2006 Gathering, Part 10

2010-3-26 04:49:00


The interesting fact or conclusion that we come to is that everything is created by one line of energy which we call Purpose that is in vibration; and by the multiplication of this vibration everything that exists that seems to be solid that is here is not really solid. It is all created on the grand principle of illusion. In the east among the Hindu and Buddhist they say everything is created by illusion but they do not explain the principle behind this or how this can be. They do not explain that is because of the wavelength of the guitar string principle, but they understand that everything is based in illusion and have been taught this for many centuries. But they do not quite understand what creates the illusion. When you think of the simple example of the guitar string, you pluck it and you see three strings yet you know there is only one.

There is one basic or primary energy of God; but then there appears to be three, and then there appears to be seven, and then there appears to be a whole universe teaming with life which we call reflections of God. Everything that is in the universe was in the mind of God as it existed outside of time and space. Until that original guitar string was plucked there was no time and no space. There was only "undifferentiated substance" which is one of the words used in esoteric writings. What that is no one has been able to explain. I do not know if anyone on this planet could explain it for sure, we just know that it is the source of all things.

In the beginning the source which we call God reflected Himself outside of time. This is spoken of in the Bible, it says in the beginning God created man in His own image. The word image in the Hebrew (TSELEM) signifies a reflection or exact duplicate. In other words man was created as an exact duplicate of God.

It even gives hints in the Old Testament:  "Behold the man is to become as one of us." Then Jesus showed up and they criticized Him for claiming to be the Son of God, and then He says, "Well how come you are getting all bent out of shape because of Me talking about being a Son of God when it says in your own scriptures that 'Ye are gods?' And if it says ye are gods unto who the scripture came, then what is the big deal about being the Son of God? That is not nearly as big a deal as being a god itself."

What is interesting is that in the Bible where it talks about the people in the days of Moses, Jehovah told Moses that he was going to be a god to Aaron and to the people. Then Moses appointed judges, and the word "judges" is a mistranslation. In the Hebrew it says Moses appointed gods to oversee the people. The judges in Moses' day were called, Elohiym or Gods. Elohiym is the same word that is used for God in Hebrew. Elohiym created the heavens and the earth. Elohiym judged the people. Now what is also interesting is that it calls Abraham a mighty prince, but the word prince is another mistranslation -- it actually is "a mighty Elohiym" or "mighty god."

There is another interesting scripture that says, "Behold man is created a little lower than the angels." Here, angels, is again mistranslated; it comes from the word Elohiym. Man is created a little lower than the gods which is a totally different meaning. The same thing occurred with the word Christ. David who slew Goliath was called Christ. Many people were called Christ. Did, you know this? Samson was called a Christ because was supposed to save his people. The word "messiah" is equivalent to Christ. This is quite fascinating and covered quite a bit in my book "Gods of the Bible." All kinds of people are called gods, messiahs, and Christ in the Bible. Christ simply means "anointed one," and there are many "anointed ones" in the Old Testament. When they anointed King David with oil and made him king over Israel, he became Christed, or the messiah of that age.

Audience:  "Did King David ascend like the Christ did and go through that fulfillment?"

JJ:  No, because back in ancient Bible days becoming a Christ or messiah did not mean a God like the Christian religion thinks of it today. Messiah was simply one who delivered and led his people. Samson as bad as he was, was called a messiah because he was supposed to deliver Israel. But he screwed up and got involved with Delilah and got his hair cut off, lost his powers, and wound up a prisoner, and so on. So he did not fulfill his mission to deliver the people.

Audience:  "Would he then be an anti Christ?"

JJ:  I would say more of a failed Christ than an anti Christ. An anti Christ would be more like a person who believed he was right but was on the wrong side. Samson knew the correct path but failed to accomplish his mission. The anti Christ would be opposite the principles that the Christ stands for.

Getting back to motion -- you pluck the guitar string and appears to be not one but three strings, you see the trinity principle at work in the guitar string. If all the wavelengths were to be still so there was no motion what would happen? All form would cease to exist. We would be looking at Lorriane, and she would just disappear. Looking at Assaf would be a little bit different; he would disappear also but would be going out kicking and screaming.

Audience:  Laughter.

