McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

JJ: Let’s see what I am supposed to talk on today… Boating on the Payette Lake (laughter), it’s an odd subject but you know we can make the best of it.

(Then JJ seems to find a piece of paper with the right subject) Oh, here we go. The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. It’s interesting that we have quite a few people who come from fundamentalist religions. Larry and Robin are from fundamentalist Baptist type. And several from the Mormon religion – probably about a third of the group here. Anybody from any other fundamentalist religion here?

Audience: Jewish.

JJ: Jewish, are you Jewish?

Audience: yes.

JJ: Oh I did not know that. Oh well that’s really fundamental (laughter). Okay anybody else?

Audience:  Episcopalian

JJ: Were you ever really into it? Annie what’s your background? You were never that religious were you?

Annie: No.

JJ: You don’t really look that religious.

Annie: I was lucky.

JJ:  What’s your background Dan?

Dan: My grandparents were Methodist…

JJ: You look like back in high school you probably were kind of the wild kid on the block?

Dan:  Not really.

Audience: He’s wild now. (Laughter)

JJ: Oh really, he’s wild now not back then. You really look like a mellow guy you know just overall. How about you Marcy?

Marcy: (Inaudible).

JJ: How about you James?

James: Oh yeah I was raised a Baptist and when I was younger then I was Methodist.

JJ: You were never really into it that much were you? Kind of so so. How about you Susi, about the same or what?

Susi: No I was Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and now I’m not in any.

JJ: It’s interesting that most people that have been into religion look on astrology as being evil. Anything out of the ordinary, any type of psychism, anything that sounds kind of odd, flying saucers or whatever, the old devil,  he’s just behind it all according to the fundamentalist type religion. But it’s interesting that astrology is mentioned quite a bit in the Bible. As a matter of fact, the word Magi used for the three wise men, means a magician or astrologer according to the original language, and they came from the East. Does anyone know why they were able to recognize the signs and the stars of the Messiah?

Audience: Because of the configuration.

JJ: The configuration. But what’s interesting is they learned it form Daniel the prophet, because when Daniel the prophet was taken captive in the Babylon. He was taken to the East and he was the one who taught the Magi. Because Daniel the prophet taught the Magi all about true astrology it was passed down and that’s why the Wise men in the east were looking for the Messiah. Daniel the prophet had taught them to look for the signs of the coming of the Messiah.

So it’s interesting how everything went full circle. And the only ones we know about that really correctly expected him and correctly anticipated him came from the east. The people that were supposed to recognize him – it just went right over their heads. You think that might happen when he comes the next time? How are they expecting him to come next time?

Audience: (Inaudible)

JJ: As a blaze of glory in the sky. How were they expecting him to come last time?

Audience: As a warrior fighter.

JJ: As a blaze of glory in the sky last time. Same thing. They were expecting him to come as a blaze of glory in the sky and the wicked would melt as stubble. That quote is from the Old Testament, not from the new one and they used it right back in the days of Jesus. And they thought that all the Romans were going to be evaporated just like stubble is like being burnt and then God would come and float down from heaven and establish his kingdom. But instead he fooled them. He was born as a little baby and was totally unexpected. The only ones we know for sure that recognize him were the Magi and then there’s a story of an old woman named Anna that wanted to see the Messiah before she died, so this elderly person was expecting it the way it really happened. There’s this old lady and the three Magi were the only ones we know about that anticipated the coming the way it really happened.

Audience: But what about the community that cared for him and his relatives?

JJ: Well there’s really not much mention of the Christ among the Essene writings. They were expecting more the end of the world. They were like retreating from the normal world. There were kind of like the cults today – they retreat to the mountain top for Jesus to show up, and scoop them to heaven. Well they moved into caves and hid out expecting the end of the world to come.

They had reasonable amount of light on a number of areas, but they were not entirely right either on a lot of stuff, but they did have a lot of teachings and buried them and a lot of them resurfaced which shed some additional light. But it’s not the type of light the Christian world was waiting for. They thought maybe these writings would show more proof of regular Christianity and what they got was what a lot of Christians would call heresy in the Essene writings. They have some good materials in them but a lot of them were expecting the end of the world.

As a matter of fact, almost everybody at that time was expecting the end of the world. Had you read world history very much you’d see that until the past hundred years, the world was a very tough place to live in. Expecting the end of the world was a natural inclination, because it would be really nice to escape the dreary world that they were in up until just recently. A lot of people think we live in the worst situation in world history right now. What do you think about that Larry?

Larry : They’re deceived.

JJ: Yeah they are aren’t they? People need to study history so they get a clear picture. I was just reading about Martin Luther. They roasted alive and tortured many associates of Martin Luther for heresy and this really upset him. Then when Martin Luther got a little power, well he did the same thing to people that disagreed with him. And it was typical. I was reading about one guy they roasted they didn’t like. They roasted him slowly, and then they lifted him up away from the fire so he would heal a little bit so he would not quite die and then they would roast him some more, then lift him up, roast him some more. They did all kinds of stuff like that.

They were very creative about taking the heretics and make them suffer just the maximum amount they could suffer. They believed it was wrong to shed blood. Because you know Jesus taught he who kills with a sword shall be killed with a sword. So they interpreted as “well we should not really shed their blood, but by George we could surely roast those guys!” (Laughter)

And that’s why they burned everybody at the stake. This act didn’t shed blood so they thought that was fine. And they called it auto da fé. That was the Spanish term for it, which meant act of faith. It was an act of faith to be able to take these heretics and torture them until they would admit that they were wrong. They thought they were really pleasing Jesus.

And even some of the great names in history, like Sir Thomas Moore participated. He had a torturing rack in his basement. They would have some guy being tortured in his basement and up above the he would be eating dinner with his family. You can just see him saying, “….kids eat your porridge but don’t worry about that guy growling down in the basement… He’s just got a fire in his belly, and just he’ll confess pretty soon.” Can you imagine that? Having that torturing rack in your basement.

Now some people think Sir Thomas Moore is now a master, but I really had my reservation about that after reading he had a torture chamber in his basement. (Laughter) If he’s a master, he really had to pay off a lot of karma between that period and now. It’s kind of sad really.

But what’s another interesting fact is that people look back a few hundred years and they think: Boy if I lived then I would never have owned slaves, I would never have tortured people. I would just stand for what was right. But they don’t realize how powerful the current thought form is. And we don’t also realize that 200 years from now people will look back at us and they’re going to look at us and say: If I lived back then I would never have been in such ignorance. And maybe we in this room are in such a state of ignorance compared to people 200 years from now, that they’re going to look back at us and say : how come they couldn’t see that? How come they could not see that this was the right thing?

So we look back and we condemn our Founding Fathers for not entirely freeing the slaves. We look back in the days of the Roman Empire where they tortured people and fed people to lions and the whole community came out. The whole town came out and cheered everybody on and thought that was wonderful, great entertainment and hardly anyone that was not getting fed to the lions themselves disagreed with it. They thought that was just great fun to watch. They created this chair and heated it up red hot and put a Christian in it and then forced him to sit in it until he fried to death and stuff like that and the whole audience would just cheer him, thinking that was just great! I mean can you imagine us being back there cheering with them?

Maybe we were. It’s pretty dangerous to look back. Jesus said, judge not lest ye be judged. In other words, when we judge we have to be careful on how we judge, because it can come back to haunt us. So people look back and say “I would never have owned a slave, I am above that”. Well maybe you are now because maybe it’s just the way you are programmed now to think that way. But you were programmed differently then. Can you escape your program? Are you able to lift above what the beast today has programmed you to think?

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

 The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

JJ: What I consider the greatest aspect of slavery in the modern age is taxes, because in that way we are like the slave in the Roman Empire who had to give a half or even less of his profits to his master. The average taxpayer today has to give 50% of his income to his master. The only thing different is that we can circulate around more and go from job to job. So we have moved ahead, that which was slavery then just moved up on a higher turn of the spiral. We are going to talk about the beast a little later on and how the powers that control us produce slavery in the mind and this has to be escaped and can only be escaped through the soul.

