2006 Gathering, Part 11

2010-4-3 04:18:00


Often times we will make mistakes and we go along a bad path, and then we suffer a lot of pain and discomfort and this changes or corrects our course because we do not wish for pain and discomfort. After we correct ourselves then we get control and eventually good always dominates. So God jumps into this universe not really knowing how He is going to get out. He just has faith that His intelligence will work its way out, and it is going to be an interesting ride to say the least. It will be tough -- a lot tougher than the game of Monopoly, and He will need the assistance of everyone of us to get Him out. But He is here, He has lost his memory, He is in us and we do not understand why we are here. We just know that we have to move forward, and make the situation better. We all know that inside of us. That is the original purpose of God manifesting inside of us -- that we instinctively know we have to move forward and make things better. We all know that don't we?

And eventually we will do this. Many loose faith because some of us have had bad accidents, diseases, or a lot of things go wrong even though we have tried so hard to stay on the right path. It seems as though we are destined for failure. There are wars, famine and physical death in different places, and we look at these bad things and think, "Boy, the world has gone to hell in a hand basket and it is never going to get better." But we must learn to have faith in the intelligence of God manifesting through all life in the universe which is always working to make things better, and always does.

If you want an example of how this principle works look at the evolution of the computer. When the computer first came out they were almost good for nothing -- like the Apple IIe. It would hardly do anything. Then came the first Macs and IBM's and they did a few things but it was not enough for people to get excited about. Then pretty soon they came out with version one of Microsoft Word, and it really improved things quite a bit, and we thought maybe it was possible to use these things after all. Then we had all these programs come out with all the upgrade versions; 3, 7, 10, and eventually we became aware that these programs were very useful.

But in between think back of all the time that you felt so mad at your PC that you felt like kicking it through a window. Have you ever had that feeling with your PC? This stupid PC does not know what it is doing! You feel like taking a baseball bat to it, but it is just an inanimate object. But the engineers are working on it and they see the mistakes, hear the complaints, and it seems like for a period of time the computers will never amount to anything.

Then improvements are made, and step by step GOOD dominates. Eventually it will be like on Star Trek where they will speak into a little pin on their lapel and tell the computer to please give the some food; or, "Do some research for me," or they meet a Klingon who speaks a different language and the computer translates for them so they both can speak to each other. The computer on Star Trek is extremely useful. We are headed that direction. Eventually we may have computers that are as sophisticated as they are on that show.

Now getting back to motion. Everything is created by motion. The motion and the distance we are going is dominated by what we call the Dominating Good. This is what can bring solace to us all. This is why God jumped in this universe to begin with because He has faith in the Dominating Good. If He did not have faith in the Dominating Good because of intelligence He probably would have never jumped into this universe. But He liked jumping into it not knowing for sure how He was going to get out because that my friends is what makes the game of life interesting and fun. And He shares this fun with us.

Now if a car accident happens or disease or something of this nature then you think, "Well what kind of fun is this that He is sharing? This is not fun at all." Terrible things happen sometimes, but it is just like Monopoly you hit a hotel and you lose a thousand dollars and you feel down in the dumps. But then you move along and someone lands on your hotel and now you are collecting a thousand dollars and you think, "Hey, this is kind of fun," so eventually life turns.

Think of the worst time in your life when all was going wrong and you just felt horrible. Then think maybe a year or two later and you are just on top of the world. When you are on top of the world after you have been on the bottom, it makes being on top that much better. You really appreciate being on the top after you have been on the bottom.

Talk to movie stars for instance. They are often interviewed and they say well you look like you really have it all made. Have you ever had to struggle? And they say, "Oh yes, man I came here I had to live in my car and I was always hungry, living on crackers for a year and working odd jobs." They often have tales of how they really and truly struggled and now they have made it they are just thrilled.

The worst hell a person can enter is if he just gives up like the people in the parable at the end of Book One in "The Immortal." The ones that could not make the decision and were immobilized along the path were just frozen in fear. This is where the true hell is. It is when people are afraid to move because they are afraid they are going to suffer or they are afraid they are going to have pain. If we make the wrong decision it is better than making no decision at all. The wrong decision is better than no decision because if you make the wrong decision you will figure out what you did wrong. All you have to do is have a PURE HEART. The importance of having a pure heart is if you make the wrong decision and are honest with yourself, you will figure out that it is the wrong decision; and then you will backtrack and then you make the right decision. But, if you make no decision then you will never figure out what is right or wrong and you will just be in a state of limbo until you do make a decision. So making the decision is an important thing to do.

Audience:  "I guess making a wrong decision is the best way to learn too."

JJ:  Yes, we learn a lot through wrong decision. I probably learned more from a bad marriage than I have from a good marriage with my wife. I have an enormous amount of joy with the good marriage with my wife, but I sure learned a lot from my first wife. She taught me many lessons.

Audience:  "What about time travel?"

