The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 7

Day 61

I will see the real world

Our lower emotional self, who we have nicknamed “the tricky devil” has taken the real world and created another for you that is a distorted reflection as is an mage in a mirror. When you comb your hair in the morning and look in the mirror you just assume that is the real you that you are seeing. You assume this because this is what you see each day and it seems normal. Actually it is not the real you, but a reflection that reverses your image.

To understand, hold up a page of type and look at the words through the mirror. Now try and read them. It is very difficult for they are reversed.

The reversal is extremely obvious when you look at words, but not obvious at all when you look at your face.

Let us correspond your true face to the real world wherein resides your true self, your soul or your higher self. This true self is reflected down into the emotional world. When it is reflected everything is distorted because all is reversed. But when you look at the whole picture it all seems quite normal and you seem to have no reason to question this reality.

On the other hand, the various words represent specific truths. For long periods of time the seeker only looks at his general face and does not examine or contemplate specifics. The when he finally does seek greater knowledge and holds up and examines words in the reflection he is somewhat startled. He learns the distortion of the emotional self has reversed everything, and trying to decipher truth through the mirror images of the feeling nature is difficult indeed.

There comes a time in the journey of the seeker when he finally wakes up and takes notice of the reversal. When this time comes he is amazed that he was not aware of this distortion before. But now it has been brought to his attention he begins to notice it everywhere.

When he has conversations with friends he finds that many are not aware of the reversal and talk of reversed truth as if it is the pure truth. He finds they often become angry when he tries to show them the true image.

He notices the same problem when he hears teachers and educated peoples speak. Then when he turns on the news he hears the reversals in much of the media.

When he attends church he discovers that the reversals show up there also and when he listens to politicians debate he finds the reversals are particularly pronounced.

He finds a few others who understand the reversal and feels a connection with them, but overall most seem affected to some degree.

For the assignment today the seeker again needs to ask:

“Am I still trapped in the emotional world and seeing many things in reverse?”

If you think you have escaped the reverse then name three truths you see in reality that many see in reverse.

“How can I dominate my emotional self so I can focus on the real world.”

Remember the most harmful reverse concerns love itself. Reverse love is feeling generated by a desire to possess. Real love is the desire for union, accompanied by a willingness to serve to make that happen.

“I seek the real world where love of union and truth prevails.”


Day 62

I will rise above emotional thinking

The emotional world with its reverse thinking is difficult for the seeker to break out of, especially when that is all he knows. He’s a little like a fish that has been surrounded by water all of his life. It’s not even aware of the water and his dependence on it. It does not even occur to him that there is anything else besides water in which life can exist.

When the emotionally polarized person allows his thinking to be determined by his feeling nature he will come to many wrong conclusions and they will seem right to him.

If something feels right to him he will think it is right, even though the direction may end in disaster. His problem is that he goes with his feeling nature without the benefit of stopping and thinking through the whole satiation to see if his feelings are correct.

The feeling nature likes to link itself to some good sounding ideal. In fact it may be more than something that merely sounds good, it may be something quite praiseworthy.

Let us say, for instance, that his feeling nature gloms on to an ideal of helping the homeless. That is fine and good, but suppose that this consumes him so much that he gives so much time and money that his own family is neglected and his spouse leaves him and his kids are emotional wrecks.

Any ideal pursued without the cooperation of mind and reason can, and usually does, backfire on the individual.

We as a nation have made this same mistake by pursuing ideals that feel good to us but without the application of reason. We have spend ourselves into $20 trillion of debt chasing our ideals that feel good, but without reasoning out how we are going to pay for them. The feeling nature never considers the day that we may have an explosive collapse that could send all of our ideals out the window.

When the feeling person stuck in the reflected reversed world promotes his ideal and is met with reasoning that challenges his end result he often gets quite agitated and accuses the challenger of being against his ideal, for instance helping the homeless. The thinker may want to help the homeless as much as the feeling guy, but just has a different way of going about it.

