McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 27

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Humor and Unselfishness

JJ: What are some of the other distinctions between the light and the dark?

Audience: The dark brothers are totally selfish and self-serving and the Brotherhood of Light is the exact opposite.

JJ: Light is selfless and dark selfish. Now, on the other hand, does the person who is selfish ever admit he is selfish? No it is like a maze trying to figure out who is who because they both say a lot of the same things. Not only will the dark brother talk about how selfless and virtuous and how much he has given to charity and how of this and that, that he has done but his acolytes will also praise him and say, oh Mr. Smith, he has done so much for the service of humanity. Maybe the guy is just totally selfish and what he has done with his selfishness is he has not given of himself but he has manipulated events and used other people’s money to buy the appearance of virtue. He will take other people’s money and build something with it and put his name on it and everyone will think that this guy gave us this bridge and he is a wonderful person.

There are politicians in Washington with dozens and dozens of buildings, monuments and bridges that are named after them and all they did was take other people’s money and buy it for us and it did not cost them one penny out their own pocket. As they take other people’s money to build the building to put their name on it they are increasing our taxes. If you want to look for the selfish politicians then I would look for the ones with the most buildings with their names on them.

The unselfish politicians will not care if a building has their name on it for what they care about is to get something done that will benefit this country and the people. You will find that this politician does not give a rat’s behind about whether or not a building has his name on it or not. I have found that the best politicians rarely have a building named after them until after they die and then somebody else does it for him.

Selfishness, the difficult part of all of these is the dark brother present himself as light like it says in the Bible – Satan himself presents himself as an angel of light. The selfish brother presents himself as altruistic and virtuous because he has managed to give his constituents all this stuff. I am a wonderful person because I give you this stuff, but he did not give it to us, he gave it to us with other people’s money.

When somebody says he will give you free stuff, I say that when they reach in their own pocket and pay for it with their own money then I think that is unselfish. If he did it with his own money, his own power and his own work and did it to benefit other people not using other people’s money then that is what I call unselfishness. So when a politician gets in an area of great influence and is able to buy stuff and put his name on buildings, bridges, libraries and such and get a lot of credit for being virtuous on other people’s hard work, I do not call this unselfish. I call it selfish because he is selfishly using other people’s money to build up his own ego.

Okay what other differences do we have?

Audience: I think the dark side is humorless and the light is joyful with humor.

JJ: Light side is joyful and has humor and dark is opposite. DK Himself points this out that the brotherhood of light has a good sense of humor and when you first begin to read his book you wonder if He has any sense of humor himself but once you get into it and study Him then you see some subtle little things he says which kind of make you chuckle every once in a while.

Take a look at Hitler, for instance. Whenever you see him talking he was so dead serious when he got up to speak with his body language and his voice, I can’t understand what he is saying and I would like to hear a clip where it is translated to see what he is actually saying. Every speech I have seen of Hitler, he sounds like he is mad at his dog or something. He sounds completely humorless and one of the things the allies did in World War II was they made fun of Hitler. They made jokes about him and made these films where they contorted Hitler and made him look like he was doing all this funny weird stuff and they would show the films in the theaters just to make fun of him and the whole audience would laugh and a lot people thought Hitler actually did this stuff. Hitler was manipulated in films to all kinds of crazy stuff like falling off of chairs and stuff like that. I am sure if Hitler ever knew about it that it probably really drove him crazy. It would be interesting for somebody to compile those old films, I have read about them but I have never actually seen them.

What is interesting between light and dark is that light has more than one meaning. In light we think of a light like this one right here but there is also light as in opposite of heavy. The dark brothers are heavy with their feelings and their thoughts are just sooo serious. The Brotherhood of Light is light in their thoughts and they are more carefree. Annie was something about how they go slow quickly. How was that worded Annie?

Annie: They hurry slowly.

JJ: They hurry slowly. In other words, the impression I got was that they have a deadline but they do not pursue the deadline with a state of hurriedness; they do it in a state of relaxation. Now often times when people have deadline it just drives them crazy and they get really nervous and uptight about it but the Brotherhood of light says, just relax, everything will be fine, concentrate and if you give yourself the right amount of time then you can pace yourself and be relaxed, move forward step by step and you can have your mission accomplished. Now the dark brothers are entirely different, it has to be done at a certain time or you die.

