What Is the Purpose of Life?

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Question Fifty-Two

What Is the Purpose of Life?

This is a question that has mystified humanity since the beginning of time, but perhaps this is a subject that we are guilty of over thinking. Perhaps the answer is not so complicated after all.

An interesting clue is given in the first chapter of Genesis where we are told that we are created in the image of God. Now, if we are truly in the image of God then our purpose would also be the same as God’s.  Of course, the scope of our purpose may not be comparable, but we both love to create things.

Let us take a look at this world God created. The first thing that draws our attention is that life on this world is very difficult, not only for humans, but the animal and plant kingdoms are in a fierce struggle for survival.

Let us focus on humans.  We are kind of like chess pieces in the game of life.  There’s the white pieces, who are the good guys playing against the black pieces who are the bad guys, or the dark forces that seem to always surface to thwart our moves. One moment we joyously think we are on the verge of subduing all opposition and then the next an unexpected loss surfaces threatening a possible checkmate.

Life does seem to be a lot like chess.  There are many types of humans high and low.  There are kings and queens, rooks and pawns, and one thing they all have in common is that none of them are safe from the dark pieces that can threaten us at any moment no matter who we are or what our station in life may be.

So, why in the world does God allow life to be so dangerous, full of risk with possible pain and loss? To a lot of people it makes no sense… but, when you consider that we are made in the image of God  it makes a lot of sense.

As I said, life that God has created is a lot like a game of chess.  And what is perhaps the greatest most enduring game created by humanity?

And why have we created and participate in high risk games and activities such as chess, monopoly, football, hockey, auto racing, boxing and others?

Why don’t we create nice safe games where there is no risk and everyone wins?

The answer is quite simple. Such a game would be very boring. The fact is this.  If we create an interesting game that has reasonable risk, but can be won through concentrated effect and achievement, then there is a tremendous prize to be won.

And what is that?

A thrill of joyful accomplishment that cannot be acquired by any other process.

So God created this great game board, called the universe, which is full of risky ingredients such as light and dark, pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, loss and gain.  Then he jumps in the universe as a player and, just as you are present in your whole body from head to toe, He is present throughout the whole universe.

BUT… He came to be more than present but to be a player and to win. To help Him win He created us in His image with the expectation that we will assist in winning the game of life, not only for ourselves, but for the One Great Life, which is God.

Let me put it this way.  Suppose you were God and all alone living in the great void with nothing to do.  What is your greatest problem?

And what is the cure?

Create a universe that will have all the ingredients of a great game.  It will be a difficult game, but one you can win if you apply yourself with all the effect you can muster.

When this thought entered God’s head what happened?

A joyous thrill went through the mind of God – a thrill that created a powerful joyous vibration at the prospect of winning.

Today we call this the original Big Bang – which was an explosion of joyous anticipation and planning.

The purpose of each of us is to find our next move in the game of life and then make it and not let a little risk frighten us into indecision.


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How Did the Universe Come To Be?

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Question Four

How Did the Universe Come To Be?

Scientists tell us that the universe is expanding.  They have measured the rate of expansion and calculated when the starting point began and what it must have been. These calculations show that the entire universe began about 13.7 billion years ago where everything there is was compressed into an infinitesimally small point, smaller than an atom.  They call this a singularity.

For some unexplainable reason this singularity exploded with unimaginable force, which created atoms and other particles in perfect balance. How that balance occurred they know not. They only know that it happened.

If you think creation by an Intelligent Designer is fantastic consider that this theory has it beat.  Let us pick just one part of the theory, that everything began with a very very small point of compressed matter. To understand how fantastic this is, consider the difficulty in reversing the Big Bang.

First you could take your body and compress it into a particle as big as a grain of sand. Then you could take the 7 billion other people and compress them into 7 billion grains of sand. Then you could take all those pieces of sand, which could create a good portion of a beach and compress all them into a single grain. If you think that is a good trick then look at the work we still have to do.  We have all the people of earth compressed into a grain of sand sitting on planet Earth, which is a pretty huge place.

Now we have to take the entire planet and compress it.  This would take some serious energy expenditure, but let us imagine it could be done. Voila! The earth and humanity are now compressed together into a piece of matter the size of a grain of sand, but the amazing thing is the mass is still there. Lifting that grain of sand would be like Atlas lifting the Earth.

Even though we have now accomplished the impossible we are just getting started. Now we need to compress the planets in our solar system.  We might as well start with Jupiter.  Wow, we are in for some serious compression here for Jupiter is 1330 times the volume of the earth and 318 times as heavy and that’s not counting its many moons.

Let us now compress Jupiter and its moons. Uuugggh.  What a job.  It is now the size of a grain of sand.  Now we move on to Saturn, Neptune and Uranus which are also much larger than Earth.  We do the impossible and compress them.  Finally we move on to Mercury, Venus, Mars, the asteroids, Pluto and the rest of the dwarf planets and compress them.

Now we have that done we tackle the sun, which has more mass than all the planets put together, somewhere around the mass of 1,000,000 Earths. To reduce this to the size of a grain of sand is a real miracle, but somehow we do it.

We still have the other stars to reduce.  Let us start with a big one, the Eta Carinae system.  We have our work cut out for us, for this sun is 250 times the size of our sun and a million times as bright. Imagine, though, we get the job done and it is compressed to the size of a grain of sand.

Hold on, we are just getting started.  There are around 300 billion suns, just in our galaxy and 100 billion known galaxies and who knows how many unknown. Now really strain your imagination and see each of these stars reduced to the size of a grain of sand and gathered together into one place.

What do we have before us?  Amazingly we have more sand than would fit in all the beaches and deserts on the whole of planet Earth. In fact, there would be enough sand for five or more planet Earths.

That is one heck of a lot of sand.

We still have our work cut out for us.  Now we have to take these trillions of grains and compress them to one individual grain. Okay, really stretch your imagination here. There, it is done.  The whole known universe is now reduced to a single grain of sand.

So… have we reproduced the original singularity that Big Bang theory tells us originated the universe?  Not really. Believe it or not, we still have a long way to go. The grain of sand is still much larger than the singularity.

Let’s get to work and compress more, but the mass of the universe is so huge this is getting difficult. Grunt, grunt, there, the grain of sand is reduced to a piece of dust. Is that the right size now?

No. Still a long way to go. The Singularity is smaller than an atom and do you know how many atoms there are in a speck of dust?

About four times as many as there are stars in the entire known universe.


So now imagine these trillions of atoms being compressed into the size of one atom.  How far away are we now from the size of the Singularity? Are we are now getting close?

Some say yes, some say no, but most say it was as small or smaller than an atom.

If you think of what we have done so far is fantastic, now consider this.

Take away the factor of some intelligence like us doing the work and imagine that all by itself this tiny Singularity, for some reason that defies explanation and imagination, just explodes and creates the whole universe with you and me in it.

The amazing thing is that scientists are not using their wild imaginations in visualizing this, but say it really happened.

So which is the wilder thought?

(1) The singularity as small as an atom exploded for no understandable reason and created all there is, or,

(2) Some type of Intelligence made it all happen.

Putting it this way doesn’t make Intelligent Design seem too difficult to believe, does it?