Audience: There was a show on TV where these Anthropologists were looking at the bones of some victims in Herculean and Pompeii, and they were looking at the bones of a 12 or 13 year old girl. There was overwhelming evidence in her bones that she had been malnourished and worked to the point where there were actual bruises on her bones indicating that the amount of work that she was forced to do. Today you have to work to make a living, but that is not slavery, that is, just the nature of reality.

2nd member: We are talking about getting to keep all of the money you make and how much time is really you’re own and they enslave our minds today with the use of emotion and propaganda.

JJ: Not all the slaves got to keep most of their profits as there were a variety of relationships there. It was just the ones that had a good master and it is possible that bad masters outweighed the good masters by a large margin. Some of the slaves did not have any freedom at all, but others did.

Audience:  I would just like to see this cycle finish, right now it still feels as though we still have the slave mentality and if nothing else than all this taxation without representation needs to stop and if we continue to cycle and come full circle than we should be able to develop that also.

JJ: One of the things about evolution is that we increase freedom and then move forward and throughout history freedom overall is just slightly increased. Then we made a big surge with the creation of the United States. We made a big surge in freedom and this wounded one of the heads of the beast as it were to death, as the scriptures tell us. But then the deadly wound was healed and the power of the beast was able to creep in and take more control again after the foundation of the country was laid.

Slavery is an evolving thing. We evolve from one point to another to another and another, and we do this as individuals as well. As individuals we are enslaved by our own thoughts and our own belief systems. We shed certain beliefs and we go on to a greater sphere of freedom and then we shed other beliefs and things that hold us back and then move on to an even greater sphere of freedom. Society does this and we as individuals do this. You can look at this in your own life and maybe in the last ten years you have greater sense of freedom inside of you now than you did then. Yes, Larry.

Larry: I think a lot of people feel that they are enslaved but they are the ones that are enslaving themselves and they are afraid that they are going to loose their job and afraid of how they are going to take care of themselves. It’s their own fear that really enslaves them and not the fact that somebody is standing behind them with a whip, forcing them to be a slave.

JJ: Right, if a person has the right state mind then he can actually be in an oppressed position and not feel as enslaved as someone who is totally free. For instance, look at Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohan. We look at them and think, these people are completely free, (Laughter) but they are misusing their freedom and they probably feel enslaved to a degree.

This is what is creating such a frustrating life for them. In the greatest point of freedom you can still feel enslaved and at the point where you are most restricted that with the right state of mind you can feel free. I look on my most enslaving conditions in my life, I will not go into detail, but what I learned from these points of enslavement was how to feel free within my own mind in a very awkward situation and I found myself being in a greater state of freedom than those who were apparently in a very free situation.

So a lot of freedom is a state of mind but we want to match the state of mind with physical reality. We want to free people physically that holds them down. And this is one of the things that we are going to have as we move into the Aquarian age; we are going to move into greater and greater spheres of freedom.

What we have right now as we approach the Aquarian Age are two forces converging, the forces of darkness and the forces of light. The forces of light and freedom have certain plans and there are forces that are entering into human consciousness, the forces of darkness are trying to move us in the other direction back towards slavery, and would like nothing better than for us to go back in the stone age. These could also be called the building forces and the destructive forces. The dark and light forces are very active in the world today and they are on a collision course with each other. We are approaching a great point of tension and when the dust settles we will learn as to whether we will be moving forward towards more light and freedom or moving backward and loosing much of what we have gained.

So we have this clash between the Piscean and Aquarian age. I believe we have just passed over the cusp of the Aquarian age, which means we have a couple hundred years to go before we get solidified. And until that time we have all this residual effects from the Piscean age. We have all these people still sacrificing to churches, giving money just to build stone churches that really do not accomplish very much. They give money to priests and who knows what they do with it. A little bit is accomplished, you see some of these guys on TV where they ask for donations to feed a child in a third world country and that is good but generally the money given to churches does not really accomplish much. In other words, what we have is a residual effect of sacrifice from the Piscean age and much of that sacrifice is not intelligently put to good use, it does not go to where it will really help to make any kind of great change.
The mistake people make is that they think everything about the Piscean age is bad. Well, not everything is not bad, it is just the fact that we are moving into a new age and there are certain things that we have to let go of. With the Piscean Age we have to learn about what did not work and let it go. We have to learn about what did not work about sacrifice, which is the key ingredient of the Piscean age. When we give our money we should give it in such a way that we know what is being done with it so we know that our money is being put to good use.

Now how many times have people given their money to what they thought was a good cause and it winds up doing something that actually does more harm than good. This happens with our taxes, organizations, churches, and not only to churches but also to all kinds of other benevolent organizations, and all of them whether they be good or evil have a really nice sounding name. But everything that sounds good is not necessarily good.

One of the things that I always ask when somebody asks for a donation is, what percentage actually goes to help these kids or this cause? Half the time the telephone solicitor says, well I am not really told. If they are not really told than it means that not too much is going to where they are saying it goes to. If a large amount goes to a good cause than they will use that as a selling point. I have heard some of them only have about 20% that goes to overhead, which is good and others when you look into it maybe only 2% goes to where you think the money is going to.

One of my first jobs in advertising was selling advertising in a police magazine and I think about 2% of the money we took went to publish the magazine and to the policemen. That was the easiest advertising I ever sold. When we sold it the salespeople spoke with a voice of authority and this seemed to work well. This was back in 1972 when there were hardly any long distance sales because the watts line was extremely expensive back then and not too many people had one. All of us loved selling that police magazine because we could speak with a voice of authority and we could tell that people would get a little bit nervous when they heard that authoritative voice. (Laughter)

But anyway just a very small percentage went to the police magazine and the police were happy to get their magazine published for free. We also did one for the Jaycees and that was a lot harder to sell because people were not afraid of the Jaycees and everyone was afraid of the police. Now you get calls from all these people and it does not put the fear of God in you like the old days.

During the Piscean age they would give their money to their priest, prophet, or leader and they would not question it, because they were told, give this money and it will get you into the kingdom of God it would please Jesus. You would get a notch up higher in heaven and would get more of a reward by giving this money. Did they get any reward you think?

About the only reward they got was the discipline they got from giving the money itself. To get a reward from giving a gift the gift actually has to produce some good. If the gift goes to a place where it does more harm than good than the only reward you will get is the feeling of giving the gift at the time and that will be about all.

We are approaching a time when the two great energies are meeting with each other. I am not going to go into the details of the energies because much of what is good today, people are calling evil. A lot of that which is evil, people are calling good. So even if I were to spell it out in this room there would be much disagreement, people over here would say this good and people over there would say no, this is good.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Transition from the Age of Pisces

to the Age of Aquarius

JJ: It is a fact that in each age people are deceived as to what is good and what is evil. Isaiah said this, “as the people call good, evil and evil, good, they take the light for darkness and the darkness for light. There is none that does good, no not one.” So you can visualize him going around and preaching his message and no one understood what was good and what was evil. It was very simple, for it goes back to the Garden of Eden. The serpent offers them the temptation of the forbidden fruit and Adam & Eve take it. After they had taken the fruit the gods come and say what?

Audience: Man is to become like one of us to know good from evil.

JJ: Well that is an interesting statement, is it not? You become like God when you know good from evil. The man is to become “like one of us” to know good from evil. To know good from evil is to have the power of the gods. And remember the word God in the Old Testament in the story of the Garden of Eden, comes from Elohiym, which means gods, plural. So the gods came down, and the gods spoke; and said that the man is to become like one of us, plural, to know good from evil. We could substitute that in today’s language and say that the Masters spoke and one Master said to another Master, behold the man is to become like one of us, to know good from evil. And we move ahead from Genesis a couple thousand years and Isaiah says that there is not ONE person that I have met that knows the difference between what is good and what is evil. Why is it so difficult? We look at people today and say; well everyone thinks they know the difference between good and evil.

