Freedom from Guilt

Texas Gathering, Part Five
Freedom from Guilt

Question: With what you’re saying about the forces coming in, what if the forces are your own internal working, like those who have the airplane and the ability to wind the propeller but then they say, “Oh but I’m not worthy.” The ego or lower personality gets in the way, even while you’re doing it, that feeling of I’m not worthy.

JJ: This feeling is very powerful. It is a real biggie. It’s like when I had that experience with that schoolmate and I felt the spiritual energy going through me so powerful I thought I must not be worthy to do anything like this. I actually ran home because I was worried that God was trying to strike me dead because I was just this mischievous little imp that was doing something wrong. I felt that I must not be worthy to do any healing. I’ve felt this a number of times in my life as I’m sure all of us have. Every time I have, it has made me go backwards rather than forwards. You have to get over this unworthy feeling.

When the scriptures talk about salvation, what they’re really talking about is being saved from this feeling of unworthiness. It’s really a first step because to be truly saved, as is talked about in the scriptures, you have to eliminate guilt. To eliminate guilt you have to establish a relationship with God in such a way that you recognize that you are a son or daughter of God. When you realize this and really understand this knowledge your guilt is swept away. That’s what true salvation is. It’s to be relieved from guilt. You will not have guilt about anything anymore as long as you live.

The word for ‘sin’ in the New Testament Greek means to shoot an arrow at a target and to miss. To miss the target is what the original word ‘sin’ meant. So, when, in Bible times, they said someone sinned, it means they missed the mark. “Missing the mark” is the literal English translation. It was used by archers back in those days when the Greeks shot an arrow at the target and used this Biblical word. Do you think they shot an arrow and after missing the target said, “Oh, I feel so guilty. I’m such a bad person I’m not going to shoot an arrow at the target again.” We don’t think that way. The original word ‘sin’ was not meant to convey guilt. It was meant to convey missing the mark. When we really miss the mark is when we let guilt enter in and over ride us so much that we refuse to even try again because guilt makes you feel like you’re not worthy. When you feel like you’re not worthy you don’t try again. You give up trying. I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough. I’m not going to try because God will probably be mad at me if I try.

But if you realize that the original word for ‘sin’ means merely to miss the mark, then we look at the people who lived in the time of Jesus in a totally different light. When Jesus said, “Sin no more” He meant don’t make anymore mistakes or bad judgments. So we must learn to be like the ancient Greek archers who, when they shot an arrow and missed the mark they didn’t say they were a terrible person. Instead they took another arrow and tried to shoot again and again. If they missed the bulls eye they tried another one and tried until finally they got it. That’s the way we are when we have achieved the salvation that Jesus taught. We keep trying and trying again. Remember the principle of self-correction? Like our bodies keep correcting themselves, we need to keep correcting ourselves until we finally hit the mark.

That is what true salvation is. True salvation is being able to over ride guilt and negate it. When we make a mistake, instead of condemning ourselves and feeling unworthy or feeling like God is angry at us, we merely say, “Give me another arrow and I’m going to shoot again and hit the mark. I’m going to try again to be a good person. I’m going to try again until I become the type of person I want to be and nothing is going to stop me.” This is actually the true meaning of salvation. We’re saved from guilt which is the biggest missing of the mark there is, which means it is the biggest sin and when you’re saved from guilt you’re saved from your sins. And when you’re saved from guilt you have peace of mind. When you’re saved from guilt and make a mistake you no longer feel condemned. You merely think, “I made a mistake. I’ll try again.” You still have peace. Nothing takes away your peace because you know you’re doing the best you can, you know you’re human, you no longer have guilt about it and you just try again just like you would if you were shooting an arrow at a target.

So, this is an important thing in the point of tension. If we let guilt enter in, the little propeller we’re winding up will end up winding up backwards. The tension begins to be dissipated so that the tension will no longer be there. We must not let guilt enter in no matter how big of mistake we make; it’s just a mistake. You probably don’t want to do it again so let’s move ahead.

Think. If you have a son or a child and he/she makes a mistake, do you want him to feel guilty about it? If he’s willing to pick up and try again aren’t you going to nurture him? Aren’t you going to help him move ahead and support him? Jesus said, “if we being evil know how to give gifts to our children, will not God, being good know not how to do much more than we know how to do?” Yet we think that we will help our children when they fall down but if we fall down God will throw us in hell where we’ll burn forever. We’re going to suffer with this tremendous guilt and God will laugh with glee. No, Jesus didn’t say that at all. He said God is much better than us. He will give much better gifts and much more to His children than we can to ours because in comparison to God, we are very flawed. God is much better than us and He will be able to imagine much greater gifts for His children than we can for ours.

Isn’t that a wonderful teaching to contemplate? Yet how many of the churches teach it? How many of the churches instead teach, “Boy, God’s going to take care of you! All the angles in heaven are going to laugh with glee when they get a hold of you in the next life because you haven’t gone to church lately. You haven’t done some silly little thing that conforms to what some man here on the earth wants you to do.

Guilt is a tremendous method of control. Every person in this room is worthy of the presence of God. If you don’t feel worthy it’s because you’re deceived. Someone has tricked you to think that you’re not. Yea, but I’ve done some naughty things. Like Rob over here has done some naughty things over the past week, right Rob? (laughter) You’ve been a very naughty young man! It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. Nothing can stand between you and the presence of God except for you. You’re the only one that stands in between. If we are really the children of God and God is capable of going much farther in helping His children than we are in helping ours. How far would you go to help your children? Who has kids here? Somebody with a kid raise your hand. Garrett, how far would you go to help your kid get through college?

