Keys Writings 2014, Part 16

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Aug 3, 2014

Bailey Writings


And the idea that the Jews should be wiped off the face of the earth, is pure ignorance.


Who in the world is saying this? The Alice A Bailey writings were one of the few in the area of philosophy that was against Hitler and such ideas from his rise to power.

Please refrain from throwing out wild accusations on this forum with no evidence.

You might also take note that we do not agree with a lot of Theosophical material. We attempt to run all things by our souls for verification.


Here is what the Bailey writings actually said:

The gradual dissolution again if in any way possible of the orthodox Jewish faith, with its obsolete teaching, its separative emphasis, its hatred of the Gentiles and its failure to recognise the Christ. In saying this I do not fail to recognise those Jews throughout the world who acknowledge the evils and who are not orthodox in their thinking; they belong to the aristocracy of spiritual belief to which the Hierarchy itself belongs.

Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 544

DK thought that the orthodox practice of Judaism (nothing to do with allegory) will gradually dissipate as well as many other outdated religious practices. This will occur naturally. Nowhere do the Bailey writings advocate wiping the Jews off the face of the earth. That may be the most outrageous and untrue statement ever made on this forum.


Aug 4, 2014

Resolving Conflict Through the Soul

This experiment with the Nazirene group has been interesting and intense. Unfortunately, we got off to a rocky start. The first post that got the ball rolling was one I just intended for the Keys only to discuss. It wasn’t intended to be an attack on anyone, but merely an analysis of whether it would be a good or bad idea to write an allegory with apparent history in it that was not true and present it as being true for the sake of teaching true principles.

Then when both groups interacted on this the misunderstandings reached Biblical proportions.

This type of conflict between two groups illustrates just how difficult it will be to find 24 people who can learn to resolve conflict and see eye to eye through the eyes of the soul so the foundation of a human molecule can be laid.

But seeing eye to eye should be easy for our group, right? – since most of us here agree on the basics. Well, remember the experiment we did a couple years ago. I set the group toward discussing a controversial subject, one that I knew that not all on the Keys agreed upon and challenged the members to attempt to resolve the differences through the soul.

The topic involved was whether it was right or wrong for Obama to execute the American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, in the foreign country of Yemen with no trial, even though there was overwhelming evidence that he was a participating terrorist.

Indeed it turned out that there were strong opposing opinions on this subject. The conflict turned out to be at least as strong as we have had with Allan’s group. The only difference was that no one saw anyone else as being mean or not nice but lots of stubbornness was on display.

When I saw we were not making any progress I tried to get the group to break the argument down to its basic parts. So I steered them away from whether it was right to whether it was legal. Then the group moved to an argument I did not anticipate and that was the definition of what “legal” is. After about a week of intense argument over the definition of a word I put an end to the discussion by pointing out how simple reaching agreement should have been, yet we could not even agree on the definition of a word that would allow us to get to the first base of agreement.

Now, this doesn’t mean that gathering a group together that can see eye to eye and resolve differences is impossible. There were people involved there that did try and see through the soul, but all it takes in a group is a couple of people overly attached to their belief system to destroy the possibility of union.

If we threw out a net and gathered in 1000 people from the general population there would probably be about a dozen who could drop their bias enough to resolve conflict through the soul.

If we threw out the net again and gathered from seekers seeking spiritual truth we may find ten percent who could do this.

Indeed the path to beginning the next great step in human evolution is difficult, if not impossible.

Meanwhile it is good practice for us to work with each other and possibly other groups in attempting to resolve differences through the soul so we can see eye to eye.

I’ve been thinking about Stephen’s idea and I think anything we do in the future should have very little structure. If every couple weeks Allan or I think it would be advantageous to throw something out to the other group – that may work, but it would be treated as any other post. If it generates interest fine and if not fine. Both groups have their own agendas and this interaction should not interfere with either one.

In addition, we have had some of Allan’s members join our forum and some of ours joined his. These should be accepted and treated as any other member and be encouraged to conform to the protocol of each group.

If anyone has further comment or ideas I would be happy to hear them.


Aug 5, 2014

Re: Resolving Conflict Through the Soul


JJ apparently wishes to debase what I have said, effectively calling me an idiot at best and liar at worst, when stating: “Those who say they have read similar things before are like those who say they read about the Theory of Relativity before Einstein because they read about theories and they read about things being relative, or maybe they have relatives. Not the same at all. Actually Shohn needs to read the book before he can even say he has read of similar concepts.”


Hey, settle down. No one is calling you an idiot. What is it with members of your group having such a thin skin?

My point was that you cannot say that you have read anything that teaches the Molecular Relationship and how it works until you read the book. All you have right now is a rough idea.

You can’t really write on any subject that hasn’t been written about in some degree. Even Einstein was criticized at first for coming up with nothing new because all the ingredients of his theory was already out there. But when the whole picture was seen then his fellow scientists had to admit that he had indeed come up with something new.

One can put pieces together and create an insight in a different way than has been done before – and this I have done a number of times as my readers will attest. I wrote the first draft of the Molecular relationship in 1979 and since then no one has been able to point to any work similar to it in all these years.

