2006 Gathering, Part 13

2010-4-6 04:01:00


Then he [John Titor] explains, and this is in the year 2000 mind you, just before the election where Bush and Gore hung in the balance for months. He said that a civil war would develop in the US beginning in 2005 between the Republicans and Democrats and when I heard that, (I first heard all this is 2002.) I thought this is quite fascinating because the Republicans and Democrats are going at each other like crazy. The election in 2000 almost did produce a civil war, and I was thinking that if we had another election like the one in 2000 we could have a civil war on our hands. Let's say that the Republicans just barely beat the Democrats again. Well, the Democrats would be so mad they would be rioting in the streets and vice a versa. I was really nervous about the 2004 election because when he first gave the prediction there was just normal discontent that we always see. But it really amplified after 2000 after he made this prediction. He said the civil war would last from 2005 until World War III [Three], which I believe he said, was 2015.

Anyway I found this quite fascinating, and I was really nervous because the guy sounded so believable. I was quite nervous about an election repeat in 2004 and I said please God don't let us have another election like 2000. Let somebody win where it is not in dispute. If it is in dispute then this guy could be correct. There was some dispute but not much and the Democrats and Republicans are still mad as the dickens at other and here it is 2006 and no civil war. So the prediction did not come true but it came pretty close to being true, true enough to make you a little nervous.

Audience:  "He was not looking at it as prediction; he was looking at it as past history."

JJ:  So he said some other interesting things about time. He said you can only travel so far back in time because time is a molding, formulating thing, and if you were to travel clear back to the days of Christ that you probably would not even meet Christ because he probably wouldn't even be there, and history would be entirely different. He said the farther you travel back the more changes occur. And if you traveled way back there and then travel back to the future that you would never get back to your real present which I found quite interesting. So his explanation of it coming to pass would be that maybe our time line is a little bit different than his. Maybe in his time line, as he would probably explain it if he were here, there was another really close election and all hell broke loose.

Another possible explanation was that he was just tuned in to current events and saw that the Republicans and Democrats were at each other's throats and seemed like it was only going to get worse so he thought that predicting a civil war was almost a logical thing to happen. He claimed that World War III [three] began with Russia. The president that was in power after 2008 really irritated the dickens out of Russia and relations completely soured and we had a nuclear war which stopped our civil war. We won the nuclear war but 3 billion people were killed, wiped out -- most of Europe, many in Russia, about half the people in our country, a lot of China.

After the war and after that it was mostly clean up and we actually had good relations with Russia after the war. He said the war actually defeated his opposing side in the civil war because he said most of them were in the cities and the cities were destroyed. So actually World War III helped his side win the civil war. After this they rebuilt and the most difficult thing was getting clean water because a lot of the water was contaminated and water was a real premium. He gave some clues and said you need to be prepared for the future. He said you should ride a bike regularly and have spare tires on it so you will have power to pedal away when you have to. He said to have several friends that you know you can trust that you can stay with, in case somebody happens to be looking for you. He said to have a supply of food, and be in good physical shape because the people who are not in good physical shape would not make it after the civil war and World War III started.

He said the government and the president they have in 2036 was much more like it was in the past where people returned to the farm and he said what created a lot of problems for the future was our present feeding animal flesh to animals. I think he has a point whether he is from the future or not. I did not realize they did that a lot until just a couple years ago. I did not know that they were turning these poor animals into cannibals. They were feeding cows, chickens, their own kind, re circulating the dead animals by feeding them to other animals. If I had known that I would not have touched their meat to begin with. This has created many problems in people's systems that won't show up for many years to come and so they have stringent rules in the future against this so they only feed animals from vegetables.

Cows and chickens are not meant to eat other animals, so his advice feels right to me. You have to pay a little bit more money for good meat but it is probably worth it in the long run. So anyway, I was analyzing this and after the 2004 elections passed I was somewhat relieved that he was not correct on this as he seemed to make more credible predictions than other prognosticators. Some scientists did admit that the 5100 had a unique coding in it and the only way he could have known that is if he had some inside track to IBM.

