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The Principle of Soul

This principle is of great interest to seekers of all stripes, though soul contact itself is called different names by different people.

The term “soul contact” basically describes contact humans sometimes make with higher spiritual reality and spheres of being. This is something all religious and spiritual people seek to some degree.

The typical religious person will seek answers to prayer or occasional divine guidance. Some even describe encounters with angels or visions of God, Jesus or spiritual things.

Then other seekers associated with new age or eastern thought describe all kinds of experiences that they believe to be higher spiritual contact.

The reason higher contact is so sought after and cherished is that it replaces faith with knowledge. A higher contact is a real experience that verifies to a high degree that there is indeed a reality beyond the material world.

The question few ask is, what is the principle that makes higher contact possible?

Most give fairly vague answers such as quoting Jesus telling us to ask and we shall receive and seek and you shall find.

This apparently does not reflect the full principle for a few ask and receive while many do not. What is the principle that can make higher contact a reality?

There is indeed a point of contact which is neither material nor spirit, but where both interplay and the result of that interplay is soul energy.

Contacting this point which is neither spirit nor matter, up or down, wet or dry is the key to soul contact. This mysterious point where soul energy resides is the door that opens up consciousness to all higher contact.

So, how does one open this door to soul contact? I have written a lot on this subject in previous writings so I will just give a few important hints here:

(1) The consciousness must cease to focus on the material side as being all-important and balance it off with spiritual focus. When the seeker balances the physical and spiritual within he discovers the door of soul energy.

The enlightenment of the Buddha was a good example as described in my book The Lost Key of the Buddha

If you tune the strings of a harp too tight,

the sound will not be right.

If the strings are too slack as they play,

a beautiful sound will not be made.

Neither too tight nor too limp shall be the strings,

If the player is to be worthy of kings.

The tension must be tuned by the ear

To fill the soul of all who hear.

The door to higher contact will not be found in extreme focus on either spirit or matter but by the balanced mind.

(2) Because energy follows thought the seeker must direct his mind toward higher contact to receive higher contact. This is a self-evident truth that is often overlooked.

(3) The seeker must sustain his focus until he achieves the contacts he desires. Many give a feeble attempt and just give up.

(4) The seeker must seek to free himself from material attachments.

(5) The seeker must forgive all and hold no grievances.

(6) It helps to achieve correct focus to seek to understand Higher Will and seek to fulfill it.

(7) Listen in silence for the Inner Voice.

Conclusion: The Soul Principle can be stated as follows: The discovery of that zero point which is neither spirit or matter, but the interplay of them both.


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