Audience: If they did then we would not have politics.

JJ: (Laughter) Yes, but see we think we know the difference between good and evil because we look on the past as to what is settled between good and evil. We now look on the past and we see slavery was evil, that’s very obvious but it was not obvious when we were in the midst of it. It is what we are in the midst of. It is where the forces of good and evil are moving right now that determine the good and evil of our day. Forget what is good and evil in the past, we know that stealing is bad and adultery is bad and robbing your neighbor is bad, hurting someone physically is bad, certain things are established as naughty things that we should not be doing, right. Certain things are established but that is not, knowing the difference. That is established because we have been told that from the time we were kids. There are certain things that are ingrained in us that society as a whole has learned. But, then there is the point in the present. In the present there is a point where we are struggling to surface a new good or we go backward to an old evil. That is where knowing what is good and what is evil that gives you the power of the Gods. That is what is really important and this is where few people can see the difference.

JJ: Now let’s go back to the 1930’s in America. Hitler was surfacing and how many people could see that evil was materializing in the world?

Audience: Winston Churchill could.

JJ: Right, not very many people could see, Winston Churchill was visiting Germany and there was a town nearby where Hitler was giving some type of speech and if I remember right he came across some type of flier, read it and when Churchill read this flier he had a really bad feeling. He did not know why he had a really bad feeling, so he looked into Hitler and he had a much worse feeling. (Chuckle) Churchill was probably the first man of note that saw that something was amiss with this guy Hitler and that Hitler was a gathering storm to be concerned about.

So, for the next seven years he spent trying to warn his country about Hitler and what a danger he was. Now, Churchill tried to get France and England to use their forces to put Hitler out of commission before he could become a power that they would have to deal with. As a matter of fact a couple of years before World War II started Churchill warned people and said, “We can put Hitler down now and have a few thousand lives lost, or we can wait and loose millions of lives.” He had that much foresight to see what was on the horizon, of what was to come.

Churchill had the foresight to tell what was good and what was evil. On the other hand, there were many other people who could not see the difference here between the good and the evil. Look at JFK, many thought he was a great president, but his Father, Joseph Sr. thought Hitler was a great guy. He did business with Hitler and supported him. Henry Ford built cars for Hitler and made business arrangements with him. Manufactures & industrialists catered to Hitler and thought it was good business and did not see anything wrong with it. They thought that Hitler could be dealt with and thought that he could be reasoned with and when word started to filter in that Hitler was persecuting the Jews and torturing his own people everyone thought that they were just lies being spread and if that were true we would know about it and of course they did not look into it.

They could not see the evil that was beginning to surface until it was too late. When it did come it hit them like a very hard knock on the head. Russia alone lost 20 million people. Larry, do you remember how many people the United States lost?

Audience: Larry: The United States lost the fewest.

(Transcriber: Wikipedia quotes the estimates the death toll between 62 to 78 million. U.S. estimated death toll from 500, 000 to 800,000. Russia and China had the highest death toll estimates at 10 to 20 million each.)

JJ: Yes, we lost the fewest but didn’t we lose hundreds of thousands I believe. England lost a lot. I think the death toll was at least around 60 million killed in World War II. It has been a while since I read it. If the evil could have been seen in advance it could have been just a couple thousand, so that is the difference and hardly anybody could see it.

Just before World War II there was a big peace movement, Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the big leaders in this peace movement and she did not really support her husband in going to war and thank God that FDR had enough intelligence to see that once the handwriting was on the wall that Hitler had to be dealt with even though his own wife did not see it and did not support FDR in putting Hitler down. Eleanor Roosevelt was a big star in the peace movement herself, Charles Lindbergh, a hero, was totally against going to war and he fought tooth and nail to keep us out of World War II. Even during the war he was against it. It is amazing how many people just could not see the evil that was right in front of them.

Sometimes if seeing an evil means we are going to have to face it, and is going to be a great struggle, then we do not want to see it, and because we do not want to see it, we do not see it. We have the same thing today with different evils facing us in the present time we are in.

The basic evil always boils down to one thing and that is, it is always around the principle of freedom. That which is good increases freedom and gives more freedom of thought and ability to have prosperity and make money, to think for our selves, and decide for our selves. That which is evil takes this away and restricts us. It will give freedom to the few while the many will suffer many restrictions. The people that want that freedom to have the authority of the beast over everyone else, these are the people that will never let you know that your freedoms are going to be lost.

They always speak in the name of freedom. Whenever Hitler got up and spoke, he spoke about all the freedom everyone was going to have when he won the war. “We are going to give Germany tremendous freedom.” Well a handful at the top had a tremendous amount of freedom but not the masses. The masses would be very restricted and the people that were the wrong race would be enslaved and eliminated completely.

And so this evil could not be seen and much of it is due to deceit. Always remember that those who want to take away your freedom will never tell you, “hey we are going to take away your freedom and there is going to be a handful at the top who are going to tell everyone what to do and we are will have all the money, power, wine, women and song and the rest of you will slaves.” They will never say that though, they will always say, we are going to give you more freedom and when we eliminate this bad guys then we will reward the masses greatly.

Of course that does not happen. Look at North Korea, only one man has freedom there and that Kim Jon Ill. He is about the only guy that has freedom in country with a population of over 20 million people. The people are so poor there that they are eating the bark off of trees and many are just completely starving to death. We send food over there to help them out and the military takes it and the common people get nothing. We try to give it to the common people but Kim Jon Ill feels that he has to have everything better than everyone else.

His rice is selected grain by grain by slaves who sift through it and by hand select the larger grains for their great leader. The poor people that are picking out the grains are starving to death themselves while being forced to do this labor for Kim Jon Ill so that he can have one dish of rice. These poor people have to eat bark off of trees and grass and things like this and watch their children starve to death.

So it is amazing how none of these tyrants weather in the present or the past will admit that they have not served their people well. They will not admit that they have taken away the freedom from their people. When the people of France came to Marie Antoinette she said, well, let them eat cake. She said that because she thought the people were taken care of, she was in such an isolated world that she was not aware of how her actions were causing people to starve to death. She was just so insulated that when she was told that the people did not have bread she said, well, let them eat cake!  That so enraged them that it caused her death. It was more than the starving people could handle to have a statement like that thrown at them when they realized how much illusion she was in.

Transcriber Note: Wikipedia & Urban legends claim that there is no record to confirm that Marie Antoinette actually said the now famous phrase; “Let them eat cake.” The following is from Wikipedia: Although commonly attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette,[1] there is no record of these words ever having been uttered by her; they first appear in The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, his putative autobiographical work (completed in 1769, when Marie Antoinette was 13), where he wrote the following in Book 6:

Enfin je me rappelai le pis-aller d’une grande princesse à qui l’on disait que les paysans n’avaient pas de pain, et qui répondit : Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.

Finally I recalled the last resort of a great princess who was told that the peasants had no bread, and who responded: “Let them eat brioche.”

Rousseau does not name the “great princess” and there is speculation that he invented the anecdote, which has no other sources.

(JJ Note: Our transcriber, Robert, is correct but the principle still applies. Marie Antoinette was living large and out of touch with the deprivations of the people and this fueled their rebellion.

This brings up an interesting point. The Internet has been blamed for much misinformation, but what is overlooked is that it is also the means of correcting many falsehoods like this one. No one seemed to question Marie Antoinette’s statement until the truth began circulating on the Internet. Now most people are aware of the it. It is still possible she said something like this, but there is no solid proof).

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

JJ: So what we have is one force pulling us back into the Piscean age and another pushing us forward into the Aquarian age with these two forces struggling against each other. The epitome of the struggle was World War II which was the true Armageddon of our age. We had Hitler trying to take us back into the past where we had a very strong powerful dictator, king like authority telling everyone what to do and making all the rules. On the other side, we had a democracy where we had free elections in the nations and we had a step forward in freedom. We had free nations against the kingly nations in the past.