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: The mob is an extension of the dark brothers and you see these movies about them and what happens if the guy in the mob does not perform on time?

Audience: He gets whacked!

JJ: Yes, he gets hit over the head with a baseball bat or choked or shot or stabbed or tortured or fire placed under him or something crazy happens to the poor guy who does not perform or who does not get the good guy or whatever. So it is interesting how light applies in more ways than just brightness.

After Curtis and I were excommunicated we spent a number of times trying to enlighten the Mormons which is the hardest thing I have ever attempted in my life. We would go around and visit certain ones and the ones that bothered us the most we called them the squeaky clean ones. In other words, it looked like they had just got out of the shower and completely groomed no matter what time of day it was. The squeaky clean ones were always very serious and when we met with them and we presented what we thought were some of the problems in the church, they would talk to us like this, very slowly and in a deep voice, “Oh brother you know you are on dangerous ground here and you know that Satan has got a hold of you and that you can suffer very dark consequences if you continue upon this path.” They talk slowly deliberately and they are always squeaky clean. These types of guys really talk this way and they are washed, clean, groomed and I swear they have shaved within the past hour, all of them!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I always seem to have some stubble going on and I cannot get shaved like these squeaky clean ones. I found that interesting that I always found them to be in the squeaky clean category, now look at Dan over here, he would never fit in the squeaky clean category!

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: You look at him and he is mellow. He has an old T-shirt on and he is never really clean shaven entirely, and these are the type of guys that I find that I really trust a lot more than the ones who have that air of authority about them like, “I am in charge and I have authority here.” This type of guy is always rubbing me the wrong way.

Audience: I had a missionary come over to my house once and I could not get rid of him and I said you can excommunicate me please, please and then finally I said you ought to get laid and that did it he left after that.

JJ: If you want to get rid of them even faster give them my little booklet called Mormonism and Reincarnation. They will hold that in their hand like it is going to start on fire and they will get out of there really fast. Just say that you want to talk about it, for it has some scriptures proving that Joseph Smith believed in reincarnation.

It works with the Jehovah witnesses too. I use the Bible and Reincarnation with them. They come in and I say yes I have a little thing here that proves reincarnation in the Bible and I will take your literature and you take mine and they have the same reaction. It is like it is hot to their touch. It is funny during that time period that Curtis and I tried to enlighten the Mormons, we would give them some of our material and then come back and ask them if they read it. They would always give us the same answer and can you guess what that answer is?

Audience: No

JJ: What did they do with it, Curtis?

Curtis: Burned it.

JJ: Burned it. Nine times out of ten they would say that they burned it. And we would ask them, why did you burn it? They would say well somebody else could have got it out of the garbage and I did not want anybody to ever see that so we burned it. Even some of my family members told me that they burned some of my stuff. No they just did not throw it away they had to actually create a fire burn it to make sure no one would ever read it. It is amazing how many people told us that and it about blew us away and we would have never predicted that is what they would have done. But after it happened again and again we began not to be surprised when they told us that they burned our words and works.

Audience: There is a spiritual open house in New York City and I got off the subway and here was some kind of weird Christian fundamentalist group and he talked about energy pulses confirming something about the Virgin Mary and said well that is interesting, here is a spiritual event that is coming up and within two seconds after I handed him the pamphlet he was crumbling it up and throwing it away.

JJ: I can imagine, at a family reunion a while back I gave a copy of the Immortal to Curtis’s brother who was still in the Mormon Church and he did not want to refuse it because he did not want to hurt my feelings but he just could not hold it steady in his hand. It was like it was warm or hot in his hand or something. Strange.

When I visit my family members and look in their library the Immortal is never there even though I have given them all a copy. It is funny that how a message of light for those who are in darkness is very difficult for them to handle. It is like in the election of Abraham Lincoln for instance. We all acknowledge now he was a great Avatar and liberator, and most historians think he was our greatest president. But when he was elected the South was repulsed by him. They had heard the Lincoln and Douglas debate where he said, “A nation cannot exist half free and half slave and a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.”

