McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 24

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The Magic Quarters

JJ: I will tell it quickly, Artie, Wayne and I went to this Chinese restaurant and we all got these fortune cookies and we opened them up and they all had exactly the same wording. This was unusual to say the least. They all said that we would have a fortune come into our hands in the near future or something like that. In other words the message was that we were really going to get rich. I thought, this is kind of interesting, so Wayne signals the waitress and says that something is wrong with these fortune cookies. We all got the same thing and that never happens, please bring us three more.

So the waitress brings us three more and Artie and I opened ours and again they said exactly the same thing and Wayne’s said the same thing but with a little bit different wording. We thought, wow all the fortune cookies must say the same thing here  but the waitress assured us this was a rare occurrence – that there were many different fortunes.

I did not think much of it and then the next morning when I got up and put on my bathrobe and started walking down the stairs. Suddenly, quarters started falling from somewhere on the stairs! I thought what in the world, I was looking around and I thought well that is kind of odd.

The next day I got up, put on my robe and started walking down the stairs and quarters started falling from somewhere again. I thought what in the world, so I took off my robe and started searching the pockets for this was all I had on. There was nowhere those quarters could have come from. I started thinking about the fortune cookies and that was kind of miraculous, quarters falling down the stairs twice that seemed to appear out of thin air – could this be a miracle? Nah, there must be a logical explanation, I was thinking like Larry there, logical,

It happened a third time and I was just beside myself and I figured it must have been something in my robe that I had not seen or I missed something. The next day I was taking a shower and all of a sudden, plunk, right on the bottom of the shower a quarter had fallen from somewhere and I thought where did this quarter come from? I picked it up and said it can’t just materialize from out of thin air; that is impossible. So I thought to myself, this might be a real sign and I am not a big believer in sign type miracles, but this might be a sign that we are going to get rich, so I want to keep this quarter! !

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: Anyway, I put it aside and I started telling everybody about the miracle of the quarters and it looked like it was our destiny to get rich. Well this was about ten years ago and I am not rich yet so you can read the tea leaves here.

Audience: Maybe you should have asked dollars.

JJ: For about a year I believed it must be type of real legitimate sign. Until I finally discovered what happened. I got out of bed from taking a nap one time and I walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and there stuck on my body was a couple of quarters and then I put it together. It was not a miracle after all and I made a fool of myself telling all my friends about the miracle of the quarters.

Here is the explanation… I was taking a nap with my pants on during that time period and I had a bunch of change that had fallen out and on to the bed and then when I went to bed at night, I slept on the quarters and they stuck to my body and then when I was walking down the stairs they fell off my body and when I was taking a shower one was stuck on my tummy and it fell off and landed on the floor, seemingly coming out of nowhere.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: I was kind of disappointed because I had told everybody about the miracle of the quarters and that it must be our destiny to get rich quick. So I was pretty disappointed and what reminded me of that again, is when I took my last shower quarters mysteriously appeared at my feet again. I do not know where they came from. Did anybody go and stick quarters in my shower within the past hour? Is somebody playing a trick on me?

Audience member: When I came in the room I heard some quarters0 fall and I think they fell out of your pocket.

JJ: Well how did they get in the shower because I did not have my pants on while I was taking a shower?

Audience: Roaring with laughter!

JJ: Two quarters and I was thinking I remember telling this to somebody over the past couple of days and I thought it was Susan but I wasn’t sure. Perhaps the person I told it to is trying to pull a trick on me. Have you been in my shower?

Audience: No, laughing!

JJ: I am wondering where those quarters came from.

Audience: At the Wendy’s where me, Eddie and Lorraine stopped in, I went over to get a spoon and someone left a ton of change on top of this one spoon packet over there and I just picked up the change spoon.

Okay what we are going to demonstrate is something quite magical, the point we are going to show you the physical correspondence where land water and air meet. We did this at the very first Gathering and it did not work very well, after we did it about 20 times then we finally got it to work but it was very agitating and I have practiced it this time and I know it will work. But we can make mental float on water. It floats on the point which is neither wet nor dry where land, water and air meet. We are going to do it in this order here.

