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Seeker’s Guide, Introduction.

Class One – Who or What Am I?

Class Two – I see my body for what it is.

Class Three – I see this world for what it is

Class Four – You are not your feelings.

Class Five- I use my feelings; my feelings do not use me.

Class Six – My feelings hide the light of the soul.

Class Seven – I will examine my feelings today.

Class Eight – I will find my grievances.

Class Nine – The two grievances.

Class Ten – I will change my mind today.

Class 11 – I will communicate my grievances and let them go

Class 12 – I will let my feelings express themselves

Class 13 – I will be honest about my feelings

Class 14 – I will discover the cause of guilt

Class 15 – I see a difference between guilt and regret

Day 16 – I will find the source of guilt

Day 17 – I accept the true God over the false today.

Day 18 – I will obey the first commandment

Day 19 – I am discovering the key to recognizing the true God

Day 20 – I will replace theory with experience

Day 21 – My first false gods.

Day 22 – I will identify my outer gods

Day 23 – Words hide truth as well as reveal

Day 24 – I will trust the Inner Voice over the outer

Day 25 – I will begin the journey home

Day 26 – False gods are sustained by desire

Day 27 – I will find the source of my fears

Day 28 – I will understand why I fear

Day 29 – I will shift my focus to Spirit

Day 30 – I will not see the material world today

Day 31 – I will see beyond the physical

Day 32 – I am extending my vision today

Day 33 – I will not see fear today

Day 34 – Victims are victims of themselves

Day 35 – I will face any feelings of victimization

Day 36 – I will find my blind spot

Day 37 – I will reflect on effects before I criticize

Day 38 – I will not let criticism control me

Day 39 – I will see myself as I am

Day 40 – In place of excuses, I will take responsibility

Day 41 – I will focus my thoughts

Day 42 – I will grade myself today

Day 43 – I seek for a grateful heart.

Day 44 – I will give glory to God

Day 45 – I will forgive seventy times seven

Day 46 – I will see difficult people as lions

Day 47 – I see the Christ within you and within me.

Day 48 – I send goodwill to all

Day 49 – I extend friendship to all

Day 50 – I will find my brothers

Day 51 – I seek to be pure in heart

Day 52 – I will examine my motives

Day 53 – My soul and I are one.

Day 54 – I will find true love

Day 55 – I will recognize Divine Love

Day 56 – I will send love today

Day 57 – I will show courage

Day 58 – I will choose to choose

Day 59 – I will keep my mind steady in the light

Day 60 – I will reach beyond the lower emotions

Day 61 – I will see the real world

Day 62 – I will rise above emotional thinking

Day 63 – I will discern the two emotions

Day 64 – I see harmony in truth

Day 65 – I seek to understand the two worlds

Day 66 – I will correct my mistakes

Day 67 – I will keep my focus on the higher world

Day 68 – I will discern truth from error

Day 69 – The Two Minds

Day 70 – Discovering Illusion

Day 71 – The Great Illusion

Day 72 – Creation by Illusion

Day 73 – Seed Thoughts

Day 74 – Seed Thoughts and Questions

Day 75 – I Am a Point of Light

Day 76 – Quality Questions

Day 77 – The Will of God

Day 78 – Understanding Divine Will

Day 79 – Finding Purpose

Day 80 – The Plan

Day 81 – Shutting the Door

Day 82 – Light and Love and Power

Day 83 – Understanding the Path

Day 84 – The Revealing Light

Day 85 – Life Responds to Names

Day 86 – Settling on the Name

Day 87 – Completion

Day 88 – Energy Follows Thought

Day 89 – Today I ask questions

Day 90 – Listening for Answers

Day 91 – A Higher Touch

Day 92 – The Voice of the Soul

Day 93 – The Eyes of Understanding

Day 94 – Discernment

Day 95 – Accessing Intuition

Day 96 – Accessing Intuition

Day 97 – The Master Mind

Day 98 – Extending the Master Mind

Day 99 – The Sixth Sense

Day 100 – The Seventh Sense

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McCall Gathering 2000, Part 12

McCall Gathering 2000, Part 12

Barriers to the soul

JJ: Let’s continue the question on removing the barriers to the soul. In simple language we have the soul and we have the barriers to the soul in the way. As we’ve been singing and healing and doing the Hosanna Shout did you notice that those seem to remove some of the barriers? How did you feel as we did those? Do you know why?


We let down our inhibitions?

JJ: Not so much inhibitions as barriers. What produces a barrier?

Audience: Judgment? Fear? Personality?

JJ: Judgment in the negative sense.

Audience: Guilt? Our beliefs? Programming?

JJ: Beliefs. Programming is a good one. What else?

Audience: Our deceptions?

JJ: That could go under judgment.

Audience: Wrong focus of attention?

JJ: Okay. That’s a good one. Wrong focus of attention. The main thing we have done differently that’s brought us a little closer to the spiritual center is that we shifted our focus of attention. We’re still the same group of people but we focused our attention higher. We began with our attention focused our surroundings but we then moved our focus onto the spirit. We came here with all our attention on the material but what we’re trying to do is to bring our attention to be focused in the center of spirit. When we do this we remove the barriers or at least temporarily take them down. We may go back to putting our focus on our daily problems afterwards, but focusing attention is a good one.

Programming. Programming is what creates illusion. There are three things or layers of interference between us and the spirit. One is maya which is the pull of matter, which is the pull of the personality using desire energy to pull the focus away from spirit into matter. Not that all of these energies aren’t good. All energies are neither good nor evil. It depends on how they are used but when we let the actual pull from matter control us then this is the power of maya. It pulls us away from spirit into matter and we must overcome that pull. This is what the ancients said when they said to develop control to overcome the pull of desire to overcome maya.

For instance, the Ten Commandments were given through the spiritual hierarchy for this purpose of helping us to control this pull of matter over spirit. As mankind progresses we’ll have other things to overcome. Basically the first step is to control physical body instead of allowing it to control you. You control your lower passions instead of your lower passions controlling you. You also get control over the physical body though following a reasonable diet so you have good health. You exercise and take good care of your body so you control the body instead of it controlling you. All this is part of controlling the pull of matter over spirit. By reversing that pull it takes you through this first rung that you have to go through as you approach the spirit. Actually almost any of us can reach the spiritual center to a degree. By focus we can take a group like this and if you’re willing, the group can be taken over these rungs into the center for a period of time.

An example is when Christ was on the earth and people were healed. These were ordinary people but for a moment when Christ looked upon them and saw perfection within them for this one moment these two rungs disappeared and they went into this spiritual center. Their bodies were healed then later these rungs came right back again.

It surprised the person being healed as these three rings of maya, glamour and illusion disappeared and for an instant while he communed with God within his person. Then the person realizes that what was being manifested wasn’t through something out there but it was himself and what lies within him.

So as it was being manifested these three layers of illusion can be overlooked and there can be miracles. But in normal circumstances, even if you create a miracle, it’s temporary and you go back to the former state of consciousness. The first step in discipleship is to get control of our physical world so you control your physical body and physical world. The basic passions are controlled then the first layer between you and the soul disappears. What’s the second barrier?

Audience: Emotions? Glamours?

