The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 13

Day 126

The Beast and Religion

In the past the beast has found extremely fertile ground in working through religious authority. Often religious leaders carried more weight with the people than their political rulers. Many have been willing to obey them even at the cost of their lives and fortune.

We live in a time of change for we are at the cusp of the ages. Religious authority is losing its hold on the people and political authority is gaining strength. Even so, religious authority is still very strong, especially for those who are dedicated to their faith.

Many who are not particularly religious have difficulty in understanding the hold that a belief system can have on its members. Once the belief is accepted that an outer authority speaks for God then going against such an authority is equated with being against God and could lead to hell or the destruction of the soul.

Such outer authorities then have tremendous power to demand money, service and allegiance from followers.

One who has been in an organization where he was more captivated by the outer authority and breaks free is able to perceive and see the beast with great clarity. If the seeker is able to escape the mark in the right hand (control of actions) and the forehead (control of thought) then he will have a sense of freedom not experienced by many.

As we said earlier the agents of the beast are those who take the place of God in the minds of the people. Instead of reflecting within and accessing God through the inner Spirit, people tend to look to an outer authority who can tell them what the thoughts and will of God is. Of course what really happens is the outer authority tells them what are his own thoughts and will.

An interesting description of the workings of the beast is given by Paul. This scripture is used by fundamentalists to teach about the coming of an antichrist at the end of times. Instead it describes the here and now:

“That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.” II Thess 2:2-4

Here is an alternative interpretation revealing the true principle:

Before the seeker can access the soul, the Christ within, he must understand the true nature of the beast which is a “man of sin” who represents the will of God to you. He sits in the temple of God (the physical body) and shows himself to be the voice of God as if he is your God.

The seeker must have this revelation of this “man of sin” and put him in his place before he can experience the coming of Christ through his own soul.

This agent of the beast is revealed in some religions by a powerful leader at the top whose instructions are not to be questioned. Other less authoritarian churches are governed by a council or body of representatives.

One thing they all have in common is the possession of scriptures that are not to be questioned. There are thousands of religions that have sprung from the Bible alone. Few people get their interpretation of the scriptures from just reading them, but they joined a church and were told by authorities what they mean. Thus even the most noble words can be used as agents of the beast.

Assignment: Contemplate how the Bible and other holy books can represent the beast to the many.

Affirmation: “I reject the illusion without and experience the coming of Christ within.”


Day 127

Hijacking the Good

When people think of the beast they usually associate it with the antichrist which will bring to mind people like Hitler, Nero or some powerful dictator. Not many have ever thought to associate the scriptures themselves or even Jesus with the beast. Now Jesus, for instance, was certainly not a direct agent of the beast but his name has been hijacked and his teachings distorted so that he has become a tool very useful for the beast and his agents.

A seeker may wonder how is it that something as benevolent as the scriptures or a holy man or even Christ himself can become an agent of the beast?

First of all, let’s look at the scriptures, specifically the Bible. When you talk to a religious fundamentalist they will act like all you have to do is just read the Bible, believe what it says and understanding it is that simple. If you listen of them, you’d think that two people reading the Bible are going to get the same interpretation because the Bible just says what the Bible says.

Well it’s not that simple. There are literally thousands of religions that’s based on the Bible and no two of them have exactly the same interpretation of all the words therein. Very few people in any religion get their interpretation of basic doctrine from reading the Bible itself. The doctrine that is in their heads was put there by some leader or teacher within their religion. Within a religion you don’t have thousands of people reading the Bible with all of them getting different interpretations. They’ll all get the same interpretation because someone is telling them what to believe.

That someone who is telling them what to believe is an agent of the beast because these people are not thinking for themselves or contacting the inner spirit but are leaning on an outer voice that is a substitute for God. And in many cases the way this person becomes a substitute for God is by proclaiming to believers that the scriptures are the literal word of God and that word of God means what he says it means. When a person uses authority to tell people what is in the mind of God by interpretation like this he becomes a substitute for God or an agent of the beast.

Not only is a preacher a substitute for God, but the scriptures themselves are. Because the scriptures can be interpreted many different ways, the door opens for them to be an agent of the beast because they are an outer source. An outer source is only reliable when it’s verified by your inner source. If one therefore reads the scriptures without verification from within his interpretation will most likely be wrong in many places. Thus, the Scriptures can be an authority that leads someone into error.

The same problem occurs with Jesus and his words. Almost everyone has praise for the words of Jesus, for even the hardened atheist thinks the basic teachings of loving your neighbor is a good thing. Yet even his teachings and words have been misconstrued and used to persecute and make war. This is because people were looking for God outside of themselves instead of one that speaks to the spirit within. When the seeker makes soul contact then he can read the scriptures and the words of Jesus, be edified and set upon the right path. If he’s leaning up on the beast, which is an outer unearned authority, then he will be led into the error every time, even if he memorizes the Bible word for word.

