important building block of creation.

Submission can contribute to great evil on one hand or a great good on the other. Submission adds power to that which is the object of the submission and, like any power, how it is directed determines whether it is a benevolent force.

For instance, money is a source of power and can be used to save lives or destroy them. The same goes with the power of submission.

Islam means submission to God, but some misuse this principle by submitting to mislead men rather than God and performing destructive acts that kill innocent men, women and children.

Others may submit to a cause that may bring greater freedom, such as did the soldiers under General Washington. These brave men altered the course of the world for good.

Correct submission is an essential ingredient to creating any organization of value whether it be a business, a country, or the kingdom of God on the earth – or in heaven.

There is a problem encountered by many seekers concerning this principle. At a certain stage of their evolution they realize their minds and hearts have been held captive by the beast and in many ways their past submission has produced negative results. They then vow to never submit again to some authority that may lead them to a destructive end.

Such a seeker may be so gun shy about making such a mistake again that he joins nothing, submits to nothing and offers little cooperation anywhere. He lives for a period of time as an island, working by himself, not joining forces with any constructive endeavor. He struggles to accomplish something by himself and accomplishes very little. Sooner or later he realizes that he mist become a part of something greater than himself if he is going to accomplish anything worthwhile.


What is the most important thing to which we must submit and why?

The voice of the soul is the obvious answer here, but even though most of us know this to be true there are still many times in life in which it is difficult to submit to the inner voice. Another problem is that many seekers are so self-willed that in certain areas of life they do not seek the voice, even though they have power to discern it. Sometimes we just want to do things the way of the lower self and results be damned.

Once the inner voice is discovered then the seeker has an obligation to continue to seek it on important matters. This doesn’t mean that one has to stop and pursue a revelation on all questions. Instead, he must pay attention to what is happening within as he works in the world without. As one is proceeding with life’s business the one who pays attention will consistently register whether the direction he is taking is correct. If it is not, perhaps the best description of what is felt inside is “a disturbance in the force,” to borrow a quote from Star Wars.

When the disciple feels this disturbance he must stop, contemplate within and sense the change in direction required by the soul. When he registers this change he should then submit to it. When he then correctly submits he will feel a sense of spiritual relief and it will seem that the winds of the spirit are at his back making forward movement easier.


What are the determining factors that would motivate a disciple to submit to an individual or organization?

If he seeker has soul contact then whether or not approval is registered by the Higher Self is a key. On many issues the Higher Self does not care which decision you make as both paths may provide good learning experiences. If one doesn’t feel inner guidance on a matter then he must merely use his best judgment.

The disciple must consider this. Even if he has freed himself from the beast there will be times in life that submission will be necessary to an imperfect path. This creates a stumbling block for many on the path that causes delays in progression. Let me explain.

The tendency of one who has recently freed himself from unjust control is to throw out all control and submission. All seekers do this for a period of time as they move along the path, but they must come to their senses and realize that their next stage of progression involves group work on a higher level than the past. This time he must work, not in blindness but with vision. Even so, because a group involves a number of people all must be willing to submit to group will that may be a little different than his own. If the group will is much different then he should seek another.

Since we are approaching the Superbowl let us use football teams as an example. The players on the Seahawks and the Patriots are all rugged individuals with minds of their own. Even so, often a player doesn’t get the playing time he wants, the position he wants or the recognition he wants. He also does not agree with all the calls made by the coach. But even though there are many things that does not go his way he cooperates with all his strength in an attempt to win the big prize. No one gets their way 100% in a group, but to give the group life all members must submit to group will for the good of the whole.

If such submission goes against his principles or the will of the soul then he should withdraw from the group and find another.


We are under pressure to submit to the laws of the country in which we live. Should we submit to laws with which we do not agree? What are the deciding factors here?

All of us are forced to live in some country with laws that require submission. We can sometimes choose our country, but we can’t really choose to not live in some country with laws that affect us.

No country has a perfect system of laws so there will be some that each individual will not like. Very few like high taxes for example. Here we are forced to submit or we risk paying a penalty. It is usually best for the seeker to obey the laws unless there is some higher purpose in violating them. Many evolved souls spend an excessive amount of time resisting the laws of the land when they could just submit and direct their attention to creating a positive plan that will move them forward on the path. The advance of the disciple proceeds much more smoothly if he is not distracted by unnecessary struggles of his own making.

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

John F. Kennedy

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