The Gold Standard, Part 6

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One thing I have not seen addressed by gold standard advocates is all the repercussions it would have on modern living if we went back on it in one form or another.

They look back at the supposed halcyon good old days and pick the best parts of historical periods as good things to return to, but often overlooked is the fact that many ingredients of modern civilization just did not exist back then.

In the days of the gold standard we lived pretty much like the Amish as far as technology goes.  Now the Amish have some positive ingredients to their way of life, but how many of us want to live the way they do with horse and buggies and no electricity or Internet?  If we were only prepared for the Amish ingredients of living then it would be tough living in New York City.

Even so, any monetary standard we have today must accommodate modern day living standards and conveniences unless we are planning to join the Amish standard of living.

To see the point here let us examine different gold standard plans and see if they could fit in modern civilization.

Plan One
Some are proposing a private money system based on gold or other metals or commodities. Many want a gold only standard to eliminate the past problems associated with bimetallism. They want no fiat money whatsoever and every dollar to represent a dollar’s worth of pure gold.

Under this plan anyone could coin or issue their own money if they had some gold.  It seems pretty simple.  If you want to buy something from a merchant you just give him some gold.  Now the problem with this is many purchases are for small amounts.  If you wanted to buy $5.00 worth of goods you would only need to exchange a 280th of an ounce of gold, about the size of a grain of sand.

Since this is very impractical they recommend private warehousing of the metal.  The warehouse would work something like a bank except they do not issue fiat money nor do they make loans secured by your gold deposits.  They would make money by charging you for storing your physical gold and providing warehouse receipts that you basically use as paper money secured by gold.  You can use these receipts like a checking account and thus you can write a $5.00 check to purchase a small amount of merchandise. Another idea is to set up gold accounts on the Internet that work something like Paypal.

I haven’t seen a plan for using small change.  Maybe they would suggest private companies create their own coins of cooper or silver for this purpose.   The trouble with this is several hundred private issuers of diverse coins could create confusion, especially for elderly people who may be easily confused by the complexity of the many types of coins.

So, if we put the coinage problem on the table would the use of either gold coins/bullion or warehouse receipts work in today’s world?

First, let us look at the practicality of using pure gold coins or bullion.

In the days that the U.S. coined gold we had four denominations.  There was the Quarter Eagle worth $2.50, the Half Eagle at $5.00, the Eagle at $10.00 and the Double Eagle, containing just over one ounce of gold, valued at $20.00.

As of this writing with the value of an ounce of gold at over $1400 the face value would be 70 times these amounts so the $2.50 coin would be valued at $175 and the one ounce coin would be $1400.

If we used actual gold coins as a major source of exchange we would have the same problems that we did in our early history, but more so.  Here are some of them.

(1) Theft.  Anyone known to be carrying around any amount of gold on his person was in danger of being attacked and robbed and those known to have a stash in their homes were in danger of being burglarized. Even putting it in a bank wasn’t safe for there was no deposit insurance in the old days and a bank robber could take your life savings. Most everyone who carried gold on his person or stored it in his home was armed and prepared to defend himself – even in England and Europe.

If we went back to this gold standard today and most people carried gold on their person or stored it would they be any safer?  With the crime rate as high as it is the danger would probably be much more.  Currently, with the use of credit cards and banks the average person only needs a few dollars on his person.  Imagine the danger if a large percentage started carrying around thousands of dollars worth of gold so they could transact business. It doesn’t take a university study to conclude that would be a problem waiting to explode.

The modern banking world is far from perfect, but one of the benefits it has given us is a reduction in danger from personal robbery due to carrying or storing large amounts of money.

Imagine the danger today if a couple thugs caught wind that some little old lady had $50,000 worth of gold stored in her basement?  Her life would be in danger whether the story was true or not.

(2) Inconvenience. If you didn’t trust a warehouse to store your gold you would be forced to store it yourself and carry it with you for shopping. As we said, making the correct change would be a nightmare and buying something from the Internet would be almost impossible.  You’d have to mail a piece of gold to pay for an item.  This is not only time consuming but you’d have to pay for insurance with each order just in case your gold got lost I the mail.

(3) Wear & tear on the coins.  When gold coins were in use they often went through a lot of wear over time.  This caused some coins to lose as much as 10% of the gold just through the friction of use. Many merchants would not accept a worn coin at face value so they weighed the coin and would value the coin according to how much gold remained.

This was a huge inconvenience in the past which would be amplified today with our faster pace of living.

(4) Coin clipping. In the era of gold coins thieves figured out ingenious ways to take gold out of coins.  Sometimes they would shave gold filings from the outside of the coin and other times they would hollow out part of it and fill it in with lead and plate over the top.  Still others would create forgeries out of lead and plate them with gold.

Those who were fooled by these shenanigans were usually the ones who could least afford to lose their money.

Most gold standard advocates want some kind of warehouse system to store gold and make transactions easier.  Actually, we do not have to wait for a gold standard to be enacted for a warehousing system is evolving at the present time.

There are companies which will sell you gold (and collect a commission) or other precious metals and store them for you for a yearly fee.  The online gold services can pay with gold credits of most any denomination to those who are willing to accept. Gold used as online money is called Digital Gold Currency, or DGC.

Currently all warehoused gold is paid for with regular currency, but if we switched to a pure gold standard then there would be no fiat money with which to purchase warehoused gold.  One would just have to deliver his gold physically to the warehouse.  It doesn’t make sense to buy gold with gold.

The warehouses today make a good portion of their money through commissions of customers buying and selling gold.  This helps them keep the prices for their services low.  But if we were on a pure gold standard and there were no sales of gold for fiat money, and hence no commissions, then the cost of the services would go up.

Today’s banks have the advantage of being able to create money out of thin air when a deposit is made and then loan that money out and collect interest.  Despite this tremendous advantage many still go out of business.

A company that warehouses gold has the disadvantage of relying on charging for services to make money.  They would not be allowed to loan money on the gold reserves so this prime source of income must be made up with other charges if the company is to be profitable.

If a pure gold or metallic standard were implemented through privatization then some type of warehousing would be essential.  By the use of the web transactions could be as smooth and seamless as credit card purchases… IF the warehouser is a trusted entity and its transactions are accepted by the public at large as is VISA and MasterCard today.

Would there be disadvantages to a warehouse system on a pure gold standard?  Here are a few.

(1) Since their profit is limited to storage and transaction fees they are likely to be fairly high – especially if they do not make money through gold sales.

(2) Currently there is no insurance on any type of gold transaction and the government would be reluctant to create an insurance program.  Why?  Currently, if they need funds for back up insurance claims they can borrow or print it.  If they had to back up insurance claims in pure gold such insurance may be an impossibility.

If someone warehouses gold today, has their identity stolen and their gold spent then it is just lost.  This may also be a problem on a pure gold standard.

(3) The possibility of fraud or bankruptcy. A few years ago in my hometown of Boise one particular company became very respected and trusted as a gold dealer. Customers trusted the owner to warehouse the gold they purchased. Then the guy had a bright idea.  He saw that there were some great investments available so he just “borrowed” the gold assets and invested them in some sure deals.

Of course his gambles eventually failed, his customers lost most of their money and were about ready to lynch the guy.  Fortunately for him he only went to jail.

Among the companies that warehouse gold today most are honest but some have committed fraud or went out of business due to poor management.  If we have a pure gold standard this problem would continue to exist.

(4) Limited accessibility.  One of the main reasons that people buy gold today is to protect themselves if there should be world chaos or an economic breakdown.  If all your gold is in some warehouse thousands of miles away – could you access it if there was some type of collapse?

One of the most reputable companies today that warehouses gold is from New Jersey. Many do not realize that their gold is stored in vaults in Switzerland.  Now this works fine in normal times but suppose we had a breakdown that made these vaults inaccessible.  In this case the guy who stored physical gold under his floorboard has usable gold and the guy who warehoused it is out of luck.

While I strongly believe we should be free to coin our own legal money and exchange or warehouse it as seems fit, there are disadvantages to attempting to return to a government decreed pure gold or metallic standard as our only money in this day.

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Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Soul Retreival

This entry is part 49 of 50 in the series 2011A

Sarah wrote:
I had a nightmare last night. It was more than a nightmare though, because I was in a less dense body and I was actually experiencing the events that were taking place. Someone from my past was doing very traumatic things to me including holding a gun to my head and forcing pills in me as his goal was a joint suicide. I have experienced the latter in waking life but not the former. When I swallowed the pills I literally felt the woosy effects of them in this less dense body. I can’t even put into words how real the entire episode was. I woke up sweating and I felt so petrified…my first thoughts were of being thrown back down into the physical plane…like living in a doll house in a snow globe.

I have wondered for some time if parts of myself were trapped somewhere in my past. Is this possible? I have read about shamans taking people back to the trauma and getting back the pieces of their ‘souls’…maybe spirit retrieval would be a more accurate phrase?

Then after several people responded she wrote:

I thought I was through being a victim but I know there is a decade of tangled and intertwined memories of abuse and drugs. How can I comb out the fine knots of all the strands? I think I must have combed over a lot of it, but I have spent over a year OBSESSING over past events trying to remember everything that ever bothered me basically or anyone I ever hurt or that ever hurt me. Writing, drawing, painting, talking…its hard to remember what happened when you are on drugs. Trying to put the pieces back together again. How can I severe all the links when there must be so many? Plus the 2 people that abused and traumatized me the most are both dead…would that sever the links at all? Although the abuser in the dream last night was my ex husband…and they never found his body after a scuba diving trip last fall and I fear I have created a thought form that he is going to come and get me one day.

It sounds like your second post gives us partial understanding as to why you had the nightmare. You’ve had traumatic experiences in your past and some memories are coming back to haunt you in fragmented form in your dreams.

In addition it sounds like your subconscious is trying to warn you against yielding up your will to others; that you need to take charge of your life and make your own decisions.

That said you bring up an interesting idea of having parts of your soul trapped in the past due to drugs or trauma.

The problem you are referring to would most appropriately be called “Fragmentation.”

This occurs when the individual abuses his own self through drugs or denial or is abused by others so much that he fragments himself to diminish the pain.  When the person is fragmented he will operate on a lower capacity than he otherwise would have.

We are aware that if a person damages part of his brain then his physical or mental abilities may be impaired. With fragmentation parts of self are not destroyed but either put to sleep or blocked. Fortunately, they can be awakened or unblocked.

Most of us have certain parts of ourselves either asleep or blocked. Those who are suffering from great fragmentation because of trauma have obvious problems; others have not so obvious ones.

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, identified the cause of this problem on the trauma side as being caused by engrams. These are like small computer programs that are created through pain and direct our inner processing in negative rather than positive ways.

Unfortunately, Scientology processing is very expensive and the organization is in dangerous illusion and extremely authoritative. In addition they do not deal with problems related to denial.

Since Hubbard came out with his teachings many others have developed something similar but changed methods and terminology.

One of the best evolutions to come forward that may help Sarah and others is outlined in the Book “The Emotional Code” by Bradley Nelson.

You can find it here:
Emotional Code

I’m considering methods of dealing with “soul retrieval,” as you call it, at the next gathering.

The other solution to fragmentation is through the establishment of soul contact. When the soul and brain become sufficiently linked then denial is released and the illusion of engrams is dissipated. Unfortunately, this can take lifetimes to achieve so if problems continue then it is helpful to assist with other methods.

Ten Tribes and Danites

This entry is part 48 of 50 in the series 2011A

A lady with an LDS background wrote:

Talking about tribes (the Danites in your series, Hell on Earth) what is the origin of the tribe issue, the missing tribes that went North.

LDS people in Missouri await their arrival. Why does the church, or some members, make an issue of tribes? My Patriarchal Blessing states I am of the tribe of Ephraim, as are most LDS members.


When Jacob wrestled with and overcame an Angel he was told his name would be changed to Israel which means “to prevail as God.”

He later had twelve sons who became known as the “Sons of Israel.”

The posterity of these sons then became very numerous and became known as the Tribes of Israel or the “Twelve Tribes.”

The twelve tribes eventually divided into two groups.  One was formed of the tribe of Judah, who became the Jews, and Joseph.  The remaining ten tribes formed the other group.

The ten tribes eventually mysteriously disappeared from history and no one knows where they went.  There is all kinds of speculation.   Some think they are on another planet that was separated from the earth.  Some think they are under the earth and others think they are scattered among us.

Here is an apocryphal scripture telling about their journey to an unknown land:

“These are the ten tribes which were led away captive out of their own land in the days of Josiah [Hoshea] the king, which (tribes) Salmanassar the king of the Assyrians led away captive; he carried them across the River, and (thus) they were transported into another land. But they took this counsel among themselves, that they would leave the multitude of the heathen, and go forth into a land further distant, where the human race had never dwelt, there at least to keep their statutes which they had not kept in their own land. And they entered by the narrow passages of the river Euphrates. For the Most High then wrought wonders for them, and stayed the springs of the River until they were passed over. And through that country there was a great way to go, (a journey) of a year and a half; and that region was called Arzareth. There they have dwelt until the last times.” 2 Esdras 13:39-47

Here is awitness who said Joseph stated they were under the North Pole:

Other questions were asked when Brother Clayton was not present, one of which I will relate: I asked where the nine and a half tribes of Israel were. “Well,” said he (Joseph), “you remember the old caldron or potash kettle you used to boil maple sap in for sugar, don’t you?” I said yes. “Well,” said he, “they are in the north pole in a concave just the shape of that kettle. And John the Revelator is with them, preparing them for their return.” (Benjamin F. Johnson, My Life’s Review, pg 93)

Here is another story giving another slant:

Joseph Smith on the Ten Tribes

Brother Brown:

Will you  give us some light and explanation of the 5th verse on page 386 of the Hymn Book, which spake of the Ten Tribes of Israel, or part of this earth which forms another planet according to the Hymn of Elisa R. Snow?