Response: Whatever it takes

JJ: Say your kid had a car accident and hurt somebody. He didn’t mean it. It was an accident. Would you condemn him? You wouldn’t, would you? What would you do for him? Suppose he was crying and feeling terrible. He was guilty. It was a terrible mistake. Would you be happy to see him suffer? Then why do people think that God is happy to see us suffer? Isn’t that about the biggest deception you can think of? If Jesus was right when He said, “God will go many more steps and He’s much better at giving good gifts to His children than we are to ours.” Yet look at how far Garrett will go to help his kid, even though he had an accident and it was his own fault. He didn’t mean it but it was a stupid thing that he did. The kid is condemning himself. What does Garrett do?

Response: Help him to realize it was just an accident. To do all he can do to correct it then move on with his life.

JJ: Do you give him a big hug to make him feel better? You do, don’t you? And Rob here, even though he’s done some naughty things over the week and irritated somebody he’s working with, he probably even irritated one of his teachers at school. Rob wants to be embraced by God. Do you think God is going to say you don’t deserve a hug? This is the true non-judgmental attitude. It’s that of a father or mother or parent accepting their children when they make a step in a forward direction they will accept them no matter what, especially if the child is making a step in a forward direction. Even though he’s guilty as all get out, the parent will accept him, even parents of murderers or really dastardly people. Human parents, no matter what the kid does, are still there to help them. Most loving parents will be. So no matter what we’ve done there is nothing to remove the barrier between us and the presence of God except for us. We’re the ones who condemn us. It’s just a natural thing that happens when we ourselves, are deceived.

So perhaps the greatest thing that I could present tonight is that every single person is worthy of your next step. Whatever that next step is, you are worthy of it. But when you take it every force in the world will come and try to convince you that you’re not ready, you’re not worthy and you shouldn’t take it or you’ve made a mistake in taking it. You need to go backwards, back to where it’s safe.

So, to create the point of tension, perhaps the most important thing is to take that step to decide then to focus on that decision and follow the highest you know within yourself. Moving ahead following the highest you know continues to create the point of tension as you wind up the little rubber band engine on the little airplane we’re visualizing. As you wind that up by moving ahead and focusing and not retreating, the point of tension is created. When the point of tension is there, you will sense it and things will begin to happen. If you want to go into the next stage of consciousness where you have communion between you and the spirit of God, when the point of tension is reached, one of the greater lives will say, “Behold the seeker has moved a step forward. Let us go greet him. Let us go commune with him. Let us sup with him and he will sup with us. Let us share our presence with him. Let us unfold a new energy with him that he has not felt before and see how he handles it.”

When you have created that point of tension and you’re proceeding along the spiritual path a new energy will unfold within you. It will be something that you’ve never really felt before. You may have felt things in the past but there are new things. You will feel a new energy, a higher energy and you will eventually adjust to it until this new energy becomes a part of your life. Then there is another step after that. There is always another step as long as you’re living here as a mortal being there is always another step in this sphere that we’re in. If you are here and you’re capable of pinching yourself and feeling something you have another step to take. Don’t be deceived into thinking that you’ve taken all the steps that you need because there is always another step to take.

So I want everyone to focus on the idea of drawing the attention of the Christ and His associates and Him sending us an endowment of spiritual energies that we can feel the presence of higher spiritual energies. I know a number of people have desired this and haven’t reached that point yet and want to reach it. There is nothing to stop us. If everyone in this room can stay focused and believing and positive in their mindset, not feeling any ill will toward any other person, not letting any negativity circulate, then we as a group can be elevated together to where we have never gone before.

To this end I’d like to end this meeting with a group prayer that we’ll all say together. Part of the reason for this is that I’ve had several people tell me that as soon as they decided to come to this gathering or think about coming to the gathering that all hell seems to have broken loose in their life. It seemed like something didn’t want them to come here. I know a number of you have told me about this and probably a number who have not mentioned it have also had this happen. I have felt this energy pulling on the group and it seems like the negative energy gave up a day or two ago because it realized it wasn’t going to stop you people from coming. So I’m glad to see everyone here.

Some people here are worried about people at home. So, what I’d like to do is to do a group prayer together and send energies to all of our loved ones so that everyone here can be at peace within themselves, knowing that all of their loved ones are taken care of, wherever they are. I’ll say the words then after I say them, everyone repeat them after me.

Our Father/Mother/God, hallowed be thy name
Let your presence be here upon the Earth as it is in heaven
Let our presence be in heaven as it is upon the Earth
May your spirit be one with our spirits
We call upon you with great faith
And send forth love to all mankind
We know that by the power of faith the innocent are protected
And we send this power to all of our loved ones
That they will be protected from harm
That their spirits will be elevated
That the love of God will surface in their hearts
That they will sense a fullness of joy on the horizon
That we all may be comforted in one
Through the One Spirit
Aumen, Aumen, Aaauuummmen

Delivered May 24, 2002 at the Gathering in Wimberly Texas.

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Keys Posts 2012, Part 12

This entry is part 25 of 40 in the series 2012A

May 26, 2012

Great Mystery to New Member

Brian I’ve seen the terms evidence confused with ‘proof’. Evidence is anything USED to demonstrate the truth of an assertion. Evidence is NOT proof of the truth of the assertion unless it is SUFFICIENT in accordance with an accepted quantitative standard.

JJ Welcome to the group Brian.

Technically one could say there is only proof of one thing and that is Descartes’ statement, “I think, therefore, I Am.” You could even be dreaming that you are at the computer reading this. Maybe you are really a green-eyed monster dreaming about living as a human on planet earth.

Generally, we accept something as proof if there is a very high probability that it is true. For instance, funding an iPad in a forest presents such strong evidence that the device was not created by elements of the forest, but designed and left by some intelligence. One would accept such a premise as proof, not worth even debating.

DNA is more complex than the IPad and it is amazing that this is not considered proof of design, but even more amazing is that some do not even consider it evidence, let alone, reasonable evidence.

