Methods of Revelation

Methods of Revelation

Question: What are the methods used by the Brotherhood or Higher Lives to communicate with us?

As far as how the brotherhood can make contact – if we use the old standby, the Bible as an example, we have the following:

(1) Through Physical visitation.

Examples of this are the visitation of Jesus in the flesh to the apostles after the resurrection and God and his two associates who ate dinner with Abraham.

(2) Through visions.

Examples of this would be the visions of Daniel and John the Beloved.

(3) Through angels

(4) Through inspiration or revelation from higher intelligence, assumed to be God.

This is the principle upon which most of the Bible was written. Since none of the prophets tell exactly how this inner voice of God came to them we can only conjecture on the subject. When they said thus saith the Lord were they quoting an actual voice, an inner impression from the Holy Spirit, mental telepathy from a Master, or their own imagination?

Now fundamentalists believe that they all quoted the infallible voice of God, but they forget that these were merely fallible individuals just as we are today and in reality had varying degrees of contact with the divine.

Whether we read the Bible, the Koran, Ultimate Frontier, Alice A. Bailey or any other writings each individual must test the words against the Holy Spirit within. Each must do this even if his contact with the Spirit is far from perfect. Why? Because eventually it will be perfect and toward this goal all must proceed, even at the risk of making some mistakes in the process. All the pure in heart will reach the goal. We must thus learn to trust the verification from the inside more than the outside, yet use trusted outside authorities as guideposts when the inner is not yet perfected.

(5) In addition there are several controversial methods God used to communicate with man in the scriptures. Lying

(A) God used lying spirits to communicate:

In the days of Ahab, King of Israel, all the prophets were deceived except one. In that day there were 401 prophets. (See 2 Chron. 18:5-7. ) Ahab inquired of the 401 as to whether he should go to battle. The 400 knew the king would be angry if they prophesied anything but victory for the king, so their own hearts and fears greatly influenced the answer they received; however, one man, Micaiah, was not so influenced and he, being the last one called on for a prophecy, said, “As the Lord liveth, even what my God saith, that will I speak.” (2 Chron. 18:13) Then he proceeded to prophesy evil and disaster for the king which thing made the king angry. Then Micaiah explained why everyone was deceived except him:

“I saw the Lord sitting upon his throne, and all the host of heaven standing on his right hand and on his left. And the Lord said, Who shall entice Ahab, king of Israel, that he may go-up and fall at Ramothgilead? And one spake saying after this manner, and another spake saying after that manner. Then there came out a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will entice him. And the Lord said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said, Thou shalt entice him, and thou shalt also prevail: Go out, and do even so. Now therefore the Lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of these thy prophets.” (2 Chron. 18:18-22)

Isn’t it interesting that the Bible tells us that the Lord himself could and has sent a lying spirit to deceive Israel when their hearts desired the delusion? Will it happen again?

It not only will happen, but it has been prophesied: “They receive not the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth.” (2 Thes. 2: 10-12)

I personally believe that references to God sending or causing deception is symbolic as the scriptures call God a God of truth. I believe the correct wording is that God allows us to be deceived according to our own desires. When one open to deception receives a deluded revelation it is generally around that which he wishes to receive, right or wrong. The 400 prophets all wanted a revelation that did not anger the king and that is what they received.

Read this chapter in reference and you will see that it deals with events just preceding the second coming. When has God sent (or allowed) strong delusion that people would believe a lie? If God allows the delusion, then it must be around the principle of revelation. This was the dialog amidst the 400 prophets of Ahab.

Could God allow strong delusion to the prophets, seers and revelators today? Why not?

(B) God spoke to Balaam through the mouth of a dumb animal, an ass. (See Numbers chapter 22)

What do these last two examples tell us? They tell us that God can use whatever means he sees fit to reveal truth or expose deception. This is why the final voice must be the Holy Spirit within for a true revelation may come through an unexpected source or person.

As I’ve said many times the Masters and the Holy Spirit transmit their teachings through impression or telepathy. The lesser entities use direct voice or the standard process of channeling as it is called today. There is some truth in channeled material, but none of it must be taken as a final authority for mediums often receive such material from astral entities or thoughtforms not as smart as the average member of this group. Some of them are deceptive and some sincere, but all must be checked against the soul.

In the quest for truth, here is my advice. Search among the books and people that seem good to your soul and then run by all you learn by your soul. Keep that which registers. Discard those teachings do not bring inner response. Then put on the shelf those that stimulate, yet do not yet make complete sense.

At the cusp of each age the Brotherhood has to reassess their approach to humanity. Each age demands a different one and since the coming age is particularly significant the approach is likely to be altered more than in the past.

Why is the coming age of such significance? Because we are not only entering a lesser Aquarian cycle of around 2160 years but also a greater Aquarian cycle of over 25,000 years. We are basically entering a rare cycle of double Aquarius influences. This is a rare occurrence and is the reason that so many changes are taking place, especially in the area of the mind, air and space which is governed by Aquarian energies.

Just as human scientists must experiment to find that which works and that which does not, even so, must the spiritual scientists in the Hierarchy experiment with humanity, especially in dealing with the changes of a new age. The higher lives are not perfect as many suppose, but their judgment and decisions are on a higher level than ours.

During the Piscean age certain approaches to humanity became dependable and the results predictable. But with the tremendous inflow of the of the Aquarian energies from both a greater and lesser cycle even the Masters of Wisdom are tested to the max in doing their part to step down the energies and light so it will be wisely used for the next couple hundred years as we adjust to the new cycle.

Along these lines it is of interest to note that the Piscean Age did not begin with the date given for the coming of Christ. At 4 BC the Piscean Age was already a couple hundred years old. There were several great teachers before the coming of Christ of which only a scant reference is made by history. Even so, the turning point of the Aquarian age was the end of the Great War in 1945 and it is most likely that we will have a trinity of significant teachers that will have been recognized within a couple hundred years from now. In addition there will be numerous supporting teachers.

The thing to register is that because the approach of the Brotherhood to humanity is unique to the times that it may take some time before the teachers are recognized by the mainstream for a different note and tone will be sounded by the various lights.

The Brotherhood, of course, have worked on more than two projects or endeavors, but a particular two that failed were mentioned in the Immortal book. Actually there is no such thing as failure to one who learns from mistakes and moves ahead and even the great lives must learn from that which does not work.

In the past all that was needed was a few miracles, a vision and some new teachings and the teacher was assured to draw a significant following who would listen to his every word.

But now at this juncture there are so many claiming miracles and revelation that the intelligent often ignore them. There are so many claiming visions and supernatural contact that one more seems meaningless to an Aquarian mind. Then there are so many claiming new teachings from the brotherhood or ascended masters or God himself that a true teacher may seem like one more crackpot and get lost in the shuffle.

Because of these changing times and energies several attempts by the Brotherhood received little recognition and got smothered in the multitude of competitive astral teachings that had more emotional appeal. Therefore, certain attempts had to be withdrawn and a fresh approach taken.

The Immortal is a part of this experimental new approach where the teachings are presented with a little enhanced entertainment to a world that demands much more than a black and white presentation. So far progress has been far from spectacular, but we have been successful in drawing some excellent seed disciples.

But timing is something that even the greatest lives have difficulty predicting so I will not set a time frame for success – except to say that it will happen. And if I should fail another will come.

And yes, there are numerous disciples with numerous missions, but each is unique and one does not compete with the other.

“How would I feel were my wish realized?” is the feeling which should monopolize and immobilize your attention as you relax into sleep.” Neville

Jan 17, 2004

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ETs and the Philadelphia Experiment

ETs and the Philadelphia Experiment

Comment: What I want to know is if some of the aliens described by people like: eks (Whitley Strieber) are what they try to say they are. And that that they are good and try to help us with expansion of the mind to the higher consciousness. And if they are apart of the brotherhood of light?? And by quoting Whitley Strieber: He once asked them in a close encounter experience “Who or what are you and what is the earth?” And the alien he spoke to answered: “We are recyclers of souls and the earth is a school. And the being was one of the so called “greys”

JJ: It is interesting how silent the brotherhood has been on extraterrestrials.

I think the reason is this.

