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It seems that periodically we deal with a situation where one or more members of the group feel strongly about a person, organization or subject. Then when that item is discussed we have to be quite careful or feelings will be hurt.

The last thing I want to do is hurt feelings of friends, especially old friends, but I seem to have a talent for this even when I try and go out of my way to avoid offense.

Here is what seems to happen. Someone has an experience or finds a teaching or organization, or topic that seems to ring correct with their souls and they share this with us. Since it seemed obvious to them that the thing was beneficial they often expect a positive reaction from the Keys members and especially myself.

What usually happens is some members will be very supportive, some see both good and bad and others will voice strong suspicion and concern. Then I will join in and say ABC looks good but XYZ looks questionable or maybe harmful. Now sometimes I may give mostly positive affirmation as with The Morya Federation or Sterling’s quest for free energy and others I may be mostly negative as with the Crème group, but usually myself and some others will critically examine both sides.

When this happens feelings often get hurt. It is not because anyone had an agenda to hurt feelings but generally everyone involved followed the highest they knew and were working at finding the truth of the matter.

Often the truth is not obvious. In one of the Principles of Discovery I stated that if you see everyone going or thinking in one direction one will often find truth by looking in the other direction that goes against the current.

I have a lot of respect for Sterling and Cheri. They are both outstanding individuals and apologize for any bull-in-a-China shop approach I have taken with their feelings but I did not and still do not know the full truth on Braco so I have to analyze him from the highest points of truth that I know.

The fact that miracles happen around him or people see a light around him does not necessarily mean all is well.

The fact that people get positive feelings does not mean all is well. I have seen people say they get positive feelings from God from outright scoundrels. As far as soul feelings go I only trust my own, as should everyone here.

As far as my feelings go Braco is an oddity for me. Usually when a new teacher or Guru comes on the scene I get an immediate impression that turns out to be correct. In Braco’s case I get little impression. It’s as if my soul is telling me to figure this one out on my own.

I haven’t tried to be either positive or negative on Braso but to merely examine him dispassionately

That said let me cover one more point. Ruth asked if supernatural healing could interfere with Karma.

The answer is that nothing can interfere with Karma. It can be delayed, but not interfered with or negated until a full payment is made.

Jesus healed many people. There may have been a few who had their full payment delayed but generally the soul will not allow a permanent healing unless the person has learned his lesson from the disease or can pay off more karma through assisting in raising faith in other people.

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12 thoughts on “Examining Braco

  1. Just imagine I read it twice. While I am not as accomplished on this topic, I concur with your closings because they make sense. Thanks and good luck to you.

  2. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I’m quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  3. I personally tire of all the people that get so easily offended on the list. I also tire of the zealous nutjobs that want to teach the keysters some great thing and do not come to learn. I also tire of those that think they were/are some great important person. I also skip most of the posts where JJ humors them with arguments.

    So someone doesn’t think like you do… wah. Seems pretty self-absorbed to be offended simply because someone doesn’t love what you do. I think Braco’s magic gaze works because people believe it does… the golden calf probably had similar powers… or the oracle of the greeks spoken of in the Aquarian Gospel. I see no salvation in believing Braco is something special nor in believing he has evil intentions.

  4. Here are two interesting statements from Jesus in the Aquarian Gospel:

    Firstly Jesus says this:

    “31. And John said, Master, who may seek and save the lost? and who may heal the
    sick, and cast the demons out of those obsessed?

    32. When we were on the way we saw a man who was not one of us cast demons out
    and heal the sick.

    33. He did it by the sacred Word and in the name of Christ? but we forbade him,
    for he did not walk with us.

    34. And Jesus said, You sons of men, do you imagine that you own the powers of

    35. And do you think that all the world must wait for you to do the works of

    36. God is not man that he should have a special care for any man, and give him
    special gifts.

    37. Forbid not any man to do the works of God.

    38. There is no man who can pronounce the sacred Word, and in the name of Christ
    restore the sick, and cast the unclean spirits out, who is not child of God.

    39. The man of whom you speak is one with us. Whoever gathers in the grain of
    heaven is one with us.

    40. Whoever gives a cup of water in the name of Christ is one with us; so God
    shall judge.”


    So here the Disciples did not properly weigh up all the facts or take into
    consideration both sides of the picture and look at what or who the other guy
    was before they judged him and they also forbade that man to heal even when they
    knew that the man knew the sacred Word and healed in the name of Christ, and
    hence Jesus rebuked them for doing that.