It will be fun, when we pass over, to watch atheists after they die and discover themselves still alive in an astral body in the spirit world. Then they will encounter spiritual scientists that work on stimulating our evolution and it will become obvious that the complexity of life didn’t happen by chance but the improvement through greater complexity happens by design just as an improvement in Microsoft Word has to happen by design.

When they see how things are put together through intelligent design they will feel like whacking themselves on the side of the head and saying, “Why couldn’t I have seen this when I was on earth?” He will indeed be amazed by his previous ignorance. He’ll feel like the guy that finds an iPad in a Forest who thought the forest made it and then discovers the obvious truth.

I might point out that my blog on The Majority Speaks is for the general public and not meant to bring much enlightenment to this group – except to give them tools in dealing with others.

This group takes a number of items for granted as a foundation for what is discussed. Among them are:

(1) There is a God or Higher Intelligence. (2) There are higher lives with higher intelligence than generally acknowledged by humans. (3) Death is not the end, neither is it the beginning to our existence. (4) Our consciousness can contact soul energy which is the bridge between spirit and matter and access true principles. (5) The spirit/soul within us can recognize truth and if we tune into it we will experience the ultimate proof/evidence.

Concepts that fall within these five categories are generally discussed, not as to whether or not they are true, but in the direction of seeking greater understanding on them. On the other hand, nothing is off limits if it is of interest to the group.

Brian Some have argued that only an intelligent creator could create intelligent beings. Again, what definition of intelligent are we accepting for this analysis?

JJ I would say intelligence is that which is capable of creating complex order that is not random.

Brian: All but abstract thought can be explained by evolution.

JJ But the question is not based on evolution or no evolution, but whether evolution takes place because it is guided by higher intelligence – just as computer programs evolve because they are improved through intelligent effort.

Brian I think the strongest evidence of the existence of a God or intelligent creator is what I believe to be the innate moral compass. Quoting Sam Harris (The Moral Landscape): “… people who draw their worldview from religion generally believe that moral truth exists, but only because God has woven it into the very fabric of reality; while those who lack such faith tend to think that notions of “good” and “evil” must be the product of evolutionary pressure and cultural intervention.”

JJ I wouldn’t consider a moral compass to be powerful evidence that there is a God or Higher Intelligence. Any sense of morality you want could be programmed into a computer program using current technology. I would say that a living cell and the DNA is many times more powerful evidence.

In addition to this the basic morality of the atheist and believer is very similar. Both generally believe we should not murder, steal, lie, rape, plunder etc.

Brian: While all of these factors, admittedly, influence human values there is empirical evidence that that the brain has an innate ability to recognize right from wrong and trigger responses to the body. If a human was isolated from the above influences and kept in a sterile environment for years, receiving nutritional sustenance, his response to a posed moral dilemma would mirror most of civilized society. Science has identified hormones known as vasopressin and oxytocin, considered to be stress regulators. The brain signals the body to produce levels appropriate to respond to the impulse presented to the body.

JJ Everything manifesting in the physical body are the result of designs first made in the world of Spirit.

If one says Microsoft Word has a spell checker and explains how words get spelled correctly he would be far from the full explanation. The much fuller explanation is that the spell corrector was intelligently designed and added to Word. This is the real reason spelling is corrected by the program.

Brian: Guilt isn’t something learned (although one often hears about it). Guilt is an emotion from within!

JJ I have written a lot about guilt and illusions around it. If you do a Google search in the archives on the word you’ll find a plethora of material.

Guilt is learned and can be unleared. All the guilt I have felt in my life was learned and I unlearned it and have not had a twinge of guilt in decades. If I make a mistake I now just see it as a mistake that needs corrected. If I hurt someone I will feel bad about it but not guilty. Guilt has no reason behind it. One can be made to feel guilty about eating peas or drinking coffee – as in the Mormon church.

Brian; I’ve also seen some discussion here about the ‘special’ status of humans in the mind of God. (I’m paraphrasing)Well let me try to look at that another way: What if this (meaning this human life) is the reward for prior existence or prior deeds?

JJ Just about all members here believe in reincarnation and believe that the situation we are in now was influenced by past lives. Brian: What if the senses are the ultimate gift?

JJ Our senses are indeed important. The inner connection with Spirit is perhaps even more important.

Again, welcome to the group and hope you have a good time here.


May 26, 2012


Dan: What is the defining difference between “feeling bad” and “feeling guilty” in this context?

JJ Sin comes from a Greek word meaning “to miss the mark.” When the ancient Greeks shot an arrow at a target and missed they said they sinned. When they missed the target they felt bad but they didn’t feel guilty and unworthy to try again.

Unlike the original meaning, when the religious person “sins’ he not only feels bad he missed the mark but adds the dimension of guilt where he feels unworthy to try again until a period of self loathing has passed and the feeling of guilt has lowered in intensity.

He who is without guilt can make a mistake and get right back in the game without the drawback of the self loathing feeling holding him back. Without guilt your feelings are governed by the reasoning mind.


May 28, 2012

The Body of God

Brian: I think the modern man also has greater faith in the intuitive realm. What I have difficulty with is ‘the order’ of things JJ mentions. For example, an intelligent God, “beyond time and space” is completely inconsistent with my concept of order. When humans reference the universe I think most of us mean ‘everything, everywhere’. (including God if one believes). So, how could there be something that is NOT EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE? If there’s something that’s external to EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE then, at the very least universe means something else.

JJ Your thinking is correct here. I have never said that God was not everywhere. Since the universe is created from the mind of God then God has to be present in it. The Life of God incarnates into the universe itself. The physical body of God is the universe.

However when the universe folds up then the body of the universe decays just as our dead physical bodies do. When matter as we know it no longer exists then there are no physical bodies for God or man to incarnate into.