Yes, Sir, I think I can answer your question.

Sister Elisa R. Snow in visiting my grand parents was asked by my grandmother:  “Elisa, where did you get your ideas about the lost tribes being taken away as you explained it in your wonderful Hymn on page 386 of the Hymn Book?”  She answered as follows:  “Why my husband, the Prophet Joseph Smith, told me about it.”

“Have you any other information that your grandfather ever gave you as contained in any conversation with the Prophet Joseph Smith?”

“I Have.  One evening in Nauvoo, just after dark, somebody rapped at the door very vigorously.  Grandfather said he was reading the Doctrine and Covenants.  He rose hastily and answered the summons at the door, where he met the Prophet Joseph Smith.  He said ‘Brother Brown, can you keep me overnight, the mobs are after me.’  Grandfather answered, ‘Yes Sir, it will not be the first time.  Come in.’  ‘All right,’  the Prophet said, shutting the door quickly.  He came in and sat down.  Grandmother said, ‘Brother Smith, have you had your supper?’  ‘No,’ he answered, ‘I have not. ‘So she prepared him a meal and he ate it.

“Afterward they were in conversation, and the Ten Tribes were mentioned. Grandfather said, ‘Joseph, where are the Ten Tribes?’  He said ‘Come to the door and I will show you.  Come Sister Brown, I want you both to see.’

“It being a starlight night the Prophet said, ‘Brother Brown, can you show me the Polar Star.’  ‘Yes Sir,” he said pointing to the North Star, ‘There it is.’  ‘Yes, I know,’ said the Prophet, ‘but which one?  There are a lot of stars there.’  Grandfather said, ‘Can you see the points of the Dipper?’ The Prophet said, ‘Yes.’  ‘Well,’ he said ‘trace the pointers,’ pointing up to the largest star.  ‘That is the North Star.’

“”The Prophet answered, ‘You are correct.  Now,’ he said, pointing toward the star, ‘do you discover a little twinkler to the right and below the pole star, which we would judge to be about the distance of twenty feet from here?’  Grandfather answered, ‘Yes, Sir.’  The Prophet said, ‘Sister Brown, do you see the star also?’  Her answer was, ‘Yes, Sir.’  ‘Very well then,’ he said, ‘let’s go.’

“After re-entering the house, the Prophet said, ‘Brother Brown, I noticed when I came in that you were reading the Doctrine and Covenants.  Will you kindly get it?’  He did so.  The Prophet turned to the 133rd section and read commencing at the 26th verse and through the 34th verse.  He said, after reading the 31st verse, ‘Now let me ask you what would cause the everlasting hills to tremble with more violence than the coming together of two planets – and that planet whereon they reside to this earth?’

“‘Now’ he said, ‘scientists will tell you that it is known science that two planets coming together would be disastrous to both; which would be perfectly correct if they met head-on from opposite directions.  So when two planets or other objects are traveling in the same direction and one of them with a little greater velocity than the other, it would not be disastrous because the one traveling faster would overtake the other.  Now what would cause the mountains of ice to melt quicker than the heat caused by the friction of the two planets coming together?’  And then he asked the question. ‘Did you ever see a meteor that was not red hot?  That would cause the mountains of ice to melt.’

“‘And relative to the great highway, when that planet returns to its place in the great northern waters, it will form a highway and the waters will recede and roll back.’  He continued, ‘Now as to their coming back from the Northern waters; they will, return from the North because their planet will return to the place from whence it was taken.’

“‘Relative to the water rolling back to the North:  if you take a vessel of water and swing it rapidly around your head you won’t spill any, but if you stop the motion gradually, it will begin to pour out.’

“Now he said, ‘Brother Brown, at the present time this earth is rotating very rapidly.  When this planet returns it will make this earth that much heavier and it will revolve slower and that will account for the water receding from the earth for a great while, but it has now turned and is proceeding eastward rapidly.’

“Did the prophet ever tell your grandfather about the city of Enoch being taken from the earth?”

“Yes, he did.  He said that Enoch and his people kept so faithfully the laws of the Lord that they were translated – Not only Enoch and his people, but the great city also wherein they dwelt.  And grandfather asked the question, ‘Brother Joseph, where was that city located?  And the Prophet answered, ‘Where the Gulf of Mexico  now exists, and the time will come when the mariner will say, there is no bottom to the Gulf of Mexico.’  And he said, ‘When that great piece of land was taken from the earth it created a vacuum and to the extent that it started water coming in to fill up that great space that is now known as the Gulf of Streams.’  The Prophet added, ‘In consequence of this great portion being taken away it naturally threw the earth out of balance.  Now,’ he said, ‘when that comes back, that and the planet on which the lost tribes are, the earth will receive its equilibrium and will revolve as it naturally was.’

“‘Then, Brother Brown, this will fulfill the saying of the Prophet Jeremiah, Chapter 16, verses 14-15; also the sayings of the Prophet Nephi.'”

Brother Call, you have read the statement of Brother Brown concerning the Ten Tribes of Israel being upon another planet besides this?

Yes, I have  heard my father relate the same regarding the Ten Tribes of Israel, and my father heard the Prophet make the statement that the Ten Tribes are on another planet, as related by Brother Brown.

Next the reader asked:

Why are the Danites picked to be the bad guys?  I’m sure most of the Mormons that make up “the hit gang”, even to this day, are not Danites. So where did this designation come from?


The Danites were named after the tribe of Dan.  Jacob gave him this mysterious blessing:

Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel.  Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward. Genesis 49:16-17

Because it sounds like the descendants of Dan will be destroyers Dan is often viewed in a negative light. He is left out of the Twelve Tribes in the Book of Revelation and replaced by Joseph’s son Manasseh.  Legend has it that this was done because the antichrist would descend from Dan.

The Danites were formed in the midst of great persecution as a means of self preservation.  Because they were to fight the enemies of the church they were called Danites.

How involved Joseph was with is group is a mystery.  It appears that he was aware of it and possibly approved it in the beginning, but then later publically condemned them.

Whatever the case a skeleton form of the Danites appears to have continued until the Mormons settled in Utah.  It seems that the destroying angel idea died with the famous Danites, Porter Rockwell, John D Lee and Bill Hickman.

A little known piece of trivia is that the creation of the sinister villain from Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty, was inspired by stories of the Mormon Danites.

There is lots of information about the Danites on the Web.  Much of it is distorted but Wikipeadia gives as good a presentation as any at:

The readers then says:

The mean part of LDS history has always discouraged me…


Most every movement has its dark spots, including our own country. How much of Jarman’s book is true is difficult to say but the evidence indicates that some severe abuse did occur.  It is interesting today that the Mormons are a fairly mellow bunch who are fairly harmless and mostly unaware of anything negative in their history.

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Oscars & More

This entry is part 47 of 50 in the series 2011A

On January 4, I made this prediction about the Oscars:

“The King’s Speech will win best Picture and Colin Firth who stars in it will receive Best Actor. Natalie Portman will receive best actress for Black Swan.”

If you watched the Oscars Sunday you know that all these predictions, made even before the nominations were available, were correct. The last time I made predictions I was also 100% correct on the Oscars.

This helps to redeem myself from by bad Superbowl predictions on both occasions.

Is there a reason that I have been accurate on the Oscars and some other areas, but have missed the mark on football?

Actually, there is a good reason for this. Some events around us are determined by what people think. Others are somewhat determined by thought, but sidetracked by random events.

There are no random events in the outcome of the Oscars. To predict them one just has to tune into the mindset of the majority of the voters.

On the other hand, in football both teams have a mindset desperately fixed on winning and often they are fairly evenly matched. Sometimes the game is determined by one or several fairly random events that not even the gods could predict. In addition, there’s a lot of bias that enters into predicting sports events.

Many say that everything happens for a purpose. This is not true as it is believed by many. There are many events that happen by chance.

If you take a handful of sand and toss it at a cup some of the grains will enter the cup and some will not. Let us look at one of the little grains that missed the cup. Was it part of some destiny that it missed or was it just fairly random chance?

Many of the things that happen in life are no more significant than a grain of sand in motion.

Then there are times that a random grain of sand can have a significant effect. I was eating a hot dog once and my tooth struck something no bigger than a grain of sand and fractured it. I had to have it pulled and this put a lot more stress on the tooth next to it and after a year that tooth went bad and had to go. Then it was another two years before I could come up for the money to have two implants so I could chew on that side of my mouth again.

I do not believe that little piece of bone or sand was put there for any purpose. It was just one of those random events that happen – that we just have to deal with in life and make the most of it.

On the other hand, there are times that invisible entities do look after us and will sometimes save us from ourselves. If a disciple has some purpose to fulfill and is headed for disaster he may sometimes be saved from it by a message or some strange turn of events. I have had this happen a number of times. On the other hand, I have also had accidents and bad turns in life that I had wished that could have been avoided, but no intervention came. I believe our helpers only intervene when absolutely necessary and am extremely grateful for the help I have been given.
Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

Hell on Earth, Part 14

This entry is part 46 of 50 in the series 2011A

I was now given over to the tender mercies of Porter Rockwell, one of the great chiefs of these “Angels.” I was unacquainted with this worthy until I ‘began to notice him wherever I went. One day in the street I stopped to talk with my Cockney friend. Noticing this fellow watching me, I asked my friend who he was, told him I found him always following me.

He replied, “That’s old Port.”

I said “he looks more like old Rye Whisky.”

The Cockney gave his name and said “if he’s following you he has his orders to kill you, and he’ll do it dead sure. He has slain many a good man. There’s only one way to get the blind side of him. He’s mighty fond of whisky. If you can stuff him with that you’re all right.”

I said “You leave me now, I’ll fix him.”

My friend went one way and I started as if to pass “Port” and – cross the street. Coming directly abreast of “ Port “ I stopped short and addressing him said “Excuse me sir, but can you tell me where the Patriarch John Smith lives?”

“Oh yes! he said, down by Jordon Bridge.” (The Patriarch lived within a stone’s throw of where we stood.) “But,” he continned “he ain’t home, he won’t be home till nine to-night.”

I thanked him -very politely, and said “Well my friend, you’ve saved me a good jaunt, I feel it’s my treat, do you ever indulge? won’t you take something?”

“Wal yes,” said Port, “You’re the best man I’ve seen today.” And although the Scripture says “Woe unto him hat giveth his neighbour drink” “a drowning man will catch at a straw.” I took him to a saloon, asked the landlord to show us to a private room as we had business to talk over. We were – shown to a small room.

“Friend what will you take,” I asked?

He replied “My old stand-by, whisky, I suppose we can punish a pint can’t we?”

I said “I’ll take Soda-water.” Port ordered a pint of whisky. We sat down. Here was the victim and his would-be murderer cozily seated in a snug little room. How to handle him properly, secure his friendship, and draw him out was the question. Our potations came and Port began to make himself at home and as the whisky got in his wits got out. Presently Port emptied the pint, which was refilled. He became very talkative. I said “Excuse me sir, what is your name?” He answered, “Port Rockwell, they call me Old Port.”

I made it a point to be very sociable, for I meant to get from him an account of some of the many murders he had committed, and his intentions toward myself. Finally I was successful; he said in answer to my question. “I’ve had my orders to use you up, but you’re a bully good fellow, don’t you fear old Port, I’ll not hurt a hair of your head. You know how to treat a man decent; you’re all right.”

I saw that by a judicious use of whisky I had secured a friend, instead of becoming my “Destroying Angel,” “Port,” through a good supply of “ Spirit “ would be my “ Guardian Angel.”

He became quite confidential. In one of his moods he said “You got in a hell of a hurry that night when you fetched out yer shooting irons and got huffy.”

I asked him if he could explain that affair. “I guess I can,” he answered “Between you and I, you’re a lucky cuss; we attended to another poor devil that night who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, like yourself. You’re awful foolish let me tell you; howsoever, we didn’t catch on to him till midnight, and by the time we’d a fixed his wind-pipe so as he won’t squeal again, kivered him up, and got to where we thought you was, you’d a got yer back up and gone.” Port said this when the whisky had taken the place of his wits. I further drew from him that the “Saint” was to keep me there that night till the “Destroying Angels” came, that my grave was dug in the “ Saint’s “ garden, and they intended to make “short work of it.”

From that time I and Port were friends; and being in his charge I was perfectly safe. Port reported that I was a slippery customer, and difficult to catch. This much, past experience had proven. It cost me something to supply Port with whisky, but I trust my life may yet prove worth the outlay.

Things jogged along all right so long as I had money for whisky, but my second wife got a divorce and I was turned out in the streets homeless and penniless.

