Synthesis and Q&A

October 1999

Synthesis and Q&A

I’ll make just a few comments on the endeavor to promote the 12 principles of Synthesis.

The first thing to note is the difficulty with even a few of us reaching unity on how to proceed with this. This gives you an idea as to why there are no human molecules in existence today, but do not be discouraged. The hour is coming. With personalities the task is almost impossible, but when we yield to a higher will all things are possible.

Someone expressed concern about glamour. This is always a possibility, of course. We are not perfect and glamour and illusion will manifest among various members. This by itself is not a reason to be discouraged.

I do not have time to lead a new major project at present but if others desire to initiate a project to promote the principles and unite the groups they should follow their highest light. I will do what I can to assist, but I warn you the project will be a difficult task.

There is one item I should add in relation to these principles is that they were written a number of years ago. My nephew and I were brainstorming one day and talking about how the New Age groups seemed to be working for unity, yet they seemed very isolated and much less cooperative than other groups that did not seem “enlightened.” At that time I came up with the idea (which I still believe to be inspired) to write synthetic principles that would bring the metaphysical people (and others) together in fuller cooperation. So after that we brainstormed through the night together and the result were these principles.

We promoted them for a while but I have been too preoccupied with other things to do them justice. I have since seen them in print in other publications, one guy even presenting them as if he wrote them. So I tell you this now just in case that you do receive some claim from others that someone else wrote them.

I do have the copyright on them so they should be legally secure.

Viggi writes:

“I for one believe in the attractiveness of the idea of the Molecule and want to participate in the calling but would find it difficult to dedicate *all* my energies to this work because some (pretty much really) of my energy goes into my work which is teaching 6 – 12 year old kids. But still I hope that what energy I do have left will allow me to be of some service.”

JJ: I feel that I have dedicated all my possible energies yet I sometimes spend 80 hours a week making a living because right now this is essential in the scheme of things for the overall good.

To be a good servant you must take care of yourself and your responsibilities so you can have the freedom to do the higher things.

If you teach young children you also have an opportunity to influence their lives for good and this is certainly a step in the direction of the higher path.

Viggi also asks:

“I seem to remember that one is supposed to recite The Great Invocation with two other persons and while doing so meditate on a Light triangle. Is this the case?”

This is advantageous with the Great Invocation and the Song of the 144,000 but not a requirement. It is helpful to say either one in any circumstance where you feel impressed to do so.

Laura asks: “Okay, I have a question, though. I was under the impression that Jesus was able to do such great works because of two reasons:

“1. He was a Master, and at a higher level than most humans would be in a few thousand years 2. He was divinely possessed.

“I’m not arguing that we don’t have the *potential* to do those works and greater in lifetimes that we become Masters, but how do we have that power in this lifetime?”

JJ: You do not need to be a Master to perform the same miracles as Jesus. The scriptures tell us that after Jesus selected the Twelve and commissioned them that they went out and performed similar miracles to His own. Then he sent seventy others out and they did the same.

Later, after His resurrection, even greater miracles were performed by these ordinary fishermen.

Now quite miraculous events can occur through the power of belief and faith, but the miracles of the Apostles were greater than any faith we have seen in this age because in addition to faith they had a molecular connection. With this additional link the spiritual energy available to the Masters becomes available to the members who are linked (if such persons have the confidence to use it).

Next Laura asks if the divine possession is like soul contact?

JJ: Not really. Soul contact begins with the still small voice that is so unobtrusive that you really have to pay attention to recognize it. On the other hand, the overshadowing with divine possession is the blending of holy fire of two minds and the disciple learns the truth of the phrase “my God is a consuming fire.”

Using the senses as an illustration, the Holy Spirit is like a slight tickle, the overshadowing is a thousand climaxes that do not subside.

Next Laura asks if the Christ is on the earth now in a physical body?

Yes He is. He and other Masters reside in a place hidden from public knowledge and has worked with humanity over the past two thousand years. He is linked to the Ancient of Days and through that link has a feel for what is going on throughout the entire planet. He does some of His work in the same way we are attempting through the New Jerusalem meditation and some of you will meet Him there before you meet him here.

When and if the Christ comes in a physical body as well as the overshadowing He will merely reveal himself as He is now. There is not a group on the earth, however, that is ready to accept a regular looking human who is introduced as the second coming of Christ. That is part of our purpose – to prepare such a group.

Laura is full of good questions today. She also asks me about translating the Song into other languages.

The thing to remember about the Song is the preservation of its meaning. Other languages may give some of the words a different twist, but the basic message and meaning of the Song can be fairly exactly preserved.