If you hang around here long enough and read through the archives you will find a number of insights and principles that should be new to you.

I think most of the group is tired of playing defense here. We don’t want to spend the next three days debating what is new and what is not or comparing my teachings to Allan’s. It is time to move on and discuss some new things.



I thought I should add a few more comments of clarification on civility and name-calling.

Most of us do not mind a little passion in an exchange as long as it does not get too insulting or goes on for a long time distracting the forum.

Secondly, name-calling is different than accurately describing what the person does that may fit the name.

For instance, outright calling a person a liar is probably the most common form of name-calling going on throughout the internet. Often this is thrown out with no evidence just because the writer doesn’t like what the other guy has said. Even with evidence it is still an uncivil thing to say.

What would be the appropriate thing to say to a person stating something you know to be not true?

The civil approach is this. “What you said is just not true and here is why. You said this (quotes his words) but this is what actually happened (give account).

With this type of response readers can examine the situation and determine if the guy did lie or maybe was just mistaken.

Even so, it is with the word hypocrite. If one just calls another a hypocrite with little explanation as to why, or even a good one he is taking the uncivil approach. On the other hand, Larry Woods took a more civil approach with Shohn. Instead of calling him a hypocrite he stated that what he did was hypocritical and explained clearly what he thought that was. Now readers can read the explanation and assess for themselves.

Even giving descriptions though can inflame people. On various forums I often come across statements that seem to be outright lies and if I respond I give my reasons so people can see. I could end with this statement: “This accusation you made is obviously a lie.” Instead I may say something like, “your statement is just not true – here is the actual truth which can be verified.”

Even this gentle response will still inflame many because people do not like their flaws exposed, but sometimes it is appropriate.



If it was misunderstood the first time, then allow and accept an amended explanation. Give the benefit of the doubt. I know, its hard.


Good point. If people would do this one thing half the arguments on forums would cease. Sometimes people do not want to understand what the other is saying.


Aug 7, 2014

Claims to Fame and Power

It seems that about once a year or so I come across someone who is making strong spiritual claims. Many of them have strongly warned me that I need to listen to them or my very soul will be in danger. Because I did not jump on their bandwagon and actually analyzed their claims with reason I have been condemned by several of these as one who has sinned against the Holy Ghost and will reign with the devil and his angels for eternity.

Others have condemned me to a regular Christian hell. Still others have condemned me to extinction or some outer darkness where I will suffer more than one can imagine. Then some kinder ones do not speak so much of punishment but basically tell me that unless I heed them that I will never know what they know or see what they see which is always a great state of knowing or bliss that they assume I know nothing of.

The claims made by some of these guys are interesting and sometimes amusing. The most popular claim is the leader is reincarnated from some great historical being – from Joseph Smith, an early apostle, to Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and even God. One guy who demanded I follow him claimed to be the Logos of the entire galaxy. Another who condemned me for not following him channeled the very voice of God the Father (so he said.) You should have heard this guy bark out orders in a voice not his own. It would have been scary if I had not been seasoned in dealing with such things. Then there was another who topped the list in claims stating that he was above God and was his boss.

Then we can’t forget Chris Nemelka who drew the attention of a number of Keys members. He claims to have had numerous encounters with the resurrected Joseph Smith, Jesus and early apostles.

He is far from the first to make such claims for a number of ex Mormons have claimed to visit with resurrected beings, have visions or speak for God.

On top of this if you surf the Internet a little you’ll discover all kinds of people claiming to be the Second Coming of Jesus or a messiah of some kind.

All these guys stand in stark contrast to Jesus who made no claims. He did not say who he was in a past life, nor did he even claim to be the messiah or anyone great or even that he attained any lofty spiritual state. When he began his work what did he do that caused people to pay attention?

He manifested the Two Witnesses as spoken of in the Book of Revelation. And what are the Two Witnesses?

They are the Words and Works that testified to his mission. His words spoke to the soul and his works manifested faith. Because of these two witnesses he had no need to make a great claim to gain attention.

So why do these various gurus feel the need to make such claims? “Because they are true,” says one. But even if he thinks it is true this is still not a good reason to claim a thing that cannot be proven – just so people will pay attention. The biggest claim to fame for Jesus was his resurrection, but that was not a claim, but an actual happening witnessed by many. A thing that can be demonstrated is not a claim, but an event.

There are several reasons that gurus make claims of spiritual power or greatness.

(1) They realize that few people will listen to them if they merely relied on their words and works.

(2) A strong claim will give them greater recognition.

(3) A strong claim will cause people to lean on the leader for light and give him more power to influence, or in many cases control the lives of followers.

(4) A strong claim creates fear in those without soul contact. Many are afraid to question the words of the guru for fear they are questioning the will of God or will fall out of grace with God or the guru.


(1) Even though many of these leaders or gurus think that they are the furthest thing from representing the beast, how are they furthering his power?

(2) Contrast how a representative of the beast instills fear whereas a worker in the light instills hope, peace and faith?

