2006 Gathering, Part 5

2010-3-11 04:20:00


No matter where we go and no matter how high we get, we all have to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ. To do this one must understand what this name means. The name Jesus means "to deliver or Savior." The name Christ means "anointed." Therefore, the name Jesus Christ means "anointed to deliver." So one who takes it upon himself the name of Jesus Christ is one who is committed to delivering those who have not gone where He has gone. In other words, to progress so far and then reach back to those who have not progressed and help them to move forward. That is what the name actually means and that is what He did when He came here.

According to the Aquarian Gospel there is a phrase that He repeated over and over again that I really like. He said: "What I can do, all men can do." He came to be the greater example. In the Gospel of Matthew it says:  "Greater things than I have done, so shall you do." So He did not come here to just be our God, He came here to set the example.

So that even greater things than He demonstrated, we will eventually be able to demonstrate. And the reason we can do it is because He showed us what can be done. He showed us greater possibilities with no end in sight. And when people see these possibilities, then we begin to believe that maybe we can do this too.

So this is what the name really means -- that if we want to become like Him, that we take it upon ourselves to take His name and we do that by learning and progressing as far as we can and then we turn around and help those who are farther back upon the path. We help them to arrive at the same place on the path that we are. Then when we help those who are behind us and pull them up to where we are someone greater than us will turn around and help us further along the path and pull us up to where they are and this creates a great chain, a universal chain that is never ending and keeps moving all the lives in the universe from one point to another.

In a way you might call it divine selfishness. Because without this motivation, unless we help someone else, that the being or entity above us will not help us out, then maybe nothing would happen in this universe. There is a certain self-interest that flows through all things.

We were just talking today with someone about the squirrels in my backyard, about how selfish they are. All life forms are looking out for themselves in one form or another. Looking at it from this point it is interesting that the divine plan has it we have to help out those who are lesser evolved than ourselves or farther back on the path than ourselves. We pull them up to where we are and then when the time is right we turn around and there is someone pulling us up. This chain just keeps going on in this unending process.

And this is the true meaning of the name of Jesus Christ. That we are anointed to deliver those who are lesser evolved or farther behind on the path. "Below" is a word that many people do not like but all of us wish to advance on the path. When you think of the path and where each is on the path then that way it is not so much below or above but different places on the path and all of us want to get to a certain point on the path and not all of us know how to get there. We must guide each other to make sure that we all arrive at the same place in the end. By the time we get there many of us will have taken some pretty crazy detours like Assaf over here, but he keeps coming back and centering himself and then he forges ahead.


Audience:  "How do we help others at various stages of awareness?"


JJ:  Some of us have awareness in areas that are pretty good and then in other areas not so good. And this brings in the principle of the blind spot. All of us have a blind spot. On the Internet a while back we posted a reference [see below link] to a website where you could do a test to find the area of your own blind spot -- the physical blind spot. You follow this test and you see that you actually have a place that you cannot see; it is just black. But we do not see it normally because our physical blind spot is hidden from us. And this is typical and corresponds to our spiritual blind spot. Almost all of us have a spiritual blind spot and we all need to find that blind spot and recognize it.


See blind spot test at:



Have you ever noticed that some extremely intelligent people are smart in most things but then slow in other areas? They can be very intelligent and then a certain area they have no logic, no rhyme or reason to what they are doing. They just seem like they are groping in the dark in a particular area. For instance, a person may be a very creative artist, but in business he cannot put 2 and 2 together and finds it hard to succeed. A person on the opposite side of the spectrum may be really good in business but maybe as a carpenter he could not figure out what a square is and so on.

All of us have certain blind spots and one thing that is crucial is to be open to that blind spot because it pretty much has to be identified by people outside of ourselves. And if we listen to people outside of ourselves so we can identify the blind spot we can make much progress in our current life. When we find it we would need to incorporate it into our lives so that we know that it is there and work with that limitation. Doing this would actually remove a lot of limitation.

I really do not think that there is a non-offensive way to describe different places on the path that is completely accurate. Perhaps the best way to say it is to state that from a higher point of view it is not one person that is better than another or anything like this - they are just in differing locations.

I personally like the term "path" because when you look at a path, you do not see it, as one person's location as being better than another. You just see it as each person is on a different place on the path. The person at the beginning of the path always wants to reach the end of the path. We all want to reach a certain point. I like looking at the path idea as the least offensive way to describe spiritual evolution.

