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Sept 8, 2013

Recognizing the Good Obama

Maryellen asks:

I have a question with no answer. Let us say that most of us here on Keys agree that Obama is trying to level the US and does not have our best interest at heart and in the end seeks to destroy our country. Now what if Obama was drowning in a lake. Would it be more harmless to save him or not? In the long term, would more people benefit with him alive or with him out of the picture?


Ruth was right in that Obama has not yet demonstrated himself to be an enemy of Good as was Hitler of whom it was definitely desirable to dispose of. He was elected by the people and we are legally obligated to sustain him even if we do not agree. Besides if something happened to Obama we would hen have Joe Biden as President and that may be an even worse situation.

It is interesting that many presidents have had vice presidents that scare the opposition more than himself. For instance, Bush had Cheney who many Democrats saw as Darth Vader. Sometimes I think they make these picks for the sake of life insurance.

Actually, I have been in a situation, not once but three times, as described by Maryellen. My marriage to my first wife was literally a hell on earth and three times she attempted suicide and three times I saved her. The second two times I was tempted to just do nothing, thinking of how much easier my life would be without her. But then I thought of the possible karma I would accumulate and also the fact that I was told there was a purpose for her being in my life.

Now, on hindsight, I can see I made the right decision. Sometimes the tough times in our lives are where we make the greatest progress.


Sept 12, 2013

The Subconscious

There seems to be some confusion over my teachings on the subconscious mind. Do we have consciousness there or not? Ruth quotes this from my previous writings:

“There is no such thing as a subconscious mind. It’s an oxymoron. If you have a subconscious mind it means it’s below the threshold of your consciousness. If it’s below consciousness, then it’s not consciousness. Consciousness is only something that’s conscious. You don’t have a subconscious mind any more than your computer has a subconscious mind. You have computer programs that run yourself and this is what they call the subconscious. If you tell a psychologist that he’ll think you’re crazy but think about the oxymoron here. If something is below your consciousness how can it really be conscious?”

In making this statement I was clearing up the language by indicating that our subconscious mind deserves a more accurate name. If we have no conscious participation in what is going on within it’s sphere then it is not a part of our consciousness.

Here’s the dictionary definition of “consciousness.”

“An alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation.”

Since we as entities are not aware of what is happening in the subconscious then it is not a part of our awaking consciousness. Consciousness is aware of what is happening.

Does this mean there is no consciousness in our brain, our cells and the atoms of our body? No it doesn’t mean that but it does mean that the consciousness of the many tiny lives that live there are separate from your own waking consciousness. There is some type of consciousness everywhere, even in the computer you are using.

However, the programming that resides there happens not because of the work of the tiny lives there, but because a human intelligence created it. The programming and response you get from your computer makes that aspect seem more conscious than the atoms and molecules that compose it, but it is not. A program is not consciousness, but consciousness uses programming.

There is a lot of programming in your brain and you as a conscious entity puts it to use. In addition to this other conscious lives within you also use the programming.

What is called the subconscious is basically programming that is used by consciousness in various degrees.

Ruth wonders if the Jews came from Saturn. Very doubtful. DK tells us that they came from a previous solar system. During the previous solar system neither the earth, Saturn or the Sun even existed. They were not yet created.

The Jews and the earth in general have a strong link to the Lord of Saturn and it is possible that this link goes back to a previous solar system. There is definitely an untold history in this solar system that has yet to be told.


Sept 13, 2013

The Computer and the Brain

LWK made some interesting statements about the subconscious and I agree with most of them. I think we can fine tune this one a bit. He says:

Actually a computer has an OS (Operating System) and a BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) that operates below the OS. It is a crude analogy to consciousness and sub-consciousness in humans.

If you compare a computer to a human mind then you have higher levels of programming analogous to the conscious part of the mind and lower level programs extending down to the BIOS. Where the human mind is different from a computer, and where the analogy fails, is that a computer has no free will, no power of decision.

I would say the mind is like a computer in many respects. It has higher level programming which we are sometimes conscious of and this is what we call “awareness.” However we have many programs that operate below that level which we are not directly aware of, but on which our awareness totally depends (just as higher levels of programming in a computer depend on lower levels the details of which the higher level is totally uninformed of).


The brain and the mind are two different things. The mind interacting with the brain creates conscious awareness as we know it. A computer has no mind or conscious awareness but is like a brain that can be used by one with consciousness.

