Effective Fasting

Effective Fasting

Question: Can one add other juices to the fast and veggy juice like in V8? What about tomato juice and grapefruit juice can they be added?

Answer: V8 juices have way too much salt to use during a fast and this type of juice is too heavy.

On my last fast I experimented by using an organic brand of bottled vegetable juice and it created problems so I will not try that again. If you drink any vegetable juice do it just before you break the fast. You can drink some fresh carrot or celery juice just as you are beginning or ending the fast. The best thing besides water is fresh squeezed lemons in purified water with honey and cayenne pepper added to taste. Fresh squeezed orange juice can also be beneficial.

Question: I am very thin as it is; will the fast make me lose too much weight on a 3 day fast?

Answer: You certainly will not gain weight during the fast, but if people are too thin they will often gain a desirable weight after fasting.

Question: I am on a lot of medication you said I should try to get off of. So I won’t be able to take my medications then on a fast?

Answer: Medications will have a more powerful effect during a fast and may be overpowering. You need to get off your medications before you go on a long fast. You will need the assistance of a local health practitioner – a chiropractor or Naturopath. Call several in your area to see if they can give guidance in fasting.

I wouldn’t fast more than one day out of a week until the medications are reduced. If you can get rid of medication then you can go a week without danger if you follow instructions in a fasting book.

Question: Can I take my mineral or vitamins on a fast?

Answer: The less intake you have (outside of water) the better

Question: Is miracle healing possible?

Answer: The spiritual flow that goes through us can heal any disease, but disease is caused by our resistance to the flow. A miracle can happen when we learn the lesson the disease is trying to teach us and the blockage to the life energy is removed.

Question: First of all, we both drink coffee daily. I know that if I just stop cold turkey, I will experience severe headaches from caffeine withdrawal. I’m just not sure how to handle it. When I mentioned it to my husband, he said he plans to continue to drink coffee in the mornings during the fast. I’m not sure, but will this negate the benefits of the fast, as far as cleansing the body?

Answer: I drink coffee and I always do without it during a fast without negative effects, but when my wife first started fasting she felt very weak when she did without it.

If you haven’t fasted for a while you will usually have a headache from residual poisons and drugs, but it will usually go away by the second day.

My suggestion is to try and do without coffee during the fast, but if it feels that you need it drink some, but a reduced amount.

After you have gone on several fasts you should be able to go without coffee during the fast.

Question: Also, we have been exercising and walking for about an hour each morning M-F since the first of the year. Should we continue to exercise through the fast?

Answer: Yes, continue to exercise during the fast unless you feel very weak. Exercise will help to release the poisons.

Question: I also suffer from hypoglycemia, but have done the Master Cleanser fast with the water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper in the past with good results. I was reading in the archives where you suggested adding bee pollen or Spirulina to the fast if you are hypoglycemic. Do you still recommend this?

Answer: Some hypoglycemics can fast and others have to go on a modified fast so the can keep their blood sugar up. You’ll just have to experiment to see what your body tells you as you try different fasting techniques.

Water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper are as good as you can get for fasting ingredients, so if this worked in the past it would be a good idea to keep using them.

Feb 26, 2003

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Decision and Foreknowledge

Decision and Foreknowledge

A reader pointed out that there have been numerous true predictions. That many true predictions can be made is not part of the argument on foreknowledge. A million true predictions can be cited and still not prove the point. And what point is that?

That there is no life in the universe, not even God, who knows every detail that will unfold in the future. The big picture may be seen, but not the details.

If there be even one failed prophesy given from God then my point is proven.

A reader pointed out that the Bible is not translated perfectly, but you would have to say the whole story of Jonah is a fabrication to disprove my point.

I only took one example from the Bible and all the rest are from Mormon scriptures which I assume LDS readers believe. Two of them were said to be Christ himself speaking and making predictions which did not come true.

No one explained why, if God knows everything in the future, that these prophesies did not come true.

I was admonished to let not tainted scriptures be my authority (which they are not) and then the reader turned around and used them on me as if they were infallible. Seems odd.

When debating with another I use what I consider to be their authority.

I might add here that even with several failed predictions that Joseph Smith is still one of the most accurate prophets of all time for he made many fairly stunning ones that did materialize.

The question is – why would one believe that God knows every detail of the future – or even more importantly – why would he want to know? If I do not want to know something I will not find it out and will not know it. Why then would, a superior being want to clutter up his mind with details that would even bore inferior beings such as ourselves?

If God knows everything in the future and can reveal it to a spokesman then why has every spokesman that claims to be for God (of which we have a detailed record) made inaccurate prophesies?

One has accused me of dishonesty in approach, but I have never in my life used dishonesty to save face and do not plan to. Every post I have ever made to this group has been with as much honesty as is in my power to give. Why would any judge me otherwise?

A reader speaks of authority. My only authority is the Holy Spirit and it does indeed witness to me that these principles I teach on foreknowledge is true.

Using the logic of the mind I will present another point.

If God knows everything in detail that will ever happen this means that neither God or humanity have free will. To have free will one must make decisions. To make a decision one must be faced with two paths, or choices. To be faced with such a choice one has to NOT KNOW which path he will take until the decision is made.

God can only make a decision when he encounters a point in the future that he does not know.

Without some uncertainty there is no decision, no free will and hence no life or reason to live or even exist.

Question; How is exploring the question of the foreknowledge of God going to benefit or change one’s life either spiritually or materially?

Some truths and mysteries are more interesting than others. Some find this subject very interesting and some do not, just like any other topic.

The question you ask, however, is one that is often asked inside the orthodox churches and is used as an anchor to keep the flock happy with what they have rather than seeking higher knowledge.

Some I have heard go something like this:

“I don’t need to know what the meaning of this scripture is for it does not effect my salvation.”

“I don’t need to explore reincarnation because I have faith in the plan of God whatever it is.”

“I don’t need technology because the Bible doesn’t endorse it.”

“I don’t need to know what happens after death because I have faith I am going to live with God.”

“Do not delve into the mysteries because they can lead you astray.”

Believers come up with all types of excuses to not explore higher knowledge thinking it will serve no use, but does it.

Joseph Smith made an interesting statement: “A man is saved no faster than he gains knowledge.” And “Man cannot be saved in ignorance.”

