The Real You

The Real You

To understand what your true self is you must first understand what you are not.

If you look within yourself and observe how your consciousness works it will help with understanding.

Let me elaborate on what YOU are not.

You are not your body. Most seem to understand this pretty well. However, many people identify too much with physical impulses.

A few teachers have also said you are not your feelings. We have tossed this around the forum. It is hard to imagine the fact that we are not our feelings because they seem to be such an integral part of ourselves.

What are the feelings? There are positive ones like love, aspiration, happiness and joy. Then there are negative like hate, anger, jealously and possessiveness. We like to identify with the positive and ignore or suppress the negative, but the truth is that we are not either of them. We like to say that we are love, but what we normally call love is felt by one of our vehicles which we are not. The astral or emotional body feels love, hate and all the emotions. Just as when our physical body dies we no longer feel physical pain, even so if our astral body were to die we would no longer have a vehicle to feel the emotions.

Therefore, we feel emotion, but we are not emotion.

If we drop the physical and astral body then what is left? The only body in the world of form we have left is the mental. This is the vehicle that thinks, but do not get it confused with the physical brain. The physical brain is like a great computer. It calculates and runs computer programs, but it does not have living thoughts any more than the computer. On the other hand, the mental body is a vehicle for the intelligent comparing of data. It has discernment, logic and can follow a series of events to its logical conclusion. It is able to assign value to things. It has power of interpretation and is very useful in interpreting the feelings sent to it from the astral.

The beginner in human evolution identifies with the physical body and instinct. The average person identifies with feelings. The advanced human identifies with the mind. To identify with any of these vehicles is to be captured by illusion.

We use the body, emotions and mind, but all these have a beginning and an end. What is left? WHO and/or WHAT ARE WE? What were we before we acquired these vehicles and what will we be when we leave them behind?

This part of you has certain attributes. It has one thing in particular that it can participate in while occupying the three vehicles simultaneously. You use that participation every day and there is even a common name for it. If I were to have told you this keyword in the beginning it would have meant little, but now after reflection — hopefully it will mean something.

Still, the keyword by itself is only the first step. The final step is the realization behind this attribute which is responsible for life itself and consciousness as we know it.

Keep in mind that I will never claim to offer any ultimate in understanding, for there is none. If there were then we as life forms would have an end. Because the ultimate “I found it.” will never be found then there will always be a cause for us to continue in this, or some future universe.

There is a hierarchy of light that reaches all the way up to the highest life in the Universe and then down to humanity. The Brotherhood of Light on this planet is linked to a higher Solar Brotherhood and they are linked still higher. This gives an opportunity to those who are linked to travel as high as they are able.

The most important thing for us at the present moment is to find the true spirit within.


I was asked about Baha’u’llah and the Baha’i religion.

The mission of Baha’u’llah was to work under the direction of the Christ, not be the Christ. The nineteenth century was not the time of the fullness of his coming, but a time for people to see the workings of his spirit and hear his voice through his servants.

Baha’u’llah was the Christ only in the sense that he was supposed to speak the words of the Christ implanted in his mind. Unfortunately, he did not live up to the expectations of the brotherhood of light. He injected a lot of flowery words planted by his ego and did not tune into all the revelations he was supposed to communicate.

One person in that organization who did do his job as expected though was the Bab, the real but ignored founder of your Baha’i faith. He had true courage, zeal, faith and spiritual presence and the valiancy of his mission was verified by the miracle that happened just before his death. He was placed before a firing squad and as they fired his body disappeared. Some type of supernatural verification is often given at the death or non death of an avatar. So it was with the Bab as it was with Jesus (the resurrection) Moses (his translation) and Joseph Smith ( a flash of light struck down a mob member who was attempting to cut his head off.)

Baha’u’llah died a natural, quiet, uneventful death. The Baha’i group has its history backwards. The Bab was the successful avatar while Baha’u’llah merely carried on. Bab was the initiate. Baha’u’llah was the disciple who carried on what was initiated and let the people give him more credit than was due.

Fortunately, the Brotherhood of Light takes into account that disciples often do not live up to what is hoped and fortunately, their next major attempt through Madame Blavatsky was a success for them as well as the more recent attempt through Alice A. Bailey.

Jan 19, 2009

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Lincoln & Obama

Lincoln & Obama

(Written at the beginning of Obama’s presidency)

I find it interesting that Obama, his team and the syrupy press are doing everything in their power to compare Obama to Abraham Lincoln. Overall, I find the lengths people are going to, to make this comparison somewhat tortured.

The Chicago Tribune writes:

“Obama traveled to the capital by retracing the final stages of the train trip Lincoln made to assume the presidency, beginning the fanfare for an inaugural celebration in which the Great Emancipator will be an unmistakable presence.

  “With an official theme for the festivities taken from the Gettysburg Address, Obama will appear at the martyred president’s memorial for a televised concert, take the oath of office on a Bible used by Lincoln and even attend an inaugural luncheon that will feature favorite Lincoln foods.”

If Obama wants to pick Lincoln as an example to emulate this is a good thing, but to claim the mantle of a great man, one must first do similar great things. Some miserable failures have gotten elected president so that by itself is not a claim to greatness.

It is beyond dispute that both men were from the state of Illinois but beyond this any comparison becomes strained.

One of the most common comparisons is that they were both good speakers. This may be roughly true, but the manner of delivery between the two men was as different as night and day. Lincoln was often criticized by as being a low level hayseed. This never happens to Obama who is seen by them as a polished orator.

One would think that Lincoln’s most famous speech, The Gettysburg Address, would have received worldwide acclaim, just as Obama’s speeches do, but here is what the press in his home state said about it:

  “The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly flat and dishwattery remarks of the man who has to be pointed out as the President of the United States. … Is Mr. Lincoln less refined than a savage? … It was a perversion of history so flagrant that the most extended charity cannot view it as otherwise than willful.” (From The Chicago Times)

  “The President succeeded on this occasion because he acted without sense and without constraint in a panorama that was gotten up more for the benefit of his party than for the glory of the nation and honor of the dead … we pass over the silly remarks of the President: for the credit of the nation we are willing that the veil of oblivion shall be dropped over them and that they shall no more be repeated or thought of.” (From the Harrisburg Patriot and Union)

And if you think Lincoln was loved abroad the way Obama is; read and weep:

  “The ceremony was rendered ludicrous by some of the sallies of that poor President Lincoln. Anything more dull and commonplace it would not be easy to produce.” (From the London Times)

Now keep in mind that this was the commentary of the Press on his best speech – The Gettysburg Address. Imagine how they must have castigated the poor fellow on his less profound ones.

The manner of speaking for the two men was extremely different. Lincoln collected stories his entire life and had virtually thousands of them floating around in his head. He injected them into both his regulator conversations as well as his public speeches whenever he could. Now one reason the media hated his speeches was that many of his stories included in them were funny, but very politically incorrect for his day. He was often accused of being vulgar and low class.

On the other hand, the common people loved his stories and found then as funny as the dickens. Some were even published in a book and became a best seller.