JJ: The second barrier is the emotions and it’s called the astral. The astral world is similar to the physical world but we can’t see it with our physical eyes but we have an astral body that’s incorporated within our physical. It’s responsible for the auras that you see. The astral body or the astral world is a reflection so you look in it and see a reflection of yourself. You don’t quite see your real self because it’s reversed. When you contact the astral world, the astral impressions are seen totally reversed or upside down. So you’re not really seeing the real truth but the reflection is close enough to the real truth that we’re tricked. Because we are tricked we aren’t really capable of being at the spiritual center when we are seeing things upside down. What is the biggest hurdle in overcoming the astral world? Who is the king of the astral world?

Audience: Ego.

JJ: Ego. He’s the god of this world, so to speak. He is the god of the astral world. He replaces the god within. He’s close enough to being a real god that he tricks us into thinking that he is God. The ego wants to be magnified. The ego tries to be one with us. This produces a second layer which is called glamour. The ego feeds on the energy of glamour. Do you know what a glamour is?

Audience: Thinking you’re someone really special?


Yeah, that’s kind of gist of it. The person feeds on a specialness. It’s self importance. The person with glamours, when he receives praise, he shines and reflects it in such a way that you really can’t see humility. There’s nothing wrong with a compliment or accepting it graciously but the person with glamour is a little different. When he receives praise, he reflects it in such a way that you think, “I’m never going to praise him again.” Have you ever known anyone like that?

There are many different glamours. You overcome one then there’s another layer still. There are even glamours associated with people upon the path. Some people on the path may think they are near the end of the path but because of glamour where they think they are is far ahead of reality. Maybe he’s reached a point where he discovers a little bit of light and because of glamour he thinks he’s much further along. This is a problem with many people as they’re approaching the path or approaching discipleship. They’re at a beginning point, but they think they are at the ending point of the Path.

There is also the opposite glamour where the person downgrades his point in evolution. “I’m just nobody. I’m way back at the beginning yet.” This is a glamour too. It’s kind of a reverse glamour. As you get rid of all your glamours the question to ask yourself is, “Where am I really? I don’t care if I’m higher or lower. I just want to know where I really am.” This is the person with no glamour. He sincerely wants to know that about himself. It doesn’t matter if he’s high or low, he just wants to know where he is because when you know where you are, then you can take your next step on the ladder. If you don’t know where you are on the ladder, taking your next step can difficult

Audience: So my question is how do I know? If I don’t know where I am, how will I know where the ladder is? How do I find it? It’s not like a goal to get to.

JJ: That’s a good question. You want to know where you are but you don’t quite know so what do you do? You listen to the spirit within yourself. Your soul knows where you are. It knows what your next step is. If you listen, you’ll get an idea of what the next step is that you’re supposed to work on. Even if you don’t know consciously where you are, your inner self will know and you will have a feeling on what the next step is supposed to be. And when you’re taking the next step it will feel really right. If you’re taking the wrong step you’ll feel uneasy about it like something is wrong. If you’re around the wrong person you’ll feel uneasy about it. If you’re in the wrong job, you’ll feel uneasy about it. If you’re taking the next step and it feels right you’ll say, “Yes this is it! I’m supposed to be here. I’m supposed to be right here at this point in time. This feels good. I’m supposed to be on the Keys.” Has anyone experienced that? Let’s hope so. I think everyone who is here is supposed to be here.

So, these glamours interfere with seeing ourselves correctly. They interfere with our reality of seeing our place upon the path. One of my favorite quotes from the Tibetan reads, “True humility consists of seeing our place upon the path and acting accordingly.” We always need to look at our place upon the path with humility. That’s important. It’s not true humility to put yourself down or act like you’re the head honcho of the universe but to find where we are and act accordingly. If you don’t know where you are it’s best to figure ou are a little lower instead of a little ahead. That way it won’t be embarrassing when you find out where you really are.

This astral world is important to understand. The ego feeds off this glamour and this feeling of self-importance is indeed a hindrance that we want to avoid. Glamour can affect a group such as this if we think, “We’re really special. We’re the best. We’ve got an important purpose.” When we think that way it’s feeding our glamour. The best way to look at it is, “I’ve taken what I can, I’ll give what I can, I serve the best I’m able.” That’s about the best anyone can do. When we approach discipleship with the glamour of being an important disciple, this feeds the glamour and keeps us from entering this spiritual center.

Audience: Is this layer the hardest? It sounds pretty hard to get past it.

JJ: It’s probably one of the most problematic. All three of them are actually quite difficult. In the first initiation you pass through the first barrier. The masters have a set of initiations and as people begin to overcome certain things then it gets the attention of the brotherhood. They actually tune in into the disciples who are undergoing these steps through the three illusions. The second one is very difficult because dealing with the emotional body is so tricky because everything is upside down.

Audience: Is it possible to work on more than one thing at a time? Could you be working on a glamour problem while you’re still working on the physical areas?


Yes, you can be working on all three. You’ll pass through the first one first though. But when this is overcome you might be 40% through the astral part and maybe 20% through the illusion part. The disciple will be struggling with all three to some degree. The three temptations of Christ are symbolic of these three. In the first one, maya tempted Him to turn the stones into bread. This is symbolic of the attraction of matter. In the second one He was told to throw Himself off of the temple. By throwing Himself off the top of the tower He would be able to demonstrate that He was the Son of God because He could fall a great distance and not get hurt. That was to appeal to His ego and prove who He was. An ego trip. He had to let the ego go completely in order to know who He was. Miracles followed Him even though He didn’t directly ask for them or receive them for himself they did come. Then the third one was where he was promised the world. This was illusion. The illusion was that all the kingdoms of the world wouldn’t amount to anything if the kingdoms of the spirit and soul were not obtained. Illusion was the third temptation.

First posted Aug 24, 2004. The Gathering took place June, 2000.

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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Several are commenting on the loneliness that a disciple feels and this is quite natural, especially the great loneliness that creates a point of tensions that breaks through to the Oneness Principle and the group mind with whom you are associated.

If you are on the threshold of merging your mind with your spiritual group or spiritual molecule here are some points you may identify with.

(1) First and foremost is a deep abiding loneliness. You feel isolated because your friends, family and associates do not understand you, nor communicate on any higher level with you. In fact, the loneliness seems beyond any physical isolation, but a far reaching spiritual loneliness.

There seems to be no one to share your innermost thoughts with. No one can understand what you are going through.

(2) You sense higher “vibrations” contacts and phenomenon you do not understand and may have some fears about them.

(3) It seems as if negative forces are trying to discourage or destroy you.

(4) You feel a strong sense of mission but not sure what it is.

(5) You yearn for communion with one who understands you or one who you know is ahead of you on the Path.

(6) You may have health problems, particularly connected with the nervous system that you feel is tied to spiritual tension of some kind.

(7) You are a definite seeker after truth, but have come across several roadblocks that seem to block your next angle of vision.

What is the solution to this problem?

Continue moving forward following the highest you know no matter what happens and the point of tension will increase. You will be sent certain energies or vibrations that will take a while for you to adapt. At first they will seem overwhelming, but just as your eyes adjust to a strong light even so, after a period of time, you will adjust to these new energies. And when you do you will move through the point of tension into the group mind. When you then join your invisible spiritual group all feelings of loneliness will disappear and it will become next to impossible to experience as you did before.

All these problems that seemed to plague you in the past now begin to die through attrition as you move your point of focus to a higher level where new obstacles to surmount appear, but this time you fight them not alone for your friends are with you.

