The Watcher and the Reprover

The Watcher and the Reprover

I have, in the past, attempted to teach the meaning of the scripture which reads:

  “All that watch for iniquity are cut off.” (Isa 29:19)

I have pointed out that it is wrong to be a watcher of iniquity; to be always on the watch for the faults in the personality actions of others. This develops a negative and critical attitude that we need to avoid if the group is to indeed achieve union.

Ironically, this phrase has been thrown back at me, from time to time, with the following reasoning:

 “All the members of the molecule should be trusted to follow their own ‘God Within’ in seeking to live up to their commitment. If we make demands for performance then we become watchers of iniquity ourselves.”

On the surface this may sound correct. After all, should we not trust each other to follow their “God Within”?

There is an illusion here that is difficult for some to see, but it can be seen and felt clearly through the eyes of the Spirit. Let me attempt to clarify in the hope the spirit of division will dissipate as the dew evaporates with the light of the morning sun.

The basic problem, as usual, is seeing the Middle Way. The Middle Way is difficult to see because “words veil the truth.” A clever person can take the most beautiful truth of scripture and make it appear to mean the opposite of that which the writer intended. The story in the New Testament of the Devil tempting Jesus by quoting a scripture is a case in point. The reason he was able to do this was because there is a duality behind all words, and even truths that reach to the physical plane can be seen either in their true reality, or illusion.

Nevertheless, the intuitive mind can take the distorted truth and chain it to a sequence of other truths that will reveal the illusion. Those who wish to hold on to the distortion will resist this logical sequence and wish to base their total argument on the distortion, even to the extent that they will refuse to examine all the evidence.

The true interpretation the watcher of iniquity is an important point to understand here. If we do not comprehend it we may find ourselves pointing our fingers at one another continually.

Let us go back to the originating scripture and see if we can shed additional light on this subject. Before I do this, it is important remember to keep a positive attitude toward these words and not feel that they are useless because the Devil was able to use them. In the confrontation between the Devil and Jesus (which was really a confrontation between his lower and higher self) the Devil used only one scripture, but Jesus used three. The lower-self did not (and could not) put the inspired writings together to make a whole picture, but Jesus in his higher-self relied totally on the voice of God.

The scripture concerning the watcher of iniquity comes from Isaiah. He is prophesying of the time when the Molecular Order or the Kingdom of God will be established:

    “The meek also shall increase their joy in the Lord, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel. The terrible one is brought to nought, and the scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off: That make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of nought.” (Isa 29:19-22)

There are two categories of people here and they are in direct opposition to each other. The first is the watcher of iniquity. His main keynote is that he makes “a man an offender for a word.” He is also categorized with the scorners. We are told here that those who take this offense because of a word lay “a snare for him that reproveth in the gate.” This causes people to “turn aside the just (he who sees and judges in truth) for a thing of nought” (an illusion with no value).

The watcher of iniquity is fairly easy to identify by the fact that he makes “a man an offender for a word.” What does this mean? Simply that he considers the person an offender because of his words. In other words, he is easily offended because of the choice of words selected by the personality of another person. He does not look for his brother’s intent, or his heart, but has a black-and-white attitude toward his words. He watches for iniquity and error in his words and becomes offended because he looks at the personality and not at the soul.

The main person under attack by the watcher is: “him that reproveth in the gate.” This is the second category and this person causes great offence to the watcher of iniquity.

The “gate” here in its highest sense is the entrance to the Kingdom of God. It could also be interpreted to mean the entrance to any field of higher consciousness.

This second person (or persons) is not a watcher of iniquity, but he is an observer nevertheless. He is more of a watcher for righteousness rather than iniquity, and the main difference in the two categories is attitude. The watcher of iniquity looks on the lower personality and can find offense in words wherever he looks. The reprover looks upon the soul, is not easily offended by personality quirks and his main concern is to gather people of light to take through the gate. Therefore, those who are not ready, or are hindering others from entering the kingdom he must reprove, or correct, for the gate cannot open if an aspiring group or portion of it is caught in an illusion.

The clearest example in history of watchers of iniquity were the religious authorities in the days of Jesus and, of course, the best example of a reprover was Jesus.

The authorities constantly watched Jesus for iniquity, and especially they watched his words. They believed in the Kingdom of God and were looking forward to it. Outwardly they seemed to be very concerned about righteousness and establishing the kingdom; but inwardly, as they watched Jesus, this was the farthest thing from their mind. They felt like he was interfering with their way of life so they wanted to “lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate.” And, they not only watched his words, but did all in their power to get him to say words that would bring offense.

At his trial Jesus was not condemned for any of his actions, for his actions were all loving service. Instead, he was condemned for his words. Witnesses were called forth to prove that his words were blasphemous. They watched for iniquity in his words and in their eyes they found plenty of it.

Jesus, on the other hand, was a reprover. He did not waste his energy in watching for iniquity in the words of the Jews and not even their strongest words of abuse caused him offense. The result of their negligent action (or inaction), however, was always before him. He did not have to look for it. It was there for all who had eyes to see. When there was reproving to be done he was not meek and silent, but he boldly spoke out. The reproving concerned their actions rather than their words.

Jesus told the Jews:

“But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” (Matt 23:13)

As a reprover in the gate it was Jesus’ responsibility to expose those who were not entering into the Kingdom of God. They were also preventing others from entering.

His strong language continues:

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more child of hell than yourselves … Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.” (Matt 23:15 & 24)

Here he was telling them that they were so fussy over small things it was like straining a gnat, but they missed the more important things (judgement, mercy, and faith — see verse 23); therefore, in their attempt to avoid swallowing a gnat they wound up swallowing a camel.

This sounds like some people we know. Some try and eliminate the little gnats of evil and we wind up swallowing a camel of negativity.

Jesus continues:

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.” (Matt 23:25-28)

The watchers of iniquity probably had a heyday attacking the words of Jesus here!

He continues to chastise the authorities and ends the chapter with these words:

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.” (Matt 23:37-38)

It looks like Jesus himself failed time and time again in his attempts to gather the lights. I don’t think we should feel bad if we have a little problem.

Jesus ends the chapter with this statement:

“For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” (Verse 39)

Perhaps Jesus was growing weary of working with such a backward people here for he told them that they will not see him again until they say: “Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.”

Thus we see that the next time he comes is not for the intent of being harangued and crucified, but to be recognized as coming in the name of the Lord.

How can we as a group call him blessed if he should appear to us if we cannot look with favor upon his words and revelations. The molecular principle is from him. We must rejoice at this concept if we are to rejoice at him when he comes. We must take our inner guidance seriously, not only in theory, but in practice.

Jesus said: “For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? Do not even the publicans the same?” (Matt 5:46)

If we seek to direct the power of money only toward the union of our own household are we not doing the same as everyone else out there who has no intention of building Zion? What use is it to make a commitment toward union if we are working toward the same type of union as is the world? The union required by the Molecule is the union of the whole, not just the part. To fulfill our part we must direct as much energy as possible to the union of the Body of Christ.

