The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 24

Day 304

Creating Reality

The Seed Thought:

Give love and acceptance to all and you will have all the love and acceptance that you can handle.

How many times have you heard people complain about how badly others treat them? They are not loving enough, generous enough, kind enough and, instead, treat them badly. To listen to them it would seem that they were cursed with the exceptional bad luck to be surrounded by people of a terrible temperament.

The seeker must realize that there is a lot of truth in the statement, “We create our own reality.” If most of the people around us seem negative then we need to examine the thoughts that we ourselves are producing to create that reality.

This reminds me of a story.

A guy moves into a new neighborhood and has his first encounter with the guy next door and asks, “What are the people like in this neighborhood?”

The guy responds, “What were they like in your last neighborhood?”

“They were a bunch of S.O.B.’s, backbiters, irresponsible, and just out for their own selfish purposes.”

To this the neighbor responded, “Well, that’s pretty much the way that you will find them here.”

The guy was wise enough to know that reality is largely created by our own thoughts and perception.

Understanding this principle is very useful in the selection of friends and romantic relationships. If a person complains about a string of terrible relationships in the past then it is best to avoid that person or you will shortly join the list. If the person complains about all the friends that betrayed him then you’d better distance yourself or you will join that list also.

A complimentary principle here is that like attracts like. Positive people are attracted to others who are positive and the negative to negative. The positive ones create their own heaven on earth and the negative ones their own hell.

If the seeker sends out love and acceptance to the maximum degree possible he will draw others who recognize and appreciate such vibes and people will come into his life who reciprocate that which was given out.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.


Day 305

Love and Hate

The Seed Thought:

You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.

This roughly corresponds to the thought that light can instantly dispel darkness but no amount of darkness can extinguish the tiniest light.

I say the correspondence is approximate because few correspondences are exact yet they are close enough to reveal the principle involved.

Light immediately dispels darkness, but a show of love does not always cause an immediate effect. What does correspond exactly is when love is received. When love is given and then received all hate involved is instantly evaporated just as a light instantly causes darkness to no longer exist.

On the other hand, when one truly accepts love into his consciousness there is no amount of hate that can take it away for love and light are closely related. It is of great importance then that the seeker keeps his focus of attention on both light and love. When the focus is maintained then no amount of darkness, negative feelings or hate can extinguish them.

Once a truth is registered in consciousness no amount of darkness can cause the seeker to snuff it out. Similarly, once the fires of love are registered in the heart the seeker will always choose that feeling over hate.

Jesus was a great example of this principle. In the midst of the agony of crucifixion by his enemies, who hated him, he demonstrated the dominance of love over hate by saying:

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Likewise the love of the true disciple cannot be diminished by those who hate him. He will instead look upon them as if they are little children who know not what they do. He will have faith that the day will come that the love of God will manifest in their hearts and from that point on be the dominate force.

Those who are polarized in hate have never fully registered spiritual love. What they see as love is merely selfish desire. Spiritual love is completely unselfish accompanied by a desire for equal sharing.

Seed Thought of the Day

Those who focus on an end of the world apocalypse often create an underlying energy that leads to the end of their personal world in disaster.


Day 306

The End of the World

The Seed Thought:

Those who focus on an end of the world apocalypse often create an underlying energy that leads to the end of their personal world in disaster.

This is a good time to review lesson 88 dealing with the principle of energy following thought. Because we are all a part of God we all have within us godlike powers. We thus have within us power to manifest our thoughts for thoughts are indeed things and create things. The only reason this creative power is not more apparent is that most have within them many thoughts in opposition to each other. You may have a goal you want to achieve but other thoughts take you on the easy and perhaps more enjoyable road in the opposite direction. You may want to make a great accomplishment, but opposing thoughts do not believe it is possible.

Remove the opposing thoughts and all things become possible.

Easier said than done.

Today as in ages past there is a large percentage of the world who believe we are in the end of days, that we are approaching an apocalypse that will manifest great tribulation in the near future. Fortunately, not everyone has this belief, as there are also many with the opposing belief that mankind has a promising future ahead of them.

These two opposing beliefs interplay and from them is produced a world of uncertainties where a apocalypse seems possible, but so does a better world. How this plays out is largely determined by whether positive or negative thinking dominates.

Meanwhile, even if we have no outside apocalypse the power of focusing, and sometimes even hoping for one, has a powerful effect and such thinking is often powerful enough to cause great tribulation within one’s own world.

A great example of this was David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. They believed the apocalypse was very near and the days of fire and tribulation were at their doors.

It turned out that they were correct, but the fire and tribulation only applied to them and not the world itself. After a confrontation with the authorities their whole compound went up in flames burning many of them alive and destroying their movement.

Their thoughts were directed toward the end of the world and the end of their world came to pass.

Many end of the world thinkers do not suffer such a dramatic ending, but still suffer their own personal apocalyptic scenario. Some suffer financial disaster, devastating breakups of relationships or painful end-of-their world health problems.

The old adage of being careful of what we think applies here. The seeker must focus his mind on seeing both the outer and inner world in as positive and peaceful terms possible. This will aid in making his personal world more of a heaven on earth rather than a hell.

Seed Thought of the Day:

No great truth will come without effort. We must seek it in our quiet moments. As we become sensitive to the inner voice we will all discover truth in some odd places.


Day 307

Holding the Light

The Seed Thought:

No great truth will come without effort. We must seek it in our quiet moments. As we become sensitive to the inner voice we will all discover truth in some odd places.

I have discovered what I consider to be many significant truths in my life that are outside of mainstream thinking. When I have taught them to others I notice an interesting response. Part of the receivers merely registered the information as data with no understanding of the underlying principles. When discussing it later with them it is as if they had never heard of the teaching before, though they may recall a few words that were said.

Then there are others who heard the same teaching, but seemed to have a light turned on inside of them. These seem to grasp more than a few words but assimilated the ideas or principles therein.

What is the difference between the two groups?

The difference is the second group made an effort to understand, whereas, the first just basked in the teaching as one would enjoy a movie for entertainment purposes only.

The seeker must understand that greater understanding does not come by osmosis. When a greater light is available the student must see it as a trigger rather than something just passing by. If he sees it as a trigger then it will act like an alarm clock reminding him to wake up and pay attention. When he pays attention he then applies the principle of holding the mind steady in the light. When the mind is then steady in the light it is as if the light is no longer just passing by, but now held firm as the sun shining in its strength at noonday.

When this occurs the student claims the understanding as his own and it will always be with him.

The student must have his internal antenna up at all times to detect signals of truth. If he keeps up this awareness at all times he will find truth in unexpected places. It could be something like an interview in the media, a comic book, a movie or even a casual statement from a friend. Flashes of greater light comes from other sources than the scriptures or great literature.

Jesus said: “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.” Matt 24:42

This is equally true if worded as follows:

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour greater light will come.”

Seed Thought of the Day:

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Even Jesus was rejected because he was seen as a flawed character.


Day 308


The Seed Thought:

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Even Jesus was rejected because he was seen as a flawed character.

All religions teach about the perfection of God and Christians are big on the perfection of Jesus. This doctrine uses the Bible to justify this, but what is not realized is that theologians rely on a mistranslation. The Greek word for “perfect” in relation to Deity is TELEIOO and the corresponding TELEIOS. This word does not really mean perfection as we think of it today but more literally means to finish, accomplish, or complete.

Here is the main scripture that refers to the perfection of Jesus:

“Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him.” (Hebrews 5:8-9)

“being made perfect” all comes from the one word TELEIOO. This does not mean perfection as we define the word but it implies that Jesus finished his learning so he could do his job.

The Greek word AKRIBELA corresponds to the English perfection implying exactly correct performance. This word was not applied to Jesus but to the attitude of the authorities who crucified him.

Perfection is indeed in the mind of the beholder. What one considers as the perfect response to a problem will be seen as flawed to another.

Many see God as the perfect creator yet take a look at his creations, All humans are different and all have some flaws. It is close to impossible to find a perfect natural diamond or crystal, but easy to find those with flaws.

And take a look at the planets in our solar system. Only earth has perfect enough conditions to support human life.

Even when we look at the creations of God we must admit that perfection among them is difficult to find and then what one sees as perfect another will find flaws.

Instead of seeking a flawless perfection the seeker should seek the perfection of TELEIOO as did Jesus. In other words, the pilgrim will seek to do a work in harmony with the will of God and continue until it is finished, or TELEIOO.

This is doable whereas an exacting perfection in this material world is not.

Seed Thought of the Day

The inner voice must be awakened by focused attention.


Day 309

Focused Attention

The Seed Thought:

The inner voice must be awakened by focused attention.

Focused attention is a key to success in almost any arena of life where achievement is involved, yet it is perhaps the most ignored.

And why is this?

Because focusing one’s attention takes effort and it is the line of least resistance to take the easy way which is to attempt to reach the goal with little or no effort.

The main lesson learned by the life of God as it passed through the animal kingdom was the paying of attention. A wild animal has to learn to pay attention or it will starve or get eaten or killed by a predator. Deep within each human are all the knowledge and lessons of the lower kingdoms which are: the knowledge of the mineral, the feeling of the vegetable and the focused attention of the animal.

All these qualities can be retrieved by human consciousness, but not by osmosis. The individual has to pay attention to the Spirit within if he wants to correctly manifest and use them.

Here is why paying attention to the inner Spirit is difficult for the beginning seeker. From the time of his beginning as a human life all he has felt from within are the feelings generated by his personality self. For a long period of time he is not even aware that there is something else to perceive.

Eventually, he hears others speak of the inner voice or Spirit or has an experience where the Still Small Voice seems to speak. Finally, he realizes that if he pays attention that there is something more within than his own personality feelings and thoughts.

At first the seeker just “waits upon the Lord.” Then after waiting and waiting he either gets discouraged and ceases his quest or realizes he must do more than wait. Instead, he learns that he must be actively involved in directing consciousness toward the union with Spirit and the Higher Self.

Just as a person building a model ship within a bottle must pay a lot of focused attention to the project, even so must the seeker who seeks consistent communion from within must do likewise.

Seed Thought of the Day

Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love and light become known.


Day 310

Earth School

The Seed Thought:

Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love and light become known.

We often complain about problems we have as humans. Many either blame God or refuse to believe saying, “If there was a God then why would He allow pain and suffering?”

The seeker needs to realize that this earth plane is a school and without problems to solve the student learns very little.

One of the most important lessons to be learned is love and the principle is illustrated in this story:

“And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.

“Now when the Pharisee which had bidden him saw it, he spake within himself, saying, This man, if he were a prophet, would have known who and what manner of woman this is that toucheth him: for she is a sinner.

“And Jesus answering said unto him, Simon, I have somewhat to say unto thee. And he saith, Master, say on. There was a certain creditor which had two debtors: the one owed five hundred pence, and the other fifty. And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore, which of them will love him most?

“Simon answered and said, I suppose that he, to whom he forgave most. And he said unto him, Thou hast rightly judged. And he turned to the woman, and said unto Simon, Seest thou this woman? I entered into thine house, thou gavest me no water for my feet: but she hath washed my feet with tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head. Thou gavest me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet. My head with oil thou didst not anoint: but this woman hath anointed my feet with ointment.

“Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.” Luke 7:37-47

This does not mean that we have to become great sinners to learn about love, but it does illustrate the fact that great difficulties provides opportunities for it to manifest.

The woman had a great weight on her shoulders which was relieved by Jesus, causing her to feel a surge of love. When a person encounters difficulties of any kind and receives help from another that brings relief, then love will be manifest.

Great love is often manifest when a group of people undergo a harrowing experience together. For instance, those in the military who go through great battles where they have to depend on each other to survive establish a brotherhood and closeness that few realize. Comrades in sports also establish a strong link.

Such a brotherly love cannot manifest between two who do not go through points of tension together.

Any shared experience involving problem solving bring two or more people closer together and helps love to be known.

The seeker will not realize the power of love through mere osmosis, but must descend to the depths and get his hands dirty if necessary. Peace and love exist most profoundly together when they follow a resolved conflict or problem.

Seed Thought of the Day:

It is difficult for us to clarify with our consciousness that which lies outside our consciousness.


Day 311

Expanding Consciousness

The Seed Thought:

It is difficult for us to clarify with our consciousness that which lies outside our consciousness.

One of the problems with a lot of gurus and self proclaimed prophets is that they elaborate on many things outside of their consciousness while expecting students to accept merely because they say that what they teach is true.

One of the things that is beyond the consciousness of all these characters are the details of future happenings. One can examine future trends and cycles compared with the past and give some accurate indications, but no one has proven they can accurately predict the details of the future.

This gives the seeker a reliable key to weed out the self-deceived teachers. All one must do is examine their writings and see if they have made any serious predictions that did not come true. Amazingly, most of them do make specific predictions and all who have that I have examined have failed prophesies. Generally, close to 100% fail.

So, if a person claims to be of such high consciousness that he can predict the future, and then fails, one must ask – what else has he taught that is not true? What other levels of consciousness that he thinks he is accessing that is illusion on his part?

As sincere seekers, however, we do want to expand our consciousness and stretch ourselves to reach our next level. This is a right direction to take, but problems develop along the way. When the individual touches upon his next level he finds himself on unfamiliar territory and at first has difficulty in articulating what he has perceived. Sometimes he will merely say that it is impossible to put into words.

The truth is that anything can be put into words for the Word is God and with God all things are possible. The difficulty in putting a new experience into words is that the seeker merely has not yet completely processed it and does not comprehend it in his physical brain consciousness.

Therefore, you will sometimes encounter those relating true experiences but giving a description that is not accurate. This is again an important reason that the seeker develop his own soul contact so he can discern for himself the real from the unreal.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The inner spirit only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul vibrates positive for us when truth is spoken or presented.


Day 312

Perceiving Truth

The Seed Thought:

The inner spirit only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul vibrates positive for us when truth is spoken or presented.

The Higher Self lives in a realm where only truth exists which is quite different from the earth plane where unlimited illusions exist.

Here, there are a number of problems with our communications. Some of them are:

(1) Outright lies.

(2) Distortions and exaggerations.

(3) Incomplete communications giving the wrong idea.

(4) Honest communications, which are misunderstood and interpreted incorrectly.

(5) Bias on the part of the receiver causing him not to register what has been said.

In the realm of Spirit these limitations are virtually non-existent for deceptive communication is impossible. Think… if you could read someone’s mind then they could never lie to you.

This earth plane is foreign territory to the soul. When it begins to merge with the lower self and peers out into our world it is like entering a foreign country with different customs and language. It recognizes truth but error and deception are not in its consciousness.

The question that arises then is this: Is the soul any help to the seeker in perceiving error?

The answer is yes and the reasoning is simple. When a true principle is enunciated to a seeker with soul contact he will feel an inner vibration that tells him that there is truth in what is being presented. If there are no true principles then the seeker will draw a blank or a stupor of thought.

Remember the consciousness of the soul focuses on principles rather than data. If the sender is giving out true principles then the data is usually reliable, but it is up to the seeker to verify them if they are of importance. If the seeker gets nothing from the soul then the data is generally filled with distortions and should be investigated to discover the truth.

Then there are times that the soul becomes aware of certain directions of people in your life and will perceive that they will be of benefit or harm to you. If the knowledge is considered important it will send you either a positive or negative impression on these people and it will then be up to you to reflect and figure out how to deal with them in your life.

When the seeker first establishes soul contact these impressions are so faint they seem to be a part of his imagination, but as he places attention on them the link becomes stronger and the seeker becomes confident in what he receives, for he has proven them correct many times.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Never substitute the master within for a master without.


Day 313

The Master Within

The Seed Thought:

Never substitute the master within for a master without.

In addition to the word “master” one could use “teacher” or “authority.”

It is human nature to look at a confirmation from an outside authority before they will accept something as true. And why do they accept a particular authority? For the average person this occurs largely by chance. Such authorities may come from the groupthink of a religion he is in or a political party or group accepted by family and friends.

Once something is proclaimed by this outside authority it is accepted as true, even if it makes no sense when critical thinking is applied. The mind directed by outside authority is so clever that it can take the most illogical pronouncements and rationalize them into acceptable logic for the unthinking conscious mind.

The problem for beginning seekers is this. Before achieving soul contact that which comes from within is not directly from the soul, but filtered through the astral/emotional body which distorts reality. After they have relied on this they have found they have been wrong most of the time. These inward impulses caused them to marry the wrong person, take the wrong job, and choose the wrong friends or maybe a bad belief system.

Therefore, it seems safe for this person to rely on an outward authority who seems reliable. One thing that seems enticing is that if something goes wrong he is absolved of responsibility. He can now just use a version of “I was just following orders” excuse. He can thus make mistakes and remain innocent of failure within his own mind.

What is not realized by those who substitute the voice of a strong authority within for that which is without is that there is a guidance that comes from within which is reliable. To contact it the seeker must rise above emotional contact to the spiritual contact of the Inner Voice through the Spirit from the Higher Self.

This whole course is dedicated to assisting the seeker in finding and securing this contact. Once the contact is made the test is whether the seeker will learn to trust the inward master over the outer self-proclaimed ones.

Seed Thought of the Day:

There are certain words stimulating thought that take the ear back to the vibration of spirit that cannot be corrupted. These are called, “Eternal Words.”


Day 314

Eternal Words

The Seed Thought:

There are certain words stimulating thought that take the ear back to the vibration of spirit that cannot be corrupted. These are called, “Eternal Words.”

There are words that pass away and then others that do not. Jesus talked about this principle when he said:

“My words shall not pass away.” Matt 24:35

What is the difference between words that pass away and those that do not?

First, words that pass away are those that:

(1) Merely repeat something that has already been said.

(2) Do not make sense.

(3) Do not offer a new insight.

(4) Do not clearly enunciate a truth or a principle.

Eternal words that do not pass away, such as those spoken by Jesus, are:

(1) Words that bring additional light to the minds of the receivers.

(2) Words that are original in presentation and not just a repetition of things past.

(3) Words that either clarify a true principle or clearly present a new one.

For example, some of the words of Shakespeare are so enlightening that they bring greater understanding to the mass consciousness and, therefore, do not pass away. Here is an example:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

This is knowledge we should know, but passes over the heads of many; therefore, Shakespeare’s words helped to anchor this important truth and thus will not pass away.

Others may quote and reword this, but it is the original thought offered by the master writer which shall not pass away.

Jesus knew that his words would not pass away because this master soul knew that he was presenting truth and principles in a way that had not been done before, and that these words lifted the consciousness of the receivers to a new level.

Words that do not pass away come from the higher self to the mind of the seeker and should be sought. Often, these eternal words are something tailored to an individual consciousness to bring a greater awareness. When this happens to the seeker the light from the experience will stay with him or her from that point on. Let us all seek the light that comes from eternal words and cherish them.

Seed Thought of the Day:

If we try to solve the equations of the higher realms before we learn our basic lessons, we will neither know the mysteries of the higher or be able to live successfully in the lower. What this leads to is the seeker becoming the dreamer within the dream rather than the knower waking from the dream.


Day 315

Basic Lessons

The Seed Thought:

If we try to solve the equations of the higher realms before we learn our basic lessons, we will neither know the mysteries of the higher or be able to live successfully in the lower. What this leads to is the seeker becoming the dreamer within the dream rather than the knower waking from the dream.

Here is one of the best commentaries on this idea made by Djwhal Khul:

“What do I mean by the dangers of atrophy? Simply this: Some natures become so polarised on the mental plane that they run the risk of breaking connection with the two lower vehicles. These lower bodies exist for purposes of contact, for the apprehension of knowledge on the lower planes and for reasons of experience in order that the content of the causal body may be increased. Therefore it will be apparent to you that if the indwelling consciousness comes no lower than the mental plane and neglects the body of emotions and the dense physical, two things will result. The lower vehicles will be neglected and useless and fail in their purposes, atrophying and dying from the point of view of the Ego, whilst the causal body itself will not be built as desired and so time will be lost. The mental body will be rendered useless likewise, and will become a thing of selfish content, of no use in the world and of little value. A dreamer whose dreams never materialise, a builder who stores up material which he never employs, a visionary whose visions are of no use to gods or men, is a clog upon the system universal. He is in great danger of atrophying.”

Letters on Occult Meditation – Page 97

Most of us have met aspiring individuals who focus on fanciful ideas floating around in their heads while ignoring down to earth realities which must be dealt with. These people usually dwell in poverty on the material plane as well as in relationships for they do not cross their Ts and dot their Is in the world of experience.

The seeker must avoid this trap and render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and take care of essential business. When he does this he can then focus with peace of mind upon higher ideals.

Seed Thought of the Day:

I cannot alter the will of God, or even the whims of fate, but can adjust my mind and heart to create a positive outcome.


Day 316

Accepting Limitations

The Seed Thought:

I cannot alter the will of God, or even the whims of fate, but can adjust my mind and heart to create a positive outcome.

Harmonious with this thought is the Serenity Prayer used by 12 step programs which reads:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.”

There’s also the famous quote of Clint Eastwood from the movie, Magnum Force:

“A man’s got to know his limitations.”

The seeker must realize that there are things that are under his control and then others that are not.