It is interesting that one of these 5100 computers sold on e-bay during a "Coast-to-Coast" [talk radio] show when they were talking about John Titor, for a really high amount of money. The host was covering the sale on "eBay" as the show was broadcasting. If John Titor has done nothing else he has made the 5100 a collector's item, so maybe that changes the future where he won't have to go back and get it!

My personal belief is that you cannot physically go to the past or the future. You can go there I believe in the spirit in the formless worlds but I don't believe we can build a time machine and go back. For one thing, what makes this a logical belief is this: If in the future, let's say in 2030 they invent a time machine and they can go back. By 2050 how many time machines will there be? A lot of them. By the year 3000 how many of them are there going to be? A zillion of them! And if many people had one then it would stand to reason that there would be quite a few time travelers among us right now. Say in the year 3000 there were 20 billion people on the planet and they had a time machine in their garage how often would we be visited? It would be so often that it would be impossible to keep it a secret. We see these movies and TV shows where they do not let the people know they are here but it would be almost impossible for it to be kept secret. In this group here there would be probably be a few time travelers if time travel was popular in the future. Using this one piece of logic it pretty much rules out physical time travel.

Audience:  "Star Gate (The TV series) dealt with that problem, but the writers wrote the show so that they caught it quick enough to destroy the technology so that no one would get their hands on it."

JJ:  Yes it would be pretty dangerous to have time travel to where you could change the past. All you have to do is go back and target Winston Churchill so that he could not defeat Hitler, and the Hitler could win the war. Winston Churchill was my big hero because I think of all the people, he was the main instrument in defeating Hitler during World War II [Two].

So this one piece of logic tells us that actual physical time travel does not really happen. Here is what I believe about time: I believe that past is set. It is there like a picture that has been painted. The future is like a picture that is in your mind that has not been painted yet. And as you are painting a new picture you can change things as you paint, move a tree here or there, but you have a vision of how the picture is going to end up. We can have a vision of how the future is going to end up in between here and there.

There are certain points in the future that are pretty much set because of two things, the first is what is called the "Law of Cycles." The law of cycles tells that history repeats itself. We have all heard that, right? Those who refuse to study history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. So history repeats itself and we keep having cycles. There are many similarities but there is always something that is a little different in each cycle.

In some ways the United States is like the Roman Empire but we are not exactly like them but there similarities and some things that are different in this cycle. In the writings of Alice A. Bailey, she says that the United States and the Roman Empire were reincarnations of ancient Atlantis and that ancient Atlantis made the excesses of the Roman Empire look like milk toast. They had excesses beyond anything that we could imagine from our known history. In the Roman Empire a guy would take his whole life savings to throw one grand party and that was what he was known by.

They would do stuff like take a pearl that was worth a million dollars and dissolve it in wine and then drink it. Drinking expensive wine was not enough. They had put to an expensive pearl in there or something very extravagant. They would go crazy with their excesses but Djwhal Khul said that in ancient Atlantis it was even worse. So I believe that past is set and the future is forming, but we can go into deep meditation in the formless worlds and perceive the past, present and future as one entity. What the Life of God does is to incarnate into the past, present, future and time and space. Just like you incarnate in your physical body, all that exists is the physical body of God so to speak. And He incarnates into it.

Now just like you can be away from your body or in your body we can be away from time-space or be incarnated in time-space. If we are away from time-space then we can look at time-space. When we are away and looking at it we can see the past, present and future as a whole -- or the Eternal Now. When we look at the future we see it in formation as it is but we cannot influence or do anything about it because we are not incarnated in it. Then when you incarnate into this body called the past present and future, which constitutes the whole universe, then you are stuck in a time frame. We are incarnated in 2006 and we can't move into the past and change it. We can't move into the future and read tomorrow's newspaper because we are stuck right here in our reality.

Audience:  "But you can get back out."

JJ:  Right, you can get back out, but when you are out you cannot change anything. All you can do is see the whole or the eternal now. But then when you incarnate you are limited.

Audience:  "Can you get back in after you have gotten out?"

JJ:  It may be possible but you would have no specific knowledge of the future. You would have maybe general knowledge governing the law of cycles but the future would be forming to you if you went back into the past. Now whether that is possible is debatable and there is much philosophical argument about this but when you are incarnated here you do not move into the far future or the past, we are just here. A lot of the things we may pick up about the future or the past may be things that we have received from the Eternal Now perspective. Even from the point of the eternal now, if you were to look into the future it would like a kaleidoscope where things just seem to be forming. You could only see so far into it because the future is just forming but there are certain decisions that the Higher Lives have made that are set.

