Solar Questions

Solar Questions

A reader wants clarification on what a previous solar system is.

This may have a correspondence, but a solar system is just a very small part of an island universe (a galaxy) or a universe of galaxies. A solar system is merely one sun with a system of planets. The previous incarnation of our sun and planets were a previous sun and planets vibrating to a different key and color frequencies.

When this ancient system finished its life the form returned to it’s quiescent state and billions of years later was reborn as our current little star system about three quarters of the way from the center of the Milky Way.

Question: Could you elaborate on this statement: “…we lived as composite units through the 21 minor centers that still exist within our bodies.

They still exist in all of us. Here is a tabulation given by DK

“The etheric body is a body composed entirely of lines of force and of points where these lines of force cross each other and thus form (in crossing) centres of energy. Where many such lines of force cross each other, you have a larger centre of energy, and where great streams of energy meet and cross, as they do in the head and up the spine, you have seven major centres. There are seven such, plus twenty-one lesser centres and forty-nine smaller centres known to the esotericists. However, we will confine ourselves at this time to the etheric body as a whole and to the seven major centres. It might be of interest to you, nevertheless, to be told where the twenty-one minor centres are to be found. They can be located at the following points:

“There are two of them in front of the ears close to where the jaw bones are connected.

There are two of them just above the two breasts.

“There is one where the breast bones meet, close to the thyroid gland. This, with the two breast centres, makes a triangle of force.

There are two, one each in the palms of the hands.

“There are two, one each in the soles of the feet.

“There are two, just behind the eyes.

“There are two also connected with the gonads.

“There is one close to the liver.

“There is one connected with the stomach; it is related, therefore, to the solar plexus, but is not identical with it.

“There are two connected with the spleen. These form one centre in reality, but such a centre is formed by the two being superimposed one on the other.

“There are two-one at the back of each knee.

There is one powerful centre which is closely connected with the vagus nerve. This is most potent and is regarded by some schools of occultism as a major centre; it is not in the spine, but is no great distance from the thymus gland.

“There is one which is close to the solar plexus, and relates it to the centre at the base of the spine, thus making a triangle of the sacral centre, the solar plexus, and the centre at the base of the spine.

“The two triangles referred to in this tabulation are of real importance. One is above and the other below the diaphragm.”

Esoteric Healing, Pages 72-73

Question: This is so interesting JJ… (the fact that the first solar system was Third Ray and this one Second Ray) so from this level with the manifestation of a new life form, will that be upon the foundation energy of the First Ray??

JJ: There will be some First Ray (the Ray of Power) manifest but all forms and life in this system have the purpose of manifesting Divine Love. In the near future we will see more First Ray demonstrated than ever before in recorded history, but all the First Ray influence we will perceive will be within the context of one of the seven sub rays of the major Second Ray of Love.

Question: So do the Solar angels thus create the next foundation energy system, say for the future the first ray, by incarnating here and creating from here that future system??

JJ: A common name for the Solar Angel is the Higher Self. Eventually your perfected self will fuse with your Higher Self and evolve through all the higher spheres together as this solar system dies. Then in ages and ages hence a new solar system will come into incarnation on the First Ray of Will-Power-Purpose. In that far future age your new and improved Higher Self will reflect again and nurture its new born baby – a new and improved version of you. In this system the Higher Self teaches and guides us through the knowledge and impulse of Love. But in that future system Love will be known and the connection with the Higher Self will be much more direct and we shall walk in that system as gods compared to this one. Power will become manifested beyond our imagination at this time. There are principles where power can be exercised that our imagination is not even capable of perceiving at present. We must perceive where and how power can be used before power can be desired or sought.

Question: So those that had not progressed and ended up here, would they be what is termed the ‘laggards’ that came here, not originally from here??

JJ: There have been teachings circulated that many of the problem people here are laggards from other solar systems. This is not exactly true. The real laggards are mostly from the previous incarnation of this system, not from other current solar systems.

Generally each solar system takes care of their own problem children with one major exception. There are cases where an initiate came very close to choosing the Dark Path and in taking a detour he developed some very heavy karma. His debt was so great that it was difficult for the entity to pay off what he owed in his system as it leans toward the ways of peace. In this case the reformed brother is in need of a more turbulent world where he will be able to perform the needed service.

Some of our greatest teachers and leaders on this planet are these entities who are now centered on the Spirit, but are obligated to give a great service before they can obtain liberation. They are not laggards, but advanced souls with a debt to pay.

Abraham Lincoln was one of these.

Question: So would it be true to say, that in this second group of initiates (from the previous solar system) are those that have already overcome death in some other system, and thus would be termed ‘masters’ by our expression here…

JJ: Not exactly. Those who are Masters here on this earth have become one with their higher Self and are linked Molecularly. What we know as a Master today did not even exist in that previous system. High initiates there mastered form whereas current Masters are also masters of love and wisdom.

Question: Are the Jews of today all reincarnated from the Jews of yesterday, all the way back to Moses, or even their previous planet?

JJ: Many of the Jews who seem stuck in the ways of the past belong to this group of laggards mentioned earlier and will often incarnate into the Jewish race.

However, many of the Jews from the time of Jesus have incarnated into the Mormon church and some of the Jewish leaders from that time are leaders in the Mormon church today. It is interesting that the Mormons even have their own dead sea, a symbol of their dead works.

Question: Are the lives which comprise the heart and the head (to use your examples) the same in each individual i.e. from the same animal ‘family’?

JJ: The animal lives generally make up the lower four centers and they will be different combinations for different entities.

Our differences are created by many differing causes – our past decisions, our bodies, and the ray and astrological influences. The subject is too vast to cover in detail here.

Lives within the centers are a combination of molecular order and fusion. We shall talk more about the principle of fusion at some future date.

Question: When we die and the etheric body dissipates, what happens to these lives? Do they just go back into some kind of storehouse to be used another time? And tell us more about the lives in the centers.

JJ: You answered your own question here. We leave them behind when entering the spirit world and assume a new but similar group of lives in a future incarnation. Sometimes we will take many of them with us to a future life but not necessarily all.

Your solar plexus center, for example is composed of ten petals which slowly unfold. These are ten lesser lives making a greater life. As each of these ten lives contact and merge with the higher self which is you they unfold like a flower reaching upwards. When all ten unfold then the greater life or molecule of ten become a greater life, but still a part of you. This has the effect of stimulating your consciousness and moving you into experiencing new feelings.

The higher centers are stimulated by your higher self and largely composed of lesser angel lives.

Feb 21, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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