The individual does not have power to control the weather, who is elected president, what time the sun will rise or decisions made by others. He may have a small influence on some large events, but overall he has to accept that such things will happen with or without him and must be incorporated into his reality.

Then there are other items over which we do have power. The most important is the power of decision itself. We have the free agency to make decisions within the realms of our ring-pass-not.

Within our limitations we have full power over:

(1) Words we speak.

(2) Books we read

(3) Friends we select

(4) Careers we pursue

(5) Our entertainment

(6) How we use our time and much more.

Any time we pursue a positive goal there will be hurtles to overcome, but if we make the best of the powers we have, and do not give up, a satisfying result can be obtained.

Along the way to success many seekers make the mistake of not taking their limitations into consideration on one hand, and not relying on decisions within his power on the other. Thus when they fail they often succumb to the temptation to see themselves as victims.

The fact is that we are all in the same boat and face similar advantages and disadvantages. The differences which exist are more related to consciousness than circumstances. There is a way for seekers to achieve most any desire if they persist within the light.

The path to the unlimited is through wisely dealing with limitations.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You are an authority on yourself more than anyone else. Do not let anyone else define who you are.


Day 317

The Highest Authority

The Seed Thought:

You are an authority on yourself more than anyone else. Do not let anyone else define who you are.

Perhaps you have been called a liar, hypocrite, racist, bigot, sexist, hater etc. and you knew that you were none of those things. You explain your true views but the attacker insists that he is right, even though he is unable to present any evidence of your inner thinking.

The guy has the gall to believe he knows your actual thoughts better than you know them yourself.

A problem occurs when the seeker may doubt his own authority over that of a negative person trying to define him. In all cases the seeker needs to examine his own thoughts and not let an outside authority convince him that he is thinking or believing something other than what is real.

Can some really be convinced that they think differently than their real thoughts?

Some time ago Dateline arranged an experiment with college students. They had unsuspecting victims participating with a group of about a half dozen that knew what was going on. The group was shown a set of four lines and of the four there were two of equal length and two obviously unequal. They were then asked to pick the two lines that were equal. They showed the lines on TV and it was obvious which two were the correct match.

The next thing they did was to have the planted students all give the same wrong match. Then when it became the victim’s turn you could tell he began to doubt what his eyes and reasoning were telling him. Some of the victims gave the right answer for a round or two but, one by one, each victim gave in and started giving the wrong answer as the right answer, even though they knew within themselves that it was wrong.

The interesting thing about watching their faces on TV was that they all looked a little depressed when they started knowingly giving the wrong answers as right answers. It was almost like the poor kids were selling their souls.

Even so, some will allow others to define them in ways that defy perceived reality.

Does this mean that introspection of ourselves always produces a reliable assessment of ourselves?

Yes and no. Each of us knows for sure what we think and feel at any given moment. Such thoughts and feeling truly represent what is occurring inside, but that does not mean that one’s thoughts and feelings represent true reality.

For instance, one may believe his thoughts and feelings represent a very giving person, but when contrasted with that of 100 other people he may find that he is really in the bottom 10%. It is true that he feels that way, but truth is not born out in his actions.

Thus in dealing with other people the seeker should accept that each individual is the world’s greatest authority on what he thinks and feels, but at the same time question their accuracy if they do not seem to reflect reality when contrasted with humanity as a whole.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Creation begins with thought, then contemplation, next a feasible plan, then the plan into words and finally the words into sustained action.


Day 318

Creation Principles

The Seed Thought:

Creation begins with thought, then contemplation, next a feasible plan, then the plan into words and finally the words into sustained action.

A thought marks the beginning of all creation and rightly so for thought is associated with the life of God. We have heard that God is love, but even more foundational is that God is thought for not even love could exist without thought.

And what produced thought one may ask? Thought and intelligence is manifest though the eternal interplay of cause and effect. Thus, cause and effect, as well as thought, are the two eternal principles that are co-dependent and have always existed and will always exist.

This seed thought is a formula for successful creation as all successful endeavors begin with a thought and then is followed by contemplation upon the thought or the idea.

This second step often lacks attention and focus thus leading to disaster or incomplete creation. The seeker must take the seed idea and allow it to come to life within the womb of the mind and heart to then give birth to a workable plan or blueprint for success. If there is not enough thought applied to create a workable plan then all the effort in the universe will not produce success. There will occur failure after failure until sufficient contemplation is applied to create a workable plan.

The next step is to put the plan into writing or some type of physical blueprint or model that can be shared. This sharing will draw others who will assist in the creative effort.

The final step is to sustain action directed at the final creation until success is achieved. This is the second major step where failure happens as many give up when difficulties present themselves. But, if the plan is good then it is only a matter of time and energy expenditure before the creation will manifest.

Seed Thought of the Day:

True peace comes not through suppressing dissent, but in allowing conflict to be resolved through maximum freewill.


Day 319

True Peace

The Seed Thought:

True peace comes not through suppressing dissent, but in allowing conflict to be resolved through maximum freewill.

Many there are who are deceived into thinking that peace is equated with a vacuum of physical dissent from opposing beliefs. This false peace manifests in tyrannies where the slightest disapproval of the “Dear Leader” brings imprisonment or death. Such draconian measures do cause the appearance of stillness, or false peace, on the physical plane, but where is the peace in the minds and hearts of the loved ones of the one who was martyred? The hearts of the spouse and children of such a person are ablaze with rage as the crowds shout with approval to the tyranny that persecuted him or her.

This false idea of peace manifests not just in authoritarian governments, but in all nations and groups throughout the world. Lack of agreement may not be met with death or imprisonment but it usually reveals disapproval and lesser, but still effective, punishments meted out such as, loss of job or status, loss of love or family association, unfriending, shunning or threat of damnation from a religious group. These threats in a free society are often almost as effective in creating a false peace as the tyrannies. This is especially true of a religion that holds the threat of eternal hell over the head of a true believer.

On the other hand, the threat of ostracization is very powerful in any group where the thinker represents a small minority. Just having to deal with being the sore thumb in the group is a difficult situation for many to handle.

The fact is this. If free speech is allowed with no draconian punishments attached there will be disagreement and conflict, but just as light is only revealed through contrast even so truth that leads to peace on all levels is only revealed through the contrast of truth and error. Without that contrast manifesting through the principle of freedom then ignorance through false peace will prevail.

There is a principle called “harmony through conflict” which tells us that a certain amount of conflict must be resolved before true harmony and peace can manifest. The true seeker must not seek to suppress conflict, but to resolve it through the promotion of true principles.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The higher nature can fulfill the lower but the lower cannot fulfill itself.


Day 320


The Seed Thought:

The higher nature can fulfill the lower but the lower cannot fulfill itself.

The bureaucracies of the world illustrate the truth of this principle. They create a problem and then those who created the problem attempt to solve it and wind up making things worse. To solve the problem, requires thinking, unencumbered by the deficiencies of the ingrained groupthink, so an efficient solution can be presented.

With humanity in general, problems are attempted to be solved on three levels.

The first is the emotional level in connection with the computer aspects of the brain. The decisions here are determined by what feels right which often disregards reasoning to the contrary. This is by far the most popular method of decision-making and greatly flawed, for what one desires to be right or true is often set with many flaws.

The second is the thinking part of the mind, which uses reasoning and logic. A minority are polarized in this even though it is much more accurate and can correct many of the mistakes made by the feeling nature.

The third is the intuitive/spiritual approach through soul contact. Whereas, the mind can reach a dead end and slay the real, soul contact always reveals true reality and is the most reliable of the three. Unfortunately, only a handful of people are centered here.

Each seeker desires the greatest possible fulfillment, but to find this he or she must realize that the lower nature does not have the power or intelligence to fulfill itself. The emotional nature consistently sabotages its own desires and understands not the path of peace and happiness.

The reasoning mind sees at a higher level and can do much to assist the emotional nature in reaching stabilization. It has its limits and eventually reaches dead ends in its reasoning.

The intuitive/spiritual self sees from the widest angle of vision and can fill in the gaps and errors created by the mind. Because the Higher Self is linked to the Life of God it is the source of the most complete fulfillment for humanity.

When soul contact is not perceived the seeker needs to use his reasoning powers as the highest point of decision, but influenced by positive desire. But when those flashes of inspiration come through the soul he has the ultimate guide on the path of fulfillment.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The most potent control happens when the person does not realize he is being controlled and the strongest prison is that where the prisoner thinks he is free.


Day 321

The Strongest Prison

The Seed Thought:

The most potent control happens when the person does not realize he is being controlled and the strongest prison is that where the prisoner thinks he is free.

The average person has numerous implanted mindsets that control his thinking of which he is unaware. He thus thinks he is in charge of his thinking and destiny when he is a slave to direction that comes from a source outside of himself.

This can result in a situation where the person is a slave to an outside will while thinking he is following his own.

There is an advantage to being a slave and realizing that you are a slave. In such a situation one will fight for his freedom. The problem is exacerbated when he is a slave, but does not know he is a slave and truly believes that he is sacrificing of his own free will. In this situation he will not fight for his freedom and will remain in slavery until light is shined on his ignorance.

So, what are some situations where a person is in a prison of sorts but does not realize it? Here are a few.

(1) In religion. The believer sacrifices time and money to support his religion when none of his beliefs are his own. Instead, he was raised in that religion and is enslaved by the belief system implanted in his. He doesn’t think to question it.

(2) Even if he is a convert to a religion he can be enslaved by it if he accepts all beliefs as coming from an all-powerful God who is not to be questioned. He donates money not questioning how it will be used and supports teachings, not thinking them through.

(3) Politics. Just like religion many are slaves to beliefs instilled into them by their parents, friends, groups and teachers. Many give their support as slaves to a master without even thinking through their beliefs.

For instance, reporters have taken the stand of candidates that are hated by various individuals and told them they come from a politician they love and they instantly support such issues, obviously showing slavery to an ideal rather than reason.

(4) Average citizens. In the United States the average person pays over 50% in taxes when all of them are considered, but many do not believe we pay enough and do not consider them slaves to the system. Consider that in ancient Rome it was common for slaves to run a business and only pay a third of the profits to the slave master.

The seeker must free himself from implanted thoughts that control him. He will do this by examining all his beliefs and testing them out in the light of his heart, mind and soul. Then when he understands why he believes what he does he takes a great step toward liberation.

Thought of the Day:

As the seeker transverses the valley of the shadow of death in the blackest pitch, a hand extending love or light is seen with overwhelming joy that could not be experienced in the light of day.


Day 322

Extending Love

The Seed Thought:

As the seeker transverses the valley of the shadow of death in the blackest pitch, a hand extending love or light is seen with overwhelming joy that could not be experienced in the light of day.

The biggest complaint about God is that we live in a world where we have to endure many negative things such as pain, suffering, loneliness, depression etc. They claim that if there is really a God then there would be no suffering or deprivation – that all would be bliss and peace instead. Why would God want anything else?

The answer is that it is not some god on a throne that wants all the difficulties that surround us in this world, but ourselves. We are the ones who volunteered to come here and were happy to do so. Therefore, if a person wants to blame anyone for a difficult situation he finds himself in he must blame himself.

“So when did we volunteer to enter a world with pain and suffering?” asks the skeptic.

The answer is that you are an eternal being who came from a higher plane where there is perfect peace and bliss. You decided you wanted a new and different challenge that would expand your awareness and appreciation for the things of the spirit. We could call this the Bodybuilding Principle. Behind this is the truism, “No pain, no gain.”

In other words, to build a strong body which can handle great challenges with ease the person has to put himself through a strenuous program that takes great effort and is quite uncomfortable over periods of time. But, after going through such an agenda, the person sees great progress toward his goals.

Even so, before birth we planned and agreed to the life we have now in hope of obtaining a great benefit from it. Ironically, some of those who are now in the most painful of circumstance were most eager to plunge into it because of the benefit that would be later realized.

Two great realizations come to the seeker as an increase of light and love and these often manifest in the most difficult of situations. When a seeker feels crushed by negativity or overwhelming circumstances and experiences a hand extending in loving support he will feel a sweet spiritual uplift that is priceless.

There are many out there who need a word of cheer or encouragement, or assistance, and the seekers who have the strength can do much to increase the flow of love in the world by reaching out and doing what they can to help. The reward will be beyond anything money can buy.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Human nature generally takes the easy way and just wants to be told the answer by some authority instead of being forced back upon their own souls.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 19

Day 219

Contemplation and Seed Thoughts

If you have incorporated the lessons from this course so far you have taken a number of steps that will bring you in closer rapport with your Higher Self. The most important ingredient is to recognize truth when it stares you in the face. This sense of correct perception is only developed by one with a sincere heart. This is why we wrapped up the lessons with the 24 Principles of Discovery. These principles are designed to be used by all. No extra sensory perception or mystical skills are needed. All the seeker has to do is use his common sense and an honest approach to apply them. Some of the other exercises take significant effort and spiritual sensitivity, but these just require an effort all can make.

Once one has the basics of discovery down then he has taken a giant step toward soul contact for the soul lives in a realm where truth prevails and truth attracts truth. To attract the attention of your soul you must love the truth and seek to find it.

If, then, you ever feel out of sync with your Higher Self go back and review the Principles of discovery. They will set you in the right direction so you can take the greater steps provided in this course and to you through your own soul.

The course will finish with a year’s worth of lessons providing additional seed thoughts for your contemplation. These will be followed by several questions that are designed to cause your mind to reach out to your soul for understanding.

The practice of contemplating seed thoughts is one of the best ways for the seeker to strengthen the link between himself and his soul. Energy follows thought and if you daily apply thought on a seed thought to increase understanding you cannot help but strengthen the link between yourself and your soul.

The lessons on seed thoughts were on Days 74-76. It may be helpful to review them.

Seed thought for the day:

“Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.”


(1) How and why do words veil truth?

(2) Have ever you tried to explain things with clarity yet were still misunderstood? (A hint is found in this question.)

(3) How do you see beyond the veil to see the truth behind the words spoken or written?

(4) How do you know when your words are understood?


Day 220

Words Veil Truth

I’ll just make a few comments on yesterday’s seed thought. The understanding that words veil truth is very important because it opens the door to greater understanding.

Those who have not opened this door like to see words as black and white in meaning, only conforming to their definition. Yet everyone uses words a little differently and to understand an author one must get a feel of his thinking so you can interpret him as he intends, not as you think the meaning should be.

The words of Jesus were about as simple and plain as word could be yet they are interpreted hundreds of different ways by the thousands of sects.

The common phrase we are looking for here is, “reading between the lines.” This refers to an intuitive perception that the wise reader must gain, for it is impossible for an author to give all the possible details in a script. If he even tried to do this the work would bore readers to death.

I have written many short seed thoughts for my readers consisting of just a sentence or two. To make it quotable it cannot be long, so much has to be unsaid. Consequently, the reader must do so reading between the lines and see the point that is being made. Here is the one I wrote today which will also be the seed thought.

“The only good thing about a failed life is the biography makes for interesting reading.”

As I expected some readers missed the point and stated that we learn a lot from failure.

What do you suppose I really meant here and what do you suppose a failed life is? Then, on the other hand, what would constitute a successful life?


Day 221

The Failed Life

Yesterday’s seed thought:

“The only good thing about a failed life is the biography makes for interesting reading.”


First the seeker must understand what is meant by a failed life. If you read my intent correctly you would have come up with something like this:

“A life that does not live up to its potential and falls short of what was expected by the Higher Self.”

Of course, there are lessons to be learned by examining any life and within each life are learning points. Most would consider dictators like Hitler, Stalin or Mao failed lives for none of these advanced soul purpose. These men and others used their talents to advance a material agenda leading to reduced freedom of the human spirit.

They may have learned certain individual lessons but they failed to be of spiritual service to humanity.

Even though these men were on the side of failed spirituality they did have interesting lives. Hitler, perhaps the greatest villain of all time, has fascinated historians and other writers since his emergence.

One failed life does not equate to all effected by him being failures also, Because of Hitler and World War II many lessons were learned and hopefully the errors will not be repeated.

A suicide represents another failure and any person committing this act in his prime of life will be disappointed in himself when arriving at his life review.

Most failures in life are caused by either bad decisions or just plain inertia and lack of will to move forward.

Now let us look at the next seed thought:

“There is nothing too good to be true.

Nothing can be withheld by those who persevere.”


(1) How would a black and white literalist miss the truth behind this thought?

(2) What is the real truth behind the words?


Day 222

Seeing the Principle

The Seed Thought:

“There is nothing too good to be true.

Nothing can be withheld by those who persevere.”

A contrarian may read this, object and say. “That’s not true. There are a lot of good things that cannot come true. If six individuals want to be the richest person in the world only one can achieve this and chances are none of them will.”

The contrarian can find a reason to object to anything positive as it is much easier to take the negative route than the positive. In doing this though he will often miss the core meaning that is being presented whereas most seekers will get the general idea behind the thought which is this: All things which are good and desirable can be achieved or acquired. Of course, this will not happen instantly but can over a period of time.

You may not become the richest person in the world, but can have all the things that make life worthwhile that this person may have.

We have all heard the phrase “too good to be true” applied to obvious scams and there is truth in that application. But get rich quick schemes are not necessary to achieve that which is truly good. Nothing which has a true benefit for the soul is too good to be true. All of us can achieve much more than realized and should not be discourages by some telling us that such achievement cannot be accomplished or is too good to be true. This quote from Napoleon Hill encapsulates the intended thought:

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.”

Here is today’s seed thought:

Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light. Soon your next step will be revealed to you.


(1) How is this direction different than advice given by the preachers of the world?

(2) What if the highest you know is wrong?

(3) When are you most tempted to not follow the highest you know?

(4) Why does following the highest you know lead to revelation?


Day 223

The Highest You Know

The Seed Thought

Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light. Soon your next step will be revealed to you.

This thought runs contrary to that demanded by the preachers of the world. They basically do not trust their followers to go by their own inner light and follow the highest they know. Instead they merely demand that they follow God and what that turns out to be is the highest the preacher knows.

Sometimes the highest the seeker knows is wrong, but if he or she is honest in heart then he will discover his error, correct it and get settled on the strait and narrow path to truth. Thus by following the highest one knows turns out to produce valuable lessons.

The greatest temptation to neglect the highest one knows comes when an outer voice attempts to become the seeker’s greatest authority. When an authoritative outer voice demands to be followed suffer dire consequences then the seeker is often tempted to follow that rather than follow the proven inner voice which indeed represents the highest the seeker knows.

The highest the seeker knows comes from that which is received and formulated within his own being and if he follows this above the clamoring voices without then the communication lines to the soul become strengthened which leads to insights and then revelation or unlimited knowledge.

Today’s seed thought:

When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.


(1) Are there things that are called extreme today that were considered normal a few years ago and are there others that were seen as extreme a few years ago that are normal and acceptable today?

(2) Are you one who is balanced in the middle or on an extreme?

(3) Why is one who is balanced in the middle seen as an extremist by many?

(4) How does one find the middle point of maximum truth?


Day 224

The Middle Way

The Seed Thought

When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.

A lot of truth can be revealed when contemplating this thought. Indeed, there are many things that are called extreme today that were considered normal a few years ago and there are others that were seen as extreme a few years ago that are normal and acceptable today?

For instance in the nineteenth century there were many practices and beliefs that were common that would be considered extreme today. There were Bibles and prayer in all the schools and many public buildings. Public buildings were often used for church services. Those people would have considered our idea of the separation of church and state extreme as does the present generation look upon their interpretation.

In our past public hanging and dueling to the death was the norm but today that would be viewed as extreme action.

Anything other than heterosexual identities was considered extreme perversion, whereas today the alternative people are widely accepted and those who maintain the old views are seen as extreme.

From 1917 to 1965 the United States had restrictive immigration laws that people of today would declare to be extreme and racist, but the people of that time would see us as the extremists.

People’s views change like a pendulum moving back and forth over a reasonable center.

The question the seeker must ask is how close he is to the midway point of balance. Most people have difficulty in accessing this objectively as most extremists think it is the other guy who is extreme, and not himself.

The strange thing for the one who does manage to balance himself between the two extremes is that he will often be accused of being extreme by both sides. The reason for this is simple. Most people view themselves as being normal and those who differ as the extreme.

Finding the point of balance in the center takes an open mind willing to study both sides of an issue and then use good judgment to pick a position. The true seeker will access the soul in doing this.

Today’s seed thought:

The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.

We look at the world around us and marvel at the unseen hand behind the beautiful planet, the flowers and the teeming life, but often overlooked is the greatest miracle of all which is that anything exists at all. Contemplate this thought and see where it takes you.


Day 225

The Greatest Miracle

The Seed Thought

The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.

Seekers appreciate seeing the intelligence of God manifest in the creation of all life with its beauty and great complexity. This is especially revealed in modern research into DNA, which turns out to be more complex than anything we can copy or duplicate at this time. The complexity of life on the microcosmic scale has convinced some open minded scientists that a great intelligence is at work.

Scientists also came upon a great mystery when they discovered the universe is expanding. They reverse engineered the expansion and came to the conclusion that the whole universe was once contained in a single point smaller than an atom. That point, they call a singularity, exploded in what is now called the Big Bang and from that incident came all there is.

