Discerning Truth from Error

Discerning Truth from Error

2021 Gathering, Part Twelve

Rebecca: Okay, so this is a big thing in our lives. We’ve experienced it with each other, with other people, with groups we’ve tried to work in . . . where two people or three people will feel that they have soul contact, or whatever, and they get a different answer. So one person feels like, “my answer is we need to do this.” And the other person says, “my answer is we need to do this.”

And they’re literally like polar opposites. You can’t do both.

JJ: It is indeed a big problem that people think they’re contacting the soul when they’re not.

We have layers between us and pure soul energy. And these layers are in the astral body. In the astral body, in the astral world, there are all kinds of thought forms that are produced. There’s a thoughtform of Jesus going around that he’s revealing himself to people. It isn’t the real Jesus, but when he reveals himself, he pretty much gives stuff that is already in the Bible. But he doesn’t give out new revelations.

There are thought forms of um . . . I’ve had people say they’ve had me appear to them. (laughing) I don’t know if it’s a thought form or my higher self that did it. Just depends.

There are thought forms on the astral level. So when people pray . . . I know a lot of people pray, like in the Mormon Church. They pray for revelation, but they get different answers. And this is because they access different levels. You can only access the level that your mind is at. If your mind is not centered on the soul, you will not be able to access the soul.

Your mind accesses the highest level you can go to. And for the average person, it is the astral body, or the higher emotions. The higher emotions feel good,  kind of loving and nice and pleasant. And so when you access them you feel good, and you think you’re getting a revelation from God. But you’re just getting revelation from your own desire nature. You’re getting what you want to receive.

One of the best criteria to measure if you received a true revelation . . . and my greatest revelations have been things that I didn’t want to receive (laughter) . . . I would’ve never dreamed them up on my own. But on the other hand, most people, when they get a revelation, it is entirely in accord with what they wanted to receive.

And even the Book of Mormon says this. The Book of Mormon says that “God granteth unto men according to their desires.” (The quoted scripture is Alma 29: 4)

And so, if you’re praying for an answer, and you want a certain answer, and you have your mind locked on receiving a certain answer, God will grant unto you according to your desires. This is why people get all kinds of different answers. And they seem to be sincere; they seem to be praying or meditating and contacting something out there. Yet they’re getting different answers.

And we’re getting different answers everywhere. You have different channels. . . one channel will say one thing and another channel will say a completely opposite thing. Another writing that claims to be inspired will say one thing and then another will disagree and say something entirely the opposite. And this is very confusing.

And even some of the writings that I consider inspiring, disagree with each other. I’m wondering . . . I have concluded, myself, that this disagreement goes into very high levels of spiritual sources. Because Paul even said, we do not fight with enemies of flesh and blood, but enemies, he said, in celestial places.  

We have enemies in celestial places trying to deceive us. I don’t know how far this goes up, but I find it fascinating that even the highest writings I have been able to find that vibrate very strongly with my soul . . . they don’t aggree 100 percent. What’s going on here? Why is that?

And I have concluded that there are very high entities up there that send revelation down to earth, that do not agree 100% with each other about what life is all about, and what should be done about life, and the meaning of life, and different things like this. So it’s very interesting. Yeah, Joshua?

Joshua: In addition to what JJ said, there’s also the possibility that the people involved have different directions that their souls are trying to go in. So, it may be that you’re not even supposed to work together. You know, they’re supposed to be doing this and you’re supposed to be doing that. And I think the only way you get clear on that is your soul tells you, and it’s a clear receiving that you are supposed to work with this person. And then there’s some miscommunication if it’s not working out.

JJ: Now that’s a good point, except there’s also Universal things that they disagree on. Like for instance, A Course in Miracles tells us that the whole creation of our Universe was a big mistake. And other teachings tell us, no. It wasn’t a big mistake at all. It was part of a design so that we can come down here and grow.

So that’s one of the big dichotomies of the various teachers who are fairly inspired on both sides for they teach us of ideas that are opposed to each other. And so it takes a lot of judgment on the part of the disciple to sort out the truth from error.