During the Piscean age we were ruled by the kings, what you might call the age of the kingdoms. An age where great authority ruled, great authority ruled politically, religiously, and in all the organizations. And we see this conflict of the two ages play out. We saw the political conflict in World War II and it has not ended for it is still there. Now we have the Taliban who want to take us back to where one man makes all the rules including the primitive rules for women where a woman cannot go out without a man, cannot be educated, women have to wear veils over there faces and heads along with many rules about what men can and cannot do.

So with a lot of the forces that we are dealing with right now we have there primitive dictators and tyrants not only with the Muslim nations but also with North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and others. The forces want to slowly creep in and take away our freedom internally also. The dark forces are working every possible angle to take us back into the Piscean age where we have a strong authority telling everyone what to do and when that authority speaks the thinking has been done and the authority must be followed without thinking. That force is doing everything possible to take us back there.

The other forces for progress are in the political arena, freedom, brotherhood, science, manufacturing, representing abundance for all and progress in every way. The force of progress is moving us forward where we have greater freedom, greater abundance, and greater opportunity. The other force is pulling us in the other direction. Both forces are found among all groups of individuals to some extent. In the Republican and Democratic party both forces are at play in both parties. Both parties are condemning each other and often when they condemn each other they are both guilty about the same amount each time.

Both of the parties on the political spectrum have forces for good and evil in them. There are forces in both for going forward and going backward. We have to examine the ways of thinking in each area whether it be, politics, science, religion or whatever and find where the people are that are trying to pull us forward and those who are trying to pull us backward. Who are the ones who are trying to take away our freedoms and bring less freedom and give more power to the central government more power to the potential king who rules over us.

This is the dividing line and we are close to the midway point right now and that is why there is such a struggle in the world today and it is in a fairly unstable condition like a powder keg where anything could go off at any moment. Let’s say a nuclear bomb went off in Washington DC tomorrow. It would completely change everything and who knows what would develop from it.

We are at a very dangerous point right now and the disciples of the world must learn to see that which is good and that which is evil. Good is not only that which brings us more freedom but also, it takes us forward in our spiritual evolution. To move forward in our spiritual evolution we must have freedom within ourselves, maximum freedom to decide. One of the problems with humanity is we are like pendulums, we swing one direction or the other.

So if we teach and preach freedom too much then the seeker will get the idea that he must be a completely free spirit and have no rules. We need a certain amount rules and regulations for certain things. We need to keep the burglar from entering our home; we need to keep the murderer from killing people; you need a certain amount of structure.

We just cannot go all one direction or the other and what we look for as we move into the Aquarian age is maximum freedom. You want to at the most practical freedom as possible and work towards that as a goal. None of us will ever have total freedom to whatever any part of our nature wants to do. We will always have freedom to do what our soul wants to do because what our soul wants to do can be done. But what our lower self wants to do can often times not be done because it does not understand the true nature of freedom.

What the soul wants to do can be done. What the higher parts of ourselves plant in our mind can be done and there will be enough freedom to do this, individually or collectively if we apply ourselves.

So we are living in a world where the disciples must learn to recognize what is good and what is evil. It is very interesting to think that poor Isaiah was not able to find one single person that was able to recognize the difference between good and evil because everyone in his day called that which was evil good and good evil. It would be interesting to go back and talk to Isaiah and ask him what they were calling good and evil in his day. For one thing, they called him evil. (Chuckle) And they called many of the prophet’s evil and as the prophets appeared throughout history, generally those who heard their message (because it was a message that they did not want to hear) called them evil.

He was telling them what they had to do to change and people do want to change. It is very hard to change. I think of the things that I have changed in my life and usually when I have actually come down to making changes it was because I went through a period of great stress and great pain. Much of which forced me to make the change was to avoid future pain. Then several times I got a little wiser and thought why do I only change when I am going through tremendous pain? What if I change before the pain comes and maybe I can avoid the pain? This is what we need to work toward – see the changes that must take place so that we can make them before the pain comes.

Let’s take diet for instance. I was raised on a really bad diet and both of my parents were out drinking every night and me and my little sister had to fend for ourselves. The main thing I would like to eat was cinnamon toast and to make that I would use white bread bleached to death with hardly any nutrients in it, Oleo margarine which was bad for you, and a lot worse than butter, refined sugar and cinnamon probably the only good thing in this mixture. I had making these down to a science.

I used to go to Albertsons grocery store during my lunch hour and eat about 5 or 6 maple bars that were very thick with frosting on them. For lunch I would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I really did not have a good diet at all. All through high school I was always feeling kind of weird. People would say that I needed to eat better and I would think, well, I do not want to eat that awful tasting stuff.

Finally, in my first year of college I came across this very elementary book on health and it taught the advantage of eating whole wheat bread, not eating refined sugar, and several other things, but I just did those two things, I switched over to whole wheat bread and quit eating refined sugar and it took about two weeks and that feeling of weirdness which was probably just my blood sugar, started going away. So that weird feeling that I was going through finally made me pick up a book thinking, well I will check this out. The discomfort that I was always feeling caused me to check out this book and when it dawned on me to check it out, it lead me to make changes. When I saw that it worked I thought well, why don’t I make some other changes before the pain comes so I started reading more books on health and experimented with different foods.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007


James Wong:
I felt that maybe you were leading up to a call to action just a minute ago and I wanted to continue that thought that the challenge today is that disciples must recognize good verses evil and the see the changes that must take place and work toward those changes. What are some examples of what we should work toward today?

JJ: Let’s talk about one that most of us would agree with. Most of agree that we are taxed too much. At times in the past it cost up to 80% of the money in administration to handle our welfare. In other words, it cost several dollars to give away one dollar. Now that’s just totally ridiculous. No wonder our taxes are so high.

Now when McGovern ran against Nixon he had the idea of bypassing administration costs and suggested just sending everyone a check in the mail. He was just laughed out of existence, but I thought that was the best idea that a Democrat had for a long time. I was really beside myself in deciding to vote for Nixon or McGovern. I thought he had a good idea as far as reducing administrative costs go. But he got laughed at and Nixon won 49 states to one, if I recall correctly, and it was largely because of this one suggestion from McGovern.

It wasn’t a good idea for administering welfare, but it was a good one for escaping overhead. Anything is better than spending three or four dollars to give away one. I think we are a little more efficient now but there is still a lot of waste. Have you heard anything Sharón?

Sharón: No. I was working for a company that trains hospital staff to prescreen people for Medicaid and other government programs and it still takes boo coos in dollars to give away one.

JJ: Yeah, it’s really silly. One of the reasons that McGovern wasn’t supported, even by many fellow Democrats, is that his plan would have taken away many bureaucrats’ jobs, but I thought the idea was better than anything Nixon had for a welfare solution.

That’s one thing that everyone can agree on – that we have this tremendous bureaucracy, but then when anyone tries to change or trim it, the bureaucracy raises its head for they may lose their jobs or have a diminishment in pay or authority. They may not be able to hire as many and increase their authority. There’s lots of things at play.

What happens is there is tremendous force applied to anyone who wants to change anything and anyone who wants to make things more efficient is made to look like the bad guy. The bureaucracy and the media comes down hard on anyone who wants to make any change for the better.

There is so much positive change that could be made in the way money is spent that could lower our taxes and we would all agree on the surface that this is good; but when someone actually tries to do it, he is portrayed as the bad guy.

Social Security is another good example. If people are allowed to invest their own money in the stock market or gold and if it goes up over a period of years we could have a larger retirement than the present system. But anyone who wants to give people the choice of having control over their own money is again called the bad guy.

Those who promote the flat tax or talk of doing away with the IRS are often attacked. Representative George Hansen from Idaho wrote a book on changing the IRS and pointed out a lot of its flaws. It wasn’t long after he circulated this book that the bureaucrats came after him and trumped up charges against the poor guy and put him in jail. They got him for writing some checks before the money was in the bank even though the money was in place when the check was cleared. Almost everyone has done that one time or another. They call that check kiting and they put him in jail for about four years over that.

