The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 14

Day 142

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Close your eyes and say:

“We thank you God that You reveal to us the originating point of Your universal Light and Love as the doorway to the Kingdom of God.”

Pause and see a point of light just above you and see the point expanding into a circle and the circle expanding until it encompasses you and you sense that you have just passed through some type of doorway that leaves the physical world behind and reveals the New Jerusalem suspended before you. In the giant circle of light in which you find yourself you see a beautiful pyramid within a translucent golden square. You sense the pyramid is a living entity that is responsive to your thought and it pulsates with rainbows of colors as it reflects your highest feelings.

There are three entrances on each side. Each entrance is guarded by two angels – one male and one female. There is one entrance that attracts your attention and you gravitate toward it. The entrance may seem simple or you may see elaborate arches depending on your thought patterns. You stand before the angels and they pass their hands over your body and you know that they know the intent of your heart and you know whether or not your heart has pure intent to assist your fellow brothers and sisters on the earth. Now you hear one of the angels speak one of these two sentences:

“You may pass.”


“You are not yet ready. Go back and find within your heart that dedication to self that must be transmuted into dedication to the whole. Come back with a pure intent to serve and you may pass.”

If you do receive the second reply do some reflection and find the intent that needs transmuted, commit yourself to pure service and try again.

After you receive permission, you go through the doorway and as you pass you feel an elevation in the vibration of your spirit within yourself and feel a sense of increasing love and joy.

You find yourself walking through a mist of light and as you walk the cloudiness disperses and you meet a very beautiful human being. You instantly know that this person is either the Christ or has such oneness with Christ that it makes no difference.

“What are you seeking?” the person asks.

“I seek a mansion in the house of God?” you say.

“And what is the key word for this coming age?”

“Service,” you reply.

The beautiful being smiles and replies:

To truly serve you must prepare yourself. Come, enter into a room prepared for you and contemplate the three things you must do.

First, look upon mankind as a single living wholeness and ask yourself how much you really love them and how much you are prepared to give?

Secondly, the tools you need to enhance your power to serve.

Thirdly send out a call from your heart to others who will work with you in the vineyard of the Lord. Establish a spiritual link with them that cannot be broken and feel their presence becoming nearer.

When they are very near you will be ready for the next step.

You enter alone into an empty room with glowing white walls that you know now to be your space and your room that seems to be about twelve feet square but you can expand or contract it with your conscious thought.

You think about the three injunctions and as you do you see the earth before you and sense the collective call of humanity appealing for help and relief in myriad areas of life and then you sense a few among them appealing for greater light and knowledge. These few touch your soul for you know that when these are satisfied that many others will come after until the earth is full of the knowledge of the Lord.

As you look upon humanity and become one with the wholeness thereof you ask the first question?

“How much do you really love them and how much you are prepared to give?”

Contemplate this for a moment and ask yourself: “Am I one with the Purpose of God in this regard?”

If you are satisfied with your answer move on to the second project. You must next give yourself all the tools you need to give yourself all the power you need to be a profitable servant. You might want to sit down, so visualize a chair and a chair will be there. If you want to lie down see a bed. If you want to do some work or reading you might want to see a desk, books or a computer connected to the internet.

Here you are not governed by time as on the earth and you can ask a question on your computer to someone who is a week or a month in the future.

It is not for me to suggest all the tools you need. This is your project. Create everything you need in this room for your office of service and comfort. You are only limited by your imagination. You can add to or take away from as your need requires.

This is the first step. There is much more to come.

Affirmation: “I seek to serve with pure intent.”


Day 143

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Your Room

At this point it is important that you see yourself in your designated room so continue this visualization even if you did not feel worthy to pass by the angels. You can recommit and apply for entrance later. Even so, the room represents a place that exists in the consciousness of all seekers so nothing can prevent you from dwelling in it to the highest extent of which you are capable.

You see yourself in your room and are gathering around you all the things you need to make you comfortable and that will enhance your power to serve.

As you contemplate you become aware of other souls not far from you in rooms of their own. You sense that these are individuals that you have been close to either on earth or in a soul group in a higher sphere. You feel that you have had an ancient and intimate relationship with them on some level and the more you concentrate the greater the love you feel radiating from them. Sensing the sharing of their life and love feels like coming home.

For this next day concentrate on just feeling and sensing the presence of others in their rooms. Do not try and enter other rooms or see them yet, but just feel the vibration of others who have made this journey with you and join in purpose and love with them. This is the true beginning point of our journey together.

Then as we strengthen our power of imagination the power of visualization will follow and the experience we will have together will become as real as physical reality.

The Levels of Meditation

Since some have had rewarding experiences with the meditation yet others are a little frustrated at their progress I thought I would write a little on meditation itself. First of all let me express the desired end result of this meditation. Many have expressed a desire to be closer to their soul brothers and sisters and how wonderful it would be if we could all be physically together, even if for a short period.

If we as a group are successful at this meditation we will be brought together. It may be awkward at first for most of us, but if we persist we will find realistic meetings of group members commonplace on the higher planes. This meditation can remove the barriers of distance that we have on the physical plane.