Larry tells us hat the computer is made of two basic ingredients. The first is BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) and the second the operating system. Perhaps a third with be the RAM memory which they both use.

All three of these are within the physical brain. One thing we can all agree upon is that the brain does indeed store memory which we use. They say that new memories are encoded in the hippocampus and then eventually transferred to the frontal lobes for long-term storage. Perhaps the hippocampus is like the RAM and the frontal lobes correspond to the hard drive storage.

The rest of the brain is comparable to the BIO and would include the processor and any other components. If we studied the makeup of the brain and how it works we could find correspondences to the various ingredients.

The interesting question is where is the operating system? One might think it corresponds to our consciousness, but it is not conscious, but created through a conscious being writing it and piecing it together into a functioning whole.

So where is our operating system that is created through a conscious endeavor?

Larry steered us on the right track with this statement:

“If you read Ayn Rand she talks of emotions largely being the result of conscious programming. In her model our values program our emotions. How we feel about something depends on what we think.”

And what determines the unfolding of the emotional and thinking self?

It is the unfolding of the seven centers, the chakras.

Primitive man, who accesses just a couple centers, operates on system 1. As the pedals begin to unfold he moves to system 1.1. As a new center or major energy opens he moves to system 2 and so on until he obtains an operating system that functions at relative perfection.

So where is the conscious decision maker in the analogy?

It is the end user. After all, the computers we use are merely extensions of the brain. In a way a computer is a second brain that assists the first with abilities the natural brain does not have – like a flawless memory that can be retrieved.

So where does the programmer fit in? This is comparable to the Higher Self, or the soul. This is conscious intelligence that guides us in moving toward a higher operating system that uses more advanced programming.

Analogies are rarely exact but are quite accurate in principle and contemplating them brings much light.


Sept 14, 2013

Thought and Intelligence

LWK expressed interest in my views on mind so I thought I would elaborate.

The trouble with the word is that is used loosely in various shades of meaning by many. It’s a little like the word “soul” which is used in the place of a half dozen other more precise words.

The first thing to clarify is that the mind is not the physical brain even though many in our society use mind in reference to it and its calculating features. The mind survives the brain at death and existed before birth.

What then is mind?

To understand we must first realize what we as entities are. In learning the First Key of Knowledge we discovered that our essence is that power which makes decisions and we manifest as decision makers.

This essence which is us inhabits seven planes of existence, of which the physical is the lowest. The next up is the astral/emotional composed of astral matter. Our essence, blended with the higher planes, interplaying with the matter of this plane creates the feeling nature.

The next step up is the mental plane. Our essence, blended with the higher planes, interplaying with the matter of his plane creates what we know as mind.

Our essence uses mental matter as a vehicle to create mind and mind uses the brain and physical matter to create consciousness on the physical plane. Mind and brain are both vehicles used by our true self to explore the various worlds in this great universe.

Our intelligence is not brain or mind but uses them both. Our intelligence has the ability to shine a light on things made available to it by mind, emotion and the brain. It then has the ability to discern, judge and make a decision based on its power of discernment.

No two intelligences are the same but all have different degrees of light available to discern true reality and to judge that reality for the sake of decision making.

Intelligence is manifest in the decisions we make and mind, emotion and brain is a vehicle of intelligence.

The brain works with data, the emotion, feeling and the mind reason and understanding.

The manifestation of intelligence on earth is determined by two things. First, the quality of the initiating intelligence, and, secondly, the quality of the vehicles in use.

Think of it this way. On one hand we have Einstein working with an old Windows 386 and an average guy working with the latest PC. Even though Einstein may have inferior equipment he can still produce some very intelligent effects and work that will surpass the average guy. Even so, you cannot tell a person’s intelligence by the quality of his memory or his college degrees. You have to look at his decisions and what he makes of the talents he possesses.


Sept 16, 2013


Here’s a link Mindy sent me of interesting maps. I had fun browsing through them.

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

Sept 19, 2013


Maryellen asks, What if your wife who tried to commit suicide asked you not to save her? Would you have saved her anyway?


She didn’t want to be saved at the time but most suicides are in an unnatural state of mind. I would try to save any suicide by any means necessary who still has a good natural lifeline ahead. Now those who are ill and in great pain is another matter and I think should be allowed to make a decision to stay or to go. This would not be an impulse decision as are most suicides.

Sep 20, 2013

Life From Space?

Scientists `Very, Very Confident’ They’ve Found Extraterrestrial Life – See What It Looks Like


Oct 2, 2013

The Genes and Destiny

Stephen wants to know if inherited genes or do other factors under our control influence diseases?

The answer is that it is both. In most cases the inherited factors of our body and character are influences rather than anything written in stone.  Weaknesses inherited are often the result of past karma.

Those who see illness as caused by inheritance and cannot be overcome are deceived for that which we inherit are merely influences that push or pull us in certain directions.  Let me illustrate.

Jim is a happy go lucky character who is very even tempered and likeable. Then his wife’s water breaks and he has to take her to the hospital to have the baby. On the way he is met by a very time consuming detour because of construction.  Then a few bocks later there was an accident that held up traffic. Finally he gets behind a little old lady who will not let him pass as his wife tells him she thinks the baby is coming now.

Jim gets frustrated and lets out some choice words.  His wife thinks that this does not sound like the Jim that she knows.

Now a person may be a fairly spiritual entity overall but incarnates into a family that is quite coarse and carnal and also has a propensity toward cancer.

Until this person connects with his soul, even though he is a fairly advanced person, it may seem like he is one of the family because of the influences.  Just as Jim was influenced by temporary forces, even so are we from the forces we inherit.

But just as Jim can choose to remain calm even when the little old lady is in the way even so can we neutralize the forces that we inherit if they are undesirable.

Here is a guy who was born in a family where most of them got cancer but he has been healthy all his life and believes he has a cure

Here’s the story of a guy who was diagnosed with a “genetic heart deformity and heart disease. The doctors told him that unless he underwent open-heart surgery, his weak and deformed heart would not be able to pump sufficient blood to an adult body and he would be dead by the age of 20.”

He overcame all this and now is healthy as a horse and makes a living helping others with their health.

People are mistaken when they think we are controlled by our genes. We are controlled by our decisions.  The power of decision makes us what we are.  We become what we decide to become. Making the definite decision is the hard part for most of us.


Oct 13, 2013

Was Jesus A Myth?

An American Biblical scholar, Joseph Atwill, is presenting the idea that Jesus was a purely fictional character invented by the Roman Emperor Titus to trick the Jews into becoming pacifists and turning the other cheek so they could be easier to control.  This is apparently getting a lot of press and an article ca be found on it here:

A reviewer at Amazon made some great points on Atwill’s previous book.  Here is a partial quote:

“Furthermore, it is clear that Atwill fails on the point of ancient social psychology. He supposes that Jesus was invented to attract militaristic, messianic Jews; yet the figure of Jesus is precisely what a dedicated Sicarii would least follow. Indeed, Atwill openly contradicts himself, for he claims he cannot see how Judaism could produce such diametric opposites, yet he argues that Christianity was built to make these opposites attract! He supposes, in other words, that Judaism would not produce such a group; but he hypothesizes that Jews then converted to such a group!

Even more problematic for Atwill is what is said by Roman writers whose works he ignores. Tacitus’ comment in Annals 15.44 places the origins of Christianity, and Roman reaction to it, nearly a decade before Titus’ final victory. Atwill says nothing at all about this critical passage; nor does he mention Pliny’s letter to Trajan asking what to do about Christians. Atwill wishes to posit convenient forgetfulness as the cause of the loss of knowledge about Christian origins; and how credible is it that Hadrian and Pliny “forgot” this, or did not know about it? How credible is it that Domitian (himself a Flavian!) persecuted Christianity and forgot that his own relatives had created it in the first place? Why would some of those relatives actually become Christians? Atwill makes no effort to explain how Christianity spread; he offers a bare paragraph on this saying that “wicked priests” introduced the religion to the masses (Jewish?); but then, “The first people to hear the story of Jesus would most likely have been slaves (Gentiles???) whose patrons simply ordered them to attend services. After a while some began to believe, then many.” [258] End of explanation!”

Here is another good article illustrating some of Atwill’s flawed assumptions:

A good objective book on the subject of Jesus’ existence was written by a non believer named Bart D. Ehrman who decided to check into it through studying the historical record. Even though he doesn’t believe Jesus to be the Messiah he did conclude that the historical record does prove quite conclusively that the gospels were based on a real person.

Here is one quote from his book, “Did Jesus Exist?”

