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Aug 4, 2013



So a Dark Brother can be born into a rich or noble family lineage as well?


Hitler was a disciple of the dark brothers and there is no rule about where the dark and light can be born. The good and bad can be found in all groups.


Was Hitler ever one of the Disciples of Jesus? Someone like Judas for example?


Unlikely. DK said he was one of the Lords of Dark face in the days of Atlantis. It is unlikely such a one would either join or be selected by Jesus. It is more likely he would have been one of the priests who wanted him crucified.


Charles XII died in 1718 and was born as Napolean in 1769, 51 years later, so he

didn’t even stay in the astral realm for 100 to 150 years, Napolean died in 1821

and was born as Hitler in 1889, 68 years later.

So does that mean that Hitler could have reincarnated in 1995 or 2015, between

50-70 years later from 1945, or was he defeated enough so he can’t reincarnate

in this age?


Two such time periods mean very little. There is no rule about the time between incarnations. it may be six months or a thousand years depending on the need, the opportunity and he will of the soul. Hopefully Hitler sunk so low into darkness that he will not be able to incarnate for a while, but you never know. He could be out there somewhere. I think I would recognize him if he were to surface. So far I have not seen him.


Aug 5, 2013

More Questions

JJ Quote

This is true on a temporary basis. Even one with a high degree of soul contact does not get all his answers in the short term. But the answer to every question is available to those who seek and do not give up. If the disciple continues on his quest and endures to the end he will one day find, in an unexpected moment, the answer to his question.


Is this also because of the principle of cycles?


Not directly. It is created by a point of tension which can manifest in and out of the various cycles. However, there are cycles where we are more sensitive to the soul.


So…… if you were “asking and seeking” an answer but the soul was too deep in meditation at that time, then one would have to keep asking and asking and asking until the time came when the soul’s cycle was closer to us or our personality/minds.


The soul is always available. The distance between the seeker and the soul is determined more by the seeker than the soul though there are times when the soul pays more attention to us than others.


the lower self or shadow or soul, and our higher selves, Solar Angels, can know Truth because we can perceive it again through recognition because Truth was perceived by the Solar Angels earlier. Yes or No?


Yes, the Solar Angel has passed through all the stages of mortality and has a knowledge of things that we are seeking.


Also I would have to ask that when our brain is also like a Super Computer, then are many or all answers already inbuilt into our super computer, and asking continuously helps release the data?


You are the programmer and your brain is only as accurate as the information it has. In addition the programming for running your body was already built in at birth.


Or does asking and seeking help one to tap into their spiritual intelligence more so than their super computer brain intelligence?


Seeking from higher intelligence eventually puts you in contact with higher intelligence.

The Oneness Principle is created by the merging of all higher intelligence connected to this earth. When you tap into it then the language of principles becomes clear.


Do you still miss the opportunity of being a rocket engineer?


Being a dreamer there are lots of things I could enjoy doing but unfortunately we must limit ourselves to have any degree of success. I have always asked myself what the most productive and useful thing I could be doing for humanity. Since I came to the conclusion you mentioned about the age of 13 I have changed my mind and decided that there was a greater need for spiritual engineering. If the earth gets set straight toward a new age of peace I may decide to come back and concentrate on taking us to the stars.


Aug 9, 2013


If you think our gizmos are complex today take a look at the space shuttle:


Comparing Lives


Did you compare the hand writing of Charles, Napoleon and Hitler?


No, but that would be interesting to check. I gathered my evidence from studying the men in history.


There is a stronger comparison between Hitler and Charles. Napoleon seems a bit different. Napoleon loved the common vices of men. Both Hitler and Charles seem to have little or no interest in them.


Such interests will vary from life to life but the astounding similarity between the three was their tremendous will to prevail. It is rare in history to find individuals with such will power and these three definitely had a strong endowment of it. It’s too bad that such a powerful will was not directed toward the freedom of the individual.