A reader complains that I teach what soul contact is, but not how to attain it.

I have spent a lot of time both defining it and telling how to achieve it.

But the overlooked thing is that defining soul contact and presenting higher contact as an objective that perhaps one has not yet achieved yet is an important part of the HOW.

Why is that?

Because if a person believes that he has already achieved the highest contact possible then he will not seek and one cannot achieve soul contact without seeking and one will not seek if he feels there is nothing to seek.

This is the biggest barrier to higher contact for the above average people of the world. They do not seek because their ego has convinced them that there is no need because their ego is God and why seek that which is higher than God?

To assist in overcoming this barrier I have sought to describe some higher contacts in the hope that some will ask themselves whether or not they have achieved this, and if they have not then perhaps they will begin the quest and seek. Then I point out there are numerous levels so those who have achieved some contact will seek to go higher.

The “I found it” delusion is the greatest obstacle to soul contact for if one stops on his journey on the path for a permanent rest then the end of the path can never be reached.

Then once a person accepts the fact that there is a real and existing higher level to achieve taking the steps to get there is not easy.

It is not as simple as saying do A, B & C and you will be there because so much is depending on the individual himself.

For instance, a love of the truth and a certain amount of ability to perceive light and truth is essential, but almost all, high and low, claim to love truth and think they are as good as the next guy in perceiving it.

The truth is that only a handful do love truth whereas the vast majority love their own egos or attachment to illusions and traditions or their extreme side of the pendulum.

If you do not believe this just look at the recent vote of the Senate on Bill Clinton’s removal from office. (Written Oct 2000) Of 96 Senators all but two voted along party lines. Unfortunately about this same 98 percent of the people tend to gravitate toward group thought or tradition rather than seeking pure truth with the open-mindedness of a little child.

Because love of and perception of truth is so essential to soul contact we have made a major effort to present the Principles of Discovery of truth. There are some seeking with great pureness of heart that may find the higher contact without this added teaching but for the vast majority they will be of assistance if the seeker has an open mind. And even those who have found the doorway to the soul on their own will find these principles of value in their assistance to others on the path.

Another key in unlocking the soul is the demonstration of love to others through service. When your solar angel becomes aware that you are offering others assistance on the Path through service it will seek to open the door to Spirit for you so your power to serve can be enhanced.

The will to seek, the love of truth and the service are just three important principles we have talked about in the quest for soul contact.

But saying you seek is not enough.

You must seek.

Saying you love truth is not enough.

You must recognize truth so you know what to love.

Saying you love others is not enough.

Love must be demonstrated by you and felt by those you serve.

The illusions that keep us from soul contact are so subtle that the only way one in the soul can recognize another in the soul is through the soul.

The mind alone is not enough to break the barrier. Neither is the heart. But the mind and heart working together in a quest for Spirit do create a loud knock on the door which eventually swings open wide at the feet of the Master.

Teachings are always necessary in this physical existence because the soul itself does not teach, but verifies. If there is nothing to verify then the purpose of soul contact on this plane has little purpose.

In the quest for soul contact one should seek that which seems to be true from all possible sources. Then when the seeker runs them by the soul, verification of that which is true can be sensed once contact has been made.

Even the Christ is a disciple of the Ancient of Days and the Ancient one is a disciple of the Solar Logos. No matter how high you get you just do not coast along on your own, but you always need stimulation by teachers on some level more experienced than yourself.

We never did answer this question:

If we meet another who claims higher contact how will we know whether or not that person is deceived?

We have given out the qualities of the disciple. We also need to see how a teacher is living up to them. Desirable qualities are:

(1) Soul contact

(2) Holding the mind steady in the light

(3) Detachment when necessary.

(4) The ability to either send or receive

(5) Reflection – contemplation

(6) Talent.

(7) The power to initiate

(8) The ability to create and sense a point of tension.

(9) Willingness to sacrifice

(10) Discernment

(11) Perseverance

(12) Inclusiveness

(13) Harmlessness

(14) Sensitivity

(15) Trust

(16) Balance

(17) Divine Carelessness

(18) Understanding and making efficient use of time

(19) Service before personal growth.

(20) The acceptance and understanding of freedom

These qualities are expanded upon in the archives.

We can also apply the Principles of Discovery with the teacher and see how he squares up. But the most important thing we can do is to attain soul contact for ourselves and when this is achieved the true teacher can be recognized by a soul to soul knowing or gnosis. On the other hand, the false teacher will produce a negative knowing for he who has soul contact can receive verification from within concerning darkness as well as light.

Note: Later I did create a 365 step lesson plan (one for each day of the year) to achieve soul contact. Here is the link.

Oct 14, 2000

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Finding the Soul


Finding The Soul

So far the Principles of Discovery we have covered so far are:

(1) Take the things you know (for reasonable surety) to be true and use them as a foundation or stepping stones for testing additional truths.

(2) Be willing to let these foundation beliefs be either altered or dropped as some of them are replaced by higher vision.

(3) The teaching should be in harmony with common sense

(4) It should increase the power of Decision and free will.

(5) It should bring you to a new level of awareness and usefulness.

(6) Seek out true sources of knowledge, study and incorporate them into your life. Knowledge dispels error and illusion.

(7) Gather all the reliable information you can about a subject of interest and try and see the principles suggested by the data. Then draw conclusions and run the conclusions by your soul and see if you receive a response.

(8) Follow all the aspects of the Will of God that is within your perception and your sensitivity to the truth will increase.

(9) The Process of Elimination. Eliminate those things that are definitely not true and contemplate on that which remains.

(10) Effective Communication

(A) Communication through perception of the outside world.

(B) Person to person communication.

(C) Communication through the soul.

(11) Truth is in harmony with spiritual principles; therefore we discover that which is true through the application of those principles.

(12) The principle of planting and harvesting.

(13) “The Law of Correspondences.” The principle behind it is “as above so below,” and visa versa.

(14) Take that belief which is embraced by the world and look in the opposite direction. In this opposite direction much truth lies hidden.

(15) Discernment. In particular the disciple should seek the power to discern beyond physical seeing so he can see the difference in effects from the astral/emotional world and the world of the soul.

(16) Seek proven authorities and learn from them.

(17) Put your attention on finding that which is true rather than that which is in error.

(18) Faith in the “Dominating Good,” or a belief that God is good.

(19) Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened – Ask and you shall receive.

(20) Plant a seed thought in your mind and heart, and feed this thought with contemplation and meditation. Observe the fruit that comes forth, and accept that which is sweet and registers with your soul.

(21) Understand and develop the principle of intuition through which quantums of truth can be downloaded into your mind and understood by the heart.

(22) The Pendulum Principle

It is time to move on to the next principle even though we shall never leave the pendulum principle far behind and will most likely revisit it periodically.

The next Principle of Discovery is

(23) Since the soul is the door to all true principles, the seeker must learn to recognize the higher spiritual vibrations and differentiate them from the lower.


How can the seeker be sure he has made the higher contact?

If we meet another who claims higher contact how will we know whether or not that person is deceived?


Methods of Approach

Djwhal Khul often has talked about the difference of method between the Eastern approach to truth and the Western. He points out that the oriental approach is to still all things and seek the inner God in silence with peaceful surroundings.

