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The Ancient Law of Evil Sharing

& The Law of Dominating Good.

These are two important branch principles that spring from the principle of duality.

Many have said in the past that good and evil are really two equal forces that cancel each other out, but such is not the case. Behind that which is good is a force called the “dominating good.” In other words, in the whole scheme of things good dominates over evil.

In the example of building the house we see both good and evil at play, but overall good (the building proves) dominates and more often than not the house gets successfully completed and performs its destiny.

As I have written earlier there are only two basic forces in creation that cause duality to manifest and these are the positive and negative forces. Wherever matter or form exists these two forces are close to being equal but never exact. There are slight differences of energy even in the neutral particles. In the microcosmic world we find  ions, incomplete electron shells, molecules and cells that are a little off balance in charge and seek their opposite in charge to complete themselves. We even see this among humans where the males and females feel they need their opposite energy to balance them in a relationship.

Even so, when we observe good and evil as a duality we see that they are not exactly equal, but in the end good dominates over evil. It may seem at times that we are moving backwards, but because good always dominates this means that spiritual evolution always goes forward in the end. We may go nine steps backward while taking ten forward thus creating one dominating step toward the good.

We as human beings share the two aspects of the law.

It is only of recent date that humanity has had the amenities that make life easier for us such as automobiles, airplanes, instantaneous communications, television, computers, the Internet, tin foil, toilet paper and many more conveniences.

Much of the civilized world no longer tortures its citizens or enemies, has slaves or refuses to recognize basic human rights. Instead we are marching forward in the creation of democracies, civil rights, becoming environmentally conscious, sensitive to animal mistreatment and seek to use technology to create a paradise on earth.

Until recently such a possibility was only a pipe dream. Just a few short centuries ago life was cheap and very uncomfortable by today’s standards. Many had to spend all their waking hours concentrating on making enough money just to survive another day. Forget about television and computers; it was a luxury to just have a book or two in the house to read. Forget about air conditioning and central heating; it was a luxury to have some wood or chips to provide a polluted heat to keep them from freezing to death.

In the days of the Roman empire the life expectancy was as low as 27 years of age. Life was dangerous and uncomfortable to all but a few. Today we live almost three times as long.

There are three main reasons for this.

  1. Better dental and health care with dental being much more important than is realized. In ancient times many people died in their thirties because they either had rotting teeth or lost them and were unable to eat solid food. A huge number of people suffered painful infections that eventually killed then because of bad teeth.
  1. More plentiful food and nutrition. In many ways today our food is less nutritious and the old days, but it is more plentiful in the civilized world and we are less likely to suffer malnutrition.
  1. Even though we still have war on this planet there are a lot fewer people who have to go to war. Percentage wise there were times that half the population risked death by war compared to close to zero percent in many civilized countries today. War cut off 20 years or more of the average life span in many countries in past ages.

All these difficulties in the past and many in the present effect all people to a degree whether they be good or evil. This is why it is called the ancient law of evil sharing. No matter who the person was the evils and difficulties of the day affected them.

If we can escape a world wide conflagration with weapons of mass destruction the tide will turn on this planet so good can dominate and just as humanity shared past evils they can share in the future good.

Even if we happen to suffer setbacks of future wars humanity will eventually correct itself and in the end good will dominate. Why? Because humanity has the basic intelligence necessary to eventually see the error of its ways and correct itself so good will prevail.

As individuals we see in our own lives how we share in both evil and dominating good in our own spheres of endeavor. When we begin any project, career or business we stumble at first and make many mistakes. Eventually, however, we learn the ropes, make things work and succeed. In the end each of us has power to make the good dominate in the endeavor of our choice.

This law of dominating good causes progression to NOT take the form of an endless repeating circle, but an ever-expanding spiral of circles. Thus at each new turn of the spiral consciousness has expanded and we continually have new worlds to explore and new gains to acquire.

He who overcomes his fear of failure does so because he realizes that the lesson learned through the failure is more valuable than that which has been lost.

Let me repeat the story of Edison here: A reporter once approached Thomas Edison as he was working on the light bulb and said, “You have been working on this silly light bulb for years and have attempted 10,000 times to make it work and they have all failed. After 10,000 failures are you now prepared to admit that this light bulb idea is just a dream?”

Edison wisely answered, “My dear friend. I have not failed as you have said. Instead I have successfully identified 10,000 combinations that do not work. I am 10,000 steps closer to success and do not have many more to go.” Edison thus did not fear failure because he saw a gain behind each failure that was greater than the loss of time, money and prestige he had invested.

Edison had faith in the “Dominating Good,” or a belief that God is good.

Or more simply put we must have “faith that God loves us and wants what is best for the human race.”


No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main… any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee.

 John Donne, Devotions XVII

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