True enlightenment consists in seeing one or more of the pictures that make up the Great Plan. Each picture is like a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces. Each truth is a piece. Some pieces do not look important until it is linked up to other pieces and then just one insignificant piece can reveal the whole picture or at least an important part.

The principle behind the knowledge of God is an important truth that will reveal much light when joined with other pieces of knowledge.

I personally have found this knowledge delicious to the taste and a door that has brought in much light to my mind that has increased my power of vision in all areas of seeing.

Every truth, no matter how insignificant or mundane, is an important piece of the great puzzle, just as every soul is an important part of the Life of God.

Comment: I am not saying this knowledge is not relevant. I just don’t know WHY you think it is relevant enough to debate over it, and I am simply asking WHY. This is an interesting exercise to ask a question to this group and see how long it takes to actually get an answer.

Your exact question was “how is knowing this answer (about God’s foreknowledge) going to benefit or change one’s life either spiritually or materially?”

In my last post I attempted to answer this for you. Now you are asking a different question which is:

“I just don’t know WHY you think it is relevant enough to debate over it, and I am simply asking WHY.”

The answer: What makes a subject relevant is if it is interesting to the members of the group. I think many find this an interesting subject. In fact it is probably one of the few interesting topics that is discussed in orthodox religion.

Here is an interesting quote:

“Everybody puts into his words the “content of reality” he is able to grasp on his level, in his circumstances and opportunities to have experiences. All too often people talk at cross purposes, and misunderstandings are inevitable. This appears best when you hear people reporting what others have said. They turn it into something different from what the original speaker meant. When something you have said is reported back to you, you will not recognize it and you may honestly assert that you have not said it. It is another matter that many people do not know what they have said, do not mean what they are saying, and then are indignant when it is reported back to them. It is frequently seen that people say one thing, mean another” Henry Laurency

Question: Hey is this guy talking about the Bible?

This quote is from Henry Laurency and he does not seem to be talking about the Bible. A reader turned me on to him a while back and I have been reading him and using some of his material and quoting him some. He was a student of DK and some say he had contact with the Hierarchy.

He has some good insights, but still a long way to go to match DK.

Feb 23, 2003

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Predestination, Part 2

Predestination, Part 2

Reader Comment: “I’ll turn the challenge around and ask: What scriptures do YOU have that indicate God could NOT find out the future, on a detailed level, should he choose to do so.”

You guys ought to know by now that I am always up to a good challenge.

Let us start with the book of Jonah from the Bible.

“And the word of the LORD came unto Jonah the second time, saying, Arise, go unto Nineveh, that great city, and preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee. So Jonah arose, and went unto Nineveh, according to the word of the LORD. Now Nineveh was an exceeding great city of three days’ journey. And Jonah began to enter into the city a day’s journey, and he cried, and said, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown. Jonah 3:1-4

First it is important to note verse one where God tells Jonah to “preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee.” This is important. Otherwise we could just assume that Jonah was teaching by the seat of his fallible pants.

And what was it that Jonah taught that was given to him from God?

It was this point blank prediction:

“Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.”

Notice that Jonah offered the people no way out. He did not say repent or be destroyed. Instead he just told them they would be destroyed.

And how did the people respond?

It is written: “So the people of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even to the least of them.” Jonah 3:5

Jonah must have made it clear he was speaking the words of God for the scripture says: “So the people of Nineveh believed God…”

So what was the results of this prediction? The results were that the people repented, touched God’s heart, and he DECIDED to not destroy them.

In deciding this God revealed that even he did not expect Nineveh to repent; otherwise he would have not spoken of a definite destruction with no alternative.

Jonah also did not expect Nineveh to repent for it was indeed an evil place that sacrificed children and strangers to their Gods. He was angry that Nineveh was not destroyed.

Now let us go to the Mormon scriptures:

“A revelation of Jesus Christ unto his servant Joseph Smith, Jun., and six elders, as they united their hearts and lifted their voices on high. Yea, the word of the Lord concerning his church, established in the last days for the restoration of his people, as he has spoken by the mouth of his prophets, and for the gathering of his saints to stand upon Mount Zion, which shall be the city of New Jerusalem. Which city shall be built, beginning at the temple lot, which is appointed by the finger of the Lord, in the western boundaries of the State of Missouri, and dedicated by the hand of Joseph Smith, Jun., and others with whom the Lord was well pleased. Verily this is the word of the Lord, that the city New Jerusalem shall be built by the gathering of the saints, beginning at this place, even the place of the temple, WHICH TEMPLE SHALL BE REARED IN THIS GENERATION.

“For verily THIS GENERATION SHALL NOT ALL PASS AWAY UNTIL AN HOUSE SHALL BE BUILT UNTO THE LORD, AND A CLOUD SHALL REST UPON IT, which cloud shall be even the glory of the Lord, which shall fill the house.” D&C 84:1-5

“Therefore, as I said concerning the sons of Moses–for the sons of Moses and also the sons of Aaron shall offer an acceptable offering and sacrifice in the house of the Lord, WHICH HOUSE SHALL BE BUILT UNTO THE LORD IN THIS GENERATION, UPON THE CONSECRATED SPOT AS I HAVE APPOINTED-“ D&C 84:31

This was clearly stated to be a revelation of Jesus Christ that a temple was to be built in Jackson County Missouri within the generation that was living in 1832. That generation is long gone and no temple stands on the designated spot. Ironically the LDS church does not even own the land where the temple was prophesied to be built.

What does this tell the LDS reader? If indeed the revelation came from Christ then even he does not see all the future correctly because of the free will of man.

If Joseph had followed his last revelation and went west and not gotten killed then the temple could have been built in that generation but because of a mistake, made by his unpredictable free will, the prophesy was not fulfilled.

Here is another prophesy that indicates that God expected him to live and fulfill a different destiny than he did: “The ends of the earth shall inquire after thy name, and fools shall have thee in derision…But for a small moment and thy voice shall be more terrible in the midst of thine enemies than the fierce lion,” D&C 122:1&4

A small moment came and went yet he never became “more terrible in the midst of thine enemies than the fierce lion.”

Here are some more early Mormon predictions made in the 1830’s that were not fulfilled: (Note DHC stands for Documentary History of the Church)

Lyman E. Johnson was promised that “He shall see the Savior come and stand upon the earth with power and great glory.” DHC Vol 2; pg 188

Heber C. Kimball was promised that “He may stand unto the coming of our Lord, and receive a crown in the Kingdom of our God; that he be made acquainted with the day when Christ shall come; that he shall be made perfect in faith; and that the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk, the blind shall see, and greater things than these shall he do.” DHC Vol. 2; pg. 189.