On the other hand, he points out that the Western approach must be to find the silence in the midst of turbulence and noise, which thing is not a comfortable approach for the eastern mind.

I thus see that what seems to be a big difference between some critics and I is largely from this difference of approach and this difference of approach causes us both to see and write from different perspectives.

For instance, I would bet that some seekers like peaceful surroundings when they seek for greater light, but to me this is not important. I receive some of my greatest light in the midst of noise and turbulence. I would venture to say that I represent the quintessential western seeker and some of my critics would represent the quintessential eastern approach. I would also guess that eastern peoples would appreciate the quiet method of approach more than this group does. It would be interesting to see how the East would receive me. Maybe I will have that opportunity some day.

A critic says: “This is not to say that JJ’s statements are invalid or wrong. This is merely to say that these are not practical means of soul intuition or truth verification.”

But they have been practical for me and have led me to considerable soul contact and higher knowledge. There is one interesting argument which no one can refute. If a thing works or if you can actually do a thing then IT IS.

The mind reflects the soul and thus the mind can lead us to the soul – after all, the plane of the mind is where the Masters can be found according to DK.

A critic points out that the noise in the cities in the East are as bad or worse than here in the West.

He has a point, but I wasn’t referring to outward noise so much as outward circumstances. A busy person in the West, such as myself, has little time for meditation so such a one has to learn to go within in the mist of work, turmoil, noise and even conflict. Djwhal Khul points out that the businessman contemplating the course of his business is accomplishing in his sphere a similar accomplishment to a monk focusing in silence upon a seed thought.

I have personally gotten some of my highest knowledge, while meditating in the midst of work, communicating and noise.

On the other hand, I would guess that my critic has a quiet, perhaps beautiful place where he goes where he gets his highest inspiration.

I do agree that we must balance both approaches, but we must also realize that the seekers from the East and West are conditioned much differently.

One of the problems that western seekers have is that they think the eastern ways must be the best for all in seeking the higher contact, not realizing that there is an advantage to using a more active approach for the western mind.

The Question: How can a seeker be sure he has made soul contact?

If we meet another who claims higher contact how will we know whether or not that person is deceived?

We have covered this subject in the past but for the sake of the new readers it is especially good to cover periodically. Hopefully we can shed some additional light for the benefit of all.

There are two groups of people who feel they have higher spiritual contact.

(1) Those who have not made soul contact and

(2) Those who have?

Of course, those in category one are in a state of deception. An example of this may be a person who attends a Billy Graham Crusade and is stirred emotionally to go to the front and be “saved.” Often such an occurrence is not a direct soul contact, but a distorted reflection of soul.

Soul energy is indeed reflected from the higher Triad of chakras to the lower quaternary of four chakras and indeed the solar plexus center does receive a distorted version of the higher heart energies.

Here is the basic problem for many self-declared spiritual people. The highest they have felt is often high emotional energy and this they may associate with the spirit or voice of God. The problem is then caused by the fact that in their mind nothing is higher than God and since God has spoken to them the “most High” or the highest possible voice and vibration has been experienced.

There is one extremely important qualification one must meet to obtain real soul contact.

He must become as a little child and approach the spiritual quest with the idea that he may indeed be a child in learning and he has not found the highest possible contact.

The injunction of Jesus is worded as follows:

“Seek and ye shall find.”

BUT – if we think we “have found it” or found the highest contact then the quest for light is over and no more seeking is necessary.

BUT – Additional seeking is always necessary – no matter where we think we are upon the Path. There is always more BECOMING ahead of us.

It is the natural inclination of all humans to want to find a plateau and just rest upon it. The reason for this is that most of us are lazy. Just as we like to go to school a few years and then quit our studies and work at one career for the rest of our lives, even so, do we like the idea of finding God and then having that be the end of the search. Once we find God we tend to think we can then rest and cease to struggle for more light forever.

This hurdle of believing we have found the ultimate must be set aside and we should always be open to greater light, greater contact, greater knowledge, greater oneness, greater associations etc.

The soul is strongly associated with truth and has the capacity to recognize all true principles therefore a search or quest for the truth is a quest for soul contact.

There can be no soul contact unless the person seeks truth and values truth once it is discovered. The doors of the soul cannot stay shut for long to one who loves the truth.

The first real contact is the still small voice which is so imperceptible that the seeker at first thinks he is imagining a contact. Many tend to dismiss the voice and thus delay their progression for a period of time. Others do pay attention and just as “energy follows thought” even so does spiritual awareness follow the person who focuses on the voice. As the focus is concentrated the energies of the Spirit begin to intensify just as the rays of the sun focus through a magnifying glass. Then when the concentrated energy of Spirit is contacted there will be no doubt for the experience is impossible to sweep under a rug or deny.

One of the Principles of Discovery is the process of elimination so let us list what soul contact is not.

(1) Soul contact is not just feeling emotional, but it is true that soul contact will stir your emotions.

(2) Most psychic activity is done through the astral body and not soul contact.

(3) Most channeling is done through the astral body and not through soul contact.

(4) Many visions have nothing to do with the soul.

(5) Many writings which claim to be inspired have little to do with soul.

So if all these things may not involve soul contact how can we be sure once we have arrived at the true door?

Some say there is a gnosis or true knowing one has when the soul is reached. This is true. We may be deceived about where we are before soul contact, but when the contact has been made there is a knowing involved that is far more real than the previous deluded belief of which he was so sure.

When two people meet who are in contact with the soul there will be a knowing between them – an understanding with no words exchanged.

As we stated earlier the closest the average person comes to the higher spiritual sensation is the sexual climax. We have discussed this before so the old timers should get this.

Question. What is the correspondence between sex and higher spiritual contacts? How can the understanding of sex help us to understand what to look for in higher spiritual energies?

Oct 10, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Higher Lives

Higher Lives

The current discussion is designed to lead to a further understanding of the intuition as a means for the discovery of truth. To fully understand it we not only need to know what it is not, but we also need an understanding of the following triangle of revelation.

(1) Revelation – The intuition

(2) Direction – The Still Small Voice.

(3) Instruction – Contact with higher lives.

Even though these are all three sources of revelation they all have differing key words

The key word for the intuition is revelation because the development of this ability opens the door to formless worlds. The first soul contact comes long before the development of the intuition. Soul contact opens the door to all higher contacts and the intuition opens still another door to even higher levels.

Intuition could therefore be called the revelation of that which lies behind knowledge or the revelation of principles.

The Still Small Voice is the revelation of “Direction.” It is fortunate for humanity that the use of this requires no great spiritual evolution. The only real requirement is that a seeker seeks that which he understands as the guidance of God. He must do with sincerity of heart and pure intent.

Even this has several degrees of contract. The voice of the soul has to penetrate through numerous layers resistance and darkness before it registers on the brain. For the average person it may work out as a gut instinct as to the direction he must take but to one who has firm soul contact it will be definitely recognized as a voice, a still soundless voice that is eventually understood with clarity making his direction sure.

Number three which is contact with Higher Lives is for a different purpose which is the Revelation of instruction.

Notice that we say “higher lives” here? Not all invisible contacts are higher lives and the biggest mistake of the beginner is to assume that all communications from the unseen world is from higher intelligence.

More than 90% of proclaimed higher contacts are either astral entities with very limited knowledge, often using thoughtforms, from the persons imagination and subconscious, or both. What do I mean by both? This means that some astral entities can tap into the receiver’s own astral body and pick up his memories and subconscious thoughts. This enables the deceptive entity to give a very acceptable and impressive revelation to the seeker.