Where this point of condensed essence came from or what caused the explosion they do not know. Unfortunately, most scientists do not want to consider that Divine Intelligence had anything to do with it.

Science and philosophers are happy to look at the effects of existence, but ignore the greater question which is this.

Why does anything exist? Many think it is a fanciful thought that God in some form could be real, but is it not just as amazing that anything exists at all? If at one point there was nothing, not even God, then how could there be something at another point?

I will share the results of my contemplation on this. The one thing that is eternal is the principle of cause and effect. This principle has always been and the interplay produces intelligence, which is also eternal. Cause and effect directed by intelligence has created all there is including the manifestation of all life, Divine and otherwise, in the universe.

Today’s seed thought:

In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

Contemplate the meaning of love and the truth contained in this statement.


Day 226


The Seed Thought:

In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

Many spiritual teachings emphasize the oneness of God and all life for God is seen as the embodiment of all there is. This is a little like the idea that the human body contains around 37 trillion cells, each having a life of their own yet form a greater life which is you. You are one life, yet represent many lives.

Another example of oneness is found in the example of the ocean. Each drop of water in the ocean identifies with the whole. It is not until the drop of water is separated from the ocean that it is seen as a separate thing. Then when the drop is placed back in the ocean it again becomes one with the ocean.

Right now we are like drops of water that are separated from our source who is God. The end of our progressions is to become one with God and manifest the injunction of Jesus:

“Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.” John 17:11

We are more like a cell in the body of God than a drop in the ocean, for the drop loses its identity when merged but the cell maintains a separate life while being one with the body.

In this reality we have left our Source and are gaining experience through the illusion of separateness. To get back home each of us must discover love. Love is that great force which draws all creation back to its center. To get back to that oneness of being requires the seeker to experience love one individual at a time at first. After he or she learns from many people, one at a time, the seeker will eventually move on to embrace all life and share a oneness on higher levels. Love is thus discovered through many individuals, but reaches its apex in oneness.

Today’s seed thought:

None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.

How is it that our wants and desires often cause us problems and how do conflicting wants amplify our problems?


Day 227

Conflicting Desires

The Seed Thought:

None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.

The problem with our desires is that we have a lot of them and they conflict with each other.

For instance, a lot of people want to be rich, but generally material success requires the investment of a lot of time and energy on the goal. Many successful people have had to sacrifice numerous things they desired to attain it.

Here are some desires that many find to be in conflict with the desire to be rich.

(1) Spending more time with family.

(2) Enjoying leisure time

(3) Sleeping in

(4) Developing talents.

(5) Surfing the internet

(6) Spending time on spiritual development

In other words, there are many desires most of us have that that keep us from being as wealthy as we may desire. Most desire more wealth, but they desire other things more. The desire that is strongest in the mind at the present will win out.

If your kid has a ball game at the same time you could be making a business deal and you go to the ball game it doesn’t mean that you didn’t desire to make a successful deal, but it does mean that you desired to support your kid more than you desired the financial gain. The strongest desire will always win out.

Now let us apply this principle to the seed thought.

Everyone desires good health and the desire for good health is pretty powerful. You would think that we would not let any other desire take prominence over this, but unfortunately we do.

Good health requires us to eat nutritious food but we often desire junk food and yield to them because we like the taste or like how they make us feel at the moment. Because the negative effect on our health is not immediate many let their desire for harmful foods take prominence over health.

Exercise is also essential for health and we often let the desire to do other things take precedence over the desire for adequate exercise.

Knowledge of what creates good health is essential yet most would rather see a good movie than read a health related book.

Yes, we all want good health, but there are many other desires competing for our attention that will take us away from the goal.

The solution to the problem is simple yet difficult. The seeker must use the power of will to control and direct desire so the important desires dominate.

Today’s seed thought:

If a teaching seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.

Do you know people who believe things that make no sense?

Why do they follow something that is not logical?

Now search your own beliefs. Can you logically explain them all? Why not?


Day 228

Making Sense

The Seed Thought

If a teaching seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.

This seems like a logical and obvious truth yet if people search their belief systems they will usually find a number of beliefs that they accept that make no sense. Here are just a few common ones.

(1) Catholics believe that when they take the Eucharist that it is transformed into the literal flesh and blood of Jesus.

When you stop and think about this it indeed makes no sense and I’m sure many good Catholics doubt that it is true.

(2) Many who believe in a literal physical resurrection reject cremation because they think the elements that composed their body will be needed to bring them back to life.

On the other hand, the body is completely renewed with new elements every fourteen years so even nature does not require you to keep possession of the elements of your body.

In addition many humans in past ages have died and become fertilizer for plants that have been part of other human bodies.

(3) Too literal of an interpretation of the Bible lead many into illogical errors such as

  • The universe was created in six 24-hour days.
  • The earth is no more than 10,000 years old.
  • The earth is flat and surrounded by a dome.

(4) Conspiracy theories. To deny the existence of conspiracies is not logical, but to see a conspiracy under every rock is even more illogical.

Every major event has conspiracies associated with it and many of them do not make a lot of sense. Most real conspiracies involve a small number of people and usually involve taking someone out.

I remember when the tsunami happened in Indonesia in 2004 I figured that even though it was a natural event that some would find a conspiracy involved. I jokingly wrote this:

“Too much attention has been placed on the problems in Iraq lately and Bush needed a diversion. He thought he would kill a few Islamic terrorists in Indonesia, at the same time as creating diversion, so he dropped a 100 megaton atomic bomb in the Indian Ocean on a fault line. This created the largest earthquake in recent memory causing the giant Tsunami which killed over 150,000 Moslems and left millions homeless. This sent an underground message to the terrorists to not mess with Texas.”

Then within days of writing this, conspiracy theories popped up along this same idea.

Not every big event has a conspiracy behind it but most have anomalies that could provide fodder to drive conspiracy thinking.

Sooner or later the seeker will find that all things that are in harmony with his or her soul will be logical and make sense to the reasoning mind. If your Higher Self has not revealed the truth of a teaching to you then the safest course is to not accept it until it makes sense.

Today’s seed thought:

Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pushes us forward.

Think of at least three questions you can ask yourself about this thought as you contemplate it.


Day 229

Right Direction

The Seed Thought

Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pushes us forward.

This seed thought directs the mind toward a different idea of what good and evil is than is presented by the orthodox view. And what is the orthodox view?

The standard idea is often presented somewhat nebulously with statements such as.

“Good is being on God’s side.” But who defines what that is?

“Good is obeying the commandments and following scripture.” But many have different ideas of how to do this.

“Good is to support your church and its leaders.” But what if they are in error?

Then evil is the opposite of the above and particularly applies to those who follow the tricky devil.

The problem with the standard idea of good and evil is that all of us can be classified as good or evil by someone’s definition of the term.

This new seed thought cuts through the illusion and defines good or evil by direction. If you are headed in the direction of spiritual progress you are following the forces of good, even though you may make a few mistakes or have some beliefs that would classify you as evil in the mind of the fundamentalist.

On the other hand, if you are not applying yourself and retrogressing in spiritual progress you are on the path of evil even though you may have as squeaky clean image and be quite pious.

It is advisable for the seeker to reflect often on this though and ask himself regularly the question: “Am I moving forward or backward?” The path forward always takes us toward greater freedom and removal of limitations. The path backward restricts our freedoms and increases limitations.

Today’s seed thought:

The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.

Finding three questions around this thought should be no problem.


Day 230

To Initiate

The Seed Thought:

The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.

It is the natural tendency of us humans to want the rules laid out for us. We want to go from A to B to C and achieve D. We are willing to work hard if the path is clear and all we have to do is follow it.

Instead of going where no man has gone before the inclination is to follow in others footsteps and achieve as they have achieved.

Now there is nothing wrong with learning from others and following a path to achievement that others have paved. We have all done this to a degree. A certain amount of this process is essential to everyone’s leaning.

However, there comes a time in the life of the seeker where he must take the path less traveled by and forge some new ground on his own. Instead of just copying what others have done he or she will be impressed to do something original.

I was just watching he mini series about Picasso and noted how he had to rebel against family and teachers to forge his own path. He didn’t want to just be a good artist in the orthodox sense, but wanted to do something new and different in the trade.

Now we cannot all be a Picasso, but all seekers can find something to support that is not just a carbon copy of what has been done before. It can be something that applies to the individual’s life or support of some group endeavor to initiate the good, the beautiful and the true.

To initiate something new requires something more than following rules or connecting the dots. It requires original thinking, that for many is a greater effort than hard labor on a sure thing. To move forward with initiating requires creative thinking and risk, and many would rather take any alternative than take a risk.

The difference between the two paths may be illustrated by two people attempting to create a work of art. The first guy is doing a paint-by-numbers picture. When finished his paining looks very nice, but a thousand other people have done the same thing and gotten the same results.

The second guy wants to paint a unique picture. First, he has to study the art and then paint in a unique and creative way. When finished he has a painting unlike any other – one that has the possibility of having a high value.

Sooner or later the seeker tires of painting by numbers and wants to initiate by the light of his soul.

Today’s seed thought:

Be still, reach into the silent place, and know who you are.

How do you become still? What is the silent place? Who or what are you?


Day 231


The Seed Thought:

Be still, reach into the silent place, and know who you are.

One of the prime obstructions to soul contact is a lack of stillness. There is always a lot of movement going on in the three worlds of human endeavor – composed of the physical, the emotional and the mental. To obtain soul contact the seeker must still the outer voices that tempt him to shift attention away from the point of stillness within that must be accessed.

On the physical plane we have television, the internet, social media, family members and friends wanting attention as well as numerous interesting things to do that either delay or take us away from the point of stillness.

To test the advantage of stillness, just sit in a chair and remain perfectly still for three minutes. You’ll notice that this simple act by itself will have a calming effect.

Perhaps the greatest tempter of the consciousness away from stillness is the emotional self. We have all kinds of emotions, good and bad, that easily capture the attention of many and make it extremely difficult to find that silent place.

Just imagine that you worked for three hours creating a file on your computer and you trashed it by accident. Most would be quite upset by this and would have difficulty in stilling the emotional self shortly thereafter and finding the silent place. Yet this is what the seeker must do. He must learn to override the emotional distractions, still the outward emotional noise and focus within.

Realistically few can expect to still the emotional body right after an upset, but when properly focused he should be able to do this within a few minutes.

There is an excellent line from the Course in Miracles which says, “I am not upset for the reason I think.” Searching for the true reason behind the upset can aid the seeker in calming himself.

The third distraction is the mind. The seeker cannot find the point of stillness if the mind is racing with all kinds of thoughts that have little to do with the spiritual quest. Yet when linked with consciousness the mind can be a great friend to the seeker aiding him to focus within where the fountain of wisdom can be found.

When the seeker stills all, in the three planes of human activity, he will then open up the silence within to consciousness, the point of contact for the soul.

Today’s seed thought:

In the higher realms 1+1=1

This is an interesting and somewhat paradoxical thought. See what you can do with it.


Day 232

One Body

The Seed Thought

In the higher realms 1+1=1

In a nutshell the principle implied is this. The higher we ascend and the closer we get to our Source the more the oneness of all things is realized.

There is one great life that permeates the universe of which we all are a part. We as part of that life participate in wholeness. Creation came from One that multiplied Itself into the many. Even though we seem to be many different individuals we are still merely an extension of the one. Therefore, one plus one, or you and me, are part of the one Source and one Life. In the end we equal one.

Perhaps the best earthly example of the oneness of life is our body, which is composed of trillions of cells with individual lives but as a whole the body is one life which represents you. Even so, all life in the universe composes the body of God, or the One Great Life.

Paul spoke very clearly concerning this oneness:

“Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are diversities of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is THE SAME GOD THAT WORKETH ALL IN ALL. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to EVERY MAN to profit withal… (Then Paul enumerates on the gifts of the Spirit.) For as THE BODY IS ONE (space) , AND HATH MANY MEMBERS (the many stars and lives), and all the members (human lives) of that ONE BODY (GOD), being MANY, are ONE body, SO ALSO IS CHRIST (GOD). For by ONE SPIRIT we are all baptized into ONE body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into ONE SPIRIT. For the body (GOD) is not one member (Life), but MANY (All lives together)…Now Ye are the body of Christ (GOD), and members in particular.” I Cor 12:12-14, 27

The task of the seeker is to live in this world of the many differentiations while realizing oneness through higher conscious ness.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Truth is spiritual wherever it is found. There is no such thing as spirituality without truth.

Why is truth spiritual?

Is even truth about negative things spiritual?

Are there those who put themselves forward as spiritual that do not represent truth?

Go ahead. Ask more questions.


Day 233

Truth and Spirituality

The Seed Thought:

Truth is spiritual wherever it is found. There is no such thing as spirituality without truth.

Maybe the first question to ask here is exactly what qualities must a thing have to be spiritual? When you think about it there is nothing more important than truth. Finding the truth no matter what it is takes is a step toward another truth and in the direction of Spirit.

A lie clouds the picture, makes it difficult to see things as they are, hinders the discovery of more truth and takes us away from Spirit.

Some figure that there are times it is better to lie than to tell the truth. Let us say a guy has an affair, but his wife is suspicious and asks and he insists that her imagination is just going wild. He figures he is saving her some hurt by lying to her.

Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but the hurt is amplified when the truth reveals not only a traitorous act, but lies to conceal them.

Even if betrayal is concealed the one betrayed still senses the truth on subtle levels and this diminishes the relationship.

Overall, if the seeker is centered in the truth, even in difficult situations, he or she is centered in the Spirit for the Higher Self knows only truth and cannot be deceived by its reflection.

Unfortunately, there are those who put themselves forward as spiritual teachers who are not centered on truth, some of them willing to blatantly lie to get followers. Because like attracts like the deceived will gather to themselves others who are deceived and love not the truth.

The job of the seeker is to find the truth wherever it lies, To find it he must first develop a love for the truth and plan his life so he will not be tempted to lie and deceive. If he loves the truth, he will find the truth and become the truth through finding and merging with his own soul.

Today’s Seed Though:

True freedom is not imposing your will on others so you can have what you want. It is creating maximum freedom for all, often at the dismay of those in power.

Think of examples where people are willing to take away the freedom of others so they can have what they want.


Day 234

True Freedom

The Seed Thought:

True freedom is not imposing your will on others so you can have what you want. It is creating maximum freedom for all, often at the dismay of those in power.

There are two ways to define freedom. The first is to see it only in terms of you, the individual. The second is in terms of maximum freedom for the whole.

In the first case a few individuals may get maximum benefit, but it may be at the expense of many who suffer loss of freedom.

In the second case all will have freedom of opportunity within the rules of a civil society but some will still complain they do not get all they want.

No society can provide enough freedom to satisfy 100% of the citizens. The best that can be hoped for is maximum freedom for all within the group. Some think that an anarchy would provide maximum freedom but in this they greatly error. Anarchy would produce great suffering for the majority which would lead to tyranny.

The most significant example of the first case is the Old South before the Civil War. They maintained that they needed slaves to be free and when they fought the North because of slavery they maintained they were fighting for freedom. One of those supposed freedoms was the freedom to have slaves.

Yes, the ownership of slaves did provide a little more freedom to a few in the upper class, but it drastically reduced the freedom for the whole which is the goal that should be pursued by the seeker.

The problem of putting the freedom of the individual or class over the freedom of the whole persists today. This is most obvious when it comes to taxing citizens and the government borrowing money for different causes. There are many groups willing to tax people more than they are willing to pay and borrow additional money from the Federeal Reserve to benefit a few while the whole marches toward less freedom.

There are many who support unnecessary and restrictive laws that will cause the majority to have less freedom.

Freedom is seen by many as undesirable because in a state of maximum freedom there will still be some crime and problems.

The seeker must ask this. Which nation on the planet seems to have the lest problems with crime and rebellions citizens?

North Korea would be at the top of the list. There you never have a school shooting or hear of a bank robbery. But would any U.S. citizen want to live there?



Because it is a living hell. Common people eat tree bark, grass and even dirt to survive.

Freedom requires reasonable enforcement of law and order so the many can have a pleasant life, but a happy medium must be reached so the majority are happy with the freedoms they have.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Light dispels darkness but darkness cannot dispel light. Even so, truth, revealed and understood, obliterates that which is false.

There are many questions that can be asked about this thought. For instance, if this is true them why does it take so long for some truths to be accepted?

See if you can think of more questions – and their answers.


Day 235

Something and Nothing

The Seed Thought:

Light dispels darkness but darkness cannot dispel light. Even so, truth, revealed and understood, obliterates that which is false.

The first question the seeker would want to ask is why this is true? Why is it that light can dispel darkness but darkness cannot obliterate light? In other words, you can shine a flashlight in the dark and instantly reveal that which was hidden in the darkness, but there is no darkness beam you can project to hide that which is revealed by light.

The reason for this is that light is something and darkness is nothing. You can project light because it is made of something, which science says are photons, but you cannot project that which is no-thing.

When something is revealed the illusion of nothing no longer exists.

I didn’t realize what real darkness was until I visited Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. There the guide took us into a cavern and turned out all the lights. The absolute darkness was amazing. I thought I had been in the dark before, but this made me realize that I had not.

Then when he turned on the light the darkness instantly vanished and I could see all the beauty of the caverns.

Light is the foundation of all creation and its wavelengths in their varying degrees create all the visible universe. Thus is creation produced by the real, but separated by the unreal.

When the real is brought to our consciousness the unreal that hides it no longer has effect.

The real represents truth and darkness is that which hides the truth. When the truth is no longer hidden it shines forth for all to see.

Why then does it take so long for some truths to be seen by all?

Let us suppose there are 100 people placed in a large dark room and they are told that somewhere in this room is a real gold coin, but in other locations are 99 false coins. The false coins have a somewhat gold color, but are not true gold. Each person is given a small penlight with which to search. All those who acknowledge the true coin will receive one.

After a lot of searching many think they have found the true coin. Jim found the true coin first, but kept the information to himself. After a time some realized the coin they found was not real for it did not have the right color or weight as true gold. Finally, a couple who did find the true coin started proclaiming it. Someone noted that if several combined their little lights into one light and shined it on the true coin that the true color of the gold would become obvious.

After a time the whole group gathered together and combined their lights and shined them on the true and false coins. After this happened the whole group realized which one was the true coin.

This is somewhat the way it is with truth that has not reached mass consciousness. It is hidden in a corner and only a few find it at first, but as more light is shined in its direction it becomes obvious and is eventually accepted by all

A book could be written on this thought alone, but at this point we’ll leave the rest for the seeker to contemplate.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.

Wouldn’t a communication from a Divine Source be so clear that there would be no misunderstanding? Explain.


Day 236

Veiled Truth

The Seed Thought:

Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.

Perhaps the most universally accepted words as being seen as coming from God are the Ten Commandments. Yet even with these ten injunctions the interpretations vary quite widely.

For instance, the scripture simply reads, “Thou shalt not kill.”

There are some that think this should apply not just to humans but also to animals. Others criticize the believers because the ancient Israelites supported the death penalty for numerous crimes. In addition, they went to war with God’s approval and killed many of their enemies. Supporters explain that God meant we should not murder as in what we call the first degree.

Whatever the case the words from God hide the real truth from many.

Another commandment that caused a wide variety of interpretations was the Sabbath “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work.”

This commandment caused numerous attacks on Jesus by the authorities. When they read that one is not supposed to do any work on the Sabbath they literally interpreted that to mean “any” and they accused Jesus of breaking the commandment by working at healing on that day.

The Jews at the time of Jesus had hundreds of rules that defined what constituted work. For instance, you were told you could take so many steps and beyond that number you were working and breaking the commandment.

Believers cannot even agree on the day for the Sabbath. Many believe it has to be Saturday whiles others say Sunday is fine. Then many Muslims consider Friday as a day of rest.

This only tells us that the real truth behind the Sabbath is hidden from most who read the words.

The truth is this. No matter how clearly an author tries to place thoughts into words some will not interpret the meaning as intended. The reason is that human words are an imperfect means of communication.

What is the solution then?

The seeker must always look for the full truth hidden between the lines and this will only be seen when a measure of soul contact is achieved. Without soul contact the person will interpret only in terms of black and white and often miss the mark. With soul contact the seeker will get a sense of what the author was trying to convey and will often see the principle behind the message. When the principle is seen the reader will not only get the true intent but often will see more truth than was written.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Once the seeker reaches that point where he is totally dedicated to following the highest he knows, then illusion must be dispelled or he will become dangerous.

This thought is quite provocative and runs contrary to orthodox religious thought which is this: “The ultimate goal is for the person to become obedient to God in all things.”

On the other hand, what if the guy is sincere, tries to be a good follower, but has some wrong-headed ideas that would harm others? That cannot be good.

Think on this.


Day 237

Dispelling Illusion

The Seed Thought:

Once the seeker reaches that point where he is totally dedicated to following the highest he knows, then illusion must be dispelled or he will become dangerous.

It is a common belief among the spiritually inclined that the end of the spiritual quest is reaching a point where one has taken in all the good teachings in the scriptures and other good works and follows them to the best of his or her ability.