Those words reverberated in the south and right after he was elected the south determined that they had to fight this guy. This is what happens with words of light when they are sent to where darkness is. They will be fought, they will be fought just like I talked about in discussing the words and works of the two witnesses. The beast fights against them and attempts to destroy them until their dead bodies are lying in the streets of the symbolic New Jerusalem and then people are sending gifts to one another because they are so happy that they can just have their little mediocre beliefs to celebrate.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 22

This entry is part 22 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

A Unique Universe

Audience: I have a theory, in the mental health field there is a diagnosis called sociopath, my theory has been that the sociopath is not connected with their golden thread anymore and they have completely severed their connection and are no longer connected to the collective consciousness of human beings and that is why they are able to commit their atrocities. If this theory is correct than is that a sign that they are on the dark path or are they truly a dark brother walking amongst us?

JJ: It could be except a sociopath often lacks an understanding of what they are doing and it is more of an illness. I think some of them still have the thread that will eventually be re-established. A person can be temporarily be disconnected from the soul for a lifetime and then re-establish the connection in a future life. What makes a dark brother different is that he sees the two paths for he has to be a fairly advanced soul before he can even choose the dark path, Like Hitler chose the dark path and he was a very intelligent person, a second degree initiate, so he was fairly high there.

He had the birth of the Christ within at one time in his past and he had worked to overcome glamour and then he misused the plane of the mind and that is why he used the mind to teach the Nazis to overlook all compassion. Do not have compassion for these people because that will be our downfall, and so the whole of Nazism operated on the ideal of no compassion. The true dark brother chooses the path and he knows what he is doing and Hitler knew what he was doing. A typical sociopath is not advanced enough to make the choice necessary to be a dark brother and must be healed and come back several times before he can even make the choice.

Audience Larry: On the life of the soul, you wrote an article on someone who really did not have a life living in primitive circumstances.

JJ: Was that the book I started and never finished on the progression of the soul from self-consciousness to initiation?

Audience Larry: Yes it was on the progression of the soul and I would like you to finish that one. My point is that everyone at some point is very early in the life of the soul, and at that point they are almost like the sociopath and have little empathy or sympathy for anyone, they are like a very young child that does not understand these things yet. They could hurt someone and laugh because they have no concept of these situations. Some of these people we call sociopaths, evil or whatever, they will come along and if they want something then they will kill someone and take it not thinking about it. A lot of times this person is far down on the evolutionary scale,

Audience member: Yes but their intelligence is high.

Audience Larry: Yes their intelligence is high but intelligence is not sympathy or empathy and those are learned through experiencing life.

JJ: And this is an interesting point, all of us go through a period of extreme selfishness that lasts for a number of lifetimes in our evolution. If you are not selfish now then you probably were in a past series of previous lifetimes. What this process of selfishness teaches us is that selfishness does not bring us happiness. So we have to go through selfishness until we reach the bottom of selfishness and then when we reach that point we have to ask ourselves the question of do I want to continue on this path and is this working for me? Some people will go off the path and then come back on and it is very difficult to get off the path of selfishness but most of us accomplish this after many struggles.

Audience: Some people refer to the selfish nature as the reptilian part of your brain.

JJ: Many seekers, when they see someone in that mode they will say that they are on the dark side. Most of these people are not on the dark side, but are going through that selfish point in their evolution and they will eventually come back around to the path of light and group consciousness.

Audience: Most people do learn when they experience pain and suffering and begin to pick up empathy but some other people instead of picking up empathy say that they have just not perfected their focus to get what they want.

JJ: That is a good point, they will say that they are just not selfish enough and I have to use my selfishness with more ingenuity and I will be happy. Then there are those who go off the path of selfishness like Hitler and move up to the second initiation and the selfishness was never completely conquered in his mind. He read all kinds of philosophies and developed a mental philosophy in his mind that pure selfishness was the answer to what he needed to accomplish and so he did everything he could to undermine all the work of the soul.

Audience: I have a difficult question to ask. So we have these forms, our physical, emotional and mental forms which are all surrounded by illusion, but then we have the eternal essence of ourselves which is the power of choice. It is our agency to decide, and our soul and in that realm is our reality yet for some reason that is the enduring part of us but we only have a strand or golden thread to it. We talk about the selfishness of people and that ultimately the soul will reach out and bring us back. If that is our essence and who we truly are then why is it that we have such a difficult time removing or casting off the illusions and contacting our true self? You talk about selfishness and the soul is always reaching out to them and trying to bring them back. Why is the link so fragile and why is it not the rushing of waters because that is really who we are.