The fact that the beast uses benevolent things like the scriptures, Jesus, holy men famous authors, philosophers and other edifying things this gives him tremendous power to surround his agents with an aura of righteousness and benevolence. This is why it is written that the beast will be worshiped by the whole world, because he takes the things that are worshiped and adored and uses them as tools of control.

The assignment today it is to examine the sacred cows in your own life and ask yourself, “are these things precious to me because of what an outer authority has placed in my mind or something I have discovered on my own and verified from within?”

Affirmation: “Nothing is sacred until it is verified by my innermost spirit.”


Part 128

The Principle of Freedom

Politics, government and state authority presents a very fertile ground for the beast to dominate. And the domination is very subtle. It says in the Scriptures that even the elect will be deceived. Well, as far as politics go many very good people cannot see the deception involved in the promotion of various political agendas. If you look on both sides of almost every issue you will see that there are good people, and often we find that the good people on one side just cannot stand the good people on the other side merely because they support something contrary to their own notions.

What the seeker needs to look at as far as politics goes is where the will of the beast is being carried out and where it is being resisted. In other words, what is the dividing line?

The dividing line is very simple but for an odd reason it is difficult for many people to see. The dividing line is the principle of freedom and the principle of freedom is basically this. The principle of freedom is being followed when maximum freedom for the whole is advocated. We say maximum freedom because total freedom is impossible.

For instance, no one wants to give the burglar total freedom to invade his house and take whatever he wants. By restricting the burglar and other lawbreakers from certain actions that are harmful we take away some of their freedom but give much more freedom to the average individual. Because we do not allow the burglar to enter your house this gives you more freedom and thus follows the principle of freedom because the overall freedom, or the freedom of the whole, is increased.

It is interesting that every political decision takes away freedom from some and gives freedom to others. The people who get more freedom and benefits think that is just great even though they may be a minority. Because every political decision brings somebody more freedom every politician and every ruler always thinks they are fighting for freedom.

The South believed that they were fighting for freedom even though they were fighting to maintain slavery. They felt that slavery was essential to their freedom because slavery allowed the slave owners to live a better life and have more individual freedom for themselves. It didn’t seem to occurred to them that an entire race of people had to suffer a loss of freedom so that they could have a little benefit.

When Abraham Lincoln heard people from the South comment on how they were fighting for freedom he made the comment that they certainly had a different idea what freedom was than he did.

Hitler thought he was fighting for freedom. He often invoked freedom as a calling card. And almost every other dictator has done the same thing and the strange thing is that their followers believed they were fighting for freedom. Because so many people are deceived about what brings maximum freedom and what does not it makes it easy for the beast to control people in the name of freedom while leading them down the path of slavery, if not for themselves, for others.

Concerning these different political issues there are two sides and one side will always bring more freedom for the whole than the other side. When you look at the two political camps you’ll find that both sides will proclaim that they are fighting for freedom in almost every case. And in a way they are, but one side is fighting for a larger portion of freedom than the other side. One side will be fighting for the freedom of the many and the other side will be fighting for the freedom of the few.

The beast always supports the side that fights for the freedom for the few because this enables him to bring restrictions and a loss of freedom directed at the majority. He thus follows a step-by-step process to take away freedom from the people.

The assignment today is to pick three political issues and ask yourself which side supports the principle of freedom? Or you can ask it this way, which position takes away the least amount of freedom because almost every bill Congress passes takes away some freedom from somebody.

Affirmation: “I support the greatest possible freedom for the many rather than just the few.”


Day 129

Extremism and the Beast

Remember that the goal of the beast, above all else, is control and it is willing to use any tool at his disposal to maintain it. One thing you can say about the beast is that he is not partial to any policy or belief system as long as his control is increased and the freedom of the whole is diminished.

He is willing to use either the believer or non believer in religion and spirituality. He is willing to use conservatives or liberals; the educated and the ignorant – no one is beyond being used as a tool except those who lean on the real authority that is within.

The question arises as to how it is that the beast would use people on both sides of various fences. The answer is this: Between the two extremes there is always a point of truth. This truth is often difficult to see as there seems to be many judgment calls involved. People swing back and forth like pendulums and when they swing a distance away from the point of truth the door is open for the beast to step in and increase his power of dominion.

Let us take religion, for example. If the religion is too strict then punishments, threats of hell and other measures will be used to keep people in line which gives the beast power to rule through his pawns with unearned authority.

If a people go the other extreme and incorporate atheism as a substitute for religion the same problem may occur and you could have someone like a Stalin being an agent of the beast controlling the people “for their own good.”

If we look at the political issues of the day we can see that extreme positions can open the door for the beast of unearned authority to enter and exert control.

For instance, a prominent issue as I write this is immigration. What are the two extremes?

One extreme is to be against all immigration and the other extreme is to allow for all immigrants to come, even if done illegally. The first extreme leads to overly strict controls and the second leads to a destabilized society – two useful tools in the hands of the beast.