For instance “We thank you Father,” and “We express gratitude to the Father,” both basically mean the same thing. If a foreign language does not have an exact work for “thank,” but does have one for appreciation the basic idea can be preserved

Linda Says: “Have a look at the Zoroastrian tradition – they maintain (and I agree) that evil is created by human beings as part of the gift of choice. God does not create evil. Without the intention of doing evil – there would be none. God would not have an intention of doing evil?”

JJ: Are you saying that God, in complete ignorance, made humans not knowing that good and evil would result?

Of course you are not. God created man knowing that there would be good and evil, therefore God deserves the credit for both good and evil.

If you drop an anvil on your toe do you say that your action made your toe hurt or do you say gravity did it? You do not blame the problem on gravity because you already knew what gravity would do. You therefore take responsibility.

Even so both good and evil are God’s creation. He put the pieces together and He knew what the pieces would do.

Reader: “The consciousness of Christ cannot be experienced…”

JJ: “That’s strange, because I guess then I (and others) have experienced that which cannot be experienced.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 18

This entry is part 3 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Rejected by Friends and Family

Audience: I have always had the feeling that you can’t take the fifth, sixth and seventh initiations in a female body, what are your thoughts on this?

JJ: I think it could be done but it would be very difficult because to take some of the higher initiations it is easier to be in the sending mode. But, it still could be done. All even numbers represent female and odd numbers are male. The sixth initiation, which is a female number and the fourth initiation of the crucifixion could be done in a female body. The odd numbers in particular would be easier to do in a male body. The sixth initiation, which is the initiation of decision, could be made in either one and it would not really matter. The male numbers, odd numbers, would be easier in a male body and the female numbers, the even numbers, would be easier in a female body.

Wayne from the audience:

As far as I can tell the female body is much more heavenly than the male body! (Laughter)

JJ: (Laughter) Wayne, I agree with you 100%, especially when I look at you and then I look at Susan behind you I think you are 100% right!

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: Did you read in book four of The Immortal, Eternal Words, where the “Ancient of Days” was assumed to be male and then it turned out that He was a hermaphrodite, both male and female?

Audience: You were talking about Jesus and the three temptations He could not allow Himself to have the Christ be recognized through external authoritative actions. Very similar to your book Eternal Words where you describe, when you are telling the kid at Denny’s with the bow tie that the principles that will have to penetrate as opposed to being something authoritative. Which would make sense that people you take forward in the future when they look back they just see this flowering of Christ Consciousness and are not so much focused on the messenger which is less important and more focus was put on the Christ Consciousness.

JJ: It is interesting about Jesus is, wherever He went His reputation started getting stronger until He went home to his home congregation, then He opened a scripture about the prophesy of The Messiah. There was a tradition that you would go up to the front where the scriptures were and you could open a scripture and read it and give it your own interpretation. So Jesus opened a scripture that was related to the Messiah and it was talking about how the Messiah was going to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, heal those who could not walk and things like this, and He said, “This day in your ears, the scripture is fulfilled.” In other words He was telling them that the Messiah is here. Does anyone know what happened after that?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: The whole audience got out of their seats and rushed up to the front, grabbed Him and dragged Him right out of the synagogue and then what were they going to do with Him?

Audience: They were going to stone Him.

JJ: No, they were going throw Him over a cliff because they were so enraged that the son of a carpenter would say such a thing! So they get him to edge of the cliff just ready to throw Him off  and here is what the Bible says, “And He escaped out of their midst.” Hmmm,  now did He escape by divine power or was He strong enough to just wrestle His way free?

One way or another He was able to get free and escape them. His home folk were not very tolerant. Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor.” In other words a prophet, by the time he finishes his life has honor among certain types of people except among his family and friends. (Laughter)

It funny with my book, people read it a with great enthusiasm and they will say, “Boy I could not put it down, I read all night.” It’s much different with my friends and family I give the book to. I’ll ask them, “have you read the book?” They say no. I go to their homes to visit and look in their bookcases and I cannot find the book anywhere.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: I thought, I wonder what they did with the book? I wonder if they burned it or what.

It was funny when I was first thrown out of the Mormon Church for writing some things to try and enlighten the Mormons, I often asked friends I gave them to, “Did you read that treatise I wrote?” They would say “no” and I said, “What did you do with it?” They said, “I burned it!” They just did not throw it away they had to burn it!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: Because if they threw it away some innocent soul may get it out of the garbage and read it – no, they had to burn it! It’s funny how many people told me that they burned my writings! So it makes me wonder how many in my family have burned my book.

Audience: Laughter. I don’t think they burned it because they were afraid of someone else getting a hold of it, I think they burned it because that is how you get rid of evil!