JJ: Do you play the piano?

Audience: Just a little bit.

JJ: Tell me something you cannot do. Tell me something that you could not do at all if someone asked you to.

Audience: Calculus

JJ: You have within you the seed of intelligence to be an Einstein in calculus. But you have never done it before. So you just cannot come and have the calculus thread connected which can give you the ability to be a master of it. This can just not happen overnight because you have not mastered calculus in all your history of past lives – so you are starting fresh but within you have the seed for being an Einstein in math. If you decide that you want to make that connection with yourself that will cause you to develop all these abilities and it will take a period of time to master, but if you put your attention on it you will accomplish it.

Now it is true we have a connection with God that has unlimited potential, but the spark of God has never come down mastered through you in physical existence, so you are like a baby just learning here and it takes a long period of time for us to go from scratch in our learning to mastering everything. The spark is within and has potential for us to do anything we decide to do and be anything we decide to be but we have never done this before. It is like in the Book of Revelation; it says “I create a new heaven and a new Earth behold I do all things new.”

That which has never been before will be called into being. In other words, the life of God through us and through the universe is to always be doing new things. Concerning this universe that we are in now – there has never been a universe like it in the history of eternity.

This is a universe that is unlike any others and there have probably been billions of them in existence in the past. This one is totally different, and why is it different? It is new because the life of God wants new challenges, and that is what gives us joy – having challenges and mastering them.

Visualize God when He created this universe and He thought, well the last universe I mastered was tough but was fun to do. I did not think I was going to get out of that one because it was a really difficult but now I have mastered it and I cannot do the same thing over so I am going to create a more complex one and this one is going to be even harder to master. I have to let the old one go and then create a new universe all over again.

So each time God creates a new universe He does it with additional complications to make it interesting. When we play a game do we want to play a game where we win all the time? Monopoly is a great game because it has tremendous pitfalls. You can loose everything in one move and then in another move you can gain everything and it is really a good example of how life works. Life is like this. So God created this universe and you are part of the creation. Your job is to come down and enliven the spark of God within you and master everything within your sphere and what you are doing is different than any other being in the entire universe; your problems are unique to you.

As each one of us look over our lives we can all see this. No one has lived a life exactly like I have lived, thank God, and nobody has live life exactly the way that Susan has lived. We all have our complications and it is our job to solve them and solving them is what makes life interesting. We do not want to play a game unless there is tension. The greatest game that the Boise State Broncos played was the Fiesta Bowl in 2007. How many of you saw this? You saw it Larry. That was a pretty good game, wasn’t it?

There we were, the underdog and we had never played a team of this caliber before and there were on national TV and were ahead by several touchdowns and then we had a fluke turnover happen and got behind and it looked like we had lost the game. Then in the last 20 seconds we scored a touchdown that took the game into overtime. The overtime lead to a two-point conversion and by hook and lateral play, a very inventive play and we pulled it off. At a tremendous risk pulled the victory out of the hat and I will tell you Boise has never been so thrilled, the whole city was celebrating! Those guys came home and they were like the biggest heroes you had ever seen. We not only beat Oklahoma, but we beat them in the last 20 seconds! That point of tension caused everyone in Boise to feel good about their life for a month or two. If you met someone in a grocery store they would go, oh did you see that game? Go Broncos! Even people that did like football were excited.

It was a great game because it was tough, it was really hard. John Kennedy said, we were going to moon, not because it is easy but because it is hard. You do not hear a politician make that statement anymore. If Bush were to say that now than people would look at him and say, you know that Bush was as stupid as I thought he was. But Kennedy said this in a way that got to us and when we landed on the moon we were celebrating! It was like Boise winning that Fiesta Bowl, it was a great feeling!