The high and the mighty, however, were often offended by them for another reason. Lincoln’s stories were so concise that they often made the powerful and the pious look ridiculous.

Another huge difference is that Lincoln was a Republican and Obama a left leaning Democrat.

Now some today say that if Lincoln were alive today he would be a Democrat, but there is no evidence to support this. Circumstances and issues have changed since 1860 but the approach to them by the two parties is still about the same. Lincoln and his party were polarized in the left brain, mental — common sense way of looking at things and the Democrats were right brained and emotionally polarized in their approach. This is still the same today as it was back then. Only the intelligence of the people involved fluctuates from decade to decade.

The relationship of Lincoln to the media vs Obama to the media is perhaps the most glaring difference. The media all over the world have a love affair with Obama and the media all over the world hated Lincoln. Lincoln ignored the media as much as possible but when they became treasonous and hurt the war effort, he shut some of them down and had editors thrown in jail. It’s a good thing modern presidents do not try to be like Lincoln in this area or they would have been crucified.

An example of modern treason was when the media published top secret activities of tracking Osama bin Laden’s cell phone activities. He read about this and immediate ditched his phone and we have never been able to track him since. We probably would have captured Osama bin Laden 6 or 7 years ago if not for this and other treason.

I could go on here, but let me end with a note of hope. It is a good thing that Obama is studying Lincoln and wants to be like him. Maybe Lincoln’s words and works will steer him in the right direction. Let us hope.

Kill them with success and bury them with a smile. Harvey Specter

Jan 18, 2009

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Black is White

Black is White

In my search for truth, I have found some of my greatest pearls of knowledge by the following process. I take the popular way of looking at things and ask myself: Is it possible that the opposite is true? Then I investigate. I have been surprised at how many times that the truth is the opposite the way people think. It has happened so often that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the Sun is really a cool body warming us by microwave energy or that the earth is hollow.

I find that the more truth I discover the fewer people there are I can openly share it with. When I was young even, though I had seeds of unorthodoxy, I still had many mainstream beliefs that I could share with mainstream people. I thought I had basically “found it.”

Life was simple.

Since that time about everything I found in orthodoxy has been discovered to be an illusion. Sometimes I feel like “Johnathan Livingston Seagull.” The trouble with discovering truth that is upside down to regular thinking is that you just can’t go and openly discuss it all over coffee with the rank and file. In normal conversation you have to talk about the weather, healthcare, movies, making money, O.J. Simpson, and complain about government — but never offer a solution.

The teacher of truth will see many truths that seem to be upside down, but are really right side up and when he presents them they seem right side up to him, but upside down to listeners. Isaiah was frustrated with this upside downside thinking of people when he said:

“Woe unto them that call evil good , and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20)

I am constantly amazed at how many times the truth is turned upside down. This is easy to see when one is having a discussion with someone who believes much differently than himself. For instance, we are in the New Age section of the on-line services now. If the New Agers were to go over and have discussions with the born againers they would go away saying: “Whew. Boy has he got everything upside down.” On the other hand, the religious zealot will have the same thoughts toward the New Ager.

The trouble is we look for the sliver in the other person’s eye and we do not see the beam in our own. Both sides of the midway point have numerous things wherein they see illusion as the truth.

Most of us would have little trouble in attacking the Bible thumpers, but let’s look at ourselves.


Because we can change ourselves.

Here are some common upside down beliefs:

“Truth is relative.”

I have challenged many people over the years to show me even one relative truth and have never been shown one. The truth is that our PERCEPTION of truth is relative, but everything we perceive to be true is not necessarily true. Many New Age people hate the word absolute, but I’ll use it any way. The truth is absolute. For instance 2+2=4 and will never equal anything else in this universe. We can be under an illusion and think that it is 6, but the truth is still 4.

 “You have your truth and I have my truth. What is true for you is not necessarily true for me.”

“A Course in Miracles” [ACIM] correctly calls this thinking a law of chaos that keeps a person from the miracle of the soul. This is upside down thinking similar to the first belief. If we substitute the word “perception” for “truth” it makes some sense, but truth itself “is true and nothing else is true.” (another quote from ACIM) Again 2+2=4 is true for me and is also true for you if both of us have correct perception.

 “The emotions are more important and higher than the mind.”

Some New Agers go so far as to tell us that we should eliminate thinking.

There are several levels of emotion and mind and they are both very important. Mind gives us right direction and emotion gives us a passion to move in that direction. Emotion without mind leads us in a direction that has no purpose and often creates pain and harm. Mind without emotion leads in a direction that serves only self. Emotion is the female part of ourselves and mind is the male. Humanity is currently shifting in a more female direction as is evidenced by an increasingly sensitive mankind.

 “It is wrong to differentiate between male and female.”

On the contrary, it is impossible to have the union of souls without understanding the differences between the male and female energy. Those who see the opposite sex as being the same in principle as their own or as some kind of enemy are those who refuse to understand their opposite. Before one can have a truly happy relationship there must be understanding and empathy for the other half.

 “Any mention of the Bible, religion, hierarchy or leadership is old age and to be left behind.”

In the two thousand years of the Piscean Age we are leaving behind, there were many mistakes and abuses. But that does not mean that we should throw the baby out with the bath water. As humanity passes from one age into another its members must take the lessons learned with them. There are many good teachings in the Bible and other world scriptures. There is still a place for religion, hierarchy and leadership, but they will all be on a higher level as we get our feet wet in the New Age over the next several hundred years. In the New Age there will still be witches and heretics, but we will let them have their say and may even honor them instead of burning them.

 “Whatever you think and believe will happen.”

These are two important first steps to make things happen, but not all the steps. Few realize that up to the day World War Two began nearly every psychic and New Age type teacher believed, taught and thought that there would be no war. This mass belief did not do the trick. There was still a great war. There are numerous causes of events and many of them are larger than our own little wills. The best way to be in charge of our lives is to tune into all the energies around us.

 “Go with the flow.”

This is a great deception. For one thing over 99% of humanity is already going with the flow. Even those who consider themselves rebels are usually following the line of least resistance. It takes a very strong soul to not go with the flow, to be willing to suffer pain, embarrassment, and humiliation for a cause bigger than himself. One travels through many lifetimes before he or she gathers the courage and fortitude to go against the material flow. Going against the flow builds your spiritual muscles and brings energies into play that were never dreamed of.

 “Everything we need to know is available from the God within.”

This is a very common misperception. Tell me just about anything you know for sure and then trace the origins of that knowledge. You will find that essential parts of that were taken from the world without.

Let us take the simple math again of 2+2=4. Think of when and how you learned this. You probably had a teacher back in the first grade instill it in your memory. How about the capital of North Dakota? Have you learned that (if you have) from without or within? How about your own address. You probably learned that from without when you first walked through your door.

How about this computer you are working on? You would not get anywhere on it without your eyes to guide you without. Perhaps you have had instructors or read manuals. These are all tools without. Even hacking away learning by yourself is often trial and error in the outside world relying on past knowledge that was planted from without.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I am following the middle way principle. All knowledge is neither within nor without. The without world serves to stimulate us and the one within serves to assimilate and verify the truth of that which we perceive.