The three have similar tactics on the battlefield – allowing for the differences in technology between the time periods. Napoleons ability to move heavy cannon around the battlefield in quick order is a pre-cursor to Hitler’s blitzkrieg tactics. The pre-occupation among the three with invading Russia is weird. They all loved war more than anything else.


Agreed. It is eerie how similar the three were in their approach. A book giving a great overview of Charles XII is Peter the Great by Robert Massie. When I saw the raw determination Charles had to defeat Peter, I could just see Hitler as the entity playing that role.


Aug 12, 2013

Right or Left Brain


My question. JJ, do you think that this Keysters group attracts predominantly one type of “brain”? Which one?


Metaphysical and new age groups attract mostly females. One thing interesting about our group is that it is a pretty even mix. At the gatherings we have a near equal amount of males and females. A number of people have commented that this is unusual to them as most such groups are predominately female. Then as far as those who actually post on the Keys I would say the males dominate here – not because of their numbers but because they just post more. I think some females do not post because they do not want to engage in anything that could bring conflict.

I would guess that the group as a whole is like me – slightly centered in the Left brain or the male energy, but pretty balanced overall as evidenced by the mixture at the gatherings.

I’ve always considered myself fairly balanced, but slightly polarized in the left brain so I was surprised by the results of my test. The image went both ways for me but most of the time it moved clockwise. Then I read the results of the survey and saw that 70% of the respondents were right brained and 30% left. This is also puzzling when one considers that the Blaze readers are mostly male and fairly analytical left brain types.

Here is my conclusion that makes sense of this to me. The line of least resistance is clockwise and thus even those who are slightly left brain will see the image going in that direction. Of the 70% who saw the image going clockwise probably a good number of them are actually somewhat left brained. After all, one would think that humans are pretty much divided in polarity about 50/50.


If soul contact is like a doorway to higher realms, then what is the lower wrong door?


There is no significant door before soul contact. There are merely choices between one illusion and another and a lot of trial and error that eventually brings the seeker to the door.

After contact has been made, and the seeker goes through the door, he eventually comes to two paths or doors. The Right hand path leads to higher worlds, inclusiveness and livingness, and the Left hand path leads to a rejection of soul contact, extreme selfishness and spiritual death.


Aug 18, 2013

Google Glass

I’ve been reading about Google Glass and find it quite amazing the direction its evolution is headed.

Google Glass is indeed an innovative new product. In the past one would expect this type of leap to come from Apple but with their initiate, Steve Jobs, gone their future is in question. So far they are just coasting along on cruse control. One would think they would be coming out with at least a couple impressive new products from what was on the drawing board while Jobs was still alive.

It is rumored that Apple is working on a watch that will function like Google Glass. It will have the advantage of not being so intrusive toward friends but Google Glass will have the advantage of creating a while new experience that the youth always craves.

We have all heard that Google glass will allow us to surf the net at will. It also comes with a 720p HD video camera that has caused quite a stir. Some locations are already banning Google Glass in their establishments before it is even officially released.

It is also believed that facial recognition software will be available so you can take a picture of that hot chic you find attractive, run her through the Google search, Facebook, Twitter etc until you know more about her than you do your grandmother. Software will be developed so a deep web search will be an automatic thing and present you with a brief synopsis of the person with greater detail available if desired.

On the drawing board is software that can monitor your eye movements and pupil size so Google will be able to determine your interest in any subject. The stated purpose of this is to provide advertisers with feedback on how effective their ads are. They will be able to tell if you looked at the ad, how long you looked at it and how high your interest was.

Something not yet perfected, but in the development stage, is the connection of Google Glass to your actual brain so it can read your thoughts. Scientists have already made some recent breakthroughs in this area so it is only a matter of time before the technology will be miniaturized and added to Google Glass.

The idea presented of course will be that this will be done so Google can better serve its customers. By detecting your thoughts they will be able to serve your needs much better.

On the other hand, consider what would happen if Big brother decided this was the medium of ultimate control and decided that the government should own and regulate it.

They could then monitor as to whether you liked or approved of your leaders, were honest with your taxes or perhaps judge you as a dangerous character.