Most channeled messages either come from the subconscious or from astral entities using the receivers own thoughts and feelings as a basis for what will be received.

When a person with invisible contacts always seems to be receiving what he wants to hear you may take this as a sign that the source is not a higher life or a Master.

The Higher Lives contact us for instruction and such instruction concerns what is needed rather than what is desired.

Outside of our higher self which higher lives work with humanity?

There are two main divisions.

(1) Highly evolved entities that have passed beyond physical existence and seek to help us in our evolution. The Bible calls these beings “the spirits of just men made perfect.” In the east they are called Nirmanakayas.

These Nirmanakayas are generally teachers to the Masters but will on occasion assist and instruct some of the teachers of the race. The Buddha is currently in this position.

(2) The Masters, sometimes called the Spiritual Hierarchy. These beings usually live in physical bodies here on the earth and have overcome some of the limitations of death. From our angle of vision they have it made, but from theirs the adventure is just beginning and they see unlimited vistas of progress and “Becoming” ahead for them.

Contact with the Masters occurs in numerous ways but falls into two general categories: (1) The visible and (2) the invisible.

(1) The Visible

(a) The most impressive of this type of contact is a visitation in a physical body where you meet face to face and can shake hands if you wish. The main reason behind this type of contact lies with the type of mission the disciple has. If he needs to be energized by what seems to be the ultimate conviction, then he may be visited. This may turn one who may otherwise drag his feet into a zealot for the mission at stake. On the other hand, there is a danger of acquiring too much spiritual pride that may lead to his downfall.

In the past many disciples who have been visited lost some of their reverence for their teacher because of familiarity and in a belief that they have outgrown him fell into the illusion that they were beyond instruction and thus failed in their missions.

(b) The projection of a thoughtform. Here a thoughtform made of refined substance is created and the Master appears in a vision to the student and gives instruction.

(c) The Master contacts the student in dreams or in the astral while asleep.

(2) The invisible.

As the human race becomes increasingly mental and relies more on inner knowing and less on signs and phenomenon the invisible contacts are increasingly used.

For instance, in this age H P Blavatsky used many signs and miracles to convince her followers and some were not convinced until they met a Master and some of them did have this experience in the flesh. Blavatsky spent some time in direct physical contact with the Masters.

On the other hand, Alice A Bailey, who had a higher revelation, only physically saw her master once or twice and none of her followers had this experience. The only sign or miracle that seemed to follow her around were the words she transmitted and as it turns out this may be the greatest evidence of all that the Masters exist.

We’ll end this post with a question

It is written

“When the student is ready the teacher (or Master) will appear.”

What are the three signs that tell us that the student is ready?

August 21, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Understanding Intuition

Understanding Intuition

Here are the seed thoughts presented so far.

“As I focus my attention on the light of the soul I see a greater light still.”

“I am the light of the world.”

“I am the dominating good in the hands of God.”

I’ve had several new thoughts come on these statements since we have been discussing them. There is no end to our learning.

What I would like you to do is continue to think about these seed thoughts and whenever you receive something you find interesting post it for us.

Meanwhile, let us look at the last question:

“What is intuition from an esoteric point of view? What is the difference between instinct, emotional impulse, psychic impression, imagination, the still small voice and intuition? Is soul contact essential before the power of intuition comes into play?”

Let me clarify the term, “emotional impulse.”

Many people think they are getting inspiration or intuitive thoughts when they are really getting stored and associated memory filtered through their emotional nature. These emotional impulses are often seen as truth right from the mind of God whereas it is usually twisted reasoning in harmony with what the subject desires to be true.

The Mormon, the Catholic, the Protestant and all other believers generally receive emotional impulses that God supports their doctrine and leaders. Those who burned the lights at the stake during the Middle Ages did so under the emotional impulse that they were right.

The different methods of formulating truth could be placed under two categories and expanded somewhat

PERSONALITY METHODS – Not always reliable.

(1) Instinct

(2) Emotional Impulse

(3) Imagination

(4) Logical deduction – reasoning.

(5) Mindless acceptance of authority or group thought.

(6) Common dreams

(7) Visions of thoughtforms

REVELATORY – Unlimited and reliable

(1) Intuition

(2) Still Small Voice

(3) Contact with the Masters

(a) Direct Contact

(b) Direct Impression

(c) True Vision or Dream Messages

(4) Higher Mind

(5) Identification

(6) Oneness Principle

Let us first of all talk about number one in both categories – instinct and intuition. Instinct is the most reliable impulses that come to those who do not have conscious soul contact, but because it is filtered through emotional impulse, imagination and some reasoning it is often highly distorted by the time the personality applies it.

We could define instinct as reliable computer programs that have been placed by the Creator into our vehicles for the purpose of insuring our survival. These little programs are always correct in their original context and worked well for primitive humanity, but in more complex situations they are often misleading. For instance a calculator which can only add 2+2=4 is always correct, but not always useful. If you need to add 4+4 to equal 8 then you must disregard the former truth. 2+2=4 is still true, but just not useful.

The Intuition.

Whereas instinct impresses important facts upon the mind of the receiver, intuition impresses the principles behind the facts.

He who wields instinct knows.

He who masters intuition knows, and knows that he knows and knows why he knows.

When esoteric writers such as Alice A. Bailey use the word intuition they are really talking about a concept for which there is not an appropriate word in the English language. The typical dictionary definition reads something like this: “A sense of something not evident or deducible; an impression.”

This definition includes what we here are calling the intuition, but also instinct, emotional impulse, and imagination. The ancient wisdom uses this word in a more exact way and is only used in reference to vision that is seen through the eyes of the soul.

The problem with understanding intuition is that a full realization of it requires a degree of soul contact. Therefore, if the principle is explained to one who does not have this contact, this person will not comprehend it. The understanding is beyond his ring-pass-not.

Key thoughts for understanding the intuition are


Point of tension


Flashing forth

One of the problems with teaching the ancient wisdom to a varied audience is that there will only be a few who can relate or understand concepts like the Spiritual Triad, formless worlds, spiritual will vs. regular will and so on.

What we will attempt to do in this class is to make the complex simple, for in reality, when the complex is understood it can often be explained in simple terms.

The general direction here is to present one major leap in consciousness which we call “soul contact.” While it is technically true that there are higher contacts than this it is also true that, for humanity, soul contact opens a door that must be swung ajar before any higher contact can be made. In other words, the door to the soul must be open before any of the other higher doors can come into play. Therefore, in looking at the higher worlds, from a universal angle, all higher contacts come through the soul.

Technically, the soul is represented by that point of invisible interplay between spirit and matter which is neither spirit or matter, neither form nor formless. Physically it is represented by that point where land, water and air meet which is neither wet nor dry, the magical point of the soul, the place where white magic of the Christ consciousness is wrought.

Soul contact is the contact with higher realms made by a disciple through he agency of soul energy. If you want to go to the archives and do a search for soul contact you may find quite a bit more information on it. Nevertheless, this is an important point to cover periodically because soul contact by aspiring disciples is perhaps the most needed asset for servers as we enter the coming age of peace.

Also, when I do repeat myself on a subject like this I attempt to give a little different slant that will perhaps shed new light to seasoned readers.

