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After quite a lively exchange on Braco I guess I’ll weigh in with a few comments.

First, I’ll answer my own questions.

(1) Are real miracles produced?

There are some participants who have no healing and feel nothing. Others feel a good feeling but are not healed. Still others receive partial or temporary healing. Then there are some who receive healing that will last for a year or more. One could say this latter category has received a true miracle as we normally define the term.

(2) Are the miracles created because Braco has special powers or something else? (3) What is the something else???

People can heal because of specialized knowledge more than the fact that they are special beings. There are, however, personal attributes that help. If the healer is healthy and has a strong vital energy, this can help. One would think that being a spiritual person would help, but when dealing with the masses a carnal person or one motivated by power or illusion can perform short term healings as well as the spiritual person. The main advantage held by the spiritual person is he can heal other people who are spiritually evolved. A wrongly motivated healer cannot do much for someone of a higher vibration than himself.

An initiate should not seek spiritual healing from a non initiate.

Okay – so wouldn’t one have to call Braco special since he does get some miraculous results?

Not necessarily for you hear similar testimony around many other healers.

Those who attended the last gathering may recall the teaching I gave out about ceremony. I said that this was one of the secrets of healing and that if we used our imagination we could create a new ceremony that could be given to the public and produce miraculous results.

Well Braco has come up with a new ceremony that works.

Why does it work?

Because it produces a point of tension in some. A good ceremony will guide the people’s thoughts toward a point of tension. Remember that energy follows thought and if a large group have their thoughts properly directed then miraculous things can happen.

Several things must happen before a healer can have success with a group.

First he must establish a reputation of one who can heal. Braco gained this gradually after he became a disciple of Ivica Prokic. He studied under him and worked with him for a couple years and then took his place when he died. At his death many began to look upon him to heal as did Ivica.

Braco then experimented with additional techniques and gained a reputation as a healer with special powers.

Secondly, the healer must create high expectation.

Once the healer gets a reputation expectation is not hard to accomplish and is where the ceremony and staging comes in.

The staging is set by the warm up people and the audience itself. Those on stage testify to the miraculous healing powers that will be witnessed and many believers are in the audience rubbing shoulders with neutral and negative people often turning them positive before the healer makes an appearance.

This rising of the expectation is a huge step in approaching the point of tension necessary to draw forth healing powers.

Even Jesus realized this and discovered that reputation and ceremony did not work when expectation was low. When he went home no one expected any results from him and nothing happened. Even the great Master could not heal in his hometown where he was seen as nothing special.

These preliminary proceedings are the first part of the ceremony, but the final most profound part occurs when the healer himself appears to fulfill expectations.

This is where Braco has come up with a very powerful ceremony, one that can only work where the healer has a positive reputation and has created high expectation. As Howard Stern says – most people would be laughed off the stage for trying to do the gazing thing, but this guy pulls it off.

Yes, the audience becomes convinced that this unconventional method works and this makes it all the more potent for believers.

He looks at the people in silence and the silence causes them to see his soul and reflect his soul energies back to themselves and if a point of tension is reached then some healing occurs.

The group has been debating as to whether Braco is on the dark or light side or maybe in between.

Let us take a look at the guy. He looks almost like the stereotype of Jesus with his long hair and sweet face. He looks harmless and benevolent. This look he has is good for the ceremony he uses. Clint Eastwood could never get away with this type of work, nor could a lot of others with regular looking appearances.

If I had to pick a guy from the Keys that could create a similar look I’d have to pick Dan. There is a warm and fuzzy aspect to Dan that could pull something like this off and garner trust. (I mean that in a good way, Dan)

Unfortunately, you can’t always tell by looks for, as Jesus said, there are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The main thing to examine to find the truth of any spiritual messenger are their words and their works. These are the two witnessesq.

Unfortunately, there are no words, so this part of the witness seems to be missing. The lady closest to him in the United States who wrote the only English book about him did say this:

“It is no coincidence that after the November election and Barack Obama’s entry into office, the way was cleared for Braco’s first visit to America. Everyone is now facing the opportunity to open in perspective and action to more balanced possibilities as our ill begotten economic, social, educational and political structures are challenged and crumble. Braco represents a new level of healing reality to consider in the very left-brain West with a greater underlying potential in each of us.”
Angelika Whitecliff

So is Braco going to replace our “ill begotten” constitutional system with something else? And what would that be?

That’s a little unsettling to contemplate.

He does have works so we can look at them.

He desires to heal people are works tirelessly at it. That by itself is a good sign. Yes, there may be glamour involved but that’s for him and his followers to work out.

He either works for free or charges $8 to cover expenses. This tells us that making large sums of money is not his goal at this time. Even if he may at times make a profit $8 is a reasonable fee. That’s a real bargain compared to anything a doctor may charge in attempting to heal you.

He apparently sells miscellaneous items for a profit. Nothing wrong there with doing some free marketing. What he does with the profits is his business.

His work gives a lot of people more purpose and makes them feel better. Nothing wrong with that, in fact that is commendable.

There is one problem I see coming from his works and that is he is receiving the adoration of a messiah figure from many. Instead of looking on the inward God many seem to feel that they cannot receive the spiritual high without him as they can with him. In other words, they are focusing attention on the god without rather than the God within.

I’m reminded of the guy in the Braco film that had the toothache and the pain went away when he gazed at Braco. Did it go away for good? I don’t know, but I know I had a toothache a few days back that went on for a couple days and I was quite upset because I cannot afford to lose another major tooth. I had a good talk with my soul reminding it that it’s important that I not lose the tooth.

Well, the good old inner voice responded and said, “put some colloidal silver on the tooth.” I immediately did this and the pain went away in 15 minutes and has never came back. Hopefully I can keep the tooth and I didn’t need an outside person to help me to manifest that healing.

Yes, sometimes we do need outside help but this should never overshadow the power of a person’s own soul.

One thing that bothered me were the number of people who think they have to be in Braco’s presence to get a spiritual high. I’m inclined to think that this high they are getting is from an astral energy, for receiving the higher spiritual energies does not depend on another human being.

But there’s nothing wrong with getting a good emotional high as long as one realizes there is much more available.

Then there is an important thing that Jesus did that Braco is not doing. He duplicated himself. He told his followers, “Greater things than I have dome shall you do.” He then taught his disciples and soon they were doing great works just as their master did.

I do not see Braco training others to do what he does and the problem is amplified by the fact that many think he is special way beyond what they could achieve themselves.

I surfed through dozens of sites studying Braco and was amazed that I could not find one negative comment. Finally I did find one guy who did not see Braco as a god incarnate – none other than Howard Stern. As usual there is nothing sacred for this guy. Take a listen. It’s entertaining.
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