There are all kinds of ideas as to where the endpoint is ranging from merely accepting Jesus as Lord, to performing good works to the end, to having your calling and election made sure through a personal revelation.

The truth is that progression is an endless path. Could you imagine reaching a point where there were no other challenges to face or new goals to pursue? When you think about it this would be hell as eternal boredom would follow.

Yes, reaching a point where the seeker is doing his best to live the good life is a good accomplishment, but it is just a step. Little understood is that the next hurdle has dangerous illusions to overcome. This is the point where the seeker takes the path of darkness or light. If he inadvertently takes the path of darkness he can still backtrack for a period of time, but when he reaches a point where he realizes he is on the dark path and still continues then his path is set and no return becomes possible.

There are many dangerous illusions that tempt good people. Here are a few.

(1) “I have reached the end of the spiritual road and now I can relax.” The person thus ends his progression into the light and entropy pulls him backwards.

(2) Children are born in sin and people are basically evil. This causes the person to focus on the dark rather than the light.

(3) (A certain race or group) is a blight on civilization and needs to be destroyed. Many people of otherwise good intent are captured by this illusion and become dangerous.

(4) It is better that my wife and children die than face the troubles we have. This thinking is voiced by numerous people, of otherwise good intent, who killed themselves and their family so save them from problems they faced.

Once the seeker reaches that point where he follows the highest he knows his job is then to dispassionately examine his beliefs to make sure they are correct and that they will aid him in continuing on the path of light and truth.

Today’s Seed Thought

He who listens to the inner voice can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.

Why do you suppose this is true?


Day 238

Sensing Truth

The Seed Thought:

He who listens to the inner voice can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.

For many believers, the Bible is the gold standard for truth and the National Enquirer and other tabloids are right down at the bottom of the list. Yet even though the Bible contains many valuable truths the reader can be led astray on many things if he does not read by the light of the soul.

One who is numb to the inner voice can read the most inspired writings and be deceived but one who is sensitive to it can read the most radical writings and not be deceived, but see the truth behind them.

The errors the mistaken reader makes with inspired writings are:

(1) Interprets literally in black and white. For instance, the Bible refers to the “four corners of the earth.” Some still claim that the earth is flat with four actual corners.

Black and white interpretation will always yield many mistakes by the reader.

(2) They interpret in the light of what authorities in their life have told them.

For instance, if their authorities tell them that salvation consists of X, Y and Z then every individual interpretation will favor this.

(3) The self-deceived will interpret in harmony with their lower desires. If they want a thing to be true then any words to the contrary will either be ignored or irrationally explained away. For instance, those who want the earth to be flat tell us that the many thousands of actual photos by numerous countries showing otherwise are fake.

On the other hand, one who listens to the true inner voice is very difficult to deceive. He can read a tabloid claiming that the president met with aliens and see the probable truth with an open mind.

Now the inner voice will not whisper the words, “No, the president did not meet with aliens!” Instead, it reveals principles which gives the whole picture. Such a seeker will know that there are indeed other life forms in the universe, yet the possibility of the event being true is extremely small. Obviously the tabloid is going for an attention-grabbing headline.

The true seeker will be extremely accurate in understanding principles, which filters down to a high accuracy with facts, though no one is 100% accurate with black and white data.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere. You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.

There is a lot of food for thought here. Reflect and see where it takes you.


Day 239

All Possibilities

The Seed Thought:

Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere. You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.

With over seven billion people on the planet one can only imagine how many possibilities are playing out in human lives alone. It is staggering to think about.

Some are in great pain, suffering from hunger, disease and depression. Others find great joy discovering the love of their life and meeting with great success. Some are free to do as they wish where others have their lives controlled beyond that which the free person even wants to consider.

But when we consider the magnitude of the universe the possibilities are magnified exponentially.

The earth resides in this solar system consisting of nine planets, plus five known dwarf planets, lots of moons, asteroids, comets and the sun itself. The earth is the only one with life as we know it, but there are many other possibilities of life upon and within the various spheres.

Now, this solar system is only one of many within the Milky Way Galaxy. And what would that number be? Most scientists believe it to be over 250 billion.

Just think. If only one in a million solar systems within the galaxy had intelligent life on its surface that would mean there would be 250,000,000 earthlike planets in this galaxy alone and I would suspect that this is a very conservative number.

But, the Milky Way is only one galaxy out of many. How many?

Astronomers can only calculate the number in the observable universe and the current estimate is two trillion galaxies of which the Milky Way with 250 billion solar systems is fairly average.

Two trillion galaxies – that is 2,000,000,000,000, which is two thousand times a billon and if only one out of a million solar systems have an earthlike planet the number of earths would be 250 million times two trillion, a very large number indeed.

These numbers only apply to that part of the universe we can observe through telescopes. Scientists can only guess at how many more stars and galaxies are in the rest of the universe. Is the universe ten times larger than we can observe, a thousand times or maybe infinite? Or could the universe with trillions of galaxies be only one of many similar universes?

Whatever the case, the numbers are mind boggling and the probability is this. There are trillions of other intelligent life forms out there. Some will look like us and some will look very different from us. Spiritual students know that the One Great Life we call God permeates every other life in the universe which means that the life of God is experiencing every possibility that can be imagined. The variety of experiences on this earth alone are enormous, but beyond the imagination of humanity when considering the universe itself.

That’s enough food for thought for now, but much more can be had by further contemplation on this seed thought.

Today’s Seed Thought:

God needs all Its creations for Itself to be complete for the ALL is God, not the All minus one.

Some will register this to be true and others will not – so why or why not is this a true statement?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Soul and Purpose

The Soul and Purpose, Part 1

When my friend was talking about testing soul contact he mentioned the possibility of using it to find a mate but noted the difficulty in proving that it as the real thing no matter how it worked out.

He suggested a better test would be questions to which we could discover the true answer and prove something extra sensory was happening.

The trouble is that the soul will only give you answers that you cannot discover with your own intellect. Most decisions in life it leaves up to you unless you reach a place on the path of life where it is important to your life’s purpose that you choose correctly.

It is not important that the seeker prove soul contact to others but fortunately, he can prove it to himself. As I said in my last post the presence of the soul is very familiar because it is linked to our Source and once experienced in fullness there is no doubt. There are many doubts though on the way to fullness.

The mention of marriage caused me to reflect on significant guidance through the soul that I have received in my relationships.

I was pretty much born with the feeling that there was a certain person I was to find as a marriage partner and looked forward to the day when I would find her.

Before that happened I was strongly attracted to three different females that I wanted to marry. On the first two I received a message that I wasn’t supposed to marry them and I reluctantly accepted. The third one however, seemed at the time to be just what I was looking for and I fell for her deeply. I didn’t even ask whether or not she was the one because I didn’t want another “no” answer.

Then as our relationship was about to reach the point of no return the soul stepped in and gave me a definite no. It was so strong that I was affected physically.

Even so, I didn’t want the answer to be true and continued seeing her for a few more weeks thinking that maybe the soul would change its mind. It didn’t and gave me two more warnings to not marry this girl. There was nothing wrong with her and much that was right, but there was some reason that she was not in my life’s plan.

Breaking it off with her took all my strength and to make it worse she did not take it well.

Then a short time later the soul did tell me who the person was that I was supposed to marry. It was a lady I had met in England that was at that time merely a pen pal. It seemed crazy, but the soul had never had always been right before so I dropped everything and took off to England to check her out. After arriving I started dating her and discovered that we had almost nothing in common, except we were both members of the LDS church at the time. We disagreed on almost everything and I could see that any marriage to her would be extremely difficult. I rationalized my answer thinking that perhaps marrying her was something I could do, but didn’t have to do. I decided to cut my losses and go home. I explained to her that we were not well matched and I was going to leave in a few days.

She explained that she had received a previous answer from God that we were supposed to be mates but wanted to check one more time. She wanted to fast and pray about it for three days and the get together with me again. To this I agreed.

After three days I picked her up wondering what kind of results she achieved. After asking her she said these words to the best of my memory, “I had already received an answer so I feel bad that I had to ask again, but this time the answer came though crystal clear. Yes you are supposed to be my husband, but in addition the Spirit said that if you do not marry me you will be cursed and not complete your mission.”

That was somewhat disturbing, but it didn’t convince me to marry her. I replied that it may be alright with God, but it’s not all right with me. I told her that I still thought a marriage to her would be a mistake and I was planning on leaving in a few days.

My soul must have thought it had not made itself clear to me so over the next few days It gave me a clear message with great power as well as proof that she was supposed to be my wife. I was free to choose but the choice was difficult. It was to go along with a direction from my Source, even though it did not make sense, or go against it and perhaps not accomplish what I am supposed to do in this life.

This higher guidance had never let me down before so I went ahead and married her. I thought that perhaps by some miracle the marriage could work.

Then the day after the marriage I received another revelation. The marriage was going to end in divorce, but in the meantime I was to do all in my power to make it work.

This revelation killed off the last glimmer of hope for success I had and sent me into deep reflection. Why would God guide direct me to take such a step that would only lead to disaster? I prayed for an answer, but nothing came. I continued to petition God for an answer unceasingly, but nothing came. It was as if there was no Higher Self, no Soul, no Spirit and no God for the next five years, while all the while the marriage was even more difficult than I had imagined.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 2

Up until this point in my life every impression I had received from the soul made sense and proved to be accurate. It made no sense to me that I was directed to reject what I thought was my ideal match and marry someone who was as far from a match as I could have conjured up in my imagination.

Several years earlier I created a list of around 16 qualities that I was looking for in a mate. The last one the soul told me not to marry seemed to have them all. The one the soul told me to marry had only one and that was she was a member of the LDS church. At that time this was an important point on my list.

In the past, when the soul told me to do something that didn’t seem to make sense I fond out in short order the reason and that the guidance was correct. This time it was different. The direction made no sense to me and years passed and no answer was forthcoming, even though I pleaded with God incessantly for an answer.

Finally, after five years the answer came quite unexpectedly. The details are private but the end result was this.

I learned that the doctrines of reincarnation and karma were true and I had powerful karma with my wife from a past life that I had to work out.

And why did my soul wait for five years of pleading on my part to reveal this to me?

Because I was not ready to receive the answer until I went through the process. Before this answer came I really took the church seriously and one of its teachings was that there is only one life and that reincarnation is the doctrine of the devil. Accepting that there was reincarnation would put me at odds with many orthodox teachings of the church and make it impossible to stay in the church as a good supporting member. In the mind of a good Mormon, to accept reincarnation is to risk his eternal salvation.

My soul was silent for five years because it took five years of contemplation on my part to be ready to receive what it had to say.

After several years word got out to the authorities that I had some strange beliefs so they had called me to trial and excommunicated me. Now that I was a non member the marriage was more difficult than ever for the one thing we had in common had evaporated. My wife now saw me as one under the influence of Satan. I would have liked to have bolted but my soul told me to continue in the marriage.

Very reluctantly, I stayed in the marriage.

Altogether the union lasted twelve years and during this period I was quite dissatisfied and did not fully accept my situation. How long I would have to stay in a difficult marriage I did not know. Finally, in the twelfth year I had an epiphany. I thought to myself of how I had obeyed the commandment to marry and stay with my first wife, but I never really accepted it. What good was it doing for me to inwardly complain about my situation? I thought to myself that I am here in this situation and if I am to fulfill whatever I came here to do then I must accept it.

A that point something happened to expand my consciousness and I just made the decision to totally accept where I was on the path of life and cease any resistance in word, thought or deed.

I was amazed how liberating this was for me and found myself at peace more than at any time in my life. It even had an affect on my wife and our relationship seemed to improve a little, though it was still difficult.

A couple months after this total acceptance of what I considered to be divine will something very unexpected happened. I received another revelation through the soul. It was basically this. “You have obeyed the command and learned your lessons. You are now free to move on.”

I thought this was an odd time to receive this instruction. In the past I would have been thrilled to move on but in my new state of mind I found I that my peace and happiness was not determine by outward circumstances. I was amazed that I seemed to not care if I moved on or not at this point.

Even so, this revelation got me to thinking. If I was to move on where or who was I supposed to move on to? Perhaps there was another person from my past lives I was supposed to find and marry. I contemplated on who that may be and came up with a name and after reviewing my current life and probable karma I figured that I should be meeting her soon.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 3

It wasn’t long before I met this person with whom I had a past life connection.

One day my nephew Curtis called me and told me that our friend Wayne had a new girlfriend and wanted us to meet her. We met at lunch at the Sizzler and had a pleasant conversation which drifted toward philosophy and spiritual principles. She was a nice lady and attractive, but nothing hit me over the head at that time.

The next day Wayne called me up and told me that his girlfriend wanted me to call her – that she was interested in some of my thoughts.

I asked him if he was sure that was all right with him and he said it was no problem.

I called her up and we talked for over an hour and by the time I put the phone down I had confirmation through my soul that this was the one I was expecting to meet. The circumstances were awkward though for I was married and she was dating my good friend.

She wanted me to come to her place and teach her. Again Wayne was fine with this for he trusted me. I visited her on three occasions and answered many spiritual questions she had. As I was saying goodbye on the third visit a quantum of spiritual energy descended on us both and as I drove away my soul delivered to me a powerful message that this was the next person I was supposed to marry and I was supposed to pursue her.

I saw her again a couple days later and the first thing she asked me was the meaning of the powerful spiritual energy that descended on us both. I told her that there was a link between us from past lives. I then asked her if she would agree to be regressed so we could retrieve some memories and verify who she was.

I knew the name I was looking for from our past and was interested in seeing what she would come up with.

Fortunately, she was a good subject for regression and amazingly she went back to the past life that I anticipated. When I asked what her name was in that life she gave me the name I was looking for. Not only that but she gave me pieces of information from that period that she couldn’t have known, but was historically accurate. I later took her back to a number of past lives and found we had a history of varied relationships.

After this I realized that this was the one with whom I was supposed to move on. I could see why for I had been given an important spiritual mission to accomplish and she would support my endeavors whereas my current wife opposed them.

Shortly thereafter I approached my friend, Wayne and told him about the experience. He told me that he had felt sorry for me over the years with such a difficult marriage and he’d be willing to give her up for me. What a great friend, I thought to myself.

I now had a firm direction through my soul to move on to a new relationship, but the decision was not that easy. Breaking off from a spouse, even in a difficult relationship, is difficult enough, but the effect on the kids makes it supremely difficult. I couldn’t have done it unless I knew for an absolute surety that this was what I was supposed to do for I could not complete my mission in my current marriage.

I got a divorce and remarried. We were happy together for the next three years. We started a spiritual group and she loved and supported the teachings I gave out. She was so supportive that her main goal was to make enough money to support us so I could do spiritual work full time.

Then about the fourth year that dream came true and she received a big promotion at her company at almost double her salary. That was the worst thing that ever happened to our relationship. From that point on her support for the spiritual work diminished and her desire to live the normal life increased. She seemed to resent being the main wage earner.

Then one day after we had a big fight the Inner Voice came to me again and said with clarity, “Don’t worry, if she fails to support you then Artie will help you.”

Artie was a lady that was attending my classes. I never dreamed of moving on for the third time, but now I saw the possibility.

During the next few months I did everything possible to revive our relationship, but it was as if her consciousness had made a shift and there was nothing I could do to move it back. My teachings that she initially loved and was drawn to had now become a major point of friction.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 4

As time passed our relationship suffered greater stress. At one point she just took off to Sun Valley for a couple days and I didn’t know where she was. When she returned she told me she had concerns that I may be turning into a negative cult leader like the famous Jim Jones who famously had his group drink the deadly Kool-Aid. How she ever developed a concern like this really baffled me as she had previously had a powerful witness about our path together.

I asked her to have a prayer with me on the subject. We did this and a peace descended on both of us and at least she didn’t bring this up again.

The problem seemed to be that she was looking or problems rather than solutions. From the numerous lifetimes to which I regressed her we found we had a number of close relationships that always seemed to get frustrated in some way and it was almost like she had a code in her to repeat that. The difference with this life was there was nothing external in our way. It seemed that her mind just accepted that it was too good to be true that we could live happily ever after in this life, because it did not happen in previous lives.

Then came the day that we had the biggest fight of our marriage. It occurred just before I was to teach a class to the spiritual group. She didn’t go with me that night so I arrived alone. I hadn’t had much time to prepare a lesson and had a few notes scribbled on a piece of paper. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to come up with something inspiring.

As I got up in front of the class I looked upon the audience and Artie caught my attention. She was looking at me with eyes of anticipation, as if she was expecting me to deliver something wonderful. There was something magical about that look and I realized that the rough lesson I had prepared would not deliver what was needed. I immediately trashed my notes and searched my mind for something that would be more inspiring.

As I contemplated the phrase “Divine Carelessness” came into my mind and I spoke on that. It was more of a speech than a class as the words just flowed seamlessly and I think to this day that it was the best speech I have ever given. Unfortunately, it was not recorded.

During the presentation I felt a oneness with the audience, especially with Artie, for whenever I looked in her direction I saw approval in her eyes.

When I finished I felt a great peace and contentment though somewhat physically drained.

Afterwards, I noticed Artie and an elderly lady sitting on a couch with a space between them. I flopped myself between them and put my right arm around Artie and my left around the other lady. This just seemed to be the friendly thing to do at the time.

At that instance something magical happened. It was as if our souls cooperated on a higher level and filled us both with spiritual fire. It was as if Artie and I were the only two beings in the universe and as if the other lady as well as the rest of the group were not even there.

When soul contact happens with two or more people you both know that the feeling is shared. Nothing has to be spoken.

I must have sat the between the two ladies for 15 minutes and neither Artie or I said a word to each other. We both felt like we could bask in the divine essence forever.

Finally when it became socially awkward to stay there any longer I rose up and mingled with several others.

Then I caught Artie as she was leaving and asked her if I could talk to her outside. We found a private place, faced each other and she gave me the best compliment I have ever received. She praised the address I gave and then said, “You made love to our minds.”

Then I asked her if she felt anything unusual when we were sitting next to each other. She answered that she did indeed feel something amazing that had never happened to her before. “What does it mean?” she asked.

I smiled and said, “It means we are going to be seeing more of each other.”

At that point I knew I had the approval from my soul to pursue Artie and marry her, but first I had a good talk with my soul and said basically this. “Look, you have directed me to two women to marry that did not work out . You told me that marrying them was important to my life’s mission and I felt I must obey or else. This time I want the decision to be entirely mine. If it fails or succeeds I want it to be my responsibility.”

I waited and the mind of the soul replied, “Okay, this time the decision is entirely up to you. You will suffer no karma if you do not marry her, but if you know what’s good for you then you will proceed.”

I was glad to feel completely free about my choice, but wasn’t quite ready to call it quits with my wife. I thought our relationship deserved another chance if she were willing. Then after a day or two passed she seemed to sense something and asked me, “Did something happen at that meeting? I’m picking up a strange feeling about it.”

I paused as I realize the possible results of telling her the whole story. Even so, I didn’t see any other path so I told her what happened and that the same spirit that surrounded us when we fell in love happened to me and Artie. I told her that if our marriage could not work then I was supposed to move on and marry Artie. Then I told her that I was still willing to give our marriage another chance if she was willing to work at it.

She replied that she thought the guidance I had received was correct and that Artie was a better match for me than her.

I replied, “We always said that in difficult times we would fight to keep each other. Are you not willing to make an effort to save the marriage?”

“No,” she said. “I think you should go with Artie.”

“Are you sure, because if you are not willing to make an effort then my decision will be final.”

She said she was sure.

“Then my decision is final and I will move on.”

During the next few days she was extremely quiet and reserved. I think she regretted her decision and was considering asking me to stay, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. These last few days together were also difficult for me as this was a woman I had given my heart to with the idea of loving her forever. This was a marriage that was supposed to work, but didn’t. I don’t know if I would have had the strength to leave her if she had asked me to stay.

But if I knew what was good for me I would move on one more time.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 5

At that time our spiritual group was having weekly meetings. The next one came up a couple days after the decision to leave my wife. Artie came to all the meetings and I was sure she would attend. I had full confidence because of the go-ahead from the soul that I could win her heart and that she would be my next mate, hopefully the last one in this life. One thing that was in my favor was that she had just separated from her husband a week or two previously. This timing seemed to work in my favor.

The meeting progressed as normal and afterwards I again asked Artie if I could talk to her privately. She agreed and we walked a distance into an isolated park. I brazenly told her that the feeling that had descended on us the week before was a message that we were supposed to be together and that I was leaving my wife which would open the door for us to be married.

This startled her and she started giving me a dozen reasons why this was moving way too fast as she had barely separated from her husband and her daughter wanted to spend some alone time with her. As she was giving me all these reasons to go slow I felt that I needed to do something. I grabbed her, looked into her eyes, told her I loved her and kissed her.

I can’t really say the soul told me to do that, but the move seemed to be inspired as all resistance seem to cease. We spent the next couple hours together talking and getting to know each other in a way you cannot do as a student-teacher in a group setting. By the time we parted I was pretty sure that she felt the same way I did about moving ahead.

That was roughly our first date.

I moved out and stayed temporarily with some friends. We saw each other the next few days as much as possible and things seem to progress well. Then one day I called her up to arrange to get together again. There was something in the tone of her voice that caused me concern. I soon found out why. Here is the conversation to the best of my recollection.