As I contemplated the future of Google Glass I saw that this fit the physical description of the mark of the beast much better than anything guessed at so far. The most common theory out there at present is that the mark on the right hand would be a computer chip implanted. No one has come up with a good idea as to what the mark in the forehead could be on a physical level.

Google Glass was made to order for fundamentalists to use and I’m sure it will not be long before you hear preachers telling their flock that Google Glass is the mark of the beast in the forehead.

The scriptures says that people will not be able to buy or sell without this mark so the idea will be that you will eventually have to use Google Glass or a chip implant to buy groceries.

The truth is that with or without Google Glass there is a danger of the rise of a national or worldwide dictator and we must always be vigilant for the cause of freedom. If we had a dictator it is a given that he would misuse whatever technology that is available, but a chip or Google device is not the mark of the beast. The true mark is the capture and control of your mind and labor by an unjust or unearned authority. For more of my teachings on this go here:



Aug 19, 2013

Spying on Steroids

John C

Somehow, it was OK when Bush did it, but not when Obama does it. I don’t get it. Governments don’t spy on people just to be spying on it without the intention to USE that information in some way.


I’m curious who you hear saying that spying was all right when Bush did it but not when Obama does it. I haven’t heard anyone saying this.

As for my personal view, yes, if a thing was okay for Bush to do then it would certainly be okay for Obama to do.

So what did Bush do? He set up a data mining operation to search for terrorists and we are told that any actual wire tapping done involved phone calls where at least one party was outside the country who was suspected of potential terrorism.

I have no problem with either Bush or Obama doing this. Bush’s enemies distorted this by calling it a domestic spying operation when the concentration of the program was international calls.

Bush also took a lot of heat in requesting from three or four libraries data on several terrorists suspects’ library books.

I have no problem with either Bush or Obama doing this. I don’t care if they check into all the books I have read. In fact I already have them posted for all to see.

What has caused alarm for many is the new Utah site that has been built during the Obama administration. It will have the capacity to monitor and store every phone call and email in the country and many out of the country. Even some of those who fiercely attacked Bush and diligently supported Obama are taken by surprise on this and are now calling him, “Bush on steroids.”

Do I have a problem with the government using this data center to search for terrorists?

Not at all.

Would I have a problem if they used it to search for tax cheats, drug dealers and child porn?

Yes , I would and I think that 95% of citizens are against using it for this purpose.

Would I have a problem if it was used to get dirt on or destroy political enemies?

Yes. This would be a major problem with me and the possibility becomes ominous when one considers the IRS was used to suppress political enemies since 2010.

The solution is for Congress to take charge of overseeing any data mining program and make sure it is not abused. It’s not enough for the NSA to audit itself. A third party must monitor the monitors.

We are headed toward a society where it will be increasingly difficult to insure our privacies. I talked to a young nephew yesterday and he told me that most kids in his generation don’t care at all about privacy and are completely unconcerned about NSA spying. It may be possible that privacy as we have known it is a disappearing commodity.

I am not as concerned about the spying program as I am a number of other things. Ever since email came on board I figured someone could be reading it or listening to my phone calls anyway.

I am much more concerned about the President’s power to issue executive orders or the Congress’ eager desire to strap us with more unnecessary laws, taxes and regulations.

A light shining in the darkness comes from Mark Levine’s new book, The Liberty Amendments. It is drawing a lot of support. Check it out here:


A group has already taken the ball and started rolling with it. Check them out here:


Aug 20, 2013

Sending Light, Love and Power


Both Glenys and Wayne died from a dis-ease. Wayne was JJ’s best friend and yet JJ could not “save” Wayne’s life or take away Wayne’s sins or stop him from having a heart attack. The same with Glenys. She died of cancer which was behind her nose. JJ didn’t heal that cancer. I bet many of her good friends prayed for her and sent her Love, Light and Power, but the dis-ease still killed her.


Since a good deal of time has passed since Glenys’ death perhaps I can relate more details of my experiences with her.

