2006 Gathering, Part 8

2010-3-19 09:36:00


As we are persevering through the dark night of the soul and everything to weigh against us we must continue because that is we can do. We are forced to continue whether we want to or not, and we cannot destroy ourselves, so we may as well continue to forge ahead. As we do we eventually make the breakthrough and become aware that we are linked with other beings of which we were previously unaware. There is no such thing as being alone because being alone is an illusion that we all go through, and when we all go through this it seems to be so very real. If for instance, I am in a room with 30 people here, and if I could not see you all, then I would feel alone. But, I would not be alone just because I cannot see you. Maybe the light is off and it is just dark and I do not think you are there, but that does not mean you are not there. You are still there.

The same goes with us and other beings that we are linked to. We are linked to other beings even though we are not aware of their presence. The light is just turned off but the time will come when we will turn on the light, and we turn on the light by focusing our attention on the light.


Audience:  "I felt like this when this first started happening to me. It was very easy to contact these beings and they have got my attention. It seems to have gotten so very quiet and I do not know why I have lost some of the ability to contact those in my group."


JJ:  There are two things that cause this. Number one, when we first make the breakthrough we are really tuned in and you feel the vibration. But then when you adjust to the vibration it begins to feel normal. Now if you were to suddenly lose this and go back to where you were before you would realize that you were not aware of what you were feeling. It is a little bit like eating your favorite food. When you consume all that you want of this all the time the it becomes normal tasting you.


Audience:  "You mean like having sex? Laughter."


JJ:  Okay you are at Disney World and you are on this ride. You are going up and down and feeling this thrill and if you ride this ride everyday pretty soon it feels normal and the feeling of the thrill was not at the level of when you first took the ride. Okay, so you contact the Solar energy and your group and the vibration is very high but as you continue and enjoy the vibration. For a period of time it begins to feel normal and you would only lose it if you did not understand that it was normal. If you lost it then you would think, "Wow, I forgot what I had."

It is a little bit like falling in love. People fall in love they then take their spouse for granted, and then their spouse decides to leave them. But only after they have left does it dawn on them that they did not realize what they had and now they just feel horrible. But actually what he is feeling is what he felt before he met her. She had brought him way up and now has dropped back to where he was which now painful for him. It was not painful before but it is very painful now that she is gone.

When you have various personal experiences and they stay with you after a while, they will feel normal and this is why we have eternal progression. We have to have a certain experience, and then we will have a greater one and a greater one and then a greater one.

This happens when our chakras unfold. Our chakras have many different pedals and each one has a different type of energy. For instance the heart center has 12 pedals and 6 of the pedals are related to the love energy and the other 6 pedals are related to the wisdom energy that stimulates wisdom, logic and pure reason. When you have one pedal unfold you will feel a new life vibration and as you adjust it -- it will begin to feel normal. Then when your soul sees that you have adjusted to it, it will unfold another pedal. And then you think, "Wow, this is even more than I had before, this feels great." Then pretty soon after you have adjusted to this and incorporated the energy into your life, it will unfold another pedal.

We have a thousand pedals at the top of our head that unfold and approximately one in each life unfolds until we go through one thousand lives. The energy from the third eye has 96 pedals there unfolding. In the lower centers you have lesser numbers, and I believe in the solar plexus you have ten. As these unfold you have different types of energies coming, for instance, as the emotional center of the solar plexus unfolds you have different types of emotional energies coming into your life.

So you have all these energies unfolding. Now probably what happened to Sue, I know she is persevering on the path of following the highest she knows, so what has probably happened to her is she has adjusted to these energies. Because she has adjusted to them they seem normal. She does not see the difference in the variation of them as when she first started. She saw the difference in the variation and possibly felt some individual vibration in there, and now she is most likely preparing for the next one.

Everything always comes in cycles like the different communications we have with different beings in different states. So we will go through periods where we will be more sensitive than other times and even though we are doing our best the cycles still happen. If you are doing everything as right as you can possibly do them you will still have cycles where your ability will be lower at times. Then there are cycles when you are supposed to be receiving and others where you are supposed to be giving.

Maybe Sue is more in the cycle of giving right now so she does not have as much attention on receiving from sources that she seems to be receiving from earlier. So, just because things change does not mean that sometimes you will not ask yourself if you have screwed up. I have asked myself that many times in life. And I am always open because maybe at times we are screwing up and maybe we are blind to what we are supposed to be doing. You always have to be open to that. There have been a number of times in my life that I have thought, "Well, maybe I have just screwed everything to hell in a hand basket." and then maybe a short time later something great will happen. Then I think well maybe I am not screwing everything up. So the main thing to do is persevere as Paul who said he persevered in season and out of season. In other words, in season, move ahead and out of season is the time to reflect but we still move forward the best we can.