(3) What are the three most common claims made by representatives of the Beast?

(4) What do you suppose the personality traits are that causes certain people to make great claims and expect to be followed because of those claims?

A lot of writings on the beast can be found in the archives. Here is a link.


Aug 8, 2014

Beastly Question

Here’s another question to fine-tune our thinking on the Beast.

Both the Catholic Church and the Evangelical churches would be surprised to discover that they compose part of the network of the Beast. But … the power of the Beast controls the actions and thinking of their followers through different means.

What then is the difference in how Catholics and evangelicals are controlled by the Beast?



The Catholics through Authority claims of being directly linked to Peter and God and the evangelicals through emotions.


Yes, but where is the current main source of authority for the Catholics and where is it for the Evangelicals?


Aug 9, 2014

The Faces of Truth


Truth to one man, is not to another.


Here is a great quote from A Course in Miracles that may shed some light:

For truth is true, and nothing else is true. There is no opposite to choose instead. There is no contradiction to the truth.

The truth is true. Nothing else matters, nothing else is real, and everything beside it is not there. Let Me make the one distinction for you that you cannot make, but need to learn. Your faith in nothing is deceiving you. Offer your faith to Me, and I will place it gently in the holy place where it belongs. You will find no deception there, but only the simple truth. And you will love it because you will understand it.


Allan gives a long quotation and writes:

“What is true to one man, is not to another.”


Incorrect Allan. The truthful wording would be, “What is perceived to be true for one person is perceived differently to another.” If a person interprets that to not be true as true then it is not true for anyone. The person is only seeing illusion and interpreting it as truth.

Let’s analyze your quote and see what stands up to the statement, “The truth is true and nothing else is true.”

“Behold this crystal; how the one light is manifest in twelve faces,”


It is true that he is talking about a crystal with twelve faces and nothing else is true. To say it has 13 faces would be false.

“each face reflects one ray of light, and one regards one face, and another, another, but it is the one crystal, and the one light that shines in all.”


This is true and nothing else is true.

“Behold again, When one climbs a mountain and attaining one height, he says, this is the top of the mountain, let us reach it, and when they have reached that height, lo, they see another beyond it until they come to that height from which no other height is to be seen, if so be they can attain it.”


It is true and nothing else is true that if you climb to the top of a mountain then you are at the top and if you see a higher mountain then it is higher.

“That which appears true to some, seems not true to others. They who are in the valley don’t see what they who are on the hill top see.”


Again, this is true and nothing else is true that would contradict it.

“But to each, it is the truth as the one mind seeth it,”


It is true and nothing else is true that those who are in different locations see different things. This is really elementary.

“and for that time, till a higher truth shall be revealed to the same; and to the soul which receives higher light, shall be given more light.”


If a guy has one piece to a large puzzle he is crazy to say he has all the pieces and can see the whole picture. That would be illusion. The truth that is true and nothing else is true and he has one piece of the puzzle and when he gets all the pieces he will be able to see the whole picture.

“Be faithful to the light you have, till a higher light is given to you. Seek more light, and you will have abundantly; rest not, until you find.”

“God gives you all truth, as a ladder with many steps, for the salvation and perfection of the soul, and the truth which seems today, you will abandon for the higher truth tomorrow. Press toward perfection.”

From Gospel of the Nazirenes

Good advice. It is what we teach here.



Each person due to the Laws they are born under, each sees a different face of the crystal. And each face is 1/12 of the whole — portraying a different perspective — which appears different than the other 11 faces of the crystal. “And that which is seen and received by one, is not seen and received by another. That which appears true to some, seems not true to others. They who are in the valley don’t see what they who are on the hill top see. But to each, it is the truth as the one mind seeth it, and for that time, till a higher truth shall be revealed to the same; and to the soul which receives higher light, shall be given more light.”


Yes, all people see different things at different times. That doesn’t mean the truth changes it means their perception changed and the fact that perception changes is a truth that is truth and nothing else that is true contradicts it.

If a bottle of jelly beans has 1000 beans in it, according to your best perception, that does not alter the truth that there are really 1022 beans in it. It doesn’t matter what you perceive or how many perceive differently the only thing that is true at that time is that there are 1022 beans in the jar.



Yeah, I agree Allan it is basic philosophy 101 that to learn anything you have to move forward a step at a time, but you do not abandon any truth as you move forward, you only abandon things that are not true or usable. When you move from Spanish I to Spanish II you do not quit using all the true words from the first class, but just add to them. You would only abandon the words or usage that are not true Spanish.

As I said, it is philosophy 101 that we do not see or understand all things now but we move forward until we do. Truth is true whether it be spiritual of physical. From a higher pt of view all things are spiritual.


The Question:

What then is the difference in how Catholics and evangelicals are controlled by the Beast?


“For the Catholics Pope Francis and for the evangelicals whomever they are following…a tv minister…”


Or the Bible? Maybe the Bible itself is the Beast to Evangelicals?


Now we are headed the right direction.

How is it that the Bible and the Pope represent the forces of the Beast which lead us away from the Inner Voice? After all, they seem so different?