Orson Hyde was promised “That he may stand upon the earth and bring souls till Christ comes. We know that he loves thee O, Lord and may this Thy servant be able to walk through pestilence and not be harmed; and the powers of darkness have no ascendancy over him; may he have the power to smite the earth with pestilence, to divide the waters, and lead through the Saints; may he go from land to land and from sea to sea, and may he be like one of the three Nephites.” DHC Vol. 2 pg. 190.

David W. Patten was blessed “That he may go to the Nations and isles afar off.” DHC Vol. 2; Pg. 190. Actually, he was shot in Missouri before he could fulfill that blessing. Also None of the above lived to see the Savior come in his glory for that day has not yet arrived and all the original twelve are now in their graves. Orson Hyde was never like one of the three Nephites and he never divided the waters.

William Smith was also blessed that “He shall be preserved and REMAIN on the earth until Christ shall come to take vengeance on the wicked.” DHC Vol. 2; pg. 191.

John F. Boynton was blessed thusly: “Thou shalt stand in that day of calamity when the wicked shall be consumed, and present unto thy father, spotless, the fruits of thy labor. Thou shalt overcome all the evils that are in the world.” DHC Vol. 2; pg. 191.

Parley P. Pratt was promised: “You shall see a NATION born in a day.” DHC Vol. 2; pg. 193. Parley, of course died without seeing any such nation.

What does all this tell us?

If we examine any scripture of any people, any prophesies of any sensitives, inspired men or prophets, we will find that some predictions came true and others did not.

The exact details of the future is difficult to predict because they are impossible to predict.

And why is this?

Because the very principle of decision itself can only exist when uncertainty lies before us. Many of us do not like uncertainty so we prefer to believe in a God that has everything mapped out to the last detail.

I revel in uncertainty because it makes the future exciting, achievement rewarding and life worthwhile.

Uncertainty and the gift of decision gives me incentive to mold my destiny in the direction that the bird of joy takes me.

Feb 20, 2003

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Predestination, Part 1

Predestination, Part 1

A reader takes issue with my comment that God does not know all things and believes that scripture says otherwise.

I would challenge readers to give me even one scripture that tells us that God knows every detail that will happen in the future.

There is none.

Such a belief is founded upon the “tradition of the Fathers.”

Concerning your thoughts that there is no free will… I find that kind of a depressing belief, similar to a belief that there is no afterlife.


I threw out the challenge that there is nothing in the scriptures to indicate that God knows all things that will happen in the future. Of course, many of the higher lives understand the principle of cycles and have some knowledge of the Plan. They can therefore see through the eyes of God and see certain definite events that will unfold, but all the details in between the various stages are not seen nor does anyone even want to see them.

Why would God, a million years ago, even want to know which number it is I am now picking which is between one and a hundred? If for no other reason, God does not know every future event because it would bore him to death to discover all the useless data.

I read through the list of scriptures given and none of them indicate that God knows all future events. A reader points out that Jesus knew that Judas would betray him. That is only one thing, not billions of things. He also points out that God knew us before we were born. All of us have lived many incarnations and all of us knew quite a few things before our current birth, even some future things, but that does not mean we know all things.

In truth many things attributed to God originated from fear. Fear of what?

Fear of offending God.

If the choice is between stating that God knows all things that can ever be or he does not know the believer will play it safe and state that God knows all things. If one errors it’s better to error on the side of praise. This is the way subjects behave around a tyrant. If the choice comes between giving the one with power over life and death a positive attribute or not the subject will always tell the tyrant he is as great and good as possible just to play it safe.

Now lets us examine the subject using the Law of Correspondences. We are made in the image of God. In other words, we are reflections of God. Just as the physical body of God is the universe (“the elements are the tabernacle of God”) even so, is our physical body a universe that we preside over.

As a Gods over our universe do we know all things happening or that will happen in our body? Are we aware of what every single atom is doing?


Do we want to be?


Could we be if we desired?

Yes. If you wanted to single out one atom and discover it this could be done once the principle is mastered.

The point is that we tune into our body as a whole and use the body as a whole. The smaller parts of the body are taken care of by lesser Intelligences that circulate within it and build and renew form.

Another point.

If it were possible that God were to know everything that will materialize through our decisions, or every decision that we will ever make, then that reduces us to no more than walking computers that are programmed to perform as expected. Why in the world would God give commandments to a computer program when he wrote the program? Why would he be angry that the computer program does not obey when he already knew this would happen? God should be happy at our disobedience if that was foreknown because all is going according to plan.

Why would God even want to continue to exist when there is nothing new to discover or to know?

Many are afraid to consider these thoughts because of the fear of offending God, but in truth the only way to get the attention of the Great Ones is to overcome the fear and question everything – even the orthodox attributes and descriptions of God.

I threw out a challenge to show me in the scriptures any evidence that God knows all things that will happen in the future.

This is an interesting challenge because almost every church of every religion teaches that God knows every possible thing. But if the doctrine is not in their scriptures the question arises – where did this philosophy come from? The answer is obvious. Some well meaning teacher conjured up the idea and it caught on and became a traditional belief – one of those many beliefs believers think is in the scriptures but is not.

A reader this these LDS scriptures contradict me.

D&C 93:24 And truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come; D&C 93:28 He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things. D&C 93:26 The Spirit of truth is of God. I (Christ) am the Spirit of truth, and John bore record of me, saying: He received a fulness of truth, yea, even of all truth.

Notice the key scripture here in verse 28 refers to disciples and not God. Exactly what does it mean when it says that a disciple can know all things? Does this mean every little detail that will ever be? Does this mean that he will have an infallible knowledge of the future? Obviously not, for if it did then there should be some example for us and there is none. In fact there has not been one person on the earth who has been able to demonstrate the simple gift of prophesy of detail to the extent of predicting winning lottery numbers. Think of all the good a person could do with the money if one could see future lottery numbers, winning horse races or roulette wheel winning numbers. Or, if he doesn’t want to gamble he could pick winning stocks, make lots of money and give it to the poor or some other good cause.