Hopefully, this dialog prepares the reader’s mind to consider something new.  Here it is.

Science is correct that the universe began with a Singularity which was an infinitesimally small point, but the point was smaller and much different than any of them supposed.

The point was not one of unbelievable condensed matter, but a point of pure Intelligence.  The matter that created the universe did not yet exist except in the mind of this Intelligence, for the current matter of the universe is not created from anything that is solid, as evidenced from the fact that regardless of how small we go into matter, solid mass cannot be found. All that can be found for sure are wavelengths.

And of what are the wavelengths composed?  If they are not composed of anything solid then what creates them?

Answer:  Thought.

And what originates the thought?


And where did the Intelligence come from?

The interplay of opposites.

This interplay and Intelligence co-exist and have always been.

Intelligence created matter out of Itself, and thus we have Intelligence within matter all throughout the universe.  This Intelligence moves the evolution of all things forward toward an end unimaginable to us at this time.

“There is no such thing as intelligence in matter,” says the skeptic.

To this we respond: “Are you intelligent?”

He answers, “Yes, of course.”

“Do you exist in matter, of which your body is composed, or are you some phantom?”

He has no intelligent response.

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Keys Posts 2012, Part 12

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May 26, 2012

Great Mystery to New Member

Brian I’ve seen the terms evidence confused with ‘proof’. Evidence is anything USED to demonstrate the truth of an assertion. Evidence is NOT proof of the truth of the assertion unless it is SUFFICIENT in accordance with an accepted quantitative standard.

JJ Welcome to the group Brian.

Technically one could say there is only proof of one thing and that is Descartes’ statement, “I think, therefore, I Am.” You could even be dreaming that you are at the computer reading this. Maybe you are really a green-eyed monster dreaming about living as a human on planet earth.

Generally, we accept something as proof if there is a very high probability that it is true. For instance, funding an iPad in a forest presents such strong evidence that the device was not created by elements of the forest, but designed and left by some intelligence. One would accept such a premise as proof, not worth even debating.

DNA is more complex than the IPad and it is amazing that this is not considered proof of design, but even more amazing is that some do not even consider it evidence, let alone, reasonable evidence.

It will be fun, when we pass over, to watch atheists after they die and discover themselves still alive in an astral body in the spirit world. Then they will encounter spiritual scientists that work on stimulating our evolution and it will become obvious that the complexity of life didn’t happen by chance but the improvement through greater complexity happens by design just as an improvement in Microsoft Word has to happen by design.

When they see how things are put together through intelligent design they will feel like whacking themselves on the side of the head and saying, “Why couldn’t I have seen this when I was on earth?” He will indeed be amazed by his previous ignorance. He’ll feel like the guy that finds an iPad in a Forest who thought the forest made it and then discovers the obvious truth.

I might point out that my blog on The Majority Speaks is for the general public and not meant to bring much enlightenment to this group – except to give them tools in dealing with others.

This group takes a number of items for granted as a foundation for what is discussed. Among them are:

(1) There is a God or Higher Intelligence. (2) There are higher lives with higher intelligence than generally acknowledged by humans. (3) Death is not the end, neither is it the beginning to our existence. (4) Our consciousness can contact soul energy which is the bridge between spirit and matter and access true principles. (5) The spirit/soul within us can recognize truth and if we tune into it we will experience the ultimate proof/evidence.

Concepts that fall within these five categories are generally discussed, not as to whether or not they are true, but in the direction of seeking greater understanding on them. On the other hand, nothing is off limits if it is of interest to the group.

Brian Some have argued that only an intelligent creator could create intelligent beings. Again, what definition of intelligent are we accepting for this analysis?

JJ I would say intelligence is that which is capable of creating complex order that is not random.

Brian: All but abstract thought can be explained by evolution.

JJ But the question is not based on evolution or no evolution, but whether evolution takes place because it is guided by higher intelligence – just as computer programs evolve because they are improved through intelligent effort.

Brian I think the strongest evidence of the existence of a God or intelligent creator is what I believe to be the innate moral compass. Quoting Sam Harris (The Moral Landscape): “… people who draw their worldview from religion generally believe that moral truth exists, but only because God has woven it into the very fabric of reality; while those who lack such faith tend to think that notions of “good” and “evil” must be the product of evolutionary pressure and cultural intervention.”

JJ I wouldn’t consider a moral compass to be powerful evidence that there is a God or Higher Intelligence. Any sense of morality you want could be programmed into a computer program using current technology. I would say that a living cell and the DNA is many times more powerful evidence.

In addition to this the basic morality of the atheist and believer is very similar. Both generally believe we should not murder, steal, lie, rape, plunder etc.

Brian: While all of these factors, admittedly, influence human values there is empirical evidence that that the brain has an innate ability to recognize right from wrong and trigger responses to the body. If a human was isolated from the above influences and kept in a sterile environment for years, receiving nutritional sustenance, his response to a posed moral dilemma would mirror most of civilized society. Science has identified hormones known as vasopressin and oxytocin, considered to be stress regulators. The brain signals the body to produce levels appropriate to respond to the impulse presented to the body.

JJ Everything manifesting in the physical body are the result of designs first made in the world of Spirit.

If one says Microsoft Word has a spell checker and explains how words get spelled correctly he would be far from the full explanation. The much fuller explanation is that the spell corrector was intelligently designed and added to Word. This is the real reason spelling is corrected by the program.

Brian: Guilt isn’t something learned (although one often hears about it). Guilt is an emotion from within!

JJ I have written a lot about guilt and illusions around it. If you do a Google search in the archives on the word you’ll find a plethora of material.

Guilt is learned and can be unleared. All the guilt I have felt in my life was learned and I unlearned it and have not had a twinge of guilt in decades. If I make a mistake I now just see it as a mistake that needs corrected. If I hurt someone I will feel bad about it but not guilty. Guilt has no reason behind it. One can be made to feel guilty about eating peas or drinking coffee – as in the Mormon church.

Brian; I’ve also seen some discussion here about the ‘special’ status of humans in the mind of God. (I’m paraphrasing)Well let me try to look at that another way: What if this (meaning this human life) is the reward for prior existence or prior deeds?

JJ Just about all members here believe in reincarnation and believe that the situation we are in now was influenced by past lives. Brian: What if the senses are the ultimate gift?

JJ Our senses are indeed important. The inner connection with Spirit is perhaps even more important.

Again, welcome to the group and hope you have a good time here.


May 26, 2012


Dan: What is the defining difference between “feeling bad” and “feeling guilty” in this context?

JJ Sin comes from a Greek word meaning “to miss the mark.” When the ancient Greeks shot an arrow at a target and missed they said they sinned. When they missed the target they felt bad but they didn’t feel guilty and unworthy to try again.

Unlike the original meaning, when the religious person “sins’ he not only feels bad he missed the mark but adds the dimension of guilt where he feels unworthy to try again until a period of self loathing has passed and the feeling of guilt has lowered in intensity.

He who is without guilt can make a mistake and get right back in the game without the drawback of the self loathing feeling holding him back. Without guilt your feelings are governed by the reasoning mind.