Another issue is law and order. If there are too many laws with overly strict enforcement then powerful intrusive authority is needed. The other extreme is for people to pick and choose which laws they will follow which again leads to chaos and anarchy.

Taxes are always a popular issue. On one extreme some will want to reduce taxes to the extent that the government cannot pay its bills which could lead to such a high deficit that the nation could go bankrupt. On the other extreme, taxes will be so high that people become disgruntled and do everything possible to avoid paying them. This brings in excessive power from the beast.

What the seeker needs to do to find the point of truth is to see where the parties are on the various issues. Are they leaning to one extreme or the other? If the nation is leaning toward an extreme then one must look closely to see where the power of the beast is seeking to increase control. The true seekers of soul contact must get a sense of where the point of truth lies and do all in their power to guide the people toward that which lies somewhere between the two extremes.

Assignment: Examine yourself and ask if you are leaning to an extreme with any of the issues of the day. Does your Higher Self verify that you are not being controlled by the beast? Do you always support the Principle of Freedom?

Affirmation: “I sway not back and forth with group will, but make my stand at the center of spiritual power.”


Day 130

The Two Types of Truth

The soul sees from a higher level than we do and is much more aware of what is true and what is false. When our attention focuses on that which is true the consciousness moves closer to the soul which sends out a harmonious vibration when truth is spoken. When the seeker moves away from truth he also moves away from the Higher Self and the high spiritual vibration is replaced with vibrations of the emotional/desire nature. If the seeker grows to love falsehood and distortion more than truth the result will be spiritual amnesia and he will forget about the feelings of the soul and begin to mistake the lower nature for the Higher Self.

Many truths are easy to see in theory, but difficult when it comes down to real time application. This is why we have spent some time in recent lessons covering some controversial issues. The seeker seeking reliable soul contact must listen to the inner voice over the outer to discern the truth of the issues of the day. He will not arrive at the truth by merely going along with those who tell us what to think.

Many are puzzled that good people on both sides of the issues arrive at such different political and spiritual conclusions.

One of the main reasons for this is that there are two different kinds of truth.

First, there are true facts that can be proven mathematically or by observation or demonstration of some kind.

For instance, if someone says it is a sunny day all one has to do is go outside and verify that the person is telling the truth.

If someone is selling you ten pounds of potatoes and you doubt him then you can weigh them yourself and determine the truth of the matter.

Many facts like these can be verified so on these type of truths there is no argument about their validity.

We’ll call this first type of truth, true facts. All people, even the beast and his agents, generally accept these.

The second type of truth involves direction and judgment and cannot be proven in black and white terms. Let us take the sport of bowling for example. If you knock down all ten pins with one throw you have a strike. That is the first type of truth and no one will dispute this.

On the other hand, how to best hold and throw the ball to attain that strike is another matter. There is no universal agreement on this. Each bowler must use his best judgment as he seeks to perfect his game.

It is a fact that many people are in need of assistance and almost all agree that we should help in some way. That is the first type of truth. However, there is a huge disagreement on how much we should help individually and as a society. This requires a judgment call.

There is a point between the two extremes where the most efficient course of action lies, but few can see it accurately because so many facts of the first order are at play.

This is where the soul comes into play. It sees on a higher level than the lower self and can guide the seeker toward a judgment that will take him toward the highest point of truth.

Most everyone supports some type of immigration, but how much and under what conditions are judgments that enter in.

Most everyone supports some type of taxation to fund the government, but disagree on the amount and conditions, which require a judgment.

Part of the problem with this second type of truth is that it is difficult to see because it is often the case that many of the facts are missing. For instance, the weatherman has some facts that will help him predict tomorrows weather, but not all. He puts together the facts he has and makes a judgment call. He is rarely exactly correct but he gives us a general idea of what to expect.

The beast uses this second type of truth to his full advantage and supplements it with the first type of truth.

Assignment: Contemplate on how the beast uses this second type of truth to control the masses.

Affirmation: “I gather the facts and seek to judge through the eyes of the soul.”


Day 131

The Tactics of the Beast

The greatest desire of the beast is to gain authority and control over the souls of men. He attempts this in such a way that he expects appreciation, thankfulness and even worship. Unfortunately, most of humanity give him these things of their own free will, not realizing that they are selling themselves into slavery as predicted by Isaiah:

“For thus saith the LORD, Ye have sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be redeemed without money. For thus saith the Lord GOD, My people went down aforetime into Egypt to sojourn there; and the Assyrian oppressed them without cause. Now therefore, what have I here, saith the LORD, that my people is taken away for nought? they that rule over them make them to howl, saith the LORD; and my name continually every day is blasphemed.” Isaiah 52:3-4

Today many have given away freedoms to the beast and his agents make us howl and complain, but still they have the public support.

The goal of the beast is to create a one-world government where all are under his authority and no one will have power to challenge or question his agents. Big Brother from the book 1984 is not far from that which is desired.

