2006 Gathering, Part 2

2010-3-3 05:01:00

JJ:  So in order to reach the soul we have to realize that our Solar Angel is in meditation deep. And in meditation, he becomes aware of his reflection. His reflection is us, and it is a little like us dreaming.

When we are dreaming a dream, we are creating this dream and we are not aware that the dream is our reflection. We are not aware of this at all. If you want to have any control of your dream you have to realize you are dreaming, and then take control of your reflection. Then you will find that you can actually manipulate your dream a bit if you want.

This corresponds a little to the Soul. No correspondences are exact but they are always close enough that if we use the Intuition we can discover truth by looking at the lower and reflecting to the higher. Our Solar Angel sees us as it's reflection, but It does not know that we are here as an extension of a life higher than ourselves. And as an extension of a life that is higher than ourselves, we do not know who we are. We are not awake. We are in fact in a high state of sleep so to speak.

When the person realizes the state that he is in and makes contact with the Solar Angel then his Solar Angel actually begins to wake up and realizes that He has a reflection. And then It will communicate with it's reflection. So part of our job is opposite of what most think and that is they think well, I am waiting for my higher self to contact me. What we must do is wake the Higher Self up. The Higher Self is asleep in it's own sphere. The Solar Angel is in it's own sphere of existence in it's own realm and is not aware that It has a secondary reflection realm that is influencing by part of It's nature and influence filters down to us. What we must do is wake up our Solar Angel.

What is the Solar Angel often called our Higher Self?

The Higher Self includes a number of things.

Annie, if someone were to ask you what the Higher Self is how would you respond?


Annie:  An advanced entity that is older than us and He must adapt with us and try to help us to evolve and develop into becoming like it's self one day. But we also can develop the soul energy some day.


JJ:  What is the upper Triad? Do you remember what that is? You have the lower Triad in the lower quadrant area and then the upper Triad.


Audience:  The Monad and the Spirit?


JJ:  Okay, you have the upper Triad. We have the lower part of ourselves composed of our physical nature and our physical nature is composed of two different things. The physical body and the etheric body, the etheric body stretches about a millimeter from your physical body. It is actually very easy to see.

When I was a Mormon teaching seminary instead of calling it the etheric body I told them that I would show them how to see their spirits and I showed them and they went home and told their parents, not long after that I was released from my job. You would think that since I actually showed them how to see something and after all, seeing is believing, that the authorities wouldn't have thought I was out of line. So the physical body is made up of the physical and etheric bodies and we are going to look at the etheric. Look at a light colored back round like white or green and put your thumbs together until they are touching and then produce just a little space between your thumbs; about a quarter of an inch. Now look at the space right in between and now slowly pull the thumbs apart until they are about a half inch apart and you will see a light blue film around your thumbs. How many saw the film? Did anybody not see it?


Audience:  Silence.


JJ:  That is the exact duplicate of your etheric body. After you die the etheric body leaves your physical body and lives a short time unless you are really grounded to this earth and then it will hang around for some period of time. That is one point on the lower quaternary part of your self. The second part is your feeling nature and you can actually see your feeling nature on display by looking at your aura. Your aura stretches about a foot away from your body. If you are healthy the colors are very bright. There will also be different colors depending on the mood and the state of evolution of the mind. There are many different variables. There is usually one color that is prominent in every person's aura. Some will prone to blue, others to violet, and still others to yellow. Good sales people have this color.

A strong mental thinker will have a prominent blue, some people shift colors when they shift from sales mode to thinking mode and there will be different colors displayed on their aura. I first learned how to see auras in church, which in a way is surprising. When I used to go church a thousand years ago, I was reading these books on metaphysics and I was interested in seeing the aura so I read some instructions on how to see it. The best place to practice was during the sacrament meeting in church where a person was standing up and giving a really boring speech and I sat in back concentrating on his head and the speaker would look down and probably thought, well there is one guy paying really close attention at least. Little did he know I was just trying to see his aura. Anyway, spending two hours in church every Sunday evening watching these guys speak gave me really good practice. During that time until the church threw me out my ability increase substantially. By the way if they had not thrown me I probably would have been more sensitive than I am now with all the practice I would have had watching boring speakers. Overall, it took about 2 or 3 months practice before I could actually see someone's aura.