May 28, 2012

The Body of God

Brian: I think the modern man also has greater faith in the intuitive realm. What I have difficulty with is ‘the order’ of things JJ mentions. For example, an intelligent God, “beyond time and space” is completely inconsistent with my concept of order. When humans reference the universe I think most of us mean ‘everything, everywhere’. (including God if one believes). So, how could there be something that is NOT EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE? If there’s something that’s external to EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE then, at the very least universe means something else.

JJ Your thinking is correct here. I have never said that God was not everywhere. Since the universe is created from the mind of God then God has to be present in it. The Life of God incarnates into the universe itself. The physical body of God is the universe.

However when the universe folds up then the body of the universe decays just as our dead physical bodies do. When matter as we know it no longer exists then there are no physical bodies for God or man to incarnate into.

When the universe is in existence then God incarnates into time and space. When the Universe folds up then God along with you and me live in formlessness apart from time and space. There is no time and space because time and space are not measured during pralaya. Time and space can only exist when there is measurement. However, time and space still exists as an idea. This idea is like an eternal seed that grows again and a new universe is born.

In the higher planes such as the atmic and beyond time and space exists as an idea but is not measured as happens here. Even so, the physical world, which is incarnated in time and space, exists along side the atmic plane. The Life of God exists in all the planes and is present through the entire universe. It is not separate from the universe.

Brian: The energy changes matter, within this universe, but NEVER changes the mass of this universe. JJ Mass does change. When energy is released a small amount of matter is changed to pure energy. For instance, the bomb at Hiroshima converted a couple grams of matter into pure energy that had no measureable mass.

Brian Ultimately, it is that “feeling” that “intuition” of which you speak, that allows me to KNOW there is something greater, HERE, NOW, part of EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE!

JJ Right on.


May 29, 2012

Examining the Great Mystery

JJ Quote: “But the question is not based on evolution or no evolution, but whether evolution takes place because it is guided by higher intelligence – just as computer programs evolve because they are improved through intelligent effort”

Johann You seem to think that there was no beginning or end to evolution, of either ourselves or God and God has to improve upon his own intelligence through becoming in and through form. There has to be a starting point of that evolution just as there was a starting point to the evolution of computers or when you are building a city or a house.

JJ There is a starting point to any individual creation and every cycle but there was never a starting point to creation itself or to cycles, neither was thee a starting point for the process of evolution. There is a starting point for each round of evolution.

As you say, there is a starting point for building a house but there is no starting point for life, which is eternal, in building or creating all kinds of things.

Johann: You state that there is no end or beginning to beginnings and endings. So you begin and finish putting in the windows before the walls are up. Or in other words, God was always super intelligent.

JJ Putting in the windows before the walls are up has nothing to do with anything I have taught. I have never advised anyone to work in this direction neither have I said God does.

This creation which God (of which we are a part) is in is just one of many from the past. This universe is a different challenge from any which was created before it and, no, He doesn’t yet consider Himself super intelligent in dealing with it. He is learning how to bring it to perfection. In creations of the past He evolved to what we consider super intelligence in dealing with his creations, but in this one He is learning and becoming.

Johann He must at some point been much dumber than your average rock and had to work himself up to the point he is now.

JJ It took a lot of intelligence on the part of God to create the first rock and there is tremendous intelligence built into it.

When this universe began, all of us along with God started as newly incarnated babes to learn from trial and error. As we learned a lot in past lives and bring with us earned intelligence from them even so the Life of God learned from past creations and brings His native intelligence to this one.

Johann But not according to your model for there is no beginning or end to the creator or to concrete beginnings and endings. Do I have to spell it out any further? This makes no sense at all. As I said, a proposition that does not make any sense and neither does the alternative, that there was a beginning or end to it.

JJ You say that no beginning and end makes no sense and neither does a beginning and an end. The trouble is you have to pick one because they both cannot be true. Either a thing is endless or it is not.

Everything that has form has a beginning and an end to that form. On the other hand, there is no beginning and end to the creation of form and here is why.

Let us suppose there was a beginning to the creative process. This would mean there was a beginning to cause and effect which is behind all creation. If there was a beginning to cause and effect this means that before the beginning there was no cause and effect.

As long as there exists anything at all in the universe there is cause and effect.

If there was at one time no cause and effect then nothing would have existed – no life or intelligence or matter – nothing.

If nothing existed and there was no cause and effect then this universe could have never been. We would not be here.

But… We are here.

Therefore, there was no beginning to cause and effect and creation. – though each creation has a beginning and an end to its form.

This universe is just one of an unlimited number of possibilities. It is built on a foundation of seven rays. The Life of God can create future universes on all kinds of different numbers and forms and go on forever without creating the same thing twice.

You are asking me to explain the greatest mystery there is, and it indeed boggles the mind to contemplate it but we can get a handle on some, but not all things.

Hope this helps.


May 30, 2012

Conspiracy Theory

Some conspiracy theories are quite credible. Check this out.


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Keys Posts 2012, Part 11

This entry is part 24 of 40 in the series 2012A

May 24, 2012

The Greatest Mystery

There seems to be some questions about my statement that there is no such thing as a first cause. Let me say a few words and then if there are additional questions feel free to ask.

First let me again state that I do not expect anyone to believe what I write just because I say it. Do not accept anything unless it feels right to your own soul and mind.

The beginning or no beginning to existence is perhaps the greatest mystery there is but logic and intuition can take us to certain realizations.

Some say there was a first cause. Let us go with this and see where it takes us.

If there was a first cause this means that before the first cause happened there was no cause. If there was no cause then there was no effect either. If there was no cause and no effect anywhere then there was nothing everywhere for something has to exist where there is cause and effect. Without cause and effect nothing exists.

If nothing exists and there is no cause then there can be no effect of creation for creation demands a cause.

If there ever was a time that there was no cause and effect and no creation then it would be impossible for us to be here today. Nothing cannot create something.

Because of the very fact that we are here we can deduce that cause and effect have always been.

All that which has form has a beginning and an end to that form. Someday the universe will fold up and return to its essence but it will not return to nothingness or a state of no cause. Cause and effect will still exist and will create another universe after a period of pralaya.

Johann wants to know how something can exist beyond time and space.

An idea exists beyond time and space. An idea never had a beginning nor will it have an end nor does its essence occupy space or have a form. An idea incarnates into form. You are an idea in the mind of God.

The fifth plane up is the atmic, the plane where ideas are accessed. It has no time and space as we understand them. Time and space co-exist with this plane but are not a part of it. When an idea is not in physical form then it dwells apart from time but when it manifests in form it is subject to time and space.

Dennis asks: Is it then possible to say that “We” all humans are that God who started the whole creation? Therefore, the universe will never fold up again and have to start over????

JJ We are a part of the body of God that created all things but where there is a beginning there will be an end. There is no end to beginnings and endings, however.

Kelly asks: Does God retrieve lessons, does he seek further wisdom? How to do better next time? This cycle around, which lesson or what point of evolution does God seek to attain? I imagine every level has a theme.

JJ Yes, God seeks to progress. The best way to get hints as to what God wants to accomplish is to look within ourselves at what we want to accomplish – for we are in the image of God.

I would say that one of the main goals for God and man is the enhancement of the quality of relationships of one life toward another. God, the whole, wants to get closer to the parts, you and me.