We have many strong divisions in the world today. Some of them are caused by the clash of two ideals, both sides supported by reversed thinking through feeling, but others are caused by challenges to ideals by those who apply thought and reason.

Peace on earth will come when the majority of the people will cease being controlled by the feeling nature and come to see how it can lead to false conclusions. By lifting themselves up to the realm of thought and reason a people can learn to peacefully co-exist, even though different opinions still persist.

The seeker must learn to step free of the control of his thoughts by the feeling self. Incorporating elements of the mind will not take him directly to soul contact, but it is a step that must be taken. The seeker must step out of himself, be the observer and figure out how he can achieve his ideals on one hand without creating disaster on the other.

The assignment today is to examine your beliefs and ideals. Do you have religious beliefs that feel right, but are not logical? How about your political beliefs? Maybe you chose a career or mate that felt right at the time, but on hindsight was a very illogical choice.

What are your ideals and goals now? Do you have any logical plans or are you just feeling your way?

Have you broken through the emotionally based reversed thinking so you can bask in the clear light of reason? Let us hope you are headed that direction.

“I will rise above the fog of lower emotions and bask in the clear light of the mind on the way home to Spirit.”


Day 63

I will discern the two emotions

There are different degrees of feeling as well as mind. There are two basic divisions of each. There are lower feelings and higher feelings. Then there is a lower mind and a higher one.

An important step toward soul contact is for the seeker to understand his two feeling natures.

Most only recognize one emotional self which seems to be the source of all positive and negative feelings, from love to hate, unhappiness to happiness and all others that manifest.

Because the feelings seem to come from living in the body and nowhere else it does not even occur to most to seek feeling from any other source. The package of feelings that the average person has seems to be it. End of story.

Except it isn’t.

You are in the dream world of the soul and your feelings here are much different than in the real world of your origin. Much of our consciousness is still there in that greater reality, but it does not occur to most to access it just as when you have a dream at night it does not occur to your dream self to access your waking mind.

Consider your dreams. You have feelings there, but they are different. You may do something totally outrageous in a dream and your emotions there would have little effect. Many of the things you feel in a dream are different than they would be if the dream were real.

Just as your feelings and thoughts are different and more intense in regular day consciousness than in a dream, even so, the feelings of your inner self are more real, intense and fulfilling than they are in this outer world.

In this world there are different degrees of feeling. If you won $50 in the lottery you experience some positive feelings, but if you won a million dollars your feelings would go through the roof. Yet in this example both degrees of feeling are completely connected to this world.

There is another set of feelings connected to your true and Higher Self in the kingdom of God within. Negative feelings, as we understand them, do not exist there for there is no fear of loss. We have negative feelings here because we are either concerned about loss or have seemed to have suffered it

For instance, you get angry because something has been taken away.

You hate because another has taken something.

You get jealous because of fear of loss.

Where there is no concern for loss, as we have here, there is no need for negative emotion and the life essence can focus on what is important. And what is most important for the soul is divine love which seeks to gather together in union all the children of God.

We mentioned there are lower and higher feelings, but in his world there is another category which is a mixture of the two.

A pilgrim on the path may go out of his way to help a troubled person and in a moment of receiving great appreciation for the deed a window opens in his consciousness and he feels a feeling of universal love that is more fine and pure than regular love. The feeling lasted just a short time, but he reflects on it often, as it did not feel foreign, but more like acceptance in a true home.

The goal of the seeker is to merge with the soul so he can enjoy this blissful feeling at all times. Fortunately, most of us have caught glimpses of the higher feeling nature. Some examples may be.

  • After helping another as in the example.
  • Falling in love and seeing perfection in one you adore.
  • Freeing yourself from grievance though forgiveness
  • Hearing or reading words that inspire you.
  • Receiving an answer from within after a long search.
  • A miraculous healing

Though the seeker may not have fused with his soul he has caught a glimpse and that glimpse can be a source of reflection that can bring him closer to more inner contact.

