2006 Gathering, Part 12

2010-4-5 10:35:00


One of the biggest questions of the ages is, is time travel possible? Is it possible to travel into the past and actually be there in that past or into the future and be there in a specific future. There are couple legends that have been in circulation that have really made people think about this. One is called "The Philadelphia Experiment." Has anybody seen this movie? They made the movie and then they made a sequel. The first movie is supposed to be pretty close to the legend; the second one is admitted to be pure fiction. It is about going back in time and altering Nazi Germany so that they won the war. The Nazi's are now controlling the present and the hero has change this back to the correct reality.

According to the Philadelphia Experiment (and also the first movie) there was a ship call the USS Aldridge and they were doing experiments on making their ship invisible to radar and everyone else near the end of World War II. The myth is that the ship not only became invisible but it was transported from one part of the country to another part a couple hundred miles away and then back again. They also went through time and when they came back some of the bodies of the sailors were fused into the iron of the ship. Many of them had illnesses and other problems.

The ship was supposed to have time traveled up to 1984 and stopped in the 70's and the 90's in Denver somewhere according to some of the stories. It is quite a fascinating account. I thought if this is true than it blows the lid off of time travel not being possible. So I looked into it and I found that the whole thing was originated by a man whose name was Carl Allen who wrote some material on this and sent it to somebody he knew that worked for the Navy. Somehow his notes got in the hands of George E. Burger and Neil R. Simpson who acquired some of his notes and published a science fiction book on it called "Thin Air." From this book came much of the legend.

Researchers in this show some of the first published materials about the Philadelphia Experiment were borrowed from this science fiction and most of the research reveals that Karl Allen was not on the Aldridge and did not have knowledge of it, and apparently was trying to make a name for himself. Some researchers have said that they have interviewed every surviving member of the crew of the Eldridge and none of them have any knowledge of any such scientific experiment being conducted. From my research into this there is no solid proof of this, but it is a very fascinating myth that has really caught people's imaginations. Charles Berlitz, in 1979, published "The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility," which added to the legend. I have a number of his books and he does go out on the edge a bit and you wonder where does he get his stuff. He wrote about the Bermuda Triangle among other subjects. Some of it is really good and some of it makes you wonder if he made things up because he comes up with some pretty far out material.

I could not find any conclusive evidence on the Philadelphia Experiment that it did in fact take place. The people that claimed that it was real are always met with critics who were always able to debunk them. So there is really no solid proof that the USS Eldridge did travel through time, but it is a very fascinating story.

Another most credible interesting thing I found out about time travel was a man named John Titor. Has anyone heard of him? He appeared on the Internet on an Art Bell forum (Nov 2, 2000) where you just post your thoughts and people reply to those thoughts. He started posting that he came from the future -- from the year 2036. It was a short time after a major nuclear war and they were just getting settled back into civilization as it was just beginning to settle down. He claimed that GE in connection with the CERN research department in Switzerland (European Organization for Nuclear Research which has the world's largest particle physics laboratory) had developed time travel and the development actually started around 2001 and consummated around the year 2035 and then in 2036.

They sent him back in time and the reason they sent him back was to get an IBM computer that was a 5100 and was the really the first portable computer made. It was big but it was portable. According to John Titor in the future they had a big problem; the APL units and the IBM main frames could not speak to each other because they had lost some kind of code and the code was hidden in this ancient computer called the 5100 and just a handful was made. In order to fix their computers in the future they had to send him back in the past to retrieve this ancient computer that I believe was made 1978 or some where close to that year. So they sent him back to the year 1978. He had do this in two stages; he had go back to the year 2000 for the first step, and then back to 1978, and then back to the year 2000, and then back to the future again.

The story is so fantastic it almost makes you think that it might be true. They sent him back of all things in a 1967 Corvette! They put all this time travel equipment in this Corvette and then sent them back into the past. His car had to be pre 1978 to fit in. He did retrieve the computer and then on the way back to the future he stopped in the year 2000 and started posting on Art Bell's forum. So anyway, the story is so fantastic it razzle dazzles the imagination.

So, he was telling this story on this Art Bell forum and people said, "Tell us some things about the future." He said, "Well, I cannot tell you anything that you could use to change the present; I am not going to tell you how to get rich in the stock market and things like that." He also said that were lots of things he could not remember like who won the World Series. He did say that he would tell us some things. He explained how time travel worked and it was quite complex and interesting. I do not have a print out of it but just reading it boggles the mind so I will read it on my computer here.

He says the basics of time travel started at CERN in about the year 2001 and in the year 2034 the first time machine was built by GE. He said that magnetic housing units for dual micro singularities is the first component. The second component is electron injection manifold that alters mass and gravity of the micro singularities. The third component is a cooling and x-ray venting system, and the fourth are gravity sensors and a "VGL system" -- whatever that is.

So, he speaks this complicated lingo that kind of dazzles you, and made a lot of people think even people with quite a sophisticated scientific background caught interest in this guy. Then he says the mass and gravitational field of the micro singularity can be manipulated by injecting electrons into its surface. Now that does not mean a lot to us but people with a scientific back round think, "Hmmmm, possible." Then he says by rotating two electronic micro singularities at high speed it is possible to create and modify a local gravity sinusoid that replicates the effects of the curved black hole.

I understand part of that.

He talks about a micro singularity -- a singularity is what is supposed to have created the whole universe. It is a point so infinitesimally small that exploded into "The Big Bang." A singularity is a point that is the infinitesimally small point of creation, and he talks about micro singularities being created and revolve around somehow making it possible to alter time.

The computer system is connected to the unit through an electrical bus. There are actually three computers linked together that take the same signals from the gravity sensors and clocks. They use a Borda error correcting protocol that checks the integrity of the data and trips the VGL system.

The C206 uses 6 Cesium clocks but they use an optical system to check the oscillation frequency. This makes the worldline divergence confidence much higher.

So anyway he explains in technical language the basic principles of time travel. This kind of captivated people's interest.