There’s more of course, but this is food for thought.


May 25, 2012

Hints on Creation

Concerning that which gives rise to existence there are some good hints in the Immortal books. I’ll repeat them here.

John sipped his coffee, “My time is short so we need to get on with our lesson. Have you discovered who or what you are yet?”

“I think I have either found the truth or am close to it,” I said, leaning toward John. “When scientists examine matter they say that they cannot find proof that solid particles exist. All they can seem to find on the smallest level is wavelengths in motion. If all these wavelengths were to be stilled, the universe would virtually disappear. If the motion of the wavelengths that make me would be stilled, then I would probably cease to exist. Therefore, the real me has to be motion or action of some kind.”

“That’s very good,” said John. “Coming to this point is a milestone, but you are not there yet. Answer me this: What is it that is in motion and what is the force creating the motion?”

I thought a moment. “If there is no such thing as solid matter then nothing is in motion, if that is possible. I guess the force propelling the wavelengths is pure energy.”

“But,” said John, “if there is no solid matter, then nothing is in motion, as you say. Therefore, does it not stand to reason that energy is not required for motion since nothing is really in motion?”

“Maybe I was right after all,” Elizabeth chuckled. “I said half joking that we were nothing and perhaps I was right.”

“As far as the material plane goes, you are correct,” said John. “But from the greater reality you are a great something. That something which creates all motion in the universe is the great mystery. Energy is not the answer because in reality there is really nothing solid in motion.

“Now I will give you two major hints. First, in my hand I have a pen. Now I will take this pen and throw it on that sofa over there.”

John threw the pen on the sofa.

“Now, what made that pen fly over to the sofa?”

“Obviously you did,” I said

“And who or what am I? And don’t say John.”

“So the real you threw that pen?”

“Yes. That which is the real me made the pen move. This is the first major hint. The second one is a parable.

(Then in Book Two we have ban account of a dialog with Wayne on decision.)

“OK,” I said. “Let’s shift gears and talk of more pleasant things. I think I finally have the answer to WHO OR WHAT AM I?”

“So, you think you’ve come up with something better than all the great philosophers including Descartes?” I was amazed to see Wayne’s countenance change from agitation to one of calmness almost instantly. He loves to talk about philosophy or anything that requires thought and analysis, and seems to go into a different mode whenever he is engaged. Whenever he enters what I call his “thoughtful mode,” he appears to be much more wise than he seems to be in his general, everyday life. I would venture to guess that many of his own family are unaware of this thoughtful mode I had come to appreciate.

“At the risk of sounding like a giant ego, I do think I may have something that has eluded the philosophers of the past,” I replied, wishing I could tell Wayne about John. I made a mental note to ask John if the time was right to tell others besides my wife about him.

“Well, I’ve known a lot of big egos that I don’t think you could compete with,” he said.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” I said. “Descartes reduced our essence down to thought, but we already concluded that our minds are really just vehicles that are used by our real essence. Then we concluded that consciousness was above thought and finally that motion or action may be behind consciousness. But the key to it all is that which produces action. There is a power in us that is behind all motion that we initiate. What would you say that is?”

“I would say thought, but we’ve already covered that ground so I would guess you have something else for me,” Wayne said dryly.

“Some actions follow a thinking process, but many others do not. We have numerous, thoughtless actions, but all motion is the result of one great inner power we have. Here … I’ll demonstrate it to you.” I picked up a glass of water and moved it several inches. Now, what made this glass move?”

“I think it was you,” Wayne smiled.

“Of course, it was me,” I said, “but what was it within me that caused the glass to move?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “You just decided to move the glass for some reason.”

“That’s it!” I said. “I can’t believe you just got it off the cuff like that.”

“What’s it?” asked Wayne. “All I said was that you decided to move the glass. I wouldn’t say that that is a profound statement.”

“But it is profound,” I insisted. “You just said the key word.”

“Key word … What key word?”

“‘Decide!’ ‘Decision’ is the key word as to what we are. We are decision. Every action that takes place is preceded by a deciding intelligence of some kind. I am an intelligence who just moved the glass because I decided to. A decider may use thought and emotion, but thought and emotion alone do not create motion. Thought and feeling with no decision is powerless.”

“That’s all well and good,” said Wayne. “I can see we are the results of our decisions, but to say we are decision would not be technically correct.”

“But somehow it is, Wayne. In some way, the very power within us that makes decisions is what we are. Let’s say you are deciding between bacon and eggs or pancakes when you have an equal desire for the two. Let your power of decision fluctuate between the two and you can feel that which is the real you, the power of decision at work.”

“It won’t work for me, I’d choose bacon and eggs over pancakes any day,” Wayne quipped.

“Very funny. But you know what I mean. You have two things of equal desire and let your attention shift back and forth — you can feel the inner power, the power that actually puts things in motion.”

“Where are you getting this stuff?” Wayne asked, looking at me with deliberation. “Where’s the old Joe who just wanted to know simple things like when time began or where God came from?”

“I’m the same guy. Just had a little change of direction.”

“O-kay…” He reflected a moment leaning on his elbow. “I have a feeling you want to use my incredible mind-power to delve further here. Let’s see what you’ve got here.”

“You’re right. I thought maybe by putting our brains together, we could take this a step further. Humor me a moment and assume that we are more than the results of our decisions, but somehow we are decision or the power of decision itself. If you knew this was a true statement, what would it mean to you?”

“Hmmm,” reflected Wayne. “I’ve thought of myself as being thought, feeling, love, consciousness and even a part of God, but this is a new one. I am decision,” Wayne mumbled to himself. He closed his eyes. “I am decision … I am decision,” he repeated. “I like it,” he said, opening his eyes widely. “It feels good. Isn’t that close to what you said was the Hebrew reading of what God said to Moses? Didn’t He tell Moses he was deciding, or something like that?”

When Wayne said that, a light turned on in my head. “Wayne, you’re a genius, I tell you. A genius!”

“Why, of course I am,” he smiled, flattered. “Now tell me why so I can brag about it.”

“What God said to Moses was a major hint. Moses asked God what His name was, and back in those days the name of a person revealed what was supposed to be their essence or true nature. So Moses was probably expecting something that described the typical human version of God. He probably would have been satisfied if God had told him that His name was THE HIGH AND MIGHTY ONE or THE ONE WHO HAS ALL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM or something like that. The interesting thing is that God did not give Moses any regular name. Instead He basically said ‘I AM BECOMING THAT WHICH I DECIDE TO BECOME.’ He was telling Moses He was decision, and that He couldn’t give him any regular name because, as decision, He could decide to be different tomorrow than He is today. Because God makes different decisions about how He will manifest, He cannot give any name that will apply in all time periods, except for something like THE ETERNAL, which is what Moses finally decided to call Him.”

“Very interesting. Glad I could help,” said Wayne, looking pleased with himself.

“That’s not all,” I said, leaning closer. “Look at how God has manifested through the ages. In ancient times there were supposed to be many gods. Then in the days of Moses there was just one powerful god of vengeance. Later, in the days of Jesus, God was called Love.”

“And that’s just the Christian God,” Wayne added. “Suppose all the major religions are part of the plan of God. If this theory of yours is correct, then God has decided to manifest a little differently through each one. Perhaps He has many different identities in different places and ages.”

