McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 22

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A Unique Universe

Audience: I have a theory, in the mental health field there is a diagnosis called sociopath, my theory has been that the sociopath is not connected with their golden thread anymore and they have completely severed their connection and are no longer connected to the collective consciousness of human beings and that is why they are able to commit their atrocities. If this theory is correct than is that a sign that they are on the dark path or are they truly a dark brother walking amongst us?

JJ: It could be except a sociopath often lacks an understanding of what they are doing and it is more of an illness. I think some of them still have the thread that will eventually be re-established. A person can be temporarily be disconnected from the soul for a lifetime and then re-establish the connection in a future life. What makes a dark brother different is that he sees the two paths for he has to be a fairly advanced soul before he can even choose the dark path, Like Hitler chose the dark path and he was a very intelligent person, a second degree initiate, so he was fairly high there.

He had the birth of the Christ within at one time in his past and he had worked to overcome glamour and then he misused the plane of the mind and that is why he used the mind to teach the Nazis to overlook all compassion. Do not have compassion for these people because that will be our downfall, and so the whole of Nazism operated on the ideal of no compassion. The true dark brother chooses the path and he knows what he is doing and Hitler knew what he was doing. A typical sociopath is not advanced enough to make the choice necessary to be a dark brother and must be healed and come back several times before he can even make the choice.

Audience Larry: On the life of the soul, you wrote an article on someone who really did not have a life living in primitive circumstances.

JJ: Was that the book I started and never finished on the progression of the soul from self-consciousness to initiation?

Audience Larry: Yes it was on the progression of the soul and I would like you to finish that one. My point is that everyone at some point is very early in the life of the soul, and at that point they are almost like the sociopath and have little empathy or sympathy for anyone, they are like a very young child that does not understand these things yet. They could hurt someone and laugh because they have no concept of these situations. Some of these people we call sociopaths, evil or whatever, they will come along and if they want something then they will kill someone and take it not thinking about it. A lot of times this person is far down on the evolutionary scale,

Audience member: Yes but their intelligence is high.

Audience Larry: Yes their intelligence is high but intelligence is not sympathy or empathy and those are learned through experiencing life.

JJ: And this is an interesting point, all of us go through a period of extreme selfishness that lasts for a number of lifetimes in our evolution. If you are not selfish now then you probably were in a past series of previous lifetimes. What this process of selfishness teaches us is that selfishness does not bring us happiness. So we have to go through selfishness until we reach the bottom of selfishness and then when we reach that point we have to ask ourselves the question of do I want to continue on this path and is this working for me? Some people will go off the path and then come back on and it is very difficult to get off the path of selfishness but most of us accomplish this after many struggles.

Audience: Some people refer to the selfish nature as the reptilian part of your brain.

JJ: Many seekers, when they see someone in that mode they will say that they are on the dark side. Most of these people are not on the dark side, but are going through that selfish point in their evolution and they will eventually come back around to the path of light and group consciousness.

Audience: Most people do learn when they experience pain and suffering and begin to pick up empathy but some other people instead of picking up empathy say that they have just not perfected their focus to get what they want.

JJ: That is a good point, they will say that they are just not selfish enough and I have to use my selfishness with more ingenuity and I will be happy. Then there are those who go off the path of selfishness like Hitler and move up to the second initiation and the selfishness was never completely conquered in his mind. He read all kinds of philosophies and developed a mental philosophy in his mind that pure selfishness was the answer to what he needed to accomplish and so he did everything he could to undermine all the work of the soul.

Audience: I have a difficult question to ask. So we have these forms, our physical, emotional and mental forms which are all surrounded by illusion, but then we have the eternal essence of ourselves which is the power of choice. It is our agency to decide, and our soul and in that realm is our reality yet for some reason that is the enduring part of us but we only have a strand or golden thread to it. We talk about the selfishness of people and that ultimately the soul will reach out and bring us back. If that is our essence and who we truly are then why is it that we have such a difficult time removing or casting off the illusions and contacting our true self? You talk about selfishness and the soul is always reaching out to them and trying to bring them back. Why is the link so fragile and why is it not the rushing of waters because that is really who we are.

JJ: Do you play the piano?

Audience: Just a little bit.

JJ: Tell me something you cannot do. Tell me something that you could not do at all if someone asked you to.

Audience: Calculus

JJ: You have within you the seed of intelligence to be an Einstein in calculus. But you have never done it before. So you just cannot come and have the calculus thread connected which can give you the ability to be a master of it. This can just not happen overnight because you have not mastered calculus in all your history of past lives – so you are starting fresh but within you have the seed for being an Einstein in math. If you decide that you want to make that connection with yourself that will cause you to develop all these abilities and it will take a period of time to master, but if you put your attention on it you will accomplish it.

Now it is true we have a connection with God that has unlimited potential, but the spark of God has never come down mastered through you in physical existence, so you are like a baby just learning here and it takes a long period of time for us to go from scratch in our learning to mastering everything. The spark is within and has potential for us to do anything we decide to do and be anything we decide to be but we have never done this before. It is like in the Book of Revelation; it says “I create a new heaven and a new Earth behold I do all things new.”

That which has never been before will be called into being. In other words, the life of God through us and through the universe is to always be doing new things. Concerning this universe that we are in now – there has never been a universe like it in the history of eternity.

This is a universe that is unlike any others and there have probably been billions of them in existence in the past. This one is totally different, and why is it different? It is new because the life of God wants new challenges, and that is what gives us joy – having challenges and mastering them.

