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The Principle of Control

The Principle of control is this:

The events and happenings in your life occur either because you are in control and made them happen, or someone or something else made them happen. You are either in control of what is happening or you are not. The key to a happy life is to put yourself in charge of your own destiny.

The further one is on the path to liberation the more he will be in charge of his life. After all, final liberation is nothing more that being freed of limitations.

You’ll notice therefore that the young soul will often feel he is a victim to a hostile world whereas the seasoned traveler will seldom complain, and though he has problems to solve he works on them from a point of empowerment rather than seeking power and permission from others.

An area of life where control is a powerful factor is our health.

Those who put little attention on control see ill health as a mere act of fate and the only thing they can do about it is go to the doctor and give additional control over to him.

Those who take control will see that most aspects of their health are under their control. If they become ill they do not charge it up to fate, but will figure they have somehow caused it and seek for the cure. Such a person may use a doctor, but he will not give him his power. He will take advice he knows is advantageous but will search out the cause and the cure for himself. Then when he removes the cause the loss of control is gone and he is again in charge.

Finance is another major category where control is in play.

Those not in control feel they have lost life’s lottery and are doomed to living in needy circumstances the rest of their lives. Those lacking control feel limited by an assortment of reasons such as:

  • Whether or not they have a job depends on someone else giving them one.
  • Their employer decides what the salary is.
  • The government decides which desired handouts they receive.
  • Parents did not give enough help.
  • They do not know the right people.
  • They do not have resources.

Those in control create different situations.

  • They can work where and when they want because they are either self-employed or have obtained a skill that is in great demand.
  • They would rather help themselves than wait for assistance from government bureaucrats.
  • They do not see themselves as victims but are their own greatest resource to get ahead.

Now some who are in control do not feel the need to have many possessions and are happy with a modest income. Many not in control make a good income but still feel give away their power and feel like victims.

Relationships are a third major area where control is at play.

He who has not assumed control will complain incessantly about his mate, family, loved ones, friends and associates. To listen to such a person you would think that God is up there pulling strings just forcing all these people into his life.

But how did they get into his life? They are in his life because of his own decisions.

He who is in control has a different approach. He realizes that anyone is in his life is there because of his choices. If he doesn’t want them there then he ceases to invite them in and ceases to give them any attention. If he feels his mate is a bad choice he gets a divorce and gets a new one. If his friend is a pain in the neck then he gets a new and improved one. If a family member is annoying then he avoids him. As a whole, he who is in control will find himself surrounded by people he likes to associate with.

He who is not in control may say: “I try to get good people in my life but they seem to be in short supply.”

The problem here is most likely a lack of control over himself. He who comes across as a victim is avoided by what he calls, “the good people.” Like draws to like and to control your relationships requires, first of all, control of self. Make yourself desirable and you will then have power to pull desirable people into your life. Complain about people in your lives and you will draw even more complainers into it.

In addition to these three categories we have power of control in more areas than we realize. Some additional ones are:

  1. Our free time.
  2. What we can learn. An unlimited amount is available to all.
  3. What we choose for entertainment.
  4. Where we live.
  5. Who we help.
  6. Whether to be pleasant or not.
  7. Many aspects if your looks and much more.

All of us have some limitations beyond our immediate control, but few if us assume control in all areas of life readily available. This, the disciple should seek to accomplish.

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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