Everybody walk up here and please don’t shake this because if you shake it, it will make it harder. We are using a paper clip and last time we used a needle and a needle works pretty good but I found a paper clip and this seems to work even better and is actually heavier than a needle. Have you ever seen a needle or a paper clip float on water?

Audience: Some yes and some no.

JJ: Okay we are going to make this paper clip float on water, This is so weird, it I told myself that this was not going to happen again and we are having a little bit of a problem here, again. I did this a half a dozen times at work and the tissue sank with like 6 seconds. (The paper clip finally floats) Anyway we have metal floating on water, now look at the point where air, water and land meet, it is neither wet nor dry.

You have surface tension, you can see the clip floating on it and you can see the surface tension holding it. Where the paper clip is touching the water it is not wet, but it is also not dry because it is touching water. So you have the little correspondence, which is where the land, air and water meet which is neither wet nor dry. I am glad we got it to work this time, thank God. Let’s see how long it floats.

Audience: So eventually this will sink?

JJ: If it is not disturbed then it will go on forever. If we walk around and create some ripples then it will eventually break the surface tension. It’s funny at the first gathering we did this and I did it over and over and over and I could not figure out what the problem was until found out that I was using distilled water which has a little bit less surface tension than regular water.

It is still floating and will continue until someone jumps around and disturbs it. Anyway I thought that was a very interesting demonstration here of how this corresponds to the point. Everything that is true has a correspondence on different levels and when I read rule number eight I thought now what could be the correspondence on the physical level? Then it occurred to me that we do have a correspondence on the physical level where metal can actually float on surface tension and the surface tension has to be broken before the metal can get wet and as long as the surface tension is not broken then the metal that is floating is neither wet nor dry.

And the same thing with us; we create a point of tension to enter into the soul contact. And that point of tension creates a place, which is neither emotional nor mental, nor earthly, but it is pure soul energy, as DK said, this is where magic takes place.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Mission Experiences, Chapters 5 & 6

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Chapter Five

Over the next couple days in the mission home I got worse instead of better. On the second evening I felt like I was going to die. This was discouraging for several reasons. First, in a blessing I received when I was set apart for my mission I was told I would have good health and I had the worst health in my life in the three months I was there.

Secondly, I had received two healing blessings from other elders and they had no effect whatsoever.

I decided that when the morning arrived I would ask for a healing blessing from the mission president. He seemed to be a man with considerable faith.

Before that happened I decided to have an intense talk with God. I spent all night in prayer and do not recall getting any sleep at all. Since I was feeling too ill to sleep then prayer was as good of use of time as any. My talk with God went something like this:

“Look God, you’ve sent me on a mission and promised me good health and look at me. I’m in terrible shape and have never felt worse as far as health goes. I’m willing to do whatever you want but I need a little help here. I’ll tell you what. If you heal me when President Payne gives me a blessing I’ll work like crazy in the mission work and make you proud.”

I said a lot more things I do not recall but it must have been a lot of words because I prayed throughout the night.

When morning came I sent a request to President Payne to give me a blessing. A short time later he came in my room with his assistant. He showed some concern, asked a few questions and we had a nice conversation. Then he laid his hands on my head and proceeded to give me a blessing.

Within an instant of him beginning to speak something happened that I have not experienced before or since. The feeling is difficult to describe, but I will do my best.

My body felt like it was on the verge of exploding or maybe imploding, as if my very life force were erupting and reorganizing. From my head to my toe I experienced great discomfort and sweat started pouring out of every pour in my body. I wasn’t sure if I was being healed or was going to die.

This process continued for about two or three minutes while the president had his hands on my head. It took all the self-control and composure I could muster to sit still and not get up and run off screaming.

Finally, the president ceased speaking and lifted his hands. Immediately all pain and discomfort left and was replaced by a sense of well-being. I stood up and looked at my pajamas. They were soaking wet as if they had just been retrieved from being thrown in a swimming pool.

President Payne left without ceremony and then I heard someone say it was time for breakfast. Breakfast, I thought. I had scarcely eaten in two days and had no appetite, but suddenly I realized I was starving. Not only was I starving, but it dawned on me as I walked around the room that I seemed to be completely well. This seemed too good to be true and I indeed hoped this was not just a moment or two of euphoria.

