2006 Gathering, Part 3

2010-3-7 04:07:00

JJ:  It is funny, one time I was in church sitting near the podium as I was the Ward Clerk at the time when I was learning how to aura's and I began to wonder what color my aura was. After the service I went down into the audience and this older lady, who I believe was from Denmark and about 90 years old came up to me and says, "I was looking up there and I saw this light around you so I thought there was a light shining on you or something but then you moved one way and the light went with you and you moved another way and the light went with you." And I asked her what color she saw. I cannot actually remember what color she said it was, I think she said blue or gold. I thought to myself "Boy that's weird. I was sitting there wondering what color my aura was and this older woman down in the audience saw it and told me what color it was."

I thought that was really coincidental. Especially in a Mormon church! Anyway, I was practicing and practicing and I was just about to give up and then it happened! One day I started to see it. And as soon as I began to see it, it began to disappear. And this is what I discovered. That as soon you begin to see the aura and start to look at it, it disappears. Once you see it, you have to convince yourself that you don't care whether you see it or not. You have to put yourself in a state of mind that I call "not seeing." In this state of mind of not seeing you can actually see the aura. But, when you first see it you get excited and think, "Oh wow, I want to see more of it!" -- and then it disappears. This is really frustrating at first. The books I had did not give instructions about "not seeing," but you have to put yourself in a state of mind where you just don't care. It is a little bit like relationships, if you are chasing some girl and you really tell her how much you care too early, then she'll want to avoid you.

So I began to see the aura and kept concentrating. One morning when I was shaving I kept concentrating while I was doing this and looking in the mirror and finally I could see the aura in the mirror also. And then I began to see more, that one of the things they do teach you about the aura is that it is oval shaped. You know how there is a film on the outer part of a boiled egg after you peel it, There is a film on the outer part of our auric egg. Now the bright colors only stretch out a little but there is an energy that circulates like an egg and our auric egg circulates around this. So I concentrated and I began to see more and more and then I started to see this energy circulating around me.

Then I thought well, the last step is to see the film on the outer part of the aura. And the film on the outer part of the aura holds the key to your power to read thoughts, because what you do is you project with your thoughts. You project your thoughts on geometric forms on the outer part of your aura, and this was really hard to see. I really had to concentrate to see this. I began to see the aura's really clear and then this outer circulating energy of my aura was really tough to see. I would just start to see it and the geometric forms were almost like a kaleidoscope, the geometric forms were changing shape.

It was really beautiful, and I would just start to see them and then they would disappear. It took about 10 to 20 times sensitivity to see this as it did to see the aura and 10 to 20 times of sensitivity to see the aura as it does to see the etheric body. It keeps getting harder to see the farther you go. Some teachers have taught that when Jesus read the woman's thoughts at the well where she said she had no husband and Jesus said, "You have had several husbands," and he was actually looking at the outer film of her aura and watching her thoughts projected and he was able to tell what she was thinking by using that process.

I have found that the several times that I have been able to see my geometrical forms pretty clear has been right between being awake and asleep. Sometimes when I wake up I get a pretty good look at them, but I have to stay right between being awake and asleep because as soon as I wake up it is gone. It is interesting that stage between being awake and asleep amplifies your sensitivity so you have connected between two worlds almost.

The reason you are connected is that, we are connected by two strands of energy, one is connected to our heart and connected to our higher self and the other is connected from our head and when we go to sleep the one in the head is severed, so that part of our selves (the real part) that thinks and makes decisions is gone during our sleep. And when it comes back we can't remember where it went because it did not take the physical brain with us. The physical brain records memories that we can access here in the body. Our true self during sleep is actually gone and it could be in Shamballa or who knows where, teaching somewhere or learning somewhere and when it comes back we have no memory of the part of us that really makes decisions does.