Even better such a person could warn us of something like 911 or even smaller catastrophes such as the fire that killed a hundred people recently.

I submit that “knowing all things” refers to the principles behind knowledge rather than data itself.

A principle is true yesterday, today and forever, but knowledge (as data) changes by the hour (the temperature for example). The language of the Holy Spirit is composed of principles, not data. To know all things in the language of the spirit is to know all principles.

Reader comment: First, just because you, or I, or God may know for virtual certainty the outcome of an event, does NOT mean the person or persons involved do not have their agency (freedom to choose). Put another way, it does NOT mean they are “reduced to no more than walking computers.”

JJ: Let me rephrase that. “Just because you, or I, or God may correctly guess the outcome of an event, does NOT mean the person or persons involved do not have their agency (freedom to choose).”

If you are predicting an outcome where decision is involved then you are making a guess. There are many future events where the decision has already been made. For instance, there is no decision to be made as to whether or not I will get out of bed in the morning. It is predictable that I will arise because the decision to do so is programmed in me.

On the other hand, if I pick a number between one and 100 I have to make a decision as to which number I am going to pick. The number will be different each time and no one can predict it.

Reader Comment: Many a time have I known exactly the course some of my children would take, in certain situations. That knowledge (however obtained) did not keep them from making their own decisions.

JJ I would guess that in most cases you knew what they would do because their actions were founded on decisions already incorporated into their make-up. But how about something that is not dependent on past tendencies – like picking a number between one and 100? No matter how well you know your kid you will not be able to predict this much better than one time out of a hundred.

The only way a parent could know everything his kid will choose is to have all decisions programmed in him in advance like a computer program. If all decisions are pre-programmed then there could be no free will.

“But” says one. “If God or I did know everything you would do in advance – that would not take away your free will.”

If this were possible then you are correct, but such a knowing is not possible. In fact no one has even come close to demonstrating that it is possible.

Why is the predicting of future decision with 100% accuracy impossible?

Because of the nature of decision itself. In making a decision you have at least two choices before you and even you often do not know what the choice will be. If you already know what the choice will be then there is no decision to be made. A decision is only possible when there is an uncertainty. For instance, I do not have to make a decision about getting up in the morning because there is no uncertainly around the action. On the other hand, I do have to decide some of the things I will do tomorrow because at the present time I do not know all I will do.

If I, living in my own consciousness, do not know if I will decide to go to the movies tomorrow then how will you know? If I do not know which number between one and a hundred I will pick the next time I am called to do so then how will you or God know? If I do not have a clue as to how many steps I will walk tomorrow then how can anyone else know – or for that matter who would want to know? If God even wants to clutter his mind with some of these details he is a strange God indeed – a nerd God perhaps?

As long as we as humans have a sphere of decision making then there are always details that cannot be known in advance because of the principle of uncertainty which underlies all decision.

On the other hand, if you or God make a definite decision as to the materialization of a future creation, which is within your power, then that future thing can be predicted. But even here the details in between which is worked out by decision based on uncertainty is not predicable.

Feb 18, 2003

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Practical Healing II

Practical Healing II

I asked our friend with health problems some questions in order to better assist him.

I asked: Do you feel you suppress?

Yes I suppress a lot. Are you an optimist or pessimist? a little bit of both.

Comment I’ve just received your handwriting sample so I can now comment on these answers a little more intelligently.

Suppression is either a cause or a contributing factor to many health problems. You might be surprised to know that your handwriting shows that you do not have a high degree of suppression and this has little to do with the problem. Actually most people who do suppress are so successful at it that they will not admit it to themselves and only intense reflection can reveal the denied or suppressed emotions. The fact that you readily admit to suppressing is an indication that the problem is not that bad with you.

The question you might ask is why do you think you suppress a lot when your handwriting indicates that you do not?

The answer is that you feel that you have many emotions that are not correctly communicated, expressed or understood. But the reason for these unexpressed feelings is not suppression for you allow yourself to feel them and are willing to express them if the conditions are right or if it seems that someone really cared. What causes the feeling of unexpressed emotions is the great weight you feel upon you as well as a sense of dread. This causes you think and feel things that you are not able to share with many people.

You are in a vicious cycle right now. Your ill health intensifies your emotional downs and your emotional downs effects your health.

When you are feeling well you are talkative and expressive, but I would guess your ill health has affected your personality.

You say you are a combination of a pessimist and optimist, but right now you are a pessimist trying to be optimistic. This is a difficult thing to do.

Now let us look at the other questions: Outside of your health is your life a happy one?

Answer: Sort of.

Question: Do you worry about money?

Answer; Yes

Question: Do you have stressful relationships?

Answer: Not in a relationship at this time.

Comment: The answer “sort of” tells me that there are a number of problems to solve to achieve the happiness you want. Added to this the fact that you worry about money adds significant stress. I would guess that your medical expenses do not help the matter. At least you don’t have a spouse driving you crazy, but friends and family can do a pretty good job in that area sometimes.

There are two things that need to be done.

(1) Do everything on the physical side to improve your condition. Wisely get off your prescriptions drugs with the help of professional advice as I suggested earlier.

One thing you seem to be doing right is taking a product which supplies you with many vitamins and minerals easy to absorb. I have not heard of Body Balance before. It seems to be similar to be a good supplement.

How long have you been taking it and have there been any positive results?

If you still have gallstones I can give you a formula that cured my wife of hers within a week.

Let me emphasize that you look into fasting. Buy a book on the subject and read it as well as my writings.

Another thing I would advise is to take a good calcium supplement in either liquid or powdered form. Most of the calcium from milk is not absorbed.

(2) You need to develop a more cheerful and optimistic spirit.

Say this phrase regularly to yourself for the next month.

“God has raised my vision from the dread of earth to the joy of heaven. I see heaven and feel unspeakable joy.”

If you can indeed raise your downward cast eyes to the soul this will increase the spiritual energy flow through your body and do wonders for your health. This must be accomplished before miraculous healings can occur.

As you suspect, guilt may play a strong factor. You might want to go the archives and type in the word “guilt” and see what I have said about it. The Course in Miracles is a good course to help overcome this problem. One important thing is to find a friend and share with him or her the things that cause the guilt. This will give some temporary help. Guilt is permanently overcome when you release yourself from outward authorities which take the place of the inner God.

Good luck.

