The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 15

Day 158

The New Jerusalem Meditation


The Master finishes his lesson and you retire to your room. You find that you can easily furnish it with anything you desire. If you want a chair, it is there, a sofa or a bed; no problem. If you want paintings on the wall, they are there.

You create a comfortable chair, sit back and relax. As you contemplate you realize that there are no barriers here to prevent you from communicating with anyone living or dead and decide to call forth a loved one who has passed away.

First you decide on a loved one that you wish to contact. Take all the time you need to make a selection. After you have made the decision sit back and relax and focus on the empty space in front of you. As you look ahead audibly call out the person’s name three times, each time a little louder than the one before. There should be at least 30 seconds between each call and no more than two minutes.

On the first call visualize seeing the image of the person. On the second, focus on feeling the love and essence of him or her. After the third, listen for this person to speak something to you.

Now start a conversation with this person and follow the thread wherever it goes.

Try this exercise three times over a three day periods and take note of the results.

Affirmation: “God is a God of the living, not the dead, for there is no death in his kingdom.”


Day 159

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Thought and Belief

So, how did your conversation go with your loved one who has passed over?

A handful will feel they have made real contact, but if you are like most who sincerely attempt this you will have created some dialogue that you are not sure is the real thing or just your imagination at work.

At this point it does not matter if all that is taking place is your imagination and here is the reason. There is a supreme law governing thought and energy which is, “Energy follows thought.”

Therefore your imagination is not some thing that just creates flashes of images and then dissipates as if nothing happened. Instead, your thought and imagination collect existing flows of energy and when enough thought is accumulated that which has been imagined becomes real.

This principle was applied on the previous lessons on the mastermind group and can be applied to contacting dead loved ones. Actually, contacting dead loved ones will be easier because you already have a strong emotional link with them and there is already some inner contact whether you be aware of it or not.

Here is how this exercise will work for the typical seeker that persists.

He or she will call out the name of the deceased as instructed and imagine getting a response. He feels the response was mostly his imagination but tries again the second day. This time the response seemed a little more vivid so he tries again the third day. On the third try the communion was real enough to give encouragement to persist. He continues to enter his room, sit in his chair and communicate with his loved one beyond the veil. Eventually, he realizes that he has gone beyond the imagination and is really making contact.

What happened for this seeker was that his thought created a focal point of energy that made the spiritual phone (for want of a better term) of the loved one ring. In other words, the condensed energy got the attention of the loved one and drew his or her presence close so real communication becomes possible.

An important element that adds power to this type of thought is belief. Belief supercharges a thought and a belief that contact is possible makes the effort much easier.

Remember the words of the Master, “all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23

All thought is a creative force, but thought energized by belief penetrates all barriers.

The assignment today is to repeat the same one given yesterday – call on the person three times, but make a conscious effort to energize your thought with belief. Be completely open to having a real experience.

Affirmation: “As I believe in my thoughts I see them come to life.”


Day 160

The New Jerusalem Meditation


If you practiced the last two lessons you are feeling closer to your loved one who has passed. You may not feel yet that the contact is real, but you definitely feel closer to this person.

The next step is to make this contact a reality so you will definitely realize interplay is going on between you.

To make this happen it is helpful to realize that it is much easier for those on the other side to tune into you than you them. After death the person awakens to a higher state of consciousness and has much more access to lines of communication than we have here. If one who has passed receives a notification that you are trying to make contact then he will tune in and monitor the effort. When you have drawn enough energy by the power of your thought to create a point of tension then two-way communication becomes possible.

Embrace this idea with faith and real communion can occur.

Memories of experiences with loved ones can draw forth powerful emotions and provide an extra source of power to link two souls.

Your assignment today is to relax, close your eyes and let your mind go back to experiences you have had with this deceased loved one. First pick one pleasant and specific memory. Go back to the beginning of the memory and proceed incrementally until you reach the end. Do not attempt to do this quickly, but take your time, even recalling some of the conversations that took place. You may recall things about the experience that have been long forgotten. In some cases seekers will recall parts of their experience in real time as if they are reliving it.