JJ: Yes, that might be it too, who knows. There might be something to that Dee. The only family member I have that has really read it and was enthused was my sweet Mother. I have been trying to impress my Mom all my life by something I have done and she was always unimpressed. Finally after I wrote “The Immortal” I thought well, who knows maybe she will read it. Well, she did read it and she loved it and has been pestering me ever since for more but now her sight is not good enough to read. One of these days I will put the books on audio and she can listen to them.

Now she does not believe in them necessarily and she is still a standard Mormon but she really enjoyed “The Immortal.” This tickled me. I finally did something that she thought was really good. She thinks I am a good kid and everything and she always thought that. She was one of the few that when I did not tow the party line with the Mormon Church, she had the attitude that God judges us for what we are. She was not judgmental at all and I appreciated that very much.

The Christ (according to DK) has to come back as an individual, an entity to fulfill His own work to finish His last initiation on this planet, Earth. So He has to come back to complete the seventh initiation.

The first stage of the coming of Christ is the establishment of the Christ consciousness among humanity and that has been firmly established. The term Christ consciousness is fixed in the human consciousness. Most people, even the man on street, has a rough idea of what the Christ consciousness is. He realizes that it is some type of higher consciousness and that ordinary people can aspire to have this consciousness. The second step in the return is the linking of heaven and earth to the point that Christ and the Masters of wisdom that work with Him can link humanity to overshadowing principle.

There are two principles involved. One I call the overshadowing, and the other I call the Divine possession. Overshadowing is where the Master can use the disciples eyes and ears and tune into his consciousness, send him messages and give him guidance so that certain a particular mission can be accomplished. I believe Jesus had an overshadowing from the time He was young. Then there is the Divine possession, where the entity which, is Christ, actually came into the body of Jesus and we actually had two spirits in one body to accomplish this specific mission.

All these things are possible and what has happened before will happen again but, how He will fulfill His mission of the second coming, is a mystery and is not known to the disciples. No one knows for sure how this mission will be completed. One of the disadvantages if this information was given out would be that many people would be claiming that they were doing this.

I talked earlier about the mighty and strong. There are all kinds of mighty and strong claimants and there are all kinds of false messiah’s out there. One thing we know for sure is that the presence of the Master will be with us again. Exactly how that Presence will be with us is unknown. We do not know if it will be like it was last time or in a body of His own or some type of manifested body, reincarnated or whatever. All we know for sure is that His presence will be here.

As a matter of fact that is what the Apostle’s ask Him in Matthew 24: Give us signs of thy coming. The word “coming” comes from the Greek word (parousia) meaning presence. Give us the signs when your Presence will be among humanity again. What does this mean? It is subject to a number of different interpretations.

It is interesting that when Shirley saw the future, she said what I have often taught and that is the world, as a whole will not recognize for some time that the Master is even here. He will not come sand say, I am Jesus Christ, hear me type of thing. He will not come from the sky and destroy all the wicked with one breath. Like, one day two guys are out mowing the lawn, and the one is Christian and the other is not and the one that is not Christian get’s zapped by lightning and turns him into a crispy critter and the born againer gets lifted up into heaven or gets accepted or something like that.

It is not going to happen like that. People will be waiting a very long time for something like that to happen. What will happen is that the Christ will work among humanity in His own way and His own time. We will not be reading in the papers that Christ is in the Mormon Temple, the Jewish Temple, or the Vatican discussing matters with the Pope.

The signs of His coming might read like this in the paper: Church leaders condemn Billy Bob to hell because he is doing X, Y or Z! (Laughter)

When Christ does manifest again it will not be way people expect. As I said earlier there are only a handful of people that expected Him to come the way that He came. There is one story of woman that had it right and she had been waiting for the birth of the Messiah. She was not expecting Him to arrive in a cloud of glory like the other Jews. No she was expecting Him to be born as a babe and when she heard about the birth of Jesus she felt within her heart that this was the Messiah and she wanted to look upon His face before she died. So they brought her to the baby Jesus. All her life she had been waiting for the Messiah and when she looked upon Him, it was confirmed within her heart that this truly was the Messiah and a short time later she passed away. So, she had the wish of her heart fulfilled and she was the only the one in the Bible that had it right. The Jewish leaders were expecting Him just the way the Christian leaders are today, He comes in a blaze of glory and wipe out all the scum of the earth and the good guys mowing the lawns that are born again can continue mowing the lawns or be scooped up into heaven or something like this.

Audience: What about that scripture that says that Christ shall rise and they that dwell will be taken to Him in the sky?

JJ: You are quoting two different scriptures here. Paul says: “But we who are alive and remain will be taken up in the air.”