The part that stays here is our emotional makeup. It stays here and this is why our dreams are so scattered is because they are created by our emotional nature -- our emotional nature without the mind. That's why we wake up from a dream and say, "Boy this does not make any sense what so ever." It is because our emotional nature without the mind makes no sense. Our emotional nature stays here and keeps us alive by feeding spiritual energy into our heart center. This keeps us alive during our sleep. And this causes us to have jumbled things and unconnected ramblings when we are asleep. But there are certain times when the mental self and the emotional self begin to merge. When the mental self comes back into the body as we begin to wake, it is between two worlds. It is between the spiritual world and it is in this world at the same time then sometimes for just a very short period of time, we will have a tremendous increase in sensitivity. Has anyone else had this experience where you seem to be between being awake and asleep and you seem to be super sensitive?


Audience:  "Yes, it happens a lot to me. That is the time where you are talking about where one can glean some information or understanding. If the dream was something I am meant to remember it will stay there for a while even until I am almost awake. The being that was talking to me in the dream, I thought it was just a dream but it was not. I was lying there in this state of unconscious and stayed there until after I was awake to let me know that this was not just a dream."


JJ:  Sometimes we will have a very real dream for a couple purpose's. Number one a higher part of yourself participated in the dream to give you information or number two, perhaps your mental self did not go completely to the other sphere during your dream and you were not completely asleep so it was able to channel dreams to you. Some dreams are much more real than others. But it is interesting to think that it gives much light when you understand that there are two connecting sources to our bodies between our physical and spiritual selves. During sleep this mental part of ourselves goes different places and learns, teaches and does many different things and then returns to us and we have no recollection of what transpired.


Audience:  "Are you using the term Solar Angel as in Soul and Soul contact?"

JJ:  A little bit, we explain that as we move along.


Audience:  "You mentioned our job is to wake our Solar Angel and is that what you were tying in when you say that we are in between the sleep and wake states is that one way that we establish Soul contact?"


JJ:  Actually I was not going to say that but that would certainly help in the process. You can actually have a continuity of consciousness through deep meditation but it takes much dedication of practice to be able to do this. As you are going to sleep you concentrate on the center between the forehead and visualize your consciousness there as you are drifting off to sleep but concentrate on staying awake. Then you will leave your body and you can stay in your mental body, which is different than astral travel. In astral travel you leave in the astral body, so to speak, but this is more the mental vehicle. Using the mental vehicle you can return with much of what transpired during the sleeping period.

This way is used by some of the more advanced yogis who really concentrate on this. In the West we are so focused on working to improve our quality of life that we do not have time to spend on the extreme meditation that those in the east are able to do. Some of the yogis just eat a bowl of rice a day and spend the rest of the time in meditation and are completely content to do so. This of course gives them the opportunity to experience some of the more supernatural things that surround us. But then they miss some of the fun we have in the West because there are other things that one can do besides meditate in life.


Audience:  "round the same time you said that we have to wake our Solar Angel you said something like the Solar Angel is not aware of us, or the effect upon us."


JJ:  In other words we think of the higher lives as being aware of everything and the truth is, is that they are not, just like we are not aware of everything that surrounds us. Look at us in comparison to a dog, for instance, Our dog may be extremely aware of something that we are completely oblivious to. Maybe our dog has had arthritis going along up his leg for a year or so and we are not even aware of that because we have not been paying attention and finally the dog does something that makes us aware of that something is bothering him and then we think "well the poor little doggie seems in pain so let's go get him looked at."

This is not an exact correspondence but it is a little bit like this with the Solar Angel. We are the Solar Angel's reflection in a way and we will explain a little more about this later. We actually need to get the Solar Angel's attention so It will look in on what we may need to evolve so that we can be one with the higher parts of our nature. It is just assuming that we are not ready to evolve yet or It may not even be aware that we exist because from It's point of view we are like a dream state and in our dream state we can not really make decisions.

If a monster is chasing us in a dream we don't know that we can make that monster disappear. We do not know that we can overcome that monster. I think I told you this story before that I used to dream regularly that a monster would be chasing me and it would get me cornered and then I would wake up. And then this one time this big, ugly monster that looked like the monster on the movie "Alien" with Sigourney Weaver, I mean it was that ugly! It was a horrible looking thing! It was chasing me and it was big, it must have been about 20 feet tall! And it was chasing me and it had me cornered and I turned around and there was no way out, but instead of waking up I thought I was not going to wake up and the only thing left to do was to fight it.