Artie: “I think this relationship is moving way too fast. This is not normal. I think we need to take a breath and go slower. I should be spending more time with my daughter and my mother is flying in also.”

JJ: “Something’s happened. What is it?”

Artie: “My daughter seems to think you are an evil cult leader who could lead me to some disastrous end. She called her father (Artie’s ex husband in California) and described you in such a way that he seems concerned for her well being and is threatening to take steps to get custody and my daughter is threatening to go live with him. On top of that she called my mother in California and portrayed you so sinisterly that she is afraid for my life and flying in at the first possible moment.

“Everything is just going crazy here, even people at work think I am crazy going this fast with you. I think the solution is to hold off on the relationship until things settle down.”

I was silent for a moment as the gravity of the situation registered with me and sought guidance from within with all my focus. Here was the message I received:

“If you yield and she takes time off from the relationship you will lose her. Lead her mind back toward the spirit of peace and I will help you.”

This I attempted to do and reminded her of that night when the spiritual fire descended on us and that we were meant to be together, I talked to her a few minutes about things of the Spirit. I cannot remember all I said, but I remember how I felt. I felt the magical power of the soul descend on us both, and, even though she was silent for a time, I knew that she was feeling the same great peace that I was. At the moment of the most intense spiritual fire I said this:

“What are you feeling right now as you listen to me?”

“I feel peace,” she said.

“And what did you feel before I called?”

“There was no peace, just turbulence.”

Then I said, “Would you rather go the direction of the peace or the turbulence?”

“I want the peace!” she said decisively.

“Then we need to continue the relationship. When you take a step forward there are always negative forces that arise to pull you back, but if we go forward they will subside and everything will work out.”

At that point she committed to go forward with me despite the voices telling her otherwise. I am happy to say that she has stayed committed to our relationship from that time forward, over 30 years now.


After we committed to continuing the relationship we did our best to manage the tempestuous situation. I visited with her mom after she flew in and did my best to convince her that her daughter was safe with me. Artie did her best to convince her ex-husband that there was nothing to be concerned about and I did all I could to befriend her daughter.

Her daughter was somewhat glad Artie separated from her current husband as she thought it was going to give her more time to spend with her mom and I greatly interfered with that idea. It took her a while to adjust to me coming into her life but eventually the walls came down and we now consider each other family.

Another thing of concern was that Artie’s husband, with whom she had separated, had learned that we had gotten together right after he moved out. He knew that she had been coming to my group meetings and erroneously figured that we must have been having an affair behind his back. I received word that he was threatening to kill me and to watch my back.

This made me a little nervous, but there was no other path for me except to move forward. Fortunately he did not act on his feelings.

Artie and I both filed for divorce about the same time and had both granted within a day of each other. We applied for a marriage license the day after the divorces were granted. When the clerk saw that we both received divorce papers within a day of the marriage license she thought there must be some error as this didn’t happen every day.

Since it was nearing the end of the year we decided to get married on New Year’s day. I figured that would be a good day because this way I would never forget our anniversary.

I wanted to make sure this marriage would work so I did an in depth astrology analysis for the favorability of the date and time. We were inclined to get married at the stroke of midnight, 1988, but I calculated that a more favorable time was twenty minutes after that so that was the time we settled on. According to all I could see of the astrological energies at play this time looked as good as any.

Here were our marriage vows we wrote:

“I covenant to be one with you by ever seeking the One Spirit of God with you. I covenant to be your faithful friend, (husband/wife) and lover as long as you are my faithful (husband/wife) and seek to fulfill soul purpose with me. I will always seek honest communication and will trust you with my vulnerability and openness. I covenant to work toward balancing the energies of giving and receiving with you and will always seek to guide us as a unit toward greater light, freedom and unity. I covenant to solve all differences we may have, which may cause separation, by seeking a resolution and confirmation through the Holy Spirit with you. I covenant to channel and dedicate all my energies toward union with you and to the building of the Kingdom of God on the earth.”

The marriage was a great new start for our lives, but proved to be a disaster for the group. For the past year Artie was jus a fellow student and other members did not know there was a problem with my marriage. Two things upset them They liked my previous wife and they had difficulty in accepting Artie as the new teacher’s wife.

In addition to this there was one female in particular who was attracted to me and did all in her power to get me romantically involved with her. She was somewhat upset that I didn’t yield to her but then when out of the blue I left my wife and married Artie, a fellow student, she seemed quite affected. She found another teacher and did all she could to get the group to shift over to him.

From that point on the group was never the same and a few weeks later we had a very explosive meeting where bitter disagreements over trivia surfaced and it was as if the group exploded and disintegrated.

Artie was very supportive about starting another group and I would have liked to but I concluded that one of the main causes of failure in my last marriage as well as the group was a lack on earning power on my part. My last marriage went downhill when my wife became the major wage earner and I couldn’t give the group the attention it needed when I had such concerns about earning a living. Since I didn’t charge the group for the classes they we not a source of income.

I decided to start an advertising business and work at it until I got ahead and then go back to teaching. I plunged ahead and shortly thereafter Artie quit her job and joined me with the business.

For the next ten years I worked about 80 hours a week at the business. During this time I never did anything spiritual, never even had time to read a book, teach a class or even discuss much concerning spiritual principles. We paid the bills, but I wasn’t really getting ahead.

Finally, the time came for me to write the book, The Immortal. The question was where was I to find the time? I was already working until 2 AM almost every night. The only solution was to work after two. I then started writing between 2-5 AM each morning and caught a snooze in the office or whenever I had a few minutes. I kept up this schedule for over ten years and produced millions of words that are now available on the internet.

Now at the age of 73 I still service a few old customers but have a lot more time to study, write and attempt to follow the spiritual direction of my soul and fulfill my mission, which is another story.

Some may wonder why my first two marriages failed if I was truly guided by a higher contact. The answer is simple. The soul is not so interested in guiding us toward a contented life as it is toward an increase of learning or situations where productive spiritual work can be accomplished.

The day after I married my first wife I was told that it would end in divorce. This was extremely confusing to me at the time, but now I see the picture clearly it all makes sense. I see many valuable lessons that I learned. I cannot share then all but here are three.

First, the situation forced me to think out of the box. If there were just one life it would be unfair for God to lead me into an unhappy marriage. If I had a happy marriage in the church I may have been content there and never made the spiritual discoveries that are in the millions of words I have written.

Secondly, it taught me to look upon the soul instead of the personality. My first wife had a personality much different than my own and to live with her in any degree of peace I had to look upon her soul.

The third was that I learned to remain at peace in circumstances that were very stormy and awkward.

These lessons were important, but the main reason was a past life connection and karma that needed to be worked out.

I was guided to my second wife also to work out some karma and or the fact that if she stayed faithful to her own soul she would be a big help in freeing my hands to do the spiritual work I signed up for before I was born. Because of free will not even our Higher Self knows what all of our decisions will be. She was a big help the first three years of our marriage, but the last year her free will took her in the opposite direction.

That marriage was not designed to teach me lessons, but to empower a spiritual work.

Since it did not work out my soul provided me with another. Even so, the failure of my second marriage cost the spiritual work of which I am a part a setback of over ten years as well as the disintegration of our group.

Hopefully this account will aid the reader in understanding how the power of the soul can work in our lives. It does not give us data on demand but will guide us toward paths where we can learn and be of service to our fellow men and women. All the normal life decisions it leaves up to us.

Most marriages are left up to the individual. Often if one has a choice between two people as mates it is not that important which one you chose. If it is and there is something important to learn or work out, and you are willing to listen, then your soul will guide you. The path of the soul may be bumpy at times but the end will be good and the seeker would not trade the lessons learned for anything.

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 10

Day 91

A Higher Touch

So, did you come up with some questions for your Higher Self? Did you receive some answers? Do you feel you are becoming more sensitive to higher contact? The answers will vary depending on the individual. The important thing at this point is to keep moving forward.

To move forward it is important to continue with the exercises already given as well as continue seeking new ways to break through.

In this material world we have five senses through which we perceive information. As you know, these are vision, hearing, feeling, taste and smell. Less known is that we have a higher correspondent to these in the spiritual world. The Higher Self understands our physical senses, but has a higher octave of them that It uses within its own sphere and is willing to share with you.

The higher correspondent to vision is understanding and spiritual sight, higher to hearing is discerning the still small voice or impressions from the soul. Above feeling is the ability to sense the presence of spiritual beings and forces. Corresponding to taste is the power to discern truth from error and the higher sense to smell is the power of intuition giving the seeker power of revelation and the bringing down to brain consciousness true spiritual principles.

Today we are going to concentrate on your sense of feeling. We often take our feeling sense for granted, as its presence is universal throughout the body from head to toe. Our feelings and touch allow us to verify the existence and texture of the things we see and hear. They tell us when to eat and drink, when something is wrong with the body that needs attention and many other things. Most associate our feelings with things touched in the physical world, but the higher sense of feeling is capable of ascending much higher. There are signs of this even with using the normal sense of feeling.

If someone else is available have him or her run his hand over various parts of your body while having your eyes closed. Have this person not touch you but stay just an inch or so away from actual physical contact. Can you sense the person’s presence? Most likely you can.

If no one is available do it to yourself, starting at the crown of your head and moving your hands down over various parts of your body, not touching yourself, but keeping your hands an inch or two away from the skin.

You will notice that you can feel the presence of your hands even though they do not make contact. You will notice that some parts of your body are more sensitive to feeling than others.

Now, let us expand this sense of feeling to include your higher spiritual sense and feel the presence of your own soul. Its presence is never far from you, but only obscured though the illusive veils that physical existence places between us and the spiritual realm.

For this exercise do not concentrate on seeing or hearing anything, but merely feeling the presence of your Higher Self.

Sit back in your chair, close your eyes and call out the name you have given to your Higher Self. Call out the name, sit back and for a minute or so concentrate on feeling the presence. Realize that this presence will have a high vibration, and is surrounded by a spiritual fire that reaches out and surrounds you.

Repeat this two additional times while sensing the presence and the comforting yet spiritual fire connected with it. After you call out the name for the third time focus on not only feeling the presence, but being one with it. Feel yourself merging so you become one mind and one entity. If you do this successfully it will feel very familiar, as if you have returned to your true home.

Continue this extension of your feeling for your soul for 15 minutes or so. Repeat this exercise whenever you feel so impressed.

Affirmation: “My soul and I are one.”


Day 92

The Voice of the Soul

So, how did you do at tuning into the spiritual sense of feeling and sensing your Higher Self? Students will receive a wide range of response on this, but all who sincerely tried this will have perceived that there are spiritual beings and forces that can be sensed if one focuses long enough to tune into them.

Today we will concentrate on the spiritual sense of hearing.

Hearing is an important sense in our physical realm. It allows us to communicate with each other face to face. We not only hear the words that are spoken, but we hear the tone of voice or the way the speech is given out. Sometimes the emphasis placed on words reveal more than the words themselves.

All of our electronics necessitates hearing for full use. We use hearing regularly with our televisions and mobile devices.

A walk amidst nature is greatly enhanced by hearing. It is pleasant to listen to the birds, the animals, crickets, the rustling of wind, a gentle rain or to be reminded of natures power in a display of thunder and lightening.

Indeed, physical hearing enhances our life experience.

If this is the case then imagine what spiritual hearing will do, for the power of the higher always exceeds that of the lower.

As stated earlier, higher spiritual hearing involves the still small voice and impression. That which we call the still small voice is itself transmitted by impression, as the seeker does not hear words in the normal sense, but instead they form in his mind in complete physical silence. We call it a voice when the impression comes clearly enough to be translatable into words.

Sometimes spiritual hearing will be so clear that exact words will form in the mind. Other times the seeker will clearly sense the impression, but will need to put it in his own words. At still other times the impression will be vague and the seeker will not be sure if his imagination is playing tricks on him or if he is really receiving something. In this case he needs to focus on paying attention.

The assignment today is to concentrate on hearing what your own soul, or Higher Self has to say to you.

First sit back and call out the name you have given to your Higher Self and repeat yesterday’s lesson of feeling the presence. Sensing the presence should come quicker this time.

Feel the presence and attempt to become one with it After you feel that you have tuned in with your feeling sense as much as possible ask it this question:

“What area of my being needs your love and healing power?”

Keep in mind that the answer could refer to your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual self.

The first time you ask this you will most likely get some type of impression, but will not be sure if it comes from your soul or your imagination. Clear your mind and ask again and then again and follow up with additional questions of your own making. As the answer by impression becomes stronger you will become more confident.

Do not be concerned if you are not confident in your answer at first. You are entering new territory and it takes time to master any skill including this one. The more you practice the greater will be your accuracy.

Affirmation: “I call out and receive an answer.”


Day 93

The Eyes of Understanding

The last lesson was on spiritual hearing and the assignment was to listen and hear an answer from your Higher Self on this question:

“What area of my being needs your love and healing power?”

Did you receive a clear answer on this? Probably not at first, but also remember that your first impression, however faint or even illogical, is not to be dismissed. The first impression is not always right, but it often contains clues to the real answer.

When you ask a question you must be aware of the various answers that could be given. For instance the question includes the word “healing.” Did this cause you to focus on physical healing? The seeker should realize that healing extends far beyond the physical. In fact, most physical maladies are merely a manifestation of non physical problems sending a message through the physical body.

The emotional self creates many problems though harboring a grievance or perpetuating some state of denial.

The mind can cause problems by nourishing a deceptive illusion that sends distorted energy down through the emotions and then to manifest as physical problems.

So where do you need to focus the healing powers of the soul? Should they be just on that pain in the neck, or maybe it is your reaction to the situation or the person who is a symbolic pain in the neck.

For every problem where illness or discomfort manifests there is a possible healing. Sometimes we cannot find it on our own and need a little help from a higher spiritual intelligence.

The next spiritual sense to examine is that of sight. We have already taken sight a couple steps beyond normal seeing. We have covered seeing the etheric body and the aura. We have also covered the art of seeing the Higher Self through the use of the imagination. Not many are sensitive enough to actually see the spiritual world, but many can sense the Higher Self that resides in it.

The seeker can create a vehicle for the Higher Self through the use of his imagination, but then he can take his vision to a still higher level. An important aspect of spiritual vision is understanding. Understanding comes through spiritual light that interplays between the two worlds with the result of bringing light to the mortal mind.

What most people call understanding often involves very little real understanding, but merely the learning or memorization of how something works. Understanding goes beyond the facts to seeing how the facts relate and support true principles.

Indeed Solomon spoke the truth when he advised, “with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

Spiritual vision includes the art of seeing through the eyes of understanding and attempting this is the next step in connecting with your Higher Self for this higher part of yourself sees with much more understanding than you in a physical body. Your Higher Self is your personal savior, your Christ, because Its mind is linked with the entity who was Christ as well as “to an innumerable company of angels, To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,” Heb 12:22-23

Your assignment today is to go through all the steps of contact we have discussed so far. Call out the name of the Higher Self, imagine Its presence, then feel Its presence followed by sensing impressions it has for you. Today we will go one extra step and see through the eyes of the Higher Self

Sense the presence of your Higher Self a few feet in front of you. Now feel the presence come close to you,. Stand up as if you are face to face with it. Now feel it step forward and enter your body. Next sense you and your Higher Self as being one and that you can see through It’s eyes of understanding. Using this enhanced vision examine your life from the time you were born to the present. See your life as your Higher Self sees it. Spend whatever time is confortable examining your life and see what insights come. When you are through see your Higher Self step out of your body but a lighted link joins you so Its presence is closer now than before.

Affirmation: “I see through eyes of understanding.”


Day 94


So, were you able to merge with your Higher Self and look upon your life through Its eyes. Or maybe I should ask if you were able to imagine merging with it and seeing through Its eyes. Let us hope you at least made the effort.

Remember energy follows thought and the more thought you use to imagine these things the more energy is drawn to them. When enough energy is available you will have created an actual vehicle in which your Higher Self can manifest. Of course, there are degrees of manifestation and the higher the intensity of thought the greater will be your power to be one with your Higher Self and share in Its understanding.

Did you attempt to look upon your life through the eyes of your Higher Self? If you did this successfully it would have been like a life review – not as complete as you will receive after death, but a foreshadowing of it. A life review done here in the midst of life is quite valuable as you still have time to use the knowledge and make corrections.

Socrates said that “an unexamined life is not worth living.” Therefore, let us attempt to examine ourselves frequently and learn from the lessons life has for us.

The next sense to consider is that of taste. Its higher correspondence is that of discernment. The wise use discernment to see the difference between truth and error, good and evil and other dualities. He correctly sees the dualities and the zero point between and discerns which side of the duality takes us toward the dominating good and why this is the case.

Many used their material filters and see the dualities upside down from their true condition.

Isaiah spoke of this when he complained that peopled called “evil good, and good evil; they put darkness for light, and light for darkness; and put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isa 5:20 The scriptures further say: “There is none that doeth good, no not one.” (Psalms 14:3)

The ancient sages thus complained that people get things backwards to the extent that they cannot tell what is good and what is evil. They are so incompetent at this that none were said to even know how to do that which is the true good.

It is unlikely the prophets were speaking of some of the basics such as lying or stealing which most acknowledge to be evil, but were looking at the big picture. When one puts all the pieces together are we seeing the true good or the true evil?

For instance, Hitler spoke of many virtues that most would call good, but the whole picture he put together was not so good, yet accepted by most of the German people at the time.

We have the same problem today, Leaders on both sides of issues speak of virtues that most consider good, yet if the whole agenda is discerned we may find that this person could lead us to destruction.

True discernment doesn’t just look at individual parts or ingredients of a plan or goal, but closely examines the whole thing to determine its worth.

Without the help of the soul the seeker will make errors in discernment and sometimes will examine that which is good and call it evil and look at evil and call it good. Not everything that sounds good on the surface is good and many things that are called evil belong to the higher path.

The biggest problem we have today with bad discernment are the powerful political divisions we see developing throughout the world. Both sides are pointing fingers, calling each other evil and those looking for the true good are rare.

There is good to be discerned on the liberal side and the conservative and true union is to be found when all the good is discerned and synthesized into a working while.

Your assignment today is to call upon your soul and look through Its mind at the main political side you least support and find three things that are good within the belief system.

Affirmation: “I will look anew and find that which is good.”


Day 95

Accessing the Invisible

Your assignment was to examine the political side you least support and find three good things in it. The two main political divisions are the conservative and the liberal. If you normally side with the liberals you should have looked for good within the conservatives and if you normally side with the conservatives you needed to look for good within the liberal view.

How did it go? Were you able to find three good things or did you conclude that at this juncture the other party is so far off that there is nothing good to be found in them?

Those who arrived at this conclusion need to take another look, not through the eyes of the personality, but through the soul.

We must realize that no party is 100% liberal or conservative but the major parties in the various countries always lean one way or the other.

That said, I will name three positive things from each side. See if they are in harmony with what you came up with. Keep in mind you may have named some good ones not on my list.

Good things about conservatives.

(1) Things that have been proven as positive for society need to be conserved. For instance, respect for just law and order helps keep a society intact and healthy.

(2) Conservatives tend to reject bad ideas for liberal change causing the change that does occur to be more effective.

(3) They place needed emphasis on being fiscally responsible, something needed when we are $20 trillion in debt.

Good things about liberals.

(1) There are many things that need changed for the better and liberals are always putting forth their ideas for change. They keep us from resting on the status quo.

(2) Liberals, as a whole, are more creative than conservatives and provide us with stimulating entertainment.

(3) Sometimes (not always) rules need to be broken and liberals are more willing to take a chance and do this when needed.

For most it is much easier to point fingers and condemn the other side, but many of the flaws the two sides see in each other are found in both of them. Unfortunately, many ideologues are so polarized that they can find little if any good in those with opposing political views. This should not be the attitude of the seeker of truth for in the higher realms of Spirit good is seen in all who have any desire to do what is right.

Politics is where discernment is most needed in the world today, but there are many other areas where the seeker can practice this ability.

Now let us move on to the fifth sense, that of smell. The higher correspondence of this is the intuition.

Smell is an amazing sense when you think of it. When you smell a flower from about foot away can you imagine the small number of particles that enter through your nose to create the smell? Or someone could be cooking bacon 100 feet away and yet enough tiny molecules enter your nose arouse your hunger.

Then when we consider that a dog’s sense of smell is, on the average, 40 times that of a human one can only stand in awe at this marvelous sense.

Just as the sense of smell can seemingly pick up information out of thin air from nothing visible the intuition can reach into the invisible realm of Spirit and retrieve information and principles.

Just as it was difficult for humanity to figure out how the sense of smell works many humans do not understand intuition. Many confuse it with a gut feeling or with clever reasoning ability of the mind. Intuition, as your Higher Self understands it, is much more than this. If the seeker taps into the intuition he accesses a spiritual Internet where all true principles can be understood.

We’ll talk more about the intuition in the next lesson but for your assignment sit back, closed our eyes and focus your attention in your forehead, the seat of the your intuitive powers. In the center of your forehead see a growing ball of light and then in the midst of that light see a friend or family member who has political views different than your own. See him as a brother or sister struggling to find his way in life just as you are. See him as having a Higher Self just as you do. See that your Higher Self loves this person’s Higher Self and sense the love connecting you with him.