There are four basic planes that we normal humans can use as a medium for meditation.

The first is the physical. In this world we use the power of meditation through the power of paying Attention. This can be done through paying attention to a physical teacher, speaker or book, to gazing into a crystal ball or flame. As we meditate on the physical plane the mind and heart may be stimulated to bring forth images or ideas that will assist us. If nothing else meditation on the physical level will help focus us on the real that exists here so we do not turn into impractical dreamers.

The second is the emotional or astral and attention is a factor but in addition to this visualization comes into play. Overall females are better than males at visualizing because this is accomplished through female energy. You’ll notice that females are reporting greater success at following guided meditations because it works in the direction of their natural energy. Now many men are also good at it, but overall the female has the advantage here.

The third plane of meditation is the world of the mind and this is accomplished through imagination. Mind and imagination are polarized in the male energy so us guys have the advantage here. It’s easy for us to imagine things, but it takes effort for us to visualize.

So what is the difference between visualization and imagination? one may ask.

Let us say the object we want to bring into focus is an apple. To manifest it in the physical world we put attention on our physical desire for the apple and go and retrieve it from the refrigerator.

To make it manifest in the astral we tune in to our emotional; body and feel or sense the apple before us. If we are so in tune the apple will appear almost as real as one on the physical plane and may even stay suspended before the meditator for a period of time.

To manifest the apple on the plane of the mind the mental faculty of imagination is used. Forms filtered through the imagination may not produce such real or lingering images as does the astral, but the images become as real as necessary to communicate the essence of the meditation on this plane to the physical brain.

Thus, the imagination may flash an image of an apple to the brain that may linger less than a second whereas the power of visualization may cause the apple to linger on for minutes. Then on the physical plane it lasts even longer – until it decays or is eaten.

The apple is made of real substance on all of these planes, but as we go up the planes substance becomes more rarefied and time is compressed. This is why we have more time to see the visualization and much less to examine the thing that flashed into the imagination.

It takes contemplation to absorb all that the imagination brings down. This is why those who do not contemplate that which is imagined are often led astray by imagination.

Even though there are several levels of formless realities we shall lump them into one category here for practical purposes. This fourth level is begins in the realm of ideas. An idea comes in even a shorter instant of time than a thing imagined. An idea has no form, but as it passes down through the mind it takes form by stimulating the imagination. Next it will clothe itself with desire and its form will be seen through visualization. Finally, if the intensity is strong enough it will manifest in physical reality.

He who meditates in the formless worlds sees nothing and knows nothing while in the meditation. Instead he throws “seed thoughts” into this formless void and goes there through meditation and waits for the seeds to sprout and send their fruit in the form of inspired ideas that filter through ideas to the imagination down through visualized desire and finally into physical reality.

The first formless world requires that we be female or receptive in polarization to tap into it and thus the female has an advantage again. Nevertheless, through the power of attention all the levels of meditation are available to both physical sexes.

Now it is possible that several may be concerned that they are not highly evolved and may feel discouraged if they are unable to have an experience right away. Please please, do not feel this way. Some have a wonderful experience and I know this inspires many, for what one can do all can do through the power of Decision and Attention. Nevertheless, we all make decisions and place attention in different areas of life so none of us are the best at everything. In addition, some may be very talented with ideas and imagination, but not so talented with visualization just as some are good at music, but not business.

Who is the most evolved – the musician or the businessman. Who can say? It’s a silly question.

If you are not a great visualizer then find out where your power is. Someone suggested making a tape for physical assistance. This is an excellent idea. You can also bypass visualization temporarily and use the imagination at first, but later clothe the imagination with desire to bring it into focus through visualization.

Finally, you can also use the formless worlds by casting a “seed thought” into this reality. This seed thought would be centered around what you want to accomplish in meditation. If done successfully, the essence from this higher world will send you ideas and inspiration that will enable you to fulfill your desire.

Affirmation: “My true feelings are taking me home.”


Day 144

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Your Partner

Remember to work on building your room even if you had difficulty in seeing all the steps in getting there. You can fill in the steps later, but it is important that all of us see ourselves in our own private holy space and manifest everything in there that we desire for our comfort and for service.

In the last lesson we sensed the presence of others in the group in adjoining rooms. These members may be a little in the future, perhaps they have not arrived in their space yet, but they are present and available nonetheless in the world of the soul.

Now you begin to sense that there is one person in particular of the opposite sex or polarity that will be a working partner for you. This may or may not be a mate or romantic partner from your earth existence. Whether romance is involved or not the person will definitely be someone who compliments you in energy and is willing to blend with you in the Purpose of service.

See yourself going to one of the glowing walls and placing your hands on them. As you do, you feel a warm vibration and sense that your partner is doing the same thing on the other side and is also feeling your vibration. You do not see your partner at this present time, but you find it immensely interesting to bask in his or her vibration and as you do you try and visualize who this person may be and when you will meet. You find that by just touching the wall and feeling the vibration you sense more about this person than you ever did for another on the physical plane.