JJ:  I am getting there. I am varying this a little so people have something different to listen to. Time is created by motion. If all motion is stilled then we go back to the source to what people call the Void or purpose energy. It is written this way concerning the source. "It is not nothing, it is that which we do not understand, it is that which is esoteric." The words the "the source" and "the purpose energy" are not nothing. It just is something we do not understand, because what we understand with our physical brain is what registers in the world of form. Time is created by motion and if time is created by motion this means in order for time to exist things have to be moving from "Point A" to "Point B." They have to be in the process of moving between the two points. The interesting thing about time is we are never in the present or the future, where are we at?

Audience:  "The past."

JJ:  We are always in the past. This is something very few people realize. Now Shelly, you are looking at me. Do you see my present or my past?

Audience:  "I see your present."

JJ:  No, you do not see the present because you can't see the present. Do you know why?

Audience:  "Why?"

JJ:  Because there is no motion in the present. And if there is no motion in the present then there is no form. Have you ever seen images that are flashed in front of you in very small amounts of time? You see this every time you watch a film. How many pictures per second is in a major film? Does anybody know?

Audience:  "24 pictures, each picture flashes twice."

JJ:  You need about 8 per second to see what appears to be seamless motion. The motion picture industry has higher quality for the big screen so they do 24 pictures per second. To create a seamless moving picture we do not see anything in real time motion, we see still frames, one, still frame after another and this creates what appears to be seamless motion. Now, we see the same thing when we are here, it is the same principle that we are seeing through our eyes. How much time must elapse before you can see a picture? Suppose I were to display myself for 1/8 of a second, or a 1/16 of a second. How small of a time period before you do not see me at all? How long do you have to look at me before you can that there is an image?

Audience:  No answer.

JJ:  I read somewhere that is a 64th of a second. Some people that are very perceptive can see it a little quicker, but on the average it is a 64th of a second. That is why 24 pictures per second seems pretty seamless. If were to show a picture in a thousandths of a second we would not even see the picture. It would not register. It would be as if the picture did not exist. It takes about 1/64 of a second to see that picture which means that everything that you see is at least 1/64 of a second in the past. You never see the present you are always looking into the past. Who here has read "A Course in Miracles?" What is one of the most famous statements about the past in there?

Audience:  Silence.

JJ:  I see only what? "A Course in Miracles?" says: "I see only the past." And this is literately true -- we see only the past.

Audience:  "That is like when we get images from space, we are literately seeing the past because by the time the light from the image has reached us that image or star may not even be there anymore yet we are seeing it as it was not as it is in the now or present."

JJ:  Yes, some of these stars and galaxies are millions of light years away, so we are looking at images that millions of years old by the time the light from the star or galaxy reaches us. But, with us everything you see is at least a 64th of a second in the past. Now to actually register what you see takes about how long?

Audience:  "About one second."

JJ:  Yes, about one second and this is why a second is called a second because the Ancients realized that it takes about a second to absorb something. It takes about a second to register. You can visually capture an image in a 64th of a second, but to see it and register that you saw it will take about a second.

Audience:  "I see you right now which would be the image of you from a second ago."

JJ:  Right it takes about a second for an image to register in your consciousness. If some one says, "2+2=4," by the time you have registered the answer is 4 at least a second has passed. When you look at a picture -- by the time the image registers in your consciousness =- about a second has passed. But, to flash that picture in front of you so your eyes can physically see it takes about 1/64 of a second. So you're always a second in the past in consciousness, and a 64th of a second in perception.

Audience:  "Have you ever had that experience when you are driving and you stop the car and you did not know why, and then something happened. I wonder if that is why because some part of us registered it even though we were not conscious of it."

JJ:  That is a little bit different type of thing, but we do have our inner senses where we register some very unusual things. The interesting part is we see each other because we are seeing the past. If we saw the true present what we would see is the "Eternal Now," and in the Eternal Now there is no physical form. If we were in the Eternal Now right now and saw the present, we would all disappear before each of our eyes. There would be no time and no space. Interesting thought, is it not? For the present does not really exist except as a point between the past and the future. It is a point that is never reached and we pass over it all the time. But you are never really in the present -- we are always a little bit in the past. We always see the past.

Audience:  "If we all were in the present would we still be aware of each other?"

JJ:  We would be unified like one mind in the mind of God so to speak if we were in the true present. The Ancients talk about this and called it "The Eternal Now." It is an eternal now because if you see the true present you are in the eternal now and there is a great oneness there in our source. People kind of sense that within but you cannot go to the present in physical reality. You have to be beyond physical reality before you can go there. This is why many people in deep meditation get a sense of the eternal now, but you cannot really get this in normal waking consciousness.

If time is caused by motion this means that in this reality there is not really an eternal now. There is an eternal now in the inward reality, but in this reality to have time flowing you have to have motion, and to have motion you have to have movement from one place to another. If there is no movement from one place to another then you are in the present and then nothing exists as form. But as long as something exists that means that time exists and we are moving from the past to the future through a point in the middle that we call present that we are never at in our normal or physical consciousness.