There are several schools of thought among the various seekers of the planet and many of them have a fairly strong fixed belief about what they consider to be the truth of the matter. If the Brotherhood were to clearly reveal the truth of the matter then many would discount other teachings which could assist them as they move upon the path.

I’ll therefore give you my belief as an opinion that you should feel free to accept or reject.

There is very little interstellar flight where physical vehicles and bodies are involved. The technology for such a feat is a spiritual technology that is in the hands of the Brotherhood of Light. They have the power to fold and unfold physical matter. Visits by these spiritual travelers are infrequent by our standards with intervals spanning thousands of years. They come when it is important to assist with our evolution.

There is a larger number of visits by entities in lower etheric vehicles. This class consists of a large variety of entities with a number of different objectives – some helpful and some not so helpful. These entities and their vehicles do not exist in the dense physical, but some have the power to lower their vibration for short periods so they are close to being physical and have convinced many that they are physical.

Observers have reported UFO’s making sharp right angle turns, instant stops and disappearing into the ocean as if the water was no barrier. This gives a strong indication that these vehicles are not constructed of physical matter as we know it.

There is much misinformation about extraterrestrials for many of the stories told about them are from implanted memories of events with no concrete reality. Many have memories of being taken aboard a spacecraft when they really either have a memory implant or have desired such a thing so much that they have created a thoughtform which deceived them, a little like many supposed visions of God that wind up to have proven false information and predictions.

Most of the interplanetary and interstellar travel occurs in the higher bodies of advanced entities without the use of any craft. Shamballa receives these visitors periodically and all those who laid the foundations of Shamballa came from other planets, namely Venus, but not the physical planetary body.

The Philadelphia Experiment

Question: It is my understanding that the Philadelphia Experiment caused a rift in time and space allowing for an abnormal amount of visitations. Do you feel JJ that all of this was part of the Divine Plan for Earth’s unfoldment and for the big jump into a higher dimension for Earth and its occupants?

JJ: One of the principles of discovery of new truth and insights is to first become familiar with the information that is readily available. The Greater Lives do not give out revelation to the lazy, but to those who discover all they can on their own. (I am not saying that anyone here is lazy – just stating a principle)

Perhaps you will recall the parable of the Talents:

14 “For it will be like a man going on a journey to a far country, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property. 15 To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away.

16 He who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them, and he made five talents more. 17 So also he who had the two talents made two talents more. 18 But he who had received the one talent went and dug in the ground and hid his master’s money. 19 Now after a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them. 20 And he who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five talents more, saying, ‘Master, you delivered to me five talents; here, I have made five talents more.’ 21 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’ 22 And he also who had the two talents came forward, saying, ‘Master, you delivered to me two talents; here, I have made two talents more.’ 23 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’

24 He also who had received the one talent came forward, saying, ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you scattered no seed, 25 so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here, you have what is yours.’ 26 But his master answered him, ‘You wicked and slothful servant! You knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I scattered no seed? 27 Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest. 28 So take the talent from him and give it to him who has the ten talents. 29 For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. 30 And cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ Matt 25:14-30

The above scripture has many interpretations which may apply, but I will give one here that is off the beaten path.

The man from “a far country” represents the soul. The talent represents the inherit light and knowledge of the seeker. The experienced entity may have five portions, another may have two and the beginning seeker may have only one.

The two more advanced seekers understand the principles of discovery and expansion and desire to expand their knowledge in any way possible by looking into all possibilities within and without. On the other hand, the beginner thinks that all comes from within and thus keeps his knowledge buried within himself, not allowing for expansion to be stimulated from the interplay of that which is without with that which is within.

The beginner often makes the mistake of burying his talent, expecting to reap where he has not sown. He does this because he sees his soul as having acquired all the knowledge of the universe with no effort: “I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you scattered no seed.

On the other hand, his Solar Angel has struggled through countless cycles of time to get where it is and says to the beginner: “Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents.”

In other words, the power of the soul will gravitate to him who has much, but does not bury his talent. The soul knows that he will have to come back later to the beginner who has buried his head in the sand. Alas, the soul must wait until the novice learns his lesson and looks outward as well as inward.

This same principle applies to any piece of knowledge we wish to understand.

I’ve read a few things about the Philadelphia Experiment and found them quite fascinating, but have not researched it enough to get the final piece of the puzzle from my soul.

Since I am short on time right now I thought I would make this a class project.

Go to your favorite search engine and type in the words “Philadelphia Experiment” and then attempt to find two web pages that support a supernatural event and two that are skeptical and give us a post on what you have concluded by reading both sides.

Don’t just take the first four or five sites that come up but look over a number of them before you explore.

(1) Did a supernatural event occur?

(2) Are there real witnesses? Are they telling the truth?

(3) Was time (or dimensional) travel involved?

(4) Any other interesting insights.

Since I have only heard the believing side in the past I thought I would check a couple skeptical ones. Here are a couple good ones:


“A change of feeling is a change of destiny.” Neville

Jan 14, 2004

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Limitations of Experts

Limitations of Experts

It was suggested the other day that we present my analysis of the handwritings of HPB and JFK to expert handwriting analysts to see if they agree with me.

The only problem with this is that there are no experts I know of who know how to compare handwritings of two separate lifetimes for a probable match. Most authorities are only authorities in what they have been trained to look for.

And even in standard forgery work many experts disagree. There should be little disagreement in this area, however, for the detecting of forgery is close to an exact science. Even so, some judgment is required and there is still some disagreement. I’m sure you have heard of court cases where the experts disagree.

I remember a time many years ago that there was a big controversy over some early LDS documents and their authenticity, as it was claimed that Joseph Smith retrieved the Book of Mormon from a lost Spaulding manuscript. What was ironical was that the LDS experts interpreted known Spaulding handwriting in their favor and the anti Mormon experts interpreted against the church. I took a look at the two samples and saw immediately that the two samples were written by two different individuals just as the church had maintained. I noticed that the church experts didn’t seem to be making a good case, however, so I wrote up my analysis giving various handwriting comparisons similar to what I did on HPB/JFK and sent it to church headquarters.

I never heard anything back, but I did notice about a month later that the Church published another defense of their position, this time using some of the comparisons I sent them. I think it must have worked for I never heard of any more attacks along this line from the anti Mormons again.

It is also interesting that expert analysts have disagreed on whether the handwriting of the Mahatma letters was by H. P. Blavatsky. I’m sure that if I could look at them I could tell in a few minutes.

NOTE: I later did an analysis and have posted it HERE

See the link at the end of the post for Part II

Another area where the experts disagree is in the translation of the ancient Biblical Hebrew and Greek into modern English. These ancient languages seem so complicated to a beginner that many would never dare question a scholar or team of scholars it takes to do a biblical translation.

The fact is that many are too intimidated by experts and scholars and if the truth be known an average person with a little common sense is as good a judge as the experts if they have the right materials before them to examine.

For instance, the orthodox translation of Matthew 24:3 reads “Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?”

“World” her comes from the Greek AION from which the English Aeon, or eon is derived. This signified a definite period of time with a beginning and an end and is more appropriately translated as “age.” Even though this translation should be beyond dispute many of the experts still use the “end of the world” translation.

Over the years I have given you many mistranslations from the Bible that readers have been able to check with their own resources and discover that I spoke the truth and many of the experts were in error.

The sad fact is this. If you are forging new ground and then call the experts in they will often be less likely to see the truth an will the average guy with the facts in front of him.

This is why I painstakingly dissected the two handwritings and placed various elements side by side so you can see and judge for yourself. If you trust your judgment you will be able to be as accurately as many experts.

What do I think another handwriting expert may think if he looked at the web page? Some would find it quite fascinating and others would see the minor differences and go by their training based on comparing two samples living in the same time frame and then criticize my conclusions.

It doesn’t hurt to listen to a true expert, but much more important is to find out some of the details for yourself and get a feel as to how accurate the expert really is.

After all, many of the experts who have done Biblical translations have starkly left out entire words and phrases they didn’t agree with. An expert may have completed the translation, but the average guy with a little common sense will know that something is wrong when words and phrases that do not conform to a belief system are just left out or altered.