When you have finished with the first experience then pick another and again relive it from beginning to end. After this, pick a third one. Attempt to recall and relive at least three experiences. You can do more if you like but do at least three.

After you are finished call the person by name again three times as before. Do this fresh from the memory of reliving the experiences. Attempt to feel the presence in between calling out the name. After the third invocation sit in silence for a few moments and listen for a response – listen for words to come to you from the loved one as well as impressions. A spiritual impression can be worth many words.

Affirmation: “I call forth my memories and relive them when desired.”


Day 161

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Feeling Your Way

Love is a super powerful attractive force. If a person loves something he will gravitate toward it. If he feels love coming toward him he will similarly respond. Love draws two or more together who are separated.

If the seeker therefore wishes to draw a deceased loved one toward him so communication becomes possible then love would certainly be an aid in that endeavor

Today we will bring as much love as possible into the attempt at communion.

Sit in your chair, relax and go through the procedure of calling this person by name three times and then listening and feeling for a response.

Again let your mind go back to an experience with the loved one who has been the object of your attention for this exercise. Pick a time where you shared good or loving feelings. This time put your attention on feeling rather than seeing images or hearing actual words. Start by extending your love to this person. Call the person by name and say something to this effect: “I love you and look forward to being with you again.” After saying this attempt to relive the feeling of the experience you have picked.

As you relive an experience with your loved one let your heart go back in time and let yourself feel all the feelings you felt throughout the experience. Maybe all the feelings at the time were not loving. That’s okay – just let all the feelings come to the surface. Just as you can go back in time and relive a conversation you can also go back and relive feelings. Some will be better at reliving the dialog and others will be find it easier to relive the feelings. It is a good idea to practice doing both.

As you find yourself going back in consciousness and feeling try to see the time passing fairly close to real time so you can soak in the feelings you had at that time. Try and spend five minutes or more reliving the feelings of the occasion. If you arrive at an intense moment and feel inclined to go through it more than once then do so. Follow whatever impressions come to you during this exercise.

Next follow this same procedure with another experience and then move onward to a third.

Reliving these feelings will make you feel close to your loved one and the closer you feel the greater will be the ease of communion.

Affirmation: “God is love and so am I.”


Day 162

The New Jerusalem Meditation


Intensity has a lot to do with success in any endeavor. Two people may have an equal amount of talent or ability, but in a competition the one who applies himself with the most intensity will excel over the other.

This principle also applies to any type of spiritual endeavor. The one who applies himself with great intensity will have a much higher chance of getting the attention of the Higher Self or other advanced entities. Also in contacting a deceased loved one intensity is a powerful ingredient. The one who is causally interested is not as likely to break through the veil and get response as the one who applies himself intensely.

The trouble with intensity is that most only use this principle when forced upon them, For instance, the guy who finds out he has a dreaded disease will seek health with much more intensity than the one with no problems. Then, in the case of contacting a dead loved one, if the seeker has something important left unsaid and the connection was strong he will be much more motivated than the guy who is at peace with the one who has passed.

What is not realized by many is that intensity can be generated at will. The seeker need not depend on some overwhelming circumstance to motivate him.

Let us illustrate with a simple exercise. Visualize an apple sitting in front of you. Now ask yourself how intense is your desire to eat it. Chances are your desire for an apple is pretty mild. If someone placed one in your hand you may take a bite or two but having an apple right now is probably something you could do without and not miss it.

Now let us say that you hadn’t eaten anything for a week and someone handed you an apple. Would the intensity of your desire to eat it be much greater?


What other qualities could the apple have that would increase your intensity? It could be a special kind of apple having a taste that is out of this world. Then you could discover, like Adam and Eve, that this fruit will bring you knowledge. In addition, if a particular fruit has great health benefits the intensity to consume it increases.

Many aids can be applied to increase intensity, but few realize that shear force of will can accomplish this also. All the seeker has to do is to visualize a thing and then use his strength of will in increase the intensity of desire to have it.

Now visualize the apple again and use your power of will to increase your desire for it. As you are doing this you can imagine that it is extra desirable, that you are hungry for it or that it has other qualities that draw you to it.