Audience: I do not know Tyler if this might shed some light on what you asked but I have been thinking about what you said and I have had one or two experiences where I felt like I was really connected to something higher spiritually and you asked why is our connection so tenuous and why is it not like a rushing water. I really think that at least for me and where I am at right now that if I had a really strong continuous connection with that spirit, it would almost take away my ability to have free will because it is so overpowering, it is so,

Audience member: It would be so easy to just sit there and wallow in it and enjoy it.

Audience: Exactly, I think it would take away my ability to make decisions because I would be overwhelmed with the pure joy and delight of it, so maybe that is the reason that our connection is tenuous because if it were not than our ability to experience and grow and make decisions and do all the things that we are here to do would be some how overpowered by that.

Audience: I think it is like when baby is born and grows and begins to use muscles and build them up. Our spiritual connection is like a muscle and the more you use it the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets the more you begin to know the joy of that muscle and all that it can do and I think that through free will we choose to build the muscle and when not, and as you get stronger and stronger you find that you do not have to work out all the time and you balance that. I think it is the same thing with spirit, it builds like a muscle and just like you get to the point where you want you physical body in good shape you want your spiritual connection to be solid, continuous and always present because that way it becomes who you are just like your muscles in your body become the machinery that you are working in. You can fine-tune your machine so that it is not holding you back from doing what you want it to do. In turn allowing you more freedom to do more and grow and the time, attention and focus is what allows that allows that growth to take place.

JJ: Yes and when it does take place then you feel a really great sense of accomplishment and if it were easy than you would not feel this sense of accomplishment.

Audience: And you get so used to it that it becomes a part of you are that is it is turned off or shuts down then you feel alone and lonely because you are used to having that connection and it becomes who you are.

Audience: The nature of all this as I understand it is to master the spirit in the physical, to bring the duality into one eventually and thus completing one task so that we may take on another.

JJ: Master the spirit and conquer the flesh so to speak.

Audience: This is a good teaching environment.

Audience: maybe God knows that we are more capable of what we are than we do and pushes us to achieve more.

Audience: If you want to teach somebody something you want the right environment for him or her so that they can teach through trial and error from experiencing the lesson first hand master the ability to the greatest extent that they can. And so if we had an environment that was easy then how would we master anything and how much growth would take place? If we have an environment that is complex and with multiple choices and multiple sides of illusion so that the more choices we have then the more diversity and discernment and choice, the chances that we are given so that we can get good at it, the environment has to be conducive so that we get the maximum learning potential from it. What we came to learn was not easy so why would we have an easy environment to do it in.

JJ: It is a little bit like basic training. You could say that we are in basic training right now. Basic training is hard so that you will be successful in the end.

Audience: Why call it hard? Just try to understand it. Just simply understand that there is this difference.

JJ: In basic training if you understand it, it still hurts.

Audience: Laughter. It is like you said earlier, God made it hard on purpose, and if I understand you correctly that He has made this so hard that there is the potential that He will not win at this game.

JJ: Yes, He can lose a number of times but the Spirit is eternal and eventually finds a way to succeed. The more difficult it is the more driven we become.

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The Last Life, Part 4

This entry is part 21 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Wayne: I know where the separation between the animal mind and the human mind is. No animal thinks abstractly or symmetrically. They think objectively and every whole human thinks in abstract form and that is why we have spoken languages and why we think in languages. Animals don’t – they think in pictures or sense so I know that is where the break point is and if that is the same as becoming self-conscious…

JJ: That is not the same as becoming self-conscious. When humans first become self-conscious they are still very close to the animal instincts. They carry those animal instincts closely with them and develop them to the highest level possible. For instance, you hear stories about native in the jungles using their animal instincts in an almost supernatural way that baffles the regular civilized person.
Now moving ahead we eventually develop everything we can at the physical level. We are talking about identifying with the physical and this is what we first learn – everything connected with physical survival and using those instincts in a native element and then we progress to something else that many people think is not progression. Does anybody have an idea as to what that is?

Audience: It has something to do with the physical thinking mind.

JJ: Okay we have the physical, the thinking, or mind – and what is in between?

Audience: The emotional.