    However, a bit down the track Jesus says this:

    “17. And Jesus, all alone, went to the feast by the Samaria way; and as he went
    through Sychar on the way, the lepers saw him and a company of ten called from
    afar and said,

    18. Lord Jesus, stay and speak the Word for us that we may be made clean.

    19. And Jesus said, Go forth and show yourselves unto the priests.

    20. They went, and as they went their leprosy was healed. One of the ten, a
    native of Samaria, returned to thank the master and to praise the Lord.

    21. And Jesus said to him, Lo, ten were cleansed; where are the nine? Arise, and
    go your way; your faith has made you whole.

    22. You have revealed your heart and shown that you are worthy of the power;
    behold the nine will find again their leprous hands and feet.”


    Here Jesus points out the fact that the one who was healed and had faith and
    thanked the Master (Soul, God, Spirit, Christ) Lord, would stay whole and
    cleansed, whilst those who did not thank God would again become leprous.

    What is the principle behind this? It should be obvious.

    If hundreds of people can be healed by a man, then do they stayed healed if they
    praise God and know that they were made whole through their faith in God?

    But, if many do not have that faith or belief in God and only believe that they
    were healed because of an outside idol, then the disease can come back again one
    day it seems.

    If Braco stood on stage and knew the Sacred Word and healed in the Name of
    Christ, then I might be the first person to stand at the front of the crowd, and
    then I would most certainly thank God for that healing.

    I am interested to know if the stories told by people who were healed by Braco
    also mentioned or thanked God for their healing also.


  5. JJs Quote for the Day

    To Question or Not to Question

    “When I was young and naive, I assumed that most people were curious and wanted to know the many mysteries that lie before us, but was amazed at how few really do want to know and seek answers.

    Many believe that just being a good loving person and living a good life is the key to being noticed by the Great Ones, but such is not the case. Becoming a well-rounded and decent person in society is only a first step. The real quantum leap forward comes when you start asking the why of things.”


    Copyright 2000 by J.J. Dewey, All Rights Reserved

  6. After everybody, including me, weighed in on the Braco question, JJ finally penned his analysis. I noticed right away that JJ’s comments are a textbook example of what JJ has been teaching us. He systematically works through the issues using the principles taught here all these years. Next time JJ asks for analysis I will attempt to do what JJ does, systematically work through comparing the data to the principles and see how the issue or person measures up. I noticed that JJ ended up using Braco as a positive role model in many respects. He pointed out how Braco is using many correct principles to activate faith.

    Also JJ’s analysis answered another question I had asked here about charging money for spiritual blessings and teachings. JJ seemed to think it was fine for Braco to charge $8 bucks and to sell memory tokens like the stylized gold sun pendent. I get a strong sense that healing judgment in the Age of Pisces held the healer/teacher to a standard of poverty. But Aquarian principles incorporate business and law supporting service so this sets the tone and the model for action. For example, working at and/or owning a grocery store can now be seen as significant service because it provides for people in an orderly way. This dovetails with JJ’s teaching that a great inventor is just as much a Prophet as a great spiritual teacher, they just work in a different field of service. I read just today in the Hercules book (they got a bunch of commentary in there that I do not think is from DK) a tirade about selfishness blowing any chances of serving with the BOL. However, the commentary made it sound like selling books on astrology or other esoteric principles could damage your soul opportunities. But, obviously, the guys who produce, ship, advertise, and sell any product got to earn a living. If we don’t let them earn a living, then where and how will we ever get books and other needed stuff for service. It seems to me I begin to discern a pattern from all this data. Reasonable usage fees are acceptable. Such fees could also make someone rich. For example, what if JJ’s book got onto the Oprah show and began to sell hundreds of thousands of copies. JJ would earn a whole bunch of money. That’s ok and perfectly in keeping with Aquarian principles and energies. So now I understand this stuff better. Thanks for the example, JJ.