Audience: Right

JJ: Well there is a mistake right there that Paul made and that is he expected to live to see the second coming himself. He says: We (meaning me and you) who are alive or who remain until Christ comes again. If you read in the scriptures there are probably about a half a dozen scriptures that were they expected Him to come very soon and within their lifetimes. So they made a mistake right there and being taken has a lot of symbolic meanings. Up in the air is a symbol of ascending to a higher state of consciousness. When Christ comes again we will be taken because remember air is a symbol of the mind. So when Christ does come again we will be taken up to a higher state of mind, a higher state of consciousness and meet the Christ in that higher state of consciousness and we can do that right now.

We did it at the end of our last meeting when we were contemplating the principle of eternal words. We were taken up to a higher state of consciousness and we felt the higher presence together. This is the esoteric meaning of that scripture.
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Oil and Revelation

This entry is part 2 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted June 23, 2010
Maryellen writes:
In revelations it talks about seal judgments, trumpet judgments and bowls of wrath along with the third of the sea being filled with blood…….(maybe oil) indicating the End Times. Can anyone comment on what these things might mean?
I’m doing a little inside experiment with a good friend who interprets the bible literally.

As I’ve said the Book of Revelations will never have an exact literal interpretation but the most correct meaning is that is describes the progress of the disciple from the birth of Christ in the heart to becoming a Christ himself. I have written that there will be incidents that will be close correspondents to the book and will make many think the whole thing is coming to pass but then a complete correspondence will be missing.

Below is a section from my book, “The Unveiling” interpreting the scripture you mention.

The Mountain of Fire
“And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood; And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.” Rev 8:8-9

First we had destruction on land (including trees and grass) and now we have destruction of the sea, which includes fish (and other creatures with life or soul) and ships.

So what is the difference between the earth and the sea?

The earth represents the slight rising of consciousness acquired by those who seek meaning in life though religion and philosophy. As we said, the trees represent the powerful authorities and the grass the followers, but all are reaching above sea level in search of the kingdom of heaven.

The sea represents the rest of humanity. Just like three quarters of the surface of the earth is covered with the seas even so is most of humanity not that interested in the meaning of life, spirituality, philosophy and religion.

The average person just wants to merge with the masses, not get noticed for his beliefs and live his life. He is a drop of water in the sea of human beings that never stand out or get their 15 minutes of fame.

On another level the earth represents the conscious self of humanity and the sea the subconscious. Those who search for meaning and are exploring consciousness are represented by earth. Those who do not, but retreat away from contemplation to be led by instinct and emotion are the masses who have little purpose and are driven as the waves of the sea.

The creatures who had life (or “soul” Greek) are the leaders and reasonably successful among the non spiritual masses and have no spiritual agenda themselves but just want the good life. These are midlevel leaders in politics, business, finance, education, the arts etc.

The ships represent the rich and famous who sail above the crowd and are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.

So what was the great mountain burning with fire burning (apparently from heaven) that was cast into the sea?

A mountain signifies high consciousness or a kingdom. In the case of the disciple (or disciples) who tread the path of the Christ this mountain from heaven represents a work of light and love, or the consciousness of Christ manifested among men. It burns with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

The Son of man, who is the Son of God, has seen a vision of the will of God and he seeks to bring this high consciousness and divine ideas (mountain from heaven) to not only the seekers and the religious, but to make it available to all the masses of people, the high and low.

When the divine idea gains weight, as a mountain, he plunges it into the sea of people where the fire continues to burn even amidst the great waters. When such contact is made with the masses (waters) they turn to blood.

One third of those who are touched by the higher consciousness are never the same turn from colorless water to passionate red.

Jesus said that people will either be for or against him. Even so, those effected by the Christ Consciousness among the masses will be black or white and passionately for or against the ideas and ideals promoted by the disciple.

Look at the current beliefs of the masses. They are either passionately for or against abortion, for or against the death penalty, for or against public prayer etc. This black and white attitude extends to all their beliefs.

The instilling of the waters (common people) with passion (red blood) causes a third of the life in the sea to die and the ships on the surface to be destroyed. The leaders, the rich the famous lose their hold on the masses when they come to life and start examining the pros and cons of the various teachings that filter down to them.

If a leader, a teacher, a rich man or a movie star voices an opinion different from the passion of the people it will be as if their ship that sails upon the sea of people is destroyed.

The Star from Heaven
“And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” Rev 8:10-11

Some read this and believe it means an asteroid will hit the earth before the end of times while others have made the connection that “Chernobyl” is a Russian word for the wormwood plant. Many Bible believers think the third angel sounded when the nuclear disaster occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Fortunately, an asteroid is not likely in the near future and the correspondence between the Chernobyl disaster and Revelation does not match up. For one thing, a third part of the rivers did not become polluted and there is little literal connection between any past drinking of radioactive waters and death.

The scripture makes much more sense when spiritual symbology is used.