I thus designed the HPB/JFK analysis in such a way that the reader can look at the comparisons, use his own mind and come to his own judgment on the matter and be an expert in his own right.

Question: How can we believe the Bible when it is thousands of years old and been through so many translations?

JJ: Most people believe the Bible because they were taught by some authority figure that it is the infallible word of God and to doubt the Bible is like doubting God. Therefore, the safe thing to do is to accept it literally no matter what.

The first thing you need to know is that the written word cannot perfectly represent human thought, let alone the mind of God. To understand what a person is saying who is right next to you often requires reading between the lines. To read between the lines in the study of inspired words one must establish a degree of soul contact and read through the eyes of the soul. Without this the seeker may wind up handling snakes or beating his kid with the idea of pleasing God.

Any work that has spiritual teachings must be read with judgment through the eyes of the soul if true spiritual food is to be ingested. From this aspect the Bible is like any other book.

What makes it unlike most other books is that it has stood the test of time and many of its teachings are as applicable today as they were thousands of years ago.

Do not concern yourself with the Bible existing today exactly as it was first written down. Some passages are very close to the original while others have been altered. Only concern yourself with reading it (if so moved) and sensing the response from your inner being. When that response is positive then pay attention and reflect on what you have just received. Sometimes even a bad translation can turn on the light

Question: Was there a Mrs., Judas and what happened to her after Judas killed himself?

JJ: Has anyone ever thought of her before? Her fate would make an interesting novel.

I believe that Judas has a loosely attached working non married partner that stayed with the group.

The typical reaction for a dedicated spouse is to follow her mate through good or evil. A fictional book on this premise would make for interesting reading. I do not have time to write it but this is a good idea for aspiring writers out there.

“Suggestions, like propaganda, are boomerangs unless they are accepted by those to whom they are sent. So your world is a gift you have given to yourself.” Neville

Jan 12, 2004

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Soul Guidance

Soul Guidance

I was asked to elaborate on the process that led to the conclusion that HPB was later JFK.

When I went to the web page and saw H. P. Blavatsky’s writing it seemed familiar. Then I recalled mentally that JFK’s writing was very close and compared the two side by side. I immediately concluded that the match was close enough that there was a strong chance that they could be the same entity. I then decided to investigate more closely. During the next three days I spent every moment researching the two and during this time I felt highly driven. Then as I was lining things up and the pieces were falling in place I felt a presence. I felt it was the HPB/JFK entity sighing, thinking with gladness that it was about time someone figured out the puzzle.

When I receive revelation on a principle I am 100% sure because the soul speaks the language of principles. The soul rarely reveals data, but will verify data from time to time when it is important to the life purpose of the seeking entity. Receiving verification of data is rarely infallible, however, for it is not the language of the soul. I can only say that my soul impressed me to do this research, but cannot say that my soul has verified that my research to be 100% correct.

I relate the soul with principles and facts with this caveat.

First: the soul will verify facts on occasion as I just said.

Secondly, the soul does not give facts, but can open a door so facts can be discerned or discovered. Few are able to go in and out of that door with authority.

MY logical mind does tell me that there is better than a 90% chance that H. P. Blavatsky was later JFK. It also feels right to me.

On this note let me add this. In times past disciple after disciple have revealed many pieces of facts and data that were later proven wrong and they have been discredited to a degree. To retrieve facts and data through the soul or spirit with accuracy requires the status of Master or higher and even these high lives are not infallible. The temptation for the disciple such as HPB, Helena Roerich or Joseph Smith is this: when asked a question they like to give an answer to illustrate the truth of their calling. What happens with many of them is when they do not have a true revelation on the facts they will distill them from their own thoughtforms.

This flaw that many past disciples have possessed needs to come to an end and part of my mission is to bring this about. I am to teach the importance of principles over facts and if I do not have a true revelation of the facts I am to not manufacture them just so my personality will grow in authority. When I do not know the answer to a question where a fact or piece of data is requested I will tell you the truth as I am here with JFK.

All should feel free to disagree with me. No one should ever feel like they are going against some answer from God when they do. Only going against one’s own soul should create any distress.

A reader mentioned the possibility of glamour from me in examining JFK’s past. There’s not much chance of this unless I were to have the glamour of idolization in connection with either HPB or JFK.

There is a strong possibility of glamour entering in when we attempt to see our own past lives, however.

All truth whether it be in the form of facts or principles is helpful to the seeker in seeing the big picture.

If I am correct on HPB/JFK then it teaches us much more than just who JFK was in a past life. It teaches us a method of discovery, the use of logic, and the fact that many people out there making proclamations of true facts do not know any more than the rest of us.

It also gives us a great clue as to what to look for in a trio of entities (JFK, RFK and John Jr.) that are likely to appear on the scene in a generation.

If I am still here I may be able to identify them as they begin their work.

I used the word “revelation” in relation to this HPB/JFK disclosure and perhaps this was a little misleading. A revelation can be some supernatural revealing or it can be a discovery using normal methods. This revelation happened to mentally dawn on me when I compared the two handwritings side by side.

Even when I am 100% sure through the soul of a teaching I try to avoid giving it out as a divine message. For some, this creates an authority behind the teaching that causes them to not examine the validity of it through their own means of truth detection.

Question: One thing that I can’t figure out though. Why would HPB/JFK be pleased that someone figured out the puzzle when there is so much glamour around about past lives?

JJ: For one thing a glamour is a distorted reaction to an a truth or untruth. The glamour is not the teaching or the information, but how the information is processed and acted upon.

It is true that there is a lot of glamour associated with past lives, but over 90% of such glamour comes from an erroneous perception that the person involved is more important that he is, often some important historical figure. An entity who really discovers he is a true historical figure would be much less likely to have a glamour associated with it than he who is deceived.

Let us suppose that Joel discovered he was Einstein in his last life. Now the fact that he concretely realizes this has nothing to do with a glamour. If, however, he comes on the group as says: “Hey guys. Guess what? I was Einstein in a past life. Isn’t that cool? Now maybe you’ll pay attention to me.”

Such desire for recognition and authority is a sign of glamour.

On the other hand, I have met Joel and would guess that if he discovered such a thing he would pretty much keep it to himself – maybe telling his wife or best friend. He’d probably feel that blurting it out to the public would create more problems that it would be worth.

But let’s move ahead a few years to Joel’s old age. Maybe on his deathbed he thinks, “It is indeed true that I was Einstein and I knew some of my friends and family in that past life. It would be nice, after I am gone and not here to take undue glory in my past, that the truth be revealed. Then Joel dies and it seems this knowledge dies with him.

But then a few years later his son discovers the truth and publishes it. This disclosure would not cause a glamour with Joel on the other side unless he was already wrestling with them in the flesh. It is most likely that he would look on and smile, reflecting on the fruit of his labors in both lifetimes. A simple acknowledgement or appreciation for that which is true has nothing to do with glamour. It is the undue or unnecessary inflation of the ego that creates the problem.

When I picked up the impression that HPB/JFK was glad someone figured out this connection I felt no glamour involved – just a simple appreciation for truth revealed.

Comment: You would think that JFK would at least be a little interested in some abstract or occult spiritual practices. I don’t think it would be more different if you said that Jimi Hendrix was reincarnated into one of the Olsen twins.

JJ: How did you know that Jimi Hendrix reincarnated into one of the Olsen twins? (Just joking)

There are several things to take into consideration here. First, a number of our ray influences change with each lifetime. Secondly, our soul has a different destiny for us in each life that often requires a change in focus.

Thirdly, the Kennedy family into which JFK was born was extremely political. Politics was the main focus and Joe Kennedy had political ambitions that he instilled in all his boys. John, Bobby, Ted and also Joe Jr. who was killed were all political animals. There was no getting around a focus on politics for the entity who was JFK, no matter that his interest was in his past life.

The soul often decides on a shift of focus for us when we enter a new life. It comes after we have become proficient in our last learning lesson. In HPB’s case one must admit that she had become about as learned in occult philosophy as one can get, meaning it was time for her to enter a new field of learning which was apparently politics. When this shift happens the entity often becomes so absorbed in the new learning that he seems disinterested in his old field. But he will have an internal understanding of the past principles learned.