They not only did that but they tortured him. They tried to poison him several times. They wouldn’t give him shoes that fit. When he came out he had no toenails on his feet because of the small shoes he had to wear. He had scabs all over his body and his teeth were falling out. They tried to kill him several times as the Beast wanted that guy dead. He’s out of jail now but he’s near death and this was probably why they let him go. He would like to do something again to fight the system, but he doesn’t have the strength.

If you look up George Hansen on the Internet you can read his story. (Note: Go to:

The Beast came after George and portrayed him as evil even though he had a heart of gold.

The interesting thing about the Aquarian Age we are entering is there are always forces trying to take us backwards, but fortunately there is a law called the Dominating Good. In every comic book you learn that good is supposed to dominate over evil and that’s really a true principle. That which is good is a little stronger than that which pulls us backward into the old less efficient way of doing things.

Any why is good stronger? It is because the intelligence of humanity recognizes that which is good is better than that which is not good. For instance humanity, as a whole, recognizes that the free countries have a better system than the Taliban. Average humanity can see this. No slavery today is better than slavery. We can see that certain portions of progress are better than the old way of doing things.

That is why good dominates. Good dominates because it is supported by intelligence and, even though we have our illusions, some intelligence comes to the surface. When illusion and selfishness are stripped away we will always choose that which is good.

We will progress into the Aquarian Age, and it will be an age where there will be an increase in brotherhood, an increase in group consciousness, an increase in awareness, an increase in sensitivity, an increase in love and especially service.

As we said the key word for the Aquarian Age is service. We will seek to render service and will receive the appropriate recompense for that service. This will not be a service where we just serve and sacrifice, but it will be intelligent sacrifice, intelligent service with a recognition that there is such a thing as karma, that we are going to get back that which we have given. We will give intelligently and serve intelligently.

Now the interesting thing about the coming Age of Aquarius is the cycles involved. Each age lasts about 2160 years so we haven’t had an Age of Aquarius for about 25,000 years.

But there are larger cycles. Each one of the 25,000 year cycles is influenced by one of the signs. Now we are entering the first Age of Aquarius in 25,000 years but this coming age is also the beginning of a greater cycle of Aquarius. In other words, this next 25,000 years we will be in a greater cycle of Aquarius that only happens once every 300,000 years.

Audience: Does this have anything to do with 2012?

JJ No, it doesn’t have anything to do with that date. So the next 2160 years will be an Age of Aquarius with a greater age which is a rare occurrence. So because we have Aquarius within Aquarius this makes the energies much stronger than the last Aquarian Age. It will be a quintessential Aquarian Age.

The coming Aquarian energies are so strong that if we use them correctly we can create positive change as has not happened since the beginning of history, or even prehistory. We haven’t had an age like this since Atlantis.

Any Questions?

Audience: The Mayas talked about 25,000 year cycles.

JJ: My feeling about 2012 is that it is a point taking us into the Age of Aquarius. I don’t think there is anything magical with 2012 over 2011. From what I understand it was the end of their calendar and they saw this as the end of an age rather than the end of the world. It could be an intense time period. Let me see. It is now 2007… we could have some interesting things happen by that time. I see a larger turning point occurring around 2025-2030, which I see as an intense period of change.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 6

This entry is part 6 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 1

JJ: We are going to talk about my new book called “The Unveiling” and this is the first copy and as you can tell we put a lot of work and expense into the cover. (Shows cover with title written by a Sharpie)

Audience: I like the font! (Laughter)

JJ: It has a little bit more reading than the Immortal 1 & 2 put together and this book “The Unveiling” is about the Book of Revelations. The Book of Revelations starts off with an interesting verse, “The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto Him to show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by His angel unto his servant John.”

There are several interesting things in this statement and first of all it calls it the revelation of Jesus Christ. The word “revelation” comes from Apokalypsis which is interpreted a number of different ways but it derives from another Greek word, Apokalypto which means to take the cover off of something, to unveil it. A handful of translators have come up with the idea that it really should be translated as “the unveiling.” From my study of the word that is actually the closest to the translation into English from the Greek Apokalypsis. What we are told in the very first verse, the unveiling of Jesus Christ to show unto his servants things, which must shortly come to pass. Must shortly come to pass, when was this written?

Audience: 2000 years ago.

JJ: 2000 years ago, that would be like me saying, I am going to write this prophecy about things that will shortly come to pass and here it is 2007 and we are clear up to 4000 and nothing has happened yet. Do you think the people in the year 4000 are going to get an accurate interpretation of a prophecy we make in 2007?

Audience Sharón: If you look at the time cycles for each 2,160 years and then you go through each time cycle that change within each sign, shortly does not necessarily mean tomorrow, a hundred or two hundred years shortly means after about 2,160 years.

JJ: Sharón, I am disappointed in you to hear a fundamentalist interpretation coming out of your mouth. (Laughter) Because she is about as far away from a fundamentalist as there is. But if you say this to fundamentalist like a Christian, they will say well a day with God is like a thousand years and that is kind of short. But yes by the normal way of looking at this if this is a prophecy of events and it is inspired then we have to come with something to explain what it is that “this will shortly come to pass.” Also at the end of the book Jesus is speaking and He says, “Behold I come quickly.” I am going to come quickly on this white horse that is going to come down out of the sky; I come quickly.

Well it is 2000 years I guess if a day to God is a thousand years and if age if the universe is billions of years old than a couple thousand years is not that much. But by normal standards 2000 years is not really quick.

Suppose some prophet says California is going to sink into the sea. Somebody said that in 1978 and a lot people moved to Idaho around that time, remember the song that said, “Tie up your boat in Idaho?” It was a popular song because this physic had made a prediction that California was going to sink into the sea and the shoreline was going to be up here in Idaho.

After about 5 years passed, California did not sink and then people said it has been too long now so it must have been a false prophecy. And it only took about 3-5 years before everybody forgot about the prediction but could you imagine California sinking into the sea in the year 4000 and they said, ah, it shortly came to pass and it didn’t take too long, it only took 2000 years!

So is it possible there is a different meaning for “shortly” here, what does it mean, that things will shortly come to pass? First of all what are some of the things that are supposed happen in here?

We are told there is going to a great fiery star descend from the skies land in the oceans and kill 1/3 of the life in the oceans. Has that happened yet? No I have not seen that happen yet. There is going to be an army of 2 hundred million men descend on Jerusalem and have the battle of Armageddon there. That has not happened. Two witnesses are supposed go prophesy in Jerusalem and a beastly character is going to rise up like Hitler and he will come against them and kill them and their dead bodies will lay in the streets for three and half days. After the three and half days they will rise up and there will be a great earthquake and everyone will be terrified and every people nation and tongue shall see these two witnesses rise up and great fear will fall upon those who have beheld them. That has not happened. It would certainly make the news if two guys got killed and lay in the streets for three days and everybody was happy and sent gifts to each other because their dead bodies were laying in the street because it says that two witnesses plagued the people of the earth and they were so happy to see them dead.

When Christians read this they say this has got to happen in our time because it says all the people of the nations were able to see their dead bodies laying in the streets and that could not happen in the days of John but with TV and the internet we could see this today. But then that presents a bit of a problem. We have this clearly detailed prophecy. So if some Hitler type killed these two and they were laying in the streets and everybody was celebrating and sending gifts to each other that these guys were finally out of the way and dead and they did not even suffer their dead bodies to be buried it said because they were televising them for all the world for all to see and everyone was rejoicing that they were dead wouldn’t somebody say, “hey this sounds like it could be the witnesses in revelation and that means they are going to rise up after three and half days.” People would start to wait and see boy that would convert everybody when they rose from the dead, would it not?

