2006 Gathering, Part 14

2010-4-9 04:33:00

Audience:  "Is handwriting something that we hold on to from life to life?"

JJ:  To a degree, it is not exact from life to life because of cultural differences among other things, but I have found just a couple times where I have been able to prove it through handwriting analysis. I remember I looked for Madame Blavatsky's writing for years and then someone sent me a sample and I looked at it. For those of you who do not know, I have studied handwriting for many years, and I looked at this sample of Madame Blavatsky's handwriting and I thought to myself, this looks familiar. Where have I seen this before. Then it dawned on me; I said, I think that is John Kennedy's handwriting. Then I dug up samples of his handwriting and put them side by side and it is amazing how many things are the same in those two handwritings. If you look at their faces side by side, John Kennedy makes a really unattractive woman, but he makes a really handsome guy.

Audience: Laughter.

JJ:  Madame Blavatsky was not a very good looking woman, very masculine looking, but you look at her face and it looks a lot like John Kennedy, there are a lot of similarities. I have a whole write up of comparing the handwritings and you can see for yourself the similar quirks in there that are close enough that leads a lot of credibility to it. If they we not the same entity then they must have the same oversoul or something.

Audience:  "In one of the books of "The Immortal" a future incarnation of Elizabeth goes back to your point in the plot and she cannot tell you facts regarding the future but she retains the knowledge of the spiritual principles because they are from the formless worlds. Can this be physically possible as you wrote in "The Immortal" even though you wrote it as fiction?

JJ:  There is another story I can tell you, I met a time traveler on the spiritual level, and he had a lot of credibility, and it really made me think a lot about this. Okay Shirley you want to sit up here in the front. She was really good about this last time.

Audience:  "Did you listen to yourself later?"

Shirley:  "Yes."

JJ:  What did you think about your last visit to the future?

Shirley:  "I was surprised. I do not know how I missed that because it something I would have never known about. I talked about farming and I do not know the first thing about farming. And then about the government, I thought that was really fascinating. It not a thing that I ever would have thought of; the way they chose their government and how it was run."

JJ:  Yes, it was very interesting and several people had questions that they wanted to ask you afterwards. Okay Shirley, close your eyes and get relaxed, relax your entire body, first feel your legs completely relaxing, completely at peace, both arms are completely relaxing, completely at peace and all the muscles in your face are completely relaxing, all the muscles in your neck, your tummy, all of your torso, your whole body is relaxing and you feel like you are a spa just floating away very peaceful, very relaxed, very comfortable, very peaceful, very peaceful, very relaxed, very relaxed, visualize yourself before a stairway, we are going to climb this stairway and it is going to take you into the future. You are going to go back to where you were before on the tenth step. You take the first step, the second, third going into the future, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, nine, ten, you are back in the future where you were the last time we did this. Tell me what you see.

Shirley:  "I am back on the campus."

JJ:  What is the campus?

Shirley:  "There is a group of lovely buildings, it is in a mountainous area, lot's of beautiful flowers, there are beautiful trees, lot's of beautiful butterflies and insects, there are people laying on the lawn talking to each other sitting on benches talking to each other and walking around these buildings."

JJ:  What do you do for a living? What is your occupation?

Shirley:  "I work with babies."

JJ:  And what do you do for the babies?

Shirley:  "There is a group of us that work directly with babies until they are about a year up to two years old and every baby has a chance to spend some time with one of us and we are all over the world. We nurture the babies and we do something for them that all parents do not have the opportunity or the ability to do. They learn love, and take in the vibrations of love directly from us and they also do the same thing with their parents but some parents are not able to directly affect the children as we are. We are trained to do this."

JJ:  So you help the parents?

Shirley:  "Yes."

JJ:  Do parents receiving any training to be parents in this age? Or is this pretty much the way it has always been?

Shirley:  "Mmmm...No. The difference starts in infancy so by the time people are parents they do not really need training."

JJ:  Is the world like one government or is a number of governments, how does that work?

Shirley:  "Each area has it's own government or municipality but basically it is all under one government over one big umbrella."

JJ:  Is it like one main government with many governments or lesser governments?

Shirley:  "Yea, it is like one main government with lesser governments. Each area has it's own board of directors, to direct that area or that country. And then it is like every area has a person that represents them in the overall and people are trained to do this."

JJ:  Approximately what year is this?

Shirley:  "About 3000 something."

JJ:  Do they still figure time from the time of Christ?