What is not realized is that society is evolving toward a one world government and nothing can turn this around. Also unrealized is that we have a choice as to what that government will be. Will it be a tyranny tightly controlled by the beast or a federation of independent, yet cooperating free nations? The choice is ours, but we will only make the right choice if the people start to see how the beast operates and not buy into it.

The beast uses very subtle tactics to obtain support for increasing his control and authority. His prime tactic is to use the second type of truth that requires a judgment to discern. He doesn’t want you to use your own judgment, but to rely on the judgment of his agents.

There are four prime approaches he will use to control the masses.

(1) Selective facts. He will back up his judgments with facts that are convenient and discard those that are not. Many facts are always missing from his sales pitch.

(2) Distortion. He will distort the truth and project more freedom, prosperity, harmony, health, happiness etc. when the opposite will be the result. He will take the argument of the other side and twist it so it looks sinister and demonize anyone who opposes him.

(3) Outright lies. When he can get away with it he will create lies, which, if accepted, will destroy those who oppose him.

(4) Blame. He will blame all the problems caused by his agents on those who oppose him and are trying to free themselves from the mark of the beast.

The presentations of the beast are so clever and appealing to lower emotion that much of the world look upon his agents as their saviors and benefactors while voluntarily going into slavery. Even after receiving a clear instruction as to the nature of the beast many will still not recognize his tactics and instead embrace him. Indeed, they will fulfill these additional words of Isaiah.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

Assignment: Only those with soul contact can discern all the areas of life where the beast seeks control. Call forth your soul and ask it if you are free from the mark of the beast. Do you place any authority above that of your own soul? If so, how can you free yourself.

Affirmation: “I will know the truth which shall make me free.”


Day 132

The Name of God

Perhaps the best known writing from the Book of Revelation is chapter 13 which deals with the beast. It does indeed contain some important information, but often overlooked is the first verse in the next chapter which gives an essential key to overcoming the beast.

“And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.” Rev 14:1

The 144,000 is a symbolic number signifying the disciple who has balanced his energies and placed them under the guidance of the Higher Christ Self. They stood on mount Sion, signifying a consciousness that rises above that of the beast and his minions that came from the sea of people.

Most important of all we are told that the 144,000 have “his Father’s name written in their foreheads.”

It is interesting that those who follow the beast and have his mark as well as his name. (Rev 13:17) On the other hand, those who have escaped the beast have God’s name in their foreheads.

The name of the beast is the name of any man who takes the place of God who speaks within. He tells followers what to think, believe and do as if his voice is the same as the voice of God.

The name of God in the forehead of the redeemed is Christ which represents the soul or the Higher Self. Your Higher Self links you to God and all other souls who have risen above the power and authority of the beast.

The ajna center, often called the third eye, is in the center of the forehead and is seen by many as the place where lies the inner throne upon which sits the presence of God. This center which lies just above and between the eyebrows is a meeting place for heaven and earth. Your consciousness can meet the consciousness of your Higher Self and obtain a vision which will allow you to see the workings of the beast. Such a seer can see through the fog of deception and see the point of truth where judgment is involved.

Assignment: Sit back in your chair and close your eyes. Focus your attention on the area of your third eye and say this three times, with a pause between each statement: “I summon my Higher Self, which is linked to Christ which is linked to God.”

As you say this visualize a point of light in your forehead. As you finish saying the invocation for the third time see the point of light growing in size. As you see it grow also feel its warmth. See it grow in strength and size until your whole body is engulfed with the invigorating light. Spend the next few minutes basking in this light and being one with your Christ self.

Affirmation: “I reject the names of men without and embrace the name of God within.”


Day 133

Indirect Contact

It is possible to reach your soul indirectly through the dream state. To understand this the seeker must understand what happens during dreaming. Unless you are a lucid dreamer you will notice that while dreaming that you are not aware of your every day life but are caught up in a fantasy world as if it is real.

Why is it that you are unaware of your whole self?

The answer is that the mind part of yourself is gone and only the desire/emotional part of yourself remains in the body during sleep.

This is why your dreams are so disjointed, illogical and beyond your control.

During sleep your mind consciousness returns to your soul and dwells in the higher realms. Only your feeling nature stays behind. Because it is unable to think logically it creates a world during sleep that is difficult to make sense of upon awakening.

Your emotional nature does not have contact with your Higher Self during sleep. It doesn’t even have contact with your mind consciousness, which is a step below soul consciousness.

Fortunately, though the soul can send you a message through the dream state. When this happens upon awakening you will have a sense that your dream was not an ordinary dream, but contains some type of message that requires your attention. In other words, a dream carrying a message from the soul seems like more than a dream.

Your soul sends messages to you in your dreams for two reasons.

(1) It has attempted to get your attention during waking consciousness but you didn’t pay attention. Sending a message to you in the dream state is sometimes a last resort.

(2) The seeker invokes the Higher Self and requests that information be sent through the dream state.