Comment: When I looked at the photographs side by side I realized how much a personality can make an impression on who we think we are and who others are but when we die we truly on some level cease to exist. Its kind of depressing even believing in reincarnation that once we die we will never be who we were.

JJ: That which is real is eternal and never ceases to exist. On the other hand, our personality and our illusionary belief systems are unreal and will change and eventually be no more as it is now. This even happens within a single lifetime.

When I was about 21 years of age, and an active member of the LDS church, I was contemplating my future, trying to imagine myself 20, or 40 hears from then. I asked myself, If I could see the future what possibility would be most shocking (in a bad way)? I ran by the possibility and this was the vision of me that made me cringe the most: “That I would stray from the doctrines taught by the church and actively teach that which the church would condemn.”

Well, here I am in that future fulfilling my worst nightmare. The only thing is that it is not a nightmare, but an awakening to a much greater light than I had before. Would I go back to where I was? No. Instead I embrace who I am and look forward to BECOMING a new and improved version of myself tomorrow.

It is true that the old church-going indoctrinated JJ: of yesteryear no longer exists, but that which is real within me persists. The elements composing my outer self have changed, but the inner me which makes the decisions persists and will always be.

Perhaps the concern is partially based on a glimpse of the fourth initiation of renunciation which comes to all of us. In the great renunciation we let go of all attachments to personality desires. The disciple must release attachments to desire and belief that is more important to him than physical life itself.

In the meantime regular seekers can take comfort in this. As long as we follow the soul our next level of development will be embraced and joyous. It is nothing to cause fear or dread.

“It is in sleep and in prayer, a state akin to sleep, that man enters the subconscious to make his impressions and receive instructions. In these states the conscious and subconscious are creatively joined. The male and female become one flesh.” Neville

Jan 8, 2004

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HPB JFK Connection

HPB JFK Connection

Thanks for your comments on the H. P. Blavatsky page. I found the research on this fascinating. Because I have 40 years experience (as of 2004) with handwriting analysis the comparisons are quite impressive to me. If any of the rest of you have comments on the credibility of the presentation I would be interested in hearing it.

One thing we could do is an astrological chart comparison. I’m sure we would find some interesting correspondences, but there is probably nothing available to compare to handwriting analysis to give hard physical proof.

As a person moves from life to life he changes rays, personality, circumstances and sometimes sex. Normally, a person will have changed enough so his handwriting will appear significantly different – at least in superficial ways. The main thing to look for is the basic intelligence- and where that intelligence is most pronounced. Since Kennedy and H. P. Blavatsky are both extremely intelligent they both would be expected to have aspects that would catch the eye of the analyst.

Fortunately, in this case there was an amazing amount of similarities making this a great concrete case for reincarnation.

If DK is a 10 in intelligence H. P. Blavatsky would be an 8, Kennedy an 8.5 and Alice A. Bailey a 7 – based on handwriting.

Comment: “Funny how they’re both known by their three initials.”

Yes, that is interesting and I meant to include that piece of information.

It is also interesting that H. P. Blavatsky suffered greatly with ill health in her last twenty or so years. Her kidneys and possibly other organs gave out due I think to her excessive smoking and possibly her medications. As I said, she smoked up to 200 cigarettes a day. I think this ill health carried over in to JFK’s life for he suffered greatly with poor health from his youth. As a young man is was always in and out of the best hospitals undergoing every test possible as the doctors were trying to figure out his mystery illness.

Neither of them seemed to control their physical desires. Since H. P. Blavatsky was not that great in looks for a woman it appears she took out her compulsion in smoking whereas JFK was excessive in sex. Such apparent lack of control is unusual in an initiate. Yet both of them showed self-control of the physical worthy of an initiate in other areas of life. Their ability to override their pain and illness and function normally is a good example.

I do not think either of them achieved the fourth initiation as I do not see any evidence that either of them yielded to the “great renunciation.”

The is one possibility, however. If Kennedy knew in advance that he was to be assassinated in Dallas and his soul told him to yield to it because it was a part of some great plan – this could qualify. The reason would be that he would have been giving up more than his life (which is not enough). He would have been giving up the opportunity to change the world as the most powerful leader on the planet.

Someone asked if I believe that JFK/HPB has reincarnated again. I’m not sure of the time, but I believe he has taken incarnation recently. What I have strongly picked up is the reason his son John Jr. was killed. One of JFK’s great disappointments was that he was not able to raise his son with whom he had an especially close soul connection. In the realm of the Soul JFK asked his son if he would join him in his new life and he agreed. Thus was the airplane crash arranged by the powers that be so John Jr could be again born as JFK’s son – this time, hopefully to have a relationship together. Of course Bobby will be joining in too, but not Ted for he is not in the soul group.

Question: I wonder if you’ve considered any other possibilities to explain the similarities in handwriting, or is reincarnation the only explanation? The reason I’m asking is that the teaching that HPB became a Master in 1924 comes from an exceptionally highly regarded source and has remained unchallenged for 70 years.

JJ: In line of authority I trust:

(1) My own soul

(2) My common sense

(3) Inspired writings, scriptures, DK etc.

I don’t care who says what if it does not line up with my soul and the logic of the mind.

Why are you inclined to trust this source?

Actually a number of people have given other lives for H. P. Blavatsky including the web page you posted which had her as Sybil Leek. This does not register at all with me for H. P. Blavatsky was much more intelligent than Sybil.

I did think that about half of his guesses were possibilities though.

The idea that Madonna was Marilyn Monroe is fairly far fetched though figuring that Marilyn was alive when Madonna was four. However, when we consider the doctrine of walk-ins all things become possible – though this one is not probable.

Question: Maybe it is possible that HPB overshadowed JFK., Could that explain the similarities in the handwriting?

JJ: An overshadowing does not affect the handwriting to any significant degree. The original entity still owns the body, is in charge and does not undergo any personality change other than that of normnal evolution. There is only a personality change when there is a walk in situation where the body is vacated by the original entity. In this case the new entity would assume the memory of the original occupant and duplicate many of his personality characteristics for a time, but make numerous changes over the next ten years.

A close look at the evidence I have presented testifies that that chances are extremely high that the two entities are the same person.

Comment: While I find your handwriting analysis quite compelling, I cannot believe that JFK was as advanced as HPB – or more intelligent.

JJ:: The handwriting shows JFK had a slight edge in most departments – which makes sense if he was a later incarnation. He was a little quick thinker, a little sharper wit, a little more courage, a little more difficult to fool, a little more organized, a little clearer thinker – just a slight edge in most factors. This does not negate the fact that both were highly intelligent. Overall, by using our normal standards of intelligence JFK was our most intelligent president and one of the most intelligent entities overall in our history.

Was he more intelligent than Lincoln? By normal standards, yes, but Lincoln was the type of person who had an intelligence that was not obvious. He didn’t have the natural ability that JFK or H. P. Blavatsky did, but he had an inner spiritual perception that made up for it. Lincoln had the same problem as Bush in that he was accused by many as being stupid, but they underestimated the spiritual intelligence that was below the surface.

Comment: One only has to compare the significance of their works to see that. HPB’s work made the new age possible. JFK was a great statesman, perhaps even a great man, but his legacy is nowhere near as important as HPB’s.

JJ: The significance of one’s work and their intelligence is two different things.

One may be a master at his profession and even famous and then the soul may lead him in a new direction of learning in his next life. Because he is entering new ground he may have little success. For instance, it would be unfair to say Bob in one life could not be the Master composer of a past life because he failed at painting. He may need a couple lives to develop the new talent.

Even so, it is quite possible that JFK’s short presidency was more important than the mission of HPB. Consider the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is quite possible that we would have had a nuclear war if a lesser man was in charge. If JFK did lead humanity away from this development then he fulfilled one of the greatest of destinies possible.

In addition he initiated the Peace Corp, the mission to the moon and civil rights legislation that passed after his death in his honor. Three significant accomplishments. But beyond this he initiated a new optimism that infected the whole world. The White house of his era was called Camelot signifying that the world soul recognized him as an initiate from the likes of Camelot of old.