And how about this beast? It is supposed to be a terrible beast and antichrist rise up and he is going to put like a computer chip in everyone’s hand, some type of mark in everyone’s right hand or their forehead and they will have to do exactly what this dictator says and this dictator is going to be so bad he is going to make Hitler look like Cinderella. This guy is going to be a real bad guy, and he is going to control the whole world and we are all going to get his mark and we all are going to do what he says and he is even going to be so bad he is going to challenge Jesus when he sees him come down on that white horse.

He is not going to put up much of a fight because Jesus is going to zap him and he is going to evaporate along with all the armies and Jesus is going to call the fouls of the air to come and feast on the flesh of all the captains and the horses. As a matter of fact it says they, 200 million men, will all be on horses. That is kind of weird is it not? Well maybe he was talking about tanks and stuff but John just called them horses and all this is supposed to shortly come to pass.

How do we explain that word shortly getting in there? The Christian world looks at this and says that word shortly cannot interfere with out interpretation so there is lots of ways to interpret shortly. In other words, when these events start to happen it is all going to happen in a short time is one way to look at it or a day with God is like a thousand years and what’s a couple thousand years that is short in God’s mind and Jesus says I come quickly, and that could be that when he comes, he is just going to come really fast.

So there are ways around this but let’s look at it just the way it reads, these things will shortly come to pass. Actually it means exactly what it says, what things and who, who is the book of revelations written to? I read it to you and does anybody remember?

Audience Joshua: The Disciples.

JJ: Joshua you did great! It was written to the servants of God. And whom will it come shortly to pass for?

Audience: The servants of God.

JJ: Everything in here is going to come shortly to pass to the disciples. Not to everybody else but to the disciples. Then it says something interesting here, it says, “Blessed is he that reads and hears the words of this prophecy, and keeps those things which are written therein, for the time is at hand.” What time is at hand? The time for everything in this book to come to pass shortly! In other words, the time, is at hand, but for whom? The disciples who read and keep within their heart and their minds the words of this prophesy. They are the ones who will be blessed.

Well that is really weird because when you read it in the normal sense there is no blessing in the book. I mean a mountain coming out of heaven killing all the fish, fires coming down, hail storms, all kinds of destruction and at one point one third of the men on the earth are killed with this great army, and the beast rising up. Where is the stuff that blesses everybody? There is nothing in there to bless anybody. All it is, is stuff that it scares the daylights out of you – if you believe it. You read the whole thing and you think this is probably going to happen soon because it has been 2000 years and it cannot go on much longer before soon is not soon anymore.

Audience: We are in the latter days.

JJ: It seems so. Let’s pick a random verse from the book of revelation and see how it applies. (JJ Opens to a random selection and reads:)

All they that dwell upon the earth shall worship him the beast whose names are not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world. This beast exercised all the power of the first beast before him and causes the earth and them which dwell in to worship the beast whose deadly wound is healed and he does great wonders and then it says he causes all rich and poor to receive his mark on the right hand or forehead and if they don’t receive it the they will be killed.

Is that anything to be happy about? No, let’s just pick something else at random here.

“And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

“And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

“And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

“For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?” Rev 6:12-17

Would I be able to stand if every mountain and island are moving out of their place? Then there will be a great earthquake, the stars will shake and move the moon will turn blood and the sun will not give it’s light! What is there to look forward to? How can I be blessed by reading this book? How is that possible?

Let me tell you how it is possible, the book is not about what everybody thinks it is about.

The Mayans talked about 25,000 year cycles.

JJ: My feeling about 2012 is that it is a point taking us into the Age of Aquarius. I don’t think there is anything magical with 2012 over 2011.  From what I understand it was the end of their calendar and they saw this as the end of an age rather than the end of the world.  It could be an intense time period.  Let me see.  It is now 2007… we could have some interesting things happen by that time.  I see a larger turning point occurring around 2025-2030, which I see as an intense period of change.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 7

This entry is part 7 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 2

The book is not about predicting the future. The book has nothing to do with predicting the future of the planet. There are several correspondences in there that predict certain cycles and events that repeat themselves from time to time but that is not the main purpose of the book. The main purpose of the book is what is given in the first verse, is the unveiling of Jesus Christ to show His disciples things, which must shortly come to pass.

And blessed he that readeth and keepeth the words of this prophesy and keep those things which are written there in within their hearts.

So who was he talking to? He was talking to disciples who read and study this and the things that will shortly come to pass is the unveiling of Jesus Christ which will shortly come to pass in the life of the disciples. That is what the whole book is about. The unveiling of Jesus Christ in the life of the disciple that reads this and keeps these things in his heart. So why didn’t John speak clearly about this? Why didn’t he just say that this was all symbolism about the path the disciple leads that unveils the life of Jesus Christ within him? Why didn’t he just say that?

Audience: He knew they would destroy it. Blasphemy.

JJ: Right because the church would destroy it because even in the early times the church had a hard time accepting the statement of Jesus when He told the Jews, “Ye are gods.” That is what He told them, ye are gods, He says you criticize me because people say that I am a Son of God, and it says “a” Son of God not “the” Son of God. What is interesting about that is that your own scriptures say, “Ye are gods.” That is a lot bigger deal to say ye are gods than for anyone to say that I am a Son of God. It is a lot bigger deal to say ye are gods so what is the big deal if I say that I am one of the sons of god? And what did they do to him after He said that to them? They picked up stones to throw at Him and he had to get out of there. He made them so mad that they immediately picked up stones to throw at Him.

So what the book is really about is the unveiling, the unfolding Jesus Christ in the life of the disciple. In other words, it starts out telling the person of the unfolding of the Christ consciousness as he goes through the first initiation and unfolds the life of Christ within his heart. He then goes through a second initiation and the third where he undergoes the principle of baptism and then on until he becomes like the Christ Himself. Then it goes into what the disciple can do after he becomes like the Christ. So it really talks about three stages, the first stage is a letter to the churches and the letters to the churches unfolds the disciple as to the steps he takes to become a higher initiate. These are the seven stages of progression represented by the seven churches.

The second part is where the heavens are open and this signifies a higher consciousness. He has a higher consciousness and begins to undergo the third initiation where has the heavens open to him and he is able to see what he has never been able to see before. Then it unfolds how he treads the path to become like his master The Christ. The third part tells about the work of a Messiah, of a Christed One and what type of work he will do and the things that will happen as he proceeds on his work and it ends with the consummation of the building of the New Jerusalem.

So why did John write it this way, like it was going to be the end of the world? Because he knew that the people who were going to be putting together the scriptures loved the end of the world stuff. Do people still love the end of the world stuff?

Audience: Yes

JJ: Every year or so there is a new prophesy that the world is going to end. Because we had seven planets in alignment this was going to cause the end of world. That happened 1995 or something like that. The world was going to end in the year 2000 because that is the seven thousand years prophesied in scripture and a day with God is like a thousand years and the seventh thousandth year is a rest. So we were going to have the day of the millennium and Y2K was going to be it. Many thought it was going to be the end of the world. Then it came and went and nothing happened.

Right after that they said that planet X was going to hit us anytime. As a matter of fact several people wrote me personal letters asking, “how come you are not preaching about planet X? Aren’t you worried about planet X?” I said, well no planet X is going to show up and they were very offended that I said that. Now no planet X has showed up on time and I think it was supposed to show up in 2004, and in 2005 it still was not here. Planet X was supposed to be a red dwarf.

I remember everyone saying back then when this was being talked about that it was supposed to be here within six months and was going to destroy most of the earth.

I did a little figuring abut how big a red dwarf would have to be and it would have to be bigger than the planet Jupiter and it would have to be within the solar system if it was going to arrived within six months. I said you know it would have to be big enough to be as bright as the planet Venus. If we were to look into the sky right now that’s how bright it would have to be.