JJ: The emotional; we learn selfishness. Now what is interesting is that a lot people visit these native tribes and find out that they are very sharing. They go and hunt the wild animals and everybody shares them and many people think that they are more evolved than us since they have a natural sharing about them. That is the instinctive level that has a bit of a pack mentality, but then we begin to separate ourselves and begin to develop the desire nature and as we do this we see our selves as separate from everybody else. Then we want what is good for us and the heck with our neighbor. Many people see selfishness as evil but what is not realized is that this is a state we must all pass through to learn unselfishness. All of us know people that are going through this period of selfishness and it is something that we have to go through.

We go through many lives that are spent in this emotional development and in this development we learn emotional love and emotional love is different from spiritual love because when you fall in love emotionally you want the person for what they will do for you. So this is a selfish form of love and you want money for what it can do for you and you want the possessions for what they can do for you. As a person enters this emotional existence and he goes through hundreds of lifetime in this period of emotional existence his learning is a slow process. He becomes more and more selfish and he begins to get so selfish that finally he reaches a lifetime to of almost absolute selfishness, and he reaches a point where he is so selfish that he gets everything he wants and he steps on everybody’s toes and finally reaches a point where he realizes he is not satisfied. He has everything he wants and he has hurt a lot of people to get there and he does not do unto others as he would have them do unto him. He does unto others before they do unto him type of thing.

Finally he reaches the point where he gets everything he wants but it does not make him happy and he thinks, well there has to be something more. And as he begins to think about what works and what do not work in this process he develops the next step, which is his mind. Then he develops his mind and he gets excited again about life and he begins to study philosophy and how things work and he puts together a belief system. When he has developed a mind he decides for a period that there is no God at all because he cannot see any direct evidence at all and God has never come down and talked to him. So when he reaches this mental ability and he begins to develop this mental ability he becomes an atheist for a number of lifetimes and becomes a non-believer.

Now what is interesting about atheism is we see these atheists around us and many of them are more evolved than the religious folk and born again people who are very zealous about God and the after life and being saved. Many of the atheists are actually farther along in the whole scheme of things than are the religious zealous people. Now there are also religious people who are very high up spiritually and you cannot put them all in one category but many of the simple minded religious people are not as spiritually evolved as the atheist and this is just a period that the atheist goes through and each one of us sometime along the path will go through a period of where we will just give up on there being a God. So the person goes through a number of lifetimes where he does not believe it unless he can see it, unless he can prove it and what do you think turns this guy around?

Audience: Near death experience.

Audience: Chuckling

JJ: You never know!

Wayne: He starts to develop spiritually.

JJ: What turned the selfish man around? Lorraine what turned him around?

Lorraine: He did not find joy.

JJ: Yes, selfishness did not work for him. So the man develops his mind and becomes very wise, the equivalent of the college professor or a great scientist, an engineer, and great philosopher at one time and he explores all the elements of the mind lifetime after lifetime until he reaches a point where he mentally produces one thought: “I have gone through and used every piece of logic and reasoning to understand life and still I cannot get the answers.”

Audience: The person who is at the pinnacle of selfishness – would it not bring them joy for a little while before he came to this realization that this selfishness did not really bring him true joy and happiness?

JJ: Everything new brings you joy and when we went from the physical to the emotional and began to develop emotional love – it really stimulated us and felt great. Just like say you get a divorce from a bad marriage and you start doing the bar scene and you say, “oh man, this is really great to be free and you do it every night for say a year.

Then you think, man I am getting bored of this and I had better start thinking about settling down again. You eat the best candy you can find and when you eat it over and over again you get bored of it. So when you enter a new activity you get real excited and for a period of time and then you get bored again. The guy who enters the mind finds it very exciting to encounter these emotionally based people and counter them with an argument or to wrap them around his finger because he is a little bit smarter than they are. It is kind of a thrill to do that for these guys. And it is kind of a thrill to study different things that stimulate the mind but over a period of lifetimes he covers everything related to the mind and still he finds that he still does not have all the answers that he wants. The answers have to be there somewhere and where are they? Could it be possible that there is an answer somewhere? And that maybe they’re something higher up than just physical matter?

So his mind begins to open up because he has reached a dead end and he asks a lot of questions that he just can’t get answered. Logic cannot answer them and his mind cannot deduce it from available data. He just can’t get the answers for sure and internally he feels that there must be a way to get the answers so he looks within.