With the second angel a great mountain (kingdom of God – higher consciousness) fell upon the seas (masses of people).

This time a great star burning like a lamp falls upon the rivers and fountains (springs) of waters. This sounds like a great falling star that lights up the whole sky.

So, what does a star mean in this context?

Earlier we said that stars represent fixed beliefs and the stars falling to the earth represent shattered belief systems that were thought to never change, like a fixed star.

This time instead of stars plural we have one great star falling. To understand this fully we have to add another element of meaning.

A star can also refer to an avatar, a great teacher or leader who will shatter belief systems. This meaning is indicated in the Book of Revelation itself:

The seven stars are the angels (messengers) of the seven churches (belief systems): and the seven candlesticks which thousawest are the seven churches. Rev 1:20

“And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars.” Rev 3:1

Here we see that a star is a messenger representing a spiritual philosophy (church) and also one of the seven spirits before the throne of God. By extension this would also represent the seven chakras as they manifest internally.

A great and fiery star fell from heaven. What does this mean? The meaning has several levels but the same principle manifests throughout.

The disciple recently opened the seventh seal and peered into heaven and beheld a strange silence for half an hour. In the silence he perceived the will of God as never before and became on fire about bringing that which is in heaven to the earth.

If we correspond the star to a spiritual teacher then we have a great messenger (star) ablaze with the light of knowledge concerning the will of God falling upon a third of the rivers and springs.

What do the rivers and springs represent? These give life to the trees (aspiring teachers) and the grass (spiritual followers). The rivers and the streams thus represent the knowledge and love of God, which feeds the people and stimulates their spiritual life.

As the next manifestation of the will of God falls from heaven (source of revelation) to add to the sources of knowledge on the earth a great disturbance happens. When the new knowledge is presented many do not like what they hear. The new doctrine is as bitter as wormwood to them. They are like the people in Jesus’ home town. When he tried to teach them they rushed upon him, grabbed him and tried to throw him over a cliff.

What he said was a bitter pill (wormwood) for them to swallow, for the star (Jesus) that fell into their fountains of knowledge shook their belief system (fixed star).

“…and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.”

Many refuse to be nourished by the new and living waters and without this nourishment they dry up and die spiritually.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Holy Spirit, Translation & More

This entry is part 46 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted Sept 23, 2010
Maria asks:
I am thinking a lot of ; what is the Holy Spirit really,– which is talked so much about and which the disciples received after Christ left and then they spoke in tongues? How is it understood and how will it lead you to the Spirit of God or Christ consciousness?

The Holy Spirit is associated with the Third Aspect. The First Aspect is the Father, or Power. The second is The Son, or Love Wisdom and the third is the Holy Spirit, or Active Intelligence.

This Third aspect is sometimes called Intelligence in Matter. That seems to be a strange phrase that means little to the average student but the truth behind it is profound.

The intelligence of God in the far past created all physical matter. To do this required the application of great intelligence to put together atoms, electrons, protons quarks etc. After the creation of matter was set the intelligence of God remained behind implanted in matter. This implanted intelligence sustains all creation and keeps everything from falling apart and disintegrating into nothingness.

This universal intelligence, which is the Holy Spirit. knows all the secrets of creation and can also tune into all life including you and I.

The soul and the Holy Spirit are not the same thing. The soul is the doorway to higher spheres and opens communication with the Holy Spirit and the spiritual internet behind the Oneness Principle.

On each populated planet there is a high entity who is adept at tuning into this Divine Intelligence and he will represent this Third Aspect. On earth this entity is called The Mahachohan. Part of his job is to channel the intelligence of the Holy Spirit to seekers of truth upon this planet.

Maria wanted to know how the Holy Spirit will lead to the Christ Consciousness. The Christ consciousness is often liberally used with little understanding but it embraces love and wisdom. Embracing the intelligence of the Holy Spirit leads the seeker to discover both love and wisdom. Mastery of this is wrought out in the experience of life.

Rob asks:
Where/how did you learn so much about how to correctly translate the Bible?
I’ve used a Concordance many times and don’t think I could ever be as proficient at correct translations as yourself.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Rob. The two main tools I currently use are Strong’s Concordance and The Blue Letter Bible, which is online. It gives you lots of tools, even the tense of the various words.

When I come across a mysterious word I will often check out the root word from whence it came and then check to see the context it was used in other locations within the Bible. If you can find it used a dozen times you will begin to get a clear idea of the true meaning of the word.

When you examine the raw Hebrew words you will see that they often do not paint a picture in the same way as modern languages but seem to leave a lot more up to the intuition of the reader. It seems to present the major thoughts and leaves the minor details up to us.