The “God within” actually knows nothing!

Surprised? Were we not all taught in Sunday school that God knows everything? This is another example of the truth being the opposite of what we think. The God within is consciousness and pure Spirit. It is not a data bank. Nevertheless, this consciousness within has power to access all data banks, but only does so when necessary. For us to successfully use the God consciousness we must learn how to pass data by it for verification and enlightenment. When the God consciousness sees truth in what has been correctly passed by It, It will send forth a “flashing forth” to the mind to verify a point of truth.

It takes much contemplation on the part of the disciple, however, to correctly perceive the Life of God within.

Because God knows nothing, we have to empty ourselves of all attachments to knowledge to commune with it. This is why many of the great minds seemed quite backward mentally in certain ways. When Einstein went for a walk he sometimes couldn’t remember his way home. Geniuses often seem to be “absent minded” because they are truly absent the knowing mind so they can commune with the God who knows nothing, but can verify everything which is true in principle. It is true that “we must become as a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven.” One must forget everything he knows to break past the barriers between himself and the revelation within.

This illusion is an upside down belief held by both the fundamental religious people and the New Age community: That is every seemingly spiritual contact is either God or the God within.

The truth is that there are numerous barriers that each disciple must break through to reach the Holy Spirit. We contact several selfish and deceptive spirits that give us temporary highs before the true Spirit is found. One of the purposes of the keys I teach is to help the seeker cross through the barriers of contact.

How does one tell if he has reached the true God within and not been deceived? When one has made the contact, he or she will know for sure. But the trouble is there will be numerous times he will think he knows before he gets there because numerous spiritual highs are reached before the final breakthrough has been made.

When two people reach the Spirit within together, they will find it next to impossible to disagree about anything. When my wife and I have a personality disagreement and we reach an impasse I will say. “Let us stop a moment and seek the Spirit.” Without exception, harmony will come and moments later we will find it as difficult to disagree as we had earlier found it difficult to agree. Often, we could not even remember what we were arguing about. I have found that this principle works without exception to every single person who allows himself to feel that “still small voice within.” In the world of the spirit all souls are one. In this world of the Presence, disagreeing with another soul is like disagreeing with yourself.

The key is that both have to enter this spiritual world together.

It is an illusion that two can be in the soul, yet have a fundamental disagreement on principle. “They shall see eye to eye, when the LORD shall bring again Zion.” Isaiah 52:8

This illusion concerns some of the readers of this group Some say to me something like: “ Joseph, the keys you teach are your keys. The rest of us need to find our own keys. Your keys are yours and mine are mine.”

Any keys of knowledge possessed by you or me do not belong to you or me. There was always someone else who had them before us and they did not belong to him either. Does 2+2=4 belong to your first grade teacher? Of course not. Do the keys of knowledge belong to me? No. Can they help both you and me? Yes.

If one of us obtains knowledge then we have a responsibility to share it. If we do not then we are in danger of having further knowledge cut off.

Another illusion is that teaching by giving hints somehow takes away free agency, or it denies the God within the other person, or that it is too authoritative. All complaints against this method are made by those who have not participated in it. They are criticizing that which they have not experienced.

Some say, “Don’t give hints. If you have something to say just say it!” The problem is that these keys of knowledge cannot be taught by just being spoken. If I were to write them all out to the best of my ability only one in a hundred would absorb them. By teaching them through the hint method around half of the seekers can understand them. The other half will still gain much.

In the hint method the teacher does not give the answers, but throws the student back toward the kingdom of the soul within to find the answer. By using the regular teaching method one uses authority which makes it more difficult for the seeker to register within. Therefore, the hint method honors the God within more than any other method of teaching presented on this planet. The only drawback is it does take more discipline and effort than a regular teaching method.

The most baffling thing is that some believe that it will take away their freedom. How can seeking an answer from within take away any freedom? Why would anyone think such a thing?

I will tell you bluntly. Any plan that directs the seeker within to the true source of power will greatly disturb the Ego or false self. The Ego subtly places clouds of illusion over the God center and is shaken to the core when the possibility surfaces that the darkness will be lifted and the God within will replace the lower self. In this case the lower self will lose its freedom to control your whole self. Letting the power of the Ego go is very dramatic and frightening. But the seeker finds himself pleasantly surprised that he has even more freedom than ever after he has let it go and finds the true center.

There are more illusions that we could cover, but this is all the space I should take for now.

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. —Saint Francis of Assisi

Jan 16, 2009

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Seeing the Stars

Seeing the Stars

Here is a statement that came to me tonight:

  “Without someone to see them; there would be no stars.”

There is a lot of profound truth within this.

Think on this question. Why is this true?

A reader responded to the above with: “That phase reminds me of … ‘If a tree falls and none is around too hear it — does it make a sound?’“

JJ: Yes, but it points toward a very different truth. It makes a statement rather than asking a question.

The idea related to this statement does not present a similar conundrum as in the tree falling in the forest question.

A reader makes this statement in his interesting dissertation:

  “Yes, the tree MAY still fall and yes the air molecules may get disturbed by the movement and yes that perturbation may get transferred from air molecule to air molecule over quite a distance, but NO Virginia, if there is no one there to HEAR it, it makes no sound as both the idea of hearing AND sound are just ways consciousness has evolved as a method of making sense (use) of what is really just a bunch o’ flappin goin’ on.”

JJ: This thinking depends on the definition of sound. If we define sound as the creation of sound waves then there is sound, but if we define it as Dan did here as something that must be heard by a human being then there is no sound.

For the sake of uniformity in understanding let us define sound as being in existence as long as there is sound waves whether one hears them or not.

Therefore if a tree falls in a forest there is sound.


Still this statement is true:

  “Without someone to see them; there would be no stars.”


Another reader said this:

  “If there was no one to see them, then there would be no purpose in creating them in the first place.”

JJ: Everything in the universe exists not for the sake of its own, but for good of the whole, so lets say that seeing them benefits somehow (and it does), then we can write this statement as:

  “Without someone to benefit from them; there would be no stars.”

Following the principle, we could also write for example:

 “Without someone to experience it; there would be no kingdom of God.”

Anothere reader says: “Without someone or something to create them, they and we would not exist.”

JJ: These thoughts take us in the direction I want to pursue, but there were other good comments giving other interpretations.

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it there is still a tree that falls and sound waves are given off. However, neither the tree or the stars would have been created in the first placed if conscious life was not available to see and appreciate it. Nothing would have been created and the universe itself would not exist if conscious life was not available to see and appreciate them.

DaVinci would have not painted the Mona Lisa unless he and others could later step back and appreciate the creation.

Even so, the stars would not exist if there was no life available to see, use and appreciate them.

You, I, and the consciousness that is in us assisted in making stars, planets, animals, atoms, quarks, etc. We were motivated to create things of beauty and perfection, so we could stand back and look upon them as God did after making the stars when the scripture says “and God saw that it was good.” (Gen 1:18)

If God could not see the stars and appreciate them he would not have created them.