Understanding soul contact is also amplified by the fact that soul is generically applied to the astral body, the Spiritual Triad, the Monad, the Universal Presence etc. I sometimes myself use the word “soul” when referring to the “Higher Self” or Monad but even this fits because higher parts of ourselves must be contacted through the door of soul or soul contact.

Probably the most misunderstood higher contact made through the soul is the intuition. Part of the reason for this is that there are many counterfeits for this principle. Another reason is that only a few aspiring disciples use intuition and that which has not been experienced will indeed be difficult to understand.

First of all, let us group what the intuition is not. Just as in my book, The Immortal, we learned what we are by eliminating what we are not it will help us to understand the intuition by understanding what it is not.

Intuition is not:


Emotional Impulse


Logical deduction – reasoning.

Psychic reception

Now keep in mind that we are not saying that these tools are not useful for they all can be in their place. What we are saying is that they are not intuition.

Perhaps the most common thing to be mistaken in this group for the intuition is psychic reception. Some psychic impression is accurate and some is not, but even if it is accurate this reception works through different principles than does intuition. Intuition operates through the language of principles and psychic impression operates through the transference of information or data.

The closest the average person comes to approaching the intuition is in use of ideas. We could call intuition a higher idea stimulated by soul contact and a regular idea a “lower idea.”

What is the difference?

A lower idea is formed through the association of differing pieces of data, pictures, pieces of evidence, positions of thinking etc. It is like putting a picture together and having only one piece left. If you look at the whole picture you can guess fairly accurately (with no soul contact involved) what the final piece (or the final picture) will look like,

This is how we get standard ideas. We scramble all the evidence before us and that missing piece gives us an idea to play with.

So what would the intuition or a higher idea be then?

The intuition uses all the faculties of the lower self including lower ideas but takes them further. He who uses intuition will make full use of his mind and find the missing piece to not just picture number one, but also picture number two and three. Whereas the average person will just see pictures and lower ideas the intuitive person asks questions and attempt to figure out how one picture relates to another. Even though there is no physical evidence of a fourth picture he will question as to whether a fourth picture exists, and if it does exist what it will look like. If the three pictures are related the phantom fourth picture will also be related and if it is related then the contemplation of the three pictures may give evidence of what the fourth will look like and the purpose behind all of the pictures.

The intuitive person thus has all three pictures before him in his mind and contemplates on empty space in search of the fourth. As he then empties his mind (and becomes absent-minded) he taps info the world of principles and intuition and suddenly in an unexpected moment, a holy instant, the fourth picture will appear before him. He not only understands this fourth picture, but he sees a greater picture (made from the four) and can understand in a “flash” how the four pictures create a greater fifth picture.

When the intuition works properly the seeker can often write a book on the one holy instant of downloading that came into the physical brain.

In ancient times initiates were often given dangerous tests to force a point of tension to stimulate the intuition of the disciple. Partially because of the complexity of the modern world such tests are not necessary, for in the day to day world of complex situations and living, it is usually possible to create our own points of tension making a trek to a far away pyramid unnecessary.

Seed thoughts for understanding the intuition are


Point of tension


Flashing forth

First contemplate the answer to a question and come up with every possible solution that is available to the lower mind. Now find that question that your mind cannot answer but must be answered.

Second, create a point of tension with the realization that you MUST find the answer. Focus all your attention possible on the desire and will for the answer. The combination of desire, will and pure intention creates a point of tension that opens the door of the soul.

As the door of the soul opens seek to understand the principle that will lead to your answer and that lies behind the answer.

As you pour your attention on the universe of principles and hold it there, the time will come that you will receive a “flashing forth” or a holy instant of revelation and suddenly you will see and understand that which was previously unseen and not understood.

Intuition is ALWAYS accompanied by understanding. He who receives information but does not understand it receives it by some other way.

There are three related methods of revelation through the soul which are:

(1) The intuition

(2) The Still Small Voice.

(3) Contact with higher lives – The Masters on up.

There are three seed (or key) words that go with these:

(1) Revelation – The intuition

(2) Direction – The Still Small Voice.

(3) Instruction – Contact with higher lives.

These are three pertinent words to contemplate as understanding is sought.

August 15, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Revelation of the Keys of Knowledge

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The Immortal is the story of an average truth seeker who stumbles across a fascinating teacher, only to discover that the man is John, the Beloved, the Revelator, an Apostle of Jesus, perhaps the most mysterious man in history, comes alive in this book. Legend has it that John never died and still roams the earth as a teacher. John finds JJ Dewey, the main character, to teach him the Twelve Keys of Knowledge to prepare the world for the new age of peace. The first question addressed in Book I is WHO OR WHAT AM I? The student gives all the standard answers…and they are all wrong. The lead character then realizes he is under the tutorage of no ordinary teacher and must apply himself in a quest for knowledge.

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Discerning Spiritual Energies

Discerning Spiritual Energies

A member told a story about a spiritual group who sent light and love to a member who was having marital problems. At this same time she sent out the thought that she wished her husband were dead. At that same moment he had a car accident and died. He figured therefore that the spiritual group was responsible for the tragedy.

Most of the members disagreed and seemed to believe that the thoughts of the group had little or no effect on the guy killed. I tend to take the middle ground here.

It is true that other people’s thoughts and feelings do have an influence on us, more subtle than actions, but effects nevertheless. Powerful negative emotion tends to send the effect with a lot more force than mere thinking does.

Even so, the guy did not have to have an accident. He evidently picked up the energy, but it was his fault he allowed himself to be distracted. If a guy has an accident because he looks at a pretty girl the accident is still his fault. The pretty girl was a distraction it is true, but she did not force his hand in driving into the other car.

I have picked up negative thoughts and emotions many times in my life and have discovered that when this happens I must pay particular attention to avoid accidents.

Another interesting note is that when another person is angry at me I can see his or her negative energy in my aura even though I am at peace with myself. When this happens I find that saying the Song and some OMS helps to dispel the negativity.

In my last post I talked about the dark mantras and the guy who related the story seems to think that any implanted thought comes from our subconscious.

Actually the accident goes against this idea. The reader seems to think that the guy who had the accident did not do so because of his own negative thoughts, but because of an impression received from other beings. If such an impression can come from mere normal humans then the advanced Dark Brothers or the Brotherhood of Light surely has even greater power to send impressions.

Do the two Brotherhoods just sit around all day and ponder their navels and ignore humanity???

No neither of them ignore us, but have a great deal invested in the human kingdom and are in opposing struggles to influence us.

There are numerous types of communications beyond the normal physical and as the disciple develops soul contact he learns to distinguish between their various vibrations. Let us name several.

(1) Communication from the astral or emotional body.

Many beginners believe this is soul contact because it may be the highest they have yet received. Most people take the highest they have received and see it as God talking to them. Unfortunately, the information received from the astral is wrong about 90% of the time. Many of those who have swallowed the prophesies of doom that never happened rely heavily on the astral.

(2) The Higher mind.

This is like a great computer and delivers much more accurate information than does the emotional body, but it will be wrong about a third of the time without soul contact.

(3) The soul and higher worlds. Even though there are differentiations here we will group all these higher contacts as “soul contact” for the soul is the doorway to all higher contact.

