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Posted Nov 21, 2010
Stephen brings up an interesting question, which is basically this.

Why do we need to have more than one life, or many lives?  Wouldn’t it be better to just have one really good or interesting life and get it over with?  For example, a good book is interesting if read at a good clip, but if one went through it at the rate of a crawl it would become boring.  Therefore, it seems reasonable that we should go through life experiences in this world quickly rather than slowly over hundreds of lives.

First, let me point out that the analogy here is somewhat incomplete.  Our whole existence on the material plane is not like a book, but each life is like a book.  Consider this.  How many of us would be satisfied to read only one book and then never pick up another one?  The reader will have a burning desire to move on to other books, especially if the last book was a good one.

Many lives does not mean stretching one story for a much linger period, but it means that each of us lives through many stories. Some of the stories are interesting and some are so so, just like books we read in real life.

It is true that we live many lives before we become enlightened but that doesn’t mean that those lives are without meaning.  Many such lives are very interesting and provide a wealth of experience to savor during the great pralaya.  When enlightenment is achieved the life just takes another turn and new things fascinate the pilgrim as he continues his journey.

There are many more good arguments for reincarnation than against it.

One of the best ones is that without it those who die as children would forever be denied the knowledge of what it is like to live a full life.

Then those who do live full length lives die feeling that many desires have not been fulfilled and many accomplishments have not been achieved.

Here is a mystery revealed for you to ponder on.  We do not have rebirth in the universe because God designed it that way.  It exists because it is the only way for creation to be and the life therein to grow and develop. God and his reflections have to accept this principle as they participate in creation.

We have before us eternal lives on eternal worlds – worlds and universes without end.  One life in some static finished situation for eternity would drive us crazy. Who wants to read The Wizard of Oz again and again forever, even though it is a good book?  The only way to continue on the path of joy is to be born again and enter again and again a new kingdom of God with new challenges and a new story to write for ourselves.

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The Path

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “A path to improvement and eventual liberation is always to be found as long we stay aware and pay attention.”

2.  “To inflame and go into battle while proclaiming that you are treading the path of love and peace is inflammatory in itself. “

3.  “Follow the highest that you know, and keep your mind steady in the light.”

4.  “A starting point of harmony of thought between two souls is an important ingredient for progression upon the path.”

5.  “In this world there lies before us at all times two paths. Path one leads to truth and the real world. Path two leads to illusion and deception. Each decision that we make takes us in the direction of one of these paths.”

6.  “The path for us to become one with God and manifest the name within is us for us to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ by committing ourselves to the highest service that we know and then practice the science of BECOMING the highest that you can DECIDE to BECOME.”

7.  “Realize that, as you progress upon the path, every loss is replaced by a gain greater than that which is left behind. The only way to not acquire that gain is to let it slip through your fingers or throw it away.”

8.  “I therefore admonish all true seekers who read these words, to walk the path of light by seeking the light and looking for the light.”

9.  “Pursuing the path to greater works and greater revelation is our focus here and I’m sure Christ would approve.”

10.  “If you find one asking questions requiring independent thought then there is evidence that the person is on the path.”

11.  “Every major success achieved is created by a path paved with failures overcome.”

12.  “Those who go ‘with the flow’ give energy to the pendulum to swing to the extreme of the direction it is heading. On the other hand, those who apply the path of most resistance work to make the pendulum swing the opposite direction so it will again pass over the center point. When it makes that pass a truth is seen.”

13.  “Forced change can produce quick results, but always carries a backlash and the people eventually backtrack and work on finding the correct path.”

14.  “At the end of the Path, ages and ages hence is a pralaya of rest or a point of absolute stillness from our point of view.”

15.  “We must apply the principle of correction on the path, just as we do as we drive down the road in a car.”

16.  “The path of correct use and sharing is difficult indeed.”

17.  “The one farther upon the path understands the beauty of the scenery before him and can relate it to the one behind, but the one behind will not have a full understanding of the beautiful mountains and valleys until he actually gets there.”

18.  “The angle of vision and the problems faced by one progressed upon the path is generally not available to the beginner.”

19.  “Judging progress upon the path can only be done by the individual himself or his inner teacher.”

20.  “If you think you are in motion on the path and progressing toward the light then you are where you should be.”

21.  “When we do find the path and make real progress we will all (as individuals) sense the increase in vibration and we will be able to internally gauge ourselves so long as we keep our focus on the highest that we know.”

22.  “Do we run from the battle because an enemy is in the path? If we did so there would never be a battle and the Lights could not take joy in the victory.”

23.  “Often times when we move into a new step on the path more mistakes than usual are made at first because we are in unfamiliar territory.”

24.  “Many who have not fully developed the mind and are yet centered in the emotions are very good people who are seeking the highest they know and the way of deliverance for them through the maze ahead is to have ‘good shepherds’ to follow who commune through the One Spirit. By this means can one who is yet centered in the emotions make true progress upon the path.”

25.  “Unfortunately many who would follow have not learned to recognize the true voice and are led by the ego of a false shepherd which will indeed lead them off onto strange paths.”

26.  “The wayfarer is on the path of darkness and death if his focused attention is returning to lesser evolution, lesser advancement or lesser light.”