The assignment today is to reflect on a time or two in your life when you feel you have caught a glimpse of the higher feelings of the soul. Once you have identified an occasion sit back, close your eyes and relive the event in your consciousness. Go back in consciousness as if you are there again, living through the scene vividly feeling the wonderful feelings again.

If you do this successfully it will bring you closer to your soul in the present and increase your chances for additional contact.

Repeat this reliving experience several times during the day with this thought:

“I am in the eternal now experiencing eternal love.”


Day 64

I see harmony in truth

Why is it that two or more people can receive two or more totally different answers and claim that they were from God, the soul or Divine Intelligence?

If their answers were not from God where did they come from?

This is a question that has perplexed many. Sometimes a seeker will discover two teachers that seemed inspired, yet parts of their messages seem to contradict. How can this be, he wonders?

The first principle to be registered with the seeker is this. In the realm of the soul truth prevails and nothing but truth exists. All communication received directly from the soul does not contradict any other revelation from the soul. All soul to soul communication is in harmony.

Teachers claiming revelation from God receive from three sources.

(1) Direct communication through the soul.

(2) A glimpse of truth from the soul, mixed in with his own ideas.

(3) From his higher emotional self that he mistakes for the soul, but has distorted truth by reflection.

The teacher using method number three will have the most errors. Some details may be correct but most of his conclusions will be wrong.

The one using method two will have some inspired ideas that will garner attention, but still have errors and wrong conclusions because of distortions mixed in with the lower personality.

You would think the seeker could depend on the teacher who has direct soul contact to be 100% reliable but even this is not quite true. There are two reasons for this.

(1) The teacher has to put the formless concepts of the Higher Self into words of form, and words, no matter how carefully put together, do not always represent the original idea without distortion. Even the simplest words of Jesus are interpreted a number of different ways by students.

(2) All teachers are human and sometimes, after receiving a divine idea and filtering it through the lower personality, distortion will be the result and the original revelation will suffer from a loss of purity.

From this we can see the importance of this course. It is only by establishing soul contact for himself that the seeker can see truth for what it is and avoid deception.

An important key to discovery is this. Truth does not conflict with truth. If one statement disagrees with another statement then one or both of them are incorrect. – or at least understood incorrectly.

This brings us to another complexity. A statement may represent a true idea yet be correctly understood by one and incorrectly by another. Only one who is close to the inner Spirit will be able to perceive truth in all cases.

If a statement is blatantly false one with soul contact will sense this. If it is truth, but poorly worded, he will realize this. If it is truth as clear as word can be, he will have knowing about this.

Thus we can see that the ultimate responsibility for perceiving truth is not on the teacher, but the student. We all must seek inner verification to achieve the union of a few, followed by the many.

No matter where one is on the path a contradiction that surfaces is a signal that the thought should be tested in the realm of the soul.

Think back to contradictions that led you to greater light. Maybe the first was concerning Santa Claus. How could he possibly visit millions of kids in one night? How could the fat dude ever get down the chimney etc.?

Then maybe things in your religion did not compute. How does God hear millions of prayers a once?

If He loves us, then why do we suffer?

How is it that those who are claiming to be saved are some of the most irritating people, the likes of which would make heaven turn into hell?

Reflect on questions like these that led you to question and come closer to the truth.

Now reflect on your current beliefs and see if you can find one that may not be in harmony with truth. Think it through in connection with your soul and see where it takes you.

Affirmation: “I have taken many steps that have led me toward the truth. Now I will take one more.”


Day 65

I seek to understand the two worlds

Glad you are still here. For some, the goal of stable soul contact may seem far away and others will seem within reach. Wherever you are, this course will help you take your next step. Please continue on, having faith in the dominating good that is the goal of your own soul.

The fact that there are two worlds of feeling create much confusion for those who are only aware of one world. Unfortunately, all but a few are stuck in the one world consciousness. If you have never eaten a peach before and I described how it tasted you may have erroneous ideas of the taste because you have not experienced it. For instance, my description may lead you to assume it is a lot like an apple.