What force works with the Bible to support the Beast for the evangelicals?

Aug 10, 2014

The Beast 101

All right. It’s time to focus and get back on topic. If anyone wants to talk about Allan’s material then please suggest a topic with short description and if the class expresses interest we’ll discuss it when we move to a new topic. The problem we have had lately is that a half dozen things are in play and none of them get covered well. It is best to approach a single topic step by sep until the ingredients are absorbed.

We have discussed the Beast before, but there are aspects of it as it applies in the lives of people that we need to explore in more depth.

Concerning the Beast it is written in Rev 13:

“And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”

All but a handful will worship the beast. The word “worship” here comes from the Greek PROSKUNEO. Literally translated into today’s language it means “to kiss ass”. In more sensitive language it would mean to “fawn over someone” that you see as your boss or master.

The fact that the Beast is fawned over tells us that this is not necessarily a Nero type of character that forces people to acknowledge him but is something that almost all give their minds and hearts to voluntarily. In other words, people love the Beast, respect him, kiss up to him and are happy to replace the inner voice with the voice without.

Shohn asked why this would be the case. The answer is simple. We humans are lazy and tend to take the path of least resistance. Outer answers are easy to find and they are in black and white. Once accepted no more thinking is required.

The Inner Spirit works with our free will and it takes effort and contemplation to connect with it and come up with an answer. And the answer is never the final answer but is always something to help the seeker on the path of true knowledge that will take you to your next step. Another problem is an answer from the inner Spirit is seen as threatening to the Beast and his agents so the person who is guided by the inner rather than the outer God will often meet with great opposition.

It is just much easier to let the outer authorities who represent the Beast do the thinking and tell you what to believe.

So, even though we live in an age where we are not likely to get burned at the stake, there is still strong incentive to worship (kiss up to) the Beast.

So who represents the Beast in the Catholic Church? More people than you might think. The obvious suspect is the Pope but he is only one of many, though obviously he is a big fish.

All the hierarchy down to the local priest represent the authority of the Beast and replace the true God within with the shadow God without. They tell the people what to believe, what sins are forgiven and how they are to worship.

The outreach of the Beast does not stop there. It’s greatest power is with the people themselves who kiss up to this outer authority. Among families and friends Catholics will receive reinforcement of the thinking which has been passed down from higher authorities. If someone wants to break with the thinking of the church he will receive great pressure from family and friends to conform.

Now the good news is this. The hold of the authority of the Catholic and other churches has been diminishing the past couple centuries. Does this mean the power of the Beast is diminishing? Not necessarily. The Beast just moves his power base to other areas as we shall see.

Now the Evangelical churches do not have a strong central human authority as do the Catholics. Does this mean that they are not controlled by the authority of the Beast?

Unfortunate the answer is no.

Where then is their outer controlling authority?

lwk gave us the right answer. It is the Bible.


How can an inspired work such as he Bible be a controlling instrument of the Beast?

Can an instrument used by the Beast be someone or something that is seen as good as well as being sinister? Can a kindly old man such as Pope Francis unknowingly really be an instrument of the Beast? Why?

The Bible by itself is just a book… What is it that gives it power in the hands of the Beast?

If the Bible is an instrument in the hands of the Beast for the Evangelicals then what is the deal with the Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists and other religions that have a different interpretation? Do they represent the Beast also?


Truth Conversation Continued


..what is seen in the below is the fact that you clearly do not possess an in-depth comprehension of the Laws.


It’s the other way around. You only state that you comprehend laws, but do nothing to demonstrate an understanding of them. Just stating I am wrong and you are right does not make me wrong or you right.


And the problem is seen in the fact that the necessary comprehension of what is presented in the below, is as a gateway transition point that has the capacity to open the door to higher understanding and true spirituality. It is clear from your own reply where you attempt to portray me as being wrong, that you fail to comprehend not only WHY each person sees truth and the world from a different and often opposite and conflicting perspective — but just as important as to WHY this great variance in vision and understanding is important to your own development, as well as the development of those who see you as their teacher.


First, it was you that attempted to prove me wrong and I merely defended my own thinking which you continually insinuate is incorrect or substandard.

Secondly, I perfectly understand why people perceive from different points of view, but I am not so sure about you. You seem to be arguing in support of that which is not real rather than the real.


Especially in view of the fact that without this knowledge of the Laws, a seeker will not only mentally and spiritually flat-line — but will have squandered away a most important opportunity.


You’re not talking about me because I am a long way from flatlining and you have no idea of the experiences I have had as I make no claims as you do, but just give out knowledge and let people take from it what feels right to them. You insist we listen because you’ve merged with your higher self. The problem is that you give no more evidence that you have done this than other gurus we have encountered.


Should I apologize to your forum for knowing and understanding the important knowledge that was suppressed and even outlawed by the Pagan Church of Rome?


No apology is asked for as we are already aware of this.


There are members of your forum who are threatening to leave, because I claim to know more than others who did not have the same opportunities that I did over the course of my soul’s previous lives.