27.  “So, what happens to those few stubborn humans who succeed in reversing themselves on the path? Answer: The lesser lives that make the greater begin to come apart and as they do, the person begins to lose human attributes and take on the characteristics of the next kingdom down which is the animal. The strongest animal lives within him take control of the life until it falls apart. After it falls part then the animal lives revert to the vegetable and finally to the mineral and lastly to a pralaya that lasts many millions of years. The person’s evolution must then begin anew in a far future creation.”

28.  “We are therefore on one of two paths:  (1) The path of Life where Spirit is increasing in power as we share greater union with an increasing number of lives; or (2)  The path of death where the power of Spirit is diminishing and the lesser lives which compose us are in the process of coming apart and unraveling the greater entity.”

29.  “I let no thing control me but my own soul and recommend the same path for all people.”

30.  “To accept God as a being that will not send you to hell is a major step to be taken on the path.”

31.  “The two paths, the line of least and most resistance has more to do with making ourselves in alignment with higher Decision and, or Will and, or Purpose than it does with the flow of energies in connection with the physical and etheric body.”

32.  “He who has the name of the Father in his forehead will only trust a path revealed or confirmed by the God within.”

33.  “An intelligence coming to three paths of equal value will often pick one for reasons that even it did not know in advance.”

34.  “It is the eternal way of things that those who are further upon the path must extend a helping hand to those not so progressed as themselves.”

35.  “Discerning the proper place upon the path and acting accordingly is an invaluable part of discernment and a characteristic of true humility.”

36.  “If two paths lie ahead and a new choice is to be forced upon you then you will always chose the easier path (usually the worst choice) if you have not used conscious projection to see yourself making the decision ahead of time. On the other hand, if you see the two paths approaching and analyze the benefits of the two choices ahead of time and you make the decision before the event occurs, then you will generally have power to follow that pre-made decision when the path approaches, even if the decision is a difficult one.”

37.  “The real challenge is to see the souls of those who may seem to be obstacles in our path.”

38.  “When one truly follows the living principle behind baptism he will enter the path of Spirit as guilt free as a new born baby.”

39.  “When the better path manifests, let go of your investment in the past and choose the new.”

40.  “If you are treading the path of true progress you must earn every step that you take.”

41.  “Those who say the path is effortless are entirely wrong. Standing still is effortless. True progress takes a tremendous struggle – there is no other way.”

42.  “The difficult thing is the overcoming of glamour and illusion so we can see our point on the path correctly, so one does not think he is a Buddha when he is just a beginning seeker.”

43.  “When we make a great effort to progress upon the path a vacuum is created behind is that tries to suck us backward at our weakest moment. If this negative force does not pull us backward it will create an attack when our guard is down at our most vulnerable point.”

44.  “When one puts his attention on seeing that which is true, he is taking the inner right-hand path. His attention on that which is true moves him in the direction of this path and pushes him forward on it to truth after truth, greater light after greater light.”

45.  “When one puts his attention on looking for error, this attention on error moves him toward the left-hand path, and as he moves along this path, he sees error after error, and rarely has any observation of new truth to report.”

46.  “Additional seeking is always necessary – no matter where we think we are upon the Path.”

47.  “As we take a step on the Path the interplay of the polarities is increased and the good and bad around us seem to increase.”

48.  “We often accept and look in the obvious direction until we reach a dead end. Only then does another path appear before our eyes, and only then will we even consider it.”

49.  “To tread the path to be a Master of Wisdom one must be a person who can be trusted and relied upon (Faithful) and his word must be his bond (True).”

50.  “The path to the union through the soul can begin with either agreement or disagreement.”

51.  “Even most of those who believe they have chosen the dark path and have become Satanists, have not yet chosen. Their decisions are dangerous and based on illusion, but they have not yet seen the real choice.”

52.  “Those who are tempted to take the dark path are those who cannot give up an attachment to the ‘flow’ of personality energies.”

53.  “There will come a time in the life(s) of each disciple that he will have to choose one of the paths. Very few on the earth have progressed far enough to make that choice.”

54.  “If you are a servant on the Path and have the capacity and willingness to serve humanity, your questions will sometimes be answered by an advanced unseen entity, and on rare occasions one will be manifested to you.”

55.  “All those who choose either side of the path have gone through much love and service, but even after experiencing the beauty of love and many spiritual experiences from God, the temptation of the left hand path may still be great.”

56.  “The true Inner Voice often guides us in ways we never would have dreamed of on our own and directs in paths we are reluctant, even fearful to pursue.”

57.  “The mission of all seekers is to examine themselves in all honesty and try and discover where he is on the path. If you know where you are, you can become aware of your next step. If you do not know where you are, then your next step will be in the dark. You will have to bump into several dead ends before you again find your true way.”

58.  “Finding your place on the path is extremely difficult for many because the beginning seeker will often think he is on his last life and ascension is just around the corner.”

59.  “The Solar Plexus takes a lot of control no matter where we are on the path.”

60.  “The stimulation of thought along the correct path is in the end very beneficial.”

61.  “As a person progresses by trial and error eventually the fog disperses and his place upon the path becomes clear.”

62.  “The person who is clear about his place upon the path will rarely reveal it to anyone and never publicly.”

63.  “We always have the power to decide to take any path we want.”

64.  “Some on the spiritual path will see the great order among the tiny lives and give credit to the great Universal God, but they see it backwards. It is not the big One Life creating the order as a unit. It is the divided One Life finding pieces of Itself, putting Itself back together.”

65.  “He who has found his true point on the path senses a greater happiness on the horizon.”

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