The Path of The Disciple

Key Four: The Unveiling – The Path of The Disciple

2021 Gathering, Part Seventeen

JJ: We’ve only got nine Keys to go. (laughter) We won’t spend a lot of time on each one of them. Anyone remember what Key number four is?

Key number four is the Key to the Book of Revelation itself. And does anyone remember what that is?

Audience: The Unveiling?

JJ: That’s kind of a key word.

Audience: The Path of the Disciple.

JJ: What. Path of the Disciple, is that what you said? Yes. That’s the right direction.

The key to the book of Revelation is not that we’re going to have tremendous destruction, and not going to have big comet that falls upon the waters and destroys one-third of all the fish, and all these things that it talks about there – where tremendous destruction is going to just rain down.

And that should be obvious from the first couple of verses. Because it begins by saying, “Blessed is he that readeth and doeth the things in this book.” (paraphrased) Okay, so who in the world feels blessed after reading the Book of Revelation? You read the Book of Revelation and if things are going to happen, literally, as it says, you think, boy, I don’t even want to be there. Nobody is going to be blessed. Everybody is going to be upset. If you have a 100 million man-army (or whatever it says) raise up. If you have locusts and all kinds of plagues happening . . who’s going to feel blessed about that?

And this book, this revelation is given, “to show unto his servants that which will shortly come to pass.” Now that’s interesting for it’s been two thousand years, and by most any standard – unless you’re on Kolob time of some type – two thousand years is not a short time. Can you imagine someone making a prophecy right now saying, “it’s just going to be a short time before this prophecy happens . . .  sometime after the year 4000.” People would look at you funny, “well that’s not a short time. The year 4000? Boy that’s a long way away.”

But it says that this revelation will “show unto his servants, that which will come to pass within a short time.” Okay. How could that prophecy possibly come true?

It will come true because those who read it and understand, will have everything in the book of Revelation come to pass in their minds within a short period of time. As soon as they understand it, their understanding comes to pass.

The whole Book of Revelation explains how an average person, an average seeker, can advance to become a disciple, and then to become like Christ, and then even go beyond where Christ is. The book gives us steps in advancement so when the disciple reads this and understands, he can understand how to incorporate them in a short time.

As a matter of fact, the book is written to shorten the amount of time it takes to become like Christ. If you understand the principles in the Book of Revelation, your path of becoming like Christ will be shortened.

So why didn’t John just write something clear about how to follow the path of the disciple and become like Christ? Why do you think he didn’t write it that way?

Asaph: The authorities would have destroyed him.

JJ: Right! The authorities of the Church would have destroyed it immediately. “Well that’s blasphemous to become like Christ, okay. We cannot allow this book to remain!”

But on the other hand, authorities kind of like books of doom. So he wrote a doomsday book. He put everything that the disciple needs to become like Christ if he can read it correctly. So the information is still there, but it’s hidden.

Okay. So we have the messages to the seven churches. What does that symbolize?

Audience: The energy points?

JJ: Right. It symbolizes the opening of the seven chakras. So in order to become like Christ, what each disciple has to do is open the seven chakras: the base of the spine, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third-eye, and the top of the head.

So all of these letters to the churches, are symbolic of that and the seven Rays. The Seven Rays . . . the First Ray is the Ray of Power – Will, Power, Purpose; the second Ray is Love-Wisdom; the Third Ray is the Ray of Active Intelligence . . . what do you think that means, Active Intelligence? Curtis you’re pretty active intelligence. Do you know what . . . what does that mean when it says Active Intelligence?

Curtis: It means you’re doing things intelligently?

JJ: Yeah, the Third Ray governs matter. And you’ll notice that matter has intelligence built into it. And a long time ago, in a past Universe, everything was created from scratch so to speak, and all that intelligence that was gathered to create the subatomic particles of matter and put everything together was like great computer programs that were developed.

And so matter itself has active intelligence built into it. And we would be amazed at the intelligence built into a single atom. It took a tremendous amount of intelligence to build that. This is why matter is governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence, because it took Active Intelligence to create matter. Yeah, Ed, you had something?

Ed: In Latin, matter is mater. Mater means mother.

JJ: Yeah, it’s closely associated with mother.