Shirley:  "Yes, that never did change."

JJ:  Mmmm...okay. Is there any record of the second coming of The Christ?

Shirley:  "No."

JJ:  Or somebody like, him?

Shirley:  "No."

JJ:  Mmmm...okay was there any significant prophets or teachers?

Shirley:  "Yes, there was more than one but there was a huge movement that took over the earth and it took about a thousand years for all areas to really receive this and it was called a Christ consciousness movement there were several people that were big movers and shakers and there is now lots of people that are big movers and shakers with this but it changed the mindset of most people on earth."

JJ:  Okay when did this movement start, this Christ consciousness movement?

Shirley:  "It started at the end of the 1900's."

JJ:  1900's?

Shirley:  "Actually I think it started in the beginning of the 1900's."

JJ:  And um, that was when the general term of the; The Christ Consciousness began?

Shirley:  "I do not know when the term; The Christ Consciousness began but that is what it is. But the Roman Catholic Church really dictated most of religion in one way or another up until then and it got to the point where people out grew that type of thinking and the church itself got a lot of corruption and a lot of problems. The Christ Consciousness overtook the world. Prophets were sent to the earth and they still are being sent to the earth to maintain it."

JJ:  What was the most significant spiritual movement in the 21st century?

Shirley:  "It would be the Christ Consciousness movement, they called it new age, but I don't think there is anything new about it."

JJ:  But it really began the century before and matured in the 21st century. Is that the way it is?

Shirley:  "Yes and by the end of the 21st century, it was well into the people, into humanity."

JJ:  Did we ever build cities upon the sea?

Shirley:  "Well, yes and we still do."

JJ:  When did this begin?

Shirley:  "I think it started when they were having sort of artificial fuel, being pumped out of the sea and they made big cities that pumped this stuff out and then it kind of grew from there."

JJ:  The cities on the sea made artificial fuel?

Shirley:  "Well they pumped it out of the sea and no one uses that stuff anymore."

JJ:  What it like oil or something similar, methane?

Shirley:  "That's what it was oil."

JJ:  Okay you don't use oil anymore? Is it kind of disgusting in the future or what?

Shirley:  "No, you just don't need to use it besides it really polluted the earth."

JJ:  What did you use for power?

Shirley:  "I am not much on science, but a lot of what we do is engineered from light sources and different types of light. Different types of light produce different types of energy. And also from magnetism, so magnetic and light sources are all we use."

JJ:  When did they stop using oil?

Shirley:  "Oh, gee, hundreds of years ago so it was probably somewhere between the 23rd and 25th century. Somewhere during the year 2500 and 2700 they stopped using oil."

JJ:  They used it for quite a while then.

Shirley:  "Yes."

JJ:  You are familiar with World War Two right?

Shirley:  "Yeah."

JJ:  Was there ever another big war, like an atomic war?

Shirley:  "No, there were a lot of skirmishes, many countries fighting against and a lot of threats but there was never another world war."

JJ:  Did Iraq ever become a stable democracy?

Shirley:  "Eventually, but it was one of the last ones, Africa in it's entirety became stable before Iraq did."

JJ:  Really?

Shirley:  "Yes."

JJ:  And how about Israel, does it still exist?

Shirley:  "Oh yeah."

JJ:  The enemies of Israel never succeeded in destroying it?

Shirley:  "No, they built their temple."

JJ:  Do you have any idea what year that was?

Shirley:  "No because I am clear across the world from that."

JJ:  Does the temple still exist?

Shirley:  "Oh yeah."

JJ:  Did they ever have their Messiah come? Or someone they thought was the Messiah?

Shirley:  "You know, I don't know much about the Israelites. We had so many different and wonderful prophets, they probably did."

JJ:  Okay, now I am going to leave questions open to the audience and I want you to stay in the place where you are right now and we are going to take questions from the audience.

Audience:  "What were some of the names of the prophets?"

JJ:  Can you remember any of the names of the prophets or wise men or teachers that influenced the world?

Shirley:  "I am trying to think ones from history, Edgar Casey was one of the first great prophets."

JJ:  Okay, can you think of any after the year 2000?

Shirley:  "After the year 2000 prophets multiplied on the earth so there were a lot of them."

JJ:  Were they still persecuted like in the past or were they accepted?

Shirley:  "No, they gradually got more accepted. By the year 2000 there was a lot more acceptance. The world was ready for a change I think at that time."

