2006 Gathering, Part 6

2010-3-14 09:24:00


The trouble with the gathering today is that there seems to be no place to gather to. No matter where we would want to go on the planet, all the land is already has governments in place. The only place that we could go where there is land available is Antarctica which is 60 below zero. That would be a lot of fun now wouldn't it? May as well stay here and pay the taxes. But there is one place -- a place that covers three quarters of the Earth. Is it possible that most of the Earth is covered with water for a reason -- that it is part of a divine plan to prepare a place for the gathering of Lights in the last days? It is entirely possible. The international waters of the oceans are the only place that the Lights could gather that is not under the control of any government.

Audience:  "The nations of the world at present are trying to figure out to control the oceans."

JJ:  Yes they are trying to do this and that is why we are running out of time here. But if we can get cities built on the oceans before the governments of the world establish more control and establish the cities as nation states, then we can have an in-road to expansion and declare ourselves free from all the governments of the Earth.

Audience:  "We would have to have a nation. What constitutes a nation? There is this one guy that has his own little oil well 5 miles offshore and he deemed himself a nation. He did not have people to govern so they denied him nation status."

JJ:  There is this other guy who has a nation and he went and claimed a platform off of England that was built during the war. The English just left so he went and there with a handful of people and declared it a nation, and he is recognized as a nation and has his own banking system. It is a floating island out there. It is a platform that was built during World War II and he makes money banking out there.

Audience:  "So, what is the number of people you must have to be declared a nation?"

JJ:  I do not know. He just has a couple of dozen people out there and he is a recognized nation state. If it is a ship it has to be linked to some nation because a ship by international law has to be sponsored by a nation. In order to produce a gathering of Lights, we will have build a city that floats upon the sea. We are not talking about a dozen people. The first step is to get my books permeating society to the extent that we can get maybe 10,000 people or more interested in doing this. We need a substantial amount of people interested in building a city upon the sea.

If we try to do this with a small handful of people it will amount to nothing. So the first step is to permeate the consciousness of society with these teachings, and the idea of the gathering so that it will be in the public consciousness. So if we can get something in the public consciousness like "The Divinci Code" is now, we would have something to work with. Let's suppose, for instance, Dan Brown decided to launch a venture about building a city on the sea, and he wrote a book about it. He could probably get maybe a half million people interested as popular of an author that he is. So this is a possibility, but the first step is to permeate society with the ideas. The people who are going to gather to build the city upon the sea are not all going to be metaphysical people. It will be like the founding of America. In America the call was sent forth, "Come to America, the streets are paved with gold." That is what the saying that went forth abroad said. It was a catch phrase and most people realized that this was not a literal statement, but it caught on:

"The streets of America are paved gold. Come to America and have a new and better life."

So people who just wanted a new and better life got on the ship and sailed to America. When we build the cities of Light, the call will go forth again:

"Come to the cities of Light and you have more freedom, you will not be taxed 50 percent. Maybe 10 percent will be the most you will have to pay and this may even be voluntary."

When the time comes we will work out all the details.

I can assure this: that it will be by far much better than it is now. And when they see that there is a new system of government that allows more freedom than we have ever had before in a time when we have technology that we have never had before, many people will fall in love with this idea. Many people already have. It is amazing how many people you talk to that say they wish there was a place we could gather to that would allow maximum freedom without infringing on the rights of the individual -- that would have minimum taxes, maximum light, maximum education.

If we were to put together a system that is better than what is available now, like a new America, that is better than the kingdom governments, it would attract thousands and thousands of people and eventually millions of people.

So how do we build such a city?

There is a number of different ways that we have looked into. One material that is a possibility is called "pykrete." What it is, is ice or water mixed with sawdust and then frozen. They were going to create a platform composed of this during World War II. Just before it ended they had plans for this. Using sawdust and water to make this substance that is almost indestructible. You have to keep it frozen.

The idea was to use the pykrete to build the platform and then build on top of that. They were going to create a refueling station that was an island. They built a mock up in the Great Lakes and they used a 1 horsepower motor to freeze a huge platform out there -- only a one horsepower motor using the technology of the 1940's.

Everything went successfully as planned, and then it looked like we were winning the war and did not need it so they did not complete it. So pykrete is an interesting possibility.

A Japanese man has an idea about building materials for a floating city. His idea is to remove the minerals from the sea itself. He has a process that he invented that can remove the minerals from the sea, and then he claims that the minerals from the sea can be used as building blocks like concrete. So you would build right from the minerals in the sea and have the building blocks from the sea and use in the midst of the construction in the sea. He has quite a plan drawn up for an island system that can resist a "Category 5" hurricane, and he does have the pictures of it on the Internet. It is quite interesting.