This principle may seem self-obvious and very simple yet there are many who must not believe it for they do not accept the reality behind it.

How does this truism refute the logic of the atheists and agnostics?

Here’s an observation about atheists made by a student:

  “Since I have come upon the teachings here, the one thing that I personally have found to be interesting about the positions of those that call and/or consider themselves to be atheists is that it appears (to me) that the main flaw in their logic is that they use the definition of “god” that orthodox religionists use. And when I have listened to (or read) them, the thought that rises in my mind is that it makes sense that they would come to that conclusion, and will continue to as long as they use the traditional and/or orthodox definition.”

JJ: This is a good point. Quite often I have seen some Christian arguing with an atheist in the media and the atheist makes fun of the God on the throne idea. The believer then responds with orthodox arguments leaving the audience with the conclusion he does accept an anthropomorphic God who sits on a throne.

This distraction causes those on the fence to not take his argument seriously.

The funny thing about this belief is that most Christian religions do not believe that God is in physical form on a throne. Instead, they believe he is a spirit that is everywhere and make fun of Mormons who do believe that God is in the form of a man.

It is somewhat humorous that orthodox Christians are attacked for believing in a Mormon type of God, and they do not defend themselves by clarifying their belief.

And why do they not do this? Most likely because in reality they are not sure what God is, except that he is a mystery and cannot explain Him themselves.

On the other hand, the idea that God is a great life that is a composite of all other lives in the universe has some logic to it that could appeal to some non believers. We can see, for instance, that we, as humans, are lives composed of billions of smaller lives. We also see that groups, cities, states, countries, etc., seem to have a greater life and character of their own. By extension then a composite God that is evolving Itself through the Universe is much more logical than some outer being who just snapped His fingers and made everything instantly appear.

The most amazing proof though that a Creator exists is that anything exists at all. If there was no God then there would be nothing at all — not even a speck of dust existing anywhere in the universe. In fact, there would be no universe, no time, no space, and no life.

I was contemplating the thinking of an atheist when the phrase under discussion came into my mind and when I reflected upon it I saw proof for God in a way I had never considered before. The standard proof given is to point out how improbable that random chance could create complicated things like the atom, a cell, a human body, etc.

But this statement takes an entirely different slant. It presents the idea that anything that exists in form does so because some intelligence conceived it, created it and then sees and appreciates his work.

Just stating this principle will not convince many atheists, but when one contemplates it with even a glimmer of light from the soul the truth will become self-evident.

It’s a little like the statement “the truth shall make you free.” Such a statement is difficult to prove in black-and-white, but almost all who contemplate this will sense that it is profound and has truth incorporated within it.

  “Without someone to see them; there would be no stars.”

This is a similar statement that teaches such a basic reality that many will sense truth is there even though it cannot be empirically proven.

Creation is impossible unless there is a creator and creators come forth for the joy of seeing and experiencing their work through to the finish and being appreciated by other living beings.

Everything should be made as simple as possible … but not simpler. —Albert Einstein

Jan 11, 2009

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Conversations with a Student

Conversations with a Student

I have had to struggle financially all my life and I have concluded that there is a great lesson to be learned from it, especially if you are going to be a spiritual teacher. It is important that you understand the struggles of those whom you teach and financial struggle is the most universal struggle that people of the world now have.

Few realize that less than twenty percent of the work force in this country are actually working at creating wealth. The rest of us are merely moving the wealth around. Let us suppose that we all shared in the wealth-creating labor. The average person would only have to work 8 hours a week to maintain our current standard of living. If each of us worked 12 hours or more we could all have about anything we could want. Then we could volunteer our free time for the services rendered or concentrate on something creative. Sound good? I thought you would think so. Such changes are coming my friend, but the world will resist.

(Note from 2024): With the coming of labor saving robots many average people may wi9nd up with extra time on  their hands)

Reader Comment: “All in the same breath, my challenge is staying in my life, in my body, not flittering away into some past and/or future daydream. Tall order for sure.”

JJ: I really identify with you my sister. This is the great challenge for the dreamers. But we must not forget the dream. We must take care of business and make the time for the dream. Balance is the key.

Does your husband’s ideas harmonize with your own or is he orthodox in his thinking? I am fortunate to have a wife who believes in me and supports me, but it was not by accident. This is my third marriage. I’m sure she will eventually want to talk with you. She reads all my on-line material and is a very intelligent lady. Without her help I would not have the free time at present to do this on-line teaching.

Why is the first key, the power of decision, so potent?

Why is it even a key ingredient of life? (“Without decision, there is no life.”) Does the power of decision make life more abundant? Can the power of decision even lead you out of the struggle you presently find yourself in?

Can you see that decision uses your vehicles and the power is a part of your real self and does not belong to your vehicles?

I seek to gather the lights — those who are capable of some soul contact and seek self improvement.

In the first attempt I worked with the religious people and those who were interested were the extreme right wing. In the second attempt I worked with the New Age people and those who were interested were the unrealistic dreamers.

During this time I wondered why I received so little assistance to carry out so great a work. Then after my last attempt I received a revelation from the Christ at a Christmas party. The party was given by a multi-level company meeting I was investigating. The group was singing “Joy to the Word, the Lord has come….” In the midst of the singing I felt His presence. The Master had come in response the words to that Christmas Carol. Next a person did a reading called: “I Never Knew Him.” It was a story about a fictional person who lived in the days of Jesus, but did not recognize Him. As he read this, I felt the feelings of the Master. I was moved to tears for He knows the same thing would happen if He were to appear now. There is not a group of people on the earth that is ready to accept Him as He is. That is our job. We must prepare a group to accept His Presence and His teachings.

After we sang some Christmas carols we were then entertained by some of the company’s highest producers. As they were up there on stage clowning around making us laugh, the Master said to me these words: “These are the type of people I want you to gather.” Then He withdrew.

As I was left to myself I thought. Why didn’t He tell me this sooner? Here I have spent ten years twice losing everything I have owned, gone through two wives and estranged my children — and I was working with the wrong crowd all this time!

Then I thought that perhaps the experience I have garnered was necessary for a successful attempt. Perhaps I was not prepared to gather this type of individual.

Who were those people performing that the Christ said were examples of the person He wants prepared for Him? They were an assortment of philosophies and religious beliefs. They were all very hard workers and all quite successful at what they do. They all seek to improve the quality of their lives on a practical basis. Most of them were successful in their lives. They accept personal responsibility.

They are not at all like the previous two groups of people I attempted to gather.

The question was: How am I to be successful with this type of individual? The answer was that I must achieve some measure of success on my own. So for the first time in my life I gave in to making a living as a top priority. As I said earlier it is the hardest thing I have ever done. Well, perhaps the second hardest, but that is another story.

I went to work with a commitment that I would be successful if it took the rest of my life. Progress has been slow and painstaking as concentration on money is the weakest part of my being, but it seems to be my dharma. I have been working on this preparation for a number of years now. Then it came to me that in preparation for the true gathering I should use the on-line services to contact students and workers who may help in the gathering. I felt that even though the typical New Ager is not the first to be gathered that there will be a few of sound mind on the Internet who have been prepared.