Affirmation: “I have found someone who understands and loves me.”


Day 145

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Removing Walls

You have been touching the wall of your room and your counterpart is on the other side. Now see that the wall is disappearing and your partner is standing before you. You may or may not see who this is, but you will sense his or her vibration. You proceed toward this person and give them a hug and as you do the vibration of love is greatly increased. Close your eyes and bask in this joyous feeling for a moment. As you do it almost seems like you are so close that you are in one body together.

Now you draw back and the wall comes up again, but the feeling of union remains. You know you can remove the wall any time you want now, but for the present the wall is a means of focusing your attention on the next step.

While you are waiting contemplate on the idea that you seem to be alone, but that you are not alone.

Consider the phrase “Isolated Unity.”

Now you are in your room relaxing enjoying the lingering presence of your partner and you sense a vibration from the other side of the wall in the opposite direction. This vibration gets your attention because it seems to be of a very high order. You go over to the wall and put your hands on it and you sense that a being of great perfection is on the other side.

You sense great love, intelligence and feeling and part of you very much desires an encounter with this person and part of you is a little nervous because the vibration is so high – possibly beyond that of a Master. Nevertheless you sense that communing with this entity is something you are supposed to do and you give a mental command for the wall to come down.

The wall seems to evaporate slowly and the image of this person also materializes slowly. You are glad because the glory of this being is so great it takes a minute for your eyes and your senses to adjust. At first the countenance of this person is a brilliant white, but as you adjust he/she seems to look like a normal human being, but with great beauty and perfection. You look at this person and he/she seems familiar, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it until you look in the eyes. As you look in the eyes you realize that you do know this personage and you know him/her very well.

This person is you!

But not you from the present. Instead it is you from the far future, a you who has reached relative perfection and has made a journey back into the far past to give you guidance.

He/she knows and remembers you well and is acutely aware of every problem you presently have and will have in this life. He/she knows this is an important life for you and wants to give you some advice and answer any questions you have.

Your next assignment is to listen to the advice your future self has for you and then you can ask any questions you desire.

Try and ask three questions. If you have three questions this person from the future may consider it worthwhile to visit you again.

Affirmation: “I am beginning to know myself.”



Day 146

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Comments on Time Travel

Let me say just a couple of things about time travel. To travel in time you have to move beyond the physical. This is fortunate; otherwise it would open the possibility for a Nazi to go back and help Hitler win the war.

We cannot change the literal past, but we can change the effects of the past so a certain negative event in the past is changed so it is no longer negative to us.

Calling forth your future self does not change the past because your calling him forth is a part of his history, as well as anything he tells you.

Also keep this in mind. Your far future self has complete oneness with God and lives beyond the normal rules of time and space. This being has abilities beyond that which we can imagine.

Normally he has to be invoked but he can make an appearance in any past time when the entity is open to instruction, but this is the exception.

Fortunately, the dark forces are very limited in using time travel and the Brotherhood of Light basically practice non interference so time is quite a stable quantity.

Our past lives of lower evolution never call out to the future self and only have a dim sense of it at best. A person has to reach a degree of soul contact before there can be communication between the past and the future. When this happens the Will of God is followed and no change in that Will takes place.

There has to be a reasonable and open belief in the possibility of this future self for this meditation to work, but those who accept it and give it a try may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

No, your future self will not give you winning lottery numbers. He doesn’t even know what they are nor does he want to know. He will only come to help you work with your own strengths and achieving power to obtain money through the normal use of law is something we all have to learn one time or another.

Today’s Assignment:

Behind the third wall is a special room that allows you to contact friends and relatives who have died as well as other interesting acquaintances from your distant past who are not incarnated at the present time.

Use your will to cause the third wall to come down and enter this room and sit and contemplate your friends, associates and ancestors who have gone on before you. You may be surprised at who will show up to converse with you.

Affirmation: “I have an abundance of loving friends.”


Day 147

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Behind the Fourth Wall

We have now looked through three of the walls. What do you suppose is on the other side of the fourth wall?

With visualization (a female power) you can see what is already created out of more refined matter, or images that are presented to your consciousness by a higher part of yourself or some inner teacher.

With imagination (a male power) you create and manipulate more refined matter and mold it according to your desires or the instructions of your Higher Self.

Once a thing is properly created through imagination then it exists independently in higher vibration and can be seen by those with higher vision. Then too, he who successfully creates with imagination gains greater power to visualize when that which is created has a life of it’s own.

If you cannot visualize all the steps in getting to the New Jerusalem do not let that stop you from concentrating on creating your room. You can backtrack later and get down the rest of the visualization.

It is fine that you put a window in your room and it doesn’t matter where it is. Decorate your room however you like it. When you want to contact your partner you can keep the window there or make it disappear and replace it with a regular wall if you want.

The important thing is that you start creating in your room and that you work with the energy that comes easy for you whether it be visualization or imagination. We will need both these male and female powers to create the intended baby here.

We need imagination to create the form and visualization to hold the form together.