That is not the problem. You need to read more accurately. The problem is all the conflict as well as all the different directions your group has taken us. This particular problem stems more from your group members than you. Outside of insulting our spirituality and insisting you save us from ourselves you behave yourself fairly well.


If you had what you portray as soul-contact before you replied to me and told me I was wrong, you would have responded differently than you did.


And perhaps if you were really in contact with your higher self you could understand what I am saying and would have responded differently than you did. You still seem oblivious as to my view of the scriptures and couldn’t seem to answer the questions that would have clarified my thinking in your mind.


Why? Because your own higher soul-self knows and sees things as they truly are. My only objective is the development and enlightenment of you and your forum members.


We would like to see you and your group receive an extra shot of enlightenment also, but we have enough light here to see that attempting to force feed you is not the answer. The plan here is just to reveal simple truth step by step and those who are ready will use those truths to advance onward until full soul contact is obtained.

But that is just he beginning.

There is more, much more.

Aug 11, 2014

The Beast 102

Thank you for your participation and thoughtful answers on the Beast so far.

The First Question:

How can an inspired work such as he Bible be a controlling instrument of the Beast?

I just may be the first person on God’s green earth to teach that the Bible is a powerful instrument in the hands of the Beast and its branches, but indeed it is.

Does this mean that the Bible is a flawed or evil book? No. People who are looking in this direction do not understand the Beast for God and Jesus themselves are powerful instruments in the hands of the Beast. After all, its objective is to take the place of God, so, of course, he uses God as a draw. Not the real God of course, who dwells within but a false image of God – a trick god..

The Beast uses unearned authority differently with the Evangelicals than the Catholics. The main thrust of authority with them is the Pope and hierarchy of the church. The Bible may be important to members but the words of the authorities carry much more weight.

For instance, Jesus clearly said, Call no man Father, yet they ignore this scripture and call their local priest, Father. What Jesus said about this doesn’t concern them because of where their worship of authority is placed.

Now the Evangelicals do not have a powerful hierarchy so their reliance on authority is in two areas

(1) The Bible as the infallible word of God. Among this group if one of their own were to doubt the truthfulness of any scripture quoted they would indeed receive the evil eye of disdain. If the Bible says that God created the earth in six days then, by George, that is exactly what happened. If Jesus said he is coming quickly then He is coming quickly, even though we’ve been waiting 2000 years. After all 2000 years is just a moment for God.

To the Evangelical every word in the Bible is infallible and literally true, even the passages that do not make sense to the logical mind. They are not to be questioned, just understood.

Therefore, the Bible is an instrument of the Beast with the Evangelicals because it is set forth as a powerful outward authority which directs many spiritual seekers away from looking to the God Within for answers. Instead, they look to the god without, the infallible words of the Bible which are not to be questioned. If you do question them you will not be accepted as a preacher, teacher or faithful member of the congregation.

If they were free of the Beast they could openly question and discuss the veracity and unorthodox meaning of any scripture.

But the authority of the Beast retains tight control over the minds and hearts of the masses. If you question his agents you will be rejected and often attacked in some way.

(2) If you thought I was just going to give you the second one think again. Here is the question of the day.

The infallible Bible is the first powerful instrument of the Beast among the Evangelicals. What is the second and how is it used to steer believers away from looking within?




Whatever I write is automatically rejected in this forum.


The few teachings you have presented has been accepted such as;

We have a higher self with which we are to merge.

We do not see all the truth in this land of shadows.

As we grow in truth we change our views.

Actually these things pretty much agree with what is taught here.

What is rejected is the incessant preaching to us by you and your followers that we are not seeing through the spiritual vision as yourself and your group and insinuating we are spiritually inferior. It seems the only solution for us is to accept every word you say without question – then we can enter the promised land.

The problem is that you present no steps for us to follow to enter that exalted state from which you claim to perch yourself.

I have never insinuated to your group that I am more spiritually advanced than they are or that they must listen to me if they want to be saved, enlightened , merged with soul or whatever. If i had approached them the way you approach us their rage at me would have been much greater than it currently is.



In those links exist an in-depth explanation of the workings of the Laws … If you seriously wanted to know what virtually all the biblical authors portrayed as inconceivable from a human organic perspective, then you would read the links and ask meaningful questions in search of the Ultimate Answers. And if you were to do this, then I would be glad to engage you.


I’ve done this and found mention of law and things that were supposed to be mysteries, but very little in the way of explanation. About half of what I read were quotes and most of these were repeated many times. After a while I got tired of reading the same quotes over and over.

One of what appears to be your most important teachings is about the Twelve Rounds of the Tree of Life. Others teach 10 rounds or 11, but you teach 12 so I guess this sets you apart.

Since this is presented as a very important teaching you would think there would be an explanation of it somewhere. The only place I could find that even named the 12 rounds was a graphic image that I had to blow up to read. I couldn’t find any explanation of those twelve rounds or whether one can progress from one to another or how to progress or absorb all twelve or whatever.