I stand with you as a brother, as one who reproves at the gate, and I invite all to stand there with us. As one that reproves, or corrects, I must not sleep, but be aware of the fruits that are being gathered.

Jesus told us how to accept and reject for the Molecular Order:

 “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” (Matt 7:16)

Jesus pointed out here that no one is stupid enough to go out and gather fruit with thorns on that would stick in them and hurt them. If one comes across such a fruit he will not hate it, but simply leave it alone. Why pick fruit that is going to stick barbs in you? Or if you make a mistake and pick a piece of fruit that is leaving stickers in you surely you will not hold on to it for long. We shall know the good fruit because they are gentle souls who do not try and hurt by being watchers of iniquity or throwers of attack words.

A reprover at the gate does not have to watch for iniquity any more than does one sticking his hand on thorny fruit have to watch for the thorns. The problem just appears and he is forced to deal with it and he must correct the situation to the best of his ability or the whole lot of fruit will be rejected by the Master.

Jesus continues: “Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matt 7:17-20)

We must all work to bring forth good fruit. If we do nothing for the body and bring forth no fruit, or if we hurt the reprovers at the gate and bring forth evil fruit then we shall be rejected.

Those participating in the gathering are commanded to gather fruit that is not only harmless, but nutritious so both the gatherer and the Master can have joy in the fruit of their labors.

The watchers of iniquity concentrate in words, for the way of the reprover is the way of harmlessness and little can be found wrong in his actions. Nevertheless, if the reprover does err the watcher takes it for all the mileage he can get.

The reprover puts much more attention on action than on words, for he realizes that there are many who are fairly rough with words, yet have a heart of gold when it comes to the act of helping. Therefore, he searches for the heart through observing their works, or their fruits. If their actions are out of harmony with the light he will try and correct them by teaching them.

The good fruit receive instruction with gladness and both sender and receiver feel joy in their souls.

The bad fruit perceive instruction as an attack and immediately attack back and prick the reprover with their sharp thorns. The only way they can receive with joy is to drop their thorns, but they fear this will bring great pain so they keep them in the illusion that the thorns are for their protection.

It is impossible to receive joy through correction from bad fruit. Even when they are right there is some pain from their thorns. Those with the love of truth will feel an inward joy at receiving correction from good fruit and they will both be lifted up by the Master as one.

The ironical thing about the reprovers and the watchers is that they both see each other as negative. The reprover tries to see the Son of God within while not denying the negativity without whereas the watcher focuses entirely on the personality.

It may be worthwhile here to make a little tabulation of some of the differences:

Reprover: Attention on soul.

Watcher: Attention on personality.

Reprover: Attention on actions.

Watcher: Attention on words.

Reprover: Attention on attitude.

Watcher: Attention on form.

Reprover: Attention on future goals.

Watcher: Attention on past.

Reprover: Harmless.

Watcher: Hurtful.

Reprover: Correction joyful when received.

Watcher: Correction always painful.

Reprover: Not pious.

Watcher: Often pious.

Reprover: Forgiving.

Watcher: Harbors bitter feelings.

Reprover: Open with feelings.

Watcher: Suppresses feelings.

Reprover: Tolerant.

Watcher: Intolerant.

Reprover: Shows love by actions.

Watcher: Shows love with words only.

Reprover: Accepts correction.

Watcher: Resists correction.

Reprover: Willingness to share.

Watcher: Unwillingness to share.

Reprover: Sense of humor.

Watcher: Overly serious.

Reprover: Perfection not necessary.

Watcher: Perfection demanded.

Reprover: Keeps their word.

Watcher: Breaks their word.

Reprover: Open.

Watcher: Secretive.

Reprover: Seeking self-improvement.

Watcher: Alright with the way they are.

Reprover: Friendly to all.

Watcher: Friendly to some.

We could continue this list indefinitely, but this should suffice for those who have eyes to see. A person who is caught in the trap of negativity will not see himself correctly no matter how clearly it is presented to him.

Isaiah continues:

“Woe unto the rebellious children, saith the Lord, that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin (error) to sin: That walk to go down into Egypt (The ways of the old age), and have not asked at my mouth; to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh (the lower self), and to trust in the shadow of Egypt (the way things have worked in the past)! Therefore shall the strength of Pharaoh be your shame, and the trust in the shadow of Egypt your confusion.” (Isa 30:1-3)

We must all trust in the One Spirit of God together. Just as our body has one life force that is omnipresent in it so is there only One Spirit in the Body of Christ. It is true our individual lives are different, and we may all receive different instruction for our different circumstances. On the other hand, if we have a life together in the Body of Christ then we have one purpose together and will always receive the same direction concerning our participation. One part will not be told to do all he can to help the body while the other will be told to relax. All parts will have the same goal in connection with the body and must tune into the Spirit of God to be united in that goal and how to achieve it. If there is not unity here then one or both parts have a veil between them and the Spirit.

There is always division within any group. This means that one or both parts are wrong. Two opposing views in relation to one body cannot be equally correct. A body cannot do two things at once. It must make a decision. What is the decision of the body? We must all tune into the Spirit of God in the Body of Christ and get the answer. When this happens, we will become instantly one. It is the earnest desire of my heart that we should attain this quality. The Spirit within me promises at this moment that we can achieve this with whoever is willing to be on the side of soul energy, but the only ones who will sense it will be those who seek the spirit with all their hearts.

I will end by quoting the Tibetan’s sixth ray technique of healing. The sixth ray governs the solar plexus (or emotional) energy which is where the problem of group division originates.

“Cleaving the waters (emotions), let the power descend, the healer cries. He minds not how the waters may respond; they oft bring stormy waves and dire and dreadful happenings. The end is good. The trouble will be ended when the storm subsides and energy has fulfilled its charted destiny. Straight to the heart the power is forced to penetrate, and into every channel, nadi, nerve and spleen the power must seek a passage and a way and thus confront the enemy who has effected entrance and settled down to live. Ejection — ruthless, sudden and complete — is undertaken by the one who sees naught else but perfect functioning and brooks no interference. This perfect functioning opens thus the door to life eternal….” Esoteric Healing, Page 711

 “In every journey, the traveler must ask: was the right path taken?” –– From “Heroes,” The TV Series,

October 25, 2008  

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Light vs. Dark

Light vs. Dark

Question: “What are the approximate incarnated ratios of aliens, super aliens, superhumans and humans at present?”

Okay, let’s tackle these one at a time. Technically all of us are aliens. None of us originated here on planet Earth. Each one of us are immortal beings and came from an eternal source where all that exists is an eternal present. We have passed in and out of many systems of creation but as far as this system of creation goes most of the people here are native to planet Earth or the Moon Chain. There are a handful of transplants from other solar systems but their numbers are few. The exact ratio and number is not given. Transplants from other systems come here to either serve humanity of their own free will or to pay off karma through service. Then there is a small number of negative entities that come here in the service of Dark forces. Little is said or known about them but these will not be substantial leaders of the Dark Brotherhood. Any substantial Dark alien leaders will work from behind the scenes unless there is a great victory on their side. Then those with low vibration will be able to incarnate.