Now apply this same principle to contacting your loved one. First go through the procedure of calling him or her three times and then follow up by using your sheer will power to increase your intensity to communicate with this person., As you are trying this throw in booster thoughts such as pleasant memories and feeling of love or good times.

Affirmation: “I am a point of intense fire.”


Day 163

Instinct and Intuition

We will leave the New Jerusalem mediation for now and continue with lessons that will fine-tune the seeker’s soul contact. In the meantime, the seeker is advised to go to his room in the New Jerusalem regularly and create heaven in his consciousness through imagination and visualization.

Developing the intuition is a major step for the seeker as he moves toward full soul contact. We touched on this in an earlier lesson – now let us go further.

Before one can successfully use the intuition he must first know what it is, for if one knows not what it is he may be mistaken when he says, “sure, I use the intuition regularly.”

One of the problems here is that there are a number of ideas out there as to what it is, but discussing intuition as it relates to soul contact is much different that how it is used in every day conversations by the masses.

Therefore, if we are going to discuss spiritual intuition as it relates to higher access we need to define it as clearly as possible so the seeker can know that which he is supposed to acquire as he moves forward on the path.

Because spiritual intuition is so esoteric one must become aware of what it is not before he can understand what it is, for it is not many of the things that the rank and file call intuition.

First we will point out that instinct, or a gut feeling, is not the same as spiritual intuition.

Tribal people who live very close to nature and tune into the earth, plants and animals use instinct which is different than intuition, but is often mistakenly identified with it.

Within the human nature we have many internal computer programs that can be accessed. These programs have been developed by Higher Intelligence over many millions of years and are available to all conscious beings. Earth sensitive people often access these programs and can communicate in ways that seem supernatural. For instance, some can hear plants talking to them telling them what benefits they can supply to humans.

As a person evolves and shifts his attention to other learning these instinctive abilities go below the threshold of consciousness. It may seem that we do not have them, but we do, as the instinctive abilities lie dormant within civilized humans. But if we ever need them all we need do is to shift our attention back to them and the ancient abilities will be activated again.

The closest most modern humans get to accessing the instinct is what is commonly called the “gut feeling.” Energy follows thought and we access abilities where we put our attention. Civilized humans are so far removed from nature that they do not have the gifts of the tribal natives, but they do access instinctive feelings concerning their own lives for they do place a lot of attention on self interest.

Here are several examples of instinctive gut feelings.

(1) Jim has a feeling that eating certain types of food will be beneficial for his health. He seems to be able to tell if his body needs them or not.

(2) Sue has two job offers that seem equally attractive, but something in her tells her to take the first.

(3) James is driving to work and gets a feeling that there may be danger ahead. He slows down and drives with greater caution.

(4) Ed asks Jill out on a date. On the surface Ed seems like an okay guy, but something in Jill tells her to stay clear of him.

Instinct and gut feelings can be very helpful, but they are not the intuition.

Assignment: Reflect on a number of times that you have experienced instinct and gut feelings. Were they useful? How accurate were they?

Affirmation: “To find out what IS, I will first discover what IS not.”


Day 164

Higher and Lower Psychism

“Okay,” says the seeker. “I can see that instinct and gut feelings are not the same as intuition, but I seek to understand what it is. Would a psychic who gives you a reading be an intuitive or maybe someone like the Long Island Medium who communicates with the dead?”

This brings up a second important thing that the intuition is not. It is not psychism.

There are two types of psychism that concern us. These can be merely called higher and lower.

Lower psychism works through the astral, or the emotional body, and has varying degrees of accuracy. The trouble with the astral body as a medium is that our emotional self often turns truth upside down. Think of the last time you had an argument with a person who was very emotional about the subject of discussion and reflect on how distorted some of his reasoning was. Now some of the facts he presented may have been true but by the time they filtered through his emotions they were probably used in a distorted fashion.

This is the case with the average psychic. They access information that has settled in the astral plane which often is not in any logical order or pattern. There are some things there which are true and some false and even the true ones are often linked to false ideas or the glorification of the ego.