I sold my pistols to keep the whisky mill agoing. Port frequently posted me in regard to the various devices planned for my capture; though we were never seen together after the time mentioned, we had a way of communicating.

One night on my going as usual to our “Telegraph Office,” as we called it, there was the cipher message “Meet Port midnight by old City wall, by Arsenal.”

I met him and never shall forget his anxiety: I know that this man, guilty of “hundreds of murders” according to his own confessions to me, was true in his sympathy toward me and wished to aid me all in his power. He had then brought me a bundle of provisions, which he quickly handed me and, hurriedly said “Here take that, fly to the mountains and hide at once, I have to leave this city by daylight. A far worse than I am is now on your track.” He told me which way to go to escape him; for Port had given him instruction where to find me or rather where not to find me, and had sent him off in another direction. Then giving me a gentle push said “Now be off and may God bless you.”

It is really astonishing how these murderers can mix up the Divine Name in everything they do. I have seen men that I know are guilty of blood take the bread and break it at the Sacrament, and offer a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. It seems to me that all the blasphemy under the sun is centered in this so called “Zion “-this Hell upon Earth.

I am sorry space will not permit me to give more of my sufferings in this Hell upon Earth. I will briefly tell how I got away, and trust to my lectures for an opportunity to detail all I am prevented from giving here.

Though 500 American troops and gatling guns are now stationed at Camp Douglas, overlooking the City; a railway connecting it with the outside world; Gentiles there transacting business; and United States Courts in operation-yet the Mormons hold civil, ecclesiastical, and judicial power in Utah, and have things pretty much their own way.

General Garfield came to Salt Lake City, and through a friend of his” obtained an interview with him, which finally resulted in my escape. The reader may ask, why talk of an “ escape “ from Salt Lake, new that Railways, Troops, Gentiles, and U. S. Courts are there? I answer what good is either to one in the condition I was? The Railway is a ready money institution; no trust there. At cheapest rates it costs 15 pounds to get back, and the generality of us not able to muster ‘scents., or is pence. The first forty miles of railroad is built, controlled, and worked by Mormons. The journey from Salt Lake to New York at cheap rates takes about ten days, and food costs something when traveling. I ask how can the poor duped English girls, now living a life of sin and slavery in Utah, who scarcely ever get any money, raise the cash to go back? The Gentiles have enough to do to look after themselves. The troops are all very well in their place to Overawe the Mormons, but they have nothing to do with the Civil Government. As to the United States Courts,,. a more complete farce does not exist; for with Mormon Juries it is impossible to obtain a just verdict.

Look for a moment at the fact. The whole Territory, is governed by the Mormon Power. There is the Mormon Parliament. The Lower and Upper House and its Cabinet. Then all the Officers of State are Church Officers. Mormon Mayors, Aldermen and Town Councilors in their various Cities-Mormon Police-in fact Mormon everything, with the exception of one Governor, and two or three judges who are like a figure 9 with the tail off.

Had the Mormons known that I was going away to expose their wickedness, think you for one moment they would have allowed me to escape? No, never! Suppose they knew it the night before I left; on going through the street a crowd of Mormons would be there through which I must pass. Superintending matters would be a policeman, who would grab me, while the “ Saints “ flock around, and one put, say a gold watch in my pocket, the owner of which would there and then charge me with highway robbery, and every Mormon priest swear to it. I am walked off to the City Hall, searched, the watch found on me, and locked up. In the morning papers would appear as follows:-” Last night Wm. Jarman was arrested for stealing a gold watch from Mr. – On being searched the watch was found on him, and he was held for examination. During the night he attempted to escape and was shot by his keeper. He died instantly, the bullet piercing the heart,”

The keeper, – coroner, and everyone who had to deal with the case being “Good Mormons” would be perfectly satisfied, and thus would end the career of Wm. Jarman. That’s about how the business is managed now-a-days. But they did not know – for after Brigham’s death arrangements were being made for my going back into the Church, though I constantly put it off. I did business with Mormons, some very prominent ones. I had “an axe to grind “-(in English a game to play). There were matters I should never have found out had I not done so; yea, so late as 11 p.m. the night before I left, I had important business with the second man in the Kingdom, and everything considered O. K.

A good Brother holding the same “ Priesthood “ I had, helped me away; my luggage was shipped, and ticket bought by others, not me. My valuable books and papers were taken to New York by a gentleman and delivered to me there, and not till the morning after my first lecture in Brooklyn, where the associated press telegraphed it over the country, did the Mormons know where I was.

When they saw the account in their papers they asked, “How did he get away?” I hope I have answered in a way to satisfy my readers. I know the “ Saints “ will not be satisfied until they know who assisted in spiriting away my books, papers; and myself, so that they could “Blood atone” them for their sins. But they will never know from me. “Port” died before I left Salt Lake, or I would not have said what I have. I could tell a hundred times as much as I have of such matters were it not that my friends who helped me are still living in “Zion,” and for their sakes I keep it back feeling I have said quite enough to convince the world of the perfect honors of this vile Mormonism, if not am sure they would not believe the balance though an angel from Heaven proclaimed it.

To my confidential friends now in Zion I say “Fear not! so far as I am concerned you are perfectly safe. When the Governments of America and England are ready for the question, I have ample proofs and evidence without breaking faith with you, and you are most of you old enough to die before these slow-coach Governments take any active steps. in the matter.” “Uncle Sam” has brought ONE out of the MANY human butchers to justice, and seems perfectly satisfied to let the others R. I. P.. and the murderers of wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, and fathers are allowed to occupy the best positions in the Territory. So much for the Great Boasted, “ Free “ Republic; and so much for “Christian” England in allowing her citizens to be thus deceived, enslaved, and slaughtered “for Christ’s sake.”

Editors Note: Jarman ends his treatise with several accounts of how terrible the Mormons are and that something must be done about them before they take over the world. It is indeed obvious from the many testimonies that many of the Mormons in early Utah, from Brigham on down, abused their power but then when we read the solutions to this abuse it appears that the solution proposed is worse than the problem. Jarman and the people he quotes wanted the U.S. government to wage outright war on the Mormons, even if it means a mass slaughter would be the result. These critics see this as the only solution. If Jarman is telling the truth then you can’t blame him for wanting to expose the abuses of Mormonism but then he wants to abuse the Mormons with more ferocity than they dished out.

In reality what did happen was much more harmless than many critics wanted and the charge was led by none other than the prophet’s son, Joseph Smith III who worked with Congress to create laws to force change without causing the shedding of blood.

From Jarman’s book I finish with a quoted sermon and a few words from Jarman himself. He gave quite a few other references but many repeat accusations already covered. JJ

A SERMON preached by the Rev. T. De WITT TALMAGE, D. D. in The Tabernacle, Brooklyn, U.S., on the 26th of September, 1880.

Then the Lord rained upon Sodom brimstone and fire from the Lord’ out of heaven.’-GENESIS xix.

SODOM and Salt Lake City are synonymous. You can hardly think of the one without thinking of the other. Both in fertile valleys-valley of Siddim, valley of Utah. Both near a salt, offensive, fishless dead sea; for Dr.. Robinson says there must have been a lake near by while yet ancient Sodom stood. Both the famous capitals of most accursed impurity. Both doomed.

In 1857, a company of emigrants started from Arkansas and Missouri for California. They were good, respectable, well-to-do people; but they had an idea that they might have larger comforts for their families on the other side of the mountains; so they undertook what always seems to be a terrible thing, traveling in the Wagon emigrant train. They suffered everything on the way. By night the fires kept off the wolves, and by day there was fatigue and hunger, and heat, and gentle womanhood fainting with the long journey, and children crying for rest. There were one hundred and seventy in that company.

They must needs cross Utah Territory, and in Utah nearly all the emigrant trains were accustomed to take in new supplies of provisions; but Brigham Young heard that this emigrant train was coming, and he forbade, under pain of death, any Mormon in Utah giving any clothing, or food, or medicine, or kindness of any sort, to these emigrants. It was a revenge for the fact that a man in Arkansas had slain Elder Pratt, of the Mormon Church, because he (Elder Pratt) had stolen the wife of the man in Arkansas, and taken her to Utah and into Mormonism.

On and on went this emigrant train, suffering all indignity, until they came to a plain called Mountain Meadow. The Indians dashed down upon the emigrants, but the emigrants threw up a barricade, and in this temporary fortress drove back the red men most successfully. Then the Mormon militia dashed down upon these emigrants; but you know how men will fight when they fight for their wives and children, and so the Mormon militia were driven back.

Still it was only with great peril that any one could leave the temporary fortress even to get water from the spring near by. There was great suffering from thirst, so one day they dispatched two little girls clad in white to bring water from the spring. They said, Most certainly the Mormon militia will not disturb them;’ but no sooner had they appeared outside the barricade than they were shot dead by the stream.

Petitions for relief were signed by all the emigrants, and by Oddfellows and Freemasons, who made appeals to members of their particular order. Three brave men volunteered to carry that petition for relief to California. An aged Methodist minister of the group, in prayer, commended these men to God, and the emigrants all knelt in supplication; but hardly had these three brave men started on their journey than they were butchered.

Time passed on, and one day wagons were seen coming. ‘Now,’ thought the poor emigrants, we shall have relief,’ and they could not restrain their glee at the thought of liberation. The wagons came up, and from them came a flag of truce, saying, If you emigrants will surrender, and put down your arms, you may walk out into perfect liberty, and you shall not be harmed.’ Thinking the proposition a fair proposition, it was accepted, and they put down their arms, according to the arrangement, and then the men marched out first, then came the women, and then came the children. After they were outside the barricade, the Mormon militia, with guns and hems and daggers, massacred all save a few little children, whom they thought to be too young to tell the story. Aged and young husbands and wives, parents and children, left dead on the plain! Women belonging to the emigrant train, who were sick and unable to walk, were then taken out by the Mormons into the presence of their murdered families, stripped of their clothing, shot dead, and hurled upon the heap of corpses.

The wagons, the stock of the train, the dresses of the women and their jewelry amounting in all to a property of 300,000 dollars, taken possession of by the Mormon Government. Years after, a Mormon woman, showing a silk dress that had been captured from the train-showing one of these silk dresses in Salt Lake City-one of the little girls that had been saved from the massacre recognized it. She said, ‘Oh! that’s my mother’s. Where’s mamma? Why don’t mamma come? Mamma used to wear that! ‘ and she burst into tears.

John D. Lee, the Merman Bishop, was the presiding spirit in person of the massacre, and when, fifteen or eighteen years after, in the court-room, he gave testimony, he said he had orders to do that from head-quarters; and it appeared on the evidence that Brigham Young had given orders as to the disposition of the property of these murdered people, and had told the witnesses to hush up, and all Christendom today holds that man responsible for the tragedy. No wonder, when years after he visited the scene and found that the bones of the emigrants had been decently buried by the officers of the United States Government, and General Carlton had put up a head-board by the grave, with the epitaph, the inscription’ Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord ‘-no wonder that Brigham Young, seeing that inscription, ordered it to be torn down.

It is the presiding spirit of the Mountain Meadow massacre that I arraign today for trial before you, the jury of Americans. It still lives. It has its throne in Salt Lake City, and its foot on the heart of dishonored women, and its breath is the pestilence of the nation. Gory, ghastly, hideous, infernal Mormonism, stand up and look into the faces of the American jury that is to try you.

This summer, as well as on a previous occasion, I had the opportunity of inspecting this iniquity, and of asking many questions, and having them answered by Mormons and anti-Mormons. Many of the Gentiles of Salt Lake City called on me and asked me that when I got home I should present the case before the people on this coast. I solemnly promised them, and this morning I fulfill my promise. In regard to the alleged subsidence of Mormonism, I have to tell you that 750 Mormons had arrived in Salt Lake City or Utah, just before we went to Utah, and that there was another company still larger approaching the city, and that there were 10,000 added last year, and that there will be more than that added this year.

Three hundred missionaries, sent out to gather up victims, travel all over this land, and in Sweden, and Norway, and Russia, and Germany, and England, and Wales, and Scotland. (Germany has now prohibited Mormons from Proselyting in that country.) Many Scotch Presbyterians were recently brought there: These missionaries are compelled to go out, although their families may suffer the greatest penury, for this whole system is cruel and Herodic. These missionaries go to those who are in the struggle of life, and they hide all the hideous deformities of Mormonism, and tell these people, ‘Now, if you will cross the ocean and go to Utah, you will have your expenses paid.; and when you get there you will have gardens and farms of your own, and your hardships will be ended for ever,’ No wonder some of these incautious people ‘ accept the invitation, and then fly from poverty to get into a most stupendous swindle. Oh! you ought to see the poor creatures carrying the tenth of their small income and the tenth of the small product of their farm or garden to the tithing-house of this insatiate institution. They are taxed until the blood comes. No escape but the grave. The co-operative societies and the co-operative stores of Utah are so many mills to grind out more money from the poor people to support a depraved priesthood.

I charge Mormonism with being one great and prolonged cruelty. Nobody denies the work of the destroying. angels called Danites, whose chief business it was to hunt up antagonism to the Mormon Government and put it to death. It was for’ the land of assassination and the field of blood.