Affirmation: “I will access the intuitive powers of the Spirit.”


Day 96

Accessing Intuition

Just as the sense of smell brings to the attention of brain consciousness scents by invisible and almost miraculous means, the intuition accesses a higher plane, perceives the invisible and brings it to our awareness.

The power of the intuition must be accessed through the medium of the Higher Self. The highest we can access on our own is the higher part of our minds. The higher part of the mind can access the soul and the soul can access the higher planes. The goal of the seeker is thus to become one with the soul which will give him continual access to the intuitive plane.

The intuition gives the seeker access to the plane wherein ideas originate. These ideas are founded on true principles which are clearly seen through the eyes of the soul accessing intuition.

Ideas exist on two levels here on the earth plane. Most of what we call ideas are merely formed by the mind making various associations of thought. Thought one plus thought two equals thought three, often seen as an idea.

An idea brought down by the intuition is more of a revelation than a deduction. In bringing down an idea through the intuition the seeker may use some associated thoughts but the revelation will be more than 1+1=2 type of thinking. The idea will come in a flash and will be beyond the power of the mind alone to produce.

The intuition may also verify ideas and principles already taught here on the material plane. It doesn’t create a fiery confirmation as sometimes happens in spiritual experiences. Instead it just turns on an inner light giving the seeker a knowing and understanding about the principle or idea involved.

I have often written that the language of the soul is the language of principles. A principle can reveal a thousand facts, but it may take a thousand facts to relate the fullness of a principle to the average mind.

When the seeker accesses the power of the intuition through the soul he can sometimes grasp a picture of truth in an instant that may take a book to explain if he were to write it.

There is no single exercise that can be given that will cause the seeker to make a breakthrough in accessing intuition. What he must do is to seek additional soul contact and as he progresses toward a fullness the intuition will naturally develop.

For the assignment today I will give an affirmation on which to contemplate. Within the depth of these words are potential intuitive flashes that can reveal true principles. No great revelation may come today, but if the seeker continues all knowledge of truth will be his. It will come in its own time.

Affirmation: “God is the one and the many. The many who become one see God.”


Day 97

The Master Mind

Hopefully you placed some attention on the intuition as brought up in the last lesson. There is no easy way to teach it. Getting hold of it with the mind is like trying to grab a dust particle floating in a beam of light shining through a window. The harder you try the faster it moves away from you.

The seeker can take heart though that when he successfully treads the path and follows the step by step approach to soul contact that the intuition will be naturally enhanced. When he is finally one with the Higher Self he can access the same intuitive knowledge that It does.

The Higher Self has many powers that are not normally accessed by regular humanity, but can be. It has great creative powers and used these powers to assist in creating your body and then projecting a fragment of its consciousness into it. That fragment is you. Some time after your death you will reunite with your Higher Self and it will be like awakening from a dream. Then later on you will dream again.

The Higher Self is capable of placing several fragments of itself on earth at one time. Normally, it just has one fragment on the earth, but there could be two of you if it fulfilled some purposed. This has been verified by the late Michael Newton, who through regressive techniques took thousands of people back to their life between lives and received very consistent accounts.

The fact that your Higher Self can project more than one fragment of itself on the earth plane at one time is valuable information to have. Seekers utilized this knowledge when they named their Higher Self and then imagined its presence. Just as your body is a vehicle for a fragment so are thoughtforms created by your mind. If you place enough energy into visualizing your Higher Self then a body of mental matter will be created as a vehicle for It to use. Because thought matter is more refined than physical matter It can communicate through it with less distortion.

One of the ways the soul can manifest a greater portion of itself to us is through the use of the Master Mind. The Master Mind idea was made popular by Napoleon Hill. He discovered there was great power in its application but didn’t seem to be aware of why this was so, but did realize that some divine power was at work.

Hill defined the Master Mind as a “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

He discovered that two or more people working in harmony toward a goal seemed to draw to themselves, not only more power than they have as individuals, but that the whole was equal to more than the sum of the parts.

He found that individuals in a united group had an almost supernatural ability to access each others talents, mind power and more. The larger the number that was united the more potent the group became.

The reason the Master Mind works is because souls in the spiritual world can see eye to eye much more effectively than do people on the earth plane. When two or more unite with a positive purpose they are following the path of the soul and bring down additional soul energy that can be felt and accessed by two or more people here.

The union of souls through a Master Mind is one of the most effective ways to increase soul presence that can be accessed and used by the seeker.

Your assignment today is to first pick a goal that you would like to see accomplished. Next reflect on all the people you know and pick two or three that would most likely support you in reaching this goal. It is advantageous to have them within the range of physical contact, but not essential.

Next imagine that they are standing in front of you, willing to assist you. After this tell them either vocally or with your thoughts what your goal is and ask for their support,  advice and help in achieving it.

Now look at them and imagine what response they give to you. If you succeed in doing this with soul energy the advice you sense will be in harmony with your soul.

Spend as much time as is confortable imagining interplay with your Master Mind group.

Affirmation: “I join with other souls and enter into greater life.”


Day 98

Extending the Master Mind

How’d the last lesson go? Did you visualize your friends in your Master Mind group? Were you able to see any of them in the flesh? There’s nothing like s haring thoughts in person.

Actually all people use the power of the Master Mind to a degree through their relationships with their innermost circle of friends, which would include the spouse. Normally when a person gets an idea, or considers a new goal the first thing he will do is visit one or two close associates and share thoughts with them so see what they think. Usually they will have some advice and input. Once received the guy will often alter some of his planning making his ideas more practical.

Just discussing with friends brings down more soul energy, but the interplay seems so natural that the principle involved is overlooked and only a small portion of the possible potency is achieved.

Once the seeker realizes how group cooperation can manifest additional soul energy and intelligence he can create a Master Mind and take his thinking to new levels.

Napoleon Hill wrote about how many successful people created a Master Mind composed of people in their enterprise. By holding meetings with them they were able to draw down intelligence that surpassed any of them individually.

Then he tells he interesting story of how he took this to a higher level in his own life. He decided to create a Master Mind group of famous people, even some who were dead, by using his own imagination. There were nine people in his group which were, “Emerson, Paine, Edison, Darwin, Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon, Ford, and Carnegie.”

He imagined their presence as a council and used them for advice as well as incorporating their positive qualities into his life.

As time passed they became so real that he became concerned and decided to discontinue the idea. Then something quite unusual happened.

He was awakened in the middle of the night by none other than a visage of Abraham Lincoln standing beside his bed. He heard him say these words:

“The world will soon need your services. It is about to undergo a period of chaos which will cause men and women to lose faith, and become panic stricken. Go ahead with your work and complete your philosophy. That is your mission in life. If you neglect it, for any cause whatsoever, you will be reduced to a primal state, and be compelled to retrace the cycles through which you have passed during thousands of years.”

This startled him and he immediately resumed his Master Mind group and continued to develop his philosophy. In fact he expanded his group to include more than fifty famous people more, among them were Christ, St. Paul, Galileo, Copernicus, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Homer, Voltaire, Bruno, Spinoza, Drummond, Kant, Schopenhauer, Newton, Confucius, Elbert Hubbard, Brann, Ingersol, Wilson, and William James.

In the end, I am sure that Lincoln was proud of Mr. Hill for he wrote many books that inspired millions, including myself.

Napoleon Hill realized that the Master Mind group had supernatural powers that somehow originated through Divine Intelligence, but was not clear on how it worked. He just knew that it achieved results.

Understanding how it works will give the seeker more power to use the principles involved.

The Master Mind works through the individual focusing on the higher mind and linking with his Higher Self. The Higher Self then has power to send a fragment of consciousness into any thoughtform you create.

What is interesting is that your soul can access the consciousness of any other soul, living or dead. This was why Hill’s Lincoln was so real. His Higher Self accessed the consciousness of the real Lincoln which allowed him to interplay with an image that manifested the personality and intelligence of the real Lincoln as he existed in the 1860’s.

Today’s assignment is optional. While you should have a Master Mind group of at least several close friends and associates, an imaginary group of famous people from the past is optional. If you do decide to create such a group it will require considerable effort and time, but the benefits could be quite amazing.

Whether you make the effort or not at least think of three famous people that you admire. Bring one or more of these into your consciousness now and then and consider what advice they would have for you or what they would do in your situation.

Continue working with your Master Mind of living associates, both in person when possible, and by using your imagination.

Affirmation: “I am never alone for all souls are linked as one great life.”


Day 99

The Sixth Sense

We have covered the correspondences to the five acknowledged senses, but there is a sixth one, and it is not ESP.

What is called ESP is not connected to the physical senses but belong to the astral body or higher correspondence to them in the soul that we have recently covered to some degree.

A sixth sense related to the physical body is a sense of balance. This is a very important one for without it you could not even stand upright or walk. We witness many people who have highly developed this sense such a surfers, tight rope walkers, and mountain climbers. All who excel at sports have a well developed sense of balance and all of us use this to some degree.

So, what would be the higher correspondence to balance? How would this manifest through the Higher Self?

This sixth sense manifests in a wonderful way in the kingdom of the soul. The Higher Self puts reality in is proper perspective so it maintains a balance of spiritual energies giving it a powerful sense of peace. The “peace that passes all understanding” is the sixth sense of the soul.

The correspondence is interesting. When a person feels out of balance or out of sorts he also does not feel at peace. When we extend our sense of balance to giving the right amount if attention to the essentials of life and balancing them with the inward sense of right and wrong we then can be at some degree of peace with ourselves. If the person neglects his family, friends and spiritual values for material success he will be out of balance and not have that peace that every life desires.

The peace of the soul is on a higher level than regular peace as seen by average humanity. Even most of them who live a fairly balanced life will discover that they are lacking the flow of spiritual energies to counterbalance the excess of material ones that we have on the earth plane.

It is impossible to achieve the peace of the soul on our own. To do this the seeker must seek contact and then share in this balancing of all the energies that are accessed.

One sign that a person has achieved soul contact will be that he will have experienced a transcendent peace that goes beyond anything related to the material world.

The assignment today is to first assess your present state of peace. Sit back, close your eyes, spend a while just sensing your state of mind and then ask: “Is there anything that prevents me from having perfect peace?”

As you contemplate you may realize that there are several things that are in the way such as some residual guilt, a grievance, worry or just being too caught up in daily problems.

This course has covered guilt and grievances. If they are still a problem then review those lessons dealing with them. Other distractions will be drowned out if the seeker can access the peace of the soul. Use the following affirmation and quietly mediate on it, expecting results.

“I invite the higher presence of my soul to come into my heart and mind and share the peace that passes all understanding.”


Day 100

The Seventh Sense

So you thought that there were just five senses here on the material plane, but were presented with a sixth which was balance. When you thought about it, it did indeed seem to qualify for a sense. You probably did not expect another sense to be presented, but should not be surprised, as all creation manifests in sevens.

The seventh sense is timing and is related to the brain which is linked to the mind and heart.

A sense of timing manifests in many different places of our lives. This good sense often separates the nerds from the popular ones in school. The nerd may have developed the part of his brain that allows him to get good grades, but may lack the sense of timing had by the popular kid just getting by with Cs.

Timing isn’t the same as what is commonly called emotional intelligence, but is enhanced by it. The guy with good timing gets the girl because he initiates a series of events that work in his favor. The guy with bad timing approaches at the wrong time, says the wrong thing and reacts in a way that makes others cringe.

We see that the sense of vision is different for each individual. Some require glasses and others do not. Of those who require glasses many different prescriptions are needed. A sense of timing is like that. Some have a good sense for it and others need timing glasses to make up for a deficiency in that sense.

Let us say you are at a party and you observe a group of six having a conversation about football. Four of them are really into the game and their conversation seems to fit in. The fifth guy doesn’t follow the game much, but has a good sense of timing so he just nods his head and asks a few questions at the appropriate time.

The sixth guy also doesn’t follow the game but has a bad sense of timing. Out of the blue he wants to talk about computers. Now this may have been entirely appropriate with another group in another time, but in this case the rest look at him as an odd and unwanted character while the expression on their faces says, “Where did this guy come from?”

The sense of timing manifests in many aeas of our lives. When you were a kid you learned to time just the right moment to ask a favor of your parents, or maybe just the right moment to cry or throw a fit to get what you want. During the teenage years most concentrate on good timing in relationships and seeking popularity.

Later when seeking employment you use a sense of timing to select your career, and in your work you use good timing to get ahead and fit in.

Timing is related to cycles. There are cycles where the door of opportunity is open and others where it is closed. The one with a good sense of timing has a natural grasp of numerous cycles in life and instinctively knows when the opportunity is there and when it is not.

The question that now arises is what is the higher correspondence of this sense and how does it manifest through the soul? The assignment today is to contemplate this question along with this affirmation: “I see the cycles of opportunity through the eyes of my soul.”


Day 101

A Divine Power

The last assignment asked the question of how the seventh sense of timing manifests through the soul. This is manifest through the power of judgment.

Now judgment has gotten a bad rap because of this scripture:

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” Matt 7:1-5

Here Jesus is NOT telling us that we cannot judge, but is instead warning us of the law of karma if we judge harshly or incorrectly, for he says: “with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” Therefore, if you judge someone with minor faults to have major faults, this harsh judgment will come back to haunt you.

In this scripture He gives the key for righteous judgment: “first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” In other words, concentrate on eliminating your own faults first, and then you will be able to make a correct judgment as to how to help your brother (or sister).

Here is another scripture illustrating even more clearly that Jesus was talking about the law of karma:

“Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven: Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” Luke 6:36-38

Here He is simply saying that if we judge rashly, condemning our brother and not forgiving him, we will reap what we have sown and find condemnation coming back to us. Jesus gives us a guide in using the power of judgment correctly:

“I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.” John 5:30

As we seek to become one with God and follow His will, then the beam clogging our vision will be removed and our judgment will also be just. Here is an interesting scripture where Jesus actually tells us to judge:

“Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” John 7:24

Judge with clarity wisdom and love, and when you do this and later judged, as you have judged, all will be well with you, but if you do not judge righteously, then the law of karma will bring painful judgments to your door.

Finally Jesus tells his twelve apostles that they shall be judges:

“And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.” Matt 19:28

When you think of it, it is silly to say we should not judge. As soon as you wake in the morning you make a judgment as to whether to get up or sleep a while longer. When you get in the shower you make a judgment as to when you are clean enough to get out. When you eat breakfast you make a judgment as to what you will have and how much.

When you drive to work and are a little late you make a judgment as to whether you are going to speed or not. Finally you get to work and meet the new guy who was just hired. He wants to be your best friend and now you make a judgment on whether or not you want this type of personality in your life. Then your boss wants you to dig up some dirt on the boss above him. You judge your boss to be wrong and refuse.

We could go on and on here, but hopefully we get the point. Judgments are not wrong. Only wrong judgments are wrong. Every quality and ability has a positive and negative side to it. When the Bible and A Course in Miracles talks about judgment in a negative light, they are talking about negative, limiting judgments.

Example: The child received some bad grades in school and tells the parent he is going to do better next time. The parent responds: “You’ve failed miserably in the past, so you’re going to fail again.” This is a cruel and limiting judgment.

A positive judgment would be something like this: “I have seen you make progress in the past when you make an effort and I do believe you have it in you to dramatically improve your grades.” Here the parent made a judgment on the positive possibilities of the child, and in this case judgment is a good thing.

Like all other qualities judgment manifests in a duality. Limiting judgments are negative and should be avoided. Positive and constructive judgments can be very good and uplifting. The seeker needs to avoid judgments that limit, condemn, belittle and emphasize the flaws of others.

Good judgment is spoken of as a divine quality throughout the scriptures. Many times we are told that Christ and God are righteous judges and this power will be given to those who overcome. It is written:

“And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them.” Rev 20:4

The assignment today is to contemplate how judgment is used in this world and then how it may be used by the Higher Self in the world of Spirit. How does the soul use this seventh sense and how can we benefit from its judgments?

Affirmation: “I see the way and, make a judgment and take my next step.”


Day 102

The Eyes of the Soul

The assignment was to contemplate the difference in the use of judgment between the higher and lower self, or perhaps we should say the material and the spiritual world.

In this world a large part of the focus of judgment is on the negative aspect and this focus is so strong and prevalent that many on the spiritual path have seen judgments as some thing altogether bad and have just flat out condemned it. But as we pointed out in the last lesson there is a positive side to judgment. Judgment and decision go and in hand. Who would ever say that we should cease making decisions? No one. Ye before any wise decision is made the power of judgment must be called into play.

The positive aspect of judgment is so powerful that it is is often associated with the wisdom of God and divine power.

Unfortunately, the negative aspect is the opposite and associated with destructive thinking.

In this world we see too much of the negative aspect with humans first judging and then being overly critical of their fellow men and women. Also, the inflated ego judges through a veil of illusion and sees his importance as being elevated above others. The ego may not admit it but but sees itself as superior to others and judges others to be inferior in every possible way.

In the world of souls the Higher Self does not use negative judgment at all, but only uses the positive aspect. It does not think in terms of interior of superior, even though some souls are further along the path than others. It sees all life as being linked together and being interdependent.

Your soul knows your complete history and planned your course in life and the major lessons you were to learn before you were born. It made these plans while linked to Divine Intelligence and made many judgments about how your life could proceed so you could obtain maximum benefit from each fork in the road.

Your soul never approaches you from the aspect of condemning judgment but always seeks to help and even sees your mistakes as learning experiences. Every judgment hat It attempts to send to you is one that will help you to advance into the light and fill your heart with joy.

The important thing for the seeker to do is to tune in to the world of Spirit, access the mind of his Higher Self and make judgments from Its level of vision.

Thus your assignment today is to sit back, imagine the presence of your Higher Self manifesting and seeing though Its eyes as to the what lies in the path ahead for you. Also look through Its eyes at your friends and associates and see them using only positive judgment. See the Christ in even the most difficult people.

Affirmation: “My judgments are one with my soul and only the path of joy do I tread.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Lives of the Seven Chakras

This entry is part 14 of 73 in the series 2015

Contacting Lesser Lives

Have you ever had a conversation or read a book or article and just have something strike you in such a way that produced an a-hah moment? I think we all have had this experience at one time or another.

I had the privilege of creating such a moment for Bryan Smith in a conversation we had some time ago. I made an off the cuff comment about the influence of the lesser lives in our centers and their influence upon us and the comment turned on a light in his head.

He then asked me if I had ever taught this concept in the Keys or at a gathering. I told him that I had often taught that we were composed of many lesser lives, but did not recall teaching it this way.

Well, the other day in an email he reminded me that I should elaborate more on this topic so here goes.

Many esoteric, metaphysical and new age teachings tell us that life is much more pervasive than accepted by orthodoxy. The common teaching is that all things are alive, from atoms to molecules, to cells in our body and clear up to the earth itself, the sun and the entire universe. All the various parts of the human body are more than just parts that make up a life, but are also individual lives in their own right. In other words, an individual cell in your body has its own consciousness and sphere of influence and ring-pass-not, but merely on a different level than our own.

These lesser lives combine to create the greater life which is the body as a whole.

Expanding on this concept produces the foundation of the teaching of the Molecular Relationship. It is known that humans form groups that seem to have a life of their own, but the Molecular Relationship takes this a step further and tells of scientific groupings and linkings to higher lives that can create greater conscious life forms than humanity has seen before.

That is all well and good, but what caught Bryan’s attention was when I told him that all of us can actually feel some of these lesser lives and communicate with them and direct them if we pay attention. In fact controlling these lesser lives is a key that must be understood and mastered on the path to liberation.

“So where are these lesser lives and how do we feel them?” inquires the seeker. “I realize my cells and organs are alive, but I do not recall receiving or giving communication with any of them.”

To this I respond that you have interplay with lesser lives within you all the time and you communicate with them, but you just did not realize what you were doing.

To this the seeker would want to know how this could be. Here is the answer.

There are many lives within us besides our cells, organs and various physical body parts. The most powerful lives are those that compose the seven centers. Just like you are a life composed of lesser lives, even so, are each of your centers a life composed of lesser lives and are a part of the greater life which is you. Because the centers are the highest lives that are a part of you they are also the easiest to contact and communicate with.

And the strange thing is that humans communicate with them all the time and do not realize it.

How so?

Because it seems that the lesser lives are just us, not something alive in their own right.

“So, where can I find one of these lesser lives and communicate with it?” one asks.

It is quite easy. Just wait for the next time someone irritates you and you feel angry as the dickens

When this happens, just still yourself and step aside from your physical existence for a moment and become the observer. See yourself as being outside of your body just watching what is going on. What do you see?

What you see and sense is a powerful life form dwelling in the solar plexus area that wants to take control of the body and direct it toward destructive ends for its own satisfaction.

This life is not you, but is sharing the body with you and tries to convince you that you and it are the same life and you are under its control.

If you step aside and see this angry life as separate as your dog or an associate then it will indeed dawn on you that the source of this anger is a life that is not you. You will realize that it is not technically correct to say, “I am angry.” Instead, it would be more correct to say something like, “Those darned little deva lives in me are having a fit and want me to express the anger they feel.”