For instance this Earth and the universe has a beginning and an end. Man will evolve and have different types of powers and abilities that we do not have now and this is set. But in between the set things there are many things that are 100 percent predicated on our free will. The Higher Lives know that certain things are going to happen because They know that there is a dominating good and intelligence will prevail. They know that if we have a choice between curing cancer and just letting cancer stay as it is, then we are going to cure cancer. That means because we are intelligent beings that sooner or later we are going to figure out what causes it and sooner or later we are going to have a cure. So that is predictable that will happen. How long it will be before it happens is up to our free will.

Audience:  "Do the Higher Lives know more about our evolution based on the fact that we will become more like them or something else?"

JJ:  Last night we talked about Solar Angels and They know that we will become like them because They went through what we are going through. The interesting thing about each new cycle is that each new cycle is not an exact repeat of the past and this is where a lot of people get it wrong. They say that the Higher Lives or the Masters have said we follow the exact path that they do and then we become exactly like them. It does not quite work that way. We follow a similar path to what our Solar Angel followed but the universe has been changed slightly since He and/or She went through Its evolution. So our evolution is slightly different and slightly more advanced. When we become solar angels we will have a little bit of an edge on what our Solar Angel is now. But by the time we are there our Solar Angel will be far ahead of us.

I will tell you a story that happened when I was on my mission. I received a really negative feeling on these two gals, one of which I baptized, who were both named Sylvia, in Scarborough, England. These two gave me a real hard time about a lot of things and they had some really strange ideas. One night as my companion and I were in our room and about to go to sleep I received this feeling that they were up to something and that I should stop them. I thought, "Well, this is crazy and if I told my companion this he would think I was out of my mind." It looked like he had just dozed off to sleep and I thought I would take care of it in the morning. The next morning as soon as we got up we headed over to one of the Sylvia's house. The one Sylvia had spent the night with the other Sylvia. We knocked on their door. I often would get premonitions of things and as soon as they answered the door the one said to me, "Well Elder Dewey, did you get a funny feeling last night; did you get one of your feelings that you get about things?

I said, well as a matter of fact I did. I said what have you guys been up to? And they started crying and said we did something horrible and we do not think we can be forgiven. I really, what did you do? She said, "We had a little bit to drink and we were partying and there was a Bible and Book of Mormon next to the fireplace and we just went crazy and we tore them up and burned them. Do you think God will forgive us?" I said, "Well, that is kind of a crazy thing to do, I suppose he will."

I did not listen to the warning, and after that I promised myself that I would heed all warnings no matter what time of day it was. And it is funny after these gals burned the scripture, one of them started to have a visitation from this being appearing at the foot of her bed. Then a couple days later two beings entered her Mother's room and tried to suffocate her. She thought it was me trying to suffocate her even though I was somewhere else.

She said the being looked like me and that I was trying to strangle her. She had some of the weirdest stuff happen to her after they burned those scriptures. It really did something to the inner psyche.

A couple weeks later my companion and I dozed off to sleep and then I woke up at 3 am with a taste of aspirin in my mouth. It tasted like my tongue was made of pure aspirin and I have never tasted the taste of aspirin so strong in my life. I woke up with the most alarming feeling and I thought to myself, "What does this mean? Does this mean that someone is going to commit suicide from an overdose of aspirin?" I thought that it is what it has got to mean. And who else would it be but most likely one of the silly Sylvia's.

So I thought, here it is 3 [o'clock] am [in the morning] and there are no buses around because the buses did not start until 6 am and we would have to ride our bikes out there. I said to myself that my companion is going to think I am stark raving mad if I tell him we have to go out at 3 am and pedal our bikes a couple miles out of town. So I thought for a minute that maybe it would go away and as I was contemplating what to do the feeling got stronger. I had made a promise to God that I would heed any future warnings and so I figured I had better act.