Even so, when one who has soul contact explains it to one who has not experienced it this person will often claim he has also experienced it.

Why would a person who has not experienced the higher feelings assume that he has felt them?

The reason is that he has degrees of feeling and intensity of feeling within his lower emotional self. When a higher part of his emotional body is stimulated he will assume this is as high as anyone gets and often think it is from God. When another describes the higher feelings of the soul to him he will assume it is the same as his higher emotional feelings.

Many touch the soul a couple times in their life but allow the memory of the experience to go out of their consciousness. One of the key ingredients to soul contact is to recognize it when it happens and keep the recollection in the memory. If an attempt is not made to do this the actual memory of how it felt may flee completely just as the memory of a dream may fade shortly after awakening.

Most people therefore, have not contacted the soul or held on to the reality of the contact that will allow them to rise above the feelings of the emotional self.

This creates a great problem in the world. Because most are centered on the lower emotional world their perceptions of truth are filtered through the emotional body which will distort truth, often turning it upside down from true reality. A person under the curse of this distortion may be deceived in a number of different ways such as:

  • He will mistake good for evil and evil for good.
  • In today’s political firestorm he may point a finger of accusation at his neighbor as being evil just for having a different political opinion.
  • He may become captivated by some teacher, guru or prophet who promotes many erroneous ideas.
  • He may be deceived by get rich quick schemes.
  • When he hears a truth that runs counter to his emotions he will instantly reject it and refuse to investigate the facts.
  • He will not recognize a person with true soul contact, but because the vibration is different he may assume the guy is in league with the devil.

There is no clear criteria that can be given out so the seeker can recognize those centered in the lower emotion and those with soul contact. Those with soul contact can recognize each other and discern those centered in the emotions, but those who are emotionally polarized cannot tell the difference. It is difficult to nudge them toward their next step as they do not see that a next step is needed.

Adding to confusion is that many people who are considered highly intelligent and well educated are still centered in the emotions. This includes many who have studied various spiritual disciplines, some with a wide knowledge, even with spiritual experiences to relate. Remember that there is much spiritual phenomena that originates in the emotional body.

There is one criteria which gives evidence of soul contact. The guidance from the soul will always be accurate. Direction received from the lower emotions is often wrong and creates more problems than it solves.

Your assignment today is to reflect on where you are on the path to soul contact. Are you aware of the two worlds of feeling? Can you discern the difference? Can you see how many are controlled by lower emotions rather than the mind, reason and Spirit? What is your next step to achieve more reliable soul contact?

Affirmation: “I will contemplate the two worlds of feeling and understand the difference.”


Day 66

I will correct my mistakes

When the seeker receives a revelation from the soul he will discover that it will often involve a correction of some kind. It may involve a correction of his belief system or some type of action he believed to be correct.

When a correction is given the seeker will be expected to implement it. If he does not then the Higher Self will assume he is not yet ready for consistent communion and withdraw for a time.

Thus we see that following the highest we know is of extreme importance. If the seeker receives something to correct his course and he ignores it then he is not following the highest he knows.

An important key to soul contact is to incorporate correction as soon as a mistake is revealed.

The seeker does not have to wait until he gets a clear revelation before applying this principle. All of us receive information in daily life that reveal errors in our thinking and actions. The problem is that it is a natural instinct among us humans to resist change and often not make needed corrections.

Flaws that need correction can range from annoying personality defects to bigger problems that cause hurt to others.

Whether big or small the seeker needs to pay attention and correct his mistakes.

A good way to gauge your need for correction is to listen to what others complain about concerning yourself. Here are possibilities:

You interrupt others too much.

You talk too much.

You don’t talk enough.

You do not listen.

You are a reckless driver

Your jokes aren’t funny

You have body odor

You are a Debbie Downer

You are too argumentative

You need to control your temper

The list could go on and on. Now these things do not involve big corrections like some revelation from God may entail, but they provide good practice at making corrections and when the seeker gets in the habit of making them he is getting prepared to receive higher things.