When the universe is in existence then God incarnates into time and space. When the Universe folds up then God along with you and me live in formlessness apart from time and space. There is no time and space because time and space are not measured during pralaya. Time and space can only exist when there is measurement. However, time and space still exists as an idea. This idea is like an eternal seed that grows again and a new universe is born.

In the higher planes such as the atmic and beyond time and space exists as an idea but is not measured as happens here. Even so, the physical world, which is incarnated in time and space, exists along side the atmic plane. The Life of God exists in all the planes and is present through the entire universe. It is not separate from the universe.

Brian: The energy changes matter, within this universe, but NEVER changes the mass of this universe. JJ Mass does change. When energy is released a small amount of matter is changed to pure energy. For instance, the bomb at Hiroshima converted a couple grams of matter into pure energy that had no measureable mass.

Brian Ultimately, it is that “feeling” that “intuition” of which you speak, that allows me to KNOW there is something greater, HERE, NOW, part of EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE!

JJ Right on.


May 29, 2012

Examining the Great Mystery

JJ Quote: “But the question is not based on evolution or no evolution, but whether evolution takes place because it is guided by higher intelligence – just as computer programs evolve because they are improved through intelligent effort”

Johann You seem to think that there was no beginning or end to evolution, of either ourselves or God and God has to improve upon his own intelligence through becoming in and through form. There has to be a starting point of that evolution just as there was a starting point to the evolution of computers or when you are building a city or a house.

JJ There is a starting point to any individual creation and every cycle but there was never a starting point to creation itself or to cycles, neither was thee a starting point for the process of evolution. There is a starting point for each round of evolution.

As you say, there is a starting point for building a house but there is no starting point for life, which is eternal, in building or creating all kinds of things.

Johann: You state that there is no end or beginning to beginnings and endings. So you begin and finish putting in the windows before the walls are up. Or in other words, God was always super intelligent.

JJ Putting in the windows before the walls are up has nothing to do with anything I have taught. I have never advised anyone to work in this direction neither have I said God does.

This creation which God (of which we are a part) is in is just one of many from the past. This universe is a different challenge from any which was created before it and, no, He doesn’t yet consider Himself super intelligent in dealing with it. He is learning how to bring it to perfection. In creations of the past He evolved to what we consider super intelligence in dealing with his creations, but in this one He is learning and becoming.

Johann He must at some point been much dumber than your average rock and had to work himself up to the point he is now.

JJ It took a lot of intelligence on the part of God to create the first rock and there is tremendous intelligence built into it.

When this universe began, all of us along with God started as newly incarnated babes to learn from trial and error. As we learned a lot in past lives and bring with us earned intelligence from them even so the Life of God learned from past creations and brings His native intelligence to this one.

Johann But not according to your model for there is no beginning or end to the creator or to concrete beginnings and endings. Do I have to spell it out any further? This makes no sense at all. As I said, a proposition that does not make any sense and neither does the alternative, that there was a beginning or end to it.

JJ You say that no beginning and end makes no sense and neither does a beginning and an end. The trouble is you have to pick one because they both cannot be true. Either a thing is endless or it is not.

Everything that has form has a beginning and an end to that form. On the other hand, there is no beginning and end to the creation of form and here is why.

Let us suppose there was a beginning to the creative process. This would mean there was a beginning to cause and effect which is behind all creation. If there was a beginning to cause and effect this means that before the beginning there was no cause and effect.

As long as there exists anything at all in the universe there is cause and effect.

If there was at one time no cause and effect then nothing would have existed – no life or intelligence or matter – nothing.

If nothing existed and there was no cause and effect then this universe could have never been. We would not be here.

But… We are here.

Therefore, there was no beginning to cause and effect and creation. – though each creation has a beginning and an end to its form.

This universe is just one of an unlimited number of possibilities. It is built on a foundation of seven rays. The Life of God can create future universes on all kinds of different numbers and forms and go on forever without creating the same thing twice.

You are asking me to explain the greatest mystery there is, and it indeed boggles the mind to contemplate it but we can get a handle on some, but not all things.

Hope this helps.


May 30, 2012

Conspiracy Theory

Some conspiracy theories are quite credible. Check this out.


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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 23

This entry is part 8 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Audience: In raising my son I do not even want him to feel guilty because of what we feel or think so what I try to do with him is I will just suggest that he make his own decisions, this might be what I choose to do, and I just want to have him figure out himself. If he feels right about doing it and does not feel guilty then go ahead and do it even though I might, I want him to learn that.

JJ: Another interesting thing to do with kids is to just ask them, “what do you think? Do you think stealing this cookie is the right thing to do?” Let them judge for themselves, and they will say, “well I guess not.”

Then you say, “What do you think Mommy should do to you for stealing this cookie?” And they will often come up with a worse punishment than you will come up with such as, “I guess I deserve not to have cookies for a week.”

Audience: 1st member: Unless the child is not buying what they are doing is wrong in internally.

2nd member: When I was younger up until about the age of ten, God was never mentioned and my father was very strict. Until I was about ten, I heard nothing about God and no one talked or taught me anything about God. We had a Catholic back round and his sister came to visit and then she wanted us to take first communion so we began to go to church to prepare and take lessons. The nuns were teaching the basic principles there and the funny thing was that I knew the answers and I do not know where they came from because I had never been taught anything about God.

JJ: Did you feel guilt much when you were a child?

Audience: I was really good so I did not. Laughter My brother got picked on a lot so I felt a little guilt there and neither one of us liked our father. But I do not associate with the word guilt. I do not even think of fear, I just think to do what is right or to obey.

JJ: Yes and we have a sense of right and wrong within us and when we violate that there is a natural guilt that comes because we do not really understand how to resolve it when we are young. We don’t understand that it is just a mistake and not a violation. If we see it as a violation it is different than seeing it as a mistake. The original word for sin in the bible comes from a Greek word meaning, “to miss the mark.” So when the ancients shot an arrow at a target and they missed they sinned according to the word.