If the soul deems it is something you should know it can project images and feelings into your dreams in the hope that the message will be received. Using the dream state to deliver a message from the soul is somewhat comparable to a general delivering an oral message by a foot soldier to a sergeant in the field. He hopes the message gets correctly communicated, but there is always a possibility of misunderstanding.

Even though the communication through the dream state is not perfect it is worth a try. You never know what the soul may have for you that was missed by your waking consciousness.

Assignment: As you are drifting off to sleep whisper this to yourself: “My soul, I call upon you to speak to me in my sleep. What would you have me know?”

If you have given your soul a name, as discussed in a previous lesson, you can use that in addressing it.

Keep repeating this phrase until you drift off to sleep. Repeat this for at least three days and something should come through.

Affirmation: “I sleep in the peace of the Spirit.”


Day 134

Soul Extensions

You can go additional steps in inviting your soul into your dream state. You can invite it to take a form and speak to you face to face in your dreams. The most popular form for the soul to take in the Western world is that of Jesus, but Muslims would be more comfortable seeing Mohammed and Buddhists , Buddha etc. Your soul does not have to take the form of a religious person though. It can take the image of a possible soul mate, a beloved friend, a teacher, a parent or any person you highly respect. Then too, you can request that the soul appear to you in your dream having the name and identity that you have given to it in a previous lesson.,

The one thing all these possible images have in common is they will be people that you love. Love is always the common thread.

Let us say that you pick Jesus as the vehicle for the appearance for your soul. To make this happen you need to invoke either Jesus or your soul and ask to make the event occur. You can even pray to God to make it happen. Remember, the soul, which is the Christ consciousness, is the mediator between God and man. Any prayer that you make always goes to your soul or Higher Self first.

If you want Jesus to appear to you in your dreams and communicate with you there are several approaches you can take.

(1) Prayer. The prayer could go along these lines: “Oh God, I humbly ask that you send Jesus to counsel me in my dreams.”

(2) Direct invocation to your soul. Visualize your Higher Self as directed in previous lessons, focus your attention on communicating with it and say, “I ask of you, my soul who shares consciousness with Christ, to send Jesus to me to visit with me in the dream state.

(3) A direct invocation to Jesus. Many would feel more confortable just directly calling upon Jesus rather than their own souls. Either way, your petition will go to your Higher Self first. This is how God can hear millions of prayers all at one time. Millions of souls linked to God respond as intermediaries. If you decide to go directly to Jesus you could say something like this: “Oh, Jesus, Holy Son of God, I ask that you appear to me in my dreams and converse with me.”:

Now suppose you follow through and encounter Jesus in your dreams. Would he be the real thing? He would be most likely not be the entity who walked the streets of Jerusalem, but your soul can tune into any consciousness that has ever lived and duplicate it and cause it to appear to you. When this happens, with Jesus, for instance, the personality will be a true duplicate or extension of the Master.

Your soul can even send you an extension of someone who is awake while you are sleeping and the personality will be true to form.

On the other hand, if the personalities in your dreams are created by your emotional self they may be quite distorted. A true representation accompanied by feelings of love is a sign that your soul is sending you a message.

Assignment: Continue with yesterday’s assignment and add to it one of the three communication methods mentioned today.

Affirmation: “I call upon my soul which is linked to all other souls.”


Day 135

Living Daydreams

Daydreams are similar to regular dreams in that most anything can manifest in them. The main difference though is that, unlike nighttime dreams, the mind element and consciousness is still in the body. This gives the daydreamer much more control. He can change the daydream at will or shut it down at any time.

Little children are masters at daydreaming and become involved in them in a way that escapes the consciousness of many adults.

I clearly remember when I was a kid. I spent quite a bit of time alone so I often had to use my imagination to entertain myself. I would pretend that I was a cowboy, like Gene Autry, and save a damsel in distress from the bad guys. I daydreamed about being on a deserted island like Tom Hanks in Cast Away and many other things. One day as I was reflecting on the enjoyment I had through my daydreams it dawned on me that adults seem to have lost most of this ability. Yes, they may imagine something for a very short period, but they do not immerse themselves in them as a kid does.

I was looking forward to growing up except for this one thing. I did not want to loose the benefits of daydreaming and just letting my imagination go. I promised myself at that moment that when I grew up I would not forget what daydreaming is like for a kid.

I have tried to keep that promise to myself and still love to play with little children using the imagination. It amazes me how quickly they can pick up on things that I introduce to them from my imagination.

We adults need to recapture some of this ability we have lost and use it to our advantage. Imagination always precedes reality so if we imagine well then life will follow a similar pattern.

When the imagination is used more refined matter from the mental and astral planes are drawn to you and create forms in these spheres. This is why it is easy to see something that you have imagined a number of times. Your imagination builds the form and when it is fully created out of emotional and mental matter it becomes easy to call the images forth at will.

