2006 Gathering, Part 1

2010-3-3 07:34:00

What follows is Part One of the transcription of a three day spiritual retreat hosted by spiritual teacher & author of The Immortal series Joseph John (JJ) Dewey, held in 2006 at Kalispell, Montana, USA.


Solar Angel & Contact

JJ:  First of all in order to contact the Solar Angel, your Higher Self, the Higher parts of your nature, or as Abraham Lincoln called it The Higher Angels of your nature -- there are several layers that we have to break through. Jesus said these words: "Except ye become a little child, you shall no wise enter the Kingdom of God."

What do you think he meant when he said that? Does that mean we are supposed to turn into babbling idiots, all of us, or does that mean we are supposed to turn into little crybabies? Or does that mean that we are suppose to listen to some authority and not think for ourselves? Or does it mean something else about a little child? What about a little child does that mean? What do you think?

Audience:  "Open to wonder and learning without any kind of preconceived bias."


JJ:  Yeah, I am a member of several lists and one list that I was checking out, they were discussing this subject. And the guy is kind of guru, and he was telling the list that you have to become like a little child and whatever I say you must believe. Do you think that is what Jesus meant? Whatever I say you just believe, do not question it, just accept it. I questioned him on this and he condemned me to hell!

Audience:  Laughter.


JJ:  Every time I check out a list or forum, I get condemned to hell, especially, if it is religious in nature. I haven't joined any of the political ones yet, and I don't know what they would they do to me if I did. I would probably get the same type of flack. There was one guy who condemned me to be a son of perdition. The guy said to me, you are the only guy I have ever done this to but you are condemned to be a son of perdition. He thought he had authority because he thought he was the Holy Ghost reincarnated. He thought he was one of the actual trinity.

Amazing the number of big egos out there. I came across another guy a while back who thought he was the second coming of Jesus. He was making all these prophecies, and, so I made a prophecy about him. He was predicting a great earthquake that would happen within two months time and this would signal the end of the world. So I said that the great earthquake would not come but this guy will find some earthquake somewhere and say that this was the great earthquake. And that is exactly what happened. No great earthquake came, but he found some under water earthquake and said, "See? This proves that I am the second coming of Jesus. I am the true prophet."

So what he actually did was exactly what I predicted and what he predicted did not come close to happening, but he still took credit for it. It's amazing with prediction though, how many people will make all these predictions and if one out of one hundred come true then they'll jump on that one claiming to be a true prophet.

I used to collect these "rags" [entertainment newspapers] like "The Enquirer" when they used to have articles about space aliens all the time. Now instead of space aliens they have [American actors] Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and people like that. Others such as the "World Weekly News" and "The Sun" are really wild rags. I have always taken an interest in them, even though I realize a lot of the information in them was not true.

For instance I read about events in Idaho, USA, where stuff was supposed to happen in towns that do not even exist. A while back I saw a picture of the federal building in Fairfield, Idaho and there is no federal building there, it is just a little po-dunk place. So they are definitely making a bunch of stuff up.

I used to collect their predictions. I thought it would be interesting because I was publishing a little thing called "Food for Thought" It was a Boise area publication and we put in over two hundred different restaurants in Boise. It had humorous stuff in it for people to read who were eating lunch and we would sell advertising in it.

I would often put some of these funny prophecies in it and what I did is, two years ago this is what was prophesied, like Elvis [Presley] would be found in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, or something like that, and when you list these prophecies from these psychics from two or three years ago it is kind of humorous because there are so few that ever pan out.

So anyway, one of these that I had seen in these "rags" that was true was the week before Princess Diana died one of them predicted that her life was in danger. This one finally got something fairly close here and I thought she was going to be taking a lot of credit for it. Surprisingly, I never heard anything else of it. I didn't see her taking any credit for it. I never saw any article on it, but I saw a whole bunch of stuff later of people claiming to have predicted Princess Diana's death but you couldn't find any record that they did before hand. This one gal did and she didn't seem to take any credit for it, so I thought that was kind of interesting.

The future is kind of a fluid thing and this is an important thing to realize, is that we are masters of our own destiny and we are the ones who will mold our destiny. There are certain things that are going to happen for sure and have been decided, but the way these things work are two in number: one is cyclic and the other is things that have been decided. We all decided to come here, right? So the chances of us being here right now was created some time ago so there was a pretty good that we would be here, unless of course there was some accident or more road construction.

Audience:  Laughter.


JJ:  So it is important to realize that we are masters of our fate. And until a person realizes that, he will be blown about as the Bible says "with every wind of doctrine," and just be blown about like a ship without a rudder. And where he winds up may be a good spot or a bad spot, but it will not be a spot that is under his control. There is nothing better in life than having things under your control. There's one thing that I appreciate about the younger generation and that's their knowledge of computers.

When I first bought my first computer in 1984 a whole bunch of stuff didn't seem to be under my control. The programs weren't very good, things didn't work very good. My computer froze up a lot, and it still freezes up too much! I know Macs are getting better, and I use a Mac, I know they are improving all the time. It's fun how things getting more under control. Then the Internet first comes and the connection is 28 kilobytes or whatever they were. The connection was really slow, then it went to 56 kilobytes. Now we are on cable things seem to be more responsive and under more control. You can be having fun clicking on something and you get there and then all of sudden your service goes out of commission for 6 hours. When you loose control it is kind of frustrating. But when you get things under your control, your mind is a lot happier; things are a lot more fun.

Yet, so many people think that the way life works is that nothing is under your control. You just have to turn everything over to Jesus and everything to the whims and everything to the heart itself. But have you ever noticed that the people that take control of their lives, are the ones that are the masters of their destiny? They are the ones that are happy.

This sets certain people apart, like say Donald Trump [American business magnate, socialite, author and television personality], for instance. He has a very strong philosophy; he really likes things to be under his control and that is why he is so successful in his field of endeavor. Now to be successful does not mean you have build buildings like Donald Trump did. Maybe you want to be successful in another area like say raising a family. We want to be under control with our kids, but to have control of your children you have to let them have some control too. It can't be all just one way. When we try to have 100 percent control of our kids and treat them like little puppets then we loose control. To have the most control takes a skilled navigator; make a slight turn here and a slight turn here, using your judgment until he puts the ship under his control so the ship arrives where he wants it. If the person who is guiding the ship thinks that he is going to have rigid control and that he is going to just hold it really tight and steer straight ahead. Well pretty soon the ship is going to bear off course and he is going to have to make corrections as he goes. Whether it be with our own life or the kids or the job we each have to take control and make corrections until the goal is achieved.