One problem with flaws that need to be addressed is that often friends will be hesitant to reveal them. They may be nice people who do not want to sound too critical. In addition to this many of our most hindering defects are subtle. Such flaws may not bother friends but are still a hindrance to progress.

To find these hindrances the seeker must regularly examine himself and assess new corrections that need to be made. For instance, maybe you waste over an hour a day that could be applied to productive work. Your friends do not care about that, but your soul does and so should you.

The seeker, therefore, must be self-initiating and study himself for ways to become more effective.

The assignment today is to first reflect on your past. What did people complain about concerning you when you were younger?

Do you still hear the same complaint?

If the answer is yes then perhaps you are not working hard enough in making corrections.

It is a good sign if some complaints are not surfacing any more. Perhaps you have been working on making corrections.

Now reflect on complaints you may be receiving in the present time. Do they represent real flaws or are they just in your friends’ imagination? If more than one person is making the same complaint the chances are that some correction is in order. Ask yourself, am I resisting hearing the truth and making changes?

Finally, find a correction you can make that no one is complaining about, but would make you a better person. You alone can see what this is if you will look.

Affirmation: “As I make corrections, my soul will take notice and trust me.”


Day 67

I will keep my focus on the higher world

Most seekers have, at one time or another, sensed a communication through soul energy from the Higher Self, that is also called the soul. Sometimes it has come though a higher feeling of spiritual love, other times the still small voice while still others it may be an impression accompanied by a knowing that it came from a higher source.

Those who are approaching soul contact, but not yet solidified in it will encounter many temptations to return to focusing on the material world and dismiss their higher communications.

When a higher communication is received it usually stays vivid in the consciousness for about three days. During this short period the seeker feels very positive about the experience being real and from God or a higher source.

After the three days has passed the pull of the material world returns in what seems to be double strength. Often a fearful incident will occur that will totally shift his attention way from the soul. This will energize the darkest part of his emotional self and when this becomes activated all thought of soul energies seem to flee as if they were a part of an illusionary dream.

If these darker energies successfully capture his attention the previous soul contact will become as if it never was. Though it may be lightly etched in his brain memory he ceases to reflect on it and the feeling associated with it is lost. He makes no attempt to recapture it and recall that it was something higher than normal emotion. Many will assume that they just imagined the experience, for now the experience seems like a dream because the feeling behind it was not retained.

If the seeker yields his focus to the lower self after receiving from the Higher Self he will lose the benefit and it may be sometime before he has a chance to experience it again.

Your assignment today is to reflect on several times in your life when you may have received a higher communication. First pick the one that was the most potent, close your eyes and let your consciousness go back to it and ask:

“Did I let the material world diminish my experience? Have I forgotten the beauty and intensity it gave me?”

Now go back in your mind to your most recent experience and ask the same questions. In addition ask yourself: “Was I faithful to the guidance or knowledge that I received? What more do I need to do so spiritual contact will be enhanced?”

Affirmation: “I will keep my highest experiences in my consciousness.”


Day 68

I will discern truth from error

The Higher Presence that is within us is always there, awaiting the time when we, as wandering children, will be ready to return and communicate. Each of us is like the prodigal son who is squandering an inheritance of godlike powers and eating with the pigs while the Father, our Higher Self, is ever watching from “a long way off” awaiting for our consciousness to return home where it belongs.

Along the path of return we encounter many obstacles, not the least of which are numerous teachers who give out messages full of error, not in harmony with the soul.

Every time you fall for one of these teachers or messages your soul, with justification, will be aware that you are not yet ready for contact and merging. Since you cannot hear its voice warning you about the falsehoods then it would be useless for it to attempt to make closer contact. Because you are allowing yourself to be deceived by falsehoods and are not doing your part in inner listening then any great attempt of the soul would produce a distorted communication that is likely to do more harm than good.