Visualize God when He created this universe and He thought, well the last universe I mastered was tough but was fun to do. I did not think I was going to get out of that one because it was a really difficult but now I have mastered it and I cannot do the same thing over so I am going to create a more complex one and this one is going to be even harder to master. I have to let the old one go and then create a new universe all over again.

So each time God creates a new universe He does it with additional complications to make it interesting. When we play a game do we want to play a game where we win all the time? Monopoly is a great game because it has tremendous pitfalls. You can loose everything in one move and then in another move you can gain everything and it is really a good example of how life works. Life is like this. So God created this universe and you are part of the creation. Your job is to come down and enliven the spark of God within you and master everything within your sphere and what you are doing is different than any other being in the entire universe; your problems are unique to you.

As each one of us look over our lives we can all see this. No one has lived a life exactly like I have lived, thank God, and nobody has live life exactly the way that Susan has lived. We all have our complications and it is our job to solve them and solving them is what makes life interesting. We do not want to play a game unless there is tension. The greatest game that the Boise State Broncos played was the Fiesta Bowl in 2007. How many of you saw this? You saw it Larry. That was a pretty good game, wasn’t it?

There we were, the underdog and we had never played a team of this caliber before and there were on national TV and were ahead by several touchdowns and then we had a fluke turnover happen and got behind and it looked like we had lost the game. Then in the last 20 seconds we scored a touchdown that took the game into overtime. The overtime lead to a two-point conversion and by hook and lateral play, a very inventive play and we pulled it off. At a tremendous risk pulled the victory out of the hat and I will tell you Boise has never been so thrilled, the whole city was celebrating! Those guys came home and they were like the biggest heroes you had ever seen. We not only beat Oklahoma, but we beat them in the last 20 seconds! That point of tension caused everyone in Boise to feel good about their life for a month or two. If you met someone in a grocery store they would go, oh did you see that game? Go Broncos! Even people that did like football were excited.

It was a great game because it was tough, it was really hard. John Kennedy said, we were going to moon, not because it is easy but because it is hard. You do not hear a politician make that statement anymore. If Bush were to say that now than people would look at him and say, you know that Bush was as stupid as I thought he was. But Kennedy said this in a way that got to us and when we landed on the moon we were celebrating! It was like Boise winning that Fiesta Bowl, it was a great feeling!

Audience: I do not know Tyler if this might shed some light on what you asked but I have been thinking about what you said and I have had one or two experiences where I felt like I was really connected to something higher spiritually and you asked why is our connection so tenuous and why is it not like a rushing water. I really think that at least for me and where I am at right now that if I had a really strong continuous connection with that spirit, it would almost take away my ability to have free will because it is so overpowering, it is so,

Audience member: It would be so easy to just sit there and wallow in it and enjoy it.

Audience: Exactly, I think it would take away my ability to make decisions because I would be overwhelmed with the pure joy and delight of it, so maybe that is the reason that our connection is tenuous because if it were not than our ability to experience and grow and make decisions and do all the things that we are here to do would be some how overpowered by that.

Audience: I think it is like when baby is born and grows and begins to use muscles and build them up. Our spiritual connection is like a muscle and the more you use it the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets the more you begin to know the joy of that muscle and all that it can do and I think that through free will we choose to build the muscle and when not, and as you get stronger and stronger you find that you do not have to work out all the time and you balance that. I think it is the same thing with spirit, it builds like a muscle and just like you get to the point where you want you physical body in good shape you want your spiritual connection to be solid, continuous and always present because that way it becomes who you are just like your muscles in your body become the machinery that you are working in. You can fine-tune your machine so that it is not holding you back from doing what you want it to do. In turn allowing you more freedom to do more and grow and the time, attention and focus is what allows that allows that growth to take place.

JJ: Yes and when it does take place then you feel a really great sense of accomplishment and if it were easy than you would not feel this sense of accomplishment.

Audience: And you get so used to it that it becomes a part of you are that is it is turned off or shuts down then you feel alone and lonely because you are used to having that connection and it becomes who you are.

Audience: The nature of all this as I understand it is to master the spirit in the physical, to bring the duality into one eventually and thus completing one task so that we may take on another.

JJ: Master the spirit and conquer the flesh so to speak.

Audience: This is a good teaching environment.

Audience: maybe God knows that we are more capable of what we are than we do and pushes us to achieve more.

Audience: If you want to teach somebody something you want the right environment for him or her so that they can teach through trial and error from experiencing the lesson first hand master the ability to the greatest extent that they can. And so if we had an environment that was easy then how would we master anything and how much growth would take place? If we have an environment that is complex and with multiple choices and multiple sides of illusion so that the more choices we have then the more diversity and discernment and choice, the chances that we are given so that we can get good at it, the environment has to be conducive so that we get the maximum learning potential from it. What we came to learn was not easy so why would we have an easy environment to do it in.

JJ: It is a little bit like basic training. You could say that we are in basic training right now. Basic training is hard so that you will be successful in the end.

Audience: Why call it hard? Just try to understand it. Just simply understand that there is this difference.

JJ: In basic training if you understand it, it still hurts.

Audience: Laughter. It is like you said earlier, God made it hard on purpose, and if I understand you correctly that He has made this so hard that there is the potential that He will not win at this game.

JJ: Yes, He can lose a number of times but the Spirit is eternal and eventually finds a way to succeed. The more difficult it is the more driven we become.

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