Go ahead and put in details by using your imagination. This is the start of a creative process that can construct images that the female power to visualize can see and experience. From the starting point of your room you will assist in the creation of a mansion in the Father’s House.

Jesus said: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2

Not only can the Master prepare a place for us but we can participate in preparing one for ourselves and others. If we are to become Sons and Daughters of God we must also learn to prepare “a place.”

Each time you visualize or imagine the meditation you do not have to take the journey from the beginning. Once you get the essence of your room down you can see yourself instantly transported there as you begin the meditation.

Do some more work on the three walls covered so far and trust me for the moment on the future self. It may sound fantastic, but let me assure you that you have one and certain types of contact are possible.

After making a review of the three walls concentrate on the fourth wall. On the other side are twenty-three others doing this same meditation. There are eleven of your sex and twelve of the opposite.

As you begin to sense the presence of these people the wall fades away and you walk toward them and seek to join them in an unbroken circle.

The circle alternates with male/female partners. You sense that one of these twenty-three is your partner. This could be the same partner you met earlier or another one. You walk around the circle until you recognize your partner who smiles at you in recognition. You move toward your partner and join hands completing the circle with twelve parts. The moment you see all hands are joined you feel a surge of spiritual energy circulate through all members. It feels like a spiritual fire is engulfing the entire group merging them into one consciousness.

The assignment today is to spend a few minutes sensing what a merging of minds and hearts of twenty-four people with soul contact would be like. Feel the fire, the peace, the merging and the love.

Affirmation: “Through the soul 1+1=1”


Day 148

The New Jerusalem Meditation

The Song of the 144,000

Now as a group you say the first stanza of the Song of the 144,000

“We thank you Father

that you have revealed to us

your protective universal light;

That within this light

is complete protection

from all destructive forces;

That the Holy Spirit of Your Presence

permeates us in this light,

and wherever we will the light to descend.”

When you say the sentence “…and wherever we will the light to descend,” the group then wills light to descend in the middle of the circle. As you exercise your will to manifest light you sense the combined will of the group joining into a will of great power and you see a visible expanding circle of light manifesting in the center.

As you witness this light expanding the group says the second stanza.

“We thank you Father

that you fill us with your

protective fires of Love;

That within this love

is complete protection

from all destructive

thoughts and feelings;

That the consciousness of Christ

is lifted up in us in this love,

and wherever we will

the love to be enflamed.”

As the words “…and wherever we will the Love to be enflamed,” are said you see within the growing light the image of Christ beginning to manifest with greater and greater clarity. You sense within Him a power of Light and Love that we can only wish for upon the physical plane.

Next the group says:

“We thank you Father that you are in us and we are in you.”

Suddenly, you are no longer in the circle, but you are in the middle. Your consciousness is within the form of Christ itself and you realize that oneness with God is much more than a figure of speech. You sense an ecstasy looking through the eyes of Christ and feeling the fire of Love in His heart that you never before dreamed possible.

As the group centers in the midway point and adjusts to the energy they say:

“that through us Your Will is sent forth on wings of Power:

That Your Purpose is accomplished on earth as it is in heaven.”

Now that you are in this heightened state contemplate on what this verse of the song means.

If you send forth the Will of God then you must be one with God and His Will is passing through you. Can you sense what the Will and Power of God feels like as you are One with Christ? Can you sense the Purpose of God – that it is more than a goal of some kind, but as aspect that must be revealed through your oneness?

Can you sense that you are close to the Purpose of God when you send forth the Will of God on the wings of His Power?

Affirmation: “I realize my oneness with God.”


Day 149

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Union with the Master

(Continued from Day 148)

As you feel and see yourself in the body of Christ sense the presence of the other members of the group in the body with you communing with Him and say the final stanza:

“That through us Your Light and Love and Power is manifest to all the Sons and Daughters of mankind.”

As you say the word Light you see a ring of white light materializing where the group was standing in a circle before you entered the center. Then as you say love you see a multitude of colors added. Finally when you say power you find yourself back in your original position, but sensing a greater endowment of these three aspects.

Now you look toward the center again and instead of an image of Christ you see a person who you have personally had a relationship with in this life. This is the person who has caused you more grief and irritation than any other. This is the person you would go farther out of your way to avoid than any other. As you reflect there is one person that comes to your mind and he or she now appears clearly in the center in the place of Christ.

This person now speaks: “My form has changed, but the Christ is still here. Whatsoever you feel and do unto the least of these my brethren, you do unto me.”

This person you see before you is your savior. If you can see past the illusion of harm he has done you and forgive him so you can see the Christ and then this person saves you from your sins. Without him/her you could never experience the pure love of God which is salvation.”

Finish the meditation by looking at this irritating person and feel the irritation and other negative feelings transform into joyful love as you see his face change to the face of Christ. When you have successfully done this so only the Christ is seen in the center you see a look in His eyes that says come to Me and suddenly it appears that only you and the Master are present and you run to Him and he takes you in his loving arms and holds you for as long as you desire.

Note: You may have to run through this several times for a successful completion, but it will be worth the effort.