She had a beloved female friend that was like a soul mate to her who became ill and wanted to know if she could be healed. I contemplated this and unfortunately the answer I received was that she would soon die for she had work to do on the other side and from there would keep a connection with Glenys.

I debated as whether to tell her my answer and decided to go ahead. When I did Glenys was upset and told me that I was wrong because she had received a definite message that her friend would live.

A few weeks later her friend died. Again Glenys was upset and questioned how she could have been wrong and why I was correct. I contemplated again and told her I had the impression that I received this message as a foreshadowing of something to come. That some time in the future I would tell her something important that she would doubt and then I would remind her that I was correct about her friend and that she should give consideration to my words.

About a year or so later Glenys came down with cancer and after a time contacted me for help. She said she couldn’t understand why she had the disease for she ate a great diet and did her best to follow the spiritual path. She then asked me what the cause was so perhaps she could negate it and be cured.

I contemplated again and received an answer but I knew it was an answer she would not like or agree with. I wrote her and told her that I would only give her the answer if she would give me her word that she would not be upset and would keep her mind open and consider it.

She said that would be no problem so I explained to her what I saw as the principle cause and how to neutralize it.

The reply I received back was disappointing. She basically told me I was full of #$%*(` and how dare I say such things to her. Obviously, I did not understand her one little bit.

Then shortly thereafter I received a scathing letter from her boyfriend saying a similar thing but in stronger language. Who did I think I was anyway?

I then wrote back and reminded her of our disagreement concerning her friend. I told her that this was the time that I told her would come where we would have a disagreement and that she should consider my words.

This seemed to upset her even more and I didn’t hear from her again for a while. When I did it was more for exchanging information than a dialog between friends.

Unfortunately, none of her treatments worked and she had a horrific struggle with the disease for about a year before she died.

Now, from the above writing it may sound like I just tune into the Powers-That-Be and get lots of specific answers. Sometimes this happens but often I do not and just have to use my best judgment.

I also tried to save my friend, Wayne’s life. Artie and I both saw that he was heading toward an early death and we tried to guide him toward a healthier lifestyle.

Wayne had a big heart and he had an enlarged heart when he died. He helped many people but when they betrayed him or didn’t appreciate it he felt resentment and this was tough on him. He also felt a great sense of responsibility to help people who couldn’t help themselves and he had a tumor on the back of his neck which I interpreted as a symbol of the burden he felt.

Then he was addicted to diet sodas, one of the worst things you can ingest, and he ate all kinds of donuts and pastries made with white flower and fructose. We told him these were terrible for his system and he agreed but made no changes.

Unfortunately, he died much too young but he was somewhat frustrated with life and almost looked forward to passing over.

Stephen asked about sending love or healing energy to those in need. There is no problem with doing this, especially if you pick up that the person or persons are seeking help. The dangerous ones to send love energy to are those of a low vibration who can do some damage. Someone like a Hitler or a Saddam Hussein will just transmute the love energy to selfish desire energy and use it for dark purposes.


Aug 21, 2013

Helping Others

Ruth says:

In fact, after listening to the audio of the gathering on helping others, JJ seemed specifically adamant that one should not help other people, unless they “ask” for the help first.


There seems to be some confusion on this subject so I will clarify.

The basic idea I was presenting is that it is not a good idea to attempt to help someone who doesn’€™t want your help or is not seeking help. My ex wife was a good example of how this can backfire. She had a half sister who was mentally challenged but was taking care of herself. She had a job as a maid and lived in the motel. My wife decided that with a little help she could improve her life and against my wishes offered to take her in and assist her in improving her condition.

She drove 2000 miles picked her up and brought her to Boise.

The next couple months were a living hell and my wife finally demanded that I get rid of her sister or she was leaving me.

I rented her a room and the sister was an albatross around my neck for the next four years just because my wife was trying to help someone who didn’€™t really want it or appreciate it.

Does this mean that we should never help anyone unless they specifically approach us and ask?

Of course not. I have never advocated such a thing and have always taught that you cannot go by black and white rules for there are exceptions in all things that require the Second Key of Judgment.