Feb 8, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Practical Healing

Practical Healing

Today my mind reflects back to my younger days to an incident when I was about 17. This was around the time of the Cuban missile crisis and my mom built us a bomb shelter which I also used as my bedroom. We never had to use it to escape nuclear war, but my family was glad to have me live there so I could play loud rock and roll music without bothering anyone. Because it was almost soundproof I was one teenager who could make all the noise he wanted.

I always slept in on weekends and was often awakened by my friends bursting in my bomb shelter and pulling me out of bed to play basketball, go hunting or some other activity. Since it had a separate entrance my friends did not have to check with my mom before entering.

I remember one morning I had a more unusual awakening. I was lying in my bed just coming to consciousness and right beside me was my friend, Brent, sitting on a chair, just silently staring at me. How long he had been sitting there I do not know. At first I wondered if I was seeing things, but after blinking my eyes several times I determined I was awake and it was indeed Brent who was just sitting there staring at me.

Just as I was about to ask him what he was up to he spoke with strong emotion saying:

“Did you realize that when you just opened your eyes and woke up that you are one day closer to your death???”

“You mean you’ve been sitting there waiting for me to wake up to tell me that?” I said incredulously.

He then got up and started pacing the floor, “Today we are one day closer to our deaths!” he almost screamed.

“That’s a strange thing to be thinking,” I said. “What put that thought into your head?”

“It happened this morning when I woke up. The thought just occurred to me that I am one day closer to my death. I realized that this is absolutely true and there is nothing we can do about it. This is such a terrible thing to know that I just couldn’t be thinking it alone so I wanted to make sure someone else is thinking it with me. That’s why I came over here and sat in the chair until you woke up. I wanted you to wake up with the same thought I woke up with.”

“Thanks a lot,” I said. “Actually, I already knew I was one day closer to my death, but just don’t think about it.”

“Well, I had never really thought about it until this morning, but now I have thought about it I feel really strange knowing it.”

“Well think about something else then” I said. “Like maybe being one day closer to having a girlfriend.”

What this little incident teaches us is the power we have in selecting the thoughts that govern out state of being.

We can see ourselves as one day closer to death or we can se ourselves as one day closer to some type of success that we are working toward.

We can see ourselves as one day closer to financial ruin or one day closer to prosperity.

We can see ourselves as one day closer to old age and bad health or one day closer to good health.

Energy follows thought and when our minds focus on a thought, good or bad, then energy follows.

Now good health is contingent on a number of factors – among them being diet, exercise, genes, karma and mental focus or attitude.

We do not have much present control over genes and past karma, but we do over everything else. Some of the greatest health practitioners started out in life by inheriting many health problems and coming close to death. But instead of taking defeat lying down they fought back, learned the secrets of good health and lived robust and long lives.

One of our new members have asked for our help in improving his health and to aid in this I asked some questions. Here they are with the response and comments.

Your age   31 Comment. This is a young age to be having health problems, but the positive thing is that if you turn your situation around you can enjoy many years of good health.

How long have you had health problems? Comment: His health problems began around age 23.

How many medications are you taking? “A lot I am on clertin, singular on and off but I take thyroid meds, afranil for ocd not sure if I spell the med right but it for my ocd which is compulsions. klinopin for depression. maalox and gas corel calcium and muti mineral supplement msm.”

Comment: I would guess that your health has gotten worse since you have been on all these medications. Not only do individual medications cause problems, but their effects are often amplified when they are taken with other drugs.

My wife’s daughter was just given a prescription by her doctor. She asked him if it had any side effects and he acted like they were negligible. Just to make sure she did a little research on the web and came across testimonials on chat rooms which scared the dickens out of her. It turns out that this drug is more addictive than cocaine and has alarming side effects not mentioned by her doctor.

The first thing to do is to get off these drugs as soon as possible, but quitting cold turkey could be dangerous. You need to work with a professional health practitioner on doing this. Find a good Chiropractor or Naturopathic physician who has a reputation for knowledge of natural healing and seek his help in switching from chemicals to natural healing agents. Often they can give you natural medicine which is better than the chemical.

For instance, my wife was on a synthetic for her thyroid for many years, but a knowledgeable health practitioner switched her to an all natural substitute that works better.

In addition to this read books on natural healing as well as fasting. In the end a healthy person is also a knowledgeable one about the means of achieving health.

Two things you are taking which may be good for you are coral calcium and minerals.

I say “may” because they also may not be good for you. Some coral calcium is contaminated with inorganic minerals which may do more harm than good. The same is true with some mineral supplements. Previously we discussed the problems of taking the wrong minerals.

If you are taking minerals in pill form you are probably getting very little if any benefit. If you are taking colloidal from a mine then it may be contaminated with inorganic aluminum or lead. A couple years ago there was no supplement I could recommend so I advised the group to seek out highly mineralized foods.

Our member asks, What kind of diet are you on? I do not eat fried foods. I eat dairy products meat green beans peas TV dinners.

Comment: Sounds like you eat an average diet. If you have not read any books on healing with food I would recommend going to your health food store and asking the clerk for a good one and read it. I read a number years ago, but there are probably good news ones out.

Comment: I still do not understand why miracle healings are not common. Maybe my guilt is making me sick.

There are not more miracles because each disease is there to teach us a lesson and most of us are slow to learn and slow to develop true faith.

Guilt can indeed make a person ill and you need to do all in your power to dismiss the outward authorities who are causing it.

Feb 1, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Thoughts on Morality

Thoughts on Morality

A couple members have been arguing over the subject of morality as endorsed by the masters. One view is that they basically leave such things up to the individual with little concern on the matter and the other view is that they are concerned and do provide guidance and direction.

Then as this exchange proceeded we found that part of their disagreement was because of the use of differing definitions.

That said let us first ask ourselves why this difference in viewing morality has evolved into two basic camps. One is the fundamentalist religions who use the word “morality” liberally and would like to impose their views upon the world. The other camp has such a negative reaction to the word that they seem to want to eliminate it from our vocabulary.

Part of the problem comes from distorted fundamentalists words that are a turn off for many modern free thinkers. Some of these words are “sin,” “repent,” “salvation,” “righteousness,” “virtue,” “Jesus,” “God,” “Satan,” “devil,” “demon” and of course, “morality.”