JJ:  All of us and everything around us would apparently be gone. But would it be gone? Let's suppose that we slowed all of Assaf's molecules down and he disappeared, would there be no more Assaf? He would still exist as a thought in the mind of God. He just would not be incarnated any more. Now what God did is he created this universe on the principle of illusion, and then he jumped into it, and because we are reflections and made in His image, we jump in with Him. So here we all are in this universe and we must figure out what to do with it.

This what many people do not realize. They think that every step is planned 100 percent of the way. What is planned and seen by the higher lives is a vision as to how the end result of this round of creation should be, but how we get there is unknown. Life is a little bit like a game of Monopoly. Think of a game you really like and Monopoly will often come up if you have played it. And why is Monopoly fun? Why does this game never go out of style?

Audience:  "Because you get to get rich and own lots of property."

JJ:  Right and what else is in it?

Audience:  "Chance, risk, hotels."

JJ:  You like to play Monopoly even though there is a chance that you could land on someone else's hotel and lose everything. Why would you wish to play something where there is a chance that you could lose? Have you ever played a game where everybody wins?

Audience:  "Boring."

JJ:  Do you remember a game like this? You do not even want to play such a game would you? We love Monopoly because of the hazards and risks of loosing everything, and when you do loose everything you get kind of a sinking feeling. Then you say "I am never going to play this game again," Then of course you do play the game again. This is what God decided to do. He was sitting up there kind of bored and says, "Well I have to do something more interesting in my next creation. What am I going to do? I know I will create a universe where there are all kinds of pitfalls that is going to make Monopoly look like a piece of cake!"

He says to Himself; "I am going to make it really hard for myself this time. And I am going to jump in this universe and it is going to take everything I have got to figure out how to get from point A to point B. It will take all of the intelligence of Me, and my reflections have to figure out how to get out of this mess that I am going to create. This is going to be interesting because it is much better than floating around here in the void with nothing to do." So he creates the whole universe, jumps in and loses His memory, and does not know why He is there but just knows He has to get out of it.

Okay, so He starts from scratch. And who are the fingers, toes, eyes, and ears of His body? We are all the appendages to God, and I believe it says that in 1 Corinthians 12. It talks about Christ being the head of the church and the rest of us being the body. Jesus was the head and the rest of us also carry the responsibility of being part of the body of Christ.

The whole universe has God plunging into it, and now after He has plunged into it He has to figure out what to do with it and that is what makes it exciting! Now a lot of people say, "I want there to be a great plan because that makes me feel more comfortable." If you play Monopoly and you know every roll of the dice is going to be made, would you enjoy the game? Even if you win and you know what every roll of the dice will be, would the game still be fun and exciting? No, it would not be any fun and there would be no challenge. So God limited us, He made us limited so we could have maximum challenge.

But what about the objection the game scaring us; because if we are responsible then, gosh, we could fail. But there is a principle called the principle of Dominating Good, where the good always dominates, and good always dominates for one reason. Do you know what that reason is? It is a little different than rolling the dice. When you roll the dice you get almost every time 50 percent in your favor and 50 percent against your favor. If you flip a coin you get the same odds; but, as we make our choices and try get out of this maze that we are in there is a Dominating Good. Why does good dominate?

Audience:  "Ultimately it is the line of least resistance."

JJ:  Because of why though.

Audience:  "Because it is our intrinsic nature? Because, God; is the designer."

JJ:  Because of what quality that we all possess that the good dominates.

Audience:  "Love."

JJ:  Let me present it you this way. If you come to a fork in the road and you have to go left or right, do you make a completely random choice, or do you incorporate everything you know about road one and everything you know about road two and you analyze it and then you make a choice. Correct? If you know a little about both paths over all your choice will be what? Your choice will be a little bit to your advantage because you may not know everything about both paths, but you may know something and you are going to use your intelligence to pick the best road. Now we do not always pick the best path, but as we analyze our future sometimes we make big blunders. Humanity was lead into World War II by a number of big blunders for instance.

Other times we will make the right choice. We made the right choice we when decided to fight Hitler and we beat him. So in the end good dominated. Good dominates because of one thing -- and that is intelligence in the universe. There is intelligence in this universe. God jumped into this universe, He created it, and manifested intelligence here. And because intelligence is behind all decisions, good winds up dominating in the end and this is not by accident that the good dominates. Good dominates because intelligence is behind decisions. This is what can give one comfort in knowing that good will always dominate in the end.