If the original entity (in an overshadowing) follows all instructions that are passed on to him by the master then will the original entity be paying of karma even if the ideas are from the master from overshadowing? Maybe by cooperating?

Any type of service either pays off bad karma or creates a surplus of good.

Will the overshadowing of the original entity always be from a master or can an advanced disciple overshadow someone?

An entity would have to be a master or above to initiate an overshadowing. Walk ins are done by regular humans with a strong desire to serve.

If one had a hobby for learning different languages in a past life could the same person in a different life not share that same hobby?

We will often work at a major interest for several lifetimes in a row or until the soul sends us in a different direction. The basic talent you acquire can be easily retrieved in any future life. Let us say that John Lennon comes back as a politician. He would still love music and probably dabble at it in his spare time but his major attention would be in his new direction.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

The Christ

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  Christ himself is not ready (because we are not ready) to work directly with humanity.

2  We celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th. While it is true that He was not born on this day it is true that this has been a sacred season for the celebration of world saviors for many thousands of years.

3  Christ is a representative of the Son of God aspect or of the soul.

4  It would be counterproductive for Christ to repeat the same type of mission as last time.

5  The entity who is the Christ occupies that office because, among the human family, He is most in tune with the middle principle of soul.

6  What is the consciousness of the entity who is Christ?  His consciousness is centered on the Masters of Wisdom returning to the earth as soon as practical, and assisting to elevate mankind into higher levels of achievement.

7  Christ did not face someone else’s Dweller, but faced the Dweller for the human kingdom of which he was an integral part.

8  When Christ was suffering in the Garden and near the point of death it is written that an angel came and strengthened him. This angel was the molecular link while Christ was on the earth. This angel was not a permanent resident of Shamballa, but an intermediary called a Nirmanakaya in the East.

9  The Christ, or a servant of Christ, is in reality exactly the opposite of the pious image (Babylonian image) that the average man paints of him.

10  Any day that you seek to kindle the birth of Christ within your heart is a sacred day.

11  The Christ could come as a female but if He did, He would play the female role and emphasize receivership rather than sending.

12  There were several occasions where Jesus revealed Himself, but as with Peter and the woman at the well, most of these revelations were of a private nature to people who already surmised that He was the Christ.

13  Christ and his servants are maligned in character more than any others.

14  The number necessary for His [the Christ’s] coming is not revealed but this basic idea must be in place: when He does appear there must be a sufficient number of people prepared to recognize Him so He is not viewed as just one more delusionary messiah figure.

15  Last time His [the Christ’s] presence required the readiness of twelve units capable of soul contact. This time it could be quite a bit more but I make no prediction. Those working in harmony with the Christ will know when the time comes.

16  The days of Atlantis marked the beginning of the shift from female to male polarization which was consummated with the first coming of Christ.

17  Christ represented the ideal male who is to lead us to Spirit. Unfortunately the age of Pisces gave us many males who gave us terrible examples of what the ideal male was supposed to present.

18  The true sheep know, or recognize the voice of God or Christ.

19  December 25th was a holiday centuries before the birth of Christ. On this day the Romans celebrated the Mirthraic feast of the Sun-god. Also from December 17-23 they held a great festival honoring Saturnus, the god of agriculture.

20  The principle behind the name of Christ is the only thing that can redeem any of us.

21  Christ had to descend below all things so he could rise above all things and manifest the invisible love of God to us.

22  If we hear the voice of Christ and open the door then He will come into us and sup (or commune) with us.

23  The Son of man is another name for Christ, but it is the Christ among humanity rather than the Christ in far away spiritual realms.

24  You’ve heard the statement that “hope springs eternal.”  Hope is very closely connected with the Christ Principle.

25  The Christ principle is a point of interplay between Spirit and matter that our consciousness must attune to discover the mysteries of God.

26  The person with no Christ consciousness is only aware of the material world. The person with Christ consciousness is aware of the spiritual as well as the material world.

27  We first serve the anti-Christ outside of ourselves for many lifetimes until we finally wake up. Then we discover that was illusion and the real Christ is within ourselves.

28  Some may say that pure love (or some type of enlightenment) eliminates resistance but nothing you can do will eliminate all resistance. If even Christ, the teacher of us all, was unable to eliminate resistance, what makes us think we can?

29  The simple teachings of the Christ on Love must become a reality.

30  When Christ returns only a few will recognize Him because the rest will be following a non-thinking program that does not allow for vision.

31   The Christ is a position occupied by one individual on each inhabited planet. There are millions of Christ positions throughout the Universe, but only one principle that is manifest everywhere and creates all there is.

32   Through the centuries astrally grounded men have marred the character of Christ and his servants and made them seem far removed from the average seeker.