Affirmation: “I see the path that leads to the Love of God.”


Day 150

New Jerusalem Meditation

The Tree of Life

The Christ disappears, but you still feel His presence and nearness. Now you find yourself back in the circle of twenty-four and sense the presence of your partner. You look at your partner and realize that he/she also senses the presence of Christ. Now you give your partner a hug and are amazed to feel a similar vibration to that which you experienced when you were in the arms of the Master.

After hugging your partner the entire group senses the first assignment. We must first create an extension of the tree of life which bears twelve kinds of fruit. You and your partner will create one tree and the rest will create eleven others making the twelve.

The circle breaks up and before the group is a lovely garden given to us to beautify and enhance. We are attracted to a gentle hill and on the edges of the hill we will create the twelve different trees so they form a circle. You and your partner pick your spot where your tree will be.

As you approach this spot you notice that the very ground you stand on seems to be alive and vibrant and you both kneel down in reverence at the holiness of the moment. You both place your hands on the earth and feel an enormous giving energy flowing into you. You lift your hands up and place them on your partner’s and feel a tingling. Then you pull apart and between you a tree starts to grow. You sense two types of energy coming from the earth through you and your partner flowing into the tree until it grows into a full grown beautiful fruit tree with flowering buds in abundance.

The next step is to see the flowering buds developing into fruit, but your fruit will be one of the twelve different kinds filling twelve different purposes representing the twelve different signs of the Zodiac.

You will pick one of the twelve that will be your fruit. The fruit corresponding to your sun sign would be a good choice, but you are free to choose another, as your sun sign has about 25% of zodiacal influence on your personality; thus the other eleven signs still influence about 75%.

The fruit you will visualize can look like any fruit on the earth or even some exotic other worldly fruit.

Assignment: Use your imagination to see this beautiful garden and the tree you have produced. Walk around this garden and see the other trees and the beauty of the other plants. Feel the essence of the various plants as living things.

Affirmation: “I nourish the tree of life and it nourishes me.”



Day 151

The New Jerusalem Meditation

The Twelve Fruits

There are the twelve attributes of the twelve different fruits and their corresponding Zodiacal sign. Here are the first six.

Aries: The eating of this fruit will cause the dissolution of all fear and a feeling of confidence and courage will arise throughout your being. It will make you feel like you can tackle any problem and solve it. After eating of this you can fearlessly face any person, situation or problem. Your power of decision and attention is enhanced and you look forward to each new day and what it has to offer.

Taurus: Pleasure and pleasantness comes to mind when you eat this fruit. Pleasure is only carnal when there is a betrayal of self or others, but we must remember that pleasure is one of the gifts of God.

When eating this fruit you not only feel a thrill of joyful feeling go through your physical body, but you also feel extremely pleasurable emotions, very peaceful mentally and higher spiritual feelings.

This fruit is especially wonderful to eat when you are weighted down with the cares of the world, have pain or stress. The pleasure you will feel on all levels will elevate your spirits and make you forget any troubles you have.

Gemini: This sign represents the duality we have in our higher and lower self. General humanity lives over 90% in the lower self, but as one becomes a spiritual seeker he senses the higher self and seeks to be centered there. All have difficulty staying in that consciousness, but this third fruit will be a great help for you. When you partake of it you will instantly feel your vibration increase and a great lifting up of your consciousness into a oneness with the Christ within as well as an innumerable number of beings without who have the Christ consciousness and as a result you feel great joy and happiness.

Cancer: The key phrase here is “protection from all destructive forces” and the key word is “security.”

As we go through the turmoil of daily living we all experience a time that we desire to withdraw into some secret place and just have a peaceful secure rest where we are completely impervious to the cares and threats of the world.

When you eat of this fruit your consciousness enters into this safe and sure place where you will rest for a period of time and come forth greatly refreshed and ready to take on the world again from a position of strength.

Leo: The eating of this fruit brings the joy of self-fulfillment. Think of a time when you reached a goal or fulfilled a dream. Think of how good that made you feel and then multiply that feeling by one hundred or more. The joy you feel with this fruit is the joy of fulfilling your dreams in the past, present and future. Your higher self sees all time in one glance and can give you a combined joy coupled with a vision of your unlimited ability to Become and have joy through that Becoming.

When you eat of this fruit you realize that true self fulfillment is the opposite of selfishness as the world understands it because in the higher reality there is only one Self and consciousness in that self brings pure ecstasy

Virgo: This fruit brings to your consciousness the joy of the Mother and Father in giving birth and then nurturing your child or creation until the Christ descends to bless your child as well as you. You hear the voice of God saying “this is my child with whom I am well pleased.”

Eating of this fruit fills your mind full of wonderful ideas and dreams from which you can choose to manifest as you would give birth to a holy child.

Eating of this fruit can also bring a greater connection between you and your children or family. You will see their souls and their path and come to a greater realization as to how to help them. In addition to your physical children there are many who depend on you as a child does its parent. This fruit can also connect you with these people on the same level as your children if you desire and will give you vision to share and assist.