Comment: Perhaps he was cut off in his prime for a greater purpose and so never got a chance to take his 4th but that is pure speculation and so we can’t know for sure. If we are speculating we could also say that HPB did take her 4th but there is no record of it.

JJ: It’s possible that H. P. Blavatsky was a 4th degree, I know some think she was, but if she was there was no evidence that was passed down or even hinted at. It is unlikely that one who has passed the Great Renunciation would be so addicted to cigarettes to the extent that it would ruin her health.

Comment: While Helena Roerich isn’t as accurate as AAB (I think you gave her a 7 rating from memory) one wonders how she could be *so* wrong about HPB’s subsequent incarnation.

JJ: A seven can still make many mistakes. I think she was given a mission, but she made the mistake of tapping into some of her own thoughtforms and coming up with some misinformation. Again this is why it is so important to trust your own mind and soul above all others – even your humble servant.

“You never attract that which you want but always that which you are.” Neville

Jan 7, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The H P Blavatsky Discovery

The H P Blavatsky Discovery

I’m working on the new H. P. Blavatsky presentation. Since this is a significant discovery I thought I’d take the time to do it right and present it on a web page.

Glenys is right that H. P. Blavatsky did incarnate again as a male. Before she gave us the reference on her handwriting all I had seen was her signature on the cover of The Secret Doctrine, and that is not enough for good analysis. For one thing, the signature often differs from the normal script. It presents the image we like to portray to the world, which is often different than the real person revealed in regular writing.

When I looked at H. P. Blavatsky’s writing on the web I thought to myself that I had seen the writing before. But then that would be impossible for I had never seen H. P. Blavatsky’s regular handwriting. Then I racked my brain trying to recall where I had seen that handwriting before and it came to me. I dug up some samples of this person’s writing and compared it to Blavatsky’s writing and was amazed at the similarities. As I examined more carefully I concluded that there was at least a 99% chance that these two were the same entity.

Just as your handwriting may not look exactly like it did 20 or 30 years ago there are often even more pronounced differences between lifetimes. Proving through handwriting that two personalities in two lifetimes are the same person is a little like proving that your diary as a teenager was written by the same person who writes with a somewhat different script today.

It can be done, but not by proving there is an exact match.

I am making a case as to who H. P. Blavatsky was in her next incarnation. In addition to proving this fact my presentation will also be a strong case for proving reincarnation.

A reader compared the endorsement of the Principles of Unification to the taking of an oath. I can understand the reluctance to the taking of an oath, but is quite removed from an oath.

By endorsing the Principles of Unification you are not making any type of oath or promise. An endorsement is just what the word implies. An endorsement.

You can endorse the eating of Big Macs, but it wouldn’t be an oath unless you gave your word that you would eat one a day or something like that.

You have no more chance of getting on anyone’s black list because of endorsing the Principles than you would by being on this list or by being a registered Republican or Democrat.

Glenys said something interesting I do not recall hearing or reading before:

“Incidentally, because sometimes people ask, the male body is able to withstand the force of the 1st ray energies experienced when taking the higher initiations which is why the majority choose to take those initiations in male bodies. I think this is changing though. HPB took her 4th initiation as a female (but suffered greatly for the privilege) and I think we shall see more female masters in the future.”

JJ: It makes sense that a male energy would have an easier time handing first ray energy. I’m curious where you heard this as well as the source of H. P. Blavatsky taking her fourth initiation. I am aware that she suffered a lot with health problems but never heard of them being connected with initiations. Indeed they could have had an effect, but so did her chain smoking.

There is a strong analogy between a spoken voice and a mental voice. To think is to speak low; to speak is to think loud.” Neville

To read the full discovery go to this link:

Jan 5, 2004

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Blavatsky’s Return

The Evidence Says Yes.

HPB: “There is no religion higher than truth.”
JFK: “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.”

Born: Aug 12, 1831
Died: May 8, 1891
Born: May 29, 1917
Died: Nov 22, 1963

These pictures of John F. Kennedy and H. P. Blavatsky bear a haunting resemblance. Look first at the eyes. Even more than the similarity of the physical images of the eyes is the look of them both has a haunting correspondence.
Also note the shape of the face, the nose, mouth and ears are very similar.

These above pictures provide interesting food for thought but do not provide enough proof to convince the the sincere seeker. The real seeker will want something more concrete. In this rare case we have the something more. We have something as concrete as the fingerprints of these two entities. We have their handwriting.


The above sample of Kennedy’s writing is a draft of his inaugural address in 1961. Next to it is a  sample from HPB. Below is another sample of Kennedy’s writing from about 20 years earlier. Note that there are as many superficial difference between the two Kennedy samples as there is between the two above samples of the two entities.



Even though the pictures provide an interesting clue it was the handwriting of the two who clued me in. A friend gave me a web address containing H. P. Blavatsky;s handwriting. Up to this point I had only seen her signature, but when I finally got a chance to see a page of her writing I thought to myself: “There’s something familiar about this handwriting. It seems that I have seen it before.”

Having forty (now sixty) years experience with hand writing analysis, I rarely forget a script. I reflected a few moments and then it hit me. It seemed that the handwriting of Ms. Blavatsky was very similar to that of JFK.

I immediately retrieved several samples of the late President’s handwriting and made comparisons. As I compared the two side by side I could immediately see why Blavatsky’s writing had a familiar ring. They were very close indeed ­ close enough to make a powerful case that H. P. Blavatsky reincarnated as John F. Kennedy and became President of the United States.

It is interesting that many students of past lives believe that JFK was Abraham Lincoln in a past life because of the many synchronicities between the lives and associations of the two men. I never believed this, however. The reason is that I compared the handwriting of these two and concluded the differences were too basic for them both to be the same entity, even if we take into consideration that there will be some changes from life to life. Since there are changes in handwriting and personality from decade to decade within a single life it is only logical that there would be changes from life to life.

But the question is this: What would change from life to life and what would stay the same?

That which would change would be personality characteristics, cultural attitudes, the tendency toward being an introvert or extrovert and other more superficial things.

That which would remain similar would be related to intelligence. The intelligence would rarely be less as we progress from life to life, but would increase.

The intensity of feeling would also be quite similar as well as the emotional response ­ though emotional response does vary with time, especially if the person faces a trauma of some kind.

That said, take a look to the two handwriting samples and follow me in comparing them.

The most impressive thing to note is the basic intelligence manifested between the two ­ not only brain intelligence, but also emotional intelligence. When we look at the whole picture of the speed of thought, the perception, the passion, the ability to simplify, the aggressiveness etc we see here the handwriting of two of the most intelligent individuals in our history.

JFK is a little more intelligent overall than HPB but this is to be expected if the two are the same entity with JFK having a few years of extra learning under his belt.

Now let us itemize the similarities.


The easiest thing for the layman to see in the handwriting is the general slant. If one makes even a cursory look at the samples above he can see that the slant is very similar. This reveals the general outward emotional makeup.

More subtle and not so easily seen by the layman are the upstrokes in m’s, n’s and other letters which reveal the more inner emotional makeup.

These strokes revealing this inner makeup are also very similar.

This is revealed by the pressure of the writing. Heavier pressure is usually revealed by heavier strokes, but since these samples were created with different pens and we do not have the originals it takes the skill of experience to make a judgment here. In my judgment the pressure is very similar. As evidence of this even the untrained eye can look at the samples and surmise that all of them were written with great intensity and higher than normal pressure applied to the pen.

Now we will examine more closely some other interesting similarities of the handwriting between the two entities. We could belabor this by going through them all one by one, but we will limit our investigation to the more unusual characteristics not found in most handwriting samples.

If, for instance we pinpoint two strokes found in common to 50% of all handwriting that does not present us with much proof, but if we present two items found only on one handwriting out of 100 then we have something. Then if we present two such characteristics we have an increased probability of 100X100 or one chance in 10,000 for the two showing up.

In the next section we will present enough similarities to increase the chances to over a million to one that H. P. Blavatsky and JFK are the same person.

First let us examine the similarities of words that are common to both handwritings. Since I have limited samples of each I was only able to pull a few exact word matches, but this is enough to be impressive indeed. They are more similar than one would expect even if it were a known fact that the two are the same entity separated by 60-80 years of time and circumstance.


