Healing Through Your Inner Power

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1 thought on “Healing Through Your Inner Power

  1. JJ
    I have listened and meditated on your Healing through the Inner Power a number of times, and have participated several times with the recorded journey that you provide to being healed. I have not manifest enough faith as yet to be healed, but I continue to approach it over and over. That being said, I have noticed and pondered the instruction to imagine oneself in the center of the sun drawing power from that entity, next we are instructed to imagine two other suns and the drawing of power from those entities. This creates a triangle. In the book Eternal Words, in the Chapter Microcosmic Universes, which I believe to be the greatest revelation ever given to man, it is declared that all life begins with triangles, and that each new life begins with a triangle. You describe in the book that the orbs were glowing particles and that they were so bright that you initial feared entering them.
    I may be reaching, but is this what you were trying to accomplish with the healing journey? Is the healing really the journey to start a new life? Is this a part of the journey of all disciples to go through this experience and this is how our new lives are to begin? Can you expound on this for me?

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