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The Principle of Hierarchy

As we approach consciousness in the Kingdom of God we are like a child and instead of differentiating we just want to lean on Father/Mother God and keep things simple.

The truth is that God is a body composed of “many members” and to truly prepare ourselves to be “kings and priests” in the kingdom we must understand the make-up of that kingdom. We have many hierarchies here in the human kingdom, but above us there are indeed numerous additional.

Those who have the feel-good new age belief that there are no teachers or students, no leaders or followers, no great or small in the kingdom of God are in for a surprise for the great truth and the principle behind all creation is this:

All is Hierarchy – Hierarchy is the ALL.

The principle of hierarchy is this.

Wherever there is a need for intelligent organization to fulfill some purpose a hierarchy will manifest, for such is needed to sustain a useful creation.

There are two types of hierarchies. All hierarchies belong to one or the other, or are combination of the two.

(1) The Top Down Hierarchy.

In this hierarchy the leaders are either appointed or self appointed and usually control those under them with strong authority. Tyrants and dictators and those appointed to positions under them fall under this category.

Also in democratic nations there still exist many top down hierarchies. For instance, in the United States, where we have numerous elected government officials, we also have many appointed ones such as the leaders of the IRS, Environmental Protection Agency, Homeland Security etc. To register the difference between the two just visualize the difference in your reactions to receiving a knock on the door from an IRS agent or some official running for political office.

(2) The Bottom Up Hierarchy

This brings us to the second type of hierarchy. This is a hierarchy where the leaders are not appointed but elected from the bottom up. Many countries have elected governments and the people have less fear of those they can hire and fire with election than those over who they have no power because they are appointed.

The bottom up hierarchies range from tightly controlled organizations with lots of rules, regulations and structured elections to more loosely knit ones where leaders emerge through a quiet consensus.

For instance, we may have a situation where several friends get together for a Bible study. The group doesn’t plan on having a hierarchy, but after it experiences some growth they discover they need certain members to take charge in making sure they have a place to meet, keep a mailing list to inform members of meetings, figure out a class schedule, arrange for snacks, coffee and numerous other things as they expand. In some cases no official election will be required as natural leaders will just surface as the natural choice of the group. Such people are just silently elected by group approval, but still elected and supported by the will of the group nonetheless.

Overall people are happiest when governed by a hierarchy that is created from the bottom up where the leaders are seen as servants to the group rather than agents that require service devoted to them. The less interference in the lives of men the better as was enunciated by Henry David Thoreau:

“That government is best which governs least…”

The ideal governing principle of the bottom up hierarchy was enunciated by Jesus:

And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. Matt 20:27-28

Thus the greatest leaders in the kingdom of heaven are the greatest servants and God, the greatest of all, has served us all by giving us life “for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” Matt 5.45

Whether we look to this world or the next, strong authority or minimal authority, some type of hierarchy will be there.

For instance in the United States we have the three branches of the federal government–the presidency (our logos), the judiciary (Christ energy), and Congress (Saturn energy). In addition to this there are numerous departments, such as housing, welfare, energy, agriculture, interior, IRS, etc.

Below the federal we have state government with a lower reflection of the higher three–the governor, the judiciary and the senate and house. From these come many additional appointed bodies.

Next down we have the governor of a city, the mayor, the city council and local judges. Below this we have many other governing bodies–our schools, PTA, civic organizations, businesses with their hierarchies, etc.

Now if you were to explain this to a young child who had recently attained self-awareness he would be likely to be mystified by the complexity of it all and just settle in his mind to understand the government of his Mom and Dad and be happy with that.

When we consider this we realize that the information given out concerning the Spiritual Hierarchies and relating them to our own only give us a small glimpse into the workings of the higher lives.

While it is true that the state, as a whole, is aware of each and every one of us (just try not paying taxes or a traffic ticket if you question this), it is also true that most members of the state are oblivious to us as individuals. I know the President has never heard of me and no one in Congress has given me a call lately. The governor’s wife was one of our customers, but overall, I as an individual, am not in the consciousness of any governing hierarchy, excepting a few businesses.

BUT–would it be possible for me to get their attention?

Yes. An easy way to do it would be to rob a bank. Then several hierarchies would take an interest in finding me.

A positive way to do it would be to start a consulting firm. If the mayor hired me I could give him good advice and have his daily attention.

I could run for governor. If I were a good candidate the present governor would pay a lot of attention to me and spare nothing in finding out everything about me.

If I studied medicine and found a cure for AIDS or cancer then I might even get a call from the President.

Now this same principle applies to the hierarchical lives over us in that body we call God, instead of the State. Some of them are of such evolution that that they are much more aware of the whole and the parts than are our own leaders, but rarely do they give us individualized attention any more than do our earthly leaders.

Closest to you in the Spiritual Hierarchy are your “Guardian Angels,” but above them you have to do something extra to get their attention.

If you wanted to get the attention of a certain master you would have to be able to offer some useful assistance to his particular field of endeavor with which he is presently engaged. This principle applies on up the line.

Just as the leader of a country only has a few people selected who are useful to his goals, even so it is not likely that many of us would cause the Great Ones to pay much individualized attention to us. As we are progressing on the path, the main attention we receive from the Spirit is through our own souls and our fellow humans.

We like to think that the angels or masters are fighting over the privilege to communicate with us, but such communications are rare. Instead, they put most of their attention on groups as a whole. The best way to get the attention of a master is to be in, or start a group, in alignment with their purpose.

The Christ attracted the attention of the Father who he said was greater than himself because he became a useful tool in His hands and initiated teachings that would change the whole world.

As long as we need the services of one another there will be a hierarchy of those who serve and those who receive the benefits of the service.

“If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgement and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth (many scholars think that this refers to Jehovah) AND THERE BE HIGHER THAN THEY.” Eccl 5:8

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