Some practicing lower psychism work in the conscious state and others in the unconscious. Many working unconsciously channel in the trance state. Any unconscious channeling is lower psychism and involves the astral body.

Higher psychism involves the mental plane and thus the person practicing it always works in full consciousness. He will not use the trance state and have other entities speak or write through him but any such contact will be during full consciousness. Here are examples of psychism and their links

(1) Contact with non-physical teachers. This is generally lower psychism when done through the trance state. Automatic writing, where the medium knows not what is written is also lower psychism. Some claiming conscious contact also work through the lower limiting contact of the astral body. The higher psychic will generally make his contacts using full consciousness.

(2) Contact with the dead. Most of this is lower psychism, but some that is accurate involves the higher.

(3) Mental telepathy. Accurate telepathy is quite rare and involves the plane of the mind. It is associated with the higher.

(4) Psychic readings. Most of these are done by lower psychics.

(5) Psychic predictions. Most of these are from lower psychics and most are not accurate. If the prediction does not come true you can bet that it was filtered through the emotional body. Higher psychics make very few specific predictions because many parts of the future are not yet written.

(6) Visions. Some of these are higher and some not so much.

One of the advantages of successfully achieving soul contact, which is the objective of this course, is that the seeker will be enabled to discern the higher psychic from the lower. The higher psychic will be much more accurate, though no one is infallible.

One with soul contact will not automatically reject the words of a lower psychic for he or she will generally produce and mixture of fact and fiction. Soul contact will help the seeker discern truth from error.

Lower psychism functions on the astral plane and doesn’t represent the intuition. But.. even though higher psychism functions on the higher mental plane this is still distinct from the intuition, though many higher psychics are much more likely to use the intuition than most.

Whereas higher psychism derives its power from the plane of the mind, the intuition accesses the plane above this. The intuition accesses the higher formless planes where principles and ideas can be understood.

Assignment: You have been instructed as to what the intuition is not – now, contemplate what it is.

Affirmation: “I reach into the silent place and bring from thence the gift of understanding.” Djwhal Khul


Day 165

Divine Ideas

We have discussed what the intuition is not. Now is then the time to talk about what it is.

Whereas most psychism and non-physical communications involve some aspect of form, intuition is different in that the intuitive mind stretches beyond the physical, beyond the astral and beyond the mental to the formless worlds of spirit.. In these formless spheres are an innumerable number of concepts, principles and ideas. Before something can take form it must first be registered in the Divine Mind. This applies whether the creation is an atom, an apple or a planet. All things that manifest on earth are first dreamed up in the mind of God, apart from any manifestation in form.

This is even recognized in the Biblical creation story. After the creation seemed to have taken place it is written:

“When no plant of the field was yet in the earth and no herb of the field had yet sprung up–for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was no man to till the ground.” Gen 2:5 Revised Standard Version

So here we are told that before there was a human or even plants all of them were already created.

Up to this verse we merely have an account of the spiritual creation in the mind of God and then came the physical manifestation.

One of the great achievements by the seeker with soul contact is to access through the intuition the higher spheres where exists creative ideas for all possible manifestation and how the process can materialize on the physical plane.

Most seekers can identify with the experience of getting an idea. Now some of what people call ideas are merely mental constructs, but some ideas go beyond what the person would come up with through merely combining facts with the mind. Some ideas just come to the seeker out of the blue and these ideas, if truly inspired, come through the intuitive process. Great scientists like Newton, Einstein, Edison and Tesla all used the intuition to tap into the world of divine ideas. When they caught a glimpse of some higher reality they knew with a surety that they could manifest certain true principles on the physical plane.

Most seekers are not great inventors, but most have had several ideas in their life that they feel was inspired from something beyond their normal brain intelligence. The assignment today is to reflect on your life to see if you have had such an experience and how you felt when it happened.

Also reflect on other types of uses of the intuition besides the accessing of ideas.

Affirmation: “I seek for that which is beyond my human abilities.”


Day 166

Intuition and Principles

We have established that one aspect of the intuition is the capturing of ideas by the mind that that the brain intelligence would not have come up with on its own.