If one group of initiates, or higher lives, are teaching that the creation of our whole Universe is a big mistake, and another one is saying, no, it wasn’t a big mistake, it was a good thing so we could come down here and experience, that’s a big, tremendous dichotomy between some of the teachings that are revealed with intelligence beyond regular humanity. Yeah?

Michael: So DK talks about ideas that originate on maybe higher mental planes, and very few people are capable enough to tap into them and interpret those clearly. And it really takes something to bring that idea down to where it’s perceptible with most of our minds. And by the time it gets to that level, it gets distorted. So most of us aren’t clear enough to be able to receive that. It’s just not coming through. It doesn’t mean anything’s bad. It’s just like that’s where we are.

And I think what you said . . . on the astral level, it’s going to get very distorted. You know, DK talks about the idea . . . it condenses. The Mental plane, the astral plane, become the ideal, and then after people think about it, it becomes the idol. And how many belief systems turn into idols?

JJ: Yes.nSo the best thing for each of us to do is to go with what our soul says. Our soul sees from a much higher angle of vision than we do. When we reach a point where our judgment is required, we want to go beyond our ability to make judgments on our own.

We try to turn that over to our soul. And we ask God, or ask our soul, or our Solar Angel, or meditate, however you want to communicate to the higher realms. “What do I do? What is the judgment to be made?” And then go with it. No matter what anybody says. You may say that, and you may be in a group, maybe two-thirds of the group disagree with you. Ignore them. Go with what your soul tells you because your soul is capable of judging the middle way much more than you are yourself.

Susan: I think one of the big questions a lot of us have wrestled with over the last twenty years is ‘how do you know you’re having soul contact?’ And so I think this is where journaling comes in, or where paying attention to the results of what you think soul contact is, comes into play.

And one of the things that I’ve noticed with a lot of people that thought they were having soul contact is what they were getting tickled their ego in some way. It made them more special or something beyond what the people around them were. And it went to their head, so to speak. So to me, that says it’s on the astral plane. It’s not on the soul plane. So you just have to kind of keep track of what you think soul contact is, and kind of see what the result of that is. And see if you can discern if it’s coming from your astral, or your mental, or your soul.

And one of the things that I noticed, interestingly enough, is soul contact has a sense of humor – that if things come through with a bit of sense of humor sometimes, that is kind of an indication to me that is soul contact.

JJ: Yeah, Curtis once told me that “only the truth is funny.” And I think there’s a lot of truth to that.

Susan: Yeah. I do too. And so, you know, that’s what I think you have to do is keep track of things that are close to soul contact.

JJ: Right. The trouble is that none of us like to think that we’re below somebody else. And so if somebody else talks about soul contact or contacting God, they think, “well, if he can do it, I can do it.” And so, what they will do is . . . maybe their highest contact, is their higher emotional body.

Now, like we talked about earlier, the emotional body is like a mirror that reverses vision, and it distorts everything. So what you see through the emotional body is not accurate. It’s never accurate. You will not find the middle way through the emotional body.

Yet, if you haven’t made soul contact yet, the highest you will receive is the higher emotional energies. And they feel good. And people will think that is God or the Spirit. And so they will go by that. One of the ways to tell is like Sue said, “does this enhance the ego.” Does this make the person feel like he’s special because he’s got this special information and he’s the appointed servant of God or whatever. That’s a clue right there that the guy is receiving from the emotional energies.

The person that receives the true spiritual soul contact is not interested in the praise of men or women, so to speak. He’s interested in serving humanity. And this is the difference. This is one of the ways you can tell. If you’re not sure yourself, look and see if a person seems to be for his own glory, or is he for the glory of God and not for his own self?

Now, everything like this is difficult to discern because the people that are out for their own glory will do everything they can to convince you, “yeah, I’m a servant of humanity, I’m not out for my own glory.”

So there’s always deception to see through. There’s not a black and white formula that we can reduce down to find the middle way where the truth is. This is what makes it awkward. This is why we always have to go back to what vibrates to the truth in your own soul.

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