No one doubts the Hickman butcheries under Brigham Young. I saw a cellar where a mother and two sons had been put to death, the mother slain in the presence of the two sons, and the two sons butchered, because they had revealed the secrets of the Mormon Government. The whole world has heard the story of the destruction of the Aiken party. And these Mormons have a delicious vernacular by which they describe this putting to death. They say all these things with a smile and a jeer. ‘Oh, they were put out of the way; or, ‘they met with a bad accident; ‘ or, they were used up; ‘ or, ‘ they were cut off just under their ears! ‘

Why have these atrocities stopped? Because a regiment of United States soldiers are on the hill overlooking the city, and with iron rake of destruction may rake that city if it attempts to repeat such atrocity. It is not because Mormonism is more merciful, but because it has not the courage.

I charge Mormonism with being a great blasphemy. Brigham Young in one of his sermons, declared that Christ himself was a practical polygamist; that Mary and Martha were his plural wives; that Mary Magdalene was another; and he said in the same sermon that the bridal feast in Cana of Galilee, where Christ turned water into wine, was the occasion of one of His own marriages! The whole tendency of the system is towards blasphemy. I was told over and over again that Brigham Young, with slight provocation, would swear like a fishwoman at Billingsgate.

I charge upon Mormonism that it is a disloyalty to the United States

Government. There is an oath taken in the endowment house at Salt Lake City, which subverts all other oaths. Perjury is no crime when enacted in behalf of Mormonism. Mormonism hates the Government of the United States with a perfect hatred. Fourth of July occasions and all patriotic demonstrations are an utter abhorrence to the Mormons, and the Gentile celebrators of the Fourth of July suffer every indignity. Mormonism would like to have the United States Government to perish today.

I charge upon Mormonism that it is an organized filth built on polygamy. There is a man in Salt Lake City who has three wives, and they are the mother, the grandmother, and the grand-daughter! I observed that there were additions built on the houses, and it was explained to me that, when a new wife is taken, then the house is enlarged, forgetting the fact that no house was ever large enough to hold two women married to the same man!

Think of a system which applauds a man for such things. Think of a system which teaches that the more wives a man lives with at the same time on the earth, the higher his honour in heaven. Think of a system which commends a man for living in marriage at the same time with three sisters. Think of a system which wrecks the happiness of every woman that touches it, for, I do not care what they say, God never made a woman who can cheerfully divide a husband’s love with another.

Every honest wife knows she has a right to the entire throne of her husband’s affection. They may smile to keep up appearances, but they have an agony of death, and the most pitiable thing in all the earth is an aged woman in Mormonism. The aged woman in other parts of the land we bow before; we take off our hat to her, we do her reverence. The softest chair in the house is grandmother’s chair. She is the queen on Christmas and Thanksgiving days. The older she gets, and the more wrinkles on her face, and the more stooped her shoulder, the more we think of her; and when God takes her away to the eternal rest, it seems as if three-fourths of the house were torn down. But a woman getting aged in Mormonism, she is shoved back, and is paid less and less attention, and is of less and less account. Why? Another has taken the throne, and, after awhile, she will be dethroned, and another will come up, and another.

I tell you Mormonism is one great surge of licentiousness; it is the seraglio of the Republic, it is the concentrated corruption of this land, it is the brothel of the nation, it is hell enthroned.

This miserable corpse of Mormonism has been rotting in the sun, and rotting and rotting and rotting for forty years, and the United States Government has not had the courage to bury it. Moreover, it is all the time gaining in influence. Mormonism once meant Utah; now to a certain extent it means Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico. Wider and wider and wider, and greater and greater and greater. It is going forth to debauch this nation. You have no idea of the influence it is having in American politics, or what it has already done at Washington. Mormonism receives 1,000,000 dollars every year through the tithing system, and has plenty of money with which to effect national legislation. The subject was brought before Congress and the matter referred to a Committee, and one of the members of the Committee said in derision, What do you make all this fuss about polygamy for? Those Mormons out there make a religion of having four or five wives, while some of us members of Congress practice the same iniquity without any religion! ‘ A stout effort is being made to introduce Utah as a State of the Union, and if it be accomplished the United States govemment puts its broad seal of approbation upon this stupendous indecency

Now,’ you say, ‘what is best to be done? ‘ Execute the law against polygamy. What right has the law to punish a man for bigamy, if one foot this side of Utah he have two wives, when one foot the other side the law lets him have twenty? What right has the law to smite libertinism in other parts of this country when there it licenses it? Are these Mormons the pets and the darlings of the nation, that they should have especial regulations? Do you believe that filthy pool of iniquity can stand in the midst of this continent and not have the whole air poisoned with the malaria? Mormonism is an insult to every home, to every church, to every father, every mother, every sister, and the curse of Almighty God will come down on this nation unless we extirpate it.

What! ‘ say you, would you interfere with a man’s religion? ‘ Oh! no. If these Mormons want to believe that Joseph Smith was God, or that Brigham Young is the second person of the Trinity, the law has no right to interfere with them. But Mormonism not only antagonizes Christianity; it antagonizes good morals, and the infidel and the Christian stand side by side in denouncing Mormonism as a foe to free institutions. Then, I say, away with it! Moral persuasion first, if possible; but moral persuasion will not accomplish it. They have declared, over and over again, that they will let their city go down under the bombshell before they will surrender polygamy, and I tell you that Mormonism will never be destroyed until it is destroyed by the guns of the United States Government.

It would not be war. I hate war. It would be national police duly executing the law against polygamy. Why did they not let General Johnson in 1857, with his 2,500 troops sent out under the order of President Buchanan, march right on until they did their work? President Buchanan never was charged with excessive courage, and he sent out Governor Powell, of Kentucky, and Major McCullough, of Tennessee, to offer pardon to all the Mormons who would put down their arms, and there has not been a President of the United States with enough moral courage since to clean out that national stable.

We all go to look at it. President Grant went to look at it. Secretary Schurz went to look at it. Secretary Thompson went to look at it. President Hayes went to look at it. Everybody goes to look at it. We cross the continent, and it is one of the arts of Mormonism to be very gracious to public men. The Mormons struggle as to who shall have the privilege of entertainment. I never addressed a more genial audience in my life than last August in the Mormon opera-house, a great many Mormons present. They bow you into the city, and they bow you out of the city, and none of us dare touch them. We all want to be Congressmen, or President of the United States, or Minister to England, and if we oppose Mormonism it will oppose our political interests. And so, if I were an aspirant for any political office, this sermon might perhaps be very impolitic.

If there be any truth in the transmigration of souls, I hope that the soul of Andrew Jackson will get into the body of some of our Presidents, and make proclamation that within thirty days all these Mormons must decide upon one wife, or go to jail, or quit the country. Then have Congress make provisions for the carrying out of this order. If the Mormons submit to the law, all right. If not, then send out troops of the United States Government, and let them make the Mormon Tabernacle their head-quarters, and with cannon of the biggest bore thunder into them the seventh commandment. Arbitration by all means; but if that will not do, then peaceful proclamation. If that will not do, then howitzer, and bombshell, and bullets, and cannon-ball.

If a gang of thieves should squat on a territory and make thievery a religion, how long would the United States Government stand that? Yet a community founded on theft would not be so bad as a community founded on the grave of desolated, destroyed, imbruted womanhood.

I call the attention of the American Congress to this evil. The hour has come. Let some Senator of the United States at the next meeting of Congress, or some member of the House of Representatives, with eloquent tongue and persistent purpose, and good morals of his own, lift the anti-Mormon standard, and then unroll the tragedy and outrages of that appalling system before the Government and before the people, and that man will gather around him all the sympathies of all the families, and all the Churches, and all the reformers, and all the high-toned men and women of America. The thing has got to be done. It is only a question of when. Let this man of whom I speak in the name of God go forth and do his duty, and he will at the same time make his political fortune. Come, now, instead of exhuming the wrapped-up and entombed mummy of negro slavery, and tossing it about in these Presidential elections, have one live question-Mormonism, the white slavery of today, and have it decided at the ballot-box whether that institution shall go forth with its pestiferous influence, or whether, under the law of our civilization and the stroke of the law, it shall perish.

But,’ says some one, that would be a very expensive crusade.’ It would not cost the United States Government one farthing. Confiscate so much of the Mormon domain as is necessary to pay for the extermination and take some of those vast sums of money that are being poured into the lap of that old mother of harlots, and pay it out as honest taxes to support the United States Government. Utah is rich enough to pay for all the costly and expensive surgery of taking out this dripping cancer of Mormonism. Let the pulpits and the platforms and the printing-press agitate and agitate, and agitate until Congress and the White House shall hear rumbling all around the sky the storm of popular indignation against this gigantic, organized, and national crime.

I make no war against Mormonism as a religion. I war against Mormonism as an immorality, as a defiance of civil law, as an institution anti-American. When Brigham Young’s men, with bowie-knives, broke up Judge Drummond’s court in 1856, and compelled him to adjourn it sine die, and when Mormonism poised loose rocks on the top of cliffs where you may see them to this day, expecting to throw them over on the United States troops as they passed under, Mormonism showed what she thought of our Government.

Now as I have empanelled you as a jury to sit in trial of this giant of lust and disloyalty, and the evidence has been presented before you, are you ready for the verdict before you leave the jury-box? Guilty or not guilty? Guilty,’ says one. Guilty,’ say all.

Then what shall the sentence be? It must not be a small incarceration; it must not be a slight censure. While we have only pity for the victims of this abomination, and we pray God He will speedily deliver them, for this institution of Mormonism, as such, only extinction and death. But where shall be the execution, and when shall the execution take place? What scaffolding will be strong enough to hold such a monster of iniquity? One end of the scaffolding must be planted on the Rocky Mountains and the other on the Sierra Nevadas. But what Friday of what gloomy week, of what gloomy month, of what gloomy year would be gloomy enough for the execution of this beastly outlaw? What grave deep enough for this stout, thousand-armed, thousand-footed, thousand-headed, thousand-horned, thousand-fanged corpse? What epitaph for that grave unless it be this:-

Here lies Mormonism, the outlaw, the libertine, and the murderer, the hero of Mountain Meadow massacre. Born February 22, 1827. Died 1882 at the hand of the law and under the instruction of the Almighty. Then the Lord rained upon Sodom brimstone and fire from the Lord out of Heaven.’

Oh! good people of the United States, whether I address you face to face or through the printing-press, which every Monday morning in most of our cities gives me an audience-for which I am very thankful-whatever way I reach your ear or your eye I have to tell you that, unless we destroy Mormonism, Mormonism will destroy us. If God be good and pure and just He will not let this nation go unwhipped much longer if we allow that iniquity to go unchallenged. Every day as a nation we consent to Mormonism we are defying the hail, and the lightning, and the trumpet, and the drought, and the mildew, and the epidemic, and the plague, and the hurricane, and the earthquake of an incensed God.

My plea this morning is in behalf of fifteen thousand Gentiles, who in Utah are suffering persecution for their principles, or speechless because they do not want their commercial interests sacrificed.

I plead for thousands of foreigners who, deceived and betrayed from their own country, have been introduced into Mormonism, and, thousands of miles away from their native country, can make no resistance, but must live and die in dumb despair.

I plead for womanhood in Utah-,womanhood under foot, womanhood in the sewer, womanhood crushed until it cannot weep, womanhood looking out of the barred windows of a perdition of anguish towards what seems an unpitying heaven, crying, O Lord! how long, O Lord! ‘-womanhood in the pandemonium of a polygamous home-womanhood with the garlands of hope and affection and honour torn with the swine’s snout of incestuous abomination-womanhood that, if it had a chance, or had had a chance in the past, would have been as pure and good as that which presides at your table today, or which long ago bent in benediction over your peaceful cradle before you began the struggle with the world.

Oh men with wives and daughters and mothers; Oh brothers with sisters, do not your ears tingle, and does not your blood run cold at this story of Mormonism? And are you not determined at the ballot-box, and with pen and tongue, and in every possible way, to war against it? Oh you wives, who will to-night kneel before God, thanking Him for the home in which you are the undisputed queen-Oh mothers with daughters coming up honoured and defended, no rough hand to touch them from cradle to grave, will you not in your prayers today sympathize with your sisters who are dying the slow death of Mormonism?

Oh ye aged couples, who have been in each other’s company for thirty, or forty, or fifty years, climbing the hill of life together, and now going down on the other side the hill in the light of the setting sun; but all the way up and all the way down supreme in each other’s affections; united in holy marriage so long ago that all the witnesses but God are dead; your sympathies strengthened by the birth-hour, when one life was spared and another added, and by the grave over which both your hearts broke at once her face, with all the wrinkles more attractive now to you than when rosy with youth, because it is written all over with precious memories side by side, so long, so long, so long, that when God takes one of you He will soon take the other-Oh ye aged couple, remember this day, in prayer before God, those to whom old age brings neglect and dethronement of affection. And may the God who setteth the solitary in families bless all our homes. The best cornerstone for the republic is the hearthstone. May God keep it inviolate! (Amen.’)

As I hope to meet John Henry Smith when I lecture in Liverpool shortly I prefer to say more then. He certainly will come to my lectures, for I always state in my circulars the following:

Sir, I challenge those Mormon Missionaries who are now in England to refute my Accusations.