It would also be correct to say, “I feel anger.”

The essence which is you is not angry, but because you have incarnated into the body with these lives capable of creating anger and other feelings, you have the ability to feel what they try to communicate.

When you die and return to your soul you leave many of these lesser lives behind and are not so influenced by them. But when incarnated in the physical we do feel what they feel and for many lifetimes we are deceived into thinking that what they tell us to feel is who we are.

It is not who we are. This is the great revelation that leads to liberation.

The first time the seeker steps aside and tunes into these lesser lives expressing anger, jealousy, irritation, romantic love, strong desire or other emotions connected with the solar plexus he or she will come to some very insightful conclusions.

The easiest emotion expressed by a lesser life for the individual to tune into is anger. This is the easiest feeling to see that it has a life of its own. Many feel anger and sense that this is not the real individual. “This does not seem like the real me, it is not who I want to be, but I feel like kicking the door down,” he may think.

When the seeker then realizes that the anger is coming from a separate life then it becomes much easier for him to take control. It is much easier to drive the car where you want to go when the real you is driving instead of someone else.

If you identify with the anger then someone else is driving your life. But if you place the real you in charge then you become the driver.

And what happens when you take charge of the lesser lives wanting to express anger?

You control them. Just tell them to quiet down, be patient and behave themselves.

Here is another secret about these lesser lives. They evolve differently than we do. We evolve by making conscious decisions and taking charge of our lives. The lesser deva lives go backwards and become out of control when they are given total freedom. Unlike us they evolve by being controlled.

Thus by taking charge of your lower emotions and controlling them you are not only furthering your evolution, but also moving the evolution of the lesser lives forward.

Now keep in mind that control is different than suppression or denial. To suppress is to tell the lesser lives they do not count and this denies their right to feel. If you do this they will rebel and attack the whole body and often create disease.

The seeker must recognize the lesser lives and direct them to their right place by good old fashion self control.

All the lesser lives we have covered belong to the solar plexus but there are six other major centers. Any idea what are the characteristics of some of the lives in the other centers and how to communicate with them?


The Lives in the First Two Centers

In the last post we discussed the influence of the lesser lives through the solar plexus center demonstrating as the lower emotions calling for our attention.

So what about the other centers?

Another center that is often of equal or greater force in getting our attention is the sacral center. This is the center governing sexual energy.

These lives are particularly powerful in young people who have not settled in some type of routine of self control and direction. If reasonable self control is not established the main deva life with its lesser components will dominate the person until his vital energy is exhausted.

The lesser lives of this center are quite easy to recognize. The only reason people do not is that they see the sexual energy as being a part of themselves rather than individual lives within the body.

Now think of a time that a very attractive person crossed your path. If you are normal you felt a strong pull, even if you are committed to someone else. Perhaps a part of you felt like grabbing that person and ravishing him or her on the spot, but of course, you controlled yourself.

Perhaps a part of you felt like throwing your current relationship to the wind and starting something fresh and adventurous.

Fortunately, most people do not follow all the desires expressed by those crazy lives in sacral center. Most put them under some form of control, though many yield in moments of weakness, usually to their regret.

When a provocative sexual situation occurs the observer can certainly at that point register that there are lesser lives in the body with a mind of their own and these lives need to be controlled and directed into a harmless outlet. When the person is highly aroused sexually he or she can definitely feel the effect of these lives which is beyond the mere thought process.

The ultimate testimony to the presence of life in the sacral center is the result of its creative activity which is the birth of a new and independent human life – a baby.

The first center in the lower regions is at the base of the spine. This is the initiating center from whence come the flow of energy that vitalizes or feeds the other centers and hence the entire body.

Now the seeker may comment that he can surely feel the influence of lives from the solar plexus and the sacral, but can’t think of any communication that would be coming from the base chakra. What in the world would that be?

The reason the sensing of the life there is not as obvious is that it is not as excitable as the lives tuned in to the emotions and sexual desire. Even so, all of us feel the life presence there every day, but again the reality passes over our heads.

Tuning into the life in the base center is quite simple. Just ask yourself these questions?

How am I feeling today on a physical level? What is my energy level? Do I feel tired or am I alert and ready to tackle my work?

Then after you ask yourself these questions tune into the life that activates and energizes your physical body?

This is the life at the base chakra. If you feel tired all the time then you are doing something to hinder its vitality. If you feel good energy and a sense of physical well being then you are allowing it to express its life force.

When someone asks you, “How are you, today?” you will generally say fine and see this totally in reference to your life. But the real answer you give (speaking physically) concerns the condition of the lives at the base of the spine.

If the seeker will quiet himself down, concentrate and tune in to his life energy he will become aware of this foundation life. Focus on the energy source for your body and whether or not it is adequate in the present. If it is not adequate then ask it what it needs in order to circulate more energy throughout the body.

Now let us focus on the throat and heart centers. What will communication or contact with them reveal?


Questions on Lesser Lives

A reader quotes me as follows:

“What you see and sense is a powerful life form dwelling in the solar plexus area that wants to take control of the body and direct it toward destructive ends for its own satisfaction.”

And then asks:

Why would this powerful life form want to direct out body toward destructive ends for its own satisfaction?


These lives are on a different course than whole human lives. They evolve by being controlled. When intelligently controlled, they can be directed toward constructive ends. When not controlled they merely take the line of least resistance which leads to chaos.


Does it get some type of pleasure from this? And why would it?


Emotionally based lives get pleasure from expressing themselves whether it be constructive or destructive. They do not have much discernment.

Have you ever reacted emotionally and then minutes later asked yourself, “Why did I do or say that?” What happened is you turned your body over to the life of the solar plexus which just wants to express itself, good or bad.


If it did this, then it would have no body?


There is a lot of destructive emotional things said and done that do not involve injuring the body. Normally the feeling nature seeks to preserve the life of the body.


Where did this life form that is so destructive come from?


All lives are composites of lesser lives. The solar plexus has ten petals dominated by ten lesser lives with a more significant one in the center of the lotus.

From the beginning of the universe the intelligence of God worked through lesser lives, gathering them together to create greater lives. All organized lives came from the creative mind of God.


Are these life forms part of the Lunar Lords from the Moon chain?


Many lesser lives here were partially developed in past systems.


So why are we housing a life form that is so destructive? Is that part of our karma, or part of our own lower nature from a past universe?


It has little to do with negative karma. All life, including man goes through a destructive and uncontrolled period until he begins to fulfill the purpose of his creation and creates or encounters some type of control or direction that moves it toward a constructive, joyful end.

When lives of the solar plexus are put under constructive control they then reflect the energies of the soul and add to the joy of being human.


Is this lifeform the Dweller also, or is this life form, like the Dweller wherein it is a collective of all our negative thoughts, since the beginning of time and space?


No. Your dweller is a thoughtform composed of emotional and mental matter apart from the centers. It may use fear and negative emotion connected with the lower centers, but it is distinct from them.


The Lives of the Throat and Heart

Now we move to the throat and heart centers to see what communication or contact with them reveal.

The lives composing the sacral and solar plexus centers are under an impulse to control the personality, but need to be controlled by the indwelling ego for the sake of their own advancement as well as the person incarnated.

As we advance upward to the throat, the heart and the head, the lives are of a higher order. These higher devas respond to the control from the soul rather than the personality.

The throat is at the midway point between the frequencies of heaven and earth so to speak. It helps to understand the throat center to realize that the human kingdom represents the throat center for the planetary life of earth.

The human kingdom is composed of the very spiritual and the very materialistic. A part of this center dwells in soul consciousness, a part touching upon it and a large part is stuck in a very materialistic thinking.

The throat center stimulates creative energies and in the human kingdom we see very inspiring creative endeavors in art, music, architecture and innovations of all kinds. On the positive side many of these help humanity. On the negative side we are also creative developments used for war, destruction and perversion.

Even so, the lives in the throat center can be responsive to personality desire or to the will of the soul. Which one they tune into will be determined by the person in charge. If the pilgrim focuses on lower desire then his creative energies, as well as his speech, will reflect this. If he focuses on the spirit and soul then the creative energies will turn their attention to reflecting the higher life and the manifestation of spiritual things.

To tune into the lives in the throat center pay attention to the various impulses that come to you to speak, to write or to create. If you find yourself speaking something you regret, without thinking, then the lower lives there have taken over and bypassed the control that you should be exercising.

If you are in charge of words that come from your pen or mouth and you feel good about them then the chances are some of the light of the soul has been received by the throat center.

Christ and his Hierarchy, the Brotherhood of Light, represent the heart center of the planet. So just as the life of a master is of a higher order than the life of an average human, even so are the heart energies more in line with soul and spirit than are the lives below the heart. The lives in the heart are thus controlled by the Higher Self and not the lower. To access the real energies of the heart the seeker must seek to make his will harmonize with his Higher Self.

At first this just happens now and then and sometimes by accident. You may make a decision in line with the Higher Self and not even be aware of the unity. But then when you move on a decision in alignment with higher will you will experience sensations from the heart petals responding.

The main life of the heart center is composed of twelve lesser lives called petals. Six represent the wisdom aspect and six tune into spiritual love.

You feel the wisdom lives when you come to a new realization, perceive a new truth that isn’t obvious to the lower personality or have an Ah-ha moment.

You feel the lives reflecting spiritual love when you share soul energy with other humans. This often comes as a result of service. Bringing joy to or helping a young child is one of the easiest ways to stimulate and feel this spiritual love of the soul. A child hasn’t been separated from his soul for very long and thus tends to guide us toward spiritual love with greater ease than many adults.

The spiritual love of her heart feels quite different than the desire love of the solar plexus – which includes most romantic love.

The lower love responds because of what the other person does for us. For instance, most people fall in love because of what the other person offers him or her.

The love from the heart center responds because of what you do for a brother, sister, or child. You feel the lower love when you are served and the higher when you serve with the aim of carrying out the higher will of the soul or spirit.

Most of us have felt the higher love a number of times in our lives. It doesn’t come often enough but it does come to those with a sincere heart.

If you think back to a time when you felt spiritual love or a flash of enlightenment you can sense that you were indeed feeling a life within yourself reflecting spiritual energy under the control of your soul, a master on its own plane.

The end goal is to be one with our Higher Selves so we can be a participant in releasing the higher energies of the throat, the heart and the head.

The final two main centers are the center between the eyebrows and the crown chakra. Contemplate on the lives dwelling there and what contact would be like until I write again.

Only the hands that have let slip all within the three worlds are free to carry the ultimate blessing to struggling humanity.

Treatise on White Magic, Page 265


The Lives in the Head

Now let us look at the two highest centers which are the center between the eyebrows – the ajna, sometimes called the third eye, and the crown center – also called the sahasrara chakra, or the thousand petalled lotus.

The center between the eyebrows consists of two major petals. One petal is rose red and yellow and the other blue and purple. Each of these major petals consists of 48 lesser petals each making a total of 96 petals composing this center. It takes many lifetimes to unfold all of these lives but when they are the powers of heaven are manifest on earth through a human entity.

Just as the physical eyes see and bring in data for the brain to process, even so does the ajna center see, but on a higher level. How much the seeker sees depends on his point of evolution and how many lesser lives of the center are activated and cooperating.

So how much can the disciple see through the ajna center? Seeing is virtually unlimited as a fully opened center is linked to the originating monad. He or she can penetrate into the unseen worlds of form as well as the formless. He can see into the hearts and minds of men and sense the heart and will of God and beings unseen by common man.

As the disciple opens this center he begins to penetrate the realm where ideas are born and principles understood. He realizes he must do more than memorize facts and data, but must understand the how and why of things. This third eye receives principles and reflects them to the heart center which processes them with added wisdom and understanding.

So, what will the seeker feel when he senses the lives of this center? These lives dance and play upon the inner light within the head. Close your eyes and focus in the forehead until you see or sense living light in motion. Feel them transmitting that light to your whole being.

You’ve sensed them before, but you didn’t realize they were lives in their own right laboring to bring heaven down to earth for you. Recognize their labors and the gifts of the spirit will multiply and manifest.

The highest center in the body is the crown at the top of the head. Even though it is called the thousand petalled lotus the actual number is a little short of this. It consists of twelve larger outer petals, white and gold in color, that interplay with the twelve golden petals of the heart center. This is sometimes called the “heart center in the head.” Within the circle of these twelve petals are 960 lesser petals.

This center is linked to the monad and this link is slowly realized by the seeker, after many lifetimes of struggle, when many of the petals are activated.

This center reflects the will of God and assists in manifesting it on the earth. Each of the 960 lesser petals represents some divine purpose manifested in some life, past or future. The twelve major petals represent a greater embrace of Divine Will where the seeker becomes a disciple and performs a correspondence to the Twelve Labors of Hercules in twelve or more lifetimes or cycles.

Have you ever sensed that you have a purpose that you are supposed to fill in this life? All of us have this sense whether we acknowledge it or not. This sense is reflected to you from one or more of the lives in the head center.

Be still for a few minutes and contemplate your purpose and the value of your life. That sense of value and mission is reflected to you by an inner life doing his darndest to get through your thick skull. If you are like the rest of us these dedicated lives have their work cut out for them.

As the disciple advances along the path his sense of higher will increases so he can see beyond the purpose of his own life to Divine Will as it is designed to work out in groups, nations, the human race, the entire planet and more. There is always more.

Now we have covered the seven major centers it would be beneficial for the seeker to practice now and then in quiet moments in sensing the lives from the base of the spine to the top of the head and then synthesize them in the inner consciousness and see them and himself as one greater life working in cooperation.

Give thanks to the lives within and the God they serve as you cheerfully continue on your journey.

If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.

Bishop T. D. Jakes

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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Principle 18: Decision

This entry is part 16 of 98 in the series Principles

Decision, Part One

Without the power of decision, which includes being responsible for the effects of our decisions, we would virtually cease to exist. We are even more than the results of our decisions. This power is somehow connected with the essence of our very being. Power of decision leads a person to the fear and guilt that causes disease and now decision can lead one back to health.

Decision is the key word as to what we are. We are decision. Every action that takes place is preceded by a deciding intelligence of some kind. I am an intelligence who just moved the glass because I decided to. A decider may use thought and emotion, but thought and emotion alone does not create motion. Thought and feeling with no decision is powerless.

In some way the very power within us that makes decisions is what we are. Let’s say you are deciding between bacon and eggs or pancakes when you have an equal desire for the two. Let your power of decision fluctuate between the two and you can feel that which is the real you, the power of decision at work.

You have two things of equal desire. Let your attention shift back and forth – you can feel the inner power, the power that actually puts things in motion.

Assume that we are more than the results of our decisions, but somehow we are decision or the power of decision itself. If you knew this was a true statement, what would it mean to you?

What God said to Moses is a major hint.

Moses asked God what His name was and back in those days the name of a person revealed what was supposed to be a person’s essence or true nature. So Moses was probably expecting something that described the typical human version of God. He probably would have been satisfied if God had told him that His name was “THE HIGH AND MIGHTY ONE” or “THE ONE WHO HAS ALL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM,” or something like that. The interesting thing is God did not give Moses any regular name. Instead He basically said “I AM BECOMING THAT WHICH I DECIDE TO BECOME.” He was telling Moses He was Decision and that He couldn’t give him any regular name because, as Decision, He could decide to be different tomorrow than He is today. Because God makes different decisions about how He will manifest, He cannot give any name that will apply in all time periods, except for something like “THE ETERNAL,” which is what Moses finally decided to call Him.

Look at how God has manifested through the ages. In ancient times there were supposed to be many gods. Then in the days of Moses there was just one powerful God of vengeance. Later, in the days of Jesus, God was called Love.

Suppose all the major religions are part of the plan of God, then it would appear that God has decided to manifest a little differently through each one. Perhaps He has many different identities in different places and ages.

In the beginning was the ONE, and within the ONE resided the initiating Cause. The keyword representing this Cause must be discovered by you in a future key. Within the ONE resided Decision and the latent power of decision, and at the beginning of time the great Decider made the first decision for this creation.

If He is existing outside of time and space, then no decision as we know it would be possible. So, before we can understand this principle we would have to know which two or more things were before creation; for before decision can exist there has to be two or more things to decide between.

Before there was creation as we know it, there were two things that have always been before the Decision of God. Decision is eternal because these two things have been, are, and will always be present with God as well as ourselves.

The first decision was to manifest. The second decision was to give Itself the power to exercise a decision. This decision, interplaying with the Power to exercise it created the wavelength represented by Light (or intelligence), and Love (or magnetism). Thus we have the Trinity of Power, Light and Love; or Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The wavelength created unlimited infinite space, which is the mind of God.

The interplay of these two possibilities sustains eternally, without beginning and end, the One Great Decision that interacts between the two. As a reflection of God, you and I and all other lives extend the life of God by continually deciding whether to create or not. As offspring of God the main decision before us is always whether to be or not to be!

Decision plus attention equals consciousness. In other words, consciousness was created by putting attention on a decision which had been made. The power of Decision is eternal and when the Decision TO BE, or TO BECOME, is made then the Trinity of Decision-Consciousness-Attention is instantly made manifest. This Trinity is the one great Life we call God.

The real me is not just the result of my decisions, but I am Decision, which is a reflection of God. The part of me that actually makes a decision is the real me. When I realize this, I am like God in the fact that I can then become what I decide to become.

Keep in mind that without decision, there can be no such thing as consciousness or even life or motion. Consciousness, life, and motion are created by decision, and by applying the power behind this key word to that decision.

In truth, your essence is Decision, and as Decision you have created the reality you find yourself in, whether good or bad. Slavery and victimization are always caused by the illusion that we have little or no control over the reality we see before us. If we believe we have no control, we acquiesce our real power, become subject to the decisions of others, and become like a leaf floating helplessly down a current of other people’s decisions.

By allowing your life to be controlled by the decisions of others, you are put in the position of abdicating yourself from personal responsibility and placing all blame on the decision-makers in your life. Instead, you should be the main decision-maker in your own life, which then makes you responsible for your reality in the long run. All those who are in the third category of evolution and are the teachers of the race have the realization they are the masters of their reality.

This is why the sacredness of the vote should never be overlooked. This is a key power the people must always possess if the kingdom of God is to be established on the earth. As for making changes, if people realized the power of decision within them, this nation could be turned around tomorrow. Even if only twelve people in oneness used their power of decision for good, the power to change can be enormous. I would venture to say there are not even three mortal people on the earth who function in unity with a realization of their power to change the earth for good. The power of decision is indeed unappreciated.

“First secure an independent income, then practice virtue.”
— Greek Proverb



Decision, Part Two

How can DECISION and ATTENTION be used to increase soul contact?

Actually, more important than this is to decide to follow the highest that you know and receive from your inner self. Just deciding something like “I will receive soul contact today or next week” is not enough. If one is penniless and decides to have a new car tomorrow he will generally be disappointed. If one decides to have a new car and take the time and make the effort necessary to get it then there’s a good chance he will receive it.

Similarly, the decision required of us that is most important is the decision to do that which is necessary to receive and maintain soul contact. Then when you receive contact you must then decide whether or not it is worth the effort necessary to keep the channel open enough to keep the contact continuous.

If the seeker is not sure of the path to take he can do one of two things:

  1. Do Nothing.
  2. Make a DECISION and go with it.

“But,” asks the seeker, “what if my DECISION is wrong?” This worry often produces a paralysis. At this point it is best to keep one of my favorite quotes in mind:

“Indecision is worse than the wrong decision.”

Could this statement really be true? Yes, as long as the decisions are made with a pure heart.

If you are sincere and make the wrong decision, then it will only be a short while before you discover your mistakes and start correcting them. Then as you progress and correct, it will only be a short while before you pass by those who did not act at all because of fear.

Look at the landscape of the work that needs done and make the best DECISION you can about the part that you will play and move forward with all your strength. If you have a degree of soul contact listen to the inner voice as you work. If you are working in the right direction you will sense a feeling of approval from your inner self.

We decide because of what we are and we BECOME because of what we are. And what is that?

There is a power within you that makes the actual decisions. The real you is this power which is the same power which has belonged to the One God from the eternities. Through this essence all lives are one, and that oneness becomes realized when we obtain full use of this power through the assumption of our real opportunity to make decisions.

Manifesting the fullness of this power also enhances soul contact.

“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.”
— Murphy’s Law 2



Decision, Part Three

Even though the full power of decision is available to us, we are swindled out of this power through ignorance or deception. All us, of to some degree, are deceived into thinking that we cannot use it in certain areas.

Everyone knows that if they need more money they could get another job or do something part time on the side. But the funny thing is that a person can be totally desperate for money yet opportunity after opportunity is presented to him to get ahead, but he never seems to take it. We may look at the guy and call him lazy but the problem is more than just laziness.

Many people in a situation like this — that is where they need a new car or some other item — often feel helpless and paralyzed even though the way to obtain the extra money is obvious to many.

Why does he feel paralyzed? Because he has not developed the power of decision within himself to the degree that he can DECIDE to get the car and do what is necessary to get it.