Assignment: Contemplate consuming fruit that is most needed by you at this time and imagine eating it and feeling the results.

Affirmation: “I will eat from the tree of life.”


Day 152

The New Jerusalem Meditation

The Twelve Fruits, Part 2

Libra: We have all been at a crossroads where we were not sure what the next step is and just making a decision seemed like the most difficult thing in the world. There have been times for us all where we have felt a little like the two guys in the parable of Decision that were afraid to move ahead.

When this time comes the fruit of Libra is the stimulation that is needed. When partaking of this delicacy your power to see the decision that must be made will be amplified as well as your power of Decision itself. Also your discernment and power of judgment will be enhanced. Eating of this fruit will take you away from either extreme on the left or right and you will see the peaceful middle way where the choice is simple and your next step on the path is obvious.

As you take the benefits of this fruit down to regular life you will find that your power to assist and mediate for others is enhanced and that people will come to you seeking advice. This also enhances your romantic energy.

Scorpio: There comes a time in the life of each of us that we must prepare for battle, not always a battle in the physical battlefield, but life has many battlefields for us that require an additional reservoir of strength to prevail.

As we begin to sense the higher energies of the life of the soul, there are many times in life that negative forces tend to pull us backward and we must battle for the will to keep our minds centered in light and our hearts centered in love.

Eating he fruit of Scorpio greatly increases the positive side of our astral body as well as the higher will and gives us power to tackle and defeat those warring situations that face the spiritual warrior on a regular basis.

This fruit also increases the vitality of the physical body as well as enhancing the sex drive.

The overall effect after eating it is an increase in power, health and energy so you have the feeling that you have sufficient power to accomplish any task.

Sagittarius: We have all reached various goals in our life that tempt us to rest upon our laurels and relax so we do not push ourselves into more progression so we take additional steps in our Becoming. When we understand the principle of Becoming we, of course, take our Sabbaths of rest, but when recharged the true spiritual pilgrim moves ahead.

The fruit of Sagittarius opens our vision so we see further down the path than we have before. New vistas lie before us previously unrealized and we see beyond the I AM to I AM BECOMING.

Eating this fruit gives you the power to see and reach your goal and then to see another as an endless stairway lays before you. It increases your optimism and increases your sense of the dominating good that pervades all evolution. If you have any sense of impending doom this will lift your spirits.

Capricorn: As we progress toward the goal, spiritual or material, there are many obstacles that get in the way and often discourage the strongest of hearts. The reason there are more failures in life than successes is not talent, but that most people who fail give in to discouragement, whereas the successful ones do not. If we just have a little more determination, will and persistence then failure would be turned into success.

The energy and vitality for such persistence comes from the fruit of Capricorn. Eating of this brings a renewal of sense of purpose and will and increases our faith that we will prevail and bring our decisions into reality. It increases our self-discipline and gives us power to focus Attention so the goal is reached.

This fruit also reveals to you as to whether your goals are in alignment with the higher Will of God. To take full advantages of its energies you must drop those not in alignment and go with those that are harmonious.

Aquarius: They key word behind this quality is “service” and is also the keynote of the coming age. The symbol of Aquarius is the man who bears the pitcher of water and from it pours forth as living water to feed those who are thirsty for the waters and words of life.

He who eats of this fruit must have a desire for selfless service, for it increases the power to serve. Many seekers want to do more but feel they are doing all they can. This fruit will remove the obstacles so you will see the power to serve is within you no matter what your currant circumstances.

This fruit is very juicy and the water within it feeds and nourishes the soul. It brings your vision in alignment with the vision of God making service an all consuming passion. Your faith in yourself as a servant increases as you consume the living waters of the fruit and you see a vision of the fruit your works will bring forth among mankind because of your faith.

Pisces: He who partakes of this fruit will partake of the power of the faith of Christ who told us that if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains.

Do you want to increase your faith and the faith of others? Do you want to see miracles happen in your life? Do others have faith in you and you do not want to let them down? Then this fruit will help you and increase your faith. Not only will it increase your faith but if you contemplate after consuming it you will sense and understand the principle of faith and such understanding will increase your power to serve.

Through faith you can walk with ease across the disturbing waters of life as you breath the fresh and exhilarating air in the real but unseen worlds.

Salvation and sacrifice are two other key words of this sign. Eating this fruit will give you power to save through stimulating the faith of others. You sacrifice consciousness in the lower self but gain a hundred fold as you shift consciousness by faith to the higher self.

Assignment: Contemplate how these and the previous six fruits will feed your soul and then select the one that would be most beneficial for you at this time and visualize yourself consuming it and feel the effects permeating your body and soul.

Affirmation: “I can taste the twelve fruits of the Tree of Life.”


Day 153

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Sharing the Fruit

Your job will be to tend and nurture one of these twelve trees which are in reality twelve aspects of the one Tree of Life. On the other hand, you are not limited to partaking of only one fruit. You will share your fruit with others and others will share theirs with you so you will periodically eat of all the twelve fruits.