    The most important thing JJ teaches about this IMHO is the simple idea that we Keysters may develop a healing archetype or procedure of our own. Braco, for example, uses the gazing ordinance. I say ordinance because of my Mormon background, we called such things ordinances, such as baptism and giving healing blessings. However, ordinance also reminds me of the military where that word means bullets and things that explode so maybe that is not the best word. Protocol? Ceremony? Perhaps ceremony stays closest to the Aquarian 7th Ray roots of this idea, “ceremonial magic”. If Aquarian energy is all about ceremonial magic, among other things, then we certainly could create a ceremony among ourselves to evoke the ceremonial part of healing magic.

    Jesus, of course, used laying on of hands along with straight forward prayer. From our perspective, this one seems pretty timeless. At one point Jesus spit on some dust and made clay which he then placed upon a blind man’s eyes. This man was blind from birth. The man began to see but, at first, he did not understand seeing. I believe the guy needed time to adjust to sight just as any baby learns about sight, they see but they don’t understand at first. The guy said he could see men walking like trees. I guess he related men walking upright to the trees he had felt in his previous sightless world.

    I said many times that I think permission accesses part of the healing energy available to us allowing coworkers on the other side of the veil to help us out. Whenever I give a healing blessing I always cite the permission aspect: they gave me permission to give this blessing and they willingly extend that permission to heavenly helpers. I always state that I love them, find a genuine way to praise them, and express gratitude for them because I believe expressing gratitude, praise, and love opens spiritual channels within us. In fact, I seriously believe gratitude, praise, and love constitutes spiritual push-ups. Then I try to listen to see if I feel any impressions about this individual so I can relate that if anything comes to me. Many times I come up with something which is usually expected but not always. For example, one woman who lay dying in a hospital asked for a blessing. I felt impressed to talk with her about living up to her own expectations. She did not believe in smoking nor in several other things but she did them anyway. So I followed my soul and talked with her about being true to her own self. Normally I would never talk like that to anyone especially if they were sick. But I felt impressed to do it so I did. Not all my impressions say something we want to hear. If not then I simply express my confidence that God loves them and loves to bless them. So I guess I already have a healing ceremony that I developed over the years. I’ve given many blessings. Many times I saw miraculous results. For example, my buddy, Lyle, asked me to go with him to bless his Mom who lay dying of several maladies she fought over the years. We blessed her also using consecrated olive oil in the Mormon tradition. She popped out of bed the next day and lived several more years. The whole family, her doctor, and herself were convinced she was dying. Lyle said the doctor expressed amazement. But the simple fact is, a blessing of love, faith, and ceremony can activate the powers of your higher self. On many other occasions it seemed I could not outwardly detect any positive change. But that always made me and everybody else think more about faith so I guess it was good anyway. Besides, a healing blessing is an expression of love. That right there is enough even if we never got one other good thing from it.

    Now I brewed one more question for JJ about healing. I notice you put a lot of stock in getting the sick person to believe in the blessing, that it has power. You mentioned that some people, seeing Braco’s gaze, got healed, some just felt positive, others felt nothing, while others felt skeptical and suspicious. You related this to their expectations. This correlates almost exactly to the hypnosis susceptibility curve, kinda like a bell curve. About a third of people out there are readily susceptible to hypnosis. Another third experience great difficulty responding to hypnosis, and another third are reasonably trainable to build susceptability. JJ’s description of different reactions to Braco’s gazing technique reminded me exactly of this bell curve applied to hypnosis susceptibility. Would you say this is related? If so then a host of questions follow. If not, then another different set of questions follow.

    Your brother,
    Larry Woods

  7. I thought this was interesting that I just ran across. It is a website dedicated to Braco and people leave their names there to participate in the gazing sessions remotely. (Kind of like the LDS putting names into the temple).

    “The idea for this experiment came to the creator of this website, Pamela Johnson, when she was inspired by the members of an online forum, Matrix Energetics (the website of Dr. Richard Bartlett), to take their names along with her to Braco’s gazing sessions held in Kona. The idea was, that anyone on the list could receive the energy remotely. And that is exactly what happened!”