To the higher evolved among humanity the lack of power among our lesser brethren seems pathetic at times, but what we do not realize is that we have also limited our own power of decision and we seem pathetic to lives higher than human.

There are many areas of life where intelligent individuals will not take the next move forward because they are oblivious to the fact that they can even make a decision about it.

Let me give you one example. Let us suppose that Jones would like to live to be 100 but just sees this desire as a wish or whim. This person is deceived into thinking that what he decides has little to do with the fulfillment of such a wish. The fact is that he can live to be 100 if he makes a definite decision in that direction.

The Higher Self may have something else in mind or Karma may not allow him to live to be 100. This is true but on the other hand, there is just about always a way around these obstructions.

Let us say, for instance, that the plan of your life by Higher Powers has a plan for you to get incurable Cancer at the age of 50 so you can learn certain lessons.

If you make a definite decision to live to be 100 you can then get an alternative plan from your soul as to how you may learn the lesson and override the original plan.

Then there are times that your decision blends in with decisions of Higher Lives or a larger group. When this happens these influences must be taken into consideration if your decision is to be attained.

Let us say that a born again Christian has made a definite decision to go to a certain mountain on January 1, 2000 and meet Jesus who he expects will swoop him up into heaven. Will this happen just because he has made a decision about it? Why not?

Let us say that each member of the group decides that they will live to be 100 because they think this is a great idea, but then put the decision to the back of their minds and pay little attention to it. Is it likely then that they will live to be 100?

We all have our ring-pass-not. In other words, the ring-pass-not is the highest point that your consciousness can perceive, the highest point that you can make a real decision.

If you cannot make a believable decision to live to be 100 then that decision is beyond your ring-pass-not.

Jesus spoke the truth when he said that “nothing is impossible to him that believeth….” but to make the impossible come true the ring-pass-not must be expanded.

This is where conscious projection comes in. Project yourself into this situation where you are not sure of your limitations and push yourself through it with visualization and if you are true to yourself and have the courage to face your own power of decision you will come to a knowledge of how you will react in any circumstance.

Here is another principle:   If two paths lie ahead and a new choice is to be forced upon you then you will always chose the easier path (usually the worst choice) if you have not used conscious projection to see yourself making the decision ahead of time. On the other hand, if you see the two paths approaching and analyze the benefits of the two choices ahead of time and you make the decision before the event occurs, then you will generally have power to follow that pre-made decision when the path approaches, even if the decision is a difficult one.

Instead of changing the past and future what you do is create them. Each creation is a DECISION point. You can create or decide anything you want to, but decisions in time and space cannot be changed. If I decided to buy a new car yesterday, but changed my mind today I do not alter the fact that I made that decision yesterday. I can, however, alter the effect of that decision with an opposing decision today.

All direction is created by DECISION and all DECISION originates from some Life. Because Time and Space have direction we know that they are vehicles in use by one who Decides. The Universal Entity that occupies time and space over billions of galaxies is beyond the imagination of the highest Master who is merely beginning to understand the Purpose of the Logos of our tiny solar system.

The higher correspondent of consciousness, the root of the tree beyond time and space from which all consciousness, time and space springs forth is the Life Principle itself. This Life Principle is very closely related to the first key which is that power within you that makes decisions. The major decision that the Life Principle makes as far we understand it is “to be or not to be,” within the worlds of time and space.

Before any decision appears to the eye, two paths open up before the intelligent pilgrim.

A knowledge of these two paths (least and high resistance) is preparation for The Great Decision. In this great decision, the two hidden paths become visible to the seeker. They are most commonly called the right and left hand path or the path of light and path of darkness. Life and death are two other names used.

Before the decision is made the entity examines the two paths, then weighs the benefits of each and makes a judgment as to which one to take. After the judgment process is over a DECISION is made.

Decision and judgment go hand in hand.

Consider the following scripture:

“And as it is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27)

The modern English word “crisis” (which is derived from the Greek KRISIS) is actually a more accurate rendering of this word than Bible translations. The actual Greek word implies a decision that brings correction. If it is used in connection with the word “judgment” the idea of a corrective judgment should be implied.

Another mistranslation in this verse is the phrase “to die.” It is more correctly rendered “to be dying.”

Let us now take into consideration these corrections and render the verse as close as possible to the Greek:

“And as it is reserved for mankind once to be dying, but on the other hand, after this [after the state of dying is over we have] the judgment [or KRISIS — the decision to correct the state of death].”

Without this positive aspect of judgment decisions would be random and lead to strange paths.

What are the three most important things we can do to prepare for The Great Decision, so when the day comes we will choose correctly?

The three preparations for The Great Decision are:

  1. The first thing you can do to prepare for The Great Decision is to follow the highest that you know.
  2. Seek to become pure in heart and become he who has pure intent.
  3. Seek to look beyond the universe of Self and cause that your actions benefit the whole with the realization that the self will be more fully realized in the long run.

The decision between the two paths is not a decision between blissful love and demonic madness. If that were all it is then all would choose the path of light. Instead many are deceived into a dangerous heading toward the dark path because they believe they are choosing love.

It is a great temptation for seemingly loving people to support the taking away of freedom so that good may come. Such decisions lessen the power of decision and as the power of decision is diminished the illusion is amplified. As the illusion is amplified the possibility of choosing the unthinkable becomes real.

We restrict the freedom of the thief to rob others because this action takes away more freedom than it adds. The only freedom that should be restricted are actions that take away more freedom or rights of the group or individuals than is added.

Overall we may define the principle of freedom as follows:

  • Those actions and laws lie within the principle of Freedom that bring greater freedom for and amplify the power of DECISION making for the group and individual.
  • The actions and laws that lie outside the Principle of Freedom are those that bring less freedom for and diminish the power of DECISION making for the group and individual.
  • To take away freedom so that good may come is illusion and the foundation of great evil.
  • To allow freedom so that evil and harm is possible is the path of light for in the end the illusion of evil is dispelled and the power to BECOME is amplified.

Although a decision to follow the path of high resistance may not work out the way the disciple wants, because they exercised the Will to follow the resistant path, they will take this valuable Will to go against the grain, plus their experience with them to new and higher endeavors. In many ways this is more important than being right.

When we look at all the alternatives between the two extremes there is always a point of decision which is the most accurate. Because of ever changing facts, situations, and circumstances, this point seems to be a moving target and thus great discernment and soul contact is needed to consistently choose the midway point; and then proceed from point to point along the path of dominating good. This midway point is not really a point from our perspective, but a path — the path of The Middle Way.

In normal times the disciple is careful rather than careless about doing the right thing. But then there comes a time that a fork in the road is reached and a choice is presented. Sometimes the disciple is in a situation where neither decision looks good and both paths seem reckless.

Like the parable in “The Immortal” the disciple must choose the path on the right, the one on the left or stand still and delay a decision through fear.

When confronted with these situations, the disciple must remember the injunction: “a wrong decision is better than no decision.”

The disciple then makes their best decision and proceeds with a willingness to make corrections when error is revealed, and a commitment to continue on the same path unless a higher way is revealed.

“I intend to live forever — so far, so good.”
— Steven Wright



Decision, Part Four

To his friends and family the disciple may appear to be taking a careless and reckless action, but to the soul he is making a divine move forward from darkness to greater light.

You are Decision and you can become whatever it is you decide to Become. Tune into the male and female energies within you and use their forces to best serve the direction you wish to take.

Now it is possible that several may be concerned that they are not highly evolved and may feel discouraged if they are unable to have certain spiritual experiences. Please, please, do not feel this way. What one can do — all can do — and do it through the power of Decision and Attention.

Nevertheless, we all make decisions and place attention in different areas of life so none of us are the best at everything. Some may be very talented with ideas and imagination; but not so talented with visualization. Just as some are good at music, but not business.

One of the main solutions on all levels to this problem is the first key. We must realize that we are Decision and make every effort to magnify this power and create what we decide through the power of Attention.

One of the main causes of depression is that we have avoided decisions in our past. Remember the parable in my book where Dave turned hell into heaven? Who were the really depressed ones in the story? It was the two who did not make a decision, and who stayed behind and never progressed on the path or took the risk required. Do not let fear stop you from making a decision and then putting your attention on it. If you find that your attention is focused much of the time on yourself in a negative way you must shift your attention to other avenues. Place it on your work, loved ones, learning, a hobby, etc. Every day arrange your life so that you’ll have something to look forward to. This is a little thing, but can be a big help.

It can be as simple as a glass of wine at dinner, a good TV show, a movie or a visit with a friend. These things to look forward to will not happen automatically if you are depressed. You must arrange them and place them in your path and when they are crossed focus all your attention on your enjoyment of the moment.

On the non-physical level one of the greatest causes of depression and apathy is guilt. Guilt is a negative force that focuses attention on your imperfection and paralyses your power of decision. It is caused by your allowing your attention to be placed on some outside authority who has taken the place of the God within. If God, or the power of God, is seen as existing in some man or influence from without then this entity has power to control you through guilt and thus control you through fear and depression.

Between Consciousness, Attention and Decision, Decision was the first to manifest, but then was sustained by the triangular energies of the three. The first decision that caused us to manifest as entities was “to be or not to be.” The first decision was a little like throwing the dice which created the impulse to be. This impulse pulsated around the first duality which was the possibility of becoming versus not Becoming — or eternal pralaya.

However, the key is not the definition of the words Attention, Decision and Consciousness. The key is the answer to “WHO OR WHAT AM I?”

The answer is not a definition of a word, but a principle, which is never the definition of a word. Your essence as it exists in any state of Becoming is that power within you which makes decisions, not decision itself. Decision is the key word, but not the answer. This power which is your essence does not have a name in the English language. It has not been recognized so it has not been named.

In my book there is a mention of another key word which will shed some light on this and the word was revealed in the beginning of my book on the Molecular Relationship.

That word is Purpose.

Purpose as it is used there is not purpose as we define it in our normal conversation which is related to goal setting. Purpose as we shall use it is the Initiator of all things. It is not energy, but is the initiator of energy. It is not decision, but the initiator of Decision and gives meaning to all things. Decision cannot exist without Purpose. Purpose sustains that power within you to Become and Decide. Because you are a reflection of Purpose you are that power to decide, but not decision itself.

Decision is the key word because it is the highest hint in the direction of our essence that we have an accepted word for.

Decision, Consciousness and Attention are to be seen as a Trinity, not as words to be defined. If they are seen as an interdependent Trinity created by Purpose then this will indeed be a key of knowledge to you. These words may seem simple, but even the highest masters and beyond are continually expanding their ring-pass-not on this concept.

We all may think we understand Decision-Consciousness-Attention. However, before 1492, the people of that time thought they understood the concept of “earth-circle-ship,” but Columbus discovered a key from this Trinity that led us to discover a new world.

Never be fooled by simplicity.

“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.”
— Victoria Holt

Decision, Part Five

The only future which is a sure thing is that which is the result of a decision made by an entity with power to bring the decision to completion. Even then, the events in between the beginning and the end will not all be seen.

The Christ knew that He was coming back to teach humanity in a future age for He had decided to do so. He also knew that the kingdom of God would manifest at some future time, for this is in the realm of decision by lives higher than any on this earth.

If you decide to paint a picture you do not look ahead and see every brush stroke or the mistakes you will make that must be painted out. Instead you see the end picture and work toward it. Thus Christ was not unduly bothered with details that would transpire during the next two thousand years and was not pained by them. Passing through the Dweller on the Threshold as the representative of humanity was the painful thing.

How does one then decide to become truly free?

  1. Deciding to make a choice wherever possible rather than let all the choices that govern your life be made for you. Free will involves more than just living in a situation where you are not restricted from the outside. More importantly, it involves a decision to decide and take responsibility for your life. He who does not take responsibility for his life and actions within that life will never be free.
  2. Placing a greater value on freedom than one does on security that seems to be offered through the giving up of freedom.
  3. After deciding on choice and placing value upon it one must see through the illusions that will trick him into freely giving up his freedom. This is, in the end, the only way freedom can be lost — by giving it to another through your own free will. Once the true path of freedom is seen this path must be followed, for if it is not pursued, and time passes, the night will come and the vision of the path will dim.

Freedom always revolves around decision and not around the endowment of goods and services.

The Dark Brothers try and convince us that true freedom comes by receiving an endowment of goods or favors.

The Brotherhood of Light promotes the idea that freedom comes with the enhancement of the actual power of decision and the removal of obstructions thereof.

The first philosophy involves a forced handout where the handout of goods or services is taken from person “A” and given to person “B,” and is seen as an increase in freedom for person “B,” while ignoring the problem created for person “A.” The light on the illusion comes when you realize that neither “A” nor “B” have their power of decision enhanced. In fact both usually have it diminished. The second philosophy allows true freedom to manifest for such can only occur when the power of decision is not infringed.

We may not like all the decisions people make when given freedom to do so but in the end, as water reaches its correct level, the life of the body begins to flow and a beautiful, free living society is the end result.

The mind must be stimulated and take control of the decision making process. When this occurs and the seeker begins to understand the importance of breaking free from unjust authority then all he has to do is make a decision to be led by the spirit within rather than an authority without.

I say “all he has to do,” but it is not as easy as that. While this is a true statement it is extremely difficult to make that first decision to trust the spirit within over a previously trusted authority without. But after that first decision has been made the second and third is much easier. Eventually the disciple will get a charge out of defying authorities seeking to control him and his power of decision will solidify.

All cause and effect, or all action, is motivated by some decision which has been made. This original decision lies beyond our normal understanding of the word and the true comprehension lies hidden in the principle of Purpose. The meaning of Purpose is only hinted at in the Ancient Wisdom and is briefly covered in my book on “The Molecular Relationship.”

There was creation and the impulse of decision from the Purpose of God before there was thought or consciousness. This is why the sacred books tell us that there was chaos in the beginning. As thought and consciousness evolved chaos gravitated to organization. All organization we see before us — such as the human cell or DNA is the result of conscious thought on some level, but now operates automatically below the threshold of consciousness.

Energy existed before thought — and thought is organized energy.

If the “real you” is not your body, is not your feelings, and not your mind or thoughts — then what and/or who are you?

You are that power within that can make a decision from which purpose and potential power reside and from which all things spring.

Now consider this quote decribing the experience of “Decision” taken from “The Immortal” Book 2, Chapter 16:

“It was an amazing feeling, or non-feeling, and even though there was a time that decision existed with no creation, I sensed that there were universes beyond and before creation, as we know it, and I could retrieve no information about them. I did sense that God, or Decision, existed in a point beyond and before time and space. Before this point were two possibilities. They were the possibility of Something, and Nothing, or the possibility of Creation or No Creation.

“Suddenly an inspiring phrase came to me. ‘It was the decision to be or not to be. That is the question!’ So even before form and space existed there was still a duality — the possibility of nothing (female) and the possibility of something (male) or the decision to be or not to be.”

Question One:

If all things in creation originate from the principles in Purpose and/or Decision, then where did the principle of Love come from — and what is it?

If you had to describe love by writing the Law of Love what would you write?

In other words, what would you say the primary Law of Love is?

The divine aspects of Will-Power-Purpose working together synthetically manifests the First Ray which is called “Power.”

The power behind all of these is the power which activates Decision, for it is only after a decision has been made that Purpose is made manifest even though they both silently co-exist in the mind of the Creator. Then it is only after a purpose is sensed that Power can be applied. Again it is only after purpose and power is in play that Will can be exercised to manifest the decision.

Question Two:

How would you define the three divine aspects of Will-Power-Purpose; and how do you suppose they provide a key to manifesting that which the seeker Decides?

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family — in another city.”
— George Burns (1896 – 1996)


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Your Solar Angel

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  A common name for the Solar Angel is the Higher Self. Eventually your perfected self will fuse with your Higher Self and evolve through all the higher spheres together as this solar system dies. In that far future age your new and improved Higher Self will reflect again and nurture its new born baby – a new and improved version of you.

2  Each one of us has a higher self sometimes called the Solar Angel.

3  When your Solar Angel becomes aware that you are offering others assistance on the Path through service, it will seek to open the door to Spirit for you so your power to serve can be enhanced.

4  Your monad is a seed that has become you. The Solar Angel is like the Farmer that nourishes the seed. Without the Solar Angel you may not have sprouted up in this system of things.

5  Monads do not have consciousness as we do but they do have a consciousness. It is sometimes referred to as a higher consciousness–higher than the Solar Angels because the monad is closer to the Source.

6  Without the help of our Solar Angels we would still be at a very primitive level of consciousness.

7  Your Solar Angel who works through your soul and higher entities up to the Masters will not do for you what you can do for yourself.

8  Our Solar Angel which communes with us through the soul has lived on other planets so far in the distant past that its native solar system no longer is in existence in physical form.

9  We see the reflection of our Solar Angel before we meet the Solar Angel itself because the average person isn’t ready to meet his true Solar Angel.

10  The Solar Angel reflects Itself down into the astral world but the reflection of the Solar Angel will often teach some things that are upside down but they’ll be things that are encouraging to the person to live a good life so they can eventually face their illusions.

11  The Solar Angel represents the Christ Consciousness.

12  The Solar Angel, often called our Higher Self is an actual entity which is a master on its own plane.

13  Your Solar Angel was once a standard human being such as yourself, but that was a long time ago in a star system far away, billions of years in the past. He/She achieved relative perfection and through the Molecular Relationship achieved a oneness of life with all other perfected souls within their planetary and solar groups.

14  The Solar Angels are “exalted beings” who seek an eternal increase through reflecting, or multiplying themselves, just as the One God did in the beginning (or beginning/end as it could be called).

15  Whereas earthly parents often have unrealistic expectations that the child will be just like them, the Solar Angel does realize that through a series of hundreds of lifetimes the reflection will attain all the attributes of the reflector, yet keep its individual will and purpose.

16  The Solar Angel has developed a high degree of consciousness and is able to use the potentialities of God much more than an unrealized monad.

17  There was a time when there were no Solar Angels, but there was never a time when there were no monads.

18  The first Solar Angels developed through trial and error in an earlier era of this developing universe somewhere around 60 trillion years ago. Without the help of assisting Solar Angels the unfoldment of a monad takes much longer.

19  The Solar Angel, your higher self, is distinct and separate from you, yet it is you.

20  The Solar Angel continues to enjoy life in its own plane while also enjoying the life and experience, which is you. He has thus increased his capacity for joy.

21  Not all planets have Solar Angels assisting and this is one of the reasons we have not picked up intelligent radio signals from any neighboring star system yet.

22  Because of positive karma we have the good fortune to have the assistance of Solar Angels in this solar system.

23  Our Solar Angels are linked to higher angels that have risen to an even higher state of being and these are linked to higher still until you get to the originating Solar Angels in this creation.

24  Our Solar Logos was once a Solar Angel.

25  There are many Solar Angels in this Solar System, but the ones for this earth, in connection with human life, are from one basic family and share a oneness of life.

26  The Christ and the Logos have merged with their Solar Angels ages ago and are one with their own monads.

27  The job of soul energies and the Solar Angel is to work with the lower man until the monad and the lower reflection is linked and directed toward oneness.

28  Your experiences are on a different order and flavor than your Solar Angel experienced as a human. Were it not so, there would be no impetus for us or God to extend ourselves.

29  Since animals do not have Solar Angels this could explain why the earth is more accepting of their waste.

30  The Solar Angel is the soul. It’s a name for the soul. He’s called the Solar Angel because He works with solar energy from the Solar Logos.

31  The Solar Angels which commune with us when soul contact is achieved are indeed emanations from the Solar Logos.

32  If we can attain a true realization that we are truly a reflection of the Solar Angel, and one life with it, then we can become as Christ and have power over physical reality and even death.

33  Your Solar Angel is a Lord of Compassion and sacrificed itself through compassion so you could be born as an entity.

34  Your Solar Angel is more like your Divine Mother who has nourished you from an embryo, or your monad.

35  As reflections we are one with our Solar Angels in the higher spheres, but in this one we are the same Song, but played in a different key. Eventually the two keys must come together and play as one.

36  It is not the job of the Masters to work with average humanity. This is the work of the Solar Angel and its reflections in the astral world.

37  Our Solar Angels operate on several planes to communicate with human entities according to the highest they [humans] can perceive.

38  The Solar Angel doesn’t have a physical body.

39  This planet is different because we’ve had assistance. The Sons of Mind were sent to us to assist us in our evolution. These are basically our Solar Angels. We have Solar Angels assisting us in our evolution. Not all planets have this as the case. Because of this we’re one of the more progressed planets.

40  When people receive instruction from their Solar Angel, people think they’re getting a revelation from God.

41  When we develop soul contact we open the door to contacting our Solar Angels as well as the Masters and Christ and up and beyond; the doors open to all these communications.

42  DK [Djwahl Khul] says the Solar Angel casts a shadow and this shadow becomes our lower nature which the beginning human identifies with and falsely believes himself to be. Instead he is the monadic life which is occupying the shadow of the Solar Angel.

43  Before this earth scheme and this solar system there was a previous solar system where we (or our Solar Angels) passed through 49 other globes. This was our first estate.

44  The Solar Angels are in a Molecular Order of their own. Even though they are many they operate with such unity, and as one life, that the masters often just call them “the soul.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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