The soul only recognizes that which is true and does not even see error. Therefore the soul only vibrates when truth is spoken or presented. When a truth is spoken and it just seems to “ring true” that can be a soul confirmation if the seeker has moved beyond the emotional influences.

(4) A Master or Higher Life sending you a communication through the soul.

Receiving this is very much like receiving impressions from your Higher Self through the soul for to accurately receive either of them one must look within. But even though one looks within and receives a communication from a Master through the soul, the actual communication originated from without and there will be a different vibration to it than an impression from your Higher Self, or Solar Angel. The vibration from your own soul will be extremely consistent, but if you get a communication from two different Masters you will note two different vibrations or signatures. Just like each of us has a different face even so does each living entity have a differing vibration that has a different feel to it and the disciple can learn to recognize them.

(5) An astral entity communicating through the astral body. Most channeling is done this way and is not very accurate unless the mind of the receiver is well developed.

(6) A Dark Brother or one of their associates.

Whereas the receiving point for communication from a Master originates in the innermost core of your being the reception area for the Dark Ones is in your outer aura.

The Brothers of Light first penetrate to the core and vibrate outward filling your whole being with light, but the Dark Ones first penetrate the outer periphery of your being and attempt to work toward the core until the darkness hides the inner light.

You will know for sure you have soul contact when you can tell the difference in vibration in these six different areas. Soul contact begins when the seeker learns the difference between emotional contact and soul contact.

May 8, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Oneness Through the Soul

Oneness Through the Soul

QUESTION: For what purpose does a Hierarchy exist? If unity and common purpose can be achieved theoretically with universal ‘soul contact’ why is a hierarchy of Gods necessary?

JJ: Soul contact is just the beginning of an endless journey. Just because we participate to a degree in the oneness principle does not mean that we have achieved all there is to achieve. When we become members of the Kingdom of God all knowledge is available to us if we earnestly put our attention on it, but which knowledge to bring into our sphere and what to do with it is an eternal process.

Consequently if there be two people upon the Path one will be in a different location than the other. If we are left to our own devices we will stumble on the path or wander off in strange directions in the dark. Sacred writings are given to us to help, but we often misinterpret them. The greatest aid to us is someone who has already taken the step we desire to take. This person knows all the pitfalls and most importantly he can testify that the step is really there to be taken.

Just as we earlier discussed the “snowflake principle” pointing out that no two snowflakes are the same, even so there is hierarchy in all things with each person playing a different part unique to creation.

There is a Hierarchy in all things because there is a universal need for hierarchy. This need is recognized by the brothers on both the right and left hand paths, but their approach is different. Those on the left use hierarchy to control and service is expected to the hierarchy.

Those on the right use hierarchy as a means of service to the struggling lives and maximum free will for the individual is encouraged.

Without hierarchy there would be no cohesive plan for the eternal progress of mankind and individual lives. It would be each person for himself with no one to show us the way. There would be no Christ, no Buddha, no great teachers in our history who are all participating in hierarchical endeavor.

Question: Can we have an awareness of the imperfections of another yet still see the perfection within? How is this possible?”

Sometimes it is just as difficult to see Christ in a loved one who says an unkind word as it is a rapist. But to see Christ in a person who does harmful things is not to accept or condone their actions. You do not pretend that the person is innocent. Instead you do not put attention on the negative but place full attention on the Christ within. When you do this your personal world will be transformed and you will be saved by the presence of Christ.

Saved? I can see some believer’s hair stand on end here.

Yes saved, but remember there are many things to be saved from.

When we see the Christ in our brother instead of seeing imperfections to hate we feel love and we are saved from this negativity.

This process must begin unilaterally. You can’t wait around for your brother or sister to see Christ with you. You must apply the principle first, just as Jesus said: “You love me because I first loved you.”

I think the key word here is to look beyond the imperfections in the other to see the soul. This is difficult to do, but if we practice it daily the rewards will be great. Just ask my wife. She gets a lot of practice on me.

Question: The scripture says: They shall see eye to eye when the Lord shall bring again Zion. How can a group see eye to eye without the imposition of strong authority? We see how difficult it is with us don’t we? Is it possible for 200 or more to see eye to eye?

The thing to remember here is that all have the capacity to have soul contact, but few have obtained it with proficiency.

Those who are not yet sensitive enough (or unwilling) to hear the whisperings of the still small voice cannot see eye to eye on all things. Those who are centered in the lower personality can agree on items of similar interest, but when the interest and philosophy differ an impasse is reached and a lack of oneness is revealed.

If two or more people have soul contact and are willing to use it then they can throw the impasse before the Spirit of God within them and receive a unifying answer.

Whenever my wife and I reach a disagreement in the personality and we feel it needs a solution we seek communion with the soul together and when it comes the disagreement is instantly removed and we are one again. It is a wonderful feeling. Our wrongful thinking is often just taken from us and we cannot even remember what the disagreement was.

When we seek an answer through the soul we both feel our lower natures rebelling at the idea and we have to force ourselves to seek for guidance together.

An answer through the soul can come in at least three ways.

(1) By honestly communicating with each other and sharing love as you do so.

(2) Through meditation

(3) Through Prayer

Now here is the major problem with a group of hundreds (or thousands) of people of diverse states of consciousness. If a number in such a group are incapable or unwilling in the present to achieve oneness through soul contact then the fire of the Spirit that brings one mind will never descend upon them. So what is the answer?

Actually Jesus gave hints in two of his parables:

Parable of Wheat and Tares

“The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

“So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?

“He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

“But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.” Matt 13:24-30

Parable of the Net

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net (maybe Internet?), that was cast into the sea (sea of people), and gathered of every kind: Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad away.

“So shall it be at the end of the world (age): the angels (Messengers) shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just, And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” Matt 13:47-50

What is the meaning of these two parables? How do they indicate the path to oneness? What about the so called “wicked?” The literalists believe that they will be burned alive, but could the meaning be something else?

Someone stated that they can be in a room with all kinds of people, some centered in the lower personality and some in the soul, yet maintain soul contact. In other words, those of lower personality did not interfere with her inner self.

Yes, I agree this should be true. Nothing in heaven or hell can interfere with the inner contact of the sincere seeker. Yet again there is something more than this. When two or more people who have soul contact blend together for one purpose they create a channel for a flow of higher energies creating higher life that is not available to the lone individual.

Jesus hinted at this when he said:

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matt 18:19

When two or more gather and agree through Christ (soul contact) Christ is in the midst in a way that cannot happen in the single condition.

The true beginning of the higher spiritual life (or the Molecular Order) is the union through the soul of two or more, but then a human molecule of 24 entities will create a higher experience still.

In other words, that which we can experience as an individual is far from the ultimate spiritual experience.

When we become one with others who are one with God the magical powers of the soul are manifest.

We are told that God gathers the lights by sifting people as one does when panning for gold.

My Dad did a lot of prospecting and mining and he taught me how to pan for gold.

The first step is to gather some soil from a place where there is a good likelihood of finding the gold. Next you fill up the gold pan and put the pan and dirt in a stream of running water and let the movement of the water sift away the light soil. After you do this for a while you find that just the heavy elements remain. When you are left with just a small amount of elements you let the water move the residual from left to right. Since gold is the heaviest it will remain unmoved whereas the other elements will move away. As you do this and, if you are lucky, you will find some gold. But it is easy to be deceived for “all that glitters is not gold.” Some beginners will see some glittering mica and think they have found the prize. Then sometimes we see fools gold and think we have found it. The only true test is to move the elements back and forth until you note that the true gold holds fast to its position whereas the lesser elements go with the flow.