From the time we were taught about Santa Claus to the present we have all been deceived into believing a number of illusions. Some we have dispelled through our own reasoning while others have been with the assistance of the soul. Sometimes in quiet moments the seeker will be looking inward and the impression will come, “no… that teaching is not correct as stated. Think this thing through.”

Sometimes he gets the hint whereas other times he ignores it. Then there are times that he thinks an impression from the soul is a temptation from the devil himself.

If a seeker is to attain soul contact he must learn to see through falsehood and correctly read those whose hearts are full of deception, glamor and illusion. In other words, he must learn to identify those teachers who are not centered in the soul, as well as those who are.

Think back through your life and reflect upon all the teachers and teachings that you have embraced since childhood. Now think of the ones you discovered to be incorrect. Ask yourself, what led to this discovery?

There are a number of possibilities, such as:

  • Another more convincing teacher changed your mind.
  • Your personal studies and power of reasoning brought you additional light.
  • The false teaching was of no use when problems occurred in your life so you cast them off.
  • You realized that truth is not found in a fanciful vocabulary and mysteries that can never be solved. You looked beyond the intricate exterior to the simple principles at the core.
  • Maybe they were not really false but you just wanted to live a more carefree materialistic life.
  • You received a revelation or impression through the soul that caused you see the error and replace it with a higher truth.

This last one is the quickest and most reliable way to replace error with truth. Without assistance from the soul, the seeker will most likely replace one error with another.

Also what the true seeker will often experience is not so much error replaced with truth, but a partial understanding with a greater understanding. One may have a piece to the puzzle and with a second piece he can see more of the picture, but this does not invalidate the first piece, if that piece is a true part of the whole picture.

Think then through your life. Have you made many discoveries of error and moved on, or just a few. Have you added a lot of pieces to the grand puzzle or just a few?

Now examine your present, the most important of all. How reliable is your current belief system? Is it in harmony with your soul? Are you working on gaining your next piece to the puzzle? If you are indeed focused you may capture the attention of your own soul.

Affirmation: “As I seek for greater knowledge my soul will seek for me.”


Day 69

The two minds

Most of our attention so far has been on problems of distortion created by the emotional self. It is important to begin our lessons of correction on this lower desire-feeling nature because of its potency in our lives. This must be brought under control so the truth will not be obscured if the seeker is to establish reliable soul contact.

The feeling nature is not the only barrier to contact for the seeker. In addition to his emotional self creating problems, his mind adds additional challenges.

Just as you have a higher and lower feeling nature, you have a higher and lower mind. The lower mind is closely linked to the physical brain and works like a great computer. It processes unfathomable amounts of information and, according to what has been placed into it, will provide answers accordingly. It gives answers that are quite black and white according to how it is programed.

The higher part of your mind is linked to your soul and survives you at death. This mind is a living essence and has access to all knowledge and wisdom. One could say it has access to a great spiritual Internet.

Whereas the lower mind is like a great machine that calculates, the higher mind is not confined to a box and is capable of wisdom and understanding. It works very closely with the higher feeling nature whereas the lower mind is often in conflict with both lower and higher feelings.

The higher mind’s union with the higher feeling nature gives them shared qualities that far exceed their lower reflections wherein strong duality resides. In the kingdom of the soul the mind understands empathy, love and union whereas the higher feeling nature merges with mind and shares in understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

Together they represent light and love that create the third quality of a loving light.

Overall, the lower mind and feeling nature led us into many errors that create barriers to soul contact. On the other hand, the higher mind and feelings unravel all distortion of the material world and reveal the true reality behind all things.

As we have noted the lower emotional self causes problems by distortion through wrongly focused desire. How then does the lower mind lead us astray?

It accomplishes this with illusion. It takes the information it has, and from this will often draw wrong conclusions. It makes many errors because incorrect data has been fed into the computer brain. Just as when one feeds wrong information into a computer program he will receive wrong answers this also happens when depending on the lower mind.