“And that would make sense,” I said, “because each different civilization or body of people might have to be presented with an interpretation of God which is comfortable with their belief system before they could accept any new and different teachings. The funny thing is, it may be the same God manifesting as He decides to manifest, and this decision would be according to the circumstances of the people.”

“Looks like we have the whole mystery of existence thing sewed up here,” said Wayne. “The only trouble is, what are we going to tackle next?”

“There is a step further we can go here,” I ventured. “Remember when we talked about the idea that we may be gods?”


“We have just discovered a similarity between the description of the God of Moses and us mere mortals. Somehow we are both decision, or decision is somehow our highest essence.”

“So, do you think this is the end of your strange quest to discover who or what we are?” asked Wayne.

“I’m not sure,” I shrugged. “This talk with you has been very helpful, that’s for sure, but I think there may be more to understand.”

“I can think of things already,” said Wayne. “Like, what was the first decision? Was there a time when decision did not exist? If there was such a time, then there was a time you did not exist or maybe God did not exist … A guy could go crazy thinking of these things. Maybe we ought to switch to politics for a while.”

With that statement Wayne changed the course of the conversation to more mundane topics, but my mind was only partially present. I couldn’t help but reflect constantly on the idea that God becomes who He decides to become, and perhaps so do I. Do we obtain the power of God by magnifying our power of decision? I wondered to myself. Somehow, I sensed that mankind had only a primitive understanding of what decision is and how it can be used.


May 25, 2012


Looks like the Dark Brothers realize that the seas are one of the last hopes for the Lights to create new free societies and are doing their darnedest to stop such enterprises through control and regulation. The Law of the Sea Treaty is alive and well. Click Here


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Maximum Freewill

This entry is part 33 of 50 in the series 2011A

If anyone can bring up a provocative question, it is you Rob.  And as far as the answers go I am very impressed by the intelligence illustrated in the responding posts. We indeed have some quality people here.

Okay, let’s look at your question.

“Your post only seems to reinforce the idea that we don’t have a free will.

“When it comes to spiritual progression, the only choice we have is how fast or slow we will traverse The Path. But we are FORCED to traverse it. Sure, we can stand still, become a dark brother, be recycled, waste untold billions of years of opportunity, but ultimately we are put back to square one where the only choice is to progress. Kind of like that childrens’ game Snakes & Ladders.

“God also setup the parameters of this universe, using pain & pleasure to bumper us along. When we step off the path we experence increasing pain, and increasing pleasure when progress along the path. This is indistinguishable from cohercion.

“The truth is supposed to bring with it joy. But the idea that God forces us to do something, even in the tiniest measure, leaves me feeling flat, nevermind it being completely at odds with how you teach God & the White Brotherhood are supposed to operate.

“How does one reconcile the concept of free will with what sounds like coerced progression?”


First let me clarify that there is no absolute free will in any organized system.  Let us look at the creations of humanity who are reflections of God.

Throughout history and around the world we have created various civilizations and always within the framework of laws that have manifest freewill has been restricted in a number of areas.

Every civilization had attempted to restrict the individual’s freewill do harm to others and forbid such things as murder, rape, kidnapping and theft.  The goal is not absolute free will but maximum free will.  To achieve this we must limit the power of obnoxious people to do harm to others and take away their free will.

If anarchy is attempted to achieve absolute freewill then mobs of harmful people will take away the freewill of the whole.

Point 1.  The goal is not absolute freewill, but the maximum freewill possible within any desired organization.

I believe you are in error in thinking that God just conjured up all the laws of the universe and then created or put everything together.  Instead, He figured out the basic idea of what He wanted to create and certain natural laws began to manifest during creation.

The key to understanding is to realize that natural law is different from civil law.

Civil law can tell us the speed limit is 35 MPH, but does that mean that we cannot go 40 MPH?  No.  We can go 50 MPH if we decide.

On the other hand, we have a naturally occurring law of gravity where objects fall at an acceleration of 32.2 feet per second.  Can we jump off a cliff and just decide to change this to 2 feet per second so we will not get hurt?

No.  We cannot violate this law as we can with the civil speeding law – instead we must work with the law.

Man’s law tells us we cannot steal another person’s goods, but people violate this all the time.

On the other hand, when you turn on a flashlight the light speeds forth at 186,000 miles per second (relative to you) and there is nothing you can do to change that speed as it goes through space.

Unlike the laws that man makes that can be violated, natural law is set and we just have to work with it.

The foundation of natural law is the Law of Cause and Effect, which cannot be altered.  Intelligence can direct cause but the interplay of cause producing effect just is and always will be. God did not create cause and effect but it just is and is the engine that powers the life of God as well as our lives.  Without cause and effect there would be no God and no us.  We are all co-eternal and interdependent.  When the power of decision is applied to cause and effect then life as we know it manifests.

Point 2  Natural Law just is and is not created but is an aspect of cause and effect.  All intelligence must work with natural law.

As intelligences from God on down find themselves in this universe governed by natural law we find ourselves forced to confront the decision to work with the laws manifest and make the best of the situation and progress toward greater freedom and joyousness or to go backward toward chaos and non existence.  I find it odd that you feel free will is infringed upon by the fact that all people eventually chose the path that brings the greatest fulfillment.

What is the alternative?

It would be to force us in the opposite direction toward non existence.

To not force us will result always in all lives eventually choosing the path of greatest fulfillment..  The choice of this path is the result of free will, not taking it away.

Let us suppose our government discovered a mountain of gold and had all the money it needed and then told us, “You do not have to pay taxes this year if you do not want to.”

If no one paid their taxes does this mean their free will is violated because they all chose the same thing?

It is a natural law that all lives everywhere will eventually make choices that further their sense of joy and fulfillment.

Instead of taking away free will this law can only operate through free will.  Without free will we will go toward death and disintegration.

Point 3.  Natural Law, which was not created by God but by cause and effect, which creates the very life of God, does not negate free will but allows for the maximum free will possible. Free will, will always choose the good the beautiful and the true in the end.

Intelligence created the same hydrogen atoms at one end of the universe as the other for the foundation of matter.  This is because intelligence everywhere discovered that this is the foundation that must exist if a universe such as ours is to be.  This happened because of freewill, not because it does not exist.
Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 1

The Molecular Relationship

J J Dewey

Published by
Great AD-Ventures
P. O. Box 8011
Boise, Idaho 83707

Copyright 1988, 2003
All Rights Reserved



There was a beginning to time, but no beginning to God for God created time from a point that knows not time. From eternity the Father/Mother/It existed as a point of life with no form, hence no time, no space, no motion, and no mass. It becomes the He/She/It who is eternally reflected as a circle around the point. The circle around the point is the Eternal Son/Daughter and the interplay of the two is the Holy Ghost. The beginning of visible creation is male because all things seen are in a state of radiation and is polarized in the male. All things unseen, which create the magnetic energy of the universe, and holds all things together, is female. The seen and the unseen are the two great poles of the Creative God.

In the beginning, before there existed manifested form in time, there was only God, and God was a point of life. There was no form, hence no time, no space, no motion, and no mass. Therefore, the point of life which was God filled all space since there was no space, and was smaller than anything because there was nothing. Without form, all dimensions are meaningless, but in this world without form, there was only the One Life, or the One God. There was nothing else.