Another aspect involves the understanding of true principles. Most anyone can absorb facts and learn what is taught by various teachers. Most can memorize names, dates, places, formulas, etc. and attain a certain level of education. Many use the standard educational process to attain significant knowledge, degrees and prestige, yet fail to access and use the intuition.

When the intuition is used the seeker can see the principle behind the facts and thus gain an understanding that goes beyond the student who has memorized many facts. He who sees the principle of things may knew few facts on a subject yet win a debate with an expert who knows many facts, yet cannot see the principles involved.

A fact is merely a piece of information that anyone can incorporate into their brain memory. It can likewise be programmed into a computer. A principle is a different matter. A principle is the underlying truth that makes all facts valid. It requires judgment to use and cannot be programmed into a computer.

For instance, the Constitution of the United States is built around the principle of the Free Agency of man. Around this principle has sprung the Constitution and thousands of books containing millions of facts. In the days of the foundation of the United States there was only a handful of enlightened people who were able to understand the principle of freedom. People of a lower order could not see it. There was no way that King George from England could teach or enlighten George Washington in any degree on this principle even though he probably had as many facts in his head on the subject as Washington did. On the other hand, Washington could have done much to enlighten the King if he were willing to listen.

It may take a thousand facts to paint a clear picture of one principle, but the understanding of one principle reveals thousands of facts. It requires a certain point in the evolution of the human being to comprehend the difference between a principle and a fact but when he does, and learns to go within and touch the soul, then all the understanding and vision of a principle is revealed in a flash. Sometimes a book can be written about a principle revealed in one instant.

What is the difference between a principle and a law?

A principle is that which demonstrates the intelligence of God and makes things in the universe work toward a dominating good.

A law is a description of the working of a principle, or principles. By law I am referring to universal laws and not man-made rules.

If the law is accurately described then the perfection of God is made manifest because such a description shows the consistency of the principle and allows us to predict the future actions of the mind of God in the universe.

For instance, all form is held in place through the principle of magnetism which is an aspect of the principle of Love.

All the laws we have concerning gravity are produced by observing and describing this principle in action.

Within our souls is the capability of recognizing whether or not a thing is true. When a principle is spoken, you’ll feel within yourself the vibration of certain chords that ring true.

A principle is true yesterday, today and forever, but knowledge (as data) changes by the hour (the temperature for example). The language of the Holy Spirit is composed of principles, not data. To know all things in the language of the spirit is to know all principles.

True principles are always in effect all around us. The universe is built upon true principles, held together by them and will be dissolved by them. True principles govern our lives, our deaths, our relationships, our sorrow and our joys.

The bird flies making use of true principles, yet does not understand the principle of flight or realizes it exists. So it is with us. We live in a sea of principles, which governs all things, yet until we touch the soul we do not even realize what a principle is.

Many of the best authors touch upon a principle. Some have a sense of that which they have discovered, while others do not discern them from facts. Sometimes you can find a principle in a book written by an author that does not know what a principle is.

A principle is not created. A principle is always present and always works without beginning or end.

Assignment: Attempt to access your intuitive mind and identify three principles.

After doing so, ask yourself: “Do I understand them?”

Affirmation: “Principles are the language of the soul, which language I seek to learn.”


Day 167

Intuition and Understanding

All principles have three aspects and intuition is no different. We have covered two of them. The first is the link to divine ideas and the second relates to principles. The third is quite interesting in that it deals with understanding or enlightenment.

Here is how this third aspect works. The seeker develops a strong desire to gain knowledge of spiritual teachings and principles. To pursue his goal he studies and soaks in all the knowledge available from books and teachers. In doing this questions arise in his mind that have not been clearly answered by any known source that he knows about. If they have been answered he has not seen it clearly.

He gathers all the information possible and contemplates where it takes him. He tries to do this without letting dogma or bias enter in. Over a period of time that may be weeks or even years he thinks on those things which sends a message through his soul to the higher spheres. Finally, the payoff comes. In a moment of silence, often when he is not expecting anything, the answer comes. It comes not as a voice or a piece of knowledge, but as enlightened understanding that allows him to see new layers of truth which was before unavailable to him. Those who have had this experience will often describe it as an “intuitive flash” or a “flashing forth of the intuition.”