The main question I would ask of you at present is this. Are you willing to do what is necessary or are there just certain ways that you want to help?

This system of teaching keys is inspired to help me find the true seekers who are humble enough to acknowledge that there are things they do not know. There are several things you can do to help. The most important would be to learn the keys and seek to find others willing to learn them.

You say you saw twelve men in your vision. Did you get a sense of twelve women somewhere? Did the oriental man appear in a physical body or was it like a vision?

You ask: “Where did I get my three stages of the Second Coming theory?”

It is hinted at in the writings of Alice A. Bailey which are revelations from an associate Master of the Christ. I concretized them by contemplation and received it through my soul.

The coming of Christ in his own physical body is farther away than people think. He will work through the process of overshadowing for the next thirty years or so. Then he may show his face. Exactly what will happen at that point will depend on our progress over this period of time. He may appear to a few or to many. That is not revealed. His presence will be with us and be felt by the whole world by the year 2030 through a process of divine possession through one or more disciples. This is accomplished by the free will and cooperation of such individuals just as it was done by Jesus. The disciple Jesus was a reincarnation of Joshua, but he was divinely possessed by the Christ who was Melchizedek, Krishna and many others in our history. There were two people in one body at the same time cooperating together. This fact is easily proved from the Bible itself.

You tell me that you just feel my upper four Chakras and you want to know where my passion is. My greatest passion is the truth. The main Chakra that you do not sense is the solar plexus. Is it because I do not have any solar plexus energy or that I am denying it or suppressing it? No and no. My wife would be happy to testify that I have plenty of it. I’ll tell you why you feel little if any expressed in this forum.

A person can be teaching many things that are false and use the powers of the lower centers to deceive their students into thinking that black is white and white is black. But if you teach from a point detached from personality control the student is left to himself and his own soul to decide what is true. I realize that I could gather more interest from the rank and file if I used sacral and solar energy as do most teachers I know, but I seek to bring the students into contact with higher energies that few have felt before.

In doing this I am not denying or suppressing. I am directing. The higher centers know how to fulfill the lower, but the lower know not how to fulfill themselves. My lower centers are subject to the higher, but they still have a full and fulfilling life and are very vibrant.

Therefore, you will not see a lot of passion in the regular sense displayed by me here, except on perhaps a rare occasion. There are exceptions to all things.

Your say: “Wow. So you would say that you understand at the soul level, and encompass everything I have brought to this forum? Nothing I have written has ever pushed a single button, made you think about yourself and why you are here? In impeccable honesty, you can say you embrace all that I am?”

I make no claim about knowing or embracing all that you are. I do know exactly why I am here, however.

You still seem concerned that I am not showing love as you desire it. I am here to teach knowledge. With understanding comes a greater feeling for love. If I put my attention on the lower desire love then the higher vistas of understanding will not be open.

You ask: “Answer me this: Is it loving, to tell another entity that they are 180 degrees wrong? That their entire world view is BACKWARDS? Is this loving? Is this empowering?”

If I think that a person is 180 degrees wrong and his error is obvious enough that he could see it — yes — I would attempt to expose the error in the kindest way possible. When I have been corrected with kindness I have considered it a very loving action. Especially if I see my error. Of course, when I have been attacked with sarcasm that does not seem loving at all.

You bring up relative truth again. We covered a lot of ground on this subject in my early postings. I challenged all to come up with even one relative truth and none came forward. Case closed unless you can show me one.

The keys I teach are not just keys for me. They are universal keys that will benefit all who receive them. Just like the answer of 2+2=4 is an answer that all can use in their life. The method of teaching through hints stimulates the power of the soul and intuition which empowers all who are willing to participate.

If I merely teach as an authority the amount I can stimulate empowerment is limited.

You say: “You are creating students and making them over into YOUR image by insisting they conform to your thinking pattern. You even had the audacity to set it up so that YOU were the arbiter of whether or not they ‘got it.’“

You are criticizing a teaching program that you have not participated in to any degree. In the program students rarely give a wrong answer. There are many right answers in search for the truth. When the key is found and understood then the person’s own soul will verify it to him. The teacher’s job is to act as a guide. There is no shame involved here as you insinuate.

You say this: “I pray that someday you and I can see each other for who we Really Are.

“I pray that one day we might be able to look deeply into one another’s Eyes and Remember the Love that Is, was, and Always Will Be, with no turning away, no competition, no arrogance… just surrender.

“What do I/we have to do to manifest this vision?”

JJ: When I have had this experience with others it has occurred after a giving and receiving that resulted in soul contact and revelations of truth and a willingness to render selfless service. It has resulted when me and another entity became one in the kingdom of the soul.

There is giving and receiving in every relationship; nevertheless, a working relationship has one person polarized as the overall giver and the other as the receiver. To reach the soul it must be understood where the polarization is. The problem with you and me is this. Both of us think we are the polarized sender, but only one of us can be at a point in time. If we do not know which one it is then we cannot have the loving experience you desire.

But all is not lost. All things come in time.

Good luck to you on your journey. I anticipate that we will see you in the forum again.

Jan 8, 2009

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Recognizing the Christ

Recognizing the Christ

Many fairly intelligent people resist learning by searching and comparing teachings with the voice of the God Within because it does take a certain degree of humility; but remember the truth in the statement that “one must become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven.” We could call it the kingdom of soul contact.

There are five great barriers to spiritual contact:

[1] Pride and fear from the ego.

[2] Underestimating or overestimating your place on the Path. Usually, the problem is overestimating. How many people have you met who say they are on their last life? 999 out of a 1000 are wrong and consequently delay their learning necessary to progress because they think they do not need it.

[3] Separateness.

[4] Being captured by an authority other than their own soul. This can be anything from a religious leader, the Bible, a channeled entity or even a wise teacher. One must test all with the spirit within.

[5] The deception that a thought form or high emotional vibration is the true spirit within. Few have discovered the true spirit within them and most believe that the highest that they have felt is the highest there is. Just ask a follower of David Koresh or a Moonie or a radical  “born-againer.” They will all say they have felt the Spirit of God, but God did not tell them truth as the readers of this forum understand it. Why not? Because the energy they contacted was indeed a true spiritual energy, but a deceptive one that is not the revelator and confirmer of light and truth. It may give them guidance as they are willing to take it, and it may be helpful in the long run, but it does not give them undistorted truth.

True spiritual contact reveals a point of truth which is eternal and unchanging and will always be true in this universe.

I previously asked a reader who believes his guru is the second coming of Christ why he thinks this and he attempted to give an answer. I read it several times trying to see why he thinks this, but still, it is not clear.

Our friend did make the interesting statement that he was impressed by the guru’s first speech, but couldn’t remember what he said. I find this to be a hallmark of his words. My wife and I have read them all to date and she mentioned to me yesterday: “You know, I have read all his words, they sound flowery and nice, but I cannot remember one thing he said.”

I answered back: “That’s the same with me. However, when I have read the words of Jesus, they strike me and remain with me because they reveal truth.”