Let us s ay that you spend a lot of time imagining Jesus. After a period of time you will have created a real form of him and it will be animated with basic loving intelligence. Now when your Higher Self looks down upon your activities it will see the Jesus that you created with your imagination. It will then realize that it can use this image for good by endowing it with a portion of its consciousness to give you some guidance.

Most people who claimed to have seen Jesus have not seen the real thing, but a thoughtform created by their own power of imagination. If it is animated by one’s own consciousness then Jesus will relate standard platitudes that will contain nothing new. On the other hand, if the soul decides to animate it then the seeker could receive words of wisdom that go beyond his own native intelligence.

This explains why many little children see imaginary friends. Some of these are actual images seen by them and activated by their own souls to give them some early guidance.

Your assignment today is to create a Jesus from your own imagination and watch it develop in intelligence with the hope that your soul will animate it and give you a revelation.

Start out by seeing yourself as a peasant sitting in the crowd that watched Jesus give the sermon on the mount. You might want to first read Matthew chapters 5-7 so you have the basic sermon in your consciousness.

See yourself as being in the crowd and clearly seeing Jesus speaking those great words. When he speaks something like, “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” take a look at the expression on his face as he speaks as well as the expressions on the faces of those who heard the words.

Today imagine listening to the whole sermon from beginning to end and watching how Jesus delivered it. Notice how he moves his hands, how he stands, his facial expressions and more. Does he stand in one spot for the whole address or does he move around. Soak in the whole atmosphere and experience. Tomorrow there will be more.

Affirmation: “I imagine and I create, for I am in the image of God.”


Day 136

Walking with the Master

So, did you follow through and imagine yourself in the audience watching Jesus give the Sermon on the Mount?

At this point do not worry about accuracy but just let your imagination go, especially in your depiction of Jesus. Energy follows thought and when enough energy is given to your Jesus image your soul will get involved and animate your Jesus beyond your expectations.

Let your imagination go now and see Jesus ending his presentation. The people are impressed and several want to be healed. A leper comes forward pleading for a healing and Jesus complies. He is healed and several others come forward. As Jesus attempts to heal what he can Peter becomes alarmed as the crowd is pressing forward and people could get injured, including Jesus. Peter and the apostles escort Jesus away from the crowd, but you manage to follow them.

When they are away from the crowd you approach Peter and ask him if he would let you associate with the inner circle for a while. He asks you why they should consider this.

You respond by saying that you can write and you would like to record some of the important events that are transpiring in the life of Jesus.

Peter is impressed with the idea and after conferring with the other apostles he agrees to take you in. Meanwhile you look ahead and s ee Jesus walking alone seemingly deep in thought.

You ask Peter where they are going next and he says they are going to his house in Capernaum. He invites you to follow him as he and the other move toward Jesus. Peter taps Jesus on the shoulder and says, “We have a writer who has joined us. He thinks that what we are doing will be important to record.”

Jesus turns and looks at you and grabs your right hand with two of his and says, “Peter is more correct than he realizes. What is your name?”

You tell him your name.

Jesus drops your hand and says, “Come, walk with me as we journey to Peter’s house. Since you want to write about me you must have some questions. Tell me what they are.”

Assignment: Come up with a minimum of three questions that you will ask Jesus in your imaginary walk. When you ask a question take in his expressions, mannerisms and the way he speaks and seems to think. Be sure that you see and hear him answering your questions. The answers may be beyond something you just could have made up.

Affirmation: “I ask because the answer awaits me.”


Day 137

Questions to you

Jesus patiently listens to your questions and thoughtfully answers them. Then he pauses a moment, looks at you and says, “Now I have a couple questions for you.”

Assignment: This is short and sweet, but important. Again, using your imagination see Jesus asking you three or more questions as you walk with him. See yourself giving answers as if you were there with him.

Affirmation: “I receive and I give back.”


Day 138

Conversations with Jesus

Did you have a good two-way conversation with Jesus? If you let your imagination go there is no reason to not fulfill these assignments – and, don’t worry if the Jesus of your imagination is not as all knowing or pious as many have been lead to believe. Just run with what your imagination gives to you. Then, after a certain amount of time, Jesus will take on a life of his own and give responses beyond that which you thought you could imagine.

Continue to see yourself walking with Jesus. You have asked him questions and in return he asked you some. You two are walking silently alone just ahead of the apostles. They seem to sense that Jesus wants to spend some time with you.

You walk a while next to Jesus and he is very quiet, but you can tell that he is deep in thought. You become curious and ask him, What are you thinking about?”

He responds, “I’m thinking about how little my disciples understand my mission and the events that are coming. If you stay around you will witness some great things that you can write about.”

“Tell me about your mission,” you ask.

I have been told by the Father within me that I am to play the role of the Messiah, but it will not be the warrior messiah that most of the Jews expect. Just imagine if God told you that you were to be the Messiah. How would you react?”

You respond, “I’d probably be like Jonah and run away from the job. I’d be scared to death at the responsibility.”