One of the most significant similarities between the writings are the gaps within individual words. These two also have short breaks with similar regularity within various words. This is fairly common and shows an intuitive nature, but these larger gaps are fairly rare, especially among the very intelligent.

Such gaps reveal a disconnected thinking that breaks somewhat from reality and is often found among those with low intelligence, drug users or someone physically ill. We know that JFK took an enormous amount of drugs throughout his life and was also plagued with painful illness which he attempted to mask.

Correspondingly, H. P. Blavatsky also suffered from painful illness. It is quite possible that she took some strong medications for them but I do not have any data on this. It is on record that she smoked up to 200 cigarettes a day and this by itself would inject an enormous amount of nicotine in the system.

Even so, neither illness or the use of drugs provides the full explanation. The reason is this. Most people who are ill or use drugs will have a half dozen signs of it show up in the writing. The handwriting of these two entities reveal a very powerful vitality, intelligence, clear thinking and strength, except for this one characteristic. This tells us that both of these individuals exercised the power of tremendous will to divorce themselves from their physical maladies to live life as if they were healthy, vital personalities.

This leads me to draw an unorthodox analysis of the gaps for both entities. I think the gaps would be there for both of them with or without ill health or drug use. While ill health or drug use may make the gaps more pronounced I think the cause is related more to a virtue than a vice.

I believe that both of them contemplated the abstract/spiritual world in his own way and periodically divorced themselves from orthodox thinking and reality as wee know it in the search for answers. The gaps thus show a disconnect, but an intelligent disconnect that added to their creativity.

Whatever the case, such gaps are not at all common among the super intelligent and are rare in this writing combination. Take a look. The first gap in the word “ask” is particularly synchronous.

Examples of Gaps
JFK ………………. HBP


One thing that amateur forgerers do not realize is that the handwriting expert will detect him by too much consistency. When people write they do not sign their names exactly the same each time. Neither do they cross their T’s or dot their I’s in exactly the same place. All of us vary our handwriting as we vary our moods. One thing we look for in finding a handwriting match is a similar amount of variance between any two scripts.

There is an amazing amount of consistency in both small and large gaps in the handwriting of Kennedy and Blavatsky, but how about other factors?

Let us now examine the lower zone of the two handwritings. In this area there is usually some variance, but not like that expressed by Kennedy and Blavatsky. Note that within the variety of the strokes still exists a hauntingly close correspondence.

Again, note the first one which is vary rare ­ consists of two strokes. Maybe one out of a 1000 handwritings would have this oddity.

Lower Zone
JFK ………………. HBP

Another interesting trait revealed is the T cross. The layman may think that there could be only a couple variables in this, but they are mistaken. There are hundreds of ways to cross a T.

Among them are:

(1) The location of the cross on the stem varying from low to above the stem.
(2) Does the cross ascend, descend or go straight from left to right?
(3) Is the pressure heavy or light?
(4) Is it long or short?
(5) Does it create an arc?
(6) Is the arc convex or concave?
(7) Does the stroke increase of decrease on strength?
(8) Does it go to the left or right of the stem?

Considering the number of variables the chances are very high against the fact that we would have two handwritings matching up like these two.

JFK ………………. HBP

An ending stroke that boldly extends shows courage or gutsiness. Again, this is revealed in both scripts.

JFK ………….. HBP


Waves in writing show charm. We know that JFK certainly had this, but so did H. P. Blavatsky. Too bad we do not have her on film so we could have witnessed her personality.

JFK ………….. HBP


Both JFK and H. P. B had the odd habit of making extra heavy i-dots or periods every so often and then making dots with regular pressure the rest of the time. Blavatsky used a fountain pen so her strokes are not as thick as JFK’s for that reason.

JFK ………….. HBP

Note that in the two signatures below they both placed two dots under their names. This is another oddity showing up in both writings. In the 1963 signature Kennedy was under stress. The 1961 signature shows him at his best. From an analyst’s point of view this is a very beautiful signature.

Both individuals underlined items as they wrote.

JFK ………….. HBP




I could spend a lot of time going into small details but here are a number of other important similarities.
(1) The speed of the writing is very similar. They both have a quickness that is shared by less than 1% of the population. The overall intelligence in both handwritings from my analysis is over one out of a million.
(2) The simplification of the writing is very close, with JFK using the fewer strokes ­ another sign of him being a little ahead in evolution.
(3) Perception revealed by the points on m’s, n’s are similar. The similarity is closer if we use JFK’s earlier handwriting.
(4) Both stretch their words out to a similar degree showing them both to be extroverts.
(5) All three zones of the handwriting are similar. We already illustrated the lower zone as with the Y’s, F’s etc. In addition to this the middle and upper part of the writing is very similar.
(6) JFK’s intelligence is a little higher than HPB. This would be true if he was H. P. Blavatsky in a later life.

Is anything in the writing different?

Yes, of course. Just as there are differences in Kennedy’s two samples spanning decades even so will there always be differences in the personality and the handwriting in different lifetimes.

Even so, the differences are less pronounced than expected giving us an excellent case proving reincarnation.

The two most obvious differences are:

(1) The space between the lines of the first two samples. H. P. Blavatsky’s is quite a bit closer together. But then note that the earlier sample from JFK (closer to the HBP lifetime) has his lines with less space between them. This tells us that this characteristic was an evolving trait during the JFK lifetime ­ probably a result from his rising fame which caused him to desire more “space.”
(2) H. P. Blavatsky’s ending stroke on her D’s had an upward flare that was missing in Kennedy’s writing. This is explained by the fact that many handwritings from the 1800’s had this characteristic. This trend became rare in the next generation. As we progress from life to life we often adopt the strokes that are popular. For instance, during the Hippie era many were dotting their eyes with happy faces. Few would consider doing this today.

Overall, the similarities are amazing and from this analysts’ point of view we have here a proof of identity comparable to fingerprints.

Jan 6, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Recognizing Truth

Recognizing Truth

Question: Numerous teachers with conflicting views on numerous subjects teach about Christ and his coming in a similar vein to yourself. How do we sort out the true from the false?

JJ: There is a principle at play here. That is the false spirits and teachers do not have the soul contact to come up with teachings and principles of their own to teach. The truth they have has been stolen from the Brothers of Light.

They will thus take the teachings of truth and make two uses of them.

(1) Take that which has practical use and apply it to their own goals contrary to higher will.

(2) Take the letter of the teachings that their target audience will accept and present them in such a way that it appears they may be teachers of light – for in the eyes of their students they are in harmony with the Brotherhood of Light and past writings from the Brotherhood.

(3) They will make subtle changes and distortions to the teachings past that will deceive their followers and lead them toward the accepting of false conclusions that suit their purposes.

Note that right after a true revelation is given out the first line of attack is to destroy it so it will never be accepted by humanity.

If they find that cannot destroy or extinguish the light their second line of approach is to pretend to embrace it and then alter and distort it from within so the light corresponds to the tomb of matter. Just as the atom has a central light hidden by the darkness of surrounding negative electrons, even so do past revelations still have a brilliant central core hidden by the negative veil of thoughtforms placed there by false teachers.

For instance, many false teachers today embrace the Bible and endlessly teach from it and claim to hold it in the highest possible esteem. This has had the effect of deceiving many through their distorted interpretations, but also in turning off many seekers (who see through these deceivers) from believing the Bible at all. An all important lesson for seekers is to realize that the light in the false teacher and the work he quotes from is rarely one and the same.

It is true then that the false teachers can take any teaching and parrot it as their own. This means that if a master teacher places truth or precepts in black and white telling us what a true teacher will do or teach, then all the false teacher has to do is teach that he supports the same and some will be deceived into accepting the false along with the true.

In fact, the false teachers and their disciples will often study the writings of light with as much diligence as the true disciples just to make sure they have their bases covered.

What happened with the Bible is also taking place with the writings of DK. We have reached a time that many conscious and unconscious deceivers have studied the writings and present them with subtle changes, or certain teachings left out, to mold their students in the direction of the lower self.