Not one of them has come forward to meet me as yet, I sincerely wish they would. What are they afraid of? I am not a “Danite.” The fact is they cannot, dare not meet me, so they have taken their usual course, Defamation of character. They wish the public to believe that I am a “vile fellow” not worthy of credence, so that I may not get audiences. Why vilify? If my statements in regard to them are false, they could easily prove – it. But they well know that what I say is true and that I dare not tell it all, for it is too indecent.


As with slavery, the American Government will seek to remedy the Mormon evil by Pacific measures and dally with the question until compelled to settle it by force of arms. The sooner an army is sent to Utah to compel obedience to the law the better. For during the delay the Mormon power is increasing. They have already made fast friends of the Indians, and well armed them. They are busy in the Southern States making converts to Mormonism, for whipped on the slave question, the South have little or no love for the U. S. Government, and the Mormons are successfully winning the disaffected Southerners and firing their hearts with the hope that the South, Mormons and Indians combined will sever the union of States, firmly establish the Southern Confederacy, and concentrate a great Mormon and Indian power in the West. I know this to be the Mormon programme, and all they ask is to be let alone till they have time to perfect their plans.

If the American Government wish to avert a bloody struggle they must at once stop Mormon intrigue in the South; place the Indians under complete control, and imprison every Mormon convert that arrives at Castle Garden or any other part of the United States. For foreigners are brought to Utah on purpose to build up the Mormon power and to fight against the Government and people of the United States, and for immoral purposes.

Let Congress pass a law disfranchising all who wear the “Endowment Garment” and have taken the Endowment House Oaths; by those oaths they have virtually disfranchised themselves: All who remain faithful to these-oaths must be disloyal to every other Government but that of the Mormon Church.

Then let the Government send plenty of troops to preserve order, and aid in establishing proper schools, free from Mormon dictation. Discharge all Mormon Postmasters and Postmistress so that the people can communicate with their friends without fear of their letters being over-hauled or stopped, and let all the offices of the Territory be held by Non-Mormons.

I would also advise the Government to aid the “ Josephites “ or true law-abiding Mormons all in its power, to disseminate their principles of law and order among the Utah Fanatics, for there are thousands that will never be satisfied with anything but Mormonism, hence they should be supplied with the best there is. This is the best Remedy I can suggest short of a war of extermination.

A fund should also be raised to assist those who wish to leave the Territory. .

No Mormon should be allowed a seat in Congress, for he is there only in the interest of Mormonism.

Take from the Mormon Church the power to perform the marriage ceremony, and have all marriages solemnized by Non-Mormon Judges, or ministers of other denominations. For though I use the words “Mormon Church,” I do not consider Mormonism a Religion. I have seen enough of it to convince me that it is an infernal despotism which seeks only political power and aggrandizement under the cloak of religion. I challenge the whole of the so-called “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” to produce one Christian man or woman among the lot. Among the dupes there are sincere Mormons, but no Christians. A Christian could not remain among them, and thousands who were devout Christians when they joined the Mormons, are to day thorough infidels. We may as well try to find Christians among Mohammedans as among Mormons.

Illusion in Wisconsin

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One of the most illusionary comparisons to be supported by many in the media in recent times has been the comparing the protesters in Wisconsin and the walking off the job of Democrat Congresspeople to the protests in the Middle East.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Even Jon Stewart, who is a strong Democrat supporter, agrees with this. He accurately stated that there are major differences between the two groups.

For one thing he noted that in Libya, and Egypt they protested tyrannical dictators whereas the Wisconsin governor is not a dictator but was democratically elected by 52% of the people. Then he cracked a joke that real tyrants always get over 90% of the vote – referring to the fact that if you don’t support them you may disappear and not be seen again.

Then he made fun of the comparison of the Wisconsin protesters to those in the Middle East:

“They’re not the same in any fu***** way, shape, or form. Not at all. Is it the same as people in the Middle East overthrowing years of dictatorship? Or is that just the last story you saw on the news?

“The Egyptian protesters risk being shot, the Wisconsin protesters risk being caught in a drum circle.”

The basic difference is this. In the Middle East they are protesting dictatorship in the hope of creating democracy. In Wisconsin the opposite is true. They already have a democracy and the protesters are supporting not participating in it because they do not like the results of the last election. The Democratic legislators do not like the fact that they cannot get their way so they frustrate democratic vote by walking out. Teachers are walking off their jobs and falsely claiming sick leave by getting doctors to falsify claims they are ill. Then they say they are abandoning the kids for “the sake of the kids.”

The Republicans were faced with a similar dilemma. They loathed the Obama stimulus that took us much further in debt and created mostly government jobs – averaging hundreds of thousands of dollars per job per year.

They hated the Obama health care plan also but they took these both on the chin and to their credit participated in Democracy rather than running away from it or thwarting it. Then they worked hard to win the next election so they could further their own agenda.

This is what the Democrats in Wisconsin should do. Instead of running away, not doing their job while still drawing a paycheck they should do their job and then work to win their next election and legitimately work to further their agenda.

The media doesn’t help the democratic process as many side with those who have illegally walked off their jobs. They cite that teachers in Wisconsin only average about $50,000 a year, but they leave off the costs of their benefits.

Here’s a news story from Milwaukee:
[Milwaukee, Wisconsin] MacIver News Service – For the first time in history, the average annual compensation for a teacher in the Milwaukee Public School system will exceed $100,000.
That staggering figure was revealed last night at a meeting of the MPS School Board.

The average salary for an MPS teacher is $56,500. When fringe benefits are factored in, the annual compensation will be $100,005 in 2011.

The average private sector employee only makes $61.051 and that includes benefits – and they do not get a three month summer paid vacation.

The average public sector employee makes $123,049 per year – over double that of the private sector.

The problem is this. The public sector jobs rarely create any wealth. Wealth has to be created by the private sector and these producers have to pay the servants twice the wage that they themselves receive. This cannot continue forever.

This situation of lopsided benefits for the public sector is one of the reasons unions were not allowed for public servants during most of our history. It was felt they were not needed because as private wages increased the government would have to automatically raise the wages of public servants in order to keep them on the job. Under that system the wages of the public servants slightly trailed the private. This had the advantage of keeping our government trim and reasonable in size.

Even Democratic hero FDR realized the danger. He said:
“… Meticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the government. All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations … The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for … officials … to bind the employer … The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives …

“Particularly, I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place in the functions of any organization of government employees. Upon employees in the federal service rests the obligation to serve the whole people … This obligation is paramount … A strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent … to prevent or obstruct … Government … Such action, looking toward the paralysis of Government … is unthinkable and intolerable.”

Then after the public unions were made legal in the Sixties the size and cost of government skyrocketed adding to the perilous debt we now face.

Obama called for more civility after the Arizona shootings but the protesters in Wisconsin seemed to have not heard the message. Take a look.

Let us hope the protesters wake up and realize they are living in the USA and not Libya. We already have a Democratic Republic. Let us not lay it aside but make the most of it.

A reader writes:
My wife just came across some truth in the national media, albeit does contain a hint of commentary, it is the closest to non-polarized information available to the masses that we have found to date.

He gives this link

I checked these out and Rachel makes a major misrepresentation here. She talks about the business sector as if it is as solidly Republican as the unions are Democratic and such is far from the case. The unions gave over 98% of their donations to Democrats. The Republicans are often deceptively portrayed as being in bed with business as much as Democrats are unions. Let’s look at the facts.

During the 2008 Campaign Real Estate interests gave $8,871,369 to McCain but $10,422,031 to Obama

Securities and investments gave $8,698,635 to McCain but $14,891,735 to Obama

Financial business gave $5,210,724 to McCain but $6,906,664 to Obama

Commercial Banks gave $2,293,748 to McCain but $3,316.351 to Obama

Business Services gave $5,921,718 to McCain but $16,500,999 to Obama

The big business of TV, Music and movies gave almost zilch to McCain but $9,004,072 to Obama.

Each election varies but the Democrats always get substantial donations from business whereas Republicans get almost nothing from the unions. If unions disappeared tomorrow there would still be a fairly even divide of business donations. It is interesting that in the 2010 elections even Walmart, which is thought to be in the Republican’s pocket gave 49% of their political donations to Democrats.
Figures came from:

The Book of Mormon and DNA

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Keith gives this quote: “…DNA testing has conclusively proven the book of Mormon is a work of fiction, as there are no traces of Semitic DNA markers in North American Indians. This evidence is so damning that even high level Mormon scholars have left the cult. For an excellent documentary expose I highly recommend: DNA vs. the Book of Mormon…” (

Actually when the original DNA testing revealed an Asian origin of American Indians I was not surprised. Why?

Because the Book of Mormon tells us that within one generation of their arrival their main enemy were darker skinned people they called Lamanites. It was not logical that Lehi’s descendants would have turned dark in one generation so I figured the dark skinned people were descended from people already here in America when they arrived.

Then in the last great battle we are told the light skinned people were completely destroyed. If this is correct then the DNA residue of the lighter skinned Jewish inhabitants would have been pretty much lost to history.

It is interesting that there is significant physical evidence that Hebrew people were in Ancient America. One of the moist interesting is the Los Lunas Inscription where the Ten Commandments were found written on a stone using Hebrew characters. How did they get in Ancient America if there were not some Hebrews here?

Here is a reference:

Here is another reference giving more additional evidence.

Here is an interesting one giving evidence that civilizations as described in the Book of Mormon existed in Ancient America:

Since the first discovery of Asian DNA in American Indians other DNA from Europe of possibly Hebrew have been found. Here is an article on it:

It is also interesting to read the LDS side of the DNA argument:

There have been a few white American Indians discovered from time to time. It would be interesting to see what their DNA revealed.

The full truth behind the Book of Mormon is quite a mystery and I do not believe all is as appears from either side of the issue. Hopefully all will be revealed some time in the near future.

Hell on Earth, Part 13

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After quoting so much I deem it right to give a little of my own experience. Space prevents my giving in full the three “Patriarchal Blessings” I received so I give extracts as follows:-

“ Salt Lake City, Utah, April, 13th, 1869.

“A blessing given by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of William Jarman, son of John and Ann Jarman, born in London, Middlesex, England, April 1st, 1837.

“Brother William, I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus of Nazereth, to pronounce and seal a blessing upon thee. Therefore be at rest in thy mind and look forward to the future, that you may comprehend the blessings which are in store for the faithful. For thou art of the blood of Joseph and a descendant of Ephraim, and have a great work to perform in thy day. The Lord bath had his eye upon thee for years, and thou art numbered among the One Hundred and forty-four thousand saviours of men * * *

Thou shalt confound the wisdom of the wicked, and set at naught the counsel of the unjust. Thou shalt converse with the noblemen of the earth and they shall wonder at thy wisdom; for thou shalt be filled with the spirit of he Lord above many of thy fellows. * * * Thou shalt also be blessed in thy outgoings and in thy incomings, Spiritually and Temporarily, and also be prospered in the labor of thy hands, and thy name shall be perpetuated upon the earth, and handed down with thy posterity in honorable remembrance, and written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and Registered in the Chronicles of thy Fathers with thy Brethren. This blessing I seal upon thy head, and I call thee up unto Eternal Life to come forth in the morning of the First Resurrection-Even so Amen. Recorded in Book A. page 903.”

The Patriarch, John Young, Brigham’s brother, gave me a blessing for two dollars, which is dirt cheap. It covers four pages of “ Foolscap “ closely written, in which I am confirmed “An Heir to the Holy Priesthood” as well as being “one of the 144,000 virgins without guile.” I am also a Jew though born of Gentile parents, “Being a literal descendent of Ephraim,” I am to “obtain a fullness of the Holy Priesthood in the own due time of the Lord. Also, “Wives and children and a numerous posterity on the earth, even upon Mount Zion.”

Then comes a sentence which makes me a good catch for Insurance Company or Sick Benefit Society, it says: I seal upon your head the blessings of life and of health and prosperity and say you shall live on the earth till your hair becomes as white as the pure wool.” I am to become “ Saviour upon Mount Zion; and clothed upon with Priestly Garments and have power to officiate in the holy ordinances; be numbered among the great and the good, and receive an inheritance in the New Heavens and New Earth.’, After pronouncing blessings innumerable, this Patriarch winds up with “These blessings I seal upon you according to the holy order committed to the servants of the Lord to bind on earth and bind for heaven, and I do it by the power of the priesthood in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even so, Amen.”

The Patriarch C. W. Hyde “ blessed “ me real nice, one of his wives wrote it down and gave me a copy. He began with, “William, I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon you a Patriarchal Blessing, for the eye of the Lord has been upon thee from Everlasting to do a great and a mighty work in this Kingdom, and no weapon formed against thee shall prosper for the Lord has given his Angels charge over you that you may live long upon the earth to promote the glory and interest of the Kingdom of God on this Earth and thou shalt stand before Kings and rulers to proclaim this Gospel * * * Thou shalt have power to do any miracle that was ever done * * * Have power to open prisons. * * * Thou art of the house of Ephraim and a right to the fullness of the Priesthood with wives and a great Kingdom upon the Earth * * * you shall stand on the earth at the coming of the Messiah * * * Thou shalt lead many to Zion with the rich treasures to help rear the Temple * “ You shall redeem your father’s household. These blessings I seal upon your head with Eternal lives with your father’s household, forever and ever, Amen. Recorded in Book E. page 792,”

The price of these Patriarchal Blessings is Two Dollars per “ Bless.”

