2006 Gathering, Part 15

2010-4-12 05:23:00

JJ:    Well that was interesting. It was interesting that you gave the same answers to the same questions as the last time we did this. When the questions were repeated, like the space travel, the answers were similar.

Shirley:  "Well I don't remember them either."

JJ:  What she saw was the probable future, between her and her soul she has moved along the time track into the future and saw the probable future for her. It is not set in stone. There are a number of different futures available and she wants to go into a very comfortable one. Let's hope that she is seeing correctly because according to her there will not be a major war; there will be minor wars but not a big nuclear war, so let us hope she is right on that one.

Audience:  "Could you comment on the Bible code?"

JJ:  On the Bible code -- they can look at all kinds of past events and find codes in there but when they try to look for future events and try to predict them; they are always wrong. That is the big test as to whether or not something is accurate is whether it really works. It is frustrating for them because they look at the Bible code and they find Hitler, World War II, 911 -- but they find it all there after it has happened. They cannot find it before it happens and the reason why is because of the principle "You find what you are looking for." What they do is they input different codes and they look for certain key letters. Say about Hitler for instance; and they find them because they are looking for them, but with the future they do not know what to look for so they can't find anything that works. They do not know what to look for.

Audience:  "Did they try to do it like looking for something in the book 'War and Peace'?"

JJ:  Right, they did it on the story "Moby Dick" and it proved just as reliable as finding about Hitler and World War II [Two] and "911." Moby Dick could not predict the real future. (Laughter) So that boils down to that principle and it is just like Nostradamus. Remember I told you that I collected all the predictions from the rags [magazines]? Well about twice a year they would have "Nostradamus Predicts" so I would buy them and see what he predicted and they were always wrong, Then often they would say Nostradamus predicted 911 before it happened and you looked at well it seems that way but then no one saw this before hand. But after 911 they saw it in there and this just shows how difficult the real future is to predict. What Shirley predicts is what the writings of Alice A. Bailey through the Master Djwhal Khul [DK] says is pretty much is supposed to be. In other words, that is the future that the Masters of Wisdom want, but They warn us that it is not set in stone and we could screw things up and we could destroy humanity if we are bent in going that direction and if we do not follow the highest that we know. So let us keep our fingers crossed and if everyone does their own little job in their own little sphere then things will work out for the best.

Audience:  "Do you think that it is important for us being who we are, that we do not know?"

JJ:  Well, yes because if you did know the future then you would really not know the future because you would change it again. So let's suppose you did know what was going to happen tomorrow and then you changed it and if could see that your change made it worse then you would change it again and so on. In the movie the "The Butterfly Effect" he kept changing the past and that in turn would change the future and then he would see that he screwed it up and then go and change it again, it was really hard for him to get things right. We would most likely drive ourselves crazy if we really knew what the future was going to be.

Audience:  "When you were talking about time travel not being physically possible I was thinking about the Chaos Theory, the butterfly effect. How could a craft with totally completely different atomic structure enter this reality and not have devastating effect?"

JJ:  You mean a time travel craft?

Audience:  "Or anything that is made of atoms that just pop into our time line and upset the balance of time here?"

JJ:  Anything that comes into our reality will disrupt it. And if we did have time travelers they would change the past which then would change the future, like "the butterfly effect," in Ray Bradbury's "The Sound of Thunder." The story is about these time travelers that vacation back in the days of the dinosaurs and they are told not to touch anything. They are on these specific paths that they can go on and this guy falls off the path and squashes one butterfly. When he returns to the present he finds a Nazi type government instead of a democratic government. So one little butterfly had a ripple effect that changed everything in our current system. I thought that was an interesting story. You figure a change over millions of years could have such a ripple effect, and if there were really time travelers they would really being messing things up here. It would create a very large problem.

Audience:  "Have you ever seen the site greenacres.com?"

JJ:  It rings a bell.

Audience:  "The premise is that our future relatives came back to give us the word that we need to change or there would be a race coming that is going to destroy us and what they did is there are sites all over the world and one is in New Mexico. The hills between Albuquerque and Farmington have clues in art and when we view this art and think about it and we absorb it than they can speak to us, our future generation. People believe in this art and that it is really there, it is a huge site and quite interesting and supposedly these people have artifacts that are going to come forth all over the world to every civilization to help us make this jump to superhuman so that we can overcome this alien that is suppose to destroy us."

JJ:  If we destroyed our selves then there would not be any future people to come warn us.

Audience:  "True."

JJ:  That is interesting.

Audience:  "Is it possible that we could go back and observe the 1700's?"

JJ:  Yes you can go back and observe the past through the Akashic records. The past is recorded in these records. If you are very adept you can go back to the past. Now psychic's get a glimpse or pieces of the Akashic records and put them together incorrectly very often and that is why they are almost never 100 percent right. It takes almost a Master to read the records correctly.