I cleaned up, changed into regular clothes and joined the missionaries for breakfast. As I was wolfing down bacon, eggs, three or four pancakes and lots of juice a missionary across he table said, “Hey, I thought you were supposed to be sick.”

“Not any more,” I said. “President Payne gave me a blessing and I’m all better.”

The missionary replied, “I’ve heard stories about his blessings. I’m not surprised.”

I enjoyed visiting the mission home for I always seemed to meet some very high caliber fellow missionaries there. It was amazing that almost all of them were between 19-21 years of age yet many seemed more mature and had greater leadership skills than I had seen anywhere before.

It is not often that another fellow human being inspires me to do better but it happened a couple times in the mission home. One evening a prominent elder who was about to go home announced that he was going to speak to whoever wanted to listen. I attended and found myself thoroughly enjoying his presentation. I cannot recall what he subject mater was but I do recall his impressive delivery. Every few minutes he injected into his speech a quotation from some famous sage. He rattled these off word for word flawlessly with no notes. It was obvious that he spent a good deal of time memorizing these quotes and it really paid off. He was one of the few speakers in the church that I could have listen to all night.

I determined right there that I was also going to memorize a wide assortment of quotes so I could have them at my disposal. This I did and they have often come in handy. I continued this process for a number of years but eventually let it slip because of so much attention needed to handle daily life in the real world. Even today though some of the quotes come back to me to inspire me.

I often wonder what happened to this elder as he seemed to be a natural leader.

Another piece of assistance I picked up was some advice I received from another leading elder. He gave me a key to memorizing. He told me that for effective memorization to go over the words you want to memorize on the following days: The first, the second, the seventh, the seventeenth and the thirty-second day. If one memorizes one new scripture or quote a day, then by using this method of repetition he will review five passages per day.

I took this to heart and found it really worked and by the end of my mission I had many quotes at my disposal.

Well, my rest in the mission home was complete and it was time to go back in the field with a new companion in a new town. I was hoping that president Payne would realize that I was ready to be a senior elder so I could take charge and convert a ton of those reluctant English.

Chapter Six
The Missionary Life

My next assignment was a sleepy little town named Consett in northern County Durham, a few miles away from Newcastle. About half of my arriving group had been made seniors and since I had proven myself a capable teacher I thought this would also happen to me. Instead, I was made a junior again. I was supposed to be happy though because I had a better sounding title, which was, “Companion to Branch President.” Consett was one of those towns that didn’t have enough members or leadership to govern itself so the missionaries provided it. My new companion, Elder Richardson, was not only my new boss but ran the entire church there and I had to help him. We ran the meetings, kept the records, taught Sunday School, handled problems – the whole ball of wax for about 20 active members.

This new assignment was the worst possible as far as my game plan was concerned. My goal was to just be a regular missionary, be the senior in charge and then convert a record number of those stubborn English. Now there were two things frustrating my plan. The first was that I was still a junior and the second was we didn’t have a lot of time for missionary work because we had to run the branch of the church.

One thing that was similar to my last assignment was my landlady. The one in Wakefield sang the song “Downtown” all day long and my new one sang “Were have all the Flowers Gone.” Neither of them knew all the words but just sang a couple lines over and over. Fortunately we didn’t spend a lot of time with our landladies, except at lunch and dinner, so the repetition was not enough to dive one crazy.

I do not remember anything negative about Elder Richardson except he didn’t like rock and roll. Then my next companion was Elder Moench and was the singer of the Rogers and Hammerstein songs I mentioned earlier. He made the annoyance of my landladies repetitious singing seem minor indeed. He was also appointed my senior so I had to tow the line again.

I don’t recall anything out of the ordinary as far as the work was concerned. It was pretty standard missionary work with the running of the local church thrown in. My memory of the three plus months there is somewhat of a blur.

One thing that may seem odd, that was required of the missionaries, was to fill out a daily report covering almost every minute of our lives. Every mission required reports, but each mission president individualized his own. President Payne must have been part control freak because our report at the beginning of my mission had 85 categories and at the end there were over 100. We had to fill out all the categories on a daily basis and it took quite a bit of time – time that could have been much better spend I thought.