What symbolism do you see between panning for gold and gathering the lights or between panning for gold and the above two parables of Jesus?

Most of us realize that inclusiveness is a good principle. For instance, we try and include all types in this group. If inclusiveness is good does this make a gathering of lights exclusive or undesirable? What do you think?

Jan 29, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Two Becoming One

Two Becoming One

We are continuing the Principles of Discovery and will examine the following:

Effective Communication

(A) Communication through perception of the outside world.

(B) Person to person communication.

(C) Communication through the soul.

We have covered (A) and (B) and now we come to perhaps the most important principle.

In the past we have talked quite a bit about soul contact on a personal basis and this is all-important in personal discovery.

Let us cover briefly how much we can discover without soul contact.

We can divide humanity into four stages upon the path:

Stage 1: Learning through the physical computer brain.

Stage 2: Learning through feeling in connection with the brain.

Stage 3: Learning through mind, that is the use of logic and reasoning in association with stages 1 and 2.

Stage 4: Learning and discovery through the synthesis of soul contact in connection with 1, 2 and 3.

We realize that Stage 4 could be split into several more categories, but this would not be productive for our discussion as soul contact applies to all seekers and talking about some direct contact with the Monad is meaningless to most.

Stage 1: Learning through the physical computer brain.

The beginners on the path rely heavily on learning through the brain, but not using the heart and mind to sift through what is right or wrong about what is taken in.

This person will trust his teachers and learn from them, but he will absorb the mistakes of the teacher without the discernment of truth from error.

Such a person can even get a Ph.D. and have access to all kinds of data in his computer brain but does not deviate from what has been spoon fed him through established teachers.

Stage 2: Learning through feeling in connection with the brain.

In addition to taking in data this person will sift through the data and tend to accept that which “feels” right and reject that which “feels” wrong. Because his judgments of truth and error are based upon the upside down world of emotion he will often pick error rather than truth to pursue.

But the interesting thing is that is not a bad thing, but all part of the great design for humanity to learn its lessons.

Before we can really embrace that which is true we often have to know through experience that which does not work. If we do not experience that which does not work it will make it difficult to follow the path of truth with confidence, for without this experience one will always be looking over his shoulder wondering if the choice never made might have been the better one.

Thus during Stage 2 the pilgrim stumbles again and again, experiencing turbulence after turbulence, suffering agony after agony, traveling through darkness, fear and depression.

Finally after making about every mistake that he can make he comes to the conclusion that he needs more than data and feeling to guide him on the path and he begins to use his mind and think and reason. He then decides to be guided only by that which makes sense, is scientific and sound thinking.

Stage 3: Learning through mind, that is the use of logic and reasoning in association with stages 1 and 2.

At the beginning of this state he will often be an atheist or totally reject his previous philosophy for a period of time having his whole belief system determined by reason alone. Then after a number of lifetimes his reason leads back to a belief in the possibility of a higher power and he becomes somewhat agnostic.

For a time the entity believes that the mind is the ultimate solution for living a sensible life. The philosophy is simple: If a thing makes sense and is logical embrace it. If a teaching or path does not make sense reject it. He feels much superior to the person at stage two for he doesn’t make nearly as many mistakes, but as time passes he keeps running into the same problem which faces him again and again.

His accurate conclusions are based on reliable facts and principles and if he is missing some of the data then his conclusions will be wrong or perhaps no conclusion can even be drawn. The more he learns the more he realizes how little he knows until he reaches a point where it dawns on him that in many cases his mind has not revealed truth, but instead slayed that which is true. At each dead end the mind came to an incomplete conclusion and rejected the truth because it did not fit within his paradigm.

As this person gets the first glimmers of soul contact he senses that there is some type of inner guide that is greater than mind, but uses both heart and mind. This first contact then is an intuition that there are answers within greater than mind. At first he has difficulty in accepting this idea, but as his frustration with progress on the Path increases geometrically he keeps returning to this possibility. Finally, he has some type of painful crises and has no where else to turn except within and for the first time he allows himself to believe that there is a contact available that is a sure compass of truth. This belief, and finally faith, after a journey of millions of years opens the door to the true reality.

Stage 4: Learning and discovery through the synthesis of soul contact in connection with 1, 2 and 3.

For many who are below Stage 4 it will seem that truth is a relative thing for they see that there does not seem to be one other person in the world that agrees with their individualized thought. The discovery made at Stage 4, however, is that it is not truth that is relative, but the perception of truth. Any two witnesses who are at the same crime scene demonstrate this principle. The two saw the same events, but perceived them differently and, consequently, describe them differently. The jury has to look for similarities to discover the truth.

At Stage 4 a true principle from the Course in Miracles is discovered. “The truth is true and nothing else is true.”

2+2=4 and there is no other number in the universe that is the correct answer. 2+2=4 and nothing else is true. If we believe otherwise it is because we perceive incorrectly. Our wrong perception does not alter any truth. Now we can shift our attention to millions of different formulas, or truths, but if tomorrow we are learning that 3+3=6; this does not alter the previous truth. Only our attention has shifted.

In the first three stages 2+2 will often seem to equal 3, 5, 7 or some other number. It seems that everyone has their favorite answer and there is little agreement as to which number is correct, nor does there seem to be any way to prove the correctness of any number.

But the world of soul is different. All souls are linked to the One Life who sees with the same eye of vision and those who make this contact and seek the answer see that 2+2=4 and nothing else is true.

When soul contact is first made the pilgrim will often feel lonely and have no one to commune with who has also made the contact. During this period he learns as an individual, but yearns to be one with others like himself.

This brings us to the pivotal point in stage 4 where two seekers become one through the one soul of humanity. He learns the secret of the words of Christ: “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

The Christ is the Master of the kingdom of the soul for soul is the medium of the Christ principle.

Soul contact is the door that brings us to the Oneness Principle that I have often mentioned. When the door is open and the seeker enters in he becomes one in the body of the soul and two or more who dwell beyond this door together will see the same vision.

Now that this first great hurdle has been crossed a second major obstacle is now in the way. It is fine to enter into the world of soul and then return and be “in the world,” but when the consciousness settles down in this reality we tend to get spiritual amnesia and lose sight of the soul. Losing sight of the soul is especially easy to do in relationships. As far as the isolated individual goes there is not as much to get in the way of soul contact as there is with another human being. Why? Because most of us see ourselves as good decent humans trying to do our best. But those with whom we are in relationship with is another matter. They often seem dead wrong, cold hearted, distant, stubborn, mean spirited, and just plain nasty at times. When these negative aspects that are not part of the kingdom of the soul are focussed on then the soul goes out of focus and the two remain two.

The principle of Oneness is this: 1+1=1

You being one communicate through the soul with another who is one and join through the soul into a unified life where you discover that the two of you are a part of one soul with one vision. Thus 1+1=1. This mathematical formula will be rejected by mind without soul, but makes perfect sense to the soul infused personality.

Questions for consideration:

Do you believe that you have experienced soul contact with another person? If so why is it that you were able to do this and what did it feel like?

What are the barriers that prevent two people from entering soul contact together and experiencing the Oneness Principle? How do we overcome these barriers?


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