The Father/Mother God or the Originating Decision, then reflected Itself as the Son/Daughter. Thus we had the first atom, or Adam, which was the point in the center, the originating God circled about by the prime creation.

Because spiritual creation was produced outside of time and space it is eternal and all embryonic lives are eternal. From our point of view all creation has always been and will always be. The word creation is not an accurate word to describe spiritual manifestation because the word implies a beginning and an end. Since the origin of all creation exists outside of time and space there is no beginning and end to these things.

Manifestation is perhaps more descriptive from our limited point of view than creation. The universe manifested on a spiritual level and levels of manifestation can appear at points in time and space, yet manifestation itself, including you and I, had no beginning. Manifestation just is, but becomes and evolves in time and space in various octaves.

In order for the ONE to manifest, It had to become the MANY. To manifest, the ONE Decision reflected Itself from the Prime Cause. Because the Prime Cause is infinite, the reflection was infinite; and infinite points of Decision filled and created all space. Each point was in the image of the ONE and had all the potential of the ONE. In other words, each point was a Son of the ONE or a Son of God.

All there is existed and still exists within this Point of Life, for It dwells in Eternity, or the Eternal Now, for all things are present before It. There is no past or future for the Life, but only Now. It sees beginnings and endings as Now, just as we can see the beginning and end to a line we draw. We can see the whole line with its millions of possible sections in one glance.

The infinite reflections had relationship between one another because they were all One in origin. This relationship is called Purpose and Purpose began to vibrate and this vibration creates the universal wavelength that manifests all things.

At the same non time that Purpose was created the vibration of Light and Love was manifest within the originating wavelength.

Light and Love and Purpose exist for eternity beyond time in the Eternal Now.

If we substitute a picture for this Eternal Now we can visualize timeless creation. Assuming the left side of a picture is the beginning and the right side the end, we can see the beginning and end with one glance; so does the Life see all things in creation – past, present, and future – all at one glance and knows the end from the beginning. It, however, sees time and space constantly changing to fit that end, but even the changes between beginning and end are, before It’s eyes, seen as Now.

The Life is like a creative artist with one great paintbrush in It’s hand, and with that paintbrush all that is, is made manifest. The hand which holds the paintbrush is that energy we call Purpose. Without Purpose, there would be no creation, for Purpose is behind all there is. It is the motivating Power of God.

From the beginning of creation then, there is eternally projected the Ray of Purpose. Purpose has no beginning because the Life that projects it has no beginning; thus, it has no end. Purpose is like a single endless line, or spiral, and because it is endless, it penetrates all things. When Purpose decides to paint pictures, it projects vibration and thus creates the wavelength. The top of the wavelength is called Love and the bottom is called Light, but Purpose is always there existing unseen between the two. It is the motivating Power.

The creative hand is Purpose, the paintbrush is Love, and the beautiful colored paints are Light. These three form the Trinity of God, projected by the One Life and are the powers behind all creation.

These powers are symbolized by the following diagram:

From Decision/Life is projected the supreme energy of Purpose. In the scriptures, this energy is represented by God the Father, the Most High God.

When Purpose vibrates with the objective of creating divine art, or manifest form, then the illusion of two separate energies is created. These energies, or aspects, are Love and Light, and are not separate from Purpose any more than Purpose is separate from Life. Purpose, Love, and Light are three Aspects of the One Life. They are one energy, but appear to be three energies. They are the One in Three, and the Three in One. They are the energies of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

One of the best illustrations of this is the guitar string. When it is stationary there is before you only one string, but as soon as you pluck it there is immediately produced the illusion of three strings. There appears to be three strings until the vibration ends. Then we see one string again.

So it is with creation. There appears to be three energies as long as the one energy of manifestation is vibrating, but creation is based upon the illusion of the three. In reality there is only one. While manifest creation is in existence in time and space the Trinity will be real to us, but when the vibration that creates all things is stilled then all the universe will go back to its source: The One Great Life who is God, or the Singularity as it is was called by Stephen Hawking.

Notice that the line of energy that produces Love and Light is a single emission. It is only the fluctuation of that one energy on both sides of Purpose that creates the illusion of Two, or the great illusion of Duality.

Even though the appearance of the Trinity of strings is an illusion that does not negate its value. Quite the contrary, for without this Trinity it would be impossible to create any rhythm or melodies and the guitar would be able to fulfill no useful function except to stand silent in the closet.

Even so can we thank the One Great Life for reflecting Itself and creating motion, or vibration, so the Music of the Spheres, and All There Is made manifest so the various parts of God can know themselves and each other.

There are seven worlds created in our reality from the universal wavelength. The highest four do not have form as we know it, but from a higher point of view all that is produced by wavelengths is still form. The lower three create the three worlds of form as is registered by the consciousness of man.

The original wavelength is of such a high frequency that it is beyond our conception. This produces the highest spiritual world called the “divine” in esoteric writings. However, the creation of the second world down in vibration is a great mystery, yet at the same time simple. It is created by the vibration of the original wavelength. The general idea (but not perfect) is as follows:

This has the interesting effect of creating a secondary wavelength seven times larger than the first. It helps to visualize it if we draw a line through it to see the wavelength of the second world.

The finer wavelength we see above creates the Divine World, but the larger one creates the second energy world called the Monadic. Within the Monadic we see there are seven smaller wavelengths of the Divine Plane also creating seven subplanes of the Monadic Plane.

The interesting thing to consider here is that both worlds are created from the same wavelength. There only appears to be more than one. Then the original wavelength which appears to be three energies is created from one energy.

Now this process repeats itself over again and another wavelength is created seven times as large. This creates the third world, the Spiritual, or Atmic Plane. We do not have room to diagram all three wavelengths co-existing. We see in the above diagram a wavelength riding upon another wavelength. To visualize three worlds you must see a wavelength riding on a wavelength which is riding upon another wavelength.

This process does not stop here. The third wavelength vibrates and creates the fourth world of the Buddhic Plane, or intuitional energy.

This process is repeated and the Mental Plane is created. Then the Mental Plane vibrates and creates the Astral. Finally, the Astral vibrates and creates the physical.

This explains a great mystery, the reason we cannot, with present scientific knowledge, detect the higher worlds. The wavelengths which create the higher worlds are hidden within the wavelengths of our own. Who has ever considered that the wavelengths that create our world are made of smaller wavelengths?

Many world thinkers have taught that all is vibration and there are an infinite variety of them, but what is a new thought here is that the vibration is made from vibration is made from vibration… The vibrations within vibrations are the unseen worlds. This hides them so well that it is difficult to prove their existence without understanding this principle.

The understanding of this principle is the key to creation as employed by Masters and Gods of legends past. After passing through the spiritual worlds an idea is formulated in the mind. When it is clearly visualized it exists in the mental vibrations. The mental vibrations are shaken by the power of Purpose and the thought becomes clothed in Astral or emotional matter. The wavelengths of the Astral are too shaken with Purpose energy and physical manifestation appears.