That said, what are we to make of the point – that there are false teachers who seem to teach dome correct teachings?

Yes, it is true that no matter how a teacher of light may seek to give a precept to identify a true spirit that all the false teacher need do is quote the precept and say – “Yes, I agree with this. This describes me.”

Let us examine the evolution of the effect of the teaching that “Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.”

There was a short period after the first coming of Christ that this was literally true of the past tense. To acknowledge that Christ had come as Jesus could have brought the death penalty at the time that John wrote this and thus only the true teachers were brave enough to confess their master.

But then, after the days of Constantine, when it became not only safe, but popular to acknowledge that Christ came in the flesh things were reversed. Some were put to death or not properly acknowledging that Christ manifest in the flesh.

Even though the followers of the Beast seemed to be obeying the scripture, we find that if the full principle is examined that the followers of deception will only seek to follow the letter of the scripture and not the principle.

After Constantine the power of unjust authority, or the Beast, had control of the church and the teachers representing the Beast did not acknowledge the “Christ in us” who are in the flesh.

They thus set the stage for the appearance of being in harmony with the scripture, but in truth were out of harmony with the principle.

So what about the question about Benjamin Crème and Joshua Stone? Are they in harmony with this teaching from John?

I am not that familiar with the teachings of Joshua Stone except to note that he has incorporated so many different popular teachings in his curriculum that he seems to have all his bases covered. If you say you are a student of DK he can agree with you on him. If you like the Course in Miracles you can see it represented. The same with the Keys of Enoch.

Obviously both Crème and Stone will go along with the idea that Christ was, is and will be manifesting in the flesh, because this is taught by DK and the both claim to believe in his teachings.

But do they believe in the whole principle?

To find out let us examine the whole principle which is further elaborated in these additional verses:

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

“We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error. Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” I John 4:4-8

There are three concepts here that are not incorporated by false teachers and provide the final key to discovering true spirits.

(1) “He that is in you” is “greater” than he that which “is in the world.”

In other words, even a true teacher will acknowledge that the voice of God which is in the disciple is to be trusted even more than any teacher in the world including himself. The teacher, even if he speaks the truth may be misunderstood, but he who is within us will be reliable and is to be trusted more than any outside authority.

The false teacher will attempt, often by subtle means, to give more authority to his own words than to the inspiration of direct contact with the Christ Principle.

(2) The true teacher will “hear” and follow the words of the inspired teachers of the past. This is more than lip service for he will, through soul contact, see the truth of the world scriptures and teachings given out through the Hierarchy in its different grades and not teach contrary to the principles therein.

(3) Finally, the true teacher will set an example to “love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God.”

Does this mean that the false teacher will teach hate rather than love?

No. In fact he often speaks of love more than the true teacher. Sometimes he speaks of it so much that it is almost nauseating. But proclaiming love and demonstrating love are two different things. Those who are in the soul will sense as well as see in action, word and deed love from the true teacher, even if he rarely speaks of it. But even though the false teacher may speak of love in every other sentence the feeling that touches the soul and sets an example of selfless service just doesn’t seem to be there. The astral people may be touched, but not those with true soul contact.

Old timers here will note that a number of wanna-be teachers have shown up here in the past preaching love to us in every other sentence while at the same time being rude and obnoxious seeming to be far removed from the ability to stimulate the love of the soul in students.

Thus we see that the false teachers can cut and paste and have the appearance of following the true teachings, but when closely examined we see that the full principle is never followed by them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in addition to inspired teachers and false teachers there is a myriad of sincere teachers who are doing their best to teach the truth, but their best is a mixture of truth and error. In addition to this even the best of teachers have some error.

Thus it is always all important to use good judgment and soul contact. But since not all sincere students have consistent or reliable soul contact it is important to study principles such as this one we are discussing so the seeker can be fairly sure his feet are on the right hand path until his spiritual contact and perception is secure.

The key is to always maintain pure intention, or to be pure of heart. As long as this is the case error will eventually be replaced with truth, astral feeling with the pure love of Christ and the lower will with the will and purpose of God.

“If your realized prayer produces in you a definite feeling or state of consciousness, then, inversely, that particular feeling or state of consciousness must produce your realized prayer.” Neville

Jan 1, 2004

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Understanding the Dweller

Understanding the Dweller

Question: You say the Jesus may have to face his Dweller ONE more time. But from the rest of your explanation it sounds like we each must face our Dweller every lifetime, as the Dweller never dies. I guess the question is: Is it possible to defeat our Dweller permanently?

JJ: When the entity passes the personal need to incarnate as a child then he is no longer affected by his personal dweller. But even here he will face a dweller of a different nature as did the Christ when he faced the planetary dweller. As an entity goes through the various cycles he will meet a higher or lower correspondent to the Dweller.

When the Dweller is defeated he will normally be out of the disciple’s life for that lifetime. The exception could occur if the seeker backslides and goes against the light he has received. This would be rare for a person who has gone this far.

A reader gives this quote from DK:

“That thoughtform created by a man since his first appearance in physical form, and called the ‘Dweller on the Threshold!’ Being created by the lower personal self and not by the soul, it is impermanent and is simply held together by the man’s lower energy. When the man begins to function as the soul this “image” he has created, through his “fancy” or his reaction to delusion, is dissipated by a supreme exertion. It has no real existence once there is nothing in the aspirant to feed it, and the realization of this enables him to free himself from its thralldom.” Light of the Soul, Page 21

This does not contradict anything I have said about the Dweller. It is his body which DK is referring to which is the impermanent creation of the personality. But the principle to keep in mind is this. All form is impermanent but there is life in and through all things and all life is eternal and going through the process of evolution.

The question was asked that if it was Gabriel who appeared to Mohammed then how could DK be correct in saying that it was Jesus who overshadowed him? The answer is simple. Gabriel was one of the Kumaras from Shamballa initiating the mission and Jesus was the Master doing the work of guiding Mohammed through his mission.

Question: So then why did Jesus ask for forgiveness for those that crucified him from a God that planned the crucifixion all along and is never offended at anything?

JJ: To murder the innocent is a great sin against the light and creates a dark barrier between their souls (the Son) and the Monad (the Father).

The soul (the Son) must guide the wayward individuals through the darkness toward the light of the Monad. This is the path of the great rebirth, the turning around, or forgiveness that even the worst of humanity must eventually achieve.

All of us must be forgiven by ourselves. The Son within must petition to the Father (monad) to bring us the peace that lies in true forgiveness.

Question: Have you read or heard of “The DaVinci Code”? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Is there such a code?

JJ: Yes. I found it to be a good story while at the same time presenting a good argument for one of the greatest mysteries of history.

If you liked this book you should read Holy Blood Holy Grail which first introduced a factual historical quest for the mystery. In addition to there are several more recent books on the subject.

I believe (but have not received 100% confirmation) that Jesus was not legally married but that he had a committed relationship with Mary Magdalene.

“If he looks backward he can see only the fogs and miasmas of the planes of illusion, and fails to be interested. If he looks forward he sees a distant light which attracts him, but he cannot as yet see that which the light reveals. If he looks around, he sees but shifting forms and the cinematograph of the form side of life. If he looks within, he sees the shadows cast by the light, and becomes aware of much impedimenta which must be discarded before the light he sees in the distance can be approached, and then enter within him. Then he can know himself as light itself, and walk in that light and transmit it likewise to others.” DK , A Treatise on White Magic, Page 61

Dec 25, 2003

Christ-mas Reminder

For some time now the spirit of this time of year has been affecting me more than usual. It happens whenever someone sings a Christmas carol about Christ such as Hark the Herald Angels Sing or Joy to the World.

It seems that each year the intensity of the experience increases.

This year it happened as I was doing some shopping. First I passed a bell ringer and entered a food co-op I frequent. After I was inside a few moments four Christmas carolers came inside and started singing. As they sang my heart burned with greater intensity than it did the year before. The Presence came to me with great power and love and said: “I am near, very near, as is the day of my appearance. Let your faith be renewed… The day draweth near.”

