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Principle 92


There are several things that propel us toward our goals. Among them are:

(1) Value Having a goal that is worthwhile and reasonable to the extent that one can feel happy and energized in working toward it.

(2) Desire. There must be a desire and passion to reach the goal else the pilgrim is likely to get discouraged.

(3) Belief. The worker must believe in himself, his work and goals or he is likely to give up too soon.

(4) Focus. To succeed one must not scatter his energies but focus them enough so he has sufficient strength to accomplish his goals.

(5) Persistence. One must not quit or relax but continue onward until the goal is achieved.

This last one is a principle seldom mentioned but is often the ingredient that makes the difference between achieving or not achieving, or being a champion or just another guy struggling to make a difference.

(6) Intensity. A person may apply all the above five points, but still not succeed if his inner strength does not surface as an intense effort. A notable lack of intensity leading to failure was that of Jeb Bush who was cited by Trump as being “low energy.” That kind of caught Bush off guard, but when the people heard the accusation many thought to themselves that Trump had a point. Bush kind of did lack intensity and we need a president who has strong vital energy.

Consider the most intense thing in our solar system. It is the sun. Now the sun is not that great on focusing its energy on our planet Earth. We receive less than a billionth of its heat. Way over 99.99% of its light and heat just goes off into the depths of space.

But because the sun is so intense we still are overwhelmed by its radiation on a hot day. Intensity of effort will make up for a lot of deficiencies along the path to success.

So, how would we define this principle as it applies to the person desiring to accomplish something?

Intensity is acquired by tapping into the will and adding extra energy to one’s endeavors. This energy then radiates forth and is felt by others and influences them to assist and add to the effort.

The difference between an athlete who is a champion and one who is not is usually intensity. The average athlete may put in the hours, but the champion pushes himself with great intensity.

Find a great actor, salesperson, businessperson or leader of any kind and you’ll find an intensity about him. There is something about him or her that just radiates energy.

Intense actors would be Tom Cruz, Daniel Day Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence.

A very intense and successful person in the motivational field is Tony Robbins. With his intensity there was no way he was not going to succeed in life.

As far as politicians go the most intense one in my lifetime was John Kennedy.

All of us can apply more intensity tomorrow than we have today and it may not take that much extra energy to make a difference. If there are a hundred people in the race the one that wins may only be applying a percent or two more intensity than the others.

There is tremendous power in tapping into the will and pushing yourself forward more intensely than before. It will not happen naturally though. The seeker must make a conscious decision, draw from inner strength and press forward.

An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.

Samuel Smiles

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