So what I would like you to consider is this: Why did Jesus at the first coming say new things, teach new doctrines and word them in such an original way that his phrases have resounded through the centuries, whereas this guru is merely repeating nebulous catch phrases that every new age teacher tosses around?

Even if he is the Christ, he will not be able to accomplish anything, reach men’s souls, or teach anything with nebulous thought that no one can even remember.

Let’s take a significant soul of our time: John Kennedy. He was great because he stirred our souls and we remember his words. Some of them spoke to our souls like — “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

On the other hand, if the current president were to repeat that phrase, as if it was something original, he would be seen as a copycat.

If this guru wants to be even a good false Christ, he must speak in such a way that we can remember some point he was making and he should at least claim to have something new to say. The scriptures tell us repeatedly that when God does a work he does “new” things.

One of the things that impressed you about the guru was the light around him. Did you see an actual light or sense a light?

Whatever the case, Jesus gave us an interesting clue about signs. He said: “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign….” (Matt 16:4)

I notice that both orthodox Christians and New Agers look for signs to establish belief, but the Christ told us that this is the way of the deceived. It is interesting that just a few verses later Peter told Jesus that he knew he was the Christ and Jesus said: “Flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.” (Matt 16:17)

Jesus challenged people to test his doctrine, and if we do the truth would be revealed to us just as it was to Peter. The first problem with this guru is that he seems to have no doctrine of his own to test as Jesus did.

I have several more questions for this reader:

[1] You say you are a student of Alice A. Bailey. Is your guru also familiar with her writings? If he is, does he claim to be overshadowed by the Christ as Jesus was or to be the Christ himself?

[2] When and how did he become aware that he was the Christ?

[3] How many followers does he have and what is the goal of the group?

[4] Does he have a correspondence of the 12 disciples?

[5] AAB said that the Christ would “reinstitute the Mysteries of Initiation.” Does this guru have any plan around this?

I don’t mean to be difficult with you here, but if this guru is one of the many deluded Christs, then it will be a great advantage for you to realize it.

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” — Robert Frost

Jan 7, 2009

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Leadership and Criticism

Leadership and Criticism

A reader had a number of criticisms of me beginning with my views on leadership. He commented that a flock of geese illustrates that leadership is not necessary for the one leading the flock is sometimes switched with no negative effect.

The flock of geese switching positions of leader follower is a good one. A correspondence would be a carload of people switching the position of driver periodically. It is a very advantageous thing to do. The geese analogy, however, does not apply to all human endeavors.

If a group is working on a project and the knowledge and skill necessary to lead the project to fulfillment are found in all members of the group then switching the leader-follower position can be advantageous if it does not interrupt the flow of momentum.

On the other hand, if the leadership position requires great skill, knowledge and power to motivate others, then it may not be a job that all members of the group can or may even want to handle.

Let us take the position of England at the beginning of World War 2. Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister, was completely deceived by Hitler as well as most of the Britons who had parades for him for bringing “peace in our time,” several weeks before the start of the war. When the war began the cheers turned to jeers and the people demanded a new leader. They looked to Winston Churchill, the only prominent man who saw the Nazi threat years in advance and attempted many times to warn the world.

After assuming power Churchill gave one of the most inspiring speeches in the history of the world. He took a people who were defeated in spirit and made them believe in themselves again.

It was unthinkable that someone would suggest something like this: “Chamberlain still wants to lead so let’s let Chamberlain lead half the time and Churchill lead half the time.” Nazi’s would be ruling the world today if that would have happened.

Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet wanted him to share leadership with them. Thank God he refused or we may still have slavery and a divided nation.

There are times for a rotating leadership and there are times for individual leadership.

Do you really think I want to be a leader or teacher for the egos sake? You have judged it so. Why don’t you ask me what I think before making a judgment. I will answer you honestly. When and if you get to know me better that is one virtue you will find in me. I answer truly to the best of my ability.

I enjoy teaching and I enjoy leading. I also enjoy learning and following. If I see that another knows a certain subject well, I have no desire to teach him what he already knows. If I see that another can lead a group successfully in a certain direction, then I have no desire to be the leader. I do have a desire to teach others who do not know what I know, and a desire to lead in avenues where no one else is leading. There are certain areas of teaching and leadership where I see vacancies and there are no volunteers to fill them. I ask myself this: “If not me, who will do it?” The answer comes back: “Maybe no one.” Therefore, I volunteer to do what I can.

This seems to disturb some people. It saddens me that it does, but I continue the path that I know I must follow refusing to deny the feelings within me.

I do not expect you or anyone else to accept my words just because I lay them out to you. If what I teach is confirmed by your soul then we shall feel an inner union and our joy will be full. If what I teach is not confirmed by your soul then you have a duty to not embrace it. If you see a greater light then you have a duty to share it.

I know that it is important to share love and light with others. If we do then more is given, but if we do not and merely hoard it for ourselves then the greater vistas are dimmed.

Question: Are you a politician?

No, I am not a politician. I am a small businessman attempting to get bigger. I believe our government is way too big and the less government the better. Once again a conclusion drawn about me is wrong and once again I ask, “Where do you get such an idea?”

You mention my “oft repeated use of the word governed.” I did some checking and in the past 100 pages of postings my computer does not find the word “governed” used even once. The word “governing” was used once, “governors” once, and “govern” twice. In a volume of writings equaling a small book that is by no means excessive. In the few cases the variations of “govern” were used they were not used in the current political sense. Twice it was used describing the organization of the atoms, once the organization of the white brotherhood and once to NASA.

If you call exposing the truth sarcasm then I guess I am guilty. But I challenge you to compare my choice of words with those who have strongly disagreed with me. Many have used name-calling type words, which I have not used back. I have merely answered questions and posted my thoughts. I have not resorted to name-calling and I am prepared to defend any statement I have made. So why, my brother, do you accuse me of being sarcastic while leaving those who are much more sarcastic alone? Why do you not go after them also? Also, I might note that your posting is much more sarcastic than anything I have written. Is this the pot calling the kettle black here or what?

I have spent so much of my free time answering questions and clarifying misunderstandings in the forums that I have been limited in my time to post other teachings.

I do not post my writings to prove anything. I am seeking those who are spiritually sensitive enough to make soul contact and travel higher together into the realms of spiritual knowledge, love and service.

I would like to make a general request to those who disagree with me. It would be helpful to avoid the following:

* Avoid name calling.

* Avoid nebulous accusations with no explanation like: “Your words have no love…” “Your words are sterile.” “You are on an ego trip.” If you feel this way fine, but instead of throwing out a general accusation that means nothing to anyone, tell me why you feel that way or what I have done or said that seems to indicate that I am that demon you see.

* Avoid sarcasm. I will not seem sarcastic to you if you are not obviously sarcastic to me first.

* Avoid limiting judgments on each other.

* Avoid trying to change me to the image you want me to become. All of us including myself are the controllers of our own destinies. I will always allow you to be what you decide to be. Please allow me the same privilege.

It would also be helpful if we do the following:

* Approach each other with real sincerity and a spirit of love and helpfulness.

* Remember the importance of kindness and harmlessness.