So let us pray that the door to evil will be shut and not open enough to allow another Hitler to materialize.

He asked about super aliens. Aliens which have evolved above the rank of a master sometimes incarnate or visit here to assist with significant change toward the Light. If they incarnate, they will work as an avatar. If they visit they will merely assist the Brotherhood of Light in their work. The numbers of these type of beings are few. Maybe only one very advanced entity will incarnate every few thousand years with lesser one more frrequently; but quite a few more will visit and assist.

Next I was asked about incarnated superhumans. By superhumans I assume you are referring to incarnated masters. There are a handful in incarnation but the number is not given. I would guess the number would be around a dozen.

Question: What are the approximate incarnated ratios of Dark, Light, undecided in all categories?

The opposite to a master in the Brotherhood of Light is not in incarnation at present. The closest we have seen to this was Hitler who was a high disciple of the Dark Brotherhood but he was not a master. Basically, the Dark Brothers are restricted to working through their pawns and disciples. Stalin, for instance, was more of a pawn than a disciple who had knowledge of what he was doing. Stalin really wanted power, and the Dark Brothers were happy to use him in any way that forwarded their interests.

By undecided I assume you mean anyone that hasn’t made a definite choice to serve the Brotherhood of Light. Over 50% of the people think they have made such a choice but over 99% of the people have not. Even people of good intent do not understand the choice between Dark and Light. The average person really thinks the choice lies in the words Dark and Light. It does not lie in the words but in the principles behind the words. A seeker must first understand the principles of Light and Dark before he can make a choice. Until that time comes the wool is pulled over his eyes by Dark forces and even many people good intent are used as pawns by them. The main work of the Brotherhood of Light is not to convert the masses to seeing through their eyes, but to present a plan that the people of good intent will accept. They also seek to place leaders in key locations so they can influence the world in the right direction. That direction will not be perfect but it is hoped that it will move the people forward.

The problem is when the Brotherhood of Light implement a plan, the Dark Brothers immediately proceed to do everything in their power to sabotage it. For instance, the war in Iraq was supported by the Brotherhood of Light to bring freedom to the Iraqis in the hope of creating a domino effect for democracy in that suppressed region. But immediately the Dark Brotherhood went to work to sabotage the effort. Even now, the economic collapse fulfills part of their plan to continue destabilization in the Middle East. We may be forced to withdraw because of lack of money to continue the mission. If this happens we can only hope that the Iraqis can govern themselves successfully. On the other hand, the Dark Brothers will seek to install another Saddam Hussein. An alternative would be to have Iran conquer Iraq and create a middle east superstate controlling the oil.

Question: What are the approximately incarnated ratios of those humans that have decided to those that haven’t?

There are many that lean toward deciding for the Light but a definite decision is not made until the third initiation. Back in the 20’s or 30’s DK said that number was around 320. I would guess that number today is around 1000. On the other hand, there are many thousands perhaps several million that see the Light with enough vision to lean toward it in most cases. However, when the going gets tough that’s when you see the difference between a true disciple and an aspirant.

Question: Can you give us an example of an issue distorted and dominated by the dark brothers

They have seized and distorted numerous issues. When the Brotherhood of Light presents an ideal or truth to humanity the general population will at first resist it but later embrace it. When the Dark Brothers see humanity embracing a good ideal, they do everything in their power to turn its reality upside down and cover it with illusion.

Just one prime example is the teaching of Jesus to take care of the poor. Jesus said that those who have should give to those who have not. This is good. Many Christian churches have done everything in their power to fulfill this injunction. But the Dark Brothers have come in and turned this advice around in this manner. Instead of the rich giving directly to the poor, they have concocted a plan for the people to give to the government who will supposedly give to the poor. This idea is accepted by many people as fulfilling the injunction of Jesus. But Jesus did not say give to Caesar so Caesar can give to whoever Caesar wants to give to. Instead, he said render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. Our money does not belong to Caesar. Especially money that belongs to the pure in heart who want to help the poor does not belong to Caesar to give to who he dicrees to be the poor.

This idea that Jesus would support the modern Caesar’s in seizing money from the rich to give to the poor is a great illusion. For one thing, such a plan does little to help the poor. Often times the commission taken by Caesar is as high as 80% or more leaving only 20% for the poor. Even the most selfish of people would be happy to give a few dollars to the poor if they could take an 80% commission. The Dark Brotherhood loves this idea and that is what many people today call socialism which is one step away from enforced communism.

The Brotherhood of Light seek to establish a system where all who are willing to do their share will have their needs taken care of, but it will be a system where people generally contribute through their free will.

Question: I have numerous health issues and the doctors do not seem to help.  What can I do?

Whether or not we have good health is largely up to us, and what we do with what we have. I grew up on a very bad diet of sugar, lard, meat, potatoes; and, into my high school years I found myself always feeling out of sorts. I didn’t seem to have anything wrong you could put your finger on, but I often just felt strange like I was going to pass out. Now in hindsight I see that what the problem was, was that I ate way too much sugar in my blood sugar level was off.

Finally, I decided to take control of my own life I started reading books on health. This I did during my first year of college and I immediately concluded that I needed to quit eating refined sugar and refined white flour. This I did and within a few months I started feeling better than I had ever felt before and never had that weird passing out feeling again because of lack of nutrition. Since then, I have followed the popular fads and trends in diet and health and take the things that I believe will benefit me the most. This is what anyone with a problem must do. They must search and study everything connected with what could be wrong with them, paying particular attention to natural medicine and methods. When you find something that will apply to you, if you’re sensitive, you will feel an internal message from your soul to make some changes. This is what happened to me with sugar and refined flour. I felt an internal message to make that change and greatly benefited therefrom.

If you don’t know the first place to search, then just read a couple good general books on natural healing. Then after you do this pay attention to areas that seem to touch your soul and explore them more. This could be certain types of diet and exercise or healing methods. Don’t expect miracles, even though miracles may come, but proceed forward and only good will be the end result.

Often times a search for a cure or improvement in health will wind up leading a seeker toward embracing the Light and following the highest he knows.

I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see; I sought my God, but my God eluded me; I sought my brother and I found all three. – William Blake

Oct 19, 2008

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Correct Breathing

Correct Breathing

After reading in “The Diet Of Oxygen” someone asked about correct breathing. I will say a few words here as this is an important part of overall health.

As far as increasing oxygen available to our bodies breathing is definitely the number one thing we can do.

The interesting thing about breathing is that we do it right after we enter the world as babies, but as we mature, we somehow learn to do it wrong and wrong breathing can have detrimental effects for the rest of our lives.

If you watch a baby breathe you will notice that its tummy will move up and down because he is breathing deeply enough to force air to the lower regions.