Notwithstanding the great and manifold “blessings,” the Endowment House had so shaken my faith in Mormonism that I cared very little for my “ High and Holy Calling.” I became acquainted with a “ Cockney “ who felt about as I did, we both wished ourselves back in London. One day when calling on my Cockney friend, he introduced me to two of the “ brethren “ who had participated in the Mountain Meadow Massacre. I had heard of the affair as “an Indian Massacre,” and was surprised to find that the Mormons were the principal actors in that fearful tragedy. When I learnt from these men the facts, I felt that to be associated with such a band of murderers would make me equally guilty. How could I uphold such deeds? I could never call these men “my brothers.” I went at once to Brigham Young and demanded to have my name erased from their books, for I could no longer remain a Mormon, and told him the reason. On leaving Brigham he said to me “Oh ta, ta if you are going; You’ve got it bad, I see; your case shall be attended to.”

Up to this time my life was burdensome, but now having asserted my rights and dared to be free, and having left the abominable Church, I felt more easier, I was indeed a converted man. I prepared to battle with the inevitable, for I knew the awful fate that awaits “Apostates.” They do not always kill them. Off times they are declared insane, and confined in a wretched Asylum. I am sorry I have not space to give the abundance of proof I have on this point.

Even since I commenced writing this book, an American Lady has sent me a copy of her new book, entitled “Elder Northfield’s Home, or Sacrificed on the Mormon Altar, a story of the blighted curse of Polygamy.” A New York paper says of it:-” It tells the story of an English girl who, becoming infatuated with a Mormon elder accompanies him to Utah. It will open the eyes of the mothers and fathers of the land to a curse which is darker than the shackles of slavery, more deadly than the plagues of Egypt.” I have read the book with much interest. It tells how the girl was trapped, her life in Utah Slavery, her attempted escape and captured; then placed in a lunatic asylum. It is a thrilling story; those of my readers who can afford one dollar should send to Mrs. Jennie Bartlett, Monson, Mass. U.S.A., the Authoress, for a copy. It beats all the novels in the world, and dearly shows the Mormon Insanity dodge.

I naturally thought that as they knew of my asylum episode I should be pronounced insane, and speedily “die a raving maniac.” Fearing they might place their “ Danites” or “Destroying Angels” on my track, I made a friend of a “Chief Danite,” who lived near me. I bought him. The price was high, but my readers will soon see that it was a good investment, for not long after my interview with Brigham, the Bishop waited on me, and gave me to understand that my blood must be shed to atone for my sins. I preferred to remain in my sins rather than have my throat cut, and told him so. I was not ready to acquiesce as he wished, and he went away “ disgusted “ with me.

A few days after my “ Danite friend” came to me on the Q. T. He said, For God’s sake be careful; never show out after dark; when the chickens go to roost you go too.” I told him that in London we seldom retired so early, I was afraid that going to bed so soon would prevent my sleeping, and make an awful long night of it. He smiled, promised to do me a good turn if he could, and we parted.

I kept a good look out, and so did the Mormon leaders, for one evening having met an old friend in the City, it was dark when I left him to go home. My house was in the suburbs, and I had some distance to go. When I got near home my Danite friend met me, pushed me back hurriedly and whispered, “Go back, your grave is dug in your garden; two men are waiting at your gate, and we have to kill you. Don’t go home to-night; swear you ain’t seen me, or you and I are both dead men.”

Had I gone home the reader’s eyes would not now be resting on these pages. Thousands that wished to inform the world, as I am now doing, are in their graves; as the Mormons say, “Dead men tell no tales.”

The next morning I went to my “Hell upon Earth.” Before going in, I found my NEW DUG GRAVE in the garden. I looked down into my grave, a sight seldom witnessed by mortal eyes. The reader may have looked into the grave of a relative or friend, but into his own, never. I cannot describe my thoughts as I stood there by the side of my grave, which, but for the timely warning would now contain my body. There and then I swore that if spared to escape from that awful Sodom, I would spend the balance of my days in exposing the abominable evils of Mormonism.

“The spirit of the times can be gathered from the following beautiful expressions of President Young, his apostle son Brigham, and General D. H. Wells, then Mayor of the city, in a meeting of 1,500 men. Brigham Young, Jr.,, said That fellow Sherman said the other night coming down the street that he felt rather timid about coming out after dark. I know the reason why he felt timid; he knows that he should be killed. That’s what’s the matter. Any man who violates his covenant should be killed! ‘ President Young assented to this beautiful speech of his apostle by the nodding of his head, and when young Brigham had sat down the old man said: That man is an unprofitable servant that his master has to tell him to do everything. Brethren whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Then Gen: D. H. Wells stood on his feet and said: ‘The best thing that we can do for these men is to kill them.” Extract from Salt Lake Tribune.

The usual plan of breaking up the Apostates’ home was resorted to. The doctrine that no woman is saved but through her husband means that if the husband leaves the church the wife must leave him or she also is lost. My wife was, and still is a Mormon fanatic. The Probate Judge and Great High, Priest gave her a bill of divorce and most of my real estate. The second wife then wished to be legally married. This was done as I afterwards found to secure the balance of my property, as she could also get a divorce and property with it when married. Prior to the first wife’s divorce, I had been commanded to put my stock of drapery into the Mormon Co-operative Store, just then started. This I refused to do; I had paid the tenth of it into the church, as tithing. If a man or woman has but 10 shillings on arriving in “Zion,” they must give one to the church, and ever after the tenth of all their earnings. I give one verse from their “ Sacred “ Hymns in the Mountain Warbler, p. 67:-

“ TUNE= King Of the Cannibal Islands.”

“Now, male and female, rich and poor, who wish to keep your standing sure,
That you salvation may secure. Come forward and pay up your tithing.
A tenth that is and nothing less, of all you do or may possess:
In flocks and herds, and their increase; in pigs and poultry, ducks and geese;
A tenth, indeed of all your toil, likewise the products of the soil;
And if you’ve any wine or oil, come forward, and pay up your tithing!”

Then, if to prosper you desire, and wish to keep out of the fire,
Nay, if you to be Saints aspire, come forward and pay up your tithing.

I had “come forward,” paid my tithing, and now they wanted the other nine-tenths. I failed to see the point. The first day I arrived in “Zion,” the Bishop overhauled my fourteen boxes and bales of silks, velvets, linen, broadcloth, &c., and said, “The Church will open a store shortly, you can put these. goods in and receive stock in the concern and a situation when we start. You see Brother Jennings, obtain a situation in his store so as to learn how business is done here.” I got the situation and went to work. This was a trap as you will see. Mormons are so tricky, and suspecting everybody, they fix matters, so that if a man dares assert his rights, or fails to “obey counsel” they have him, as in my case.

I showed Jennings my goods and tried to sell them to him, but he refused to purchase. The Church Store was duly opened, and as stated, I was – “ counseled “ to put my stock into the concern; but I had been through the-Endowment House, and wished to turn my goods into money and “Hook it.” While planning a disposal of my goods, a policeman came with a warrant, arrested me on a charge of stealing these goods from Jennings and Co.. Teasdale and Sadler, the partners of Jennings were there to swear to the goods and seize them. I was dragged off to a dungeon, while Teasdale and Sadler hauled my goods in wagons to their private office.

When brought into the Mormon court for examination, I sent for my – attorney and the proceedings commenced. “ Brothers “ Jennings, Teasdale – and Sadler swore to the goods, “BECAUSE THERE IS OUR PRIVATE MARK UPON THEM.” When I saw the marks I felt overcome. There were the goods. I had purchased in England with their private mark thereon. My attorney reserved his defense and asked for bail. This was put so high it was impossible – for me to obtain it, and I was thrust back into the dungeon, here with a poor wretch who had not changed his linen for seven months.

The Mormon Grand Jury brought in a Bill of Indictment against me consisting of THIRTEEN different counts or charges, covering FORTY-TWO-pages of Legal Cap. Lawyers think of it for a moment! I have the copy of that Indictment now before me, but its length precludes its insertion here.

Any lawyer can see it at my lectures, I hope to have copies printed and placed in the hands of every lawyer in England and America. It’s a legal curiosity which charges me with stealing 15,767 dollars worth of my own goods. It is so framed that if I cleared one charge there were 12 charges more to clear, and if I managed to clear the first 12 charges, the thirteenth was fixed so as to make it impossible for me to clear it. Then I should have at least two years in Jail, and my property confiscated to the Mormon Church.

A few days before the trial, my attorney, who came to see me, was afraid I should be a corpse before the time set for my trial if I remained in that dungeon. He induced the prosecuting attorney to prevail upon the High Priest Judge to lower the bail. This was done, and I was liberated on bail.

To describe my trial which occupied two weeks, is impossible. I secured an extra attorney and did the best I could. We successfully proved that the goods were not marked when taken to the private office of Jennings and Co., that they remained in that office three days and nights, and when first seen after that they were marked. Besides on my way to Utah, when arriving at the Railway Terminus, my boxes were shunted on a plank from the car to the wagons, one of the boxes fell off and was smashed and its contents scattered. Those who gathered the things and helped pack them, swore that I had those very goods 500 miles back, and a month before I reached Salt Lake City.

I cleared 12 charges, but the 13th charged that on the last day their Store was open prior to turning over the concern to the big Church Store, I stole from “ Brothers “ Jennings, Teasdale and Sadler 300 dollars in money These “Brothers” swore to it. Their Cashier and Bookkeeper corroborated and produced the firms’ books to show that on that day when every salesman was equally busy and returned over 300 dollars each to the Cashier, I who had been just as busy all day had only returned five dollars according to their books and oaths; consequently I must have pocketed at least 300 dollars on that particular day.

When the Court adjourned for the night, I went to my attorneys’ office, where I met Mr. Durkee the “ Gentile “ Governor of Utah. After stating the case to him I asked, “Can you do anything for me? “ He replied, “I do not see that I can. I am the Governor of the Territory, but Brigham Young is the Governor of the People. A Gentile Governor in Utah is the biggest farce on Earth.” Mr. Durkee sent for other lawyers, who consulted with my attorneys in reference to the matter.

These gentlemen said “though you have ‘cleared the 12 charges, that 13th is a clincher put there on purpose to secure your conviction and your goods. You cannot go behind their books and I prove them false; look at the vast array of testimony on that point from the three members of the firm, their Bookkeeper and also their Cashier. That is a thing we never attempt to do; its useless and your conviction is sure.”

Governor Durkee wrote out a free Pardon. I was now to become “A Pardoned Convict.” Crushed, weary and heavy laden, I left to go home being still on bail. Pen cannot describe my feelings as I wended my way home in the dark. Suddenly I heard distinctly “Can’t you see?” Thinking it was someone in the garden I was passing. I took but little notice of it. I had not proceeded far when it seemed to be uttered immediately behind me this time–” Can’t you see? “ I turned but saw no one, it was very dark. Thinking someone was near I called out “See what! “ the answer came “the date! the date! 20th of February-The Last Day! “ All at once it came to my I mind that I could remember a few who had dealt with me on that day, for every one who could, made purchases then, as the shops were all to be closed for one week. I thought of a man and his wife who had made extensive purchases that day. I went at once to their house. I asked “Do you remember buying some goods of me in Jennings’ Store the last day it was opened?” “Oh yes,” replied the wife, “I bought that 18 dollar shawl and-”

“Excuse me” I said “Do you remember how much your bill was?”

The husband replied, “Yes, I have the account,” producing which he said” 44 dollars and 50 cents.”

I asked “Do you know if the goods were paid for and how?”

He replied “You gave me this bill,” producing it, “and after I examined and found it correct you sent it with a 50 dollar bill to the Cashier, and five dollars and 50 cents change came back.”

I asked, “Do you know who the Cashier was and the cash-boy who took the money?”

The man and his wife both declared they could swear that the Cashier was N. H. Felt, and the cash-boy his son, and they both saw the boy give the 50 dollar bill to his father and receive from him the change, which the boy brought to me.

I thanked them and said that what they had told me must be sworn to in Court and that subpoenas would be presented them next morning. Here then I had evidence to prove those books wrong or the Cashier a thief. His books returned only five dollars as my total sales for the day, here was one sale of 44 and a half dollars, and the money seen to go into the Cashier’s hands by two witnesses. I then went to others I thought of. The next man and wife could swear tot over 70 dollars they saw the Cashier receive from me in about the same manner, and before the Court opened next morning I had many witnesses who could swear they saw me send to the Cashier that day over 300 dollars.

That “busted up” the 13th charge, and as nothing more remained, against me. I saw Brigham’s private reporter who had been present through the trial, rush out, and shortly return and hand a note to the Judge. When this High Priest Judge delivered his charge to the Jury of Priests, Elders and Teachers, he told them to acquit, and to pay no attention to the opinions he had hitherto expressed. He had considered me guilty and had so stated, but now at the close of the trial he had reason to change his mind. I was acquitted amid the hurrahs of the crowded court.