Within each of these seven worlds exist the Seven Ray energies. They are created through a ripple effect as various wavelengths involve and evolve. The dot indicates a point in space and time where a planet, individual, or atom may find itself.

The One Wavelength further subdivides itself into infinite amounts as illustrated below:

When we consider the originating wavelength a question that may arise is which direction did it go? All the above diagrams have it going from left to right. This is not exactly correct. These illustrations are two dimensional in order to register preparatory truth upon the mind of the seeker.

In actuality, before the first wavelength there was no space or time for space and time are created out of the wavelengths. Because there was no space or time there was no direction. Therefore, the first wavelength had to go all directions at once through all the infinite reflections: up, down, front, back and sideways. In going all directions from the center the circular ball was produced. As we look through the universe at atoms, planets, stars we see circular balls which are recreations of the first wavelength. See the diagram below as a circular ball of wavelengths emanating all directions originating from the point of life in the center:

Visualize the above ball as the entire universe. This is all the physical form there is in the higher four worlds, (even though there is additional form of imagination) only wavelengths riding upon wavelengths emanating from a center point which is God. The Center point plus these four worlds, dimensions or degrees of wavelengths produce the creative mind of God. This is sometimes called the universal mind. Science has not discovered the higher wavelengths of the physical plane or any of the astral and the formless worlds are much more illusive than these.

The current creative life, the human, has within him all the wavelengths and is the soul of the universe, the mediator between God and matter.

The four energy worlds had to be created before God could even think for the very idea of thought implies that there will be space, time and form. Now there is no space, time or form, as we know it, in the four energy worlds, but in them is laid the foundation for all these possibilities.

The Universal Mind craves experience and as it contemplates in its four energy states it sees all possibilities. Each possibility is an extension of itself, created in its own image and becomes a point in the Universal Life. The greatest of these thoughts, according to our knowledge, gather wavelengths and become galaxies. The next order of thoughts gather and become suns, the next order planets, the next life forms, the next atoms, the next subatomic particles and so on down. These are the order of the greatness of the thoughts of God, but the order of creation proceeds from the small particles to the large.

Each point of life is in the image of God, for God’s thoughts reflect God. The projection of God rides on the energy of Purpose and to understand it one must take two mirrors and place one in front and one in back of yourself. Look ahead and you will see yourself projected ad infinitum. God is still One, but appears to be God the many.

By the time that the reflection of God enters the fifth world some distortion occurs so one part of God appears different from another part. As the reflection enters the astral, or sixth world, the distortion is greater still. Finally, the seventh, or physical, is entered and imperfection, or distortion reaches its greatest degree.

Here one star is different from another, as well as the planets, lives and all forms. The forms are all created by a disturbance of divine force in the higher worlds and that disturbance was caused by the Thoughts of God.

You and I are also one of the thoughts of God in the Eternal Now and as such never had a beginning and will never have an end. If we trace ourselves back to our source we will see that behind the thought of us is a point that is a reflection of God and that reflection comes directly from God. In this way we can see that we are created by God, as the religions teach, but at the same time we are Gods because we are in His image, or reflection.

Look at the ball of wavelengths again and see a point of disturbance occurring on one of the lines. This creates counter wavelengths which create other counter wavelengths and thus are forms caused to appear.

All possibilities exist within the Mind of God and they all manifest somewhere in His universe. Our job, as life forms in His image is to live out all the possibilities that we can. When we have then experienced all possibilities within our sphere, God then makes new circumstances and creations and we go on to greater possibilities. Thus it is for all eternity.

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How It Works

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The test as to whether something works, is that it works.

2  Some may argue that a certain amount of deceptive communication is necessary because “the truth hurts,” but what is not realized is that the truth only hurts when it follows a deceptive communication.

3  Every dollar invested in the first moon landing returned more money than spent because of the innovations that were discovered.

4  One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life is to keep my focus on the good and the desired goal without wavering if I wish to achieve.

5  When we ask and seek without ceasing, energy follows our thought until that which is sought is found and that which is asked for is received.

6  When a person learns to be the observer he can enjoy the ride through life no matter what is going on around him.

7  Those caught up in materialism are also caught up in mystery. The female nature is a mystery and the right use of female energy is feared and suppressed. God and creation is a mystery, money is a mystery, their lot in life is a mystery and their belief system is often based upon mysteries to which they have no reasonable explanation. And, most of all, the part played by materialism and selfishness in creating the problems and suffering in the world is a mystery. Because of these mysteries they are motivated to eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

8  All questions can be answered through the soul, but our Brothers farther up the ladder of evolution than ourselves will only give us that which we cannot obtain for ourselves.

9  If we want to enter into the presence of God, receive revelation and knowledge of principles, or the laws of God in the Ark of the Covenant, that we need not look in beautiful churches or temples. Instead we can find God in the wilderness, in the desert, in a humble abode and can find Him as we move from place to place as did the ancient Israelites.

10  Rods of Power and Initiation are held by the Solar Logos and using his Rod of Power he charges the Rod held by the Ancient of Days, the Planetary Logos, or the Father God of this Earth. In turn our own Planetary Logos charges a lesser Rod held by the Christ.

11  It is in the imposition by force of an idea of good that negates the growth of the good and nourishes the exact opposite of the desired end.

12  When we stay focused on the good and keep moving forward, following the highest we know, we eventually see that there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel.

13  If you feel inwardly called to the service of light and follow the messages received through your soul you will receive the protection necessary so you will be able to carry out your mission.

14  Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.

15  The focusing of attention draws elements toward a center producing creation. Attrition takes attention away from creation and causes the elements of a thing to dissipate and become unorganized.

16  It is in the nature of all conscious beings to dream on a regular basis. One who is deprived of the dream state becomes insane.

17  All in the universe are aided by another life of similar consciousness, but only a little further on the path. It is not in the plan for those a million miles ahead on the path to backtrack when there are plenty of helpers for all in each location.

18  The greatest fire is created by the tiniest most imperceptible spark.

19  I have not yet had God or some Master come down from his hiding place and do my work for me, nor will he do for mankind what mankind has to do for themselves.

20  In the total scheme of things evil is that which takes us toward dissolution and nothingness, and good is that which takes us toward creation and order. We thus have these two energies interplaying, one in the direction of disorder and dissolution, and the other toward order and creation.

21  Except for about one seventh of humanity on their Sabbath life, the rest of us have all the problems we can humanly handle.

22  Attention is merely focused thought and such focus becomes a magnetic center, which causes all things necessary for creation to gather.

23  If you wait around for God to do it you will be waiting forever in frustration.

24  The natural impulse behind all life is to create or have experience that is meaningful.

25  Relationship, marriage, or the union of male and female energies leads all life forms back to their Source.

26  Humanity always becomes attached to the system as it is and desires change without loss of form.

27  There are a few who underestimate themselves because of illusion and often wind up subjecting themselves to one of lower evolution than themselves.

28  When the creator pays attention to his creation an invisible magnetic power is generated that pulls together the elements necessary for success that goes beyond the power of individual action.

29  The seer will look for the trail that leads from the complex to the simple so his understanding can be complete. He sees the principles behind all things rather than all the details.

30  Most individuals who desire change usually require it of their neighbors and not themselves.

31  “He who endures to the end will be saved” means that one must work through the six periods of creation to be delivered from failure.