This explanation may be on another site I haven’t read, and that is another problem you have. Your teachings are scattered in lots of places, so I’m sure I must have missed something. You ought to place all your basic spiritual teachings on one site the way I do. That would make searching for things a lot easier. You’d think it would be easier and cheaper than maintaining a dozen sites.


I am here to convey the Mysteries of the soul and the Gospel to those who Paul portrayed as being spiritually mature enough to receive this wisdom.


Then you should do this. Tell us of a mystery that we do not already know.


I am not a teacher. I am not a master. I am only a lowly servant who is performing a service to the lost prodigal sons and daughters who desire to Prove the Truth by Travailing in TheWay.


But you do claim to be “THE prophet” which is a much higher and holy claim than that one who says he is a teacher because he teaches things. Here is a quote from one of your sites:

The world-wide ministry of the Prophet Allan Cronshaw — known to some as the Long Island Mystic — the Nazirene Disciple of The Way — the man who lived in a previous life as Jacob who is known as today as James the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus


Re: The Beast 102

The Question:

The infallible Bible is the first powerful instrument of the Beast among the Evangelicals. What is the second and how is it used to steer believers away from looking within?

We can look deeper if the group considers the following.

When we look at the various churches that take the Bible literally, as their personal Beast, we find something interesting. The various denominations have much different interpretations yet within each denomination is amazing uniformity. This uniformity is usually seen as a wonderful thing by them, even the work of he Holy Spirit. Yet what they fail to realize is that each religion has this and the more authoritarian they are the greater the uniformity.

How is it that the Seventh Day Adventists, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons and the Evangelicals (who all literally accept the Bible but believe different things) are uniform in their internal beliefs? In other words, you can go into one of their churches several times and it will not be long before you know what you are supposed to believe and support.

What creates this uniformity that seems to almost be picked up by ESP?


Aug 12, 2014

The Beast 103

The Question:

How is it that the Seventh Day Adventists, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons and the Evangelicals (who all literally accept the Bible but believe different things) are uniform in their internal beliefs? In other words, you can go into one of their churches several times and it will not be long before you know what you are supposed to believe and support.

What creates this uniformity that seems to almost be picked up by ESP?

Susan, Duke and Ruth mentioned thoughtforms in some type of context and this is certainly the right direction. The average person doesn’t even realize what a thoughtform is and those who do generally fail to understand how pervasive they are. They not only exist in the religions, but in all walks of life. They are particularly powerful right now in politics.

Even though average people do not understand thoughtforms many do have a sense about what they do. Most are familiar with the term “groupthink” and have some understanding of the power of unified group thought on the individual.

Few realize how potent thoughtforms are, especially when they themselves are controlled or influenced by them. Believers see themselves as attending church and not questioning anything entirely because of their own free will and intelligent decisions. More often than not they have bought into the parameters of the thoughtform and are controlled by it. Ironically, they often see this as the work of the Holy Spirit when they are really controlled by one of the tentacles of the Beast.

I have attended quite a few different churches and movements in my day and being aware of the power of thoughtforms makes the situation quite interesting. As you enter from the outside world it seems as if you are leaving one world and entering another. As soon as preaching or teaching begins you start to pick up what is acceptable and what is not. You do not interact with anyone from the pulpit but there is sometimes interaction in Sunday School Class. Sometimes I will ask a question that is not a part of the thoughtform and you ought to see the looks that generates. The question can seem quite harmless to an outsider, but if it doesn’t fit the thoughtform the group will see it as intrusive, rude and sometimes outright evil.


How is a thoughtform created?

Name some thoughtforms in your life which you have to handle?

How can you control the thoughtform rather than it controlling you?

Aug 13, 2014

The Beast 104

How is a thoughtform created?

A thoughtform is created through this principle: Energy follows thought. The more thought that is applied the more power it has.

Basically, a thoughtform in the context that we are using it, is a computer program that writes itself from thought energy and tells a person how he is supposed to think, act and feel. Most people who pick up one associated with his group identifies with it and takes the thoughts and feelings as his own. He is thus controlled without realizing where the control is coming from. It is difficult to go counter to something which you think is you. Why would you want to go against your own thinking?

Now just because the Beast uses thoughtforms does not mean that they are evil in principle. The good guys use them also. Thoughtforms are like plants. Some are weeds and need to be ignored or discarded while others are nourishing and useful.

Most people are controlled by thoughtforms without realizing it, but if one understands them he can use or discard them as suits his goals and needs. If he accepts the thoughtform as part of his own makeup then he becomes subject to the intelligence that created it.

Examples of thoughtforms that can have a positive effect are:

(1) A highly structured successful business that uses its thoughtform to direct its employees to high production and efficiency, making the company successful.

(2) A health spa or program that aids you in keeping in shape.

(3) One you may create for yourself to establish good work habits.

Then there are examples of thoughtforms that can have a negative effect:

(1) The Nazis had one of the most destructive ones in history. It was so powerful it swept good people’s thinking in line with an evil plan with ferocious speed and power.