So I woke up my companion and thank goodness he decided to go along with me. He was a little skeptical but he had seen several things I had told come true so he was fairly convinced that something was amiss with one of the Sylvia's. So we pedaled our bikes out to Sylvia's house and got out there about 4 am and pounded on her door. It was tough because the older Sylvia was married and the younger one was single, and I was knocking on the older one's door. Anyway, we pounded on her door and pretty soon the light came on and she came down stairs. Her husband was shouting upstairs, "Sylvia, what the hell is going on down there?" He was a non member of the church and he did not like us that much anyway.

She said back to him, "Nothing honey, nothing." She looked a little nervous and said come on in. She said "What is it you want? I said, "Well, were you thinking of committing suicide by taking an overdose of aspirin?"

She said, "No, you have had some feelings in the past that have been really accurate but you are wrong on this one." I said, "Really, are you sure? Well somebody is thinking about it and maybe I tuned into the wrong person." So we went next door to some friends that we associated with a lot and knocked on their door and had some hot chocolate together. We told them about the experience and they made fun of me for the rest of the time I was there about my funny premonitions. They would say "Well Elder Dewey, did you have a funny feeling today?"

Anyway, we sat down and tried to figure out it might be, so I went down the list. There was another couple I thought might be it, because I knew they were having some problems and it was on the other side of town, so we got our bikes and pedaled over there and got there about 6 am and knocked their door. Now she was actually a missionary who had married an English guy, and they were not going to answer but when she saw it was missionaries, she knew that they would never knock on a door at 6 am unless it was very important. Her husband did not like Mormons and did not want her to answer. But she answered the door and we asked her the same question and she said, "No, we have our problems but I am not thinking of committing suicide."

So, for the rest of the day we thought about who it could be and then, later in the afternoon, I began wonder if this was real or not. Then finally I really started to contemplate and the vibration came that it was the original Sylvia. I could not get it out of my mind that it was her. Finally, I concluded that it was her. So we went back later in the afternoon and knocked on her door again and asked if we could talk to her for a minute. She said yes and sat on the couch.

I looked at her and I said, "The spirit of God has told me that you are the one and it was you that was thinking of committing of suicide by taking an overdose of aspirin." She looked at me and she started to cry and said, "Yes, it was me, and what happened was that I committed adultery last night. I was unfaithful to my husband, I went to this bar and I had an affair and I came home and I was really depressed and I was going to take my life and just as I was thinking about it, you knocked on the door. When I opened the door I thought 'Oh no, he knows.'" Then she said that after we left she decided not to do it.

Audience:  "That woman was messed up."

JJ:  And so the powers that be knew that a suicide was in the making and those powers used us to stop it. It did not have to happen.

Audience:  "In contrast to what happened to you, I was given prior knowledge one time with a young boy that was in a boy scout class that I was teaching and I thought he is going to make a good LDS missionary some day and the spirit told me that he was never going to make it. He is not going to be an LDS missionary. Then when I was kind of reeling from that, the spirit told me that he was going to die with his father. 3 months later they were killed in a car accident and I always felt guilty that I did not tell them. So the next time it happened that I knew somebody was going to die in a car accident that I would save who ever it was by informing that person or person's of what the spirit had told me. The next time, because I knew I was being told this for a reason. So I told this sixteen year old; girl when you turn left to go into your driveway, which was off a busy highway, somebody is going to try and pass another car and they are going to hit you when you are turning left so be very careful every time you turn left to look back and make sure nobody is passing. That is exactly how she died because she did not follow my instructions. So, what I am saying is this; what good did it do in either case to know ahead of time what may happen because it made absolutely no difference."

JJ:  Well, maybe you are just very sensitive because sometimes people choose to die. After John F. Kennedy Jr. died I got a very strong impression of him. Does anyone know why he died? He died because his father, John F. Kennedy the president, was getting ready to incarnate again and wanted to have him as a son. That was the strong impression I got, and that is why his son died because his father wanted him to be his child again. And it was another reason why Bobby Kennedy died as well because they were very close.

Now, John Kennedy was not that close to Edward Kennedy and Edward Kennedy was a much different vibration from Robert and John Kennedy. So Edward was not really with the inner group, but the inner group will incarnate together again and who knows maybe he will be president again or do something else. I have an interesting web page where I show solid proof through handwriting analysis that JFK in a previous life was in fact Madame Blavatsky.