There are a number of different methods that could be used. Our good friend Rick on the Keys has put together a building block. It is made of some type of synthetic and looks like a building block that is made from cloth filled with air. He claims that we can build structures that will actually float in the air so that we can have cities that will float above the sea along with cities that will float upon the sea itself. There a number of different materials that could use and what we would do when the time comes is examine all these materials and pick the one that would work best for our needs.

There is definitely a lot of possibility in taking the minerals out of the sea. From the minerals taken out of the sea we could produce building blocks. But before the building blocks are created, there is plenty of gold and uranium that can be extracted from the seawater and sold. Another thing that is in the sea that could be extracted and sold that they have discovered is that there are many herbs that we use for healing. They say there are many, many more that can be found in the sea than will ever be discovered in the rainforest. Right now they are doing experiments on extracting secretions from the various plants at the bottom of the sea. They are finding some that they think will cure cancer and all kinds of diseases and ailments.

They are starting to do a lot of experiments and there is tremendous potential in farming different types of things from the sea -- from raising things like salmon to extracting uranium, to creating building blocks and building the cities right there in the sea itself as well as using waves as an energy source. They put these buoy's in the sea and the motion from the waves is captured. They are close to selling this energy commercially.

Several places off the coast of, I believe Scotland, they are experimenting with and thinking of powering cities using this method of wave power. The point I am making here is that there are lots of ways for us to make money in the sea because of the technology that is developing. Since there are ways to make money in the sea, then we can build cities that will sit upon the sea that will be self sustaining so to speak. The great part about building a city upon the sea is that we can create our own government and have our own rules and create something that has never been created before. Not only this but we can prepare for the cataclysmic events and the earth changes. When the earth changes come it will only be a matter of time before we will have a large land mass rise up out of the sea. The people that are prepared to jump on that land mass and claim it will be the ones that will own it.

So if we build cities already upon the sea and a land mass rises, then we can jump on it and claim it as ours. Then we can use it a to create a new country. This is something that somebody needs to be prepared for because it is only a matter of time before the earth goes through changes and cause new landmass to appear. Those who are there to claim it will own it. The Atlantic Ocean would be the most desirable in many ways except for the bad weather that comes along with it. The Pacific Ocean -- one of the reasons it was called the Pacific is because Pacific means peaceable and it is a much more peaceable Ocean. Some psychics believe that the land mass will rise up in the Pacific Ocean, but I have not received a specific revelation as to where it will rise up. I believe land masses will rise up sometime in the next 150 to 200 years. I do not think that it is going to be really close in time like many people do. So this gives us time to prepare for it, and if the people are prepared for it -- ready to establish a government and people before any one else, then they will have the advantage because the rest will be debating and arguing what to do with it.

Audience:  "But we will not be here to assist in this."

JJ:  We can lay the foundation as much as possible in our generation. But this is a project that may take a few years or decades to get off the ground.

Audience:  "Why do we have to build a city upon the sea when there is land mass coming? Why we would we abandon the cities once we build them?"

JJ:  We would not abandon them but we would put people in place on the new land mass and continue to use the cities as well. We are going to have to have two gatherings: the first gathering will be to gather all the good hearted, hard working, educated people, who want to improve themselves and establish themselves. Then the second gathering will be a sifting out of the true Lights, and they will be gathered on the landmasses. The gathering through the sifting process will take place every few generations, so there will be numerous gatherings to come.

Audience:  "Is it possible to build cities in the sea where it is shallow enough to construct a city that would be similar to the off-shore oil rigs of today?"

JJ:  In the shallow areas there is another possibility. We could build walls around say a couple of square miles that would hold back the sea and we would hold back the sea and we would have land areas to build upon. But there are quite a few areas in the seas that fairly shallow that we could do that with the technology we have today. Especially if we had unlimited building blocks that we could just build right out of the sea itself. The technology is available. The technology to build the pykrete platforms has been around since the 1940's. They have done experiments with this during World War II which mix the sawdust and water then freeze it and then build on top of that. We could also build ships that would sail around the world for commercial ventures, and then they could return to the stationary cities at any time and bring goods, commodities and such. The proposed "Freedom Ship" would take about 2 years to travel the globe from starting to starting point. The guy who wants to build it claims it can resist a tsunami and a Category 5 hurricane. Because it is so large it will support 50,000 people on board it. He has quite a few people interested in it, but he does not have the money to build it yet. I think it costs somewhere around 2 billion dollars to build and he does not have the funds. He sold a lot of cabins in advance, but he has not been able to deliver.

See:  http://www.freedomship.com/

Audience:  "What about the Molecule? Are we going to have to wait for a floating city to build one of those?"

JJ:  The first Molecule can be created whenever we get the people that are ready together. In my book "The Molecular Relationship" the principles as defined in there will be the guiding principles that will govern the New Age. Most people that read it find it very stimulating.

Audience:  "How will the cities not float away?"

JJ:  We will anchor them to the bottom of the Ocean or use new advances in engineering to build them as moveable units. We are just presenting the tip of the iceberg here and know that all problems can be solved.