(2) While some aspects of a religious thoughtform can influence people to moral living, other aspects cause undue devotion to illogical thinking or allegiance to an authoritarian leader.

(3) Some create exclusiveness and feelings of specialness that make subjects see themselves as better than their neighbors.

There are many unconscious assistants of black magicians that create or support thoughtforms that assist the Beast in controlling the hearts and minds of “all kindreds, tongues and nations” as spoken of in Revelations 13:7 Those on the Right Hand Path do not create thoughtforms to control the minds of men but to assist themselves and others through free will.

The distinguishing characteristic of a thoughtform used by the Beast is that of unconscious control that directs the subjects attention toward an outer god that replaces the need for checking with the Inner God.

Those in the light do not use a thoughtform as a replacement of the Inner God, but may use it as an instrument for good just as we use our computers. Just as we realize that our computer programs do not replace our thinking, even so, do workers on the Right Hand bypass all thoughtforms to go to the Inner Voice.

The controlling thoughtform in the Catholic Church, as we said, is created around the idea of unquestioned authority that speaks for God. This was created with the cooperation of both the people and the leaders placing sustaining thought into this idea. In this transition age thought power is slowly being taken away from this idea and the authoritative power there is finally diminishing.

Among the Evangelicals there is not so much powerful thought placed in the direction of their various leaders. Instead, here is where their thought is placed:

(1) On salvation though faith alone in Jesus. Good works are nice, but have nothing to do with salvation.

(2) The inerrancy of the Bible.

Any scripture or person that supports these two ideas is fully accepted and anything that does not is rejected.

For instance, take this passage from James:

“Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works. Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” James 2:17-20

This scripture clearly talks about the importance of works, but even though they believe in the infallibility of the Bible they are more attached to the thoughtform as a whole and ignore this or explain it away. They still believe in the infallibility of the Bible, but see James as really saying something different than appears. Anything that does not support the prime ingredient of being saved by faith only, without works, is automatically rejected. No amount of logic or even scriptures to the contrary will convince them otherwise.

A number of other religions are ruled by strong thoughtforms. Ironically, the Catholics and Evangelicals often look these on with disdain.

(1) The Seventh Day Adventists. These are ruled, as the name implies, by a belief that Saturday is the correct Sabbath and all who do not recognize and obey this have the mark of the Beast. Little do they know that their allegiance to their controlling thoughtform is the true mark.

Now this religion has other ingredients in its general thoughtform such as diet and a number of literal interpretations of the scriptures, but their view of the Sabbath is the major controlling one that is not to be questioned.

(2) Jehovah Witnesses.

Even though this group takes the Bible literally it is not the main source of programming for their thoughtform. The programming comes from its governing body and the publications that we are handed each time they knock on our doors.

Their thoughtform has been powerful enough that it has persisted through a number of failed prophecies about the coming of Christ, Armageddon etc. Through required study and paying attention to governing authorities each member knows exactly what he must do to stay in the good graces of leaders and local members. They know that if they question or get out of line they will be shunned.

(3) The Mormons (LDS)

Since many members are somewhat familiar with this religion let us consider several questions in relation to it.

  1. What is the main source of power in its thoughtform?
  2. One of its main teachings is about free agency. How can this be accepted as a core belief when they are controlled by a thoughtform?
  3. Another core belief is new revelation. How does their thoughtform assure them that they are getting new revelation when there is no revelation to be found?
  4. Does their thoughtform answer some of their prayers? Explain.

Aug 14, 2014

The Beast 105

As we delve into thoughtforms that give the Beast its power we need to be aware of this fact. The programming for thoughtforms of various groups changes over the years as thinking changes. Think of a thoughtform as you would a computer program that keeps getting new versions. Each new version is more complicated than the last and often lacks the original simplicity and is more difficult to learn.

The thoughtform that governs the Mormon Church is an interesting one to consider. The Prime Directive that governs its program is “authority.”

Now authority has been important for the Catholics down through the centuries, as they see themselves having authority from Peter who was appointed by Christ to be the rock of the church. But, whereas their emphasis on authority has decreased, that of the LDS has increased. The seeds of this strong authority was started by Joseph Smith who claimed visitations from God, Jesus, angels with the authority of the original church given to him and Oliver Cowdery in person by John the Baptist and the apostles Peter James and John.

Members that accept these visitations give great authority to the words of Joseph Smith. After all, opposing his teachings would seem to be like opposing God, for he not only claimed visitations but often said, “thus saith the Lord,” and then the words were supposed to be Christ himself.

It is interesting that even though Joseph possessed all the ingredients to exercise powerful outward authority to steer members away from the inner voice that he was the least authoritarian of the leaders of the Mormon church. He rarely spoke of his supernatural experiences, or emphasized them to sway the people. Instead, he emphasized that it was important for members to go within and get their own revelation.

Then, after Joseph was murdered Brigham Young became the next prophet and this was where the powerful emphasis on authority really took hold. One reason Brigham placed more emphasis on authority was that he thought that one of the reasons Joseph was killed was he was too lax in its use. Joseph did not clear out al the dead wood that caused opposition and problems. Brigham decided that if he was going to avoid a similar fate he needed to be more controlling and get everyone in line thinking the same thing.