If you pass by a car that has run off the road and you suspect there may be injuries it would be crazy to not help because you have not been audibly asked.

If help is needed and obviously wanted by a person and the person cannot help himself then it is a good thing to assist.

People ask for help in different ways. Some may approach another directly and audibly ask for it. BUT there are innumerable others who are seeking help and know not where to find it. Many of these people pray to God regularly asking and still others cry themselves to sleep in need. Even though such people may not have approached you directly they have still been seeking and asking for help. In such cases you are still helping those who have asked for help. You are an extension of God and if they ask God for help and you give it then God answers their prayers.

When to not give help.

(1) When the person does not ask you, God or anyone else for it.

(2) When helping makes you an enabler, making the person dependent on you for the indefinite future.

(3) When the request is not just.


Aug 23, 2013

Strange Experience

Here’s an interesting account by my great great grandfather while he was a missionary in England in the days of Joseph Smith:

“The prospect in London at that time was the darkest it had ever been in since entering the vineyard; but the Lord was with us, and we were not discouraged. On Sunday we met with the Saints three times at Brother Corner’s, read the Book of Mormon, gave instruction, and broke bread unto them. We had a good time, though there were only about half a dozen present. I felt the spirit bear testimony that there would be a work done in London.

“Having retired to rest in good season, I fell asleep and slept until midnight, when I awoke and meditated upon the things of God until 3 o’clock in the morning; and, while forming a determination to warn the people in London and by the assistance and inspiration of God to overcome the power of darkness, a person appeared to me, whom I consider was the prince of darkness. He made war upon me, and attempted to take my life. As he was about to overcome me I prayed to the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, for help. I then had power over him and he left me, though I was much wounded. Afterwards three persons dressed in white came to me and prayed with me, and I was healed immediately of all my wounds, and delivered of all my troubles.


History of His Life and Labors



Aug 23, 2013

Prophet of Doom

I came across another prophet of doom and thought it would be a good exercise in discernment for the group to examine her and see what conclusions will be reached. Here is the link:


Aug 26, 2013

Energy Follows Thought


While I can see the sense of this, it surprises me that DK is so adamant about the no discussion policy, that he would forbid the healer to continue should they slip up! Any thoughts?


He teaches this because of the principle that “energy follows thought.” After the healing process is finished the healer should shift the attention of those involved to small talk or another subject not connected to the patient or healing. This keeps the healing energy within the wall of focus creating during the healing ceremony. If the group sits around talking about the patient, the disease, etc afterwards then the healing energy becomes dissipated.

This is a very common mistake healers make.


Aug 30, 2013

Categories of Gods

Since there has been discussion of late of the various categories of Gods perhaps I should add my thoughts.

There are only two categories which are as follows.

(1) The One Great Life whose body is the universe itself and all things in it. This life is often merely called The Source, or Universal Intelligence by disciples who seek to understand the mysteries of godliness.

(2) Other lives who have established a degree of oneness with The Source, have freed themselves from some limitations, accumulated significant intelligence and are dedicated to manifesting the Purpose of the One Great Life. To manifest this purpose they become a light to those who dwell in darkness until the light in the sender and receiver is one and all see through the eyes of pure Spirit.

Some call those in category two gods, but others call them Masters and they come in many grades.

Humans seem to be gods to the animal kingdom. Christ and his masters seem to be gods to us. The Ancient of Days seems to be a god to Christ and the Solar Logos seems to be a god to the Ancient of Days and so on up the line.

How far up the Hierarchy goes is difficult to say. Some think it stretches indefinitely, but I do not think so. I believe the hierarchies in the universe are in the process of forming and that the Universal Logos has not yet manifested. The highest life mentioned by DK is the One About Whom Nothing Can Be Said who presides over seven solar systems. I do not think a Galactic Logos has evolved yet.

If there is a third category of Gods it would be the false gods. These are those in the world and out of the world who set themselves up as a beastly authority that seeks to be worshiped and obeyed as if they are God, but in reality they share no oneness with the Source and take seekers away from the true God instead of closer.

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