The next step is to pick the fruit you want to nurture. Do not worry if you are not sure which fruit to pick. You can change your mind later if desired.

You and your partner now stand back and look at your tree. The buds on it are turning to fruit which seems to mature in about a minute as you put your attention on it.

You pick one that almost seems to be calling out to you and hold it in your hands. As you look at it, the shape, characteristics and qualities become clear to you. The desire to eat of it becomes strong as you sense that some spiritual qualities will be transmitted to you.

You pause a moment and then you and your partner eat. Even though you expected the taste to be good you find a new meaning to the word taste as you savor the experience. The fruit is simply delightsome. Eating it is such a wonderful experience that you would think you would be addicted and want to stay all day and eat, but just one piece of the fruit seems to satisfy completely and after you eat and are satisfied you sense the qualities of your particular fruit being transmitted to you and your partner.

After you are satisfied you look around and see twelve trees in a circle bearing twelve different fruits and you notice that the other eleven couples have also eaten of their fruit and you sense their joy because of it.

Now you realize that each of the twelve fruits will have a different taste and effect and that you are free to exchange fruit with others. You and your partner both pick a piece of fruit from your tree and seek another to make a trade. You find another couple and make an exchange and sit down and eat together fully aware of the zodiacal sign represented. As you eat this new fruit you find it equally delicious, but different and wonderful. You can eat a third fruit if you wish, but I would not recommend more than three per visit and often just one will suffice.

Now, all couples look toward the center at one moment as a cloud of light forms on the top of the gentle hill. As you adjust to the light you see the image of a Master who represents the voice if God. Before your eyes, he divides in two and now you see a male and female Master drawing forth the energies just as you did and a most beautiful tree begins to grow. It only takes a moment or two and the tree grows to maturity and then buds forth fruit that grows into something with a rounded shape like large grapefruits, but a smooth surface like and apple and brilliantly white and glowing.

Assignment: Within yourself you know that this fruit is the most desirable of all fruits and you contemplate the purpose, taste and effect of it as you are made aware that you will soon taste of it.

Affirmation: “The delights in the house of God are without limit.”


Day 154

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Using the Meditation

Resume where we left off by seeing yourself under your tree watching the dual Masters under the central tree. All the group walk toward the center and gather around the central tree.

One of the Masters speaks: “All who reside on the physical earth lack perfect balance and need healed in some way. Come. Each of you take one leaf from this Tree of Life and eat.”

You proceed toward the tree with wonderment as do the others and pick a single leaf from the tree and eat. First you take a nibble and from this you feel something like a warm electrical charge going through your being. Now you eat the whole thing and you feel almost reborn as if you are standing in the center of the Sun receiving life energy and blissfully loving every instant until you are completely recharged. You sense when you have received just the right amount of energy and you look toward the Masters again.

One speaks: “Now you have abundance of energy which is released to the group so perfect balance and healing is obtained. Come forward to the center one at a time.”

A disciple goes to the center and assumes the lotus position and all of us, including the Masters, touch her with our right hands.

Again the Master speaks:

“Let the life of God flow forth in abundance.”

All of us feel energy going through (not from) us balancing her energies. Now the student gets up and it is obvious that she not only feels healed, but ready to take on anything.

Now we repeat this same process with the rest of the group. After all the group has gone through this healing, including yourself, see the group doing a similar healing with anyone else you desire to help. This may be a friend or relative who is not aware of this meditation. See this person materializing in the center and then all the group touching him or her and sensing the healing energy being transmitted.

This can create miracles for those who are ready. Your friend should feel a difference.

Affirmation: “As I am healed I heal others.”


Day 155

The New Jerusalem Meditation

A Most Excellent Fruit

You look at the Master’s tree in the center on the gentle hill and you wonder about it. The fruit you have eaten so far is wonderful yet you sense there is more, that this tree in the center is somehow a special tree. You are curious about how the fruit of the tree in the center could be more potent that what you have experienced thus far.

The two Masters unite again as one beautiful entity and speaks the answer you desire as if he/she were reading your mind.

“My friends. The twelve trees you have manifested with the twelve different fruits represents the twelve highest qualities and tastes that you can manifest and take back to physical consciousness. These fruits represent the highest in the worlds of form, or the physical, the emotional and the plane of the mind.

“This fruit in the center represents the synthesis of your twelve fruits, but the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and through the synthesis of twelve a new ingredient is created that penetrates higher than the mind to the kingdom of God. Partaking of this fruit brings you to the pure Love of God.

“Here you can freely partake of this fruit which fills you with the love of God and links within you heaven and earth. After you eat and return you will develop dual consciousness. At first you will not be able to take back to earth a complete consciousness of the Love of God, but as you put attention on remembering, the Love will grow within you on earth as it is in heaven.

“Come forward and eat.”

A brave soul steps forward and the Master picks a piece of fruit and hands it to him (or her). He sits down in front of the Master and eats. As he eats he looks very pleased and angelic. His body is turning a translucent glowing white with traces of gold and violet emanations.