32  The Father/Mother God, or the Originating Decision, reflected Itself as the Son/Daughter. Thus we had the first atom, or Adam, which was the point in the center, the originating God circled about by the prime creation.

33  Remember that when you plant a seed and nourish it, nothing much happens at first. For a period of time it just sits there in silent darkness with no apparent results. But as long as the nutrition is sustained the time shortly comes that life springs forth and the seed sprouts forth its leafs through the barriers of dark and earth into the light of day.

34  We begin to win at the game of life when our ATTENTION is focused in one direction rather than scattered.

35  BEING is that state which in the East is called Pralaya. This is a state of rest between creations.

36  Even though there will always be hierarchy we will have an equality beyond which we can presently understand. Which cells in your body are the hierarchical leaders? You know not for all share an equality.

37  If you take two apples and add two additional apples you will get four apples. Let me challenge anyone to use the binary or any other system and cause any other sum to appear than four apples.

38  When it comes to details, taste and data two people in the soul can disagree, but if they are in the soul they will not be disagreeable.

39  There is no end to our learning.

40  If a thing works or if you can actually do a thing then IT IS.

41  When one looks for the good as a primary focus of discovery, he will in the process come across a number of items which stand out as obviously false. When a real falsehood is discovered then the seeker can use this fact as one of the items in his process of elimination.

42  Purpose is not an objective, goal or plan, but is that from which they all originate. It is not an energy but is that from which energy originates.

43  If a person thinks he is on the path but has no works then he only has passing interest and has not yet gotten serious about moving forward.

44  Sometimes you just have to look at what works. If you try to figure out the process first you will most likely come to the wrong conclusion.

45  The forces of evil rise to power by the force of a unified supportiveness; whereas the forces of good and liberty increase through the power of unified inclusiveness.

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Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Three T’s: Triads, Trinities & Triangles

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1.  “The Divine Trinity is, of course, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is esoterically Power, Love and, or Wisdom and Active Intelligence.”

2.  “Just as there is a Holy Trinity even so there is an unholy use of the Trinity of energies. The Trinity of the forces of retrogression works out as The Dragon (Father – Deception) The Beast (Son – unjust authority to secure the deception) and the image of the beast (Unholy Spirit) false prophet – carries out the deception by speaking the words of the Dragon).”

3.  “The lower octave of Will-Power-Purpose is Determination-Empowerment-Objective.”

4.  “To create a gathering of lights requires a people who are able to manipulate matter in all three worlds of human endeavor – mental, emotional, and physical.”

5.  “Will-Power-Purpose working together synthetically manifests the first ray which is called Power.”

6.  “Where the life of God is, there is Decision – Will – Creation.”

7.  “The explosions of knowledge, love and self discovery will unite with the Zion reaction to cause this trinity of energies to be as one, a symbol of the One God that worketh in and through all things.”

8.  “The most important principles Zion will cause to spread across the world are peace, love, and goodwill. After this will come great building energies never before witnessed.”

9.  “Overall there are three marks:  (1) The Mark of the Beast – emotional control.  (2) The Mark of Humanity – mental control.  (3) The Mark of God – soul control.”

10.  “The Trinity shifts in position as the various Rays rotate and subdivide.”

11.  “I’ve done a lot of contemplating about time and believe that the Trinity of time, past, present and future do compose a great whole, but this does not make the future the present or the past the future. The whole is like our body who has a left arm (the past) the right arm (future) and the torso (the present).”

12.  “All is created from the great Trinity of positive, negative and the originating point. From the multiplicity of this and the interplay of countless pieces of intelligent creation we have the majesty of complex creation that boggles the mind.”

13.  “In this human cycle of progression we go through three cycles of learning:  (1) The Cycle of Experience;  (2) The Cycle of Seeking; and  (3) The Cycle of Service.”

14.  “One of the reasons that the Song of the 144,000 is a powerful combination is because it expresses itself through a Trinity.”

15.  “There are at least three interpretations that apply to every inspired scripture.”

16.  “Above mind are the three higher formless planes, the Spiritual Triad, whereon the Solar Angel may be found.”

17.  “In any molecular structure that is created, we must remember that the number three is of prime importance. If we look through an electron microscope, for instance, we will always see that the atoms form numerous associations in triangular relationships. This is because the Trinity is the foundation of all life. We observe this truth consistently throughout nature.”

18.  “All things that have life or create livingness operate in triads or triangles corresponding to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; Father, Mother, Child; or Positive, Negative, Neutrality. Unless these three aspects work together there is no creation and no noticeable effect, as if there were only one hand clapping.”

19.  “Using the triplicity of the conscious, the subconscious and the will is the way to make permanent and safe change in yourself.”

20.  “Your higher self is your upper [Spiritual] Triad often called Atma-Budha-Manas. These are three higher vehicles wherein consciousness can reside. The upper Triad of the regular seeker is occupied by the Solar Angel. From this upper Triad the Solar angel seeks to guide and stimulate you.”

21.  “The causal [body] encompasses all three bodies of manifestation (mental, astral, etheric) even though its form is built using the third subplane of mental matter. This is sometimes called the soul body because it is the vehicle used by the Solar Angel in linking the lower and higher selves.”

22.  “When your consciousness then ascends to the upper [Spiritual] Triad your Solar Angel returns home and then through the [Spiritual] Triad you seek to know your true source, your Father. The conclusion of this step was spoken of by Christ when he said ‘I and my Father are one’.”

23.  “Eventually as cities of Zion spring up and interlink in triangles and sevens and twelves and pyramids of energies are formed, the whole earth will be transfigured and lighted with the glory of God.”

24.  “The body manifest [Nirmanakayas] may not be a physical body, but may be composed of the higher vibrations or ethers of the Spiritual Triad.”

25.  “These three states of consciousness [of the Spiritual Triad of Atma-Budha-Manas] of course correspond to the three prime aspects of will, love and light or Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

26.  “The true singing of the Song of the 144,000 is accomplished on three levels: the physical, emotional and mental planes, which opens the door of the spiritual.”

27.  “Where there are wavelengths there are Trinities. There is the top of the wavelength, the bottom, and the point at the center symbolized by Light and Love and Purpose.”

28.  “The creation of form, space and time is an extension of Purpose, Light and Love.”

29.  “All life, or motivating power, must have aspects that correspond to the Trinity in order to accomplish purpose.”

30.  “The foundation Ray for the universe itself is Ray One which is a triangle of Will-Power-Purpose.”

31.  “There is a hierarchy of beings of a diverse magnitude of consciousness who are tuned into the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost aspects.”

32.  “The individual must be taught to reach the point of tension that brings “the still small voice,’ ‘the peace that passeth all understanding’ and the ‘baptism of fire’ which come from an inflow of Soul energy. Each must learn the difference between these three.”

33.  “Soul contact is represented by the two interlocking triangles in the Star of David. The lower Triangle represents the three worlds of matter, or form and the higher triangle represents the higher Triad of worlds of Spirit – The Buddhic – the Atmic and the Monad. These six originate from the seventh point, or higher correspondence to soul contact called the Divine Plane or Plane of Adi.”

34.  “Space, form and distance is the Trinity that gives life to time.”

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