“Flash” is a strange word to use but very appropriate because the download of understanding happens in an instant or a flash of time, or perhaps in zero time. The Holy Instant as described in A Course in Miracles would be an intuitive flash, but the Holy Instant described there is just one of many intuitive flashes available.

There are other names for this flashing forth. The Buddha called it enlightenment when he received an intuitive flash about the Middle Way. Still others have called it a moment of inspiration or revelation..

It matters not what the seeker wants to call it but what matters is that he or she seek with all their being to achieve this. Learning to access the formless worlds through spiritual intuition is one of the greatest achievements the seeker can attain. This is a greater attainment than a vision or visitation of a divine being. This accomplishment will be with you forever whereas a typical spiritual experience may not further the seekers progression. The end product of this course is to first make the seeker aware of this goal and then give him the tools to achieve it.

One of the best exercises to do this is through the use of seed thoughts which we covered earlier. Sometimes just a phrase or sentence lodged in the memory for years, or even decades, will blossom into an intuitive flash that gives understanding never dreamed of when first reading it.

We’ll end this lesson with a question to be planted as a seed thought which has the potential of generating a number of intuitive flashes over a period of time. Here it is:

“Why does anything (including God) exist?”

Affirmation: “I seek until I receive.”


Day 168

The True Light

One of the main reasons for the seeker to develop soul contact is so he can find and recognize the truth. When true principles are enunciated the soul vibrates and affirms the truth of what is said or written. When he arrives at the intuitive level he not only has an affirmation of the truth but he has a picture flash into his mind bringing a complete understanding of how the truth is to be applied and the principles behind it.

Truth itself is an interesting principle to contemplate. On each point there is one thing which is true and many things which are false. For instance 2+2=4 and only 4 is the correct answer. There are millions of wrong answers, but only one that is correct.

A Course in Miracles expressed this well when it said: “The truth is true and nothing else is true.”

Many there are who argue with sophistry against the truth maintaining that truth changes or that two contradictory things can be true, or that truth is relative. Those who do this are attempting to see in darkness rather than light which is an aspect of truth.

The seeker can take anything that is true, such as 2+2=4, and he will see that nothing else is true, or nothing else could be the true answer. Yes, it could be written in a different number system or language, but two apples plus two apples still equals four apples.

Others will cite a change of circumstance as a change of truth, but such is not the case. For instance, maybe you had black hair when you were 30, but gray hair at 60. Your circumstances changed at 60, but it is still true that you had black hair at 30. That will be true for all eternity.

Another may object saying that he thought a thing was true at one time but when greater knowledge came that he saw something else as being true. For instance, a color blind person may not realize his problem and see an apple as blue instead of its true color. Later he finds out that he was seeing the wrong color and the truth is the apple is red.

In this case his understanding changes, but the truth did not. The truth is that he saw the apple as blue. When he saw the apple as blue the real color for normal vision was red. When he discovered the real color he merely added a new truth to his understanding. Truth did not change, but his understanding did.

Truth is easy to explain to a little child, but as we age and add a multitude of mixtures of philosophy to our minds we often tend to rationalize away the truth to a zone that can no longer be accessed.

It is important that the seeker realize that points of truth are always true and nothing else is true. If he discounts this truth of truth he will see with the false light of darkness rather than true light.

Jesus spoke of this when he said:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” Matt 6:22-23

Jesus makes a very interesting statement: “If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness…”

In other words, many mistake darkness for light. They think they are seeing with light, but are seeing with darkness instead. When this happens they do not see truth, bur error and mistake that which is false for truth.

The assignment today is to examine yourself and ask, “Have I in the past used darkness for light and actually seen with darkness, and in doing so was I led into error rather than the true light of the soul? What can I do to make sure I see with true light rather than the false?”

Affirmation: “I am adjusting my vision to see with the true light of the soul.”