Then as the person matures, he shifts his breathing center into the upper chest cavity winding up having to take more breaths and getting less oxygen.

We need to switch back to the natural breathing with which we were born.

The first thing to do to see how well you are breathing is to count your breaths in a resting position. The average is about 16 breaths per minute, but if you are breathing right you will breath 6-8 breaths per minute. If you breathe more than this you are not breathing correctly.

To test yourself to see if you are a natural deep breather sit or stand upright and breath in as you normally do with both palms on your tummy just above your navel. If your tummy expands as you begin breathing in then you are on the right track. If you lay on your back and breath correctly you can see your tummy expand as you breath. If it does not expand then all your breath is going into your upper cavity which causes less oxygen to enter your system.

If you are breathing too many breaths per minute or breathing too shallow the first thing to do is to get a sense of what a deep breath is. Hold your tummy and breath deeply to the extent that you can feel your tummy expand. Keep doing this until you get a sense of how you need to breath to make this happen.

Once this is achieved do the following to achieve correct breathing:

For this exercise breath through your nose.

[1] Exhale completely. Most people do not completely exhale their dead air. Concentrate on making a full exhale to prepare yourself for maximum oxygenation.

[2] Inhale to the count of five. For the first two seconds concentrate on deep breathing. Your stomach should be expanding during this period.

During counts 3 and 4 concentrate on filling up the chest cavity.

During the fifth and final second breath deep again and you should see your stomach expand a bit more.

[3] Hold the breath to the count of two.


[4] Exhale to the count of five.

[5] Repeat for a couple minutes.

Do this exercise for a few weeks and you will find that your natural breathing will change. You will naturally breath deeper, and when you find that good breathing has gone below the threshold of consciousness you can then quit doing the exercises regularly. Do check yourself once in a while though to make sure you do not slip back into your old routine.

New Light on Exercise

The “Diet of Oxygen” puts a lot of emphasis on diet to increase the supply of oxygen, but equally important is exercise.

I’ve kind of sacrificed my body the past ten years to make time to write everything you see in the archives.

Because of the demands of running a business I’ve had little free time, and the time I have had has been dedicated to writing.

This has had an adverse physical effect in two ways.

First, it is a sedentary activity.

Secondly, I had to arrange my sleeping schedule so I write late at night, usually staying up til five o’clock in the morning.

I read a while back that this type of sleep causes a person to gain a couple pounds a year and this happened to me.

I’ve delayed getting back in shape as long as long as practical and have decided I need to spend whatever time is necessary to do this if I want to stay around long enough to finish my mission.

Unfortunately, no master is going to snap his fingers and ensure my good health continues. Me, and every other disciple, has to take care of this on his own.

In the past, I’ve concentrated on doing aerobic exercises, mostly jogging, but decided to start out instead this time with a brisk walk going up and down hills.

Then I came across Dr. Al Sears who introduced me to the first real new knowledge I have seen in exercise since I read Kenneth Cooper about 40 years ago.

Sears states that long periods of aerobics reduce lung and heart capacity and strength, and can lead to an early death. Instead, he has developed a system of rest and exertions which he says is much more similar to what early man naturally did.

I’ve bought his book and been experimenting with this the past few days and it feels like a true principle to me. I’ll let you know how my progress goes.

You might want to check out his website.

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” — Genesis 2:7

Oct 15, 2008

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The Diet of Oxygen

The Diet of Oxygen

We recently posted an interesting book by E. T. Tennyson called “Deliverance from the Whirlwind.” Even though the guy takes the Bible very literally I find him quite interesting – that he comes to some quite creative conclusions. 

The same can be said for this next book called “The Diet of Oxygen.”

The most intriguing thing about this treatise is the idea that pressurized air can increase our longevity. I find it interesting that some whales and sea tortoises live to around 200 years old.

He claims that in ancient times, before the flood, that there were no major oceans and humankind  lived on what is now the ocean floors. Living way below sea level would have produced much greater air pressure and we would have breathed in more oxygen.

He thinks this greater air pressure and intake of oxygen plus more oxygen rich foods caused the ancients to live a much longer life.

I went on his diet for about a year after I read the book and did see some benefits. I just found it awkward to maintain because of various situations I was in.

Here is a link for a PDF of the book.

Oct 12, 2008

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I thought I would make a few comments on the possibility of “Walk-Ins” that has been discussed lately.

As most of you knows a walk-in happens when a person become frustrated with his own life and wishes to leave. Then a goodly soul from the spirit world makes an agreement with him to trade places. The original entity then leaves and the other soul takes over and assumes all the memories of the original.

It was suggested that [USA Vice Presidential candidate, Senator in 2008] Joe Biden could be a Walk-In. He had one of the signs which was a near-death experience, in 1988 but he didn’t seem frustrated enough with his life to want to leave the earth sphere.

[USA Presidential candidate Senator] John McCain is the most probable candidate for a Walk-In. There are two possible occasions in his life that this could have happened.

The first was when he was taken prisoner in Vietnam. There he had a near death experience. His comrades all thought he was going to die. At that point his future didn’t look that bright and he would have probably been happy to change places with a walk-In.

The second time was when he was running for president in 2008 and was out of money, down in the polls and it looked like he didn’t have a chance of getting the nomination. It looked as if his dream of the presidency, or even making a good showing, was fading from him. At this time, it was a possibility that he would have considered moving on.

If a Walk-In occurs then there should be some change in the handwriting. The Walk-In would take over the memories and emotional body so the changes would be subtle, but should show up nevertheless, especially in the intelligence.

If I could look at McCain’s writing before and after Vietnam and before and after his last campaign downturn, I may be able to tell something.

There’s no chance that either [USA Presidential candidate Barack] Obama or [USA Vice Presidential candidate Governor Sarah] Palin are Walk-Ins as neither has shown signs of being that frustrated with any portion of their lives.

The handwriting of all four candidates shows they are intelligent in their own way. Palin shows the most intelligence directed in the executive direction, and ironically, she is the only one with executive experience as well as business experience.

A Walk-In situation is indicated by the following:

[1] The entity hits a roadblock in life that produces such frustration that the person desires to leave this life.

[2] The person often suffers a near-death experience where the change is made, but this is not always the case.

[3] The person then experiences a change of direction and sets his sights much higher than ever before.

[4] There will seem to be a change in intelligence even though his personality may not have that much change.

It may be of interest that there is one member of The Keys that shows a lot of evidence of being a walk-in. When I examined her handwriting over a period of time I noted a significant leap in intelligence that would indicate that there was a Walk-In experience.

Now keep in mind that rarely is a walk-in a master but is usually a fairly advanced soul that wants to serve humanity and wants to take advantage of every opportunity.

Just because you are not a walk-in does not mean you are not a disciple. I am not a walk-in myself.

However, people who are not walk-ins who are sensitive can pick up thoughts, ideas and principles through the Oneness Principle.