Then what spurs on his evolution is he opens up and becomes as a little child, “Except ye become as a little child you cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” So when he thought he knew it all he had no possibility of entering into the kingdom of God. But then he keeps knocking his head against the wall and not getting any answers and then finally concluding that maybe there is something there and asking, how do I find it? Then he becomes like a little child as if he knows nothing and he begins to get a flash of inspiration and then thinks, did I imagine that somewhere inside my mind or did that come from somewhere else? I am going to test this out. He begins to test this out logically and piece it together. He thinks, this piece of knowledge I have just came in a flash. It is logical but it is not logical how I got it. I wonder if something else will come.

He concentrates on it and pretty soon something else does come and then he learns to develop the intuitional part of himself, the spiritual part of himself, and he is excited again. He was banging his head against the wall for several lifetimes and now he has discovered that there is higher knowledge available, not through the mind but there is some type of higher life up there that is able to funnel down higher principles so that he can understand new things and he is all excited again.

With each round of discovery you get excited again and now he is real excited that he has found a new way to obtain knowledge by the intuition and by contacting something. So he goes through a number of lifetimes where experiences false contacts and true contacts until finally he begins to differentiate and learn what is the soul and what is not the soul and what is true and what is not true until finally he is able to solidify himself in the kingdom of God.

Then when he solidifies himself in the kingdom of God he makes contact with not only his intuition but he makes contact with the Brotherhood of Light and he finds out that there are high beings upon the earth that have gone through everything that he has gone through and have mastered everything that pertains to humanity. These people work with us through the soul energies and there is whole group of lives on the other side that can be contacted through what I call the oneness principle. Through the soul he finds that he has group contact and just before he contacts this group life he goes through what is called “The Dark Night Of The Soul”. Most people do not understand the dark night of the soul. They think that if they are depressed than they are under going the dark night of the soul but that is not what the dark night of the soul is. The dark night of the soul is a point of tension before you find and make a link with your group life – with The Brotherhood Of Light.

The Brotherhood of Light is like a Spiritual Internet. In other words, you turn on your computer and all of a sudden there are millions of lives there available. You punch a key and you can have the thoughts from among millions of human beings show up on your computer screen. The Spiritual Internet is like that. It is interesting to note that in esoteric teachings every one of our inventions is really something that is patterned after something on the unseen worlds. In other words, the regular Internet is patterned after the Spiritual Internet.

There is a Spiritual Internet and through the soul you can tap into this and you never know what you are going to get. It is a little bit like doing a Google search, when you put in a word for a Google search and you don’t know what you are going to get. If you put a key word in your mind and you are in contact through the soul through the intuition you are going to bring down some interesting material and you never know what it is going to be. If you put in a word on a Google search such as “Boise” you will get all kinds of generic information about the city, but if you put in Boise Broncos then that is going to really narrow it down so you are not going to get nearly as many hits but it will be more specific. The same is true with us with the Spiritual Internet – if we put out some specific words and key questions that are floating around in our mind then we are going pull more specific material that is going to download into our minds.


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Posted Aug 16, 2010

JJ, you know how you started a list of Principles in the Archives, was there
ever a “Principle of Fasting”?

Or is there one you can write up?

Does this principle circle around Magnetism and Radiance?

Neither fasting, not eating, or running, or anything else we do is a principle in itself but involve principles. A principle is the concept that brings to the understanding as to why something works. Why do we eat and then refrain from eating? This can be traced back to the principles of interdependence and of cycles. In addition we fast for two additional reasons involving which are cyclic cleansing or rest and communion.

to find the principle you do not look at an action or a piece of data, but you look at the reason for the happening or the cause of the data.


Nadell asked, “Well, isn’t freedom simply the absence of selfishness?

Larry Woods says,
That is a very good question.

Let us know any response you get from your answer.

Actually the unselfish who are in illusion are the first to freely march toward slavery. Freedom from illusion is the key to freedom, not unselfishness.

Hitler was fairly unselfish as he sacrificed all he had for his goals, which he thought was for the good of all.

He was, however, in great illusion as well as his unselfish followers.

It is great illusion to think a forced good will have a good end. Socialism and equality have good ingredients, but when they are forced upon people by leaders who are in great illusion, scarcity and depression are the final result.
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