    I was mentioned that the energy felt similar to Matrix Energetics for me. Apparently I am not the only one. http://thebracolist.com/

  8. “The Story of Ivica Prokic

    In 1957, at age 7, Ivica Prokic was swimming in a small river near his home with almost fifty other children. He and others came to lie on the sand of the riverbank, when Ivica suddenly cried out in great pain and became motionless. The other children became scared, thought he was dead and ran for the help of their parents. Ivica then regained consciousness, but no one was around. The pain which had seized his body was now gone, but there was a small burn above the ankle on his left leg. Here, he later reported a shard of the Sun had entered his ankle, reaching up his leg. This event would be Ivica first encounter and initiation with the Sun.”


    I have a few questions about this scenario.

    Why would Ivica have to be rendered unconscious as a boy to receive a “piece of the Sun”? What is the logical explanation for this?

    After this incident Ivica then started having visions etc.

    Firstly, why does one have to be made unconscious to apparently receive something from the Sun or something which is supposedly spiritual and can create healing abilities or visions in this man?

    Secondly, the soul and the Masters when working through Disciples or humans do so on a conscious level, rather than render people unconscious so that they can be given a gift to heal etc.

    The question I ask then is, does God render people unconscious so that he can implant them with a piece of the Sun or Solar Logos?

    This does not really make sense to me and what is the principle behind it?

    I could understand the dark side rendering someone unconscious so that they could manipulate a person through the lower realms, but the Brotherhood of Light would not do this as it takes away a person’s free will.


  9. “I have a lot of respect for Sterling and Cheri. They are both outstanding individuals and apologize for any bull-in-a-China shop approach I have taken with their feelings but I did not and still do not know the full truth on Braco so I have to analyze him from the highest points of truth that I know.” JJ

    I do not believe that you were a bull-in-a-China shop with this discussion JJ.

    If anyone is a Bull in a China shop, it is me.

    People seem to be catering to Cheri’s emotional body even here because she is upset that some of us, mainly me, do not fall madly in love with the guru Braco.

    Unfortunately Cheri does not understand that I take my study of Truth seriously and I am not attracted to teachers who appeal to only my emotional body and who have nothing to say. I also understand what JJ teaches on this subject that Cheri and Sterling and others do not understand or see when he talks us through the Truth, because so many people want to find an outside God.

    I have been here learning for many years, and if all that learning and Truth does not set me free (from Illusions), and I do not believe in that Truth and speak that Truth, then why am I here, and what have I learned.

    JJ doesn’t appeal to many people because he teaches from a mental perspective and not an emotionally based one.

    This is why he does not appeal to the masses of emotionally based people in the World.

    Most people are Atlantean in their consciousness which is still astrally based, so men like Braco who use these Atlantean skills are always going to be attractive to a huge population of people.

    Any one of us can use that Atlantean consciousness which is also psychic in its abilities, but I am here to learn how to become Aryan and lift my consciousness up to the soul level and work with the Magic of the Soul.


  10. RE: Braco comments

    This must bring you great joy and peace! I am so very happy for you that your
    physical condition has been healed! This untapped energy has always had my
    interest and the more we learn then the more we will be able to use it to help
    our brothers and sisters.


    I experienced the healing in Jan. 2010 (I didn’t even know that people
    experienced healings after gazing’s. I was just enjoying the energy). I
    wasn’t sure how long it would last, but I hoped forever. Yes it would show
    up in x-rays because you can see the difference with your eyes. My spine
    use to look like a S. My back is still healed and I almost never get
    backaches. It has improved 99% and I’m VERY grateful! My back use to hurt
    unbearably bad (I went to a chiropractor 2x a week) and driving a car was
    the worst. Now it’s no problem.


  11. RE: Braco comments

    I think it was Mindy a few years ago told me that Matthew was near the brink of
    death with liver disease and asked me to check into him. After we exchanged
    emails it logically looked like he would be lucky to stay in the physical much

    I gave him some advice and hopefully some of it has helped him. Whatever the
    case he has remained with us and seems to be growing stronger and has been a
    great service in doing transcriptions.


    This is true and the exchange between JJ & I back then started me on a path to
    healing. Since then I have kept this disease at bay and have had amazing results
    with a combination of spiritual meditation, reading & learning more and more
    about esoteric knowledge, healthy diet, exercise, positive mental attitude and
    belief that whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. However
    since Cheri has written about her and Sterling’s experience with Braco I have
    been very curious and would like to attend one of his gazing’s at some future
    point in time.


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