When you shoot an arrow at a target and you miss you do not think that you are such a bad person and think that you are not going to shoot another arrow at another target until you feel better. No, you just shoot the arrow at the target right away and that is the way we are supposed to handle a sin or a mistake.

But what we do instead is we start to condemn ourselves and we see it as a violation. If you shoot an arrow at a target and miss you see it as an error, but if we view it as a violation we have a totally different view and we can suffer this guilt. So whether it is an atheist or believer child if they see that when they steal a cookie is a violation rather than an error then they will condemn themselves to a degree.

Audience: There are some things that I think guilt would be accurate for, I would think that betray a master, cheat on my husband –  that is an action that I am doing that should cause guilt, right?

JJ: No if you were violate a great light and you understood guilt and how to resolve error, what would happen is the light from your soul would be taken and you would feel quite depressed over this. You may not feel guilty but you would feel a tremendous loss which could be very painful. You do not feel guilt, you feel the pain of desertion.

So if you were under the tutelage of a Master and you committed this violation of His trust then He would withdraw His light and your soul would withdraw it’s light and you feel a tremendous amount of spiritual pain over this. You would either have to choose to go to the dark side or straighten yourself out. If you understood guilt and knew how to resolve it then you would not feel guilty over it. Now if you were to feel guilt on top of everything else then that would make it even worse.

Audience: (Wayne) The problem I have that others may share a little bit is that I can resolve and do quite often. For example I will take that extra piece of cake, and I feel genuine guilt and I am ashamed that I took the second piece or the larger piece but then can tune it out until I eat and then I see evidence later. I end up consuming the guilt.

JJ: Nothing is completely good or bad and even guilt serves it’s purpose. Many do not understand how to resolve guilt. Guilt at least will guide them basically the right direction but it is not very efficient. It is like going back to shooting the arrow at the target. If you only shot once a month and then went and cursed yourself once a month it would take a long time to become a good archer. Eventually you could do it, it would just take a long time and that is the way it is with us. If we are progressing because of the guilt it is very inefficient because it takes us a long time to move ahead.

When we make a mistake we curse ourselves and feel unworthy to try again for heaven knows how long, and some people it will take an entire lifetime to make any progress. They may have an accident, injure someone and feel guilty for the rest of their life and never accomplish anything because they do not feel worthy of enjoying their life because they hurt somebody else.

So, guilt is a primitive guide but it is a guide that moves the masses overall slowly along. This is one of the reasons that during our first seven or eight hundred lifetimes we make such slow progress. We progress very slowly until we reach near the end of the wheel so to speak. When we resolve guilt so we can get it out of the way. Then our learning is greatly accelerated. This is a major milestone in resolving guilt.

The Bible talks about being saved of your sins, what this means basically is being saved from guilt. Once we understand guilt and resolve it then we are delivered or saved from the lower nature and our learning and progression is greatly accelerated.

Audience: It sounds like another form of worry, an ineffective crippling type of impediment to slow us down.

JJ: All guilt produces worry but all worry does not produce guilt. It is a closely related emotion.

Audience: When I was young I lived with my grandparents and my grandmother was very religious and she used to stand us up in a line and explain to us that before long the Russians were going to be here and the first thing they were going to ask was, is your allegiance to Jesus Christ? She would make us answer, and I would be walking home from school looking for the Russians over my shoulder. Laughter

JJ: That would make you nervous. That was the way it was in the days of ancient Christianity. Once a year you had affirm allegiance to Caesar as god. If the regular Christian would do this than they would go ahead and let him go and he could attend his service and so on. They just had to affirm that Caesar was lord and of course the Christians could not do that so they were persecuted. All they had to do was that one thing. I imagine that ones that did affirm Caesar as lord had a tremendous amount of guilt over it.

Guilt is a major thing and for us growing up and becoming adults the main thing that causes guilt is what we have been taught because very few people understand that they are to be guided by their inner God – the God speaking to their heart within themselves. Then they have an outer god somewhere.

Even many new agers that I have met that claim to go by the inner God still have guilt and the reason is because they have not got rid of that outer god yet. Many of them will have the outer god as a guru and the guru may teach the inner God but if they violate what this guru says then their mind computes it as violating what God says. Because the guru has such power over their hearts and mind, they still have not let go of the outer god idea even though they all believe in the inner God.

A number of new agers I have talked to were raised in a religious setting and in talking to them you can tell they are still bothered by things. If you start talking about religion with them they will often bring up something and you can tell by their emotional reaction that they are still strongly affected by this and still have a little fear of going to that hell fire in the next world and they are trying to suppress it.

They put in the back of their mind and they have not resolved that belief and they will claim to have a more enlightened philosophy but when you talk to them you find out that damnation and hell still kind of bothers them and they have not got it completely resolved. You can usually see tell tale signs like when they talk about religion they feel angry. We need to resolve all the anger, the guilt, just let it all go. If the parents forced you to go to church and you did not like it then just let it go. Again we need to let it all go so that we can put all of our attention on the God Within.

The key in understanding this is that “Energy follows thought” and if your thought is totally between you and the God Within then you can resolve all the outer conflicts. If your thinking is controlled by an outer source then you are going to have some problem with guilt. Most of us are influenced by the outer god our entire lives. I would say over 95% of the population is controlled by the outer god to great degree. The only way to release our selves from that control is to realize that the law of God is written within our hearts.

The Bible talks about the age of peace to come and it says, God will write His law upon your hearts and this is where the law of God needs to be written. If the law of God is given outwardly or in the words of a book and if these words of the book are read to us, or this prophet speaks to us or outer authority, a preacher or priest, is speaking the words of god to you and you accept that as the word of God then he has power to make you feel guilty because you are accepting the outer god instead of the God Within. When we accept the outer god then we have power to feel guilt.