So I decided to fight it and I grabbed it and I discovered that I was stronger than this monster. I got it down and just started beating the dickens out of it. I never felt so good in my life, and when I woke up from this dream I was on a high for about a week afterwards. It felt so good to beat the dickens out of it after all the dreams that I had of it chasing me and scaring me half to death. When I started beating it up, it had terror in its eyes and before that it had looked sublimely confident. So now I had turned the tables on this monster and it was really afraid. Bruce Lee had a similar dream that he used to dream regularly, he used to dream of this great big ninja he was fighting that was by far much bigger than he was and carried a huge sword. And Bruce had a heck of a time with it. This is kind of a remnant of "The Dweller On The Threshold" in a way and what I might call a leftover from Dweller. (Note: This experience was not an account of me overcoming my Dweller.)

Okay the first part of our lower quaternary is our physical body, which, is composed of the physical body and the etheric body. The second part is the emotional and the third part of the lower is the lower mental. The fourth part is prana or the life principle. What is prana? Does anyone know what that is?


Audience:  "Life energy that flows."


JJ:  Prana is life energy that flows into your etheric body. You have probably heard about acupuncture points on your body, right? These are points where you have a lot of energy currents converging on your etheric body and when they puncture, an acupuncture point it stimulates a place on your etheric body where all this pranic energy is converging. Prana is found in your food and it is found in sunlight, the air that you breathe.

All these things contain this pranic energy which feeds your etheric body and your etheric body is then connected to your physical body and gives it it's shape and it's vitality. So if a person masters his prana then he will learn to master his vitality and will rarely be sick and thus extend the life by a great margin.

The yogis in the East increase their prana by practicing breathing exercises. By using correct breathing methods, one is able to breathe in more life energy and have a greater state of health and eat less food. I would suppose that is why some yogis eat only one bowl of rice a day. There are stories of yogis in the East that do not eat at all. And there are stories of others that do not even drink at all.

Even in the Christian religion there are similar stories. I was reading about this nun a while back who lived early in the last century that did not eat or drink for 40 years. I think she ate the wafers once in a while from the Eucharist. They can do these things because by focusing in on the spirit they can take in more pranic energy. If a person was a master of pranic energy, he would not need to eat or drink at all. This is why Jesus says, "I have food and drink that you not of" because He was able to take in pranic energy and He could sustain Himself for a long period of time with out physical food and drink.

It was written that He fasted without food or water for 40 days and 40 nights. Moses had done the same thing as well. Pretty tough to do without food, but without food and water it is very hard to do. The longest I have gone with out food is 12 days and that was as long as I wanted to go. My friend and I had decided to fast for 10 days and we reached the tenth day and then we were going to break it during the full moon and have a meditation together. Well, what happened is we missed judged the full moon. And just as we were going to end our fast I was checking the full moon and said "Hey, we missed it by two days. We have to go to 12 days to get to the full moon!"

If we had set 12 days to begin with it would not have been so bad but when you have already set 10 days and reached this then it made all harder to fast those last 2 extra days. They were roughest of all because we were all set to finish fasting and eat. I know it would not have been nearly as rough if I had pre programmed myself to fast for the 12 days to begin with. But, then to top it all off on the eleventh day, we went to visit my nephew, Curtis. He was married to a nice little gal at that time who was a great cook. So, we were visiting with them and she brought out these rolls -- beautiful rolls with syrup on them -- you could see the steam rising from these piping hot rolls, and they smelled so wonderful. They were the best looking rolls I had ever seen in my life. I had never seen rolls that had looked any better. And I had never wanted anything so bad in my entire life. I wanted to take just one bite of those beautiful rolls! So I said to her, "Now you have to promise me that when we have completed our fast that you will make me some of these rolls."

Shortly there after they divorced and I hardly saw her anymore, but I still see her every once in a while and I still say to her, "You have got to make me some of those rolls!" It has been over 20 years now and to this day when I run into her I remind her that she owes me some of those good looking rolls!