I wish I had saved a copy of the form but here are a few of the things I recall we had to answer daily:

Rising time: (Supposed to be 6 AM. If many infractions of this occurred you got in trouble with the mission home. Many missionaries fudged on this section.)

Individual study time: (was supposed to begin at 6:30 AM and go to 7:30 AM after taking a half hour to dress and get ready. Most digs did not have a bath or shower and we had to go to the public baths maybe twice a week.)

Joint study: (this was from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. Here the missionaries took turns reading aloud from study materials and then discussing them. I much preferred individual study as I learned much more on my own.)

We then were allowed a half-hour to eat breakfast and get ready to go to work.

The next item to fill out was the actual time we left the residence to do the work. The time of rising and the time we left for work were the two most crucial parts of the form. It was of extreme importance to the mission home that we not be over five minutes off on either of these. Since I have always been a big believer in honesty the only choice I had of staying I the good graces of the mission home was to arise on time and be prepared to leave for work at 9 AM.

Then we made an hourly account of our activities. Between 9 AM to Noon was usually spent in “tracting.” This was the name giving to knocking on doors in an attempt to find people to teach. For most missionaries this was the least favorite part of their day. The bitter cold weather didn’t help either. I didn’t mind doing it at all because this provided us with the best source of people to teach.

Next we accounted for the time spent at lunch. We were allowed an hour each for lunch and dinner, but if we could get lunch down to a half hour this was a bonus.

We usually returned to our digs for lunch and dinner unless some member invited us to eat with them.

Between 1 PM to 5 PM we were expected to either be tracting or visiting with members attempting to get referrals out of them. Members referring their friends for the missionaries to teach was considered to be the most important resource to find prospects.

Since most missionaries didn’t like tracting they opted to visit members whenever possible and tabulating this up to referral work on the report. Since we only were able to dig up a referral maybe once every couple weeks, this constant visiting of members was not a good use of time. Most missionaries would much rather visit with members and flirt with their teenage daughters than knock on unfriendly doors in the cold.

Another thing that made visiting members desirable was the natural friendliness of the members, for the people of Northern England had a reputation of being much more friendly and hospitable than the South where they were seen as being more stuffy and reserved.

One tradition they had wherever I worked was once you entered their home you couldn’t leave without something to eat or drink. Since Mormons were not allowed to drink coffee a substitute barely drink was used called Pero. This was very popular with the members and is sold as Caro in this country. Members always insisted they feed us cookies, sweets or more. Quite often by dinner I wasn’t that hungry.

Because I was the junior during my first seven months I had to follow the game plan of my companion which was basically the same for all my seniors which was: (1) Do the mandatory tracting for the three morning hours. (2) Spend all the rest of the free hours visiting the members, sipping Pero, eating cookies, flirting with daughters, talking sports, movies, life back home, etc. Sometimes we would even talk about church doctrine. Then at the end of the visit the question was always asked, “Oh, by the way, do you have any friends interested in being taught?”

The members understood that we always had to ask this question so we could count the visit as official business. Their answer was always no.

Why do I say always?

Because if they did have a friend interested in being taught they would tell us at the beginning of the visit, not the end.

Then between 5 PM to 6 PM we took off for dinner. Sometimes we even caught a little news on the television, or “telly” as they called it.

Then between 6PM to 10PM we were back to work. The mission theory was that our morning and afternoon work was to be productive enough to fill our evening hours with teaching. Since the average number of hours teaching in that mission was only about five hours a week we were left with over three hours to fill. Since most missionaries wanted to avoid tracting at night like the plague they again resorted to visiting more members, drinking more Pero and eating more cookies.

Since I came to the mission field to get some results I grew increasingly frustrated by what I considered a very ineffective use of time of just visiting members and exchanging small talk.

Fortunately, the members did not mind. Many would be happy to spend all day with the missionaries. They almost fell in love with them and many a teen age daughter or a single woman (and some married) had a crush on a missionary.

This was of great concern to the mission home for if a missionary had sex with anyone on his mission he was sent home in disgrace and excommunicated. They were very strict on this.

