The Point of Tension

Principle 14:  The Point of Tension

The point of tension is a point of stress that precedes all creation and leaps forward in evolution.

If you take a model airplane and wind up its propeller, the rubber band will incur more and more stress or tension until it becomes taut. The flyer must use judgment and reach the right point of tension. If he winds too much the band will snap and disaster will occur. On the other hand, if he winds the right amount he can constructively harness the energy of the tension to fly the plane.

Another, but different example of the point of tension is the adding of sugar to a glass of water. If you add a small amount the sugar it seems to disappear because its particles go in the empty spaces between the water molecules. But if you keep adding sugar the space between the molecules fills up and a point of tension occurs in the water. When this point of tension is reached the sugar becomes visible and some of that which was hidden materializes along with the added sugar.

This corresponds to creation. As you put ATTENTION on the work to be done and send energy to it, it may seem that nothing is happening for a period of time. But when the point of tension is reached an almost miraculous materialization will occur.

Some have wondered why I put so much attention on this list at the sacrifice of delaying the Immortal books, but a large part of the reason is to create a point of tension with the group so higher creation can take place. The group has only had a couple winds of the propeller and there are many more to go, but if we do not shift our attention and energy a miraculous creation awaits on the horizon.

The ability to keep your attention focused on a goal is essential to creating a point of tension.

This quality is different than keeping the mind steady in the light. Keeping the mind in the light gives one the power to select goals that bring spiritual progress. Creating the point of tension through focused attention gives the disciple power to achieve a goal.

The disciple can have all the good intentions in the world, but until he develops a power to achieve, all his goodness is of little direct use to the Brotherhood of Light. Nevertheless, keep in mind that basic good characteristics are never wasted, for we all go through a long period of being more of a liability to a good work than an asset and during this period many good acts of service can be performed in cooperation with other brothers and sisters on the physical plane, and sometimes discarnate entities.

All teachers are still subject to time and space as far as their work on the physical plane is concerned, and because of this, they must be careful with whom they work for one premature choice can cost them work with other disciples who are prepared.

Many worry about a lack of opportunity in this age, but to those who are prepared to work with the abilities they have (compared to those who want to work with imagined abilities) there is more opportunity than can be filled.

The trouble is that many seekers sit around and wait for some call to come which is worthy of their greatness. This is why the power to initiate is so important. No major call will come until the seeker first calls himself to step forward and do good works of service with or without recognition.

If there seems to be no great work to do, the disciple will create one and press forward with great attention even if he is ignored by all. The one higher power that will never ignore the aspiring disciple is his own soul.

The most important ability for the true disciple is the freedom to decide and carry out those decisions on the path of unselfish service. This freedom to serve according to one’s free will brings the disciple more reward than all the material things in the world and any recognition is seen as a bonus.

There are points of tension on the material level and the spiritual. Those who create such points in the material usually have material success, but the disciple shifts his attention to the spiritual so the tension can manifest revelation and spiritual knowledge which descends from the “raincloud of knowable things.”

There are points of tension created and directed by the disciple and there are also points of tension that exist in many spheres outside of ourselves. There are points of tension in time, for instance, which are created by cycles. The disciple must learn to recognize these points through the use of intuition. Thus, if he pays attention to cycles of time he will sense an approaching tension in time itself and work within that tension to assist in the creation of a work of service. If he senses a lack of tension in time he may use this period as preparation for a tension to come.

There are points of tension in space. The sacred sites of the earth are created by such tension producing an elevated energy.

There are also major points of tension in overlapping tensions of time and space and these produce powerful opportunities that draw spiritual energy.

There are also points of tension created through the focused contemplation on higher things. Those in the past who understood and used this principle have changed themselves and the world.

“If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.”
— Robert X. Cringely, “InfoWorld Magazine”


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