Day 169

True Intelligence

One of the main end products of soul contact is truth, for the soul has much more access to it on its plane than we do on the material world.

In the last lesson we discovered that there is a false light of darkness itself. Unlike true light that reveals truth, the false light reveals error and distortion. It illuminates the world of illusion where many things are upside down, reversed or distorted making it difficult for those who dwell therein to sort out the real from the unreal.

Isaiah spoke wisely about this problem:

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!” Isaiah 5:21-21

Since the false light of darkness dominates in this material world this makes it all the more important that the seeker develop the ability to make and maintain soul contact. We are as prisoners held in a dark room where there is great difficulty to see anything as it truly is. Contacting the soul is like opening a door that lets in the light that reveals the real truth of the surroundings.

This brings us to a quality that is essential for the seeker to develop which is intelligence, for true intelligence is the ability to recognize truth.

Unfortunately, in this world of false light the general view of intelligence itself has been distorted and not seen correctly. The world generally associates intelligence with a good computer brain that functions well and has high ability to memorize and retrieve data.

In response to this let me ask a question. Does the fact that Jim has the latest computer make him more intelligent than Bob who has an older model several years old?

When you think about it the obvious answer is no. If Bob is smarter than Jim then he can use his computer much more intelligently than him. Anything he writes on it would show much more advanced thinking than Jim could produce.

Similarly having a good computer brain gives you good tools, but it is not a measure of the intelligence of the real person who uses the brain.

Looking at it from this angle, the one who may have just an average memory but has a high ability to recognize truth is much more intelligent than the PhD with a great brain and memory but has a low ability to see true reality.

Have you ever talked to someone highly educated, and praised by many as intelligent, but the guy seems to have no common sense? Most of us have.

All seekers who desire soul contact must also follow the path of intelligence. The phrase “common sense” roughly describes what is needed to begin and stay on this path where truth can be seen in the midst of error.

Unless the seeker develops the intelligence to see truth from error he is likely to be deceived about soul contact itself. Without this intelligence he is likely to think he is contacting the soul when he is merely accessing his own lower desire nature.

Assignment: Try and find a cable news or radio talk show where people are debating both sides of an issue. Listen to both sides and ask yourself: Where does my soul tell me the real truth lies? Who is correct – person A or B or neither? If it is neither then what is the truth?

Affirmation: “I seek to gather in the light of truth with intelligent souls.”


Day 170

What is Truth?

When Jesus stood before Pilate he said: “Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

Then we have this famous reply, “Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.” John 18:37-38

It is not clear as to whether Pilate gave Jesus no time to answer or that Jesus just refused to speak. Whatever the case, this is a question that has perplexed humanity from the beginning.

First notice the profound statement that Jesus gave before the famous question was asked, He said, “Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

An important revelation to come to the seeker is that the voice of his soul and the voice of Christ are one for all souls, or Higher Selves share the consciousness of Christ. When this is realized one can read the scripture this way, “Every one that is of the truth hears me speak through his own soul.” In other words, those who are of the truth have established some degree of soul contact.

To be of the truth one must know what truth is. The dictionary isn’t much help here for it merely tells us that truth is fact rather than opinion. The trouble is that what one thinks is fact another will often see as opinion.

There are those who go so far as to say that there is no truth or facts because this world is built upon illusion and we are in some kind of dream state within it. Such ultimate reality matters not for truth exists in every degree of consciousness.

Truth is that which is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 2+2=4 is an example. It was true in the past, in the present and will be in the future.

Circumstances change, but truth does not. An eternal truth is that circumstances change and change itself is an eternal truth in this material world.

There is even truth in a dream. It is true that you have had dreams and that you had real experience in the dreams. In the dream world 2+2 still equals 4. Whether we are dreaming on a lower or higher level matters not for one has a true experience. All experience has a true effect on the consciousness.

Assignment: Reflect on the difference between that which is true and that which is not true. Why are many deceived into thinking something false is true?

Affirmation: “I seek to know the truth from error.”


Day 171

Truths Not Obvious

Some truths are easy to see and others are not. The ones that are easy are usually readily provable with observation over a short period of time, The difficult ones are more complex and have numerous ingredients.