Others come forward and sit down and eat until you sense it is your turn. You step forward and the Master picks your fruit and hands it to you. Just the feel of it in your hands seems to fill you with light. Then you begin to eat and as you do you realize that this fruit has the most exquisite taste of any fruit there is and you realize the truth of the Song which speaks of the “consciousness of Christ lifted up in you in this Love…” There is indeed a “lifting up” feeling and you realize that the pure love of God is more pure and intense than anything you have felt before. It is so intense that you sense that you will return with the memory that you experienced an intense love but will be unable while in regular consciousness to recall the full intensity.

As you finish the fruit you come to as full realization that this one fruit is a full synthesis of all twelve fruits and you consider the possibility that you will partake of it each time you come.

Then the Master speaks again.

“You will eat of the fruit of this tree only when it is granted to you by me or one appointed by me. Because you are still of the earth it is wisdom to divide your attention on the various twelve aspects as needed. So unless this most desirable fruit is given to you, you are to eat of one or more of the twelve fruits of which you are most in need.”

This thought seems to satisfy your soul for you feel the effect of this fruit will stay with you for some time to come.

You eat the rest of your fruit and after all of you are finished the Master sets the group around him in a circle in preparation for further instruction.

Assignment: Prepare your mind and heart for further instruction.

Affirmation: “There is no limit to the joys of heaven.”


Day 156

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Not of the World

You see yourself in the group gathered in a circle around the Master. You listen as he speaks:

“It has been said that disciple should be in the world but not of the world. This is very difficult for the seeker during mortality as the human mind is inclined to place attention on one thing at a time. This problem is illustrated in the injunction that one cannot serve God and Mammon, or Spirit and material desires.

“However, the disciple must be in the world enough to take care of basic needs for himself and loved ones. This causes even the dedicated seekers to often set aside spiritual consciousness for a material one. Many disciples find themselves shifting back and forth between the two types of consciousness. After a time is spent in the material consciousness the person often finds it difficult to switch back to the high point of his previous spiritual consciousness. Then by the time he gets there the call of physical needs seems to dominate again

“Many disciples become frustrated with this shifting of consciousness because of material needs. Some wish that they could live as a monk so they would not be distracted, others wish they could win the lottery so they could have enough for their material needs so they wouldn’t have to worry about money.

“Most disciples will not have either option available and will need to maintain some focus in the world.

“There are three things you can do to stay in the Spirit and not be of the world.

“An essential first step is to dedicate your life to seeking higher spiritual consciousness and to do all in your power to stay in that high state

“The second thing that you who are with me can do is to remember your state of mind when you ate this fruit. An experience can be recalled and relived and can be just as real as the actual happening. It helps to have a trigger to take you back to the correct moment. Here is what you can do to bring you back to this consciousness where you ate the fruit. As you begin your day and eat your first bite of food, pause before you consume it and imagine that the food is of the same substance as the living fruit you have just eaten. Then as you take the bite imagine that you are eating the spiritual fruit and see yourself feeling the spiritual life circulating throughout your body, mind and soul. If you are successful your mind can make that which you imagine real to you.

“If you do this for seven days you will feel an increase in spiritual consciousness. Then after 40 days another heightened advance will occur.”

(To be continued)

Affirmation: “My body is in this world, but my heart belongs to another.”


Day 157

Becoming the Observer

The Master continues:

“The third thing you can do to not be of the world is to practice being the observer instead of the participator. You are an observer, for instance, when you watch a movie or a play. The hero may be in a very disturbing situation, or may even be tortured. When this occurs you may feel some empathy, but you do not participate in his pain.

“Even so, your life is somewhat like a play, but not exactly. In your life you can choose to either be the observer or the one who fully participates. This is a valuable ability that many do not understand or appreciate. This power you possess gives you the ability to be the observer during difficult or painful times yet to fully participate during positive times.

“To understand just imagine that you were watching a movie and during a painful period you were just a regular observer being entertained and not feeling the distress. Then when the hero wins the girl over in the end it would be as if you jump into his body (or the girl’s) and experience the full feeling of how wonderful the experience would be.

“You can use this ability to be in the world, but not of the world. When you find yourself having to do necessary jobs to make money and take care of material needs you should then practice going into the observer mode. When you are then in this mode you can be in the world but not of the world, just as the watcher of a movie is involved with the film but realizes he is not in it and is not controlled by it.

“You step back and see yourself doing the necessary physical work, but the one who steps back is the observer who is not controlled by the pull of the material world. The observer stays in the spirit, so there is no divisive conflict of spirit and matter.

“Then when you are in a situation where you can place attention on spiritual matters you can cease being the observer and switch to the mode of being the full participant. In the participant mode you can enjoy all the fruits of the Spirit and allow yourself to feel the experience in its fullness.”

Assignment: Begin the endeavor to make it a habit to see yourself as the observer when you have to be involved in work that pulls your mind away from Spirit and then as a full participant when the material world does not demand your attention. It will take some time and effort to perfect this process, but the time to begin is now.

Affirmation: “I have power to decide to be or not to be.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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