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The Principle of Seeing the Christ Within

This is an important principle for, if applied, it could change the world and bring peace on earth, good will to men.

First of all, let us enunciate the principle:

Within the core of each human being dwells, (generally veiled by walls of illusion) the same consciousness that was accessed by Jesus. Each of us are in the same family and are extensions of the One God. Most of us have forgotten who we are. Those who remember see past the negativity of their brethren to the truth of the Christ within. Hence, they remove their own limitations and know the truth that makes them free.

As the regular guy looks out upon the sea of humanity he sees the good, the bad and the ugly. He doesn’t see the Christ within those he considers the bad, the malicious, or even just the irritating people because there just doesn’t seem to be any Christlike goodness within them.

The same goes for the ugly, or any that disgust or repulse him. He makes no effort to see the Christ within. He doesn’t even want to be around them.

Now he does manage to see a little of the goodness of Christ in those he considers to be the good and the beautiful, but as soon as a few flaws surface this good loved one can instantly turn into someone who requires extreme patience on his part.

The interesting thing is that this irritating person has always had flaws. What then was the different in the beginning when the good was seen and the end where it was not?

The only difference was his focus of attention. In the beginning he was focused on the good and in the end he was focused on the flaws. During both time periods he was dealing with the same person, but the results were far different.

The most profound example of this playing out is the falling in and out of love experience. The closest the average person comes to seeing the true Christ within is through falling in love.

Have you noticed that people can fall in love with the most flawed of characters and after falling in love see past all their flaws and only the good.

One of the most extreme examples was illustrated by the female followers of Charles Manson. They looked beyond the abuse they received and later the fact that he instigated cold blooded murder. Despite all that, they saw him as being benevolent, right up there with Jesus.

We’ve all heard of examples of those who have fallen in love with prisoners who were thieves, rapists and murders and wondered how this could have occurred.

Thus brings up two questions:

(1) How could this have occurred in a sane person?

The answer is that all people have an originating spark of life from God within them and this Christ within can be seen in anyone, even the least of the brethren and sisters. This dwells within all, from the worst criminal to the mist holy saint.

The reason a person falls in love is that he refuses to see the flaws in the other person and looks for the good and focuses on it. This not only explains why decent citizens can fall in love with terrible criminals, but also explains why many fall in love with someone with a clean record, but later hates their guts.

The truth is that we can fall in love with any person on the planet. All one has to do is look past the flaws and imperfections of the person considered.

(2) Wouldn’t it do more harm than good to be oblivious to real external flaws in another, especially dangerous ones?

The answer is that some see the Christ within others and dangerously do not see the flaws whereas more advanced souls can be aware of flaws, but still have the power to look past them to see the Christ within.

We need to apply then Lion Principle, covered earlier. Many who work with lions truly love them, such as Siegfried and Roy, but fully realize that in the right situation the lion could kill them. Even so, must be our approach with seeing the Christ in others. We should not be like the Manson followers and ignore the dangers, but, instead, be like the animal lover who is aware of he dangers, works around them, but still sees the good in the animal.

Falling in love is the closest average people get to the wonderful soul energy available when seeing the Christ within, but there is more, much more.

As great as falling in love feels it lacks the purity of the higher spiritual energies that can be discovered by finding the Christ within ourselves and others. Regular romantic love does bring forth the love of Christ within, but blends it with lower emotional energy which diminishes its purity and spiritual power.

The goal should be to remove all veils of lower emotion, bias and preconceived notions to allow a full vision of the Christ within all our brothers and sisters.

When the seeker can see the undistorted Christ within the most disturbing of his associates he will then have a fuller soul experience with his or her true love as well as his own soul.

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.

Mother Teresa

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