JJ:  Any other questions?

Audience:  "Do you still use computers?"

Shirley:  "No, I don't think so."

JJ:  What do you use? Do you have anything like the Internet or is it called the Internet anymore?

Shirley:  "No."

JJ:  How do you communicate with someone in another country?

Shirley:  "Oh, that is almost a direct communication, we just sit down and concentrate on that person and we can communicate."

JJ:  Is this an ability that you learn or is it done with machines or implants?

Shirley:  "That's an ability that we are born with and nurtured with and that is part of the nurturing process that I do with babies, it opens up all of these abilities that were closed down for thousands of years."

JJ:  So, in other words, the human ability has replaced a lot of the things you did with machinery?

Shirley:  "Yes, at least as far as communication is concerned."

Audience:  "What is that process that you do to get these babies to come to the place where they can communicate with their minds?"

Shirley:  "We know how to create a certain type of vibration and we hold the babies and we put our hands on their heads and then we put our hands all around their little brains and their spinal cords and let these vibrations flow and then we go through their major traveling centers which are all up the front of them that go through the back and we energize these centers, I think they called chakras or were called chakras."

JJ:  Okay, how do you energize the chakras?

Shirley:  "With your hands."

JJ:  So you let the energy flow through your hands?

Shirley:  "Yes."

JJ:  Does that energy come from your third eye or from somewhere else?

Shirley:  "It is universal energy that we are able to tap into and use or we can use it as a conduit."

JJ:  How do you tap into it?

Shirley:  "Gee, I just sit down and get quiet and think about it and have the baby with me that I want to take care of and it just happens."

JJ:  What do you use for transportation, are their cars, do you fly or something else? Say if you want to go a hundred miles away, how do you get there?

Shirley:  "It depends if we want to go over land or sea, on the ocean we travel in ships and boats and that is really a luxury and a fun thing to do. We have things that go in the sky and they run on magnetism and energy from light. With our ground vehicles though, they are more bodily run, like bicycles and that kind of thing."

JJ:  So if you wanted to go from New York to London, how long would it take or is there even a New York and London?

Shirley:  "Yes there is New York and London; gee I do not know I have never gone that far. I would imagine it would take a couple of hours."

JJ:  Has there been any change in the continents, has there been any sinking or rising up of land in the past thousand or so years?

Shirley:  "There have been a lot of catastrophic events. Much change has occurred and I am more familiar with the changes where I live."

JJ:  What part of the country do you live in?

Shirley:  "I live in the western part of North America."

JJ:  Okay is the state of Washington still there?

Shirley:  "No."

JJ:  Okay, where does the ocean meet the land? If you were to tell someone from the year 2000 where the shoreline was at now, where would you say that it is?

Shirley:  "I live in a town called Boise and it is in the mountains and it is not very far from the seashore. It is a really lovely vacation area and that is what people use it for."

JJ:  Boise is a vacation area and it has a seashore?

Shirley:  "It is not very far from the sea."

JJ:  Has the climate changed in Boise at all? Is warmer, colder, does it snow or is it tropical climate?

Shirley:  "It is not tropical, and yes it snows where I am at in the mountains."

JJ:  Is Boise more mountainous then when it was in earlier times?

Shirley:  "It is different because there have been volcanic eruptions and some are taller and some mountains have been blown apart."

JJ:  What is another major city that is close by? Is Salt Lake still there?

Shirley:  "Yes and parts of Portland are still there and most of California is not there."

JJ:  Is Los Angeles still there?

Shirley:  "Yes."

JJ:  San Francisco?

Shirley:  "No."

JJ:  Any other questions?

Audience:  "Regarding the temple in Jerusalem, what kind of ceremony; is being done there and are there any more sacrifice there?"

Shirley:  "No."

JJ:  No animal sacrifice. What do they do in that temple, do you know?

Shirley:  "It is one of the wonders of the world and from what I know it is one of the hubs or centers of the Israelite religion. So they do a lot of their conclaves and that sort of thing. Plus it has the rabbi's and staff all live around there."

JJ:  Are their Muslims still around?

Shirley:  "Yes that was a really big religion at one time and it still has pockets of that faith but it is no longer one of the big world religions."

JJ:  When did it begin to loose it's faithful?

Shirley:  "Before the year 3000."

Audience:  "I know you said that there was no specific messiah that came, did Jesus reincarnate after the year 2000 and did He come back as a leader of some kind?"