Though I had 13 witnesses whose testimony unrebutted was now on file and they were ready again to offer the same evidence which must convict that Cashier, yet “Brother Jennings” never brought “Brother Felt” to trial. How’s that? Echo answers in true Yankee style “ How? “ Then answers by asking “Was their books fixed for the occasion? “ and then replies “ They-were; “ the same infernal agency that prompted the marking of my goods, fixed the books also.

This “ Brother “ Jennings is the “Hon.” William Jennings, a member of the Legislature, a commander in the “Navoo Legion of cut throats” and Director of the “Deseret Bank,” run by “Apostles and Priests, by inspiration and revelation,” like the “Kirtland Bank” which “busted.” Yet over the-door of this “Revelation Bank” may be seen in large letters “U. S. (Uncle Sam’s) Repository.” This I fail to understand. When U. S. Grant visited: Salt Lake City, he wined and dined with this “Hon.” Wm. Jennings.

The Mormon Sheriff, R. T. Burton, the chief actor in the Morrisite Massacre, where women were murdered “for Christ’s sake,” seized my goods ere they left the Court, to pay bills I never contracted.

“The Utah Daily Reporter,” August 5th, 1869, says:-” The great larceny case against William Jarman, in the Probate Court, ended Saturday night at twelve o’clock in a verdict of NOT GUILTY.’ This case has excited a great deal of comment throughout the City. It is the greatest case of larceny that has ever been tried in this Territory, involving property to a large amount, and many nice points of law. Mr. Jarman, it appears from the testimony in the case, arrived here last fall, bringing with him an assortment of merchandize and a large amount of money earned by him in England.

“He obtained a clerkship with William Jennings and Co., where he remained six months, when Jennings and Co. sold out to the Co-operative Association; Mr. Jarman became involved in a difficulty with the Church authorities and withdrew from fellowship.

“From this time the hand of persecution followed him with relentless -energy, and finally culminated in a charge of grand larceny, preferred by Jennings and Co. The principal witnesses for the prosecution were Mr. Teasdale and Mr. Sadler, of the firm of Jennings and Co.; but their testimony was exceedingly contradictory, and the defense introduced witnesses to impeach and contradict their testimony. The defense introduced overwhelming testimony to disprove the charge and an acquittal was the result.

From fifty to Sixty witnesses were examined during the trial, which occupied twelve days, and the attorneys for the accused consumed eleven hours in summing up the testimony before the jury. Z. Snow, Esq., appeared for the prosecution’ and R. H. Robertson and H. W. Isaacson, Esqs., for the accused. The result is received with universal satisfaction by the people, who believed the charge unfounded from the beginning.”

One night soon after the trial I was sent for to see a “ Saint “ on urgent “business. It was 10 p.m. when we sat down to talk business. He touched upon all sorts of topics; when I broached business he said, “Don’t hurry! won’t you take something?” and fetching in whisky said, “Do take some, ‘ it’ll do you good! “ I steadfastly declined; had I been a drinker and taken some then, it would have been my death, for stupified with drink, and that drugged, they could quietly put me with the others who tell no tales; but by keeping my brain clear I was always conscious, knew my danger, and kept on the look out. Who can blame me for abstaining from alcoholic drink?

The “ Saint “ kept discoursing upon all sorts of topics quite foreign to that I had come to talk about. I sat till 12 o’clock, then arose, said, “It’s midnight, I’ll see you to-morrow.”

He replied “I go off early, to be gone sometime; we will settle this matter now, sit down.”

I felt forced by an irrepressible power to hurry off. I got into the hall, found the door locked and key gone. I shouted “Open the door! “ He asked “Are you armed” seeing me place my hands to my pistol pockets. I at once presented a pair of -revolvers to his astonished gaze. The door was opened instantly. I got into ‘the middle of the road, and fearing Danites might come up behind me I kept whirling around and presenting my pistols ready to fire, and thus I got home. (The sequel of this follows shortly.)

Hell on Earth, Part 12

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From “Brigham’s Destroying Angel,” or “ The Confession of Bill Hickman Danite Chief of Utah,” page 205, I extract the following account of the “Aikin Massacre”:-

“ The party consisted of six men: John Aikin, William Aikin, – Buck, a man known as ‘Colonel,’ and two others. They left Sacramento early in May, 1857. On reaching the Humboldt River they found a train of the Mormons from Carson, who were ordered home about that time. With them they completed the journey. John Pendleton, one of that Mormon party, in his testimony on the case says: A better lot of boys I never saw. They were kind, polite, and brave; always ready to do anything needed on the road.

“The train traveled slowly, so the Aikin party left it a hundred miles out and came ahead, and on reaching Kaysville, twenty-five miles north of Salt Lake City, they were all arrested on the charge of being spies for the Government! A few days after Pendleton and party arrived and recognized their horses in the public Corral. On inquiry he was told the men had been arrested as spies, to which he replied, Spies, hell! Why, they’ve come with us all the way.’ The party in charge answered that they did not care, they would keep them.’ The Aikin party had stock, property, and money estimated at 25,000 dollars.

“They were then taken to the city and confined. They were told they should be sent out of the Territory by the Southern-route. Four of them started, leaving Buck and one of the unknown men in the city. The party had for an escort, O. P. Rockwell, John Lot, Miles, and one other. When they reached Nephi, one hundred miles south, Rockwell informed the Bishop Bryant, that his orders were to ‘have the men used up there.’ Bishop Bryant called a council at once, and the following men were selected to assist: f. Bigler (now a Bishop), P. Pitchforth, his first councillor,’ John Kink, and ___ Pickton.

“The selected murderers, at 11 p.m., started from the Tithing House and got ahead of the Aikins, who did not start till daylight. The latter reached the Sevier River, when Rockwell informed them they could find no other camp that day; they halted, when the other party approached and asked to camp with them, for which permission was granted. The weary men removed. their arms and heavy clothing, and were soon lost in sleep-that sleep which for two of them was to have no waking on earth. The party from Nephi attacked the sleeping men with clubs and the kingbolts of the wagons. Two died without a struggle. But John Aikin bounded to his feet, but slightly wounded, and sprang into the brush. A shot from the pistol of John laid him senseless.

‘Colonel’ also reached the brush, receiving a shot in the shoulder from Port Rockwell, and believing the whole party had been attacked by banditti, he made his way back to Nephi. With almost superhuman strength he held out during the twenty-five miles, and the first bright rays of a Utah sun showed the man, who twenty-four hours before had left them handsome and vigorous in the pride of manhood, now ghastly pale and drenched with his own blood, staggering feebly along the streets of Nephi. He reached Bishop Foote’s, and his story elicited a well-feigned horror.

“Meanwhile the murderers had gathered up the other three and thrown them into the river, supposing all to be dead. But John Aikin revived and crawled out on the same side, and hiding in the brush, heard these terrible words, Are the damned Gentiles all dead, Port?

‘All but one-the son of a bitch ran.’

“Supposing himself to be meant, Aikin lay still till the Danites left, then without hat, coat, or boots, on a November night, the ground covered with snow, he set out for Nephi. Who can imagine the feelings of the man? Unlike ‘Colonel’ he knew too well who the murderers were, and believed himself the only survivor. To return to Nephi offered but slight hope, and incredible as it may appear he reached it next day. He sank helpless at the door of the first house he reached, but the words he heard infused new life into him. The woman said to him, ‘Why another of you ones got away from the robbers, and is at Brother Foote’s.” Thank God; it is my brother,’ he said, and started on.

The citizens tell with wonder that he ran the whole distance, his hair clotted with blood, reeling like a drunken man all the way. It was not his brother, but Colonel.’ They fell upon each other’s necks, clasped their blood-spattered arms around each other, and with mingled tears and sobs kissed and embraced as only men can who together have passed through death. A demon might have shed tears at the sight-but not a Mormon Bishop. The fierce tiger can be lured from his prey, the bear may become -civilized, or the hyena be tamed of his lust for human flesh–religious fanaticism alone can triumph over all tenderness, and make man tenfold more the child of hell than the worst passions of mere physical nature. Even while gazing upon this scene, the implacables were deciding upon their death.

“Bishop Bryant came, extracted the balls, dressed the wounds, and advised the men to return, as soon as they were able, to Salt Lake City. A son of Bishop Foote had proved their best friend, and Aikin requested him to take his account in writing of the affair. Aikin began to write it, but was unmanned, and begged young Foote to do it, which he did. That writing, the -dying declaration of Colonel’ and John Aiken, is in existence today.

‘The murderers had returned, and a new plan was concocted. ‘Colonel’ had saved his pistol and Aikin his watch, a gold one, worth at least 250 dollars. When ready to leave they asked the bill, and were informed it was 30 dollars. They promised to send it from the City, and were told that would not do.’ Aikin then said, Here is my watch and my partner’s pistol-take your choice.’ Foote took the pistol. When he handed it to him Aikin said, There, take my best friend. But God knows it will do us no good.’ Then to his partner, with tears streaming from his eyes, Prepare for death, Colonel, we will never get out of this valley alive.’

They had got four miles on the road, when their driver, a Mormon named Wollf, stopped the wagon near an old cabin; informed them he must water his horses; unhitched them, and moved away. Two men then stepped from the cabin, and fired with double-barreled guns; Aiken and ‘Colonel’ were both shot through the head, and fell dead from the wagon. Their bodies were then loaded with stone and put in one of those ‘bottomless springs ‘- so called-common in that part of Utah.

“Meanwhile Rockwell and party had reached the city, taken Buck and the other man, and started southward, plying them with liquor. It is probable that Buck only feigned drunkenness; but the other man was insensible by the time they reached the Point of the Mountain. There it was decided to use them up,’ and they were attacked with slung-shots and billies. The other man was instantly killed. Buck leaped from the wagon, outran his pursuers, their shots missing him, swam the Jordan, and came down it on the ‘ west side. He reached the city and related all that had occurred, which created quite a stir.

Hickman was then sent for to finish the job.’ He shot Buck through the head, buried him in a ditch, went to Brigham Young and told him Buck was taken care of. Young said he was glad of it. Buck was the last one of the Aikin Party.”

Hickman confesses to scores of murders which he committed in the name -of the Lord, but I have no room to give them.

The late Governor of Utah, Stephen S. Harding, wrote a letter to the publisher of Bill Hickman’s Book which appears on page 210, and from which I extract the following account of the “ MORRISITE MASSACRE.”

The substance of the story is as follows:-” Joseph Morris had been a faithful follower of Brigham Young, but concluded to turn prophet on his own account. He caused a schism in the Mormon Church, calling after him several bishops and elders, with the laymen, including five hundred rank and file. With him was one Joseph Banks, well educated. There was no great difference in the doctrines of Morris and Brigham, except in one particular: Morris taught that he was the true prophet, anointed of the Lord,’ and’ Brigham that he himself was God’s Anointed.’ Taking the testimony of parties, it would be hard to settle the theological muddle, for both claimed to have the gift of tongues,’ the power of healing, and laying on of hands,’ of casting out devils,’ and so on.

It was but the old story over again, There is not room in the Roman Empire for two Czars’

(Note: Joseph Morris also taught about reincarnation)

“The Morrisites left the Mormon settlements and ‘gathered in the name-of the Lord’ on the banks of Weber River, some forty miles north of the city. They took all their moveable property with them, including a large amount of grain.

Some men they had sent to a distant mill with grain were arrested and kept prisoners. Fines were assessed against them, their cattle were seized on execution, and others stampeded and driven off. The last cow of many a poor man was taken, on which they largely depended, and the little children, not able to appreciate the faith of their parents, often went crying and supper-less to bed.

“This deliberate cruelty of course created great excitement in the camp of the new prophet. As might have been expected, he stepped over the commands of Jesus, and went back to Moses for guidance; and, in retaliation ordered a raid upon the Mormon stock, and that their owners should be captured and held as hostages. As this, to say the least, seems to have been the punitive way in which such matters were settled, all this would seem food for laughter, if the ending had not been so tragical.

“There was one easy way to settle it: to stop the wrongs continually inflicted upon these poor and deluded people. But the ‘authorities’ had other views. Twelve hundred miles separated Brigham’s kingdom from the last belt of civilization, and he was monarch of all he surveyed.’ It was somewhat necessary for him to follow legal forms, and writs of habeas corpus and warrants were issued by Judge Kinney (Chief Justice), and placed in the hands of (a. Mormon) Sheriff Robert T. Burton. He called on the acting Governor, Secretary Frank Fuller, for an armed posse; his request was granted, and he left the city with five hundred armed men and five pieces of artillery. On the-way he received volunteers to the number of nearly five hundred more.

“They marched to within half a mile of the Morrisite camp, which consisted of a few log houses, and several others made of willows, interlaced like basket-work, and plastered inside-no more fit for a place of defense than if they had been made of cobwebs. The posse took possession of the Morrisite herd, and killed such as they needed for beef, while the boys in charge of it were sent in by Burton with a paper containing a notice to the commander of the besieged, that if he did not surrender unconditionally within half an hour, firing would begin. Burton had placed his cannon in such a position as to rake the camp with a cross-fire.