The thoughtform then had an upgrade which told members, “When the prophet speaks the thinking has been done. Independent thinking is not to be tolerated.”

It is strange then that the church started off with powerful claims of authority, and used it sparingly, but then as miraculous events diminished the projection of authority increased.

This quote from the official Church magazine gives the prime directive of the programming:

“When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done. When they propose a plan ‚Äî it is God’s plan. When they point the way, there is no other which is safe. When they give direction, it should mark the end of controversy. God works in no other way. To think otherwise, without immediate repentance, may cost one his faith, may destroy his testimony, and leave him a stranger to the kingdom of God.”

Improvement Era, June 1945, p. 354.

This idea has been repeated many times since then. It thus seems contradictory that one of the central doctrines of the church is free agency. Joseph Smith taught that the original war in heaven was over the free agency of man. Satan wanted to take away the free agency of humanity to make it easy to save them, but Jesus wanted to give us our agency so we could make our own decisions and earn our salvation.

So how do they reconcile free agency with having no agency to think contrary to what the leaders say?

They say that they have the freedom to think contrary to authorities, but a member just may be thrown out of the church for it and risk being a Son of Perdition to reign with the devil and his angels for eternity. In addition they say that there are lots of things they can use their free will on that the authorities have not given orders on. For instance, they can decide who to marry, what career to pursue, etc.

The problem with this rationalization is that even under the greatest of tyrannies people had some freedoms including speaking against the dear leader if they were willing to pay the price.

The other prime doctrine that seems contradictory is that of continuing revelation. Joseph taught that not only the leaders of the church receive revelation of the mysteries, but such revelation was the right of every member.

To any outsider looking in there is a major problem with this belief. The church leaders haven’t presented a revelation in over a century. There was an official pronouncement in 1978 that the blacks could hold the priesthood, but no revelation on it was ever presented to the church. The other problem is that if a lowly member claims to receive a revelation about any of the mysteries that are promised in LDS scriptures he most likely will be excommunicated.

So… how does the Mormon thoughtform tell the members to think to get around this contradiction? It says this:

“When the leaders give instructions to govern the church there is the hand of God at work giving them revelation to do their jobs and when they speak to the church, God is revealing things to their minds that come down to the members. There is more revelation coming down from on high than you can shake a stick at.”

A as far as personal revelation goes, they can’t get revelation on doctrine, the mysteries or the affairs of the church but each member can get revelation for his family or personal; affairs.

So do Mormons get answers to their prayers from a thoughtform?

In many cases, yes. This happens with many religious people, but the Mormons are particularly vulnerable because they pray for answers for all kinds of personal things.

I used to sell children’s books which had good moral uplifting stories in them for kids as well as a children’s encyclopedia. After the presentation everyone fell in love with the books and bought them if they could fit them in their budget. Everyone that is, except the faithful Mormons. Almost every time I gave a presentation to an active Mormon family I received the same reply, a reply I received nowhere else, even from super religious people of other faiths:

This was what they said: “We will have to pray about whether or not to buy the books. Come back tomorrow and we’ll give you our answer.”

When I came back the next day the answer was always the same. God told them to not buy the books. Not once did any LDS family get a yes from God to buy those great books for kids.

One can only conclude that either God hates children’s books or…

The members are picking up the programming from the thoughtform that governs the church.

I think it is the latter because I’m sure God would have liked the books.

Now does this mean that all prayers are answered from a computer-generated thoughtform? No. Now and then a sincere seeker will break through the barriers and make a true spiritual contact. Unfortunately, this is the exception and not the rule.

Now don’t think the Mormons are unique in having rationalizing thoughtforms. All of us are exposed to them and it takes a very spiritually independent person to recognize them for what they are.


So what about atheists and non believers? Are they influenced by thoughtforms? Are they also controlled by the Beast? If so, where do the thoughtforms come from?

Aug 16, 2014

The Beast 106

The Question:

So what about atheists and non believers? Are they influenced by thoughtforms? Are they also controlled by the Beast? If so, where do the thoughtforms come from?

Looks like the group realizes that atheists and non believers are influenced by thoughtforms. And yes, they are influenced by a thoughtform around Darwinism and anti religious rhetoric, but that is not where they are most powerfully influenced. Since they do not believe in God or trust in Him they believe in man and the power that he has. And what is the greatest source of humanity’s power?


Political thoughtforms are very powerful, especially the ones on the Left. Many on the Right are controlled by the thoughtforms governing their religious thinking and do not have a lot of attention left over to give to political thoughtforms. If they get involved in politics it is usually because something about their faith is involved, such as abortion, gay rights, drugs etc.

On the other hand, non believers and those not involved in religion do not pay much attention to religious thoughtforms. This frees their attention up to be captivated by powerful thoughtforms in other areas.


Contemplate what the wording of the most powerful political thoughtform would be and submit it to the group.

What other powerful thoughtforms are out there besides that of religion and politics? How are people controlled by them?

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