I remember the time when I released from guilt entirely, when this teaching really dawned on me. It was when I was excommunicated from the Mormon Church. When I was in the church I obeyed the rules of the church. Because I obeyed the rules of the church, even though I understood a lot of these principles, I could still feel guilt. Then when they excommunicated me I had no outward authority anymore so I had to look totally within and one thing that dawned on me was I did not feel guilt anymore, I thought this is great! This is the best thing they could have done for me was to throw me out! (Laughter)

And since that time I have not felt guilt over anything. I have made mistakes but when I make mistakes and I realize it is wrong to make a mistake I have that attitude that shooting an arrow to a target and if I miss the target then I am going to do better next time. And so my progression has been greatly accelerated since they threw me out as I have no outward authority telling me what to do so I have had to rely on inner authority. If you have not been excommunicated from your outward authorities then excommunicate yourself. Release the outer authority and say, “you have no power to make me feel guilty. I am not subject to you.” What was interesting was even though I thought of myself as enlightened while I was still in the church I did not realize until I was thrown out that the church still had residual power over me even though I realized these things.

Additional Note: Excommunication by itself is not enough to release a –person from guilt. If I had still held the view that the word of the Mormon authorities was closer to God than the inner voice then I would have still been plagued by guilt. Because I let go of the outer voice and gave heed to the inner my guilt was no more.
Copyright 2006 by J J Dewey

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 24

This entry is part 9 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Note: I just discovered that the recording equipment was unplugged and we missed about a half hour or so of the discussion.

JJ: At every gathering there is some fluky thing that happens. One gathering (at Nauvoo) I forgot to bring the power cord for this little gizmo and we missed a good recording of about half of the gathering. Rick and Keith went over to Radio Shack but they did not have the right cord because it needed a special cord. Fortunately Rick is very adept with electronics and he improvised with some stuff from radio shack and we got it working so we got the last half of the Nauvoo gathering recorded. Caroline brought a video camera and recorded the first part but it was not good enough quality to put on MP3’s but it was good enough that we got the words recorded and Mindy to her credit got it all typed out.

To re-cap what we said, we have got the part recorded on guilt and what was not recorded was suppression. Suppression of emotion is one of the main causes of illness. Suppression, guilt, anger, negative feelings, these are things that affect us physically and emotionally. But then let us move on to the mental, what is there mentally that causes us to be ill?

Audience: I talked to the light keepers like Sharon and they said that schizophrenia or mental illness is when you let an entity or dark force take your mind over.

JJ: Yes that is possible, what happens there is when a person leaves some type of door open and that door can be open through fear or guilt. If you overcome fear and guilt then some entity will not be able to enter. Weakness and if a person drinks too much alcohol it can make him susceptible to certain types of entities that are attracted to people who drink too much or use drugs too. Too much of anything, excess can open the wrong doors for the wrong type of influences to enter in and manipulate an individual.

Audience: 1st member: On the issue of schizophrenia they are looking at the possibility of it being a sleep disorder. That when a person with this disorder wakes up the brain is not completely awake and seems to be lingering in the dream state and you know how our dreams can be.

2nd member: (Wayne) The mental illness we all know can be a direct result of physical injury and another open field of it is taking the course of just putting your ducks in a row and be able to associate in a rational and predictable manner. So we two types of mental illness, one that is more emotional and one that is more physical.

JJ: What they call mental illness is usually related to something emotional. What physiologist’s do is lump the mental, emotional and every that is wrong and just call it mental. Also there are injuries that happen that are not associated with true mind or emotion and it is just screwing up your circuitry and you are influenced in a strange way. If you realize what is going on as this happens then you will have a lot more control over it.

True problems with the mind happen because of illusion; your mind is responsible for how you are programmed. If you program yourself wrong like I think I have myself programmed wrong in certain ways and that is why I forgot to plug my computer in. So we have these programs that run within us and we have to find what the programs are.

The scientologists have a method where these use these E-meters and take people back in the past. But they do not really always find the illusions; they find the emotional hurt again and again which is not a bad idea because they have this method where they can resolve the hurt. They can also uncover some little programs that are running within you. One of the things they teach is that you have your regular conscious mind and your reactive mind. The reactive mind is a very simple part of ourselves that just records everything that is entered and the recorded thing is more strongly entered during a period of pain. This is why like  Tom Cruise (when his wife was giving birth) wanted total silence because when you are under going any stress or pain whatever you record is like a powerful hypnotic suggestion.

It is funny with me, I never really lost many things until I had the accident with my hand and after the accident I started to loose things like crazy. I started loosing pens and such and it still drives me crazy that I loose pens. So I wondered that while I was under anesthetic and on the operating table what someone said, that that poor kid is going to lose part of his hand and that word “lose” must have entered into my head as hypnotic suggestion, because after my accident I started loosing all kinds of things.

Audience: (Wayne) Joe has always been kind of a creative guy coming up with ideas that I would not have even considered. He got interested in rockets ordered out of magazines, little bottle rockets and such. He ordered a bunch of these things and called me over one time to have a look at them and he was in the living room with them sorted out like he was the general with this kind of rocket and this kind of rocket here.

JJ: They was like the rockets in the movie “October Sky” if anyone saw that movie. Now before my accident I made a lot more dangerous home made rockets and after that I bought the model ones which were not as dangerous. The church authorities had come to visit me in the hospital and they said, “Well I bet this taught you not make rockets, huh kid?” And I said no, I would not be making any until I get out of the hospital. I am not going to stop making more; I am just going to be more careful! I did so enjoy watching their reaction while I was telling them this!