“Morris had called his people to the Bowery, their place of worship, to decide what they should do. He told them the Lord would reveal their duty and the whole congregation raised a hymn of their own, hundreds of voices mingling with a wild charm, and producing a spirited effect upon the-fanatical mind which can be imagined. Meantime Morris stood with imploring hands and eyes turned heavenward, and Banks stood by, believing the revelation would come in answer to their prayers. Morris encouraged his people, reminding them of the promises, They who wait on the Lord shall, not perish.’ ‘One shall chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight.

“But no ‘revelation’ came, and as the last hallelujah died away, the sound of a cannon broke upon the melody, but the shot fell short of the camp. The next instant another cannon was fired, the shot struck the Bowery. Two women fell dead, horribly mangled, and a girl of twelve years had her chin shot away. One of the women who fell had a child in her arms, which, –strange to say, was not injured. Unhappily the poor girl did not die. I saw her years afterwards, the most ghastly human face my eyes ever beheld.

“The Morrisites had not more than ninety able-bodied men, all told, with over three hundred women and children. And now commenced assault and repulse, scouting and counterplotting, which continued all night and the next two days. Some ten persons were killed in the camp, of the new prophet. The third day, the besieged being exhausted, a white flag was raised -as a signal of surrender.

The order was given by Burton for the women and children to separate from the men, which was done, and the latter stacked their arms. Burton rode into camp with one of his officers beside him, and holding his revolver in his hand, he said show him to me.’ Morris was pointed out, when Burton rode up and emptied one chamber of his revolver, the shot taking effect in the prophet’s neck. He sank to the earth mortally wounded. Burton then shouted sneeringly, There’s your prophet-what do you think of him now? ‘ He then turned and discharged a second shot at Joseph Banks, who fell dead. A woman named Bowman ran up and exclaimed, ‘Oh! you cruel murderer! ‘

Burton fired his third shot, and she fell dead. Morris was meanwhile struggling in the agonies of death, when a Danish woman raised him in her arms, crying bitterly. Burton rode up to her and shot her through the heart, and the spirits of the victims mingled in one – company to that bourne ‘where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are for ever at rest.’

“The posse at the same time came into camp, and robbed the houses of all valuables – watches, jewelry and money-even tearing off the women’s finger rings.

“The men were marched to the city, and the women taken to different Mormon settlements, after which they roamed about in utter destitution, -scattered and peeled,’ mere Pariahs of the plains, fleeing from the face of their brethren in the Lord,’ and appealing to the Gentile traveler in the name of the merciful Jesus for the pittance of charity.

NOTE: next he gives an account of the Mountain Meadows Massacre from the writings of John D. Lee. This was the slaughter of a 120 immigrants and was even the basis of a recent movie staring John Voigt.

I will not include this story here since it is widely known and accepted as historical truth and accounts of it are readily available. Just Google: “Mountain Meadows Massacre.” Even though Lee claims the massacre was done with Brigham’s knowledge the LDS of today generally believe the deed was performed by a group of rogue Mormons, not endorsed by any General Authority.

Most current day Mormons are completely oblivious to the existence of the Danites in early Utah and some of the cruel acts performed by them and others.

After recounting the Mountain Meadows Massacre John D Lee, the only person prosecuted for the deed, told his story:

“Written in prison at Fort Cameron, Utah Territory. Delivered to Hon. Sumner Howard (United States Attorney) by John D. Lee, on the field of execution (just before the sentence of death was carried into effect), and for warded to Wm. W. Bishop by Hon. Sumner Howard, according to the last request of John D: Lee.

“Death to me has no terror. It is but a struggle, and all is over. I know that I have a reward in heaven, and my conscience does not accuse me. This to me is a great consolation. FAREWELL! JOHN D. LEE”

“On Friday, March 23rd, 1877, the guard having Lee in charge, reached Mountain Meadows, where it had been decided to carry the sentence into execution. Lee pointed out the various places of interest connected with the massacre, and recapitulated the horrors of that event.

“At 10:35, all the arrangements having been completed, Marshal Nelson read the order of the court, and said “Mr. Lee, if you have anything to say before the order of the court is carried into effect, you can do so.”


“I have but little to say this morning. I am on the brink of eternity; I feel resigned to my fate, I have made out a manuscript which is to be published. I am not an infidel. I have not denied God and His mercies. I am a strong believer in those things. Most I regret is parting with my family. (Here he rested two or three seconds). These touch a tender chord within me. (Here his voice faltered) I declare my innocence of doing anything designedly wrong in all this affair. I would have given worlds if I could have averted that calamity.

“Not a particle of mercy have I asked of the court, the world, or officials to spare my life. I do not fear death. I shall never go to a worse place than I am now in. [Lee’s last words admit Utah to be a Hell upon Earth. There’s no place worse than Hell].

“I am a true believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I do not believe – everything that is now being taught and practiced by Brigham Young, I do not care who hears it. It is my last word-it is so. I believe he is leading the people astray, downward to destruction.

“Having said this I feel resigned, I ask the Lord my God, if my labors are done, to receive my spirit.”

“Lee ceased speaking at 10:50, A.M. He was then informed that his hour had come and he must prepare for execution. Rev. G. Stokes Methodist Minister, who accompanied Lee as his spiritual adviser, then knelt and prayed. The prisoner listened attentively.

“At the Conclusion of the prayer Lee said to Marshal Nelson, ask one favour-spare my limbs and centre my heart.’ He then shook hands with those around him. The marshal bound a handkerchief over the prisoner’s eyes, but at his request his hands were allowed to remain free. The doomed man then strengthened himself up facing the firing party, as he sat on his’ coffin, clasped his hands over his head, and exclaimed:- 1

Let them shoot the balls through my heart! don’t let them mangle my -body!’ The Marshall assured him that the aim would be true, and then stepped back. As he did so, he gave the orders to the guards: READY AIM! FIRE! A sharp report was heard, and Lee fell back on his coffin{

There was not a cry nor a moan nor a tremor of the body. The spirit’ of John D. Lee had crossed the dark river and was standing before the Judge of the quick and the dead.

“His soul had solved the awful mystery, and the CURSE that hovers over -the Mountain Meadows had marked ‘ONE’ upon its list of Retribution.’ ‘

“A more dreary scene than the present appearance of Mountain Meadows cannot be imagined. The curse of God seems to have fallen upon it scorched and withered the luxuriant grass that covered it 20 years ago, and transformed the fertile valley into an arid and barren plain. Mormons assert, that the ghosts of the murdered emigrants meet nightly at the scene of their slaughter and re-enact in pantomime the horrors of their massacre.”-Lee’s Confession, pp. 384-9.

Sometime after the massacre, a United States officer buried the bones of the victims, erected a monument of loose stones, and placed thereon this inscription:-



I finish this Chapter of Horrors with an extract from The Salt Lake Tribune’ of April 10, 1881:-

“A man ploughing a field between the Apostles Cannons, and Jennings, farms, southwest of the city a few days ago, turned up three skeletons of! human beings, complete, and in a good state of preservation, showing that they had belonged to adults. When discovered they were piled out to one side and left lying there, such developments being too common in the pleasant valleys of Utah to excite much wonder. A gentleman brought a skull to this city and called with it at THE TRIBUNE office.

An examination reveals a distinct fracture across the top of the skull. The discoloration proves that the fracture must have been fatal to the possessor. A similar fracture exists on the left side, a portion of the bone above the eye being broken off and proving that a murderer and not the angel of death cut off the life of this one at least. What the other skulls might have revealed it is impossible to say as they were not seen by our informant. The condition of the one referred to indicates that the burial was made not a great many years 1 ago as the bones present a remarkably smooth surface and the brilliant whiteness of mother of pearl. In the United States these remains would be the subject of an inquest, but in this promised land they are dismembered, dumped in a pile and left to bleach in the sun, which no doubt sees on each day the man or men who did the foul deed walking upon the streets of Zion.

“A gentleman, conversing with THE TRIBUNE, reporter about the find said he it was almost an every day occurrence. There have been not less than five hundred murders committed in this valley aloft (there are scores of valleys in Utah) and its history, if written, would be one of blood. It couldn’t be written properly unless it was written in blood, and it would be too horrible to read and expect thereafter any peace of mind.’“

“When the history of the Mormon Church is faithfully written, it will chronicle such a black and hideous catalogue of crime committed in the name of God, as will forever put to blush the Spanish Inquisition, or the foulest atrocities that the heart of man, possessed of the fiend’s misanthropy and religious fanaticism, has ever conceived. In proof of this, the Mountain Meadows Massacre; the conspiracy against the Morrisites; the murder of the Aikin party; the killing of Yates, and scores of other cold-blooded murders actually ordered by the leaders of the Mormons, incited thereto by their well-sown and undisguised hostility to the human race, stand an eternal monument. It is a fact capable of proof, and generally admitted by the intelligent portion of the Mormon community themselves, that some of the apostles and bishops-the spiritual and temporal heads of the church-are tainted with the crime of murder, fraud, perjury, adultery. assault with intent to kill, and other heinous crimes and misdemeanors; to say nothing of the long list of unaddressed wrongs, oppressions and treachery, not enumerated in the criminal laws, that have been practiced upon their own unsuspecting victims in the church, during the past twenty years, whose cries go up daily to high Heaven against them.”
-Salt Lake Tribune.

Democracy or Tyranny?

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Blayne asked for my comments on the situation in the Middle East. I have been thinking of posting something on this for some time but have been preoccupied with other things.

On the surface it appears that the situation in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya is a revolt of freedom loving people seeking true democracy. Others like Glenn Back are warning us that this same situation occurred in Iran when the Shah was overthrown. The world along with the press rejoiced that the way was being paved for true democracy. Instead they were all fooled and Iran was taken over by a religious tyranny that counts the worth of a female as one half that of a man and returned to covering women with veils and stoning to death people for various crimes.

Which is correct? Is the Middle East headed toward greater freedom or a giant religious dictatorship that could spread to Europe?

First, an important ingredient that has influenced the current actions has been mysteriously overlooked by the thinkers of the day as well as the press. I wrote about this in the Keys around eight years ago. Here are some things I said:

Bush was wise to tackle Iraq first because success here can lead to much greater power to seal the door elsewhere. The destruction of one point of the Triangle of evil will be a dramatic blow indeed. The other day when I heard Bush address the nation and state that the goal was to bring freedom to the Iraqi people I felt the mind of Christ through the Oneness Principle and knew that Bush was being contacted and responding to higher will. He is not perfect, of course, in responding to higher impression, but he received the correct message on this.
March 22, 2003

Unless we make some great mistakes in the near future, this war will be seen as a turning point in history and for the disciples of the world it will be seen as a partial closing of “the door where evil dwells” and an opening of the door to the externalization of the Hierarchy.
April 9, 2003

Few people realize the great good that will be accomplished if the Bush Administration is successful in overriding all the enemies of freedom at home and abroad and establishing a free society in Iraq… If Iraq can become a successful democracy then other Mideast nations will follow. One of the best candidates to be first could be Iran. It could turn from being an “Axis of Evil” to a partner in cooperation. There are many citizens and students there watching Iraq, and if it becomes a successful democracy, the demands of the common people for similar freedoms will become overwhelming. July 27, 2003

If Bush succeeds in creating a democracy in the Middle East and the work is not undone by his enemies he will create an effect as powerful as the emancipation of the slaves. We are in danger now because of pressure from do-gooders to turn over power prematurely and run the risk of loosing many of our gains. If, on the other hand, success can be gained and a true democracy established a domino effect will be created that will eventually transform the Middle East and even lead to a resolution of problems facing Israel there.
Jan 26, 2004

The world press has downplayed the movement of Iraq toward democracy because they have always hated Bush and do not want to write anything that makes him look good. The hate is still there. Just the other day Bush had to delay a visit to Europe because of the danger he could be arrested for being a war criminal.

Even so, the youth of the other nations in the Middle East are aware of the increase of freedom in Iraq and this has given them a greater hunger for it themselves.

Iran claims to have democratic elections, but so did Saddam Hussein. There is testimony surfacing that the elections are rigged. Certain citizens are not allowed to vote and the count is thought to be tampered with.

Here is my current thinking on the matter. There has for some time been a great struggle in the Middle East between light and dark with darkness gaining the upper hand. The Brotherhood saw an opportunity to assist and inspired Bush to overthrow Saddam Hussein and set up a democracy in the hopes of creating a domino effect. The success was not sure a sure thing but the hope and plan was that the demand of the people for a greater voice would grow over the years.

This part of the plan has been a reasonable success as the desire to be rid of oppressive leaders has increased along with the desire for democracy.

But now the people are making their power felt the brothers of darkness are not taking this lying down, but trying to take advantage of it. They see the possibility of doing to the whole Middle East, and possibly Europe, what they did earlier to Iran.

The Brotherhood of Light realizes there is great risk involved but it is better the revolutions take place now before Iran and others have the atomic bomb.

In the next few months and possibly years we will see a struggle between light and dark in the Middle East and no one from either side knows exactly how the dust will settle in the end. If we can get one more democracy out of the deal then this will pave the way for more democracies over a period of time. Even if the forces of light succeed, it will take quite a few years for the Middle East to make the transition that is envisioned.

Even though revolutionary forces in Iran have been suppressed they are still alive and a lot of people there are willing to risk their lives for greater freedom.

And do not overlook China either. A lot of the common people there are starting to make waves and eventually there will be major changes in that country.
Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey