McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 12

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The Unveiling, Part 7

The Two Witnesses

And round about the throne were four and twenty elders upon the seats and I saw four and twenty elders sitting clothed in white raiment; and they had upon their heads crowns of gold.

He saw others that have gone on before him. It is also stimulating symbolic of the energy centers within us, We have the heart center with 12 petals of energy and this is also duplicated in the head. You have a heart center in the head and a heart center of course in the heart. All together there are 24 petals, half simulating female energy and the other male energy. This is one of the correspondences to the twenty-four elders but we are not constricted to just one meaning. If you see a meaning that correlates and corresponds then it is quite possible you can receive quite a bit of light from it – because in any inspired word or scripture there is more than one meaning that can be used.

We will move ahead here and we do not have a lot of time to go into detail on the Book of Revelation but there are several details that are quite interesting and one is the scripture that deals with the two witnesses. Has everybody heard about the prophecy of these two individuals? If you have talked to any of the religious people they are really big on these two witnesses. They believe, as I told you earlier, that two witnesses are going to show up soon. Some believe it will be just two regular mortals that are very spiritual men. Then a lot of Christians believe it is going to be Elijah and Moses showing up in a mortal state and they are going to wander into Jerusalem and start preaching.

I have come across quite a few people that think they are one of the two witnesses and maybe reincarnated from Moses or someone great. There are all kinds of them floating around. The two witnesses as it applies to the disciple, are totally different than we have heard before. “And I will give power unto my two witnesses and they shall prophecy a thousand two hundred and three score days clothed in sack cloth. These are the two olive trees, the two candle sticks standing before the God of the earth.”

Okay, so what are the two witnesses?

The two witnesses are two principles that bear witness to the truth of the teachings of the disciple who is the follower of Christ and has now undergone the transfiguration. He is qualified to be a teacher of righteousness and has internally two witnesses. The Bible says that all things shall be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses. As a matter of fact the Jews came to Jesus and said to Him, “the scriptures say that everything shall be done in the mouth of two witnesses and you are only one witness, where is your other witness? “And Jesus said there is me and then there is the Father that dwells in me.” (See John 8:13-19)

That was an interesting interpretation of the two witnesses by Jesus. There was Himself and then there was another entity higher than Him that was inside of Him. It says right there, in the scripture that there was the witness of two men, but where were the two men? Jesus was one and He who was within Him was the other.

For the disciple, as it pertains to the Book of Revelations, the two witnesses has another dimension to it. There were the two witnesses that followed Jesus wherever he went that testified that He was a true teacher. The first witness was what?

Audience: The Gospel, the soul, Himself and the Father that dwell in Him.

JJ: What was the first thing Jesus did that bore witness to who He was?

Audience: He was baptized.

JJ: No that bore witness to himself and John but what was it that got the people’s attention?

Audience: The miracles.

JJ: Okay and the miracles was a what?

Audience: A sign.

JJ: No what kind of witness was all these miracles?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: All these miracles were the works of Jesus; they were His works.

Audience: So His first witness was His works.

JJ: Yes, that is his first witness, the works of the disciple bear witness to him as a true teacher. The second thing that got everybody really wondering who He was and got everybody all stirred up was something else besides His works and what was it?

Audience: His words.

JJ: Yes, His words. The Pharisees and Sadducees came to Him and said where did you get this doctrine? Who gave you the authority to teach these things? Where did you learn this? His words caused a tremendous impression on everybody; He said things totally different than they had been said before. If a man comes to you and wants you to go one mile, go two miles. Nobody had said anything like that before. Everybody thought that if somebody wants me to go one mile then I am going to get out of even going that one-mile if at all possible.

In those days if a Roman soldier came to you and said carry my pack for one mile then by law in the Roman Empire you had to do this or you could get thrown in jail. So everybody carried it for one mile but when they were done with the one mile they stopped at exactly that mark and then they were able to escape the legal repercussions. They could not punish them if they carried it one mile so whenever a Roman soldier selected somebody they only went exactly one mile because they did not like these Roman soldiers. But Jesus said if someone compels you to go one mile, go two. How do you think that affected a Roman soldier? Everybody only goes one mile and then they say “you S.O.B., carry it yourself.” And here comes the follower of Christ and he says I will carry it two miles for you. The soldier thinks, wow that is weird, I am impressed.

He says if somebody smites you on one cheek then turn, the other cheek. These words really made an impression on people. He said love your neighbor as yourself; love God first, this is the first great commandment and the second is love your neighbor as yourself and on this commandment hangs every law and every prophet and every commandment that has ever been given. All the scriptures hangs on this one principle.

Wow, nobody had ever heard that before. Just this one thing? It is not Ten Commandments and the thousands of little things that the Jews had to do. For instance, if they really wanted to obey the Sabbath correctly there were a couple of thousand things they had to memorize. For example, on the Sabbath you could not wear sandals with any metal in them because that caused more effort to lift the sandals up and down. They had hundreds of little rules. You were allowed a couple thousand steps and if you took one too many then you broke the Sabbath and you just had to quit walking and wait until the next day to take more steps!

Audience: Laughter. They had to make their meals the day before so they were not working on the Sabbath.

JJ: Right they had all these rules and regulations because we are going to perfect obeying the Sabbath so that we can really please God. Jesus said to His disciples when they were walking through a wheat field. The disciples picked a handful of wheat to eat it and the Pharisees saw them and said, Ah ha, you guys are working on the Sabbath; you are harvesting wheat! That is how fussy they were, but Jesus hit them with something entirely different. On this law of love hangs every commandment that you have ever been given and you can obey it properly if you can understand it.

Do you think the authorities liked that? Because if you understood that one law of love then all these rules and all these regulations that the authorities advised on became useless. The authorities got all this recognition for advising how to obey all the commandments but if you listened to Jesus then none of the authorities now were needed. And so His words burned like a fire through the hearts of His enemies and it caused them to hate Him. It also burned like a fire in the hearts of the pure of heart because it gave them hope that this would get them out of this mess they were in where they had to memorize thousands of little rules if they wanted to please God. And so the two witnesses to the disciple whether it is Jesus or a follower of Jesus are his words and his works. Now lets read on.

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April 22 1999


A reader’s comment on love caused me some reflection. It is true that the teachings I present sound a fairly mental note and we have not yet talked a lot about the Love principle, but I would submit to you that this does not indicate a lack of love flowing through this group. I have been with people who use the word love in every other word and have felt very little actual love flow. On the other hand, I have been with people rarely using the word vocally, yet in their actions and heart the energy definitely resonates to a high degree.

I know that she was not implying a lack of love in this group, but that her thoughts were more in the direction that there are other aspects of it that are available other places that may not be had here. This may be true to a degree, especially when we consider solar plexus love which is very outward in its demonstration.

I would submit the idea that there is a very high degree of love energy circulating in this group even though love has not been the center of focus in the normal sense. From my point of view I am very satisfied with the love I feel circulating in the group, especially considering that our only contact is through the written word. I can only imagine what we would feel together if we could meet physically even once a week.

Let me give you one of my favorite quotes: “Before something can be loved, it must first be understood.” I was told that Leonardo Da Vinci said this but cannot confirm it. When I first heard this a jolt of confirmation went through my heart and soul.

Now consider this. Because love and understanding go hand in hand great illusion can be produced by turning the principle upside down: “You say you love me; therefore, you must understand me.” Whenever we feel that another loves us this is always accompanied by a feeling that this person understands us to a degree, that he has looked into our true selves and understands that something good is there.

What if a Catholic were to tell you that, “the Pope loves you”? How would you feel? Chances are you would think that the Pope could not love you because the Pope does not even know you exist. The Pope understands nothing about you; therefore, any expression of love from him means little except that he sees you as one of God’s creations.

True expressions of love coming from the true heart center are always sent on wings of understanding. It should be remembered that the heart center has twelve energy petals in two major divisions of Love and Wisdom. The heart center also has a reflection in the head center and energy circulates between the two. This causes a definite interlinking between heart and head, so Love is not complete unless the two work together as one.

The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, said this through Alice A. Bailey:

“The heart as an aspect of pure reason requires careful consideration. It is usually considered the organ of pure love but-from the angle of the esoteric sciences-love and reason are synonymous terms, and I would have you reflect upon why this should be. Love is essentially a word for the underlying motive of creation. Motive, however, presupposes purpose leading to action, and hence in the group-life task of the incarnating Monad there comes a time when motive (heart and soul) becomes spiritually obsolete because purpose has reached a point of fulfillment and the activity set in motion is such that purpose cannot be arrested or stopped.

“Through the unfolding and use of the heart centre the love-wisdom aspect is similarly brought into use and the love of God is seen working out in a man’s life and work. For the mind of God is love, and the love of God is intelligence, and these two aspects of one great quality are brought into play for the working out of His will and purpose.

“Too much emphasis has been laid on that called love (interpreted by man, according to his present place in evolution) and not enough has been placed on wisdom, which is love expressing itself in service, such a service that recognizes the occult law, the significance of time, and the point achieved.”

Letters on Occult Meditation, Pages 285-286

Here he makes the interesting statement that “love and reason are synonymous terms.” One of the reasons he says this is because half of the heart center is composed of reason, wisdom and understanding. If emphasis is only placed on the Love expression alone then the heart will be a fading flower. On the other hand, if the emphasis is on logic alone then the heart will become sterile soil in which no flowers can grow. Love-Wisdom working together as one creates a heart that overflows with joy.

One thing that gratifies me about The Immortal book is that I get many letters telling me how the story touched the reader’s heart and many say they felt a great expression of love through the book. What makes these comments satisfying to me is that the only character in the book to say much about love was the bad guy, Philo. This tells me that the readers did not feel the love in the book because I shoved it in their face, but because they understand some of the feelings that were in my heart that I was attempting to convey in an imperfect language.

I want to tell the group that I do love you, collectively and individually, and everything that I do understand about you only increases this love. I also sense love coming back to me from you, and not only toward me but toward each other.

I have not said many direct words of love to the group, but I have sought to give you love through service as I have sacrificed many hours of sleep (and cuddling with my sweetie) to bring you these teachings.


Knowledge Within

Just a short comment on the all knowledge is within idea. This idea is an illusion as no knowledge is within. Shocked? If you do not believe me try and learn Spanish or about the history of Russia by going within. You will not be able to do it because regular knowledge is discovered by going without.

What is within is a sense in the soul that it has the ability to recognize true principles and the keys to finding all knowledge. When a true teacher teaches true principles the student can run them by the soul and receive confirmation. If the teacher’s principles ring true with the soul, time and time again, then he can gain a quantum of earned authority with the student.

I would suggest that new readers go back and read my first post to the group entitled Teacher-Student.

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Higher and Lower Feelings

26 Dec 1998

Higher and Lower Feelings

Let us wrap up an unfinished subject: The Solar Plexus and the Heart. We asked about the difference between the two energies and never completely covered the answer.

I find it interesting that humanity as a whole, as well as many New Agers, tend to lump all energies that stir emotions as feelings from the heart.”

Every time I see someone give the advice of “follow your heart” in a movie, the advice would be more accurately worded as “follow your solar plexus.”

The fact is that there are two prominent feeling energies that can stir us to action and these we often term the higher and lower emotions or the heart and solar plexus. Those who are not familiar with the centers may just call them something like higher and lower feelings.

Basically, the solar plexus is a reflection of the heart energies and as a reflection it turns everything upside down. Thus when a generation is polarized in this lower emotion they “call evil good, and good evil; they put darkness for light, and light for darkness; and put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isa 5:20) as the prophet Isaiah declared. The scriptures further say: “There is none that doeth good, no not one.” (Psalms 14:3) Even Jeremiah declared that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, [and] according to the fruit of his doings.” (Jeremiah 17:9-19)

He, of course, was not speaking of the real heart energies, but the solar plexus which most people of that time identified as the heart.

When a person or group is thus controlled by the solar plexus they see everything, even truth written clear as crystal, as a reflection or reversed into illusion and thus set themselves up to retain the mark of the Beast.

There are many illusions about the lower feelings of the solar plexus chakra, even among students who have studied the centers. This is one of the main reasons it is so difficult to shift away from the mark of the Beast.

There are two main illusions of the solar plexus that need corrected.

  1. Many just identify this center with the “lower feelings,” but there are higher and lower feelings in the solar plexus itself. Many of the feelings from the solar plexus are positive and are thus mistaken for heart energies.
  2. The feelings of the solar plexus are not decreased, or negated, as you evolve, but increased.

ILLUSION 1 Students just identify this center with the “lower feelings,” but there are higher and lower feelings in the solar plexus itself. Many of the feelings from the solar plexus are positive and are thus mistaken for heart energies.

When talking about the solar plexus many teachers make reference to what we normally call the “negative” emotions such as anger, hate, greed, envy etc.

Then there are those who see another negative aspect of the energy of this center as being selfish love and that is generally as much credit as this center gets. But beyond these feelings the mission of the solar plexus is to point us toward the heart center in a positive way. One way it does this is to present an ideal before our consciousness. As we discussed earlier this ideal may work itself out in either a positive or negative experience depending on our point in evolution.

The second positive mission of the solar plexus is to deliver to us bridge energies of love which is not entirely selfish, and not true spiritual love either. It is a love which is still grounded in self, yet holds before the seeker the ideal of the Love of Christ.

The person grounded in this higher solar plexus love and feeling will say yes yes to all teachings of Christ consciousness, love and sharing, but in real life his decisions will reflect the persistent dedication to self.

Thus we have among both the religious and the New Age people a lot of idealist teaching, but not much practical doing in the mission of love. They sense what should be done but do not have the wherewithal to do it.

Those who sense this divine reflection often enter a world of the greatest illusion because they are brought to this point by an “I found it!” dogma of some kind.

Example One: A guy was in a personal crisis and attended a revival and the ideal of Jesus was presented to him and this stirred the higher solar plexus feeling with a touch of heart. This feeling was so good that he feels that he has found the ultimate God and dedicates his surface life to Him..

Example Two: A New Ager is at the end of his rope and has several coincidences happen that lead him to a guru. The guru seems to read his mind and gives him what appears to be inspired advice. The man thinks it is God who has to be speaking through this teacher and now he thinks he has “found it.” He has faith and love in the guru not because of soul contact but because of outward signs. Outward signs, no matter how synchronous they may be can be a mark of the Beast if they are not verified by soul contact.. And why is this? Because the final faith is in a power or happening “out there” rather than the God within.

To fully understand the illusion created by the solar plexus which perpetuates the mark of the Beast one must realize that the energy of the centers unfold gradually like that of the petals of a flower unfolding before the rays of the Sun. In fact all the centers have lotus petals which do unfold. The petals of the solar plexus reaches up toward the heart symbolizing the fact that it’s mission is to transmit the lower energies to the higher so personality love and spiritual love can both be used for the good of the whole or the One.

The problem that occurs in many people of good will is that the solar plexus may be 80% open whereas the heart may only have one or two of its twelve petals unfolded. Thus the heart does not have the power to transmute all the lower energies and most of them are thus reflected back to the lower self and directed to selfish purpose.

One of the main purposes behind the teachers of the race is to guide these lower energies of general humanity (and also many aspiring disciples) into an avenue of harmlessness and for this reason the masters have, in times past, given out commandments and scriptures that make men conscious of the responsibility of their actions.

If a person has not transmitted the lower energies into the higher the “go with the flow” idea will be a total disaster in the end. It is like going with a flow of wind that is blowing you off a cliff.

When the person centered in the solar plexus speaks of love he sees it in only one dimension. Love is just love. But when one who has the energies of the heart in an unfolded condition, he can see that love is multi layered and when he hears another speak of love he seeks to discern the level of love that is resting in his consciousness so communication can be complete.

In the end love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

Illusion 2. The feelings of the solar plexus are not decreased, or negated, as you evolve, but increased.

As the energies of the heart unfold the energies of solar plexus do not just disappear, but are instead unfolded to an even higher degree. Thus, as a person evolves, the lower energies play about with more power than ever before and the disciple needs more strength of will to direct them intelligently than ever before.

This is evidenced before as us we see that many people of power and intelligence seem to have no power to resist temptation that many average people seem to be able to handle. These seemingly overwhelming lower energies in otherwise great people can cause their whole life’s purpose to fall down around them.

How many times have we read about some religious leader who gathers all the beautiful women to himself, for his own use and abuse, just to satisfy his lower nature?

The challenge for the workers of light is to learn to discern between the higher and lower energies and not confuse the two, for if they do they will be inclined to think that God, the Higher Self, or whatever, is directing them toward the path of carnal activity.

The mission of all seekers is this. Examine yourself in all honesty and try and discover where you are on the path. If you know where you are you can then become aware of your next step. If you do not know where you are then your next step will be in the dark and you will have to bump into several dead ends before you again find your true way.

Finding your place on the path is extremely difficult for many because the beginning seeker will often think he is on his last life and ascension is just around the corner. Because he is looking about a thousand steps ahead of where his attention should be his progress comes to a stand still and the mark of the Beast remains intact.

The question I leave you with is this.

What if you are not sure of your point on the path or where your next step should be? What should you then do? How can you take the next step if you are not sure where it lies?

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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 4

This entry is part 31 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

In the duration of the thousand lives we go through all the signs a number of times and you may have completed one lesson in Scorpio but there will be other lessons in Scorpio that you will have to learn maybe 12 lifetimes later. In each one of the signs are quite a few lessons to learn but then we begin to unfold all of 1000 energy centers in the top of the head. One by one in each lifetime we begin to unfold a new energy and within that lifetime our various other centers will also unfold and sometimes a major center will begin to unfold, for instance in the heart, which is very closely connected to the Christ energy. When one of those petals in the heart unfolds it produces an inflow of energy into us that we do not know how to handle because we have never felt this before. Has anyone ever felt that before, you are just going along living life like normal and then you feel a new energy circulating around you or within you?

