2006 Gathering, Part 7

2010-3-16 03:59:00


Now this higher part of ourselves vibrates and sends down pure knowledge, intuition, ideas, concepts and principles. It sends these down so the lower self can register them and if we can put ourselves in the frame of mind where we are asleep yet awake it helps us to register this higher part of our self.

Where does the Solar Angel come into play? The Solar Angel is a being which is a master on it's own plane. If we were to visit with the Master Jesus or any of the other great Masters that work with the Christ related to this Earth, what we would feel, if we were in tune, is we would feel the vibration of our higher selves and then that vibration would filter down as they spoke to us. If a Higher Being were to send us an impression, maybe he would be on the other side of the world and maybe He is aware of you and sends you an impression. You can receive that impression through your soul, through the upper triangle filtering down to the lower triangle and then you can feel the vibration throughout your whole body and know that something real has been communicated. At first you may not understand exactly where it came from.

The door between the upper and the lower is what we call the soul. And the soul is neither spirit nor matter but is the interplay between spirit and matter. This interplay between spirit and matter where the upper triangle and the lower triangle meet and the interplay is what we call soul energy. Soul energy is behind all form. Everything that has form, has it because you have spirit and matter meeting and the soul energy keeps the form in tact and in play. It provides the energy that makes form and keeps form.

When the soul energy begins to vibrate in your body, you will feel the vibration. The first time you feel the vibration is when the experience happens that is called the birth of The Christ in the heart. This is when the person is using the concrete lower mind, and he uses his logic and reason, he uses his brain, his knowledge, he learns all kinds of things from books and moves so far ahead that he thinks he is way ahead of all the religious people and he thinks he is really making progress.

But as he continues from life to life he eventually reaches the point where his mind is not satisfying anymore. He looks at everything around him and says there has got to be more than just being born and learning and dying. And he cannot get his questions answered using normal means. When he first started to develop his lower mind he thought he had many things answered, but as he moves on he begins to realize he has developed many questions with no answers. How is he going to answer these questions? And as he begins to ponder this then he begins to stimulate his higher mind and begins to open the door to the soul and if he has a sincere heart he will have soul energy flow into him and feel the vibration. He may sense the still small, voice; the still small voice is a communication he receives that is so still, so small, that he thinks he is imagining it. But for the first time in maybe hundreds or thousands of lifetimes he finally feels this, after his long quest.

And now he cannot let it go. He first thinks he was imagining this and brushes it aside. He may come back and he may have the experience several times until finally he realizes that this was something and it was just not his imagination. Then if he pays attention to it, it will grow in power. It will be fairly slow at first then eventually he will begin to merge with the soul and then he will know for sure that the soul energy he felt was real and was not his imagination. Others will cast their first soul impressions aside and then if one casts it aside he will loose it for at least a lifetime but then he will have another chance in a future lifetime. Some people have to go through quite a number of lifetimes before it dawns on them that the soul energy is real. When it dawns on the person that it is in fact real, then he communicates with his Solar Angel. Then his Solar Angel in meditation deep communicates with His reflection.

There are several types of higher communication. One is from your Solar Angel. Another, from a higher entity that may have some type of communication with you. There is a difference. If you feel communication from a higher entity that is in a physical body somewhere that, in say, a state of meditation or maybe not in a physical body that is in a state of meditation with you, it will be a little bit of a different feeling or vibration than communicating with your Solar Angel which will feel more like it belongs to you, like a higher part of yourself.

All of the higher beings use the solar energy to communicate with you so you will feel that same vibration but this vibration will seem to be coming from a different direction. If you are receiving the vibration of another actual being His personal vibration will blend with the vibration of solar energy and will have a specific signature. Everybody you meet has what I call a signature. Artie [JJ's wife] has a certain signature. She is like no one else in the universe. When you get close to someone they have certain essence about them that is uniquely their own.

Everybody has a different feel about them, and you begin to recognize these. Now if a Higher Being is making a communication with you that is an actual entity He will have his personal signature. The solar energy is the same with all these communications but it is a little like water is just water. But if you mix water with raspberry flavoring than it tastes different than when you mix it with orange flavoring but the water part of it is the same. This is the way it is with the soul, the soul is the soul. Say Artie may be raspberry flavor and Susie may be orange flavor. But the medium of the soul is the same and the different sources that you contact through the soul have a little different vibration. Some of these you will learn to recognize.

The most important thing you will recognize will be the spiritual group that you are a member of. When you break through and make specific soul contact you actually merge with a group that has a similar vibration. Some of these people in the group are in physical bodies that have made contact as you have and some of them are in the spiritual world and they are linked through the higher mind. The group as whole has a specific vibration but it is a different vibration that an individual is.

You may be linked to several hundred or more souls through your personal group that you are affiliated with. This follows what is known as "a dark night of the soul." The dark night of the soul is where you feel that you are undergoing problems that no one else in the universe has had before, that you are alone and have certain feelings of depression and feelings that you think no one else has. But then when you persevere and continue you will eventually break through and reach your group soul.

Just before you reach that point you will feel extremely alone. The disciple goes through this period of loneliness and sometimes it may last quite a long period of time for he will go through extreme loneliness before he makes his breakthrough. Loneliness is where he feels isolated and where he feels that no one has had to travel the path that he has traveled with all it's adversities, that he is unique. What he does not realize is that everybody goes through this sooner or later, maybe not in this particular lifetime but everybody goes through this period of isolation and extreme loneliness. He must persevere; if he does not then the loneliness will stay with him. He must persevere and have faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and he must continue.

Whatever happens in life the key is to continue because there is no way he can cease his journey so he might as well. People commit suicide because they do not want to continue anymore and they go to the next world and find that they must continue so taking his life merely wasted time. So no matter what you do, you just cannot destroy yourself, you cannot stop yourself from continuing. Many times people feel like giving up and that person wants to take their life and jump off a cliff, divorce his wife or end a situation but the only way through life is through it. We must continue so when we reach that point in the dark night of the soul where we feel we cannot continue then that is the time to continue. That is the time to persevere and if you persevere the time will come when all the loneliness will be taken away and you will never be lonely again because you will always feel the presence of your group.

After you have been married and in love and have a good relationship and you are separated for a period of time and then you get back together it is really nice. And you say "honey I missed you a lot, life is so much better when you are around." When you make this breakthrough to your group then you are never alone and there is never a time when they are not around. You are always connected to your inner group and you will never be lonely again unless you take a tremendous leap backwards and deny the magical power of the soul. But not too many do after they have established the link to the soul 100 percent. Through the soul you have this magical link with other beings like you and then these beings have links with other beings and this link is what I call the "Oneness Principle". Through the Oneness Principle you have a link with your inner group and then your inner group is connected with all other inner groups connected with his planet.

It is like a spiritual internet having access to all principles. Not so much data but access to all principles and all truth with the ability to perceive truth through error through this contact with the oneness principle. Many people say, can I get actual data like can I discover if the Shroud of Turin was real, can I go back in the past and read the record of who really built the pyramids. Can I do stuff like that? This is not really knowledge of principles. Knowledge of principles is where we take in principles and learn to decipher truth from error and this can lead to understanding the truth from error in history.

It is also possible to go and read the Akashic records. It is very difficult and it takes a lot of meditation and much time spent in that mind state. Some of the yogi in the East can do it. The major difficulty we have in the West is that we do not dedicate enough time to the inner meditation the way the East does. In the East they develop more of the inner lines of the inner thinking and we in the West develop more on the lines of the outer thinking. This is the way it should be, because both the inner and the outer on this planet need to balance each other out.