I mentioned the possibility that a group member could be a walk-in because of a difference that showed up in her handwriting over a time period. This comment is actually a repetition of something I said in the past. I previously pointed out that her handwriting indicated the possibility she could be a walk-in.

Also it seems that some have the impression that a walk-in has to be a very high level entity and this is not necessarily the case. A walk-in can range from merely an above average person of good intent to a master.

And it is true that walk-in does need to replace a person in a favorable circumstance for service in order to attract his attention. Let us suppose, for instance, that John McCain is walk-in, and made the switch while he was imprisoned in Vietnam. It would have been quite a sacrifice for that entity to enter prison, but worth the sacrifice if he saw the possibility of becoming President of the United States. I don’t know if John McCain is walk-in or not. I don’t see a tremendous amount of light coming from the man but he does have a desire for service and that makes the walk-in a possibility.

Other walk-ins could make the exchange, not with the hope of becoming president or something that lofty, but may be merely to help a family or two that has members connected to his inner group. Not every walk-in makes the exchange with the idea of changing the world but some may do it just to make positive changes in a much smaller sphere.

Do one thing every day that scares you.  Eleanor Roosevelt

Oct 5, 2008

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The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

Question: Is the Song of the 144,000 supposed to replace the Lord’s Prayer?

The two “prayers” have entirely different purposes. Technically, the Lord’s Prayer is neither a prayer nor a mantra, but instructions to disciples as to how they should pray. Jesus intended it as instructions rather than a mantra for He was teaching them how to pray in secret without using vain repetition.

Here is the Lord’s Prayer:

 “After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

 “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

 “Give us this day our daily bread.

 “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.” Matt 6:9-14

Let us break it down:

“Our Father which art in heaven,”

A prayer should begin by addressing or acknowledging God.

“Hallowed be thy name.”

As you begin to pray acknowledge the holiness or wholeness of God. Prayer does no good unless God is in the consciousness of the one praying.

“Thy kingdom come.”

All prayers should include thoughts of the spiritual kingdom of God dominating over the materialistic world. See Spirit, creation and life as the dominating force rather than destruction, corruption and decay.

“Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

Prayer is futile if our words are not in harmony with Divine Will. The seeker must tune into and accept God’s Will whatever that is, even if it runs contrary to our selfish nature.

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

The disciple asks for enough for his needs to supply the health and strength he needs to serve and nothing more. Anything more than this is to be seen as a bonus and should not be sought as a gift from God. One is free to work for a surplus through his own efforts. The promise to the faithful is that they will receive more than they have capacity to appreciate; but as far as asking, one should only seek the power to be a viable servant.

“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”

Many use the first part of the prayer and forget the last. It is impossible to obtain more forgiveness than we are willing to pass out. To ask for forgiveness when we do not forgive ourselves is a mockery. By asking forgiveness with this attitude, we remind ourselves that we need to forgive others, even as we expect God to forgive.

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:”

All of us can yield to wrong decisions under the right pressure and circumstance. The key to deliverance is not to be super strong, but to not follow a path that will lead us to more temptation than we can endure. We must all pray that we can stand within our own sphere of power so we can keep a clear conscience and always stand within the light, love and power of God.

“For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.”

Scholars agree that this line was not spoken by Jesus but added later to give it a finishing touch so it could be repeated as a mantra. This was not the intention of Jesus, but it did create a good prayer. The trouble with it is that using it as a repetition negates the purpose for which it was given.

The Lord’s prayer was thus a set of instructions in its original form rather than a prayer itself.

As far as various mantras of sets of words goes, there are different ones that have set purposes for various times.

The main purpose of The Song of the 144,000 is to create an endowment of protection for the servants of this age so they will not be persecuted and destroyed as in previous ages. The keynote for this age is not sacrifice, but service. It is of extreme importance that those who desire to serve have the power to sustain that service.

Question: Did the man who wrote “Deliverance in the Whirlwind” stimulate you at an earlier age to research Revelations and other scriptures?

No, he didn’t offer me any inspiration in that area. He was the first author I read who really probed the meaning of the Greek and Hebrew and this stimulated my interest in this direction. This led me to quite a few discoveries.

I started studying Revelations at age 20 and started reading Tennyson’s material about age 25 so I had already studied Revelations quite a bit when I came across his material.

Comment: Deliverance from the Whirlwind has some pretty wild ideas about the oceans being sucked up in to space to form rings like Saturn. I think it is more possible that the great change to come would be an ice age.

Yes an ice age with its accompanying problems is bound to happen again and some say one is overdue. Tennyson saw something much more devastating from his reading of the Bible.

He pointed out that in the beginning there were waters above the heavens, or firmament, as indicated in Genesis:

“And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.” (Genesis 1:7)

He concluded that these waters in the heavens formed rings around the earth like Saturn. He also concluded that the sun shining through these rings produced a greenhouse effect that made the earth an Eden. In those days there were no oceans and people lived way below present sea level and the higher atmospheric pressure caused people to live longer.

Then he believed the flood of Noah was caused by the falling to earth of the waters from heaven and this created the oceans. We were then forced to live in the mountains under much less air pressure and this caused us to live a shorter life span.

He believed the Whirlwind mentioned in the Bible will restore the water/ice rings of the earth and restore the earth to paradise where we will farm what is now the ocean floors.

I do not think he has everything right, but his writings are quite unique and much more thought provoking than standard religious fare. Here is a link to a PDF of his treatise for those who are interested.

Question: “Was your dad in contact with Nikola Tesla? He seemed to be able to come up with all sorts of inventions without much schooling.”

No, but I had a brother-in-law who died a few years ago who was a nuclear physicist who studied him and another inventor. It was T. Henry Moray who created a free energy device that was pretty much lost to history. You can read about him HERE

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. — Will Durant (1885 – 1981)

Sept 29, 2008

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Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future

At this time period during the banking crisis, (September 2008) many were worried about the financial crisis and wanted me to comment

I am not as confident that normal times will be sustained in the near future now as I was when we faced Y2K. Right now, the best way to describe what I am picking up is static. It is as if the Dark Brotherhood is seizing upon some opportunities to bring chaos and the Brotherhood of Light is doing everything in their power to neutralize this effect.

We are in a point of tension for a year or maybe more.

Unless the Brotherhood of Light is caught off their game, we will not have a total breakdown of the economy unless there is first a means of salvation through the gathering principle. The gathering needs to be seriously underway by around 2020 but the Dark Brotherhood is working overtime in an attempt to bring enough turbulence before that time so the gathering will be frustrated. If we are all just seeking to survive then the gathering will be very difficult to initiate. I am proceeding on the assumption that the economy may have some serious problems but things will hold together until the gathering is initiated.

NOTE FROM 2024: The beginning stages of the gathering did indeed occur by 2020. Many parts of the country became so dangerous and corrupt that there began a gathering out of many of the large population areas to safer locations. Here in Idaho where I live we see many arriving, not for jobs, but for better and safer living conditions.

