Finding the Middle Way

Finding the Middle Way

2021 Gathering, Part Fourteen

Okay, any other questions on the Lost Key of the Buddha? True judgment is in the middle somewhere, and I think that goes way up the scale. Maybe even some of the Higher Lives, maybe even amongst the Masters and the Gods. Afterall, we have the story about the fall of Lucifer , he was very high up there and he disagreed.

And so I think we have a lot of revelations out there that are not in harmony with each other. But soul is in harmony with soul. You have a contact with God Himself through your own soul, and that’s the most reliable thing. Rely on what you get and what reverberates within.

And even if one of the ones that you’re contacting . . . if the highest you can contact is your higher emotions, then maybe they’re mostly wrong. Still, if you follow the highest you know, eventually higher will come. So just keep following the highest that you can receive and sooner or later, you will be on the path of truth, and you will be able to recognize the Middle Way that is between the two extremes.

Susan: So my question is, the key word is judgment, but what is the key?

JJ: The key is how to make the judgment. The key is understanding where the true judgment is. The true judgment is not exactly on the far right, on the far left, or the exact middle. But it is somewhere between the far left and the far right. And this has to be found by using the power of your own judgment in connection with your soul.

Your soul will guide you where that judgment is. And that’s the key. The key is to use your soul, examine everything on the right, on the left, and look in the middle, and find that place in between the two extremes that vibrates with your soul. And that’s the key to judgment.

Curtis: So the key is to trust your intuition.

JJ: Yes, that’s large part of it. Intuition comes from the soul.

Tyler: You were saying how, the judgment goes up a lot higher than we think, than we recognize. So in Book II, as I was reviewing it, there’s a portion where you’re in Shamballa or the New Jerusalem, and you were talking about the instance of the death penalty and how when you’re in that place [Shamballa], there really is no disagreement, because they see things differently. They see things differently than we do. They see everything in the right way because they’re able to see all of the consequences of anything that will come because of the things that will come because of any particular decision. 

How is that different? You’re saying that there’s a difference in the worlds up above. But in the Book, you talk that there is agreement there.

JJ: Okay, the higher up you get, the more vision you have. Even though you have more vision, you’re still limited. Even Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, is limited in his vision. Even Christ is limited in his vision. All of us in the Universe, who are participating with any connection to this physical Universe, have limitations.

But we have certain things that we agree on for instance. Almost all humanity now agrees that slavery is not a good thing. We shouldn’t enslave one race over another. So, we see that within our vision, and we didn’t see that earlier. But we now see it because we have evolved as a human species. We can see what is true better than we did a thousand years ago.

And same goes for the Masters. They see what is true better than we can see what is true. But they still have their limitations in time and space, and when those limitations are reached, then they will have their own disagreements. When you reach that point of limitation, then judgment comes in again. They have to look at everything and make judgments as to where the point of truth is.

And when they look higher, than their own consciousness can take them, then they have to make judgments and different entities will make different judgments of what is beyond their consciousness.

Okay. Anything else?    

Phillip: I had a thought just thinking this through. If we make the assumption that both extremes are incorrect for some reason, and then we look at the extreme and can understand the principle by which it is incorrect, and then look at the other extreme and figure out the principle by which it’s incorrect, and then follow and say between these two points the truth is in there. I want to find the point where that principle of non-truth is negated and move this way until the principle is resolved. And then I’m going to move this way until this principle has been resolved. And I’m going to come out somewhere in the middle where both extremes have been resolved, where the problem is no longer valid that made those two extremes.

JJ: Let’s talk about how both Republicans and Democrats disagree about how much money to borrow. Democrats want to borrow trillions and trillions of dollars. And Republicans only want to borrow a couple of trillion dollars. (laughter)

In this case, the Middle Way is no place here. (laughter) In other words, we shouldn’t be borrowing trillions of dollars of our grandkids’ money for anything. So, we’re in an interesting situation where both sides are on the extreme wrong side. There are just a handful of people that think maybe shouldn’t take out a credit card and live on it. Maybe that’s not a good idea.

Both Republicans and the Democrats agree that living on  borrowed money is a good idea. We need to live on this credit card and borrow money that only our grandkids can pay off. Boy, that’s a great idea, isn’t it?

This is kind of an oddball time we’re living in when both extremes move away from the Middle Way in the same direction. The Middle Way is way beyond either extreme right now as far as spending goes. Other things like how to treat gays and minorities, there’s correct ways in between two extremes. A lot of things are in between two extremes. But like I said, we are in a real oddball situation where both sides want to spend a credit card, want us to live on borrowed money.

How much sense does it make for the average family to say we’ve got this big credit card, let’s live on it for a couple years and just see what happens? This is going to be great. The liberal says let’s spend the credit card really fast and the conservative says let’s spend it a little bit slower. Neither side represents the Middle Way in this scenario. We should be living on the money we actually have. So we live in really strange times.

But normally, there should be an extreme on the right, an extreme on the left, and the Middle Way will be somewhere in between those two extremes.

The person with soul contact will feel that vibration. They just know it’s right. This point of truth. This is right. I can just sense it’s correct.

The person who is getting the wrong answer, that is tuning into his emotional body . . . the answer he will get will be the answer that he wants to get. Every time it will be the answer that he wants.

It’s funny, when I was on my mission, quite a number of Elders fell in love with English gals. And when they prayed about it, they always got an answer that they were supposed to marry these ladies. I got a bang out of our mission president. He got up and addressed all of the Elders one time. And he said, “I don’t give a damn about your answer.” (laughter) He said, “It is not right. If you get an answer to marry some English gal, it’s not the true answer.”

Curtis: Then you ended up marrying an English gal.

JJ: Yeah, then I married an English gal, and I had a big problem. (laughter) It was sometime after my mission that I went back there and saw her.

Michael: Some of you are familiar with the term “harmony through conflict.” The thyroid and the parathyroid gland have different functions. And in some ways, it appears they’re working against each other. So there is this energy that is going in two directions, but what it does is it achieves a point of balance. And so maybe we all have a different individual dharma. This is my mission. This is what I came to do. And so my job is to do that to the best of my ability.

And there might be times when there is some conflict, that might push up against you. But I think if we’re aspiring to follow that path . . . again soul contact. It’s not about me. We’re trying to live to the highest. And we’re following that first commandment of bringing as much love as we can into everything we do, even when there’s apparent conflict, the idea is these two opposing forces jump to a higher level and they resolve it here.

So it’s not finding the middle ground here. It’s jumping to a higher level and evolving everything upward.

JJ: Okay. That can sometimes happen that we argue on a very material level and then the spirit comes in and we see from a higher level. And when we see from the higher level, then we will wind up making great judgments.

I told you the story about when Artie and I sometimes had arguments in the past. If the argument got heated   we had a deal to always say, “I love you,” three times to each other. And by the third time that we say, “I love you,” we almost forgot what we were arguing about. We couldn’t even remember what we were disagreeing about. It’s kind of funny how that works.

Love is definitely a key factor in turning conflict into harmony and in reaching correct judgments.

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