I said I do not see any orb up there that is as bright as the planet Venus so it cannot physically get here in time to full fill the prophesy that everybody is making! This is just pure science, and sure enough not only did it not get here but also, it has not shown up at all! I have been a pretty accurate prophet on the Internet because every prophet that makes a prediction, I say it is not going to happen, and it does not happen so I guess I am the one that is the true prophet! (Laughter)

The thing is, is that it is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is real easy to do! Every day a stopped clock is right twice so once in a while somebody makes a prediction that comes true and hopefully I can catch that one so I do not look like a fool. (Laughter)

A lot of people are always predicting a stock market crash within six months and there is an ongoing prediction about that.

There has been an ongoing prediction about an economic collapse since I can remember. It is always floating out there, someone is always making a prediction, but someday there probably will be a collapse, so someday somebody is going to be right and it probably will not be because they are physic but by accident. Somebody is just going to be right and periodically there are small collapses but let us hope there is not a complete collapse.

The most recent prophesy is 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar and many people are predicting the end of the world here. People are getting wiser and I noticed that when they first started talking about it there was a lot of end of world talk. Now the opinion is shifting, they are seeing all these other predictions that predicted the end of the world have not happened. Many people are changing the prediction around 2012 and saying that it just means the end of the cycle, or the end of something else and it will not be the end of the world.

I think people are waking up to the fact that there have been so many end of the world predictions out there that people are beginning to be a little more cautious about them. The end of the world will not actually come for millions of years but when you think about it we could have a lot of problems in between. We have the threat of a nuclear war and all kinds of things that could create tremendous problems but it is very unlikely that it would be the end of mankind.

So just like today where everybody is interested in the end world so it was in John’s day as well. The Essenes wrote a lot about the end of the world. They were expecting it and they hid out in caves thinking that the end of the world would come and then the Roman Empire would be destroyed and they would come out of their caves and create a new civilization but that of course did not happen.

It took the Roman Empire hundreds of years before it fell. So John wrote about the end of the world and when they put the Bible together they looked at it and they were attracted by the revelation of the end but many of them, because it was so esoteric, thought it was too complicated and a little too scary and there was a big debate on whether or not to include this in the Bible. It just about did not get in but it squeaked by and we are lucky we have it.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 8

This entry is part 8 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 3
Letters to the Churches

I don’t remember the first time I took a look at the Book of Revelations but I think I was a teenager, I do know that when I went on a mission for the Mormon church I started studying the scriptures more intently and I realized that the Book of Revelations is the most profound book in the entire Bible. There are two books in the Bible that are very profound – the Book of Revelations and Isaiah, and even DK says that these are the two most inspired books of the Bible. I have always realized that is correct and out of the two I think that the Book of Revelations is closest to the heart of God so to speak. Remember Lyndon Johnson used to quote Isaiah all the time, “come let us reason together.”

Anyway, I concluded that I was going to give an intense study of this book so I got a commentary on it. There was not any good Mormon commentary because the Mormons actually discourage you from studying this. The phraseology in the church is the general authorities frown on you studying the mysteries because you might get some warped ideas in your head and if God wants you to understand the mysteries then he will speak through he prophet and he will tell you what to think about it.

That did not really keep me happy and there are no good Mormon commentaries on the Book of Revelations so I went and bought a non-Mormon commentary on it and I found that very fascinating. This gave me a bit of additional light but not enough to unravel it.

I thought to really discern the book I would have to study it more closely. So I made a determination that I was going to unravel it and memorize the entire book. I figured the most important part started with chapter 4 and this is where the vision began so I created a memorization system and I memorized chapters 4 to 22. I did this over the next couple of years.

I had it down pretty good where I could rattle off all the chapters of the book but still I did not understand it. I studied additional commentary as well and received a little light but still did not understand the book and I thought, what in the world does it mean? Every once in a while I would come with an interesting interpretation of some of it but it was looking at it from the view point of things happening in physical reality on the earth rather than the inner life of the disciple.

Then it dawned on me that this was teaching about the inner life of the disciple and the whole vision of the book opened up and then it became fairly easy to interpret. So I wrote the interpretation of it and perhaps I should not say “easy” because it probably took more mental energy than anything I have ever written. But it was easier than trying to interpret it from the traditional angle that the Christian church does.

I found it very fascinating that everything began to make sense for the first time because the book as a whole had never made sense. But it makes sense when we realize that it is not talking about physical reality on the outside but it is talking about the inside and what happens to the disciple when he decides that he wants to be like his Master the Christ – what the disciple has to do to become like Christ is, and then beyond.

What does he have to do? The first stages are given him in the seven letters to he churches. The seven letters tell seven steps that is also governed by seven rays. The disciple works with different ray energies and the first one is Ephesus. Let’s read that:

Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks; I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars: And hast borne, and hast patience, and for my name’s sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted.

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. Rev 2:1-5

Now these are instructions to the disciple as he begins the Path. He experiences the birth of Christ in his heart and he decides to tread on what we call the Path. The path begins with the birth of Christ in his heart and ends with him being a Master but progression does not really end there for it continues. Becoming a Maser is merely one end point that we are looking for as mortal human beings. We want to become masters and we want to get upon the Path.

We just go over this one because we do not have time to go over everything but we will go over the one letter to one of the churches, the first of the seven stages of progression. The word Ephesus means permission. The first thing the disciple must do in order to tread the Path is to give himself permission to take that first step?

Why does he have to give himself permission? Because everybody is saying to him you can’t do that! Who do you think you are? It is like when I started studying the Book of Revelations they said to me that I should not study those mysteries. You are not supposed to know these mysteries and if the prophet wants you to know that then he will tell you.

So I give myself the Ephesus step, I give myself permission to defy that authority! I defied that authority and I took that step anyway. Everything the disciple tries to do when he is around an organization controlled by the Beast is resisted for they will tell him, no you cannot do that. You can’t speak that way, you cannot talk about this, you can’t study that, and you cannot go there.

And so the first step the disciple needs to learn is to not listen to these voices He must give himself permission to follow the inner inclinations that he has. He may not have full soul contact at this point. He is just dabbling in contacting the inner voice and he is not 100% sure of him self and does not have 100% soul contact yet but in order to go anywhere he still has to give him self permission to take the first step and he has to give him self permission.

Nobody else is going to give him permission. Have you ever noticed that people seek for permission for everything they do? I like the story that Curtis told me one time. He was talking to this Mormon guy and trying to convince him of the error of his ways and he was explaining to him something he read out of the scriptures and he said well what do you think of this? And the guy said, “let me go and talk to my bishop to find out what I think about it.”

Audience: Laughter

Yes, I will go talk to my bishop to find out what I think. In other words, the guy would not even give himself permission to even think on that small of a scale. He could not look at the sentence that Curtis was showing him and say to himself I will just look at this and see what it says. He could not even give himself permission to even go that far. He had to go to his bishop to find out what he thinks! “My bishop will tell me what to think and that will be what I think on it.”

That is just really simple and also very lazy because if you do not have to think and every one else does your thinking for you then it does not require any effort. Orthodox religion is the lazy man’s religion and normal thinking is the lazy man’s thinking. Everybody wants permission because they do not want to figure out for themselves what they are going to give themselves permission to do because this would take a little bit of thought.

So Ephesus is permission and he has to give himself permission to explore and maybe to explore unknown territory to read books that everyone else is telling him he should not be reading – to go to meetings that everybody says you should not be going to, to associate with people that everybody says no you should not be associating with. Maybe you are told that you should not be going to listen to that guy at the Keys gathering for he is too weird for you or whatever. The disciple has to learn to give himself permission.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 9

This entry is part 9 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 4

The First Love

So the disciple has given himself permission to enter upon the path. The inner voice, the voice of God says to him, “I know your works and your labor and your patience, how you cannot bear them, which are evil and you have tried them that say they are apostles and you have found them liars.” Who are the apostles? The apostle means “one who is sent” or, in other words, someone that claims to be sent from God to teach you is an apostle in this context.

So who are the apostles that he is supposed to test? These would be any ministers, prophets or teachers. The inner voice is telling the seeker that he has done two things right. He has fulfilled the meaning of Ephesus, giving himself permission and he has done something else that the Spirit really likes. He has tested those that claim to be apostles representing the voice of God and have found them to be liars. They have lied and the disciple realizes this.