More On Floating Cities

It looks like the idea of building abodes at sea is catching on. Now Google plans on getting in on the act. Here is a quote from the story:

“The company is considering deploying the supercomputers necessary to operate its Internet search engines on barges anchored up to seven miles (11km) offshore.

“The ‘water-based data centres’ would use wave energy to power and cool their computers, reducing Google’s costs. Their offshore status would also mean the company would no longer have to pay property taxes on its data centres, which are sited across the world, including in Britain.”

When the time comes that groups build cities at sea it looks like there will be many opportunities to make money. Such a city would be a much more logical place for Google to use because it would be more secure than floating on its own where it may be easy to sabotage.

The Dutch are working on technology for floating houses and cities.

Another idea in the mix is the building of artificial islands. LINK

Lilypad Islands are also getting a lot of press. LINK

Then others are really stretching the imagination and planning to build floating cities in the atmosphere of Venus. It appears that if we were to dwell about 20 miles above the surface of Venus, we would have a temperature and atmospheric pressure similar to Earth. That is pretty interesting.

The Whirlwind

Question: Is there any reference in the scriptures of a great whirlwind caused by a shift in the axis?

Here is just one of several:

32 “Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth.

33 “And the slain of the LORD shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth: they shall not be lamented, neither gathered, nor buried; they shall be dung upon the ground.

34 “Howl, ye shepherds, and cry; and wallow yourselves in the ashes, ye principal of the flock: for the days of your slaughter and of your dispersions are accomplished; and ye shall fall like a pleasant vessel.

35 “And the shepherds shall have no way to flee, nor the principal of the flock to escape.” Jer 25:32-35

I think there will be a shift again accompanied by fierce winds, but I do not see it happening in the near future. We do seem to be headed for a magnetic shift which can create some changes but nothing like a shift of the axis.

If an actual shift of the axis is coming, there needs to be a gathering first to prepare for it. The Planetary Life works in connection with the lights of the earth and seeks to preserve evolving life within it; but will destroy the harmful human bacteria when the time is right.

Correspondences and the Earth

If we correspond the earth to a greater human life we can arrive at some more interesting correspondences.

* Minor earthquake = the earth is scratching an itch.

* Medium earthquake = the earth is scratching a major itch.

* Big earthquake = comparable to a human trying to relieve himself from poison ivy.

* Small volcano = pimple or blackhead.

* Major volcano = a boil.

* A storm = irritation.

* A hurricane = anger.

* A tornado = intense directed anger.

* A tsunami = a chiropractic adjustment.

* Excessive moisture or rain = weeping over a sad situation.

* A flood = release of pent-up emotion.

* A meteor shower = telephone call from a friend.

* Comet = psychic impression.

* Excessive heat = the earth is focusing on a part of its body.

* Excessive cold = the earth is ignoring a part of its body.

* Lots of clouds = the earth is a little under the weather.

* Clear skies = the earth is happily going about her business.

* To the earth humans and animals are bacteria.

* Insects are viruses.

* Vegetation = skin.

* Internal water = blood.

* Oceans = liver and kidneys.

* Oil = lubricating fluids.

* Hard minerals = bones.

* Regular earth = flesh.

* Internal heat = the heart.

* Magnetic field = brain.

* The two poles = the eyes.

* The atmosphere = the ears.

* Lightning and electrical system = smell and intuition.

“The safest course is to do nothing against one’s conscience. With this secret, we can enjoy life and have no fear from death.” — Voltaire (1694 – 1778)

Sept 11, 2008

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A Social Parable

A Social Parable

Once upon a time a group of 100 people were on a flight over the South Sea Islands. They hit turbulence and the plane crashed near a small uncharted island. Fortunately, every single person survived and made it to the island.

The first order of business was survival. They surveyed the island backwards and forwards and found it contained various fruits like coconuts, bananas and berries as well as some nuts. Unfortunately, there were not enough resources to comfortably feed everyone. A man named Barry stepped forward and volunteered to organize the group to ensure their survival. He said, “there is some food here but not enough to feed everyone comfortably. Therefore, we, as a group, must cooperate together and share everything equally as well as work together to create more produce. To make this work you will have to accept me as a powerful authority and do what I say or suffer repercussions.”

The group reluctantly accepted Barry’s proposal and cooperated the best they could. He ordered the group to gather up the food and place it in one location. He then placed guards there so no one can steal it. Next, he made work assignments which included building huts and planting additional food so they could have enough for future needs.

This seemed to work for a few days but then hunger got the best of a number of them and whenever the guards were not paying attention rebels sneaked past them and stole some food. In addition, the guards also stole food. Then to make matters worse people began to grumble that their neighbor wasn’t doing his share of the work. This caused those who initially worked hard to not work so hard. It wasn’t long before not very much was getting done and the food supply became depleted.

Finally, the group conspired together and overcame the guards and stole all the food and ate most of it within the next three days. Barry was very upset at them and said, “what’s the matter with you people? Because you refuse to obey orders and cooperate, we may all starve to death in this godforsaken place.” But instead of listening to Barry they were angry with him because they had no food. He was their leader and he was supposed to provide. A number of the group rushed him, beat and stoned him to death.

A cloud hung over the group for the next few days. Several thought of stepping forward to lead but did not because of Barry’s fate. Finally, Ron decided to take a chance. “My friends, we must proceed a little differently this time. We must make sure that each person has incentive to do his share. Instead of me assigning you all jobs we will list the jobs available and let individuals pick what they want to do and be responsible for their choice. Each individual will also take responsibility for producing or gathering some type of food supply. Once he obtains this it will be his own and then he can trade or barter with it for other things he needs.”

They proceeded with this new program and it was difficult at first but they slowly began to acquire enough for their needs. Some worked harder than others and obtained a greater supply of goods. Some shared their produce and some did not. Some of those who lacked because of avoiding hard work stole from those who had abundance. Then those who had abundance paid several other members of the group to act as a police force to protect the property of their labors.

Quite some time passed and their labor produced abundance, so everyone at least had enough to eat. There always seem to be enough sharing so that no one did completely without. Unfortunately, there were a handful who just didn’t want to do any work unless they absolutely had to. Some of them lived in huts because that’s all they were willing to make for themselves and others made some pretty nice abodes. Some of those who had abundance hired others to work for them to make comfortable dwelling places. By the second year about 10% of the group were living very comfortably and possessed much more than that the average member. The bottom 10% barely survived for they did very little work and often begged for food. At least half of the group never seemed to have enough and were resentful of the other half that did have enough. It did not occur to them that the labor of the comfortable half was the reason for the difference. Even so, the half that lacked began to feel that the half that had abundance should give to them of their abundance.

And often those who were better off did share with those who had less, but some of the richer ones became resentful because they knew their associates could also have abundance if they worked as hard as they did. This resentment increased on both sides.

They had a democratic system worked up among them to resolve problems, and at this time some of the poorer members began to demand a vote to implement a tax according to how many possessions a person had. Then the products from the tax would be shared by the less fortunate.