For example there is pretty much universal agreement about the truths of basic math. Most have proven to their own satisfaction that 2+2=4 and rarely is there any argument about it.

Similarly, most would agree that the sky is blue or that the sun rises in the east. There are many observable facts that are true for our experience in this reality that humanity universally accepts.

It would solve a lot of world problems if all truths were so easy to verify. For instance, we argue a lot over whether God exists. The truth is that He-She-It either does or does not exist. Unlike the sky being blue, we cannot prove God exists by using the physical senses. Then things get much more complicated when we examine the truth of what God is. Whether God exists requires a simple yes or no, but what God is may have a thousand possible answers. Any truth of what His plan is becomes even more complicated.

Whenever the truth is not obvious and there are two or more possible answers then people will gravitate to one side or the other. Those polarized in the feeling nature will be inclined to the side that feels good and those polarized in the mind will go with the one that seems more logical.

Let us look at the main cause of political divisions in the world. They basically boil down to either leaning toward capitalism and the free market or socialism-communism and controlled economics.

Some think it is true that one system is better and some the other. Still others see a combination of the two as the true way.

The trouble here is that a lot of opinion is involved. To find the truth you have to ask specific questions such as.

Which system will bring the greatest satisfaction to the people?

Which one will provide the most wealth for the average person?

Which system will be the most efficient?

Which system provides the most individual freedom?

Does the system need to change with the consciousness of the people?

With something complex like this specific questions need to be asked and specific truths discovered. Then after weighing all the facts and looking through the eyes of the soul the person needs to make an intelligent judgment and assessment as to which course is better for society and support it.

Assignment: Another very controversial subject is global warming. Let us suppose you didn’t know anything about it and were just introduced to the problem. What are six specific questions you could ask that would bring you closer to seeing the truth of the matter?

Affirmation: “I will see the simple truth beyond the complex layers of illusion.”


Day 172

Asking Questions

Your assignment was to come up with six specific questions you could ask that would bring you closer to seeing the truth about the global warming controversy. Did your questions bring you any closer to the truth? If not, then perhaps you asked the wrong questions. One question that goes the wrong direction is, “What do authorities say about it?”

And why is this the wrong direction? Because most of the authorities of the world are under the power of the beast and have not proven themselves to be reliable. The true seeker will not believe something just because an authority says it is so. Instead, he will find out details for himself and test the statements of authorities against known facts.

Instead of asking what the authorities say, the correct question should be,

(1) Are the authorities correct in their assessment and how can I find out?

Here are five more questions.

(2) How accurate have been the predictions of the authorities over the past 40 years?

(3) Since 1880 the earth has warmed about one degree Centigrade. How much of that warming has been due to CO2 released by humans and how much due to natural cycles?

(4) Between the two, which would be worse, global warming or global cooling?

(5) Is global warming and extra CO2 in the atmosphere only detrimental or are there some benefits from it? What are they?

(6) How long will it take for us to naturally switch over to alternative power so excessive CO2 release will not be a concern?

I think number six is an interesting question as the answer could alleviate much of the concern of the public. All kinds of new energy is on the horizon. Fusion, which is under development, could soon power the entire planet with almost no pollution. With or without taking strong measures the planet is likely to switch to clean energy within the next 50-100 years and excessive release of CO2 will no longer be a problem .

There are many other questions the seeker could ask if he wants to avoid being lumped in with those who just believe what they have been told.

In the past we have talked about the beast and how unearned and unjust authority attempts to get followers to not look for the truth but just to trust them as the final source. The seeker must free himself from this mindset and gather enough facts to find out for himself.

The problem with many people is that they are not interested in the truth. Instead, they only want their belief system reinforced. If the truth runs contrary to belief then it will not only be rejected, but any messenger of it will be seen as an enemy.

Assignment: Examine some of your beliefs and ask yourself. Are any of them merely based on what authorities have told you? How many of them have you validated with experience or knowledge?

Affirmation: “Instead of blindly accepting I will ask questions.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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