The evidence is abundant and varied. Among the Gospels we have numerous independent accounts that attest to Jesus’ life, at least seven of them from within a hundred years of the traditional date of his death. These accounts did not appear out of thin air, however. They are based on written sources—a good number of them—that date much earlier, plausibly in some cases at least to the 50s of the Common Era. Even these sources were not fabricated purely from the minds of their authors, however. They were based on oral traditions that had been in circulation year after year among the followers of Jesus. These oral traditions were transmitted in various areas—mainly urban areas, we might surmise—throughout the Roman Empire; some of them, however, can be located in Jesus’s homeland, Palestine, where they originally circulated in Aramaic. It appears that some, probably many, of them go back to the 305 CE. We are not, then, dealing merely with Gospels that were produced fifty or sixty years after Jesus’s alleged death as the principal witnesses to his existence. We are talking about a large number of sources, dispersed over a remarkably broad geographical expanse, many of them dating to the years immediately after Jesus’s alleged life, some of them from Palestine itself. On the basis of this evidence alone, it is hard to understand how Jesus could have been “invented.” Invented by whom? Where? When? How then could there be so many independent strands of evidence? Page 171

Perhaps the greatest evidence for the existence of Jesus is something overlooked by all the scholars and that is his actual words quoted in the New Testament. It is difficult to believe that some scheming fraudulent Romans could have written the greatest spiritual teachings and words of all time, quoted more than any other on the planet for spiritual edification. Roman philosophers and historians did write many words but all of them together are not quoted as much as a paragraph from the Jesus of the New Testament. His words are Eternal Words that will not pass away.  The words of the Romans are just words.


Oct 14, 2013

Hands of God

Nathan wrote:


If I were to get a serious illness and had to get surgery, who do I place my faith in and thank when it’s all done? The surgeon or God?


Both. We are in the image of God and as such are extensions of the Deity. The surgeon thus represents the arms and hands of God doing his work.


…in a Near Death Experience book I ran across a guy who toured Shamballa but who was not given it’s name. He described a great room that held two crystals coming up out from the floor. He was told that advanced souls with permission and training could place hands on those crystals “see” and influence anyone or anything on Earth. So this NDE account dovetailed right in when I read JJ’s fiction story a few years later.


Interesting.  For the record I have never read this guy’s work or any other about crystals in Shamballa.


Oct 16, 2013

Question; Have they discovered the God particle?

If anything the existence of the Higgs Boson shows that the foundations of our creation are much too complex to have began with no intelligence involved. And the Higgs is not the ultimate particle but one of many yet to be discovered.


Oct 17, 2013


Say a man found away to cure cancer and he was in the middle of writing a scientific paper that would revolutionize the world but he has a heart attack and dies but before he does he gets the paper published… this will give him good karma only he dead. How will good karma serve him now. It it manifest in his next life.


You don’t get much good Karma for just coming up with ideas.  Karma depends on what you do with the time you have here.

The man who came up with a cancer cure but died will create a lot of good carry over effects because he dedicated his life to an endeavor to help the many.  This will enable him to be born in a  good situation in the next life so he will be able to do much good and possibly retrieve the ideas he had from the past life.  After all, each life is a continuation from the past one just as each day continues after the past day after some sleep.


Stauffenberg did more than think about disposing Hitler, he made a courageous attempt. Perhaps the most important reward he got out of the situation was a realization of the true nature of the Beast and how to dismantle it.


Nov 1, 2013

Obama and Daniel

A guy on a form I visited posted this quote from Daniel Chapter 11.  He thought it applied to Obama.  Some does seem to correspond.

36 “The king will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard-of things against the God of gods. He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place. 37 He will show no regard for the gods of his ancestors or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all. 38 Instead of them, he will honor a god of fortresse ; a god unknown to his ancestors he will honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts. 39 He will attack the mightiest fortresses with the help of a foreign god and will greatly honor those who acknowledge him. He will make them rulers over many people and will distribute the land at a price.[d]


40 “At the time of the end the king of the South will engage him in battle, and the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots and cavalry and a great fleet of ships. He will invade many countries and sweep through them like a flood. 41 He will also invade the Beautiful Land. Many countries will fall, but Edom, Moab and the leaders of Ammon will be delivered from his hand. 42 He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. 43 He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Cushites[e] in submission. 44 But reports from the east and the north will alarm him, and he will set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many. 45 He will pitch his royal tents between the seas at[f] the beautiful holy mountain. Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him.


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