* Attempt to make this forum a center of teaching and learning by all who wish to participate.

* Operate on the assumption that we are all friends and are sincere even if we disagree. It is often easier to use the word “love” than it is to extend the hand of friendship.

The only gift is a portion of thyself. —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jan 6, 2009

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The Value of a Teacher

The Value of a Teacher

Dialog with readers

A reader who believes his teacher is the Second Coming of Christ expressed the thought that a teacher does not need to prove himself competent.  To this I say that if a teacher does not show in some degree that he has something to offer then why should we follow him or her?

Jesus was a great example. He proved himself through miracles as one method. But more important he proved himself through his teachings. He was able to answer any question. In fact, he answered them so well that “no man dared ask him any more questions.”

He also mentioned that there was a second witness to him which was his Father. This is where Peter got his definite knowledge (Matthew 16).

Where is there ever a great teacher among humanity that has not brought forth something new? Newness is an aspect of the servants of light. In Revelations we are told: “Behold, I make all things new.”

If your guru is really the Christ, or even a servant of Christ, I would ask what his revelation is that is new to this generation? The law of correspondences demands it.

My next question is this: What makes you think your guy is the reappearance of the Christ? Have you had some type of personal witness or revelation or does it just seem right?

Reader Question: Are you familiar with Benjamin Crème?

Yes, I am familiar with him. I see little light at all in his channelings. I have met him in person and was not impressed.

Some of our greatest revelations do not happen during prayer or meditation. Nevertheless, they often come as a result of them in unexpected moments.

Those who are capable of true initiation are so few and far between it is almost unbelievable. It would be discouraging if it were not for the sure witness I have that I am supposed to continue.

The Spirit and the Hierarchy have always been willing to verify my teachings to all those who will seek, but one has to seek with all his or her heart.

Some decisions are set and others are very fluid. All are subject to the free will of the decision-maker. If we as lesser lives are under the influence of a greater life then we can do nothing about the decision of the greater life. For instance, if you decide to go for a walk all the cells and lesser lives in your body have to go along with you. The most positive thing they can do about it is cooperate in the walk and use the benefits of the exercise for their own use.

The universe is unfolding according to the many decisions being made.

There is a truth which says: “Without decision, there is no life.”

Think on this.

Quoting the words of a reader: “Why can’t you just stretch your soul just a bit and acknowledge that there are realms you haven’t walked in? I feel so dishonored by your lack of directness and clarity with me, and with others here. Oh yes, there is a LOGICAL clarity, but the feelings brought forth (what little I can feel) are not clear at all…”

My response: Of course, there are realms I have not walked in. Where do you get such an idea? It is too bad that you feel dishonored. Can you tell me what I said to make you feel that way? Tell me which of my feelings you wish to have clarified.

I’m sorry, your words have not caused resistance in me as you suppose. What is there to resist?

You say you want to know what feelings your words have roused in me. I feel somewhat sad that you see me in such a negative light and I do not feel this great love that you say you radiate. There seems to be great frustration, however. I think the cause is something within yourself and that I have in no way made you a victim.

Why do you assume that the open expression of passion and feeling is some great mystery I need to learn? It is one of my core teachings that I have incorporated for many years. My brother, I have no negative feelings that I am holding back here. What do you want me to do shout and scream in capitals on line?

You say you have tremendous treasure to offer me. Fine offer it.

Reader: “It must be a terrible burden to have all the answers… Humanity is such a stubborn lot!”

My response: I do not feel love in your sarcastic remarks, but frustration again. I say you must not concentrate on changing me to get the love you want. You will find, as others have, that you can feel overflowing love from me if you accept what is in me and stop trying to create me in your own image.

It is not terrible at all to have answers. I feel richly blessed for each answer I have been given. None of us have all the answers and all of us have some of them. The important thing is to appreciate what we have. I feel a responsibility to share the richness I have been given. There are  some who appreciate this.

Another reader accuses me of being in the ego and challenges me to speak with passion and love.

My Passion? I was born with a desire to do the greatest good for the largest number of people possible. At the age of six I decided that being a scientist would make it possible to bring great discoveries to mankind. I kept this goal in my mind until my late teens. Then over the next ten years I had a number of spiritual experiences that changed my priorities. I realized that there was something greater than physical science that humanity was crying out for help in many ways. I found that the spiritual and social evolution of our planet needed to catch up with science. I also realized that the realm of the Spirit is governed by a great science. I discovered that becoming one with the Spirit of God is the greatest love experience that I can imagine and I know that few have had this experience. Knowing this, I have a tremendous passion to share certain knowledge and keys that lead to feelings of love and fire so great that one will think his whole being is dissolving into a spiritual fire.

Perhaps things are the opposite of what you assume my friend. Perhaps it is I that can lead you to vistas of love and feeling that you have not imagined.

Some were confused by this statement I made:

  “Your higher self is one, yet many; just as your body is.”

I was expressing a similar meaning as Paul did in Corinthians when he said:

“For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.” (1 Cor 12:12)

One could reword this as follows:

  “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is the Higher Self.”

Since the higher self represents Christ consciousness this is quite fitting.

Let me further clarify my statement:

  “Your higher self is one (it is linked to the Higher Self of all other Humans on this earth as one great oversoul), but many (there are many parts working with many people); just as your body is. (the body is also one, but has many parts)”

The second key of knowledge to understand is the Middle Way Principle. The great teacher of the Middle Way was, of course, the Buddha. He realized the middle way after experiencing two extremes in life. First extreme comfort and riches and later extreme poverty and deprivation. During the deprivation extreme he was living on just several grains of rice a day seeking enlightenment when it flashed into his mind. The way of enlightenment is neither extreme, but between the two extremes.

I believe the true teaching of Buddha’s middle way has been lost, but many of us have the imprint of the knowledge within us.

So the question for us to examine is: What is the Middle Way?

The power of the Middle Way is hinted at in the writings of Alice A. Bailey:

“Let the magician guard himself from drowning at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet, there is the place for magic to be wrought.”

The service we render others is the rent we pay for our room on earth. — Wilfred Grenfell

Jan 5, 2009

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Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology

The group had been discussing the possibility that Paris Hilton was a reincarnation of Marylin Monroe. A reader questioned this because of DK’s teachings of the disciple’s progression through the Zodiac and Paris would have been out of sync for Marilyn was a Gemini and Paris is a Aquarius. These signs are not sequential.

First let me add that I said it was within the realm of possibility that these two are the same entity but cannot say for sure at this point. If I were to take the time to do a more complete analysis of their handwriting and charts, I could be more definite.

Secondly, it is doubtful that Paris Hilton is an advanced disciple so DK’s sequential progression through the zodiac may not apply.

There are two astrological pieces of information that DK gave that could be interpreted as black-and-white, yet, just as in all things, exactness in black-and-white rarely works out — especially in esoteric science.

First, he said the advanced student incarnates in counterclockwise order through the zodiac and the average person in regular order, though he did not tell us if the average person moves sequentially.

From my limited study I have found this sequential movement to not be any fixed law, but seems to be true about half the time.