The trouble with many of these words is that their current meaning has been distorted from the way they were used in ancient times. While the use of many religious sounding words today are associated with the backward geek, they were considered “cool” in Bible times because they were seen and defined differently.

Therefore, when we are presented with certain “turn-off” words today we must not reject them out of hand but reach a consensus of meaning of the principle behind the discussion.

Should we then be subject to standards of morality or not?

The answer is yes and no.

No when the standards are imposed from an outside source which is not confirmed by the soul.

Yes when the standards are from any source which are confirmed by the soul.

In my view the whole argument is between one who follows the law of Moses or the law of Christ.

To be moral according to Old Testament Law one had to literally comply with the law which was etched in stone.

Then Christ came and established the New Testament wherein righteousness was not determined by a black and white following of an outer law, but by following the inner law of Christ which is written upon the heart.

He taught that when the inner law of love is followed the positive intent of the outer law is complied with.

So if one is guided in his behavior by that which is revealed through the soul does this mean that morality is no more?

It could if you define morality as that which is strictly presented by churchanity or black and white arbitrary rules, but it would not if you define morality as “living up to the highest you know.”

We could say then that for the coming age the moral person is he who lives up to the light he has. The immoral person is he who denies or goes against that inner light.

Do the Masters care about our living up to the highest we know or in our obedience to rules that register with our souls, such as “thou shalt not steal?”

Again the answer is yes and no.

No because our personal morality is not their point of focus.

Yes, because they judge our progress by viewing our inner light. If the inner light is clear then they know they do not have to go down a Santa Claus type list of good behavior. If the light is good then they know the right standards of morality have been applied without knowing the details.

Therefore, we can say that the Masters are indirectly concerned about the morality and ethics of the disciples. If one were to disregard his moral light and commit rape then indeed the light would darken and the disciple’s work would be effected and would cause an effect in the Master’s ashram.

So what does DK say about morality?

He says that a basic morality and standards of right and wrong from the best of the teachings of the world must be incorporated by the disciple. He must also incorporate the basic teaching on love and right human relations. But this alone does not get him into the Master’s ashram. To become an accepted disciple he must develop skills which are useful to the higher work. Even though these skills may have nothing to do with morality he does not say morality is to be disregarded.

He says this: “Such are some of the teachings concerning disciples and their recognitions and it is valuable for aspirants to ponder them. It should be realised that though good character, high ethics, sound morality and spiritual aspiration are basic and unalterable requirements, yet more is needed if the right to enter the Master’s Ashram is to be granted.” Treatise on White Magic, Page 174

In addition he talks about some of the qualities expected of disciples. One of the things I found interesting is that he said that the disciple should not do anything to set an example which is below the ethical standards of the day. In other words, the disciple is expected to set a higher standard of behavior, not a lower one.

One of the main standards he talks of repeatedly is called “right human relations.” Understanding that which produces right relationships and incorporating them will determine the new morality.

On this subject DK writes: “Right human relations will come by a mutual recognition of mistakes, by sorrow for wrong action in the past, and by restitution, if possible. It will come when nations can be educated to appreciate the good qualities of other nations and to comprehend the part they play in the whole picture. It will be developed when the sense of racial superiority is killed; when racial differences and racial quarrels are relegated to the unholy past and only a future of cooperation and of understanding is actively developed; it will make its presence felt when the living standards of right relation (sought by the enlightened people of every race) become the habitual attitude of the masses and when it is regarded as contrary to the best interests of any nation to spread those ideas which tend to erect racial or national barriers, arouse hatreds or foster differences and separation. Such a time will surely come. Humanity will master the problem of right human relations and attitudes.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 195

Feb 1, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Imperfect Initiates

Imperfect Initiates

Question: Are we talking initiates or initiation?

We have been talking about initiates, not the initiation process, but they are interlinked.

Comment: I am assuming that one who is a second degree initiate has undergone the rod of initiation and has the requisite occult knowledge and abilities (as per Bailey’s definition.)

A person can attain the third degree and sometimes even the fourth without ever acquiring any standard occult knowledge in a life. He will have an inward esoteric understanding, but it is possible that he has not yet studied much outside of some standard religion. His mission may have little to do with spiritual knowledge as most understand it.

Abraham Lincoln, FDR and Winston Churchill are three cases in point.

As far as the initiation ceremony goes this is often done shortly after death or during sleeping hours and the initiate may have no memory of its occurrence.

Question: Wouldn’t a second degree initiate be a master within two of the three worlds of form.

I think the word “master” here is misleading. A second degree initiate may not be much of an athlete, for example, because his mission requires that his attention be placed in other areas.

A good word to describe it is “control.” In the first degree he attains reasonable control over the pull of the physical so the downward pull of matter and form will not be able to direct his attention away from a positive work he is seeking to accomplish.

Bill Clinton is a good example of lack of control. He had lots of brain intelligence, but let the pull of matter in the form of a sex urge out of control prevent him from serving as he could have done. It is possible he achieved initiation in a past life and slipped backwards in physical control in this one.

A second degree initiate has control over his emotions so he will not express himself in ways that he may regret.

This does not mean that he will not get emotional or angry at times, but it does mean that he can control the release of his emotions so they will be relatively harmless. When the second degree initiate looks back on how his emotions are released he will have no regrets.

For instance, he may feel angry to the extent that his emotional self wants to hit someone. He will not bottle up his emotions, but, instead of hitting him, he will communicate his feelings some other way with as little disturbance as possible.

He may feel like knocking a door down, but then think to himself, this is silly because this door would cost a lot to replace. But I need to release the emotion so I’ll give the door a kick, but not hard enough to do damage.

He then kicks the door, maybe a couple times, and has no regrets because the whole experience was under his control and no harm was done.

You’ll find that most of the initiates of the world are very passionate, but have learned to control their passions to their satisfaction and the satisfaction of their souls.

Question: doesn’t a second degree initiate have continuity of consciousness?

A second degree initiate will not necessarily have continuity of consciousness between lifetimes or even during sleep. This often does not occur until the fifth initiation. Most initiates have a continuity of consciousness that carries over their ability to recognize truth, but not necessarily all the details of past lives.

When DK talks about a person moving consciousness between the physical and astral he’s talking about what is referred to in today’s language as emotional intelligence.

Research has shown that many very successful innovators did not do well in school, but have an emotional intelligence which gives them power to accomplish much more than memory training of the brain.