Let us say, for example, that Bill was taught as a child that he was born in sin and humans are inherently evil. Jean, on the other hand, was taught that we are innocent at birth and humans are inherently good.

Because of this difference in unquestioned programming the two will come to divergent opinions on a number of items throughout their lives.

But, if they can contact their higher selves and access the higher mind the illusions created by their programming can be dispelled and their thinking corrected.

Your assignment today is to reflect again on your life and attempt to discern programming in your lower mind that has controlled you, This programming may control your current religious or political beliefs. It may have influenced you to choose a certain career, interests, friends or mate.

Ask yourself how much of your life has been determined by programming that you just went along with rather than real free will.

Next ascertain how much of your programing you may have altered and the illusions you may have escaped. Then ask, “What is the main illusion that controls me now?”

Affirmation: “I desire to discover my higher mind so I may be free.”


Day 70

Discovering illusion

There are many illusions in time and space so it should be no surprise that our lower mind is captivated by many of them. The problem begins with the feeling nature which causes great distortion to the seeker who gives it too much heed. Illusion, which is a problem of the mind, is different than distortion.

Let us say that Jack rolls his eyes when Jill doesn’t understand what he is saying. Jill takes that as a sign that Jack thinks she is stupid and gets vary upset. In reality, Jack was not aware of any eye rolling so Jill’s emotional self took something fairly innocent and distorted it into a big problem.

Whereas distortion comes from our emotional self, illusion comes from the mind and greatly affects our belief system.

Example. Ben attends a seminar and listens to a guru who claims to channel space aliens. The guy goes into a trance and describes what life is like on planet Arbucle circling around Sirius. These aliens claim to be close to God and have access to much more truth than we do. The guru gives out teachings from them on how to live our lives until the shift of the axis which will come in ten years. If followers raise their vibration the aliens will come and save them.

Now Ben’s emotional self does not distort anything the guru says, but his mind is tricked by numerous illusions at play. Ben is tricked because his impressionable mind just accepts without breaking everything down and examining the teachings piece by piece.

Here are questions he must ask himself.

Is the Guru just making up the channeled material or is another being really speaking through him?

Now some channels are pretty impressive and speak with an entirely different voice and personality as well as coming up with material beyond the guru’s intelligence. Therefore, Ben may logically conclude that some type of intelligence beyond the guru’s mind is coming up with the material.

The next question is whether this entity speaking through the guru is who he says he is. This is where the illusion often manifests in a situation like this. Bob’s likely to be so impressed that he will accept without question, but he must question.

On the other end of the belief spectrum a born again Christian may automatically assume the channeled entity is a demon, or maybe the devil himself. Making this assumption is also illusionary and caused by his religious programming.

The next question to ask is how true and consistent is the channeled material. Many students think that if something is channeled from a higher intelligence then it must be true.

The truth is that there is error in much channeled material and examining the teachings is the most important factor in unraveling all the illusions involved.

People like Ben must use his common sense and reasoning powers, and, as much as possible, run the teachings by his own soul. Often those who do not have solid soul contact can decipher enough truth with reasoning alone to keep them out of trouble.

The space alien idea is easy to dismiss but the truth is that most people encounter illusions just as far-fetched in normal life.

Such illusions may come from a teacher of a popular religion, a salesman, a too-good-to-be-true investment proposal, a politician promising us the moon or even a person of romantic interest who is deceptive.

In all these and more it is the seeker’s responsibility to use all his powers of truth detection to see through the illusions.

The assignment today is to again examine your life and recall incidents where you have been tricked because of illusion not seen through. Have you ever lost money in a scam, ever been deceived by a lover, ever fell for a teaching or prediction that was discovered to be false?

Ask yourself how you discovered the truth behind the illusion. Did you learn from the experience so you cannot be tricked in the same way again?

Now examine your current life and beliefs. Are there some possible illusions that captivate you now? Examine your beliefs and question them.

Affirmation: “Even though I am open to all things, I will question all things.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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