Why isn’t it true all the time if this is the way we progress?

There are, I believe, a number of reasons for this:

[1] In each sign the pilgrim has a lesson of some kind he has to learn. Being as dense as we humans are, around half the time the lesson is not learned, but partially so. Therefore, he does not progress to the next sign but to an energy that will assist him in completing his lesson. Since the lesson is partially learned then it is quite possible he can finish it off in another sign and circumstance.

[2] The sun sign is the most powerful agent in astrology, but still only transmits about twenty-five percent of the influence in a chart. It is then quite possible from an esoteric point of view (often held by DK) that the lesson of a sign, such as Aquarius, could be finished off in another sign, such as Gemini or Libra, when other factors exert a strong Aquarian influence.

[3] I would assume that during the Sabbath life the entity would often be born out of sequence, since no major lesson is being undertaken.

[4] We are strongly linked to our groups and opportunities and sometimes this makes it impossible to be born in the next designated sign.

[5] An advanced soul places service above personal progress. If the opportunity for service is there then he may delay the potential progress of moving to his next sign.

The second unusual teaching is that a person is born in one life on the day he died in the previous life.

A prime example of this was Galileo Galilei who died on Jan 8, 1642 and then exactly 300 years later was born as Stephen Hawking on Jan 8, 1942. His disease was  caused by residual guilt from his life as Galileo when submitted  to the  religious authorities and recanted his   discovery that the earth was not the  center of  the universe.

I have found, however that we are often not born on the d ay of our death in the last life, thought it often happens in approximation.

For instance, in my last life my friends Wayne and Curtis were with me. Curtis was killed Aug 8 and was born in this life on Aug 7. This could have been within 24 hours of the same point in time.

Wayne was killed on October 14 and born in this life on October 17. Close again. On the other hand, I was killed 12:30 AM, July 21 and born Feb 6. This was way off the theoretical date. I was probably attracted to be born when I was because of links with my family as well as to take advantage of the Star of David in my chart.

DK never explained why the birth and death signs are so closely linked.

Here are my thoughts:

The art of astrology teaches that the natal chart is significant because at the moment of birth the entity has impressed upon his soul a snapshot of all the energies of the chart in that moment of time and space.

Now the other significant moment in the life of the soul is death. It’s quite possible another snapshot of equal power is impressed upon the pilgrim.

If this is so then one of two things would happen:

[1] He would be reborn under similar influences.

[2] If this doesn’t fit in with the plan then he would still be influenced by that snapshot of the death date as well as his birthrate and some similarities would be found in the two charts.

I just compared the death chart  of my last life with my birth chart and found some interesting things. In my last incarnation I was killed when my sun was in 28 degrees Gemini and my sun ascendant was also 28 degrees Gemini.

The ascendant in my death chart was also in Gemini and that is very significant. Esoterically the ascendant is the second most important point in the chart because it indicates the future lesson in life.

So, I was not born in Gemini, the sign of my last death, but my ascending time of my sun in Gemini harmonizes with it down to the exact degree. This makes a lot of sense to me in ways that I do not have time to explain in this post.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost

Jan 1, 2009

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Secret Places of the Lion

Secret Places of the Lion

A reader pointed out that he read a book I recommended called Secret Places of the lion and disagreed with parts of it.

I read this book about 40 years ago when I was wrestling my way out of the illusion of the Mormon church into greater light. At the time I found it extremely interesting and stimulating. I wasn’t sure there was reincarnation at the time, and this made me think about it much more seriously.

I probably would not be as impressed today if I reread it as I was back then, but still I recall numerous things it teaches that I yet consider true. If one just judges it by who’s who in past lives he may come up with a big question mark, but there is much more to the book than that.

Here are truths I gleaned from it after I read it.

[1] Reincarnation is a reality. Williamson does more than just state there is reincarnation but gives some good logic and scriptural evidence.

[2] There is a “Goodly Company” of teaching souls that are seeking to assist humanity. Whether they got here as described in the book matters not.

[3] These souls incarnate again and again and have been some of the significant Lights who have been recorded in history.

I couldn’t verify how many of the named incarnations are accurate, but some that he gives evidence on strikes a chord; such as:

[4] Brigham Young and Solomon. The correspondence he gives between them was fascinating such as the fact they both used the symbol of the lion. Solomon built the temple without “the sound of a hammer” and Brigham built the tabernacle without nails which eliminated the need for hammers also. Both were famous for having many wives and they both gave similar sounding words of wisdom.

Similarly, the evidence he gave for Joseph [son of Jacob] being reborn as [King] David was very captivating.

[5] I believe the people from history that he selected as belonging to the Goodly Company was quite accurate. These people as a group were definitely a major effect in making a positive mark on human evolution. This is very true even if he missed on a number of past lives.

[6] He made corrections on ancient timelines that seemed reasonable to me.

[7] He taught that advanced souls can switch bodies when the plan calls for it. This truth is not dependent on his accuracy of who switched bodies.

On the negative side I think he brings flying saucers into the picture much more than was the case.

These are just a few things. Like I said, it has been about 40 years since I read it and have been thinking of reading it again.

Another reader asks when the soul enters the body of a fetus or an unborn child.

All that is established before birth is a link to the body and this can be changed if another soul needs the body for some reason of importance.

The fetus itself is animated by elemental lives that run complex computer programs with occasional contact with the designated entity.

Even after birth the soul is not entirely settled in the body. When the entity becomes self-aware to the point it is embarrassing to run around naked in front of others, then the soul has pretty well settled in. The link between soul and body is usually complete at about 7 to 8 years of age.

Aborting a fetus is not nearly as harmful as killing a self-conscious being for this affects the decided path of the soul. Even so, aborting a fetus can create negative karma, and if performed the person should realize that a payment will normally be required. I use the word “normal” because there are exceptions.

Another reader asks me to comment on the Sanskrit word MUKTI which means “liberation” from unwanted reincarnations.

The person’s soul will decide on the lesson that needs to be learned and sometimes puts him in a painful circumstances which he would never decided on in his earthly state of consciousness.

Eventually he becomes a seeker and gives more than he receives. Then when he gets a lot of his karma paid off he can choose more favorable circumstances to enter life. Even here sometimes the path of service is so clear that there is no decision necessary. For instance, the disciples of Jesus were so happy to be born in a circumstance where they could be disciples of the Master that they acquiesced to circumstance more than deciding upon it.

A reader asks this: If a lesser Avatar appears to the Jews in a physical body and takes over where Jesus left off, does this lesser Avatar have to go through the same type of initiation as Jesus had something else?

If he is born as a mortal he will have to repeat the initiations. Of course, they are a different experience each time they are approached. Few are physically crucified for the fourth initiation, for example. When repeating the initiations, the difficulty is not as great as when approaching a new one to be mastered.

Question: What initiation will the Christ be making when he returns?

The Christ is working on his seventh. If he is reborn, he will start at his first and work to finishing the seventh. If he just appears in a body or works by overshadowing, he will work directly on the seventh.

In this age Jesus and the Christ will work on separate missions.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. —George Santayana

Dec 31, 2008

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