Audience: (Wayne) Anyway Joe was in his living room with all these things separated into their own individual piles and the thing that amused me is that he was counting them and that was okay the first time because he had 12 of these and five of these and four of these and stuff you know and so I asked him, are you sure you had twelve of those and in the meantime I had taken one of them. (Laughter) And I said that I was not sure you counted right and of course he went over there and there was only eleven and he said, “I can’t believe it!” And while we were doing this I would take another off of another pile. (Laughter) And put the one back to twelve again. It took him about three times and he was going, “I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! (LAUGHTER!!!) I COUNTED THOSE THREE TIMES AND I KNOW THERE ARE THIS MANY! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!

JJ: I should have known better than to call on Wayne.

Wayne: Anyway talking about loosing things I got probably the strongest reaction from Joe that I have ever seen from anyone about loosing things when he was a kid.

JJ: The reason that it was so believable was because I lost so many things and it was like a plague that followed me around! Laughter!

We also have certain beliefs and to overcome illusion one of the last things we have to do before a person achieves true enlightenment is to find out how we have programmed ourselves wrong. There are these little programs that enter in through pain which are called engrams and there is not much we can do about them except go through a regression where we go back and examine them, figure out what they are and then release ourselves from them.

There another type of programming which is our belief system. With our belief system we may be completely logical in every way possible but if the foundation of our belief system is based on some error than it does not matter how logical or reasonable you are. An original error will multiply itself and then you have all kinds of error. I have talked to religious people that are very intelligent, reasonable and logical, but they rely on some original error they have. Many of these errors can also cause illness.  For instance, either you believe that mankind is basically good or evil. Each of us needs to go back to our foundation beliefs and they are very hard to find because you can be completely logical and reasonable but if you have a wrong foundation belief it is going to create all kinds of problems.

Other instances of a foundation belief are that we have foundation beliefs about God, family, relationships and what we are supposed to achieve from relationships. We have foundation beliefs on health. One foundation belief that in my opinion almost everyone is wrong on is that there is really no cause for disease and another one is, life is not fair. When I was a kid everybody said life was fair and then somebody at one time spouted out, you know life is not fair.

This registered with everyone because they looked around saw that people are rich, some poor, some healthy, some not healthy, some with abundance and those without abundance, so life does not seem fair. When you take into account that there is reincarnation and every thing is balanced of in the end for all then you find that life truly is fair.

I found it interesting though that when I was young everyone thought God was fair and now everyone thinks God is not fair. They do not really say God is not fair but they say life is not fair. This started about 10 or 20 years ago and I do not remember when I first heard this “life is not fair” statement, but from the time I first heard it the circulation really began to spread with this statement, now you hear a lot. On many TV shows you hear people saying that “life is not fair and you just have to accept it. If we think that life is not fair then if a person gets a disease they think well, life is not fair so I guess I am getting my share of unfairness.

But if you also believe life is not fair then you also have to believe that God is not fair. If God is not fair then that means we can be struck down at any moment and there is nothing we can do about it. There is always something you can do about anything and if you think life is not fair then you will not assume your power and your power is that there is always something you can do about anything.

If life is not fair then that means that there are certain things that you just cannot do anything about as far as your happiness, health, vitality and things like this. Now there are a handful of things that we cannot do anything about. Take gravity for instance, it is just something we have to accept. But as far as affecting our health, vitality, our moods and happiness, we are the ones in charge. It is not because life is unfair produced by an unfair God making everything unfair and we only have one life and we just have to handle it that some of us have a good life and some of us have a bad life and nobody knows why so and so got cancer or heart disease or died suddenly.

There is a reason for everything but if we discount this and just say, well, the guy had this problem and life is unfair and that is the only reason it happened then we are deceived. No, it happened for a reason, everything that happens is caused by something. For every action there is reaction, for every cause there is an effect. If a person has low vitality, disease, marital problems, relationship problems, whatever problem the person has there is a reason for it.

It is amazing that is politically incorrect if someone gets a disease to say, “There is a cause for this.” People get upset if you say that because they do not want to blame the person. They say well, this person is a good person and there is no reason for them to get this cancer; it just happened. It did not just happen, everything happens because there is a cause.

Cancer, for instance, is often caused by suppression of emotion. Heart disease is caused by an unfolding of the heart energies and the person is not able to handle the energies and he does not recognize them. For instance, he may have an unfolding of heart energy that is telling him it is time to learn how to handle a higher form of love than he is used to. He has been expressing a selfish love and now it is time to learn a bit of a higher energy of love. The person rejects this and when they reject it then this causes a blockage in the flow of energy and causes heart problems.

Often times it takes two or three lives to handle a new energy like that. He may have heart problems for two lives and then he gets so tired of it that he finally pays attention to it and learns his lesson and gets a break where he has health for a while and then his soul says it is time for a new energy, and a new energy unfolds, maybe something in his third eye, the he has sinus problems like Lorraine over there! (Laughter)

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It’s A Sin

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  Today the average person sees a sinner as “a person who will let his hair down” and have a good time. Thus if you are not a sinner you’re pretty much an introverted geek. If you don’t sin a little you’re just not cool. But in the days of Jesus it was not cool to sin because the word sin had quite a different meaning from today.

2  The word “sin” comes from the Greek HAMARTANO which literally means “to miss the mark.”  “Out of harmony” or “error” would be other ways to put it.

3  Sin is merely error and there will always be error of some kind in the worlds of form, but every error that we have will eventually be dispelled by light and the application of that which is revealed.

4  Fables have indeed been built around many of the teachings of Christ, including the sacraments.

5  Sin among humanity is corrected when light is manifest and a link with the will of God is established to enable the disciple to stand in the light.

6  We cannot justify our harmful actions, our errors, and our laziness by merely throwing up our hands and saying:  “I screwed up and drank some Drano. I guess this is part of the perfect Will of God.”