Ed: The mother principle.

JJ: And the female energy is closely associated with matter – mother-matter, so to speak. That’s a good point.

Okay, the Fourth Ray is the Ray governing creative energy [Harmony through Conflict]; and the Fifth Ray is Concrete Science; and then the Sixth Ray is the Ray of Devotion, and this is the Ray that is really strong right now – Ray Six, because Ray Six governed the age of Pisces. And the age of Pisces was a very strong, authoritative, idealistic age. We had the Crusades, which was a very idealistic thing.

But it began with Jesus. Jesus presented idealism in the most positive way you can think of – the perfect man, the perfect example, the perfect disciple, the perfect Messiah. He presented the ideal man. And so He presented the sixth Ray, and one of the few times in the Piscean age that the sixth Ray was presented in a real positive way.

But as time went on during this Piscean age, this idealism became corrupted. So we began to fight . . . one idealistic society began to fight another for who’s ideal was the one that was going to rule. So this idealism fought against idealism. The Sixth Ray also governs the solar plexus and has a very strong emotional energy. We see, during the past 2000 years, very strong emotional energy centered around very idealistic thought, in conflict with other idealistic thought.

Now some idealism has brought forth some good things. The teachings about the ideal of love has been good, despite the fact that, some say, Christianity has done a lot of negative things . . . it’s also done a lot of positive things. And the interesting thing about love is that before Jesus came along, they used the word, but they didn’t understand it in the way He presented it. He presented it in a way that people never thought of it before.

And this is what we really don’t understand today, that love has actually permeated society more than a lot of people think it actually has. Because back in those days, keeping a slave was no big deal. If you conquered other people, well you had the right to take their women as your wives and abuse them as you wanted. If you conquered another people, you would humiliate their leaders . . . cut off their ears and cut off their tongues, maybe pour molten lead down their throats to teach them a lesson.

But they did stuff back then that was just kind of normal, for the time. And they didn’t think about the human consequences. And we do some bad stuff today, but we don’t go around pouring lead down people’s throats after we win a war over them. We don’t do stuff like they did in those old days. Maybe the Taliban’s the closest to doing stuff like that. Most countries that we see in a negative light, aren’t nearly as bad as they were before Jesus showed up.

So Jesus showed up at a time when people were entrenched in materialism. They were not very friendly to animals. If they saw a dog, they often saw it as something that was just to be killed, or thrown out, or disparaged. They didn’t have pets the way we have them today.

There are a lot of differences between now and 2000 years ago. They didn’t have anything like the Red Cross, which takes care of people on both sides of the battle. We didn’t have charitable organizations like we have today. So we have made a lot more progress than people think.

And it goes against what I learned in church. When I was going to church, they used to say, “We are living in the most wicked generation that ever lived!” Have you heard that a lot? Yeah, but it’s not. If you think about it, it’s not the wickedest generation at all. If you read the ancient history you’ll see people did some terrible things to each other.

If you go back to the ancient Israelites, they were criticized because they would conquer a people and maybe kill everybody in the town, or whatever. And people say, “well that was horrible.” But the other nations were even worse. The other nations would not just kill you, but they would torture everybody. Israelites didn’t torture people after they conquered them . . . they just enslaved them or eliminated them. And they were fairly merciful about it in comparison to the other nations that would sacrifice their babies, they would take their wives and rape them and abuse them.

By our standards, the ancient Israelites were kind of rough. But their enemies were a lot rougher than they were. And this is what the critics of the Bible leave out. As time progresses, that which is evil in one time becomes something else in another time. That which was good in the days of Moses, became evil in the days of Jesus. And that which was good in the days of Jesus, has become evil today. What was good in the days of Jesus that has become evil today?

Asaph: Slavery.

JJ: Yeah, slavery was considered good, not by Jesus and the Apostles, but there was something else that was considered really good, or reasonably good back then that now people realize is not so great. And John the Revelator realized it when he wrote the Book of Revelation.

Adam: Strong authority.

JJ: Strong authority. Right. Strong authority was considered a good thing. Jesus was a central authority, and he organized the Molecule around Him. Back then, people’s consciousness could not transcend strong authority. But John realized that and revealed the dark side of authority, but did it in his writings about the beast.

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