Jesus let out a soft laugh and replied, “Your understanding already exceeds the disciples. Yes, since I have become aware of my mission I have developed some sympathy for Jonah running away from his mission. If the truth be told, I would be happy with a wife and kids and leading a normal life, but I have been called to a mission that bears a high weight of responsibility. I am very concerned about being up for the job and having the strength to handle everything that is coming my way.”

“I think you are the man for the job,” you say. “And besides, God is with you so this will insure you have the strength when needed.”

“That’s what I keep telling myself,” said Jesus. “Thank you for your faith. There’s Peter’s house just ahead.”

You marvel at how different the living conditions were in this age. Peter was upper middle class in his day and had an above average home. The roof was nothing fancy as it was made of dirt and straw and the rooms inside were fairly small. The only area large enough for the disciples to gather was the courtyard, an open air area in the center of the house.

Later that evening you are sitting in a circle gathered around a fire. You get the feeling that these fireside chats with Jesus were quite common for the disciples. You look around at the group and see that all the Twelve Disciples are there, some with their wives. There are also several female disciples not married to any apostle. You are sitting next to John and he tells you that he really enjoys these fireside chats. Jesus will usually start them off by teaching something and a question and answer period follows. John then says that he has a couple questions about the sermon earlier today.

Next Jesus begins to teach the group. Again use your imagination and see yourself there hearing his words. Later see yourself there during the question and answer period. Listen in to some of the questions asked and the answers received. If you have a question see yourself asking it.

Assignment: Continue participating in this fireside chat as long as is comfortable. Take note of all your surroundings, the people and the conversation.

Affirmation: “Today, I will walk and talk with the Master.”


Day 139

Stand and Be Healed

The discussion ends and Peter and his wife retire. A few of the disciples leave for their homes but most stay in the courtyard and start falling asleep on some straw. Jesus also seems to be sleepy and turns to you and says: “I’ve been invited to dinner at the home of a Pharisee tomorrow. Would you like to come with me?”

“Sure,” you say.

Jesus smiled and said, “If you are going to write about me then you might as well get a view of me in different settings.”

The next day Jesus called his disciples together and said, “We have work to do. Let us stroll through Capernaum and see what happens.”

You follow as Jesus leads the disciples through the town

The first person who caught the attention of Jesus was a beggar with a useless leg. It was a great struggle for him to get around on crutches.

The beggar says, “Are you Jesus – the one who is said to have healing powers?”

“That is probably me,” he replied.

“I know it’s asking a lot, but is it possible to restore my leg.”

“All things are possible with God,” Jesus replied.

“What do I need to do?” he asked.

“Stand up,” said Jesus.

“That’s kind of hard for me,” he said, grabbing his crutches, attempting to stand and balance himself with his good leg.

“No, I want you to stand without your crutches on your two legs.”

“Believe me I would love to but I cannot.”

“Do you believe that God parted the Red Sea for Moses?” he asked.


Which then would be more difficult for God; to heal your leg or part the Red Sea?”

“Well, parting the Red Sea has to be the greatest miracle of all time,” the beggar said.

“So, healing your leg should be an easy miracle then?” Jesus asked.

“By comparison, perhaps, but why would God pay any attention to me?”

“Because you are his child. He has been paying attention to you. Now you just need to pay some attention back in return.”

“How do I do that?”

Jesus put his hand on his forehead and said, “Listen.”

“Nothing wrong with my hearing,” he said. “I’m listening.”

“Listen from the inside, not the outside,” said Jesus with firmness.

“Okay,” he said, “but all I hear is…. Wait a minute; I hear something inside my head.”

“What does the voice say?”

“It says to drop my crutches and stand on both legs.”

“Will you obey?”

“I would like to, but am afraid I will fall.”

“Moses heard a similar voice telling him to command the Red Sea to part. The great command caused him to fear, but he still obeyed. Now you must do the same. Drop your crutches and walk or return to where you were for the rest of your life.”

He looked Jesus in the eyes, which seemed to increase his faith and said “All right Lord, I am in your hands. I’m dropping my crutches.”

He dropped them and almost fell but strength returned to his bad leg and his balance was caught. Then he said with glee, “My bad leg feels stronger than the good one and it is no longer deformed.

“Try walking back and forth,” said Jesus.

The man struggled a bit a first but soon got used to walking again.”

“Now I want a favor from you,” said Jesus.


“Go visit people you know in the area, reveal your healing to them and bring me all those with infirmities who have faith to be healed.”

“Happy to do it,” said the man and within minutes he was gone.

Jesus turned to you and said, “We are going to be plenty busy until super.”

You agree with him and look on the horizon expecting people to show up momentarily.

Assignment: Imagine people soon showing up wanting to be healed and Jesus attending to them. Witness how people approach him and his response. Watch the different approaches he uses for the different people and maladies. Take note of whether all were healed. Also take note of what the disciples did with their time,

Affirmation: “I too will obey the inner voice.”