A second degree initiate has high emotional intelligence and is able to move his consciousness into the astral body and communicate effectively on an emotional level at will. Then he can move his attention out of the emotional to regular physical consciousness and communicate with his beer drinking friends on a more physical level.

This is what is meant by moving in and out of the astral.

Comment: It seems that Bush, Putin, and Blair fall short of the third initiation.

I see nothing that would indicate that Bush, Putin or Blair fall short of the second degree. They are all men of strong emotional intelligence, but I do not see any of them as passing the third degree.

Concerning Bush, for instance, Bob Woodward of Watergate fame, and not too friendly to past Republicans, like Nixon, spent several moths with Bush in writing a book about him and came away liking him very much. Many Democrats who thought he was going to do a Watergate special on him were disappointed at how he talked about Bush’s influence on people once they were in his presence. He pointed out that he had a charm that few could resist when spending some time with him. This is often the power a second degree initiate has on those who could otherwise have been his enemies.

Comment: I would think that Margaret Thatcher, Gorbachev and Nelson Mandela could be second degree initiates.

I would also agree that these three are initiates. You cite flaws with Bush, Putin and Blair, but one could also find flaws in these three. Many initiates have visible flaws on the personality level.

Mrs. Thatcher initiated an advance for women by becoming the most powerful female in the world and doing the job as good or better than any man of her era.

You criticize Bush for dividing allies, but Mrs. Thatcher did this also in the Falkland Island War. Sometimes you have to stand alone to do the right thing and this she did, even without the support of Reagan.

It’s a good thing that England stood alone against Hitler, even though many in America just wanted to appease him and have “peace.”

Having people turn against you is not a sign that you are doing the wrong thing. If you do the right thing you will often encounter high resistance.

Some seem to think that if a person makes a few mistakes he cannot be an initiate. This is not the case. Even the Masters make mistakes.

Comment: I thought all initiations from the third upwards were always taken consciously ie a person knew he or she had taken an initiation.

Movement into the consciousness of the first two initiations is gradual and the initiate will not be aware of the exact moment that he has arrived in the eyes of the Hierarchy and usually does not even know what an initiation is.

We must remember that the initiations as described by DK are merely a hierarchical recognition of what has already been achieved.

The third and fourth is different because the disciple will definitely realize he is going through a unique experience as he crosses the threshold. The disciple may cross the threshold of the initiations and make use of the higher consciousness for some period before he receives the ceremonial diploma, so to speak.

Even though a person may achieve the third degree he may be completely physically unaware that he has taken an initiation. Even so, he will be aware of a “higher calling” and a higher consciousness. In this way he is aware of initiation, but not aware of the details.

The apostle Paul is the most famous case in point. When he saw the blinding light and heard the voice of the Master he knew he had moved to a new level with a new mission, but didn’t know the details as to what a third initiation was.

When Abraham Lincoln underwent the fourth initiation (where he crossed the threshold) he knew that God had tested him and that he had yielded to higher will but wasn’t sure what it was all about.

When an initiate is reborn he usually passes through his past initiations without a lot of fanfare and no ceremonies until he arrives at his consciousness of his last incarnation, usually by the age of 21.

Jan 28, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Initiation 101

Initiation 101

Reader comment: The initiates you mention are basically rich and famous. I would assume that one need not be in that category to be an initiate.

You are on the right track here. For one thing there are not enough rich and famous positions to accommodate all upcoming initiates and, then too, many of the rich and famous are not initiates.

Actually, the initiate is more likely to be infamous and low on funds than rich and famous. For teaching purposes it is advantageous to point out initiates who are known to us rather than unknown figures of whom we know nothing.

The thread that runs through the work of all initiates is that they will be working with great focus on initiating service to the world. The greater the initiate the greater will be the vision and the work.

I will add this. An initiate of the fourth degree or higher is usually working with initiating service with world wide effect so these people will sometimes attain world wide recognition. This will change though as more fourth degree initiates appear and work with group endeavors.

Some initiates do work behind the scene and create an effect as powerful as others who are well known. DK tells us the disciple must be prepared to work for no recognition on the physical plane if this is what the situation requires. On the other hand, during other times recognition is essential to get the job done. The principles are black and white, but the rules are not.

Let us look at the principle here which is this. A person can recognize those of his own consciousness and below. Even a Dark Brother can recognize and understand his own.

An aspirant can recognize other aspirants and those who are not aspirants. A first degree initiate can recognize (and understand) others of the first degree and aspirants and non aspirants. And so it goes up the scale to a Master who is a fifth degree initiate or above. He can recognize and understand his own and all those below him.

But those who have not attained in consciousness cannot, on their own, correctly judge the higher. He may have a revelation of the higher or he may be taught about the higher and have an intellectual grasp. He can also gain understand by using the Law of Correspondences. In this way he may have some understanding, but not a full comprehension because of a lack of experience with the higher consciousness.

Many beginners on the path think they are about as high as they can get and understand the full range of consciousness. These people would be embarrassed if they knew their true situation.

Comment: It is a rocky road for lesser mortals that discussing people’s spiritual status and degree of soul contact as is fraught with difficulties.

Good point. This is why the only initiates I will identify are either dead or do not know I exist, and this is for teaching purposes.

If I were to say that Glenys is X degree, John Y degree and Rick Z degree, this would open a can of worms that would destroy the group.

I may identify group members who are working on initiating something, but this only means they are headed the right direction and this alone gives no indication of their status.

As soon as the thought of status becomes a major point in our consciousness the effectiveness and progression is reduced to near zero. We must forget ourselves and become emerged in the saving work for which humanity pleads. In this there is joy and if the disciple has as much joy as he can handle then only his direction has meaning – not status.

Comment: Perhaps students should search on the internet for all the information available about the Brotherhood of Light for a better understanding.

This is fine with me but first let me give you some advice.

Every organization and individual, no matter how great their illusion, who has dabbled in metaphysics or New Age philosophy thinks they are either on the side of the Brotherhood of Light of their direct representatives. It’s just like every Christian Church sees themselves as the one Jesus would approve of.

Do you think that representatives of the Dark Brotherhood advertise themselves as “The Lodge of Dark Brothers – Come join us.”?

No. Even these present themselves as messengers of light and love.

So in the search for the Brotherhood of Light one must search by the light of the soul.

And as long as you are running things by the soul, I would recommend starting with the writings of Alice A. Bailey.