7  If I were to demand or declare that certain teachings be accepted as truth beyond dispute, and others of little worth because they are just mindless opinion, then I would be directing you away from your own self discovery.

8  The ancient wisdom teaches there is only one sin in the real sense and that is the sin of separateness.

9  The heresy of separateness must be dealt with by all groups and individuals whether scattered or gathered, and the danger is especially perilous when successful physical results are manifest.

10  The icon that is worshipped is not the Christ, but a dim astral reflection with no intelligence.

11  Individuals who believe they are in the most subjective groups on earth can be as guilty of this feeling of specialness as the close knit religious extremists.

12  Separateness is the “root sin.” From it springs every physical evil that confronts mankind. It lays the foundation to the great illusion that we are all isolated entities and therefore breeds individual and group selfishness.

13  Separateness is settled in with humanity whether we are working individually or collectively and will not go away by ignoring it. It must be prepared for, faced, and dealt with. The strongest weapons against it are enlightenment and inclusive love blended with power.

14  If we then, being imperfect, know how to treat our children with reasonable helpfulness, would not God who is perfect be even more loving, more giving and give us better and more exciting creative gifts than any of us can give to our children? Who could be afraid of a God like this? Jesus was teaching that it is silly to think that God, who is our Father, is sitting on some throne ruling in anger, waiting to destroy us at the first sign of rebellion. If your own child makes a few mistakes would you send him to some fiery hell to burn forever? No. A thousand times no! If we would not do that to our children, then why in the hell do people think that God would take some type of fiendish delight in seeing his own children suffer so?

15  Is one normally criticized for moving from one city to another to better himself, or for building a new home to improve his condition? It is no greater sin to desire to gather with like minds and participate in building the kingdom of God. In fact it is not a sin at all and we should not have to defend ourselves to rational people on this point.

16  Responsibility only enhances freedom and prosperity when it is reasonably free from illusion and motivated with pure intent. It is a virtue but virtues can be misplaced.

17  To live in the body and enjoy a higher state of life because of the body, yet reject the body because it has nothing to offer, is a contradiction in terms.

18  Abortion is an error, but not as bad a murder of one who has an investment in life; nevertheless, the freedom to commit this error should not be infringed when the pregnancy is young.

19  Good statistics can only defend a falsehood when some of the truth is left out or the margin of error is high.

20  There are those who think it is blasphemy to consider that God can be anywhere except sitting on a throne in heaven being worshipped by his hosts.

21  Obviously, we are better off avoiding really bad mistakes if some are so bad it would be better if we had not been born in order to avoid them.

22  To recognize sin is to merely recognize error and then seek to correct it, not through guilt but through practice and by common sense.

23  The negative effect of error is guilt.

24  You seek for justice not for revenge but to assist, by the aid of law, in rendering the abuser harmless, to protect society from harm and to guide, by justice, the offending person away from his error.

25  Sacrificing everything for nothing is a sin against all that is holy if there ever was one.

26  Much of my family, who are mostly Mormons (several have broken away), see me as so far astray that it would be a sin to read my book.

27  Some may not give a rat’s behind as to whether the Master plants his feet among us or not, claiming instead that they have the Christ Consciousness and that is good enough.

28  The true antichrist not only denies the coming of Christ in the past, but the coming of Christ in us in the present and the future.

29  Jehovah commanded Moses to “let me alone,” but Moses ignored him and argued for his people, yet it was not accounted a sin because Moses was manifesting the same Spirit of the One God as was Jehovah and because they both listened to that One Spirit they reached agreement.

30  The sin against the Holy Ghost is really a sin against the soul where the soul contact is denied after having received it. This happens when you feel it but say you didn’t feel it.

31  Everything that we consider a sin that really produces harmfulness in this world comes from being separative.

32  Each of us is responsible for our own actions and each of us can be influenced positively or negatively by either a saint or a sinner.

33  Rape is a sin of violence rather than one of sexual pleasure.

34  Doubting the word of God is not a sin. How can one even know if a statement is from God unless he doubts it first and examines it logically and through the Spirit?

35  Attachment is a very misunderstood concept and is often mistaken for virtue.

36  The principle of atonement releases us from the negative effects of sin or error.

37  We are being indoctrinated with the idea that the basic nature of human kind is evil and the only way around it is to force men and women to do good. And, that we must pass laws to force us to wear seat belts, helmets, obey speed limits, and to abstain from harmless and harmful drugs. Taxes are forced from us to spend on hundreds of give-away projects for our own good whether we agree with them or not.

38  That which creates bondage is sin and freedom is obtained when the truth releases us from sin.

39  If you want to fight then come out in the open and fight; and do not hide behind the words of love, peace and oneness.

40  Have you noticed that most of the true successful people don’t really say much about their success but just go forward and demonstrate it? Yet time and time again people hire financial advisors who have done nothing in their lives but advise and success motivators who have only succeeded at convincing others that they are successful.

41  I personally think that the various holidays are one of the most positive aspects of our world-wide culture. There is always more goodwill during them and people as a whole are more cheerful and reflective of positive things in life. It saddens me when I see a large percentage of them condemned by those with fanatical beliefs calling Halloween evil, Christmas anti-God or Thanksgiving as hypocritical.

42  How can dwelling on Thanksgiving–or the spirit of peace and love at Christmas ever be a bad thing?

43  If you or anyone you know still has even the slightest desire to help your brother or sister then you have not committed the unpardonable sin.

44  When it is written that Jesus saved the world from its sins, the meaning is simply that He left the teachings and example necessary to correct the world from its error in belief and thinking. Most people did not believe a man could rise from the dead. Jesus corrected this error by demonstrating power over death, thus he saved the world from sin in this matter.

45  When we err and discover the error, we, through the Will of God, seek to correct the error.

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