This is the first step he has taken on the road to becoming like the Master and he has done this part right and have tested them and found out that they are not telling the truth. Congratulations are in order and he gets a little pat on the back there from the voice of God within. “And hast borne, and hast patience, and for my name’s sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted.”

After he found out these things, he has given him self permission. He is exploring, He has found out certain truths that have conflicted with everything he has been told and he has found out that everything everybody has been telling him has not been true and he is finding out new truths and he is congratulated or praised for not fainting and continuing even though he has probably gotten a lot of flack. He has had patience and he has prodded forward.

Nevertheless, I have somewhat against thee because thou have left thy first love.” This is interesting, you “remember therefore, from whence thou art fallen” so the praise ends there and he says the disciple has done a couple things that are really good but is really screwing up in this one area, and this is what happens: The disciple begins along the path and he does some things right and some things he really messes up. That is going to continue to happen to all of us as we go into new territory. He says this is where you really screwed up. You left your first love. Remember from whence you have fallen or else I will come in quickly and remove thy candlestick from out of its place.

His candlestick and its place signifies he is at the first step. He has taken the first and given himself permission. The Spirit says if he doesn’t take this advice then this first step that he is on is going to be like he never took it and he is going to go back and be under some one else’s permission again. So if the seeker is going to continue on the path then he needs to listen to what the Voice is saying. The disciple must remember his first love.

The regular interpretation of first love is that it must mean the church of Ephesus itself. Their first love was the gospel and they kind of deviated from the gospel and so they needed to go back to the first love and start living the teachings of Christ again. That is the normal interpretation that almost everyone gives of this. But his first love, what was his first love as far as attempting to tread the path before he actually found the path.

In his first love, he was under the authority of the system that had teachers in it and they told him what to do. He listened to them and diligently obeyed and did everything he could to live the righteous life. He did not deviate but he focused and he lived to he highest he knew.

Some of us were in the churches before we entered the path. We were good members. Some of you were good and did what you were told and you obeyed the Sabbath and you did not steal, murder, beat your spouse etc. You did the basic stuff. This was his first love, and you entered the Path.

His first love was when he was in an organization that falsely led him to believe he was on the path and he did everything very diligently that he was supposed to do. But he left his first love.

What happens to the disciple when he gives himself permission? He enters the path and goes from one extremely constricted situation where he can’t do anything and then he enters the path and he says I can give myself permission to other stuff as well and I am going to eat drink and be merry and really have a good time. And so he goes overboard and gives him self permission to party it up and go to sex orgies and all kinds of weird stuff.

They give themselves permission to do whatever they feel like and they go to the other extreme and give up all that discipline they have learned. So here the voice of the Spirit comes to the seeker. He is like the prodigal son and goes and parties and squanders all that good press that had with the inner voice and sooner or later with a moment of silence he listens again and the voice says, “return to your first love,” go back to the discipline. Sure you have permission to do this and that but it has to be balanced and the discipline you learned before you entered the path must be brought back into balance. Not everything you learned before you entered the path is bad. The discipline that you had, you will need to take this with you and apply it with common sense in your life. Return to your first love. He says you mean I just can’t do everything I want to and I still have to control myself? Yes you still have to control yourself. The disciple needs to stay disciplined and balanced even more so than before he entered the path.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 10

This entry is part 10 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 5

The Nicolatians

JJ: Okay we will continue on the Book of Revelation with the new book called “The Unveiling” and the last thing we covered was, “Nevertheless, I have somewhat against thee, thou hast left thy first love”, and as we said the guy got permission from his inner self to rebel from his group, his teachers that were teaching him false things that he found out were not really true and did not really work in his life. He probably held on for a little while but then it just got too much for him to handle so he broke off and set himself free, but then he goes overboard and he gives himself permission to anything he wants to do and when he wants to do it.

He does this for period of time until in a quiet moment his soul speaks to him and says, “You have left your first love.” Everything that you were taught was not bad. Sure you have had false teachers but everything that they taught was not bad. They said do not steal; do not kill; do not hurt people and so on. They taught you some things that were okay; they taught you some things that required discipline and all this worked together for your good so do not throw everything away. Do not throw out the baby with the bath water.

In other words, keep the things that are good. Return to your first love where you approached learning with a discipline, where you honored your teachers that were good. There are certain things that you have learned in your struggles with your many lifetimes, so you want to return to your first love. Recognize what is false in the things you have been taught and drop those things but keep the good and the true and return and honor in those that brought to you a good discipline over the years.

My first love was the discipline I had in the Mormon Church and it was a strong discipline. We had to pay 10% tithing and with other donations it amounted to almost 15% of our income all-together. It took tremendous discipline to do that. We could not smoke or drink coffee, a lot of sexual restrictions also and so this discipline stimulated in me a desire to learn and go beyond when I might not have otherwise.

So that was probably my first love. When you break free from something like that with all that restrictions the inclination is to just go to the extreme in the other direction and this is what the disciple does. He leaves his first love where he exercised discipline and lives like the prodigal son with little or no discipline.

As we study the Labors of Hercules on Tuesday you will see that Hercules made quite a few mistakes also. He disregarded a lot of things that he knew better and so we also have to create that balance in the middle.

Next the scripture gives him some more advice, “But this thou hast, thou hates the Nicolatians, which I also hate.” That is interesting that the voice of God says that He hates something. Everybody says God doesn’t hate anything and just loves everything. Chuckle.

Audience: Chuckling

JJ: But He says He hates these Nicolaitans. The Nicolaitans were a group patterned after the disciple Nicolas and he was really a decent guy and quite pure and very disciplined and he had only one wife. But somehow because of certain things that he taught followers got the impression that anything goes with saint Nicolas so to speak. So after Nicolas was no longer on the scene his followers began to distort his teachings and they became very promiscuous.

What I think that God hated about the Nicolaitans was that they took the teachings of a good man and distorted them to be exactly the opposite of what he really stood for and what he really taught. He was for sexual purity and they turned into sexual promiscuity. Larry and I were talking about Joseph Smith and the same thing may have happened to him, there a lot of speculation that there is a possibility that he may not have all the physical relations with his wives that he was accused of and yet everyone who followed him said that we are going to practice polygamy and have all these wives because that is what Joseph Smith wanted to do.

This is what happened the Nicolations, they took a man who believed in sexual purity and only had one wife and distorted his teachings to have many wives and concubines with lots of sexual relations and everything goes. It doesn’t say what God hated about them but I think what God hated about them was that they took a good man’s teachings and they turned them upside down.

Has that happened before in history that we know about? Has it happened with Jesus teachings on love for example? How about the Christian church that burned everybody with fire that asked the wrong questions. They did this in the name of Christ and said that this was an act of love and it purified the church. Was that turning the teachings of Jesus upside down? That is like the Nicolations and followers will often do things like this.

Just because they are on the path does not mean they are perfect, but there is one thing that a person learns on the path. He saw two things that were really wrong and that he had been lied to and the second thing is he saw that the authorities of the day turn a lot of the teachings from the past upside down. God says I do not like this and you do not like this as well and we are on the same page here.

So this is one thing that the early disciple learns is to recognize is false teachers. He also learns about those teachers that take those teachings from the good men of the past and turn them completely upside down.

The scripture ends with this,

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

Now he uses an interesting wording that in some circles is controversial, “to him that overcometh.” This is one area where a lot of new agers are in illusion. They think that we do not have to overcome anything and everything should be effortless. Those who think this need to read the title of the extract from a statement by the Tibetan, He points out that He has struggled and fought His way to the place on the path where He is and we must do the same. In other words, where He is, He had to get there through great struggle and effort. Nothing that is worthwhile comes without struggle and effort. Everybody in every belief system creates a short cut so the path is easy. How do the born again Christians do this, what shortcut do they take.

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