33   We may all have our comments and opinions of the magnitude of the confrontation the Christ had in the Garden of Gethsemane, but without a revelation or going through the experience ourselves, there is no way we can appreciate what He went through.

34  Masters of Wisdom will either appear among us or incarnate and the Christ will overshadow disciples in preparation for His work with humanity.

35   He [Christ] is not coming to destroy the wicked or to force men to do good. Neither is He coming to save us from our sins. Instead, He is coming with eternal words and teachings that will touch the soul of humanity so universal brotherhood will be understood and peace on earth good will to men will become a reality.

36  Many students of metaphysics eagerly accept the idea of the Christ Consciousness which is available to us all, but have difficulty in accepting the possibility that the actual entity who is the Christ will soon make an appearance in the flesh.

37  There have been many methods used for predicting the return of Christ, and hundreds of dates set. All of them, have been wrong.

38  As we now know Christ did not return in the year 2000 and it is not likely He will return in the immediate years following. What is possible is that an Antichrist will appear first as an externalization of the expectations and thoughtforms of the masses. For the image of Christ in the mind of the average man resembles more the Antichrist, than the true one. We may or may not have another Hitler type antichrist, but we can assuredly predict several self proclaimed quasi spiritual ones.

39  The reappearance of the Christ will not be just a continuation of His work as is but a continuation of His work with changes. In other words, the principle of Becoming is involved here.

40  One of the most important things for me to teach and demonstrate is the seeing of the Christ within each of us.

41  Melchizedek was overshadowed by “The Ancient Of Days” and this is the one who called Christ to be after the order of Melchizedek.

42  What is the main difference between the philosophy of the Christ and the Adversary? The answer is free agency. Christ always supports the agency of all men and women. Now suppose he did come with such great power that all who were opposed to him were destroyed, and those who are left are full of the fear of God and would not think of opposing such a powerful being who now is the King of the earth? Do you not think this would destroy the agency of man? It would.

43  He who was the Christ in Jerusalem was not many entities, but one entity and thus cannot return as more than one entity.

44  If the Christ, or the Lord of the World, were to appear to you in human form and you were to attempt to worship him as a personality He would stop you; but if you were to worship with your Spirit and sense the Spirit of God in the presence of the Master then it would be allowed.

45  If Hitler would have succeeded in his world conquest the appearance of Christ would have been delayed at least a thousand years.

46  The reappearance of the Christ cannot happen just anytime for certain preparations must be made and without them the Christ cannot appear and effectively work.

47  Christ is not looking for people who have to be told what to do in every detail, but for those who are willing to initiate good causes of their own free will and bring them to fruition.

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What Are You Deciding To Become?

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The translation “I AM” is incorrect and misleading. In the Hebrew it reads:  “I AM BECOMING.”

2  When the seeker says he has found the ultimate feeling, bliss, or God Presence, he knows not that he is only at the beginning of his journey. No matter how high the consciousness, bliss or joy, the seeker adjusts to it and eventually becomes ready for more. When he is ready, the more will come, worlds without end.

3  Additional seeking is always necessary no matter where we think we are upon the Path. There is always more BECOMING ahead of us.

4  BECOMING is the action of Purpose, the dominating good which interpenetrates both male and female energies.

5  Unfortunately the word BEING is associated by many with the decision “not to be” as spoken by Shakespeare. True BEING is not yielding to the line of least resistance but after we have taken “arms against a sea of troubles,” and have prevailed as Gods – only then will true BEING become known and no longer esoteric to us.

6  We are in a state of eternal becoming because there is no ultimate perfection.

7  He, who humbles himself before those greater than himself and before those seeking the light from his radiance, will be endowed with the glory of God from on High and generations unborn will yet warm themselves with his light and love.

8  Let us join the great ones together, my friends, and humble ourselves; so any greatness which is manifest is from the one Spirit that permeates us all.

9  “Being yourself,” for many of us, involves recognizing that we have a purpose for being here. Our obligation–our opportunity–is to discern what that purpose is, and then surrender to whatever it requires of us to fulfill. It can be a source of deep joy:  service to humanity, in whatever form, is deeply satisfying.

10  Part of being humble is just being you.

11  The I AM of itself is not wrong or evil for it is a description of BEING which is the foundation of life for us all. Where the problem comes in our evolution is where we become lazy and cease to become and just “be.”

12  We only go forward on the path by amplifying our power to decide in harmony with the Will of God and then bring that decision into reality through BECOMING.

13  God works through each of us and BECOMES who He decides to be through us so long as we follow the Spirit of God within each of our inner selves.

14  Incorporated in BECOMING is BEING.

15  In order to become, one first must be, or become alive. Becoming only increases the sense of being alive.

16  You have “to be” before you can “become.”  You do not “become” so you can “be.”

17  If you are in a state of “being” only, you are enjoying a temporary rest. When you are “becoming,”  your life is in a state of “being” with the added aspect of “becoming.”

