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“Evolution” is one of those emotional hot button words that stimulates a lot of response on both sides of the political and religious spectrum. The emotion generated is higher on the religious side because some see the Theory of Evolution as being anti God. Many make no distinction between the Theory of Evolution and the Principle of Evolution and reject out of hand any statement that merely contains the word.

What the most conservative fundamentalist believers must realize is that even if Darwin is totally rejected by them there this is no reason to reject the principle itself. It is totally in line with rational thought that evolution does exist for it has been demonstrated, many times.

To make sure we are on the same page let us define the word as it is generally used apart from Darwin. The Online Oxford dictionary defines it as follows:

The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Example: the forms of written languages undergo constant evolution.

No one can deny that there are many things that evolve from the simple to the more complex and efficient.

A few centuries ago written languages had virtually no punctuation. There were no commas, parenthesis, exclamation points, paragraphs or periods. Ancient manuscripts are very difficult to read and are subject to more wrong interpretation than today’s writing. Modern language with the rules of grammar and punctuation is definitely an evolutionary improvement.

Humanity has never seen evolution proceed in such marked progress as they have witnessed during the age of computers. We have all seen the computer itself evolve from a very basic machine to one of great complexity and usefulness. A few years ago most of us could take or leave computers but now almost all see them, and digital devices, as, not only useful, but essential to some part of their lives.

A computer program is a profound example of evolution moving forward quickly. Most of the more established programs have ten or more versions in their history. The first program was very basic, but the latest has all kinds of bells and whistles, supplying us with more features than we will ever master.

Then too civilization itself is a great example of evolution. Since the discovery of fire and the wheel the human race has evolved in numerous ways in technology and social structure. A modern city or state is certainly more complex and organized than an ancient tribe.

Forget Darwin for now and let us look at the principle of evolution as it plays out in circumstances upon which we all agree. For instance, what is the force behind the principle that causes evolution to happen? In other words, what was it that caused a computer program to appear and then to morph from version one to version two and beyond?

Was it merely the program doing its own natural selection – or was it something else? And for that matter what caused the computer program to materialize in the first place? Was it just the basic zeros and the ones combing randomly until magical combinations were the result or was it something else?

Obviously it was something else.

And what was that something else?

That something else was intelligence.

To be more specific it is intelligence in matter.

“What do you mean by intelligence in matter? Matter doesn’t have intelligence,” says the dogmatic scientist.

To this we respond: “Is your body made of matter and are you, who are dwelling in a physical body, intelligent? If you consider yourself possessed of intelligence then you cannot deny there is intelligence in matter.”


There are two ways of looking at evolution as it has occurred in the manifestation of this universe and life in it.

(1) There was no originating purpose or intelligence involved. Creation is something that just happened by chance. If the coin had flipped the other way nothing would be here.

(2) Some type of very high intelligence (usually called God) guided creation through form and matter.

Which of these suppositions is the most logical and follows the line of what has been factually observed?

First we know it is a fact that this universe was created and the chances of this happening with random luck has been calculated as 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 … (Add 1200 zeros)

This statistic does not include the chances of life evolving in it by chance.

Just the perfect balance of the negative and positive energies of protons and neutrons is a great mystery to scientists who do not have a clue as to why the atom itself is held together. They identify forces but have no idea of their origin or why they have the strength assigned to them.

Here is a statement beyond dispute:

All evolution that has been observed from beginning to end occurs because of some guiding intelligence.

Now some scientists take materials and with their intelligence synthesize them to the middle of an evolutionary process, or tabulate natural evolutionary changes in life and say, “See. God did not do this. There was no intelligence involved.”

But there was intelligence involved. There was a tremendous amount of intelligent programming already incorporated in the cells and molecules of the butterfly that changes color over generations to adapt to environment.

This is why I use the phrase “from beginning to end,” not the middle to end. If the middle is the result of unfathomable programming by high intelligence then we have an explanation as to why a creation can change and adapt, just as a sophisticated computer program can adapt to the needs of a user.

The bottom line is this. The beginning of a computer program does not occur by chance and cannot happen when no intelligence is involved. Our DNA, just one ingredient of life, is a giant computer program that we cannot even examine and duplicate, or reverse engineer (as of yet). To consider that such a complex program could have created itself is an insane use of logic. How could forces with no intelligence create a cell so complex that it cannot be reverse engineered by the highest intelligence on this planet?

The fact that there is indeed evolution in all aspects of creation proves that some intelligent mind is at work. We therefore conclude with a succinct statement describing the principle of evolution.

The driving principle behind all constructive evolution is intelligence. When intelligence is applied to force or form, the good, the beautiful and the useful materialize to be intelligently accessed by life in the universe.

Be humble for you are made of earth, but noble for you are made of stars.

Serbian Proverb

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