How near is difficult to say from my perspective, but from looking at it with the idea that the promise is around 2000 years old, several decades hence would yet be very near. Yet at the time the coming of the Lord seemed to be in the now. This is because the Spirit always speaks from the point of the eternal present and thus God, when felt, is nearer than any other life.

Even so, I felt the meaning of the message was more than this, for I already have an approximate idea of when certain events will arrive. Instead I sensed the main purpose of the affirmation was to strengthen my faith in the work in which we are engaged in preparing for the reappearance of the Christ.

The problem with a work that requires faith and endurance is that there is a natural tendency, after a period of time, to view the struggle as if it were an academic thing. But then when one is reminded of the reality behind the ideal it is as if an awakening occurs.

Christ is indeed real. The entity who has the position of Christ is real as is the Christ which is in each of us.

For us to be as real as the Master we must see the Christ in ourselves, each other, and humanity as a whole.

Dec 22 & 25, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Concerning Spiritual Progression

Concerning Spiritual Progression

Question: Why would we have to relive our spiritual evolution at the beginning of each life? Wouldn’t this be a waste of time?

JJ: First you want to examine the Law of Correspondences here. Physically we also do this. From the time we start as a single cell we evolve through all the stages of evolution until we take on human features.

What’s the purpose of this repetition in the creation of a physical body?

All new creation is built upon the foundation of all creation from the past.

This principle not only applies to our physical self, but to our personality self and spiritual self.

Each time a new cycle of evolution comes around we review in the first part of our lives all essentials that has been learned in the past so we can properly and successfully prepare for the next step forward.

It is the way of things.

Reading your interesting mails give birth to some questions, that I hope you can answer. What kind of initiations are we talking about and performed by whom?

A new member asks what we meant when speaking of initiations.

When we speak of specific initiations we are talking about spiritual achievements which are recognized by the Hierarchy of Masters as taught in the writings of Alice A. Bailey.

When I teach of initiation in general I am often talking about the general ability of being self motivated enough to act on one’s own initiative.

Question: So are you saying our entities in the past could have possibly been the dwellers of our Solar Angel? We evolved into humans just like our dwellers will eventually evolve into humans.

JJ: That which is eternally you comes from a human monad which began as a seed point penetrating this space time universe. Just as a regular seed grows to maturity by gathering to itself many parts from the soil wherein it is planted even so the monad gathers many diverse parts to create an eventual unity. Some of the parts of the perfected man belonged to Dwellers in a past system.

Question: But what I’m still having a problem with is how can a dweller reincarnate once it has been killed?

JJ: How do we reincarnate once we have been killed? The principle is the same.

Question: Does the person recreate it when he reincarnates?

JJ: He recreates the astral body of the Dweller which is his vehicle of manifestation. The Dweller, as with all lives in form is a fragment of a monad which is never ending.

Question: How does the dweller get more cunning each time around unless it draws energy directly from the person?

JJ: All lives get a little smarter in each incarnation.

Comment: I still don’t see how the dweller can keep coming back once the person has learned how to defeat/confront/absorb the dweller once and for all.

JJ: In each life, as I said, we repeat in miniature our whole evolution and in the process of reliving our negative cycle we create a body of manifestation through which the dweller can reincarnate.

The Satan who appeared to Jesus in the wilderness represented his encounter with his Dweller. Now Jesus had already overcome the Dweller in past lives, but he still reappeared, even to him. His temptations were more difficult than the Bible portrays, but, partially because of past success, he was able to dispel his Dweller in forty days.

But even here the Dweller may have not been completely out of his life for it is written:

“And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.” Luke 4:13

Note that his Dweller did not depart forever, but “for a season.” A season could represent a period in his life or it could mean until his next life where he may have to face his Dweller one more time.

Also note:

“Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.” Matt 4:11

The angels here represent the Angel of the Presence mentioned by DK.

If I understand a reader correctly he is wondering how the many will achieve initiation when it appears that initiates have performed some Herculean work. There just does not seem to be enough great works to go around to offer opportunity to many initiates.

The answer is that there is more opportunity to go around than there are initiates to take advantage of them.

As more disciples become prepared for their next initiation group initiation will become more prevalent. The vision of a great work will be seen by numerous disciples who will work together to accomplish it and in the process move their consciousness up to a higher level through their self (initiate) motivation.

Question: It looks like the disciple is witnessing a face-off between the dweller (which is really him), the angel of the presence (which is really him), and the presence behind the angel (the monad?) But, who is the disciple really?

JJ: The Dweller and Solar angel is not you any more than I am you. I am you in the sense that we are all parts of the One Great Life, but as parts of the whole we are unborn eternal individual units, each with our own differing purposes.

You create the vehicles for the Dweller, but you do not create the life itself. The life which is the Dweller identifies with the vehicle which you create and it believes it is its vehicles just as evolving man believes he is his vehicles.

As DK says the Solar Angel casts a shadow and this shadow becomes our lower nature which the beginning human identifies with and falsely believes himself to be. Instead he is the monadic life which is occupying the shadow of the Solar Angel.

Comment: f I saw “myself” split up into three or more different entities, I would do everything I could to pull all the pieces together, get them working in harmony, and try to fuse them back together. But, maybe that’s the whole point.

JJ: This isn’t really possible because the real you is not three parts but one part using numerous vehicles. When we are done with the vehicles we do not fuse them together but discard them, taking only with us the intelligence and experience they provided.

Comment: I don’t seem to be getting the point. You can lay all the parts to a watch out on the table and study them from now till eternity, but you still don’t have a watch until you put them together. But is it really that important to know how to build a watch when all you want to know is what time it is?

OK, so what we have is a bunch of parts on the table. Maybe at one time they were together, but they aren’t together now, so the job before us it to try and understand what the various parts are, how they fit together, and what the result is supposed to be after they are fitted together.

JJ: The parts were never together. The reason we came here was to make the watch, so to speak. We are not recreating some past watch, but making a new and different kind of watch which has never exactly appeared before.

The Solar Angel is a perfected watch, you are a watch in construction and the Dweller is Gilligan trying to distract you by getting you to take a ride on a boat. Eventually the three will be three watches, not one watch.

How does oneness come in? They will all harmonize and give the same time and fill a similar purpose while being unique in their creation.

They also all came from the same raw materials.

Question: Why not just identify oneself with (i.e. center the attention in) the monad and get it over with?

JJ: This is easier said than done. As we have descended down to our reality we have accumulated numerous limitations. Limitations are an essential ingredient to our evolution, for we cannot expand in intelligence without them. Limitation is the principle behind the Law of Contraction and Expansion. There is no expansion without the application of limitation.

There are a number of limitations between the evolving human and his monad that must be removed before he can even consider identifying with it.

Let us say that you wanted to communicate with the President of the United States? Can you just give him a call and make arrangements for coffee?

Of Course not.


Because there are a number of barriers between you and he. These are limitations that must be removed before you can have access.

If you are serious about gaining access you do not first call him, but must go through a number of steps.

(1) Find out where he is.

If you go to religious authorities you will not find the monad. You must look where the monad is which is within.

(2) Find the true intermediary.

A lot of people may claim to be able to gain access to the president, (Monad) but there is one person (the Soul) who is in charge of scheduling. There are a number of people (true teachers) who may be able to direct you to this intermediary, but even though they are helpful you must contact this person yourself.

(3) Convince the intermediary that contact is beneficial to both sides.

If the intermediary (Soul) and the President (the Monad) sees that your purpose is important enough to draw his attention then he will grant you access.

This is an imperfect correspondence, but it makes the point. Seeking to identify or call on the Monad will not have the intended effect until you have removed certain limitations and grown in purpose and ability.

Comment: In Scientology, everything is addressed to us as thetans, which as near as I can tell, roughly corresponds to the monad — the first unit of individuation.

JJ: The Thetan would most likely be what DK calls the soul – the Higher Self. It’s quite possible L. Ron Hubbard had the teachings of the monad in mind when coming up with the concept of the Thetan, but as far as contact goes he would be reaching the highest consciousness that the individual limitations would allow.

“Dissatisfaction, disgust, distaste, and a deep fatigue are characteristic very frequently of those who are on the verge of discipleship.” DK, A Treatise on White Magic, Page 59

Dec 18, 2003

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