Audience:  "But through the oneness principle if I could tune into someone who had access and could read the Akashic records then I could get the information from the past."

JJ:  Through the oneness principle you mainly get communication in principles until you become an adept. The first thing that you can glean after merging and tuning into it is ideas, principles and pure knowledge.

Audience:  "Your soul would govern what you retrieve."

JJ:  Yes, you can see probable future, like Shirley saw a probable future. It may or may not materialize that way. It is a pretty good future so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Audience:  "Unheard"

JJ:  We do have a future self that can communicate with us similar to a solar angel and it is similar to communicating with our Solar Angel. It is not done in the physical reality though it is done internally and you can catch a glimpse here and there of what you are supposed to be and that is a sure thing. You will be that someday. There are certain things that just will be. One thing that will be is this: we will eventually overcome all the limitations that now limit us and we will achieve the same thing our Solar Angel achieved, that is set in stone. So this will happen because sooner or later we will always evolve to that point, but how long it will take and what happens in between is not predictable, but the fact is it will definitely happen.

Audience:  "So they can encourage you."

JJ:  Right.

Audience:  "In 'The Immortal,' Elizabeth's future self was not her present Solar Angel?"

JJ:  Right, it was her future self. When her future came then she was limited by the perception here in this reality. She could not predict the future.

Audience:  "She just had the knowledge of the principles."

JJ:  Yes, and she had the knowledge of the end. In the end of our evolution we can look back and recapture any moment in the past and savor it. In other words it is like enjoying a fine meal. You can savor the past by replaying it again and again. We do that a little bit in this life. Let's say you were an athlete and you won the big game and sometimes you relax and relive the moment of greatness. Well, this happens in the higher worlds with more intensity than we can comprehend right now.


New Session:  The Second Coming of Christ

JJ:  Does anybody know what we will be discussing in this evening's session?

Audience:  "The Second Coming of Christ."

JJ:  Correct, The second coming of Christ. Now we just took Shirley into the future and what did she say about the second coming of Christ?

Audience:  "There was no record of this."

JJ:  I have taken a number of people into the future and they all say the same thing. Do you suppose that when the Christ comes again He is going to say, "Hey, I am Jesus Christ!" What do you think would happen if a man did say that?

Audience:  "Pow."

JJ:  Well if they did not attack Him, they would just think he is a crackpot and ignore Him. In fact on the Internet there half a dozen fairly prominent people who claim to be the second coming of Christ and for some reason they cannot walk on water or anything like that, but they have a good reason why they can't do any of that. One says that he is kind of holding back. I told you about the one guy that was making all kinds of prophecies and then there is another guy that claims that Jesus was not really the messiah after all but he is the true messiah, that Jesus was the false messiah and now he is here to save the world. It is interesting all the claims that people make.

Audience:  "What if as we evolve that Christ is no longer an individual according to what Shirley was saying it was more of a shared consciousness and that is why there was no individual second coming and it was more of oneness consciousness."

JJ:  That is actually part of the second coming, but the individual that walked the streets of Jerusalem still exists; and He could incarnate again or He could simply manifest a body. The Higher Masters have the ability to manifest a body and it is called "The Mayavirupa." This is a body produced of the essence of Their own thought. He could manifest one of those and walk among us if He decided to or He could incarnate as a baby, or He could do an overshadowing as He did last time. That is one thing that is not very well understood about the first coming of Christ, was that it was accomplished not by one person but by two people. Jesus was actually the reincarnation of Joshua who was with Moses.

His mission was to prepare a vehicle for The Christ. He and John and a number of people were awaiting the Messiah. There was, only a handful of people that understood how the coming of the Messiah was going to happen. Most people completely misunderstood this. There were maybe a couple dozen people on the whole planet that understood it correctly. Now we are told that the Second coming will be similar to the First coming so if only a handful of people understood it the first time then it is quite possible that only a handful will understand It this time as well.

Audience:  "36 people."

JJ:  (Laughter) Yeah right! When Jesus ascended an angel came to the Apostles and told them that; "As ye have seen Him into Heaven, even so shall He come out of Heaven in a similar way." Okay. What is interesting about that occurrence is the Christian world thinks that; "Oh, He is going to come out of heaven and everyone is going to see Him at one time." But, when He ascended as described in The New Testament how many people saw him?

Audience:  Silence.

JJ:  A couple dozen at the most. So if it is similar, like the angel said, then how many will be aware when He descends?

Audience:  "About that same, number possibly."

JJ:  It also says that He will come like a thief in the night. If millions are aware of His presence when He comes the Second time then would that not be like a thief in the night?

Audience:  "Yes."

JJ:  A thief in the night comes and then no one knows he has come until after he has come. As a matter of fact you do not know a thief in the night has come until the next day. Remember a day with God is supposed to be a thousand years. (Laughter) So that could mean that maybe a thousand years before it dawns on people what happened.