18  Those who live upon the sea of hateful and bitter emotions despise the good, the beautiful and the true. They die as to the things of the Spirit.

19  Greatness is seen in worldly power and money rather than in spiritual power, intelligence and character.

20  Many of those who fight the truth of the soul will be stolen and taken away by the spirit of Christ and removed from their illusions.

21  To become the greatest possible help to others who are under negative influence, it is important to develop your sensitivity to the feelings (and sometimes thoughts) of those within your aura of concern.

22  As an individual you can, through the soul, contact the spiritual worlds and your own higher self, which is a Master upon its own plane.

23  How does the Beast of unjust authority want you to see yourself: as I AM, standing still – easy to control, or I AM BECOMING, changing and improving and therefore difficult to control?

24  All activity that one can engage in is pushing toward the fulfillment of a conscious intelligent goal set by someone somewhere.

25  If one wants to accomplish beyond the norm he must not only believe but make a decision within his ring of consciousness.

26  A goal is a specific believable objective set by the mind and accepted by the heart. It includes definite steps that will be taken to ensure its completion at an approximated time.

27  We can become a member of the heavenly Jerusalem at any moment that we “overcome” and obtain soul contact and the Christ consciousness.

28  The principles that just are cannot be altered or changed but must be mastered and used to mold creation to a desired end. That desired end is that which we DECIDE and creates the process of BECOMING.

29  When we realize that we are BECOMING beings, we discover the truth and the truth sets us free. Free to do what? Free to DECIDE for ourselves and BECOME that which we decide to become.

30  The path for us to become one with God and manifest the name within is us for us to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ by committing ourselves to the highest service that we know and then practice the science of BECOMING the highest that you can DECIDE to BECOME.

31  It is only after a decision has been made that Purpose is made manifest even though they both silently co-exist in the mind of the Creator. Then it is only after a purpose is sensed that Power can be applied. Again it is only after purpose and power is in play that Will can be exercised to manifest the decision.

32  You may receive inspiration, knowledge and some guidance, but your own power of discernment and DECISION will always play a large part in how you will apply yourself.

33  We begin to win at the game of life when our ATTENTION is focused in one direction rather than scattered.

34  Put your attention on finding that which is true rather than that which is in error.

35  Any denial of that which is true, leads to greater failures than those experienced by one who faces the truth of failure and perseveres in learning from it and turning it into success.

36  The mirror of ourselves is always out there in the world of our creation. I seek to help you create a more loving world to reflect back to you.

37  To become a Master one must not only balance off cause and effect as it relates to others, but also as it relates to oneself and between the lower and higher self.

38  When the heart and mind are in agreement (as was Jesus and the Christ) then there is peace and harmony and miracles happen in your life.

39  I caught a glimpse of the suffering humans experience on the earth, and I saw much of it happens because people just don’t take the course of action they know within their hearts they are supposed to do.

40  If you look for verification of something that you have a preconceived notion is true, then you will find evidence to prove it, at least to yourself. This will happen whether the notion is true or false.

41  The Still Small Voice is the revelation of “Direction.” It is fortunate for humanity that the use of this requires no great spiritual evolution. The only real requirement is that a seeker seeks that which he understands as the guidance of God. He must do so with sincerity of heart and pure intent.

42  When God switched from the state of Being to BECOMING, the worlds of form were created.

43  My conscience is a perfect man whom I would like to see.

44  If we can attain a true realization that we are truly a reflection of the Solar Angel, and one life with it, then we can become as Christ and have power over physical reality and even death.

45  Keep checking with your souls, and when the link called in the east the antahkarana is created, then the seeker graduates from a sheep to a disciple to a shepherd.

46  As you double your ability to achieve, your opportunity to use other people’s energy and efforts will multiply geometrically.

47  If you are a light to the world and light is produced by contrast would this not indicate that you should live a life that appears in sharp contrast to average “Joe six pack”?

48  Without fear there is no courage and without courage there is no point of tension and with no point of tension there are no quantum leaps into newness and great adventures.

49  Seek ye therefore the baptism of fire and the Holy Spirit, the greatest of the gifts of God in this life.

50  All who follow the highest they know will join with the higher consciousness and share a oneness with them and assist in the great work.

51  If the seeker follows the direction of the peace that passes understanding then he will be led to true vision.

52  When you make a decision around some goal of becoming that decision relates to what you will be in a future time or what you shall become.

53  Contemplate the part of you that actually decides and you can feel that link between you and God. It uses your bodies but it is not your bodies.

54  What are you deciding to become?

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