Day 140

A Dinner Conversation

If you have been doing the assignments your imagination should by now have created an image of Jesus and his personality that seems somewhat real. Now when you imagine him you have a foundation of mental energy on which to build.

We’ll do one more imaginative experience with Jesus to solidify his image in your mind.

You and Jesus are now walking together approaching the Pharisee’s house. You feel exhilarated and privileged at the same time for being able to spend time with this holy man. You have a question for Jesus:

“Are you sure it will be all right with this guy if I tag along? I can see why he is interested in having you for dinner but he may consider me an intrusion.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Jesus. “If I read him correctly your presence will not be a problem.”

You find it interesting that Jesus often does not speak in absolutes like the image of the all-knowing messiah painted by fundamentalists. Sometimes he does use the word “if” and speaks like a regular guy who doesn’t know everything that is going to happen. While noting this you also realize that he speaks of some things very specifically as if his sense of knowing far exceeds normal human intelligence.

It turns out that Jesus was right about the Pharisee, whose name was Silas. He did not mind you coming along. He seemed to assume you were an assistant or aid to Jesus.

Silas’ wife served you food and beverage, but stayed out of the way so her husband could focus on his unusual guest. As you settle down for dinner Silas looks at Jesus and says, “You know you’re creating quite a stir among the people, especially among religious authorities, including my people.”

“What have you heard?” asked Jesus.

Some say you are a magician with a bag of tricks and others think you may do a few miracles, but it is because you are in league with the devil.”

“And what do you think?”

“I saw you perform several miracles. You restored hearing to one and sight to another. I’ve never seen a magician do such things and never considered the devil as one who does such good works.” Silas looks at you and asks, “What do you think of this fellow?”

You emphasize to Silas that you think Jesus is the real deal.

“Where does this power you have come from?” asks Silas.

You study Jesus’ face and sense that the full answer has a depth that Silas would not understand so Jesus simplifies.

“The short answer is that God is with me and tells me when a person can be healed. When he says it is okay all I have to do is speak the word. Without his spirit in me I wouldn’t be accomplishing much.”

“Are you the promised Messiah?”

“Time will tell.”

“I haven’t heard of you making any claims, but I would like to know what you think. Are you the Messiah?”

“You haven’t heard of me making claims because I have not made them. My words and my works are my only claims.”

“Your works are so great that they almost scream the word ‘Messiah’ to the people. I don’t think you realize the danger that puts you in because the religious authorities are threatened by you.”

“I do realize,” said Jesus.

“So are you going to tone it down a bit or maybe work the less populated areas so you do not draw so much attention?”

“The Father who is in me tells me to do the opposite of common wisdom. I am to ramp things up, go to where the people are and let the chips fall where they may.”

“You are a braver man than I,” said Silas. “Unlike many of my brethren I wish you no harm and pray that God protects you.”

Assignment: “Finish off the conversation using your imagination. See yourself getting involved and making some comments. See Silas asking more questions and Jesus answering them.

Affirmation: “I will fear no evil.”


Day 141

Continuing the Project

As stated earlier the goal of these imaginative excursions with Jesus is to create am image of him made with real matter, but more refined than the physical. The higher mind is the great connecting link between physical existence and the higher realms. The soul cannot come down and speak to you in the physical realm, but if you reach out to it in your mind and heart, communication then becomes possible.

What we are attempting here is an interesting endeavor. We are going beyond mere daydreaming or ordinary imagination. Instead we are attempting to capture enough of your attention so the Jesus of your imagination becomes clothed with actual mental substance. As the seeker clothes him he will be easier to see and imagine each time it is attempted. When the image begins to come to your mind with no effort on your part, this will be a sign that you have a true creation on the mental plane.

When your mental creation is complete you will then have a vehicle that your soul can use to communicate with you. It takes an expenditure of energy on its part so the Higher Self will not participate for entertainment only or to satisfy curiosity. He will make the effort if there is some purpose to be achieved and if you are willing to follow divine will.

Jesus is a good image to create for several reasons.

(1) He was the first on record to correctly demonstrate the Christ consciousness on earth as it is embraced by souls in heaven.

(2) Your soul, which embraces the consciousness of Christ, can more easily access an image of Christ than others because of what it represents.

(3) Many seekers already have a partial image of Christ in their present consciousness. This gives them something on which to build.

Your assignment today is to continue to imagine yourself traveling and conversing with Jesus until he comes real enough to attract the attention of your soul. When this happens you will receive advice and wisdom that will go beyond that which you could imagine on your own.

How long will this take?

It depends on how much attention and energy you put into the project. Your soul could manifest itself through Jesus today, or maybe it could take a few months of effort.

If you want to pursue this endeavor I would recommend you read the gospels of Matthew and John to give you seed thoughts to stimulate your imagination. The Aquarian Gospel also supplies some great material.

Good luck with this aspect of soul contact.

Affirmation: “My thoughts link heaven and earth.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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