Shirley:  "If so he was not called by the name Jesus, we knew Him by another name."

JJ:  If you had to pick someone that might be Jesus, can you think of a teacher that might have been Him? Let's say He reincarnated but did not reveal His true self.

Shirley:  "From my time?"

JJ:  From the year 2000 up to your time or say the year 2000 up to the year 2200, was there a significant teacher that you thought was The Christ come again?

Shirley:  "Yes, there were several that people thought could have been The Christ. The thinking was, during that time there were a lot of books that were written and handed down from the Ascended Masters, much esoteric knowledge was released to mankind for the first time through many different people."

JJ:  Any particular one that had a real strong impact on spiritual growth or was it several and you couldn't name the specific one?

Shirley:  "The Ascended Master sent all this wonderful material down to really special people to begin with and each and everyone of them in their own right was a special person and a lot of what we read from the past has been condensed because much of it was maybe said a different way but it was also more material so we have a mixture of the best of everything that was sent down."

JJ:  So you study now what is like a readers digest version of many different teachings?

Shirley:  "Not too condensed."

JJ:  You probably do not have time read them all.

Shirley:  "No, there are large amounts of material to absorb."

JJ:  Do you still read like they always have by sitting down and reading a book page by page or; is there a faster and more efficient way to absorb knowledge?

Shirley:  "You can go to a library and read a book if one so chooses, and you can get audio books, and this is the only way that I have ever done this. There are other ways that can reach the brain so that one can have some knowledge, but you lack the enjoyment of reading because when you read, it almost like you are part of what you are reading. But the knowledge can be directly implanted in your brain, but for me personally I like the old fashioned way."

JJ:  So science actually has a way to implant knowledge in your brain?

Shirley:  "Yes, a limited way because the implanted does not have emotion and you can't use your judgment that you can get from reading, it is just implanted knowledge."

JJ:  It is kind of sterile?

Shirley:  "It is sterile and they usually just do it if you have a lot of technical information that one needs to know. I know a lot of that is put in that way."

JJ:  I see, that makes sense.

Audience:  "Are there hospitals?"

JJ:  How about people's health, do people get sick?

Shirley:  "Well yes but they do not stay sick for any length of time because we have really good cures and there are accidents, some bacterial infections that are easily controlled, there are not many people hospitalized unless they have had a really bad accident with severe bodily damage. If you are in a hospital then you are very, very sick."

JJ:  Are there any poor communities?

Shirley:  "No."

JJ:  Everyone has enough to eat?

Shirley:  "Oh my yes!"

Audience:  "What about mental health?"

JJ:  Does anyone suffer from depression?

Shirley:  "Rarely, we do have some very rare genetic mental disorders and usually treated and cured once they are identified. Everything is very well controlled. There used to be severe mental disorders where people would get lost in their own minds but that no longer exists."

JJ:  How about the racial component with the human race, are there still different colors or are more merged together?

Shirley:  "There is a small segment, pockets of color here and there but for the most part everyone is part of the melting pot."

JJ:  So many have merged and people do not define themselves by color?

Shirley:  "Right."

JJ:  What is the popular skin color?

Shirley:  "This depends on where you live, everyone tries to keep their skin as light as possible because of skin damage from the sun and really there is no way to avoid that, so keeping the skin light is the norm and that is one thing disrupts cellular structure in your body."

JJ:  Okay one more question.

Audience:  "I would like to know how far we have got with space travel and have we made any first contact with extraterrestrials?"

Shirley:  "We did travel to the edge of our Solar System and we have had some communication with extraterrestrials, in fact we have had quite a lot of communication with other celestial beings, but we still do not have the technology to travel great distances between galaxies through time and space. But some communication has occurred even though there is a time lapse. Because of the time lapse it is not very practical, but it is a good scientific effort that is going on right now and everyone is very interested in this."

JJ:  Have they found out what the people in the other solar systems look like? DO they look like us?

Shirley:  "Some do and some do not. Some are variations of what we look like."

JJ:  What is the strangest one that you have heard about?

Shirley:  "One species that I heard about looked somewhat like our hairy mammals with a lot of muscles and dexterous fingers that functioned much better than ours."

JJ:  Interesting, okay we are going to bring you back to the present, I am going to count to three and you will be in the present time at the gathering here in 2006, one, returning you to the present feeling very relaxed, comfortable and rested. Two, three you are completely back.

Shirley:  "Okay."