Jan 28, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Discerning Initiates

Discerning Initiates

Question: If some controversial political leaders are initiates then where does that place members of this group who are seeking spiritual values?

Just because someone is a member of this group or any other metaphysical or spiritual group does not place him or her above or below leaders in politics, business, science or anyone else on the path. Where you are depends on your personal progress and the relationship you have with soul and spirit. Joining the Keys or any other group is not a sign of initiation. Joining this group is generally a sign that the participant wants to advance spiritually and therefore would qualify him to be an aspirant or higher.

In this group there are several initiates, but there are also aspirants who have not attained initiation. There are also probably a few curiosity seekers, not particularly serious about the path.

Question: What kind of initiations and organizations are you talking about?

Organizations have nothing to do with initiation into the Brotherhood of Light. An initiation is recognized by them when a certain level of attainment has been reached.

There are various organizations which have their initiations and degrees (such as the Masons) but such stages of advancement within these organizations have nothing to do with the initiations as taught by the Ancient Wisdom.

We talked about controversial initiates earlier mentioning for example that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were competing initiates. These two are examples of initiates who are not members of any spiritual organization. In fact, because of the astral level of most supposed spiritual organizations, most true initiates avoid them.

The majority of initiates will be found working in what is generally considered non spiritual endeavors ranging from politics, to science, to business, to education, to creative endeavors. Steven King, Tom Clancy, Steven Spielberg are initiates, for example, as well as several other people I could name that would infuriate some people in the group.

The important point to remember is that spiritually centered initiates only constitute about 14% of the achievers. All the fields of endeavor are, of course, spiritual from a higher point of view, but to the general observer, the making of movies, or a business venture is not considered spiritual.

Few of us would agree with or see only good in many who are thought to be initiates. When seekers speak of initiates in a generic way they often see them as saintly, but when we meet a real live one we are likely to become infuriated by them.

Abraham Lincoln was a fourth degree initiate, and now that history has judged him, most people recognize he was a great president. But this was not the case in his time.

The New York Times and other papers continually attempted to paint a picture of him as a stupid oaf and often compared him in looks to a dumb ape. They accused him of being a low life who told bar room stories way below the dignity of a president.

The religious people thought he was an anti Christ because he did not belong to any church and even had séances in his home. His own cabinet wanted him to step aside and allow them to make the decisions because they thought he was not competent.

Lincoln had to go from a Dan Quayle type of image to a great president image which was a major accomplishment by itself.

Lincoln, an acknowledged initiate by DK, is seen by historians as brooding and possibly depressed, but whatever emotions he had, he did not let them stand in the way of following the highest he knew. Controlling the emotions so they do not distract from the mission or personal goals is the important thing.

An interesting sideline is that Joseph Smith, an initiate, advised the Mormons of his time not to vote for Abraham Lincoln, another initiate indicating that initiates do not always see eye to eye.

Another point is that some of the initiates among the Founding Fathers of the United States came close to blows with other initiates.

The coming generation of aspirants and initiates must not let preconceived notions create a fog that causes us to overlook the work of the various initiates in the world who are on the left, the right and the middle of the belief spectrum.

I personally disagree with many of the initiates of the world on a number of items, but that does not negate the positive work they do.

It is much easier to look at dead initiates and honor them than it is to comprehend living initiates.

Even Jesus had only 120 followers after his crucifixion. Now he has over a billion. But if these billion were to individually spend five minutes in his presence and listen to his ideas of world change 90% would deny him as an imposter.

Question: How do you explain the fact that I get a lot stronger spiritual impression from members of our group than from any politician I now of?

Yes, I have a soft spot for members of this group also. There is not another group of people I would rather associate with. This does not discount the fact that there are aspirants, disciples and initiates who have soul contact (from time to time) who are scattered as yeast within every major organization and philosophical train of thought upon the earth.

Comment: It seems to me that the real initiates often get no recognition. How about the guy who really wrote MS-DOS and sold it to Bill Gates for $50,000 as just one example?

You give an interesting example of Bill Gates and the guy who actually created the program MS-DOS – Tim Patterson. Many people think that Patterson, who actually created the program was the greater initiator in the whole scheme of things, but was he?

The fact is that for every one person who can take an idea, or invention, and materialize its appearance on the physical plane for mass consumption, there are a hundred idea people who never go anywhere.

Why is this?

It is easier to come up with an idea or invention than it is to bring it (through much resistance) to the public and convince them to use it.

If Patterson had the vision of Bill Gates he would have never sold the program to Gates for under $100,000. Because Gates saw the vision he was willing to go out on a limb to acquire it. And what would Gates had done if Patterson had not sold? I doubt if he would have quit there. He would have probably offered Patterson another more favorable deal or found some other software.

The point is that Gates would have initiated something significant no matter how Patterson would have reacted to his offer and the general public still would not know who Patterson is.

To materialize a major change upon the earth takes an initiate and to think that an idea person can do this with creativity or consciousness alone is to misjudge the situation.

Our friend, Sterling, presents us with a case in point. He has done a tremendous amount of research into alternative fuels and engines. It is amazing how many possibilities he has found and a number of them in his opinion hold much promise. The interesting thing is that none of these inventors have had the initiating power to get these engines perfected and to the market. Sterling, like Gates, sees a great opportunity here. He has a great desire to find an alternative engine and get it into the hands of the people. Because I have some understanding of the difficulties in initiating, I surmise that he has bitten off more than he initially realized. Even so, he is plugging away at it and if successful he will indeed prove himself to be an initiate.

An initiate is one who initiates. To dream and create in the imagination is only the first step. To build a prototype is a second step. But to get the concept into the hands of the public and convince them to buy and use it is by far the most difficult.

Initiation as it is defined in the Ancient Wisdom is too complex of a subject to cover here. It is a subject we have not covered in much detail yet but hope to one day.

There are many things involved in passing the various initiations, which are seven in number for this planet, and two to be taken on more advance systems. There is one common thread that will ruin through them. The initiates will be working on initiating something beneficial for humanity.

The giving out of revelation by DK through Alice A. Bailey in this century and another disciple later in this century is part of an initiation that he is personally working on. One must admit that his teachings so far have initiated significant change in the way many think.

May this group also change the way many in the world think – for the better of course.

Jan 27, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey (Excluding quotes)

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