Soul Mates

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A reader asked me for my views on twin souls or soul mates.  I’ve written some on this subject but not sure I have given a complete explanation.

The most popular view concerning soul mates is the idea that in the dawn of creation souls were created two by two. In other words, there were two of each of us created in the beginning – these are sometimes referred to as “twin souls” or “twin flames.” Many believe that this other you is the one you are supposed to eventually find and marry and when this is achieved the two united will fill a great gap each has had and make each other feel whole and fulfilled.

So… Is there any truth to this idea?

My answer is the truth is different than many suppose. Let me add some clarification.

The first thing to note is that we are not created beings but the myriads of monads from which each of us sprang are eternal and have always existed. Because we have always been there was never a time that we were created as twin flames because we have never been created.

Each of us has evolved through the ages from a point of divine intelligence or a point of light in the darkness of divine space.  Our progression has been assisted by others who have been as gods to us as we have acquired vehicles, or bodies, necessary to descend into matter.

All souls on this planet are linked through interconnected wavelengths reaching through the local section of divine space occupied by planet Earth which has one great oversoul for humanity. This oversoul is one great super human life of which you and I are cells. In a very real sense we are all one life but in another we are all individual; entities each springing from different monads.

In addition to the great grouping of humanity itself through one oversoul there are numerous subgroups that have drawn humans together over the eons.  Here are some:

(1) Groups drawn together because of connections with the same solar angels or other beings.

(2) Groups drawn together because of working and karmic relationships over various lifetimes.

(3) Groups drawn together because of similarity of vibration and evolutionary status.

(4) Groups drawn together because of being similar ray types.

When a sensitive person meets another who is connected to one of his groups or linked by karma from a past life there will be a knowing.  The person will seem familiar, like an old friend or lover.

The overall truth is this.  In the beginning of this round of creation we all shared a oneness in the bosom of our Father/Mother God.  Then, at the big bang of creation we were all separated and scattered.  In our scattered condition we learn to create and when we master the creative urge of the God within we unite with other souls to go back home for a great rest.  In the end, each one of us will be the soul mate of all. When all have completed their journey then any soul can find fullness of joy when in communion with any other soul. Any person can be your soul mate if the two of you are one with God.

If this is true then why do so many embrace the idea of one soul mate and why do some insist they have found their soul mate?

To answer this let us first ask this question: Why is there such a strong yearning to find a soul mate?

The prime reason for this is parts of our being recall what it was like to dwell in oneness and fullness of joy with others like ourselves as one with God before we left our divine home. Those who reflect on this inner knowing get a homesickness and desire with all their hearts to find even one soul with whom they can share oneness. When the seeker finds a similar soul that kindles and stimulates the knowing and love inside, hope springs anew that a soul mate is found.

This inner knowing supports the belief of many that they have found their one and only soul mate when they fall in love, but there are other reasons beyond this.  One of the main ones is past life connections. Let us suppose that Jim and Sally have been mates a number of times in past lives.  In addition they have been brother and sister, parent and child and teacher and student.

When they meet in this life do you not suppose there will seem to be a knowing and an unexplainable attraction? By the end of their first date they are finishing each other’s sentences and communing with each other with great fascination.

They seem like soul mates to each other, not because they were created as twin flames, but because of their spiritual link through a long association.

The astonishing fact is this.  Any human being on the planet can be a soul mate if the barriers to oneness are transcended. When any two entities join in the union of souls and share divine love that is available to all they will enjoy a fullness as great as any two people who think they are soul mates.

If this is true then what is stopping us from such union.  There are several reasons:

(1) We have separated from each other and descended to earth as differentiated individuals to enhance our power to create and master our environment.

(2) We are all at different places on the path home and thus see with very different perspectives.

(3) We tend to look on the imperfection without rather than the perfection within. If your blind date looked like the elephant man do you think there is a chance in hell that you would want him or her as a soul mate?

Probably not. The outward ugliness is just too great of a distraction that interferes with seeing the Christ within.

We do not need an elephant man face to divert our attention away from the desire for union.  There are hundreds of small things that do it from a grating voice, to hygiene, to taste in movies or music, to religious and political beliefs and more.  If the barriers to union are removed then the union of souls can begin, pure and simple.

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8 thoughts on “Soul Mates

  1. You sure can spin an entertaining story. But it is all theory. Have you had the experience of a twin flame or soul mate? Or any of the other stuff you write about?
    I have. I’ve met my twin flame.
    I can sympathize with your doubting perspective. I didn’t believe in twin flames or soul mates, until I met my twin flame. I couldn’t imagine meeting me in a female body, but it is hard to argue with apparent reality.
    I don’t pretend to understand all the depth of it. However I do experience it. I’m having fun exploring and learning more everyday.
    I do have a story though. My story is that my soul source, whatever name you want to put on that higher vibration, in order to play in the amusement park of the third dimension of duality had to split. Male and female. That’s just how this dimension works. Sometimes the opposite polarity incarnates and sometimes it doesn’t. This isn’t some romantic ideal. We are just the same being in different bodies. It is uniquely rewarding to be together though. If you know and love yourself then it is easy to love the other manifestation of your true self. And what an amazing mirror to see oneself in.

  2. “We do not need an elephant man face to divert our attention away from the desire for union. There are hundreds of small things that do it from a grating voice, to hygiene, to taste in movies or music, to religious and political beliefs and more. If the barriers to union are removed then the union of souls can begin, pure and simple.”

    Hmmm… so are our cherished, well-defended personalities, opinions, preferences, and beliefs then actually barriers that keep us from something far better, namely, the union of souls? If not, then what exactly is the essence of these “barriers to union”?

    “In the end, each one of us will be the soul mate of all.”

    ^^This^^ has been my socially heretical secret hope and tentative belief for twenty-something years (I would say it’s the “highest I know”, except that I really don’t know it).


    1. Always follow the highest you know with a mind open to higher truth and change.

      All are welcome to disagree with me and post their views.

      1. Oh JJ as much as I enjoyed the reading….I can’t quite agree with you on this one 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any specific belief in what twinsouls really are (how they became twins to begin with I mean) …all I know within is that, for me at least, there was such a thing as a twinsoul. Why we are twinsouls or how we got to be that way, I have no idea. Your number 1,2 and 3 sound like soulmates to me (I believe you can have many soulmates) but I’m looking at number 4 and wondering if that might link up to twinsouls. Not with similar ray types but with identical ones. ..oh and pardon me for asking but what exactly are Ray types ??

        1. There is no way to objectively prove whether there is such a thing as a twin soul and fortunately believing or disbelieving in them is fairly harmless. If one finds the love of his life and sees that person as a twin soul there is no harm done whether right or wrong. On the other hand, if another finds the love of his life and believes this is a a person like himself who shares oneness with god the effect on the real life relationship is similar. Both couples will feel they belong together and share a strong bond.

          For a concise post on the rays go here:

          For in depth information go to the writings of Alice A. Bailey.

          Wikipedia also has a piece on them:

      1. The 4th ray: The positive side to this ray shows a person who is ready to utilize their
        creative energies, and take a big leap of faith into the Abyss, and the jewels that are yours for the claiming.
        Ruth, Once more to take the leap, If only I knew where. Richard

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