People really get irritated with the Christians because of their holy than thou attitude; because they preach that they are saved and everyone else is going to hell. So we certainly want to avoid this and awareness is a good way to describe it. The path is also a good way to describe it. So, it is important, I am not really into political correctness, in fact I enjoy being politically incorrect. I am into speech that makes people feel free and expanding that to a greater freedom. I also like the balance of being sensitive where sensitivity is helpful.

The higher self is composed of this triangle and the upper mind is the mind that goes a little higher above reasoning in the fact that it has contact with these other two points in the triangle. It has contact with the intuitive self and then the higher part, the Atmic Self it is called. This higher part, the highest part from our point of view is that which originates ideas on the higher levels and sends them down through the Intuitional Self; and, then on down to the higher mind and then the higher mind links with the lower mind and send the ideas down the ladder. When you have this flow of energy from the higher self to the lower self then you have the person that can truly see what is true and what is not true in the world of principles. Principles are what I call the language of the Holy Spirit. A principle is worth over a thousand words and it may take over a thousand words to put together one principle so one can really understand it.

One of the differences of the government of the new age and the government of the old age is that the government of the new age will be self-correcting. The problem with all the governments in the past weather they be kingdom, democracy, republic, or whatever, they all deteriorate. Originally they get together and create a new system and at first they seem to be doing well. But as soon as the new system is put in place a strong bureaucratic structure that follows the mark of the Beast arises and it controls with strong authority. It gets more and more restrictive of its citizens until it crystallizes and strangles the citizens more and more until it collapses. And this happens again and again and again.

Most of the governments in the United States and Europe are fairly new historically speaking but they are in the process of getting more and more regulations, restrictions, and laws that bit by bit -- slowly -- they take away the freedom of the people. Right now in the United States the average cumulative tax is 50 percent and in Denmark it is about 60 percent plus sales tax and other taxes as well. In most of Europe it is bad because Europe has older governments than we do and they have learned to get even more out of its citizens then we have here, but we are not that far behind.

A lot of people say says, "You know Europe pays $6 for a gallon of gas, why shouldn't we?" Overall in Europe and most other places the gas is usually twice as high as it is here in the United States. And it is funny people will say "Oh in Europe the price of gas went up so much and we should not be able to get away with cheap gas." But now that the price of gas has gone up and not down to where it was, it is slowly increasing the average price little by little. And when they say that Europe and other countries pay more for gas so we should pay more gas as well. Boy that is an illogical argument! We should reject that reasoning.

So what is happens is the governments get tighter and tighter with more restrictions and eventually they collapse. This is followed by some type of re-organization or renewal. A positive renewal doesn't happen that often. However, a miracle could happen if enough enlightened people got together but they would have to go against the beast of authority, which is always in control and makes it very difficult for change to be brought about. The only way governments are usually renewed is if they collapse and then on the ashes of the old government a new system is built. Two thirds of the time though the new is worse and maybe a third of the time the new one will be better.

So what we want to look at is how long before the United States, Europe, and these older governments completely collapse through their own weight. People have made guesses, some 50 years, some a little less, some more, but most people that have examined it usually say that unless something reverses the trend that we are in, then eventually the current governments will collapse. The communist government in China will collapse or evolve and then be replaced with democracy for a while and then that too will eventually collapse. The government in the old Soviet Union collapsed and was replaced by a new one and it has not matured yet so we will have to watch and see as to how long it will last. You really do not know until it matures.


Audience:  "I wonder what the tax structure was when we here in the U.S. rebelled against England?"


JJ:  Very much less. When we rebelled against the tax on tea in Boston and threw the tea in the Boston harbor it was just a couple pennies on the dollar. I cannot remember exactly what it was, but such a very small amount that the people today would not even grumble about it. But, because they were being taxed without being represented it made them very angry. And so they rebelled against the tax, but the taxes of King George were much less than the taxes we pay today.

The situation today is a little bit like the frog being boiled. If you put a frog in boiling water he will automatically jump out but if you put the frog in a cold pan of water and then turn the heat on very low and gradually raise the temperature over a period of time by the time the frog realizes he is being boiled it is too late. This is the way the governments are; they gradually strangle us with more and more restrictions, and taxes and we are not aware of it until it is too late. It is interesting though that the founding fathers rebelled against taxes much lower than we have today. They would be turning over in their graves if they knew how much we pay in taxes today. Back in that time in history they were very poor so even though the taxes would seem very low to us, to them they were quite high.