Audience: When I was first getting into some of the Reki I started felling like I was just falling in love with everybody I was around and I did not understand what was happening. I would hug people and have this kind of a different experience and it was like I was not even in my body anymore during the hug and people didn’t know how to take it. It was very profound experience.

JJ: You have twelve petals around your heart center and a more advanced person may have say nine, ten and eleven already unfolded and then another unfolds and you get this rush of love energy so wherever you were at you probably had one of the heart petals unfold. You have six of them connected with the pure love energy and six of them connected with higher reason and wisdom. That is why the heart center petals are called the love wisdom center. Part of the petals are connected with wisdom and part of them are connected with the love energy itself. It sounds like you had one of the love energy petals unfold.

Now your throat center is your creative center and if all of a sudden you have the sense to write or create something it is probably because one of your throat petals in the creative center began to unfold and it is sending additional energy into you and you, all of a sudden, feel, I have to do something creative like write, paint, create music or whatever. Now when the petals begin to unfold, new energies are released and they are difficult to deal with at first because a person may feel that something is wrong with them for they have not felt this before.

If he accepts the energy and goes with it he will grow and his health and vitality will be good but if he rejects the energy then this produces ill health and this is one of the greatest causes of ill health. There is always a new energy unfolding in us and it is foreign to us so the natural inclination is to reject it and if it is a major energy it may take us three or four lifetimes to adapt to it and if it is a minor energy it will much easier to assimilate. But if it is a major one then it may take several lifetimes to adapt to and it may lead us along paths we do not want to go and may lead us to develop skills that we do not think we are good at.

They say the most terrifying thing to do is what I am doing right now, public speaking. I remember the first time I ever had to give a speech and it was the most terrifying thing I had ever experienced at that time in my life but now it is pretty easy. But the first time I did it I was just terrified beyond belief. They say if a person has never given a speech before that it is the most terrifying thing that you can do. Lets say your soul is leading you in that direction to give public speeches and you think, I am not good at it, I am boring, I don’t have a clue as to what to say, but all of a sudden your soul is pushing you that direction.

If you resist then your soul will not let up on you and will continue to push you in that direction and will make your life very discomforting until you go along with it. If you go with it then you will experience tremendous growth and it will be wonderful growing period. And this is the way it works – it squeezes you tighter and tighter until you say uncle! Okay I will do it.

When you think back on your life of the greatest lessons you learned where at first you resisted and resisted and things got worse and worse and then finally you gave in and learned the lesson. Now you are good at and now you love the thing that you are doing. Can you identify with that statement?

Now if you have not learned your lesson you will probably have to come back in the next life and pretty much live this life all over again but with different circumstances. That is one of the biggest complaints about reincarnation that I get from a lot of the Christians I talk to. They say, I don’t want to live this life over again, this has a been a tough life and I just want to go and live with Jesus now.

Actually if we learn our lesson then we don’t have to live this life over again, we move on and live a better and more interesting life than we have now but if we don’t learn our lesson we have to come back and not live the exact life over again but a similar more difficult one. It is going to be harder the next time because the soul that governs you will say well he did not learn it with the situation I put him last time so I have to put him in a tougher situation this time so he’ll get the message.

As we began our progression we went through trial and error and this is a very slow process until we reach the point of what this class is about tonight, the birth of the Christ within. When that begins then it is kind of like the end of a parabolic curve. In the beginning we can hardly see any progression at all and then we reach a point where it goes up very dramatically. A large percentage of our lifetimes are spent in trial and error and progression is very slow.

Some people seem to just progress very slowly but then, on the other hand, someone may be looking at you and think you are not progressing so well either. We progress along through trial and error and as we move ahead we finally reach a point where we think that there has to be a better way to do this. You feel very tired and you don’t know why you feel this tiredness because you are not aware that you have traveled through hundreds of lifetimes and this tiredness is just there within you and you sensed that there has to be something better than this. When this occurs then at this moment a new energy begins to stir within you if your soul sees that you are ready then your heart center will begin to open up and one of the love petals of the heart center will begin to unfold and this is the sign of the birth of the Christ within.

Now there is a false birth and this happens in the solar plexus center governing lower emotions. When people talk about heart energies a lot of them are really identifying with the solar plexus, which is the lower emotional self. There is a big difference between the lower emotional energies and the higher heart energies. The lower emotional energy is possessive and if a person is centered in the lower emotional and he says I love you what he really means is I want to possess you, own you, manage you and I want you to make me happy. That is what he means when he says I love you from the solar plexus. What is the difference when the person says I love you from the heart center when the birth of the Christ within him is happening to him?


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