Unfortunately, this did happen from time to time. When it did it usually involved some sexy young girl, but on one occasion a missionary I knew, who seemed quite dedicated to his mission, had sex with his 54 year-old landlady and was sent home. That about blew me away and I really felt bad for the guy for he was a friend and I liked him.

We were then supposed to be back in the digs at 10 PM and to bed at 10:30 PM. Since the mission was not so strict on retiring hours as they were on rising we sometimes missed the goal by a half hour or more. Later, when I became a senior I missed this by a lot, often not getting home till around midnight. All this and more went on the report.

So, every day we had to fill out a humungous report but then at the end of the week we had to fill out an additional weekly report giving the weekly totals of all work related activities.

I do not have many memories of my work in Consett as nothing much significant happened work wise. The main thing I learned from my companions was more in the what-not-to-do category rather than the to do. I decided that when I was put in charge I was going to do things differently. I eagerly awaited the opportunity.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Power of Thought

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Posted April 30, 2010

Tom asked about Prahlad Jani, an unusual holy man from India who claims to not eaten or even drank water since he was eight years old. Since he is now 70 to 80 years old this means that if he is telling the truth he has not eaten food or drank water for over 60 years.

An article I found on him says:

“He was examined by a group of scientists in Sterlin Hospital, in a western Indian city of Ahmedabad. During 10 days of experiment under constant observation, he didn’t consume any food and “neither did he spent urine nor stool”. Yet, he is fine in mental and physical, says doctors. And he was watched 24 hours a day, prohibited to take a bath, and was not given even a drop of water.

“Most people can live without food for several weeks, but without water, average human can survive only 3 or 4 days.

“Ahmedabad’s Association of Phisicians say that despite no water entering in his body, urine formed in his bladder, and was RE-ABSORBED by the bladder walls. Scientists checked his blood, scanned his brain, he went through almost all kinds of inner body checks, but after all there was no change to his body condition.
This article goes on to cover another guy who is 66 and hasn’t eaten in 8 years and ten a lady who hasn’t eaten in 4 years.”

The question in Tom’s mind is: Are these people masters incarnate? It would seem that only a master could accomplish such a feat.

Not necessarily. The first clue is given in the photos in the article at:

Take a look at these three people and see if you can figure out what they have in common before you read further.

Okay, did you take a look? What they have in common is that all three look their age or older. Hira Ratan Manek is about my age and in my opinion looks much older.

Prahlad Jani, who has says he has gone 60 years without eating or drinking not only looks his age but doesn’t look that bright. Evidence supporting this is he doesn’t know his age within a decade. Sounds like he is pretty out of touch with our reality.

The Masters are called Masters of Wisdom.


Because wisdom is the last thing that we humans master before we graduate and move into the fifth kingdom. It is true that a Master is capable of performing the miraculous but it takes more than this to be a Master.

There are two major indications of a Master.

Great wisdom and power to extend life indefinitely for the purpose of service to humanity.

So how do some individuals go without food and water if they are not masters?

The answer is quite simple and to find it one can look at those who experienced the wounds of Christ, commonly called the stigmata. Such individuals are often of average intelligence and show no signs of possessing any extraordinary wisdom. The supposed miracle is brought about through the principle of energy following thought.

Ordinary thought which is focused is much more powerful than is generally supposed and can give the thinker tremendous power over his body. He can not only create a stigmata (who wants to?) but can go long periods of time without food and water and even slow or almost stop his heart and revive it.

Even an average person who is not a master can do miraculous things if his attention is focused.

This can be illustrated through hypnosis. A person in a deep trance can have a lighted cigarette pressed against his skin and not suffer a burn. He can gain super strength and even lift a car. He could be told to manifest a stigmata and it would happen.

I believe a deeply hypnotized person could be trained to go long periods of time without food and water though no experiments have been performed in this direction.

What happens in many of these cases, where people perform astounding feats, is the person is so focused through meditation that he puts himself in a state of deep self hypnosis and this gives him power over his body in a focused area.

A Master of Wisdom realizes this principle and will use it with knowledge of what he is doing to accomplish certain ends as wisdom dictates.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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