A huge dispute arose among them but finally the majority agreed to a vote. Almost all those in the lower 50% voted for the tax because they would benefit from the free produce derived therefrom. Most of the wealthier 50% voted against the tax but a handful of altruistic souls also voted for it.

The tax was thus implemented and wealth was taken from the higher 50% and given to the lesser 50%. The wealthier 50% became resentful and didn’t like the idea of working for produce that was taken from them by force. They then coordinated together and gathered up all the movable wealth and hid it in a cave. Then they only worked hard enough to survive. It wasn’t long before no one seemed to have enough. Some people called for more taxes and more redistribution.

Finally, another leader, named Paul. stepped forward. He had Ron killed and they seized all available wealth of not only the rich, but the poor. He promised the group they would all be rich because they were going to find all the wealth of the rich and redistribute it. They tortured the rich until they showed them the hiding place in the cave. This wealth was shared among all the people and they rejoiced for a while. But after a short period of time all was squandered and no one had enough. The group was ready to rebel against Paul until he exercised a strong hand and tortured anyone who challenged him. He then forced everyone to go to work to do exactly as he commanded.

Everyone felt resentment and only worked hard enough to keep out of trouble. It wasn’t long before only Paul and his police force had enough to eat. Everyone else was starving and suffering lack in every way.

Finally, another leader arose. His name is Carl. He found others who believed in hard work and responsibility the way he did. These were 20 in number and they escaped in the middle of the night and fled to the far side of the island. There they built a fortress and gathered what food they could and prepared for the worst.

Paul was angry that they had left and gathered together his people and went after them. He commanded his people to fight them, but they did not have a heart for such a fight and many joined Carl and his group. It wasn’t long before Carl’s group put Paul’s group on the run. Then they returned home, reclaimed their properties and began anew. They now knew that people had to have personal incentive if they were going to create wealth. The new system they created gave each individual personal responsibility, personal incentive and complete ownership over all he created and produced. The one thing that was different from the past was that Carl and his associates went forward and taught his people about the responsibility they have one to another. He not only taught the wealthy the responsibility of sharing with the less abundant half but also the importance of hard work, intelligence and creativity.

They thus built a community that was self-sufficient and had no poor among them but there were many who had abundance. They lived quite comfortably for several years until they were finally rescued. But many of them were so happy with the system they had that they decided to stay and build a better world for themselves unfettered by the governments of the outside world.

The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well. – John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Sept 10, 2008

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The Problems with Freedom

The Problems with Freedom

I find it interesting that some who have read my posts seem opposed to freedom on several different levels. This is part of the great illusion that people are caught up in. Many think that freedom is something that must be parsed out in small quantities because it just doesn’t work in many areas and people can’t handle it. It’s true that if we don’t give people any freedom at all and treated them like cattle, they would not do anything wrong, but neither would they do anything right — outside of being fodder for their masters. In almost every case where someone points out that freedom is a bad thing one can also point out that if freedom didn’t exist the circumstances would be much worse.

For instance, a reader says that free trade is responsible for starvation and low wages in Third World countries. But what is overlooked is if these people were not hired through the advantages of free trade, they would have no job at all. When we began trade with China there were many people who lived near starvation and the jobs that became available through trade paid low wages by our standards, but it was a bonanza for them. And since establishing trade with them many of the Chinese have become very wealthy including many millionaires and even some billionaires.

The trouble with emotional thinking is these types of people go by what should be rather than what is. Sure, would be nice if everyone had a high wage. But we can’t make this a reality just by decreeing it. It’s a lot better if they have some wage than no wage. It’s a lot better if they have a prospect of a better life than no life at all.

Someone accused me of being “black-and-white” in my thinking, but I think being against free trade is being “black-and-white.” I do not have a “black-and-white” attitude toward free trade. If so-called free trade could risk the freedom for the whole then it is not so free. We certainly would not want to trade nuclear technology with someone who wants to destroy us. This would run contrary to the principle of freedom. Even our trade with China takes a great chance. We have about a 50-50 chance of China developing into an ally and about the same chance of it using its abundance to destroy us.

Another gripe voiced toward freedom is the pharmaceutical companies charge whatever they want for their products. In other words, they want to make all the money that they can. This is kind of like 99% of the population of the whole world in their own individual sphere of responsibility. I’ll bet even the critics of free trade and capitalism want to get all they can for the benefit of their own selves, yet we criticize others for having the same apparent flaw. It is just a fact of life that people operate in their own self-interest and groups are like people in the fact that they also operate in their self-interest. Because the self-interest of someone else does not reach the quality of some individual’s moral standards is no reason to impose their version of morality upon them. How many “new agers” gripe about religious people trying to impose their morality upon them yet they turn around and try to impose their morality upon businesses? I do not see much difference here.

It is true when there is freedom people will make mistakes and operate selfishly, but that’s a lot better than the alternative where we suffocate freedom and life; where abundance becomes extinguished, and the earth becomes a lonely and dreary world as in North Korea. The problem isn’t that pharmaceutical companies have freedom. The problem is that those who offer alternatives to the pharmaceutical companies do not have the freedom to offer their intelligence. So, the problem isn’t freedom or too much freedom, instead it is not enough freedom. If we had maximum freedom available the pharmaceutical companies would just about be put out of business through the promotion of natural prevention and cures. As it is right now if you claim any type of cure for a major disease you can be put in jail. The restrictions toward those lights who are seeking to bring preventive medicine to the earth are enormous. And this is only one of many areas where freedom needs to be expanded.

The next criticism is that I portray the Right as father figures, and I don’t mention the creationist, and those who are so keen on the rapture and want to bring on Armageddon. First of all, let me say that I am as much against these illogical doctrines as their critics, but many on the conservative side are unfairly lumped in with these extremists. Most conservatives I know are least as logical or more so in this type of area than are the liberals. There are strange beliefs on both sides of the equation. For instance, it is extremely illogical to not drill in The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) when absolutely no harm to the environment can be demonstrated. The amount of ground needed is about equal in size to a postage stamp compared a football field when we look at the percentage of the ANWR territory needed. One has to have as religious type bent rather than a logical one to be against this “liberal” use of resources. Resistance to this idea is about as silly as going up on the mountain and expecting Jesus to rapture you. And if you don’t believe in drilling you shouldn’t buy gas, for every gallon of gas you buy has been obtained by drilling.

And as far as accusing conservatives of wanting to bring on Armageddon, I find very few of them want Armageddon in their lifetime. However, I’ve found a lot of liberals that want Armageddon. Many working for Greenpeace and the Sierra Club want a complete collapse so the ones that can live close to nature can survive and make a better world. I think the above criticism of me is very “black-and-white” because there are strange beliefs on both sides of the equation. Those who find fault with only conservatives or only liberals are being the “black-and-white” ones.

A reader asked “how can one so easily categorize left and right with no shades of gray. JJ is seeing everything in broad generalized abstract of black-and-white.”

This is an unjust criticism because this is not what I did. I said the left is polarized in the female and the right is polarized in the male energy. The word polarization is far from being a “black-and-white” word. You can be polarized in the emotions if your attention is 51% in this direction. This leaves 49% that can be in another direction. This is about as far from “black-and-white” as you can get. If 49% of you is not in the female or male, or emotional or intellectual energy, then one is not set in black and white format on either side. I’ve made it clear in many of my writings that if a person is polarized in the emotions, for example, one will still use his mind in many endeavors. But to be polarized on one side or the other means that you have an inclination to lean in that direction. This is far from being “black-and-white” as accused.

This reader seems to think that we’ve also evolved much since 1940’s that DK’s statements are out of date. DK dealt largely in principles and principles do not go out of date. Some facts relevant to the 1940s may be out of date, but not principles. The reader seems to think that we’ve made great strides in evolution since then. We’ve made some, but I wouldn’t call them great strides. We’re not much more able to recognize and deal with a Hitler now than we were back then. The door to evil is not yet shut. To speak in generalities about what DK would think about the situation of today is futile unless we go back to specific things he said and relate them.

I’ve also been accused of being too general in my teachings, but my critics have the same problem. The criticisms I see here are also very general. I often do not know what I’m being criticized for except that I am wrong in some eyes. I like it when someone disagrees with me and tells me specifically where the problem is so it can be solved as “A Course in Miracles” advises.

I’m told I should come out and tell readers which political party I embrace. The fact is politics is cyclic just as all other things. The conservative side goes from the middle to the extreme right and the liberal side goes from the middle to the extreme left. When either side approaches the middle they become capable of accomplishing some good in the world. Contrary to the common belief of the Left, we are at a point where the Left is focused in the extreme. In the days of John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt the Left was much closer to the center and accomplish some good things. But now they are embracing extreme doctrines that will take us to enforced socialism and restrict our freedom and create way too many laws to suffocate humanity.

You notice when I speak of socialism in a negative way I always associate it with force. I’m quite socialistic myself and believe in many socialistic ideals but good becomes a great evil when it is imposed by force. And this is what I’m against. Right now, the conservatives are less inclined to use force to impose their ideals than are the liberals. Almost every protester marching and screaming in the streets is a liberal. I know saying this produces the effect of throwing holy water on the vampire because this goes so contrary to their belief system, yet if you examine this logic in the light of day you will find it to be true.

Another reader seems to think that capitalism is not much better and socialism because the average person who is not extraordinarily wealthy “has no economic freedom and never did.” I have struggled all my life, and I’ve been in situations where I have been as poor as a church mouse but I have always had economic freedom. How do you explain that? One of the main reasons I haven’t gotten rich is because I’ve used my freedom to seek for knowledge more than money. And fortunately, in this society I’ve had the freedom to do this, to make this choice. In communistic countries you don’t have that freedom. It’s not so bad being poor if you have the freedom to become rich. Having the freedom to make a choice is a fundamental principle that any disciple worth his salt should support 100%.

The bottom line is this — when freedom reigns disciples need to put their attention on educating the public in the right direction. Being educated and directed toward the light is much more powerful than passing a law to force someone to do good. Sometimes laws are necessary, but they should only be used as a last resort when nothing else will work. As it is the liberals at this time want to pass 10 times more laws than we need, which wind up restricting us. Unfortunately, the conservatives want to pass more laws than we need also. They just aren’t quite as determined to enslave us as the current cycle of liberals.

And when I speak of liberals and conservatives here I speak in the ways they are currently defined. I am a true liberal, but some of my liberal beliefs are called conservative by the left.

“We are none of us infallible — not even the youngest of us.” — W. H. Thompson

Sept 8, 2008

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The Lords of Karma

The Lords of Karma

A Reader asked if there are really such beings as the Lords of Karma or is this term just a personification of a natural universal principle at work?

If the principle behind karma is cause-and-effect, then it would seem like we wouldn’t have the need for higher beings to step in and make sure that the principles of karma are being carried out. This is true on the physical plane to a high degree. For instance, in matter we have a reaction that is an equal and opposite reaction to gravity. If you drop a ball, gravity pulls on it and the ball falls and bounces due to cause-and-effect. If you throw something up in the air cause-and-effect will cause it to come back down again. The point I’m making is cause-and-effect on the physical plane is very predictable. But this is not the case on emotional and mental planes. For instance, you can hurt somebody’s feelings and not even be aware of it. The normal cause-and-effect that we are used to on the physical plane doesn’t play out so precisely on the emotional plane. There are emotional ups and downs that we cause in other people’s lives but there not exact feedback that happens when actions are created on the physical plane.

Therefore, an active intelligence has to step in and make sure that effect happens on a higher plane with justice so karma is carried out the way it should be. If higher lives didn’t step in and make sure that karma was fair then karma would not be carried out with justice and exactness. To make sure cause and effect are balanced out with justice there are many high lives at work. Those who are the supervisors of these many lower beings are called the Lords of Karma. The Lords of Karma exist at a high station and overlook the human race and the Earth as a whole and then delegate the nuts and bolts work to myriads of beings to make sure that emotional and mental causes create the appropriate effects.

Because intelligence exists throughout the universe, cause is balanced by opposing effects.


A reader asked about the rightness of justified lawsuits when it seems from the scriptures that Jesus asked us to not go to court.

It is written:

“And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also.” (Matt 5:40)

The Aquarian Gospel words it this way:

“I tell you it is better far to suffer loss than go to law, or call upon the courts of men to judge of right and wrong.

“The law of carnal man would say, Eye for eye and tooth for tooth; resist encroachment on your rights. But this is not the law of God. The Holy Breath would say, Resist not him who would deprive you of your goods.

“He who would take your coat by force is still a brother man and you should gain his heart, which by resistance cannot be done; Give him your coat and offer him still more and more; in time the man will rise above the brute; you will have saved him from himself.” Chapter 97, 15-19

Believe me I do not know anyone who would obey this injunction today. To understand the injunction of Jesus one must realize that he was emphasizing the need for non-attachment and the need to release oneself from the cares of the world.

As with any injunction the seeker must examine the spirit of the teaching and the principle to be applied.

A lawsuit does have its place and sometimes it is the only method one can use to obtain justice. That said, I believe that we have about ten times the lawsuits in this country that we should have. Many of them are initiated by people seeking to win a legal lottery and others by attorneys attempting to get rich whether justice is served or not. Most lawsuits could be settled by mediation. The Japanese have just a small percentage of attorneys that we do and in Canada and other countries the person who brings a losing suit against someone else has to pay all legal expenses. This greatly reduces frivolous lawsuits.

Our legal system is in need of reform for all of us have to pay more for goods and services because of too many unnecessary lawsuits.

Every once in a while, though, I read of one that makes me